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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  October 13, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> now at 11:00, the democrats running for president share the stage for the first time, but instead of an all out showdown one candidate comes to the defense of another. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about the e-mails. >> they do. >> five democrats were front and center in las vegas tonight, but all of the attention was focused on hillary clinton and the vermont senator. >> brandy has winners and the losers and the uncertainty still facing the party. >> the first democratic faceoff that heated up inconstantly over gun control.
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>> is bernie sanders tough on guns? >> no, not at all. >> they are going head to head. >> supported a ban on assault weapons. >> the nra gets it and we take a backseat. it is time to stand up and pass gun safety comprehension. >> check it out. >> we did it by leading with principal and not by pandering to the nra. >> will bring the gun lob booy in and say we have to change this. where can we find common ground? >> and they took questions from facebook. >> i isk ared my life for criminal justice reform. >> unless you think they should not send diplomats to any place that is dangerous and i do not, when we send them forth there is always the
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potential for danger and risk. >> and then there is the controversial e-mail scandal. >> have i taken responsibility for it and i have been as transparent as i have known to be. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about the damn e-mails. >> me too, me too. >> the one candidate not on the stage is joe biden. he is expected to announce if he will be running for president later this week. bay area democrats held several debate watch parties. leslie brinkley has reaction. >> among young voters, there appeared to be no clear winner, but many were impressed by clinton's performance. >> these young democrats listened as they sigh
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simultaneously scrolled through posts on their smartphone. the high point? >> bernie is saying enough with the e-mails. the e-mails are not the issue here. >> the handshake inspired the crowd even though there were few fireworks. >> it doesn't seem to be as entertaining and lively as the republican debates. some say it is a good thing, but it seems bad forgetting headlines. >> i have enjoyed seeing secretary clinton really show the depth of her knowledge. >> but others rallied behind bernie sanders. >> he hasn't changed a bit. >> she dated sanders in college. here she was the only senior in the room. >> i came because this is where the young democrats are. i wanted to see who will be the leader of tomorrow and who is winning?
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>> i think the democrats are winning. any of these guyses would make -- and hillary clinton's guys would make a better president than anyone they have. >> the real impression is to have a democrat and republican on the page together. when you put them together the choice is pretty clear. >> scoring some points with these young voters was governor o'malley. live in the newsroom, leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> leslie, thank you. now to a deadly evening on the rails. sky 7hd shows four separate accidents during the evening rush including a cal train accident in san mateo and a fatal bart incident in san bruno and in san jose a man was killed by a light rail. melanie woodrow is live with the desperate effort to save that person. >> absolutely, ama. first responders worked for an hour to lift this train and revive this man.
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they say normal operations are under way and all of the trains are running as scheduled. as part of their investigation they will be reviewing surveillance video from the train. >> around 4:30, a light rail train hit a pedestrian. the man was trapped for nearly an hour. from sky 7 you can see the first responders attempting to pull him out. despite their efforts the man responded at the scene. he has lived in the area more than 40 years. >> they confirm this is a designated quiet area because of nearby homes. he was trespassing and between the right of way between the tracks and a fence. >> it was not a situation the person was in in the intersection. so that would not have come into play. >> they say the train can travel up to 55 miles per hour she says the operator began to
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break after seeing the pedestrian. they confirm there have been two other fatal accidents north and south of the fruit dale station within the past three years. neither investigation found vta to be at fault. >> whatever can be done to keep this from happening again, that would be great. >> in san jose, abc7 news. >> and sky 7hd shows where another person died after being hit by a bart train at the san bruno station on huntington avenue. this happened around 6:15 this evening. they provided shuttle buses for stranded bart riders. you can see from this view in sky 7hd as a man was hit by a cal train. he was talken to the hospital. fob was hurt on the -- nobody was hurt on the san francisco-bound train. >> and an amtrak train hit a vehicle near great america. the collision resulted in delays for both the capitol corridor and ace trains.
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there is no word on what caused the collision. hot weather across california prompted a power use warning across california tonight. the alert ended an hour ago. cal iso runs the power grid. the agency issued the alert saying the demand for electricity exceeded the capacity to produce it. and taking a live look outside from the kgo roof camera. parts of the bay area hit record temperatures and a cool down is on the way. hi, sandhya. >> hi. the autumn heat is not here and let me show you exactly how warm or hot it got in your neighborhood. it was hot enough to tie records. kentfield 92 degrees and 93 in san jose. it was 96 in redwood city, concord and santa rosa. san francisco 87 and half moon bay is 77 degrees. as you look at live doppler 7hd, this area of low pressure
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is sending up high cloud and eventually we could be seeing more than clouds. i'll be back with a detailed look and a closer look at live doppler 7hd coming up. >> thank you, sandhya. a former jail guard accused in an inmate's death is connected to internet searches that could be connected to his case. a source told our media partner, the san jose mercury news that raphael rodriguez is tied to searches searching if somebody can die from being putsched in the stomach. they are accused of the beating michael tyree at the santa clara main jail. the three were in court and the judge ordered them to stay away from county jails and pushed back their plea hearing to november 9th. redwood city say this man posed as a doctor and sexually assaulted women at sequoia hospital where he worked as security supervisor. detectives say he posted an on-line ad looking for models. and chow told them to go to
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the hospital for a medical exam. chow would meet them in the garage and one woman was assaulted in a utility room and another left after she was suspicious. arson in the aisles of the bay area wal-mart. still ahead on the abc news at 11ing on, the frantic moments inside the store as someone set tire to merchandise. and one of the most powerful men in silicon valley finds out what it is like to spend life in prison. >> and the oscar winning actor getting ready to hit into the abc show grey's anatomy. >> first, here is what is coming up on after the abc news at 11:00. >> look what we did in the name of entertainment tonight. >> do people send you cookies? >> for all of my fellow americans, please don't send me anymore cookies.
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santa rosa, berkel san jose and all of the bay area, this is abc7 news. we have new details tonight on the frantic moments inside an east bay wal-mart. take a look. this was the scene in san leandro this afternoon after someone set fire to the halloween aisle. abc7 news president arer alan wang is live in san leandro with the quick action to save shoppers from danger. alan? >> hi, ama. i am told investigators are interviewing that man tonight trying to figure out why he did it. the loss prevention officers say they spotted him in the store earlier this morning pushing a cart around with a leaking bottle of lighter fluid in it. and then a few hours later he lit the place on fire. he said he shot this video shortly after a man walked
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into the wal-mart and set the halloween costumes aisle on fire. >> my biggest concern at the time is to make sure all of the families were out. it looks like some kids were there as their parents were helping them shop. >> mario lopez says it was 1:30 in the afternoon and he was waiting in the pharmacy for the prescription. >> just before she handed me the prescription she says fire! get out of here. everyone scrammed. we went out through the garden area and people were flocking out like you wouldn't believe. >> a 40-year-old oakland man who lit the fire was in the garden center earlier. that's where he picked up a bottle of charcoal lighter fluid and started squirting it around the store. >> if it weren't for the security people and the employees inside who put it out right away it could have been more tragic. >> a wal-mart employee says he and a security guard tackle cked the man -- tackled the man and held him until everybody arrived.
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>> scary. it is like oh my goodness. what is going on here? >> you can't even shop without having to worry about somebody doing something insane. >> in spite of the chaos, wal-mart employees calmly lead customers out of the store. in san leandro, alan wang, abc7 news. >> a hot debate in california is over. corrections officials dropped a plan to allow prisoners with violent backgrounds into the inmate firefighting unit. they still want to include inmates who have seven years left on their sentences or up to seven years left on their sentences instead of the current five years. this proposal comes at a time when the prison population is smaller and the drought raised the fire risk. mark zuckerburg got a first land look at life in lock you after a visit to quintin -- san quintin state prison. he posted this picture of him talking with inmates who were taking a coding course. the criminal justice system isn't working, he says.
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he was inspired to learn pour after reading "the new jim crowe" about the mass incarceration of non-violent blacks and his span physicals. and hispanics. many sent us photos of dazzling sunsets around the bay area. sky 7hd found so much color in the clouds as it flew above the peninsula. this is just before 7:00 p.m. please keep sending your pictures. we enjoy sharing them with everybody on the air and on-line. >> and today was warm, but a cool down may be coming. >> we will see a cool down starting tomorrow. right now i want to show you another beautiful sunset from 6:35 p.m. the east bay hills camera, you can see all of the color there and that's thanks to the subtropical moisture moving in from the south. like larry mentioned, please keep the pictures coming with the hash tag, abc7 now. showing you quiet conditions. there were a few clouds and a
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few drops around monterey a couple hours ago. but we could be seeing more tomorrow. 60s, 70s and even 80s showing up so still warm. here is a live look from the east bay hills camera. you can see uh -- across the bay. the heat easies. there is a possibility of sprinkles and then another chance on your saturday. here is your satellite and the radar. high pressure has been dominating our weather and that brought the record heat, but it is moving out of the picture as the area of low pressure comes in. this is what brought us the clouds and the beautiful sunset pictures today. it will also bring in cooler weather as the wind starts to move in from the south and brings the cooler air with it. tomorrow you get the relief. sprinkles are possible wednesday evening 10:00 as we head toward thursday morning and mainly staying down toward the monterey bay.
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there is another system coming in and that one comes from the gulf of alaska. there is a slight chance of showers in the north bay. i wouldn't change up your plans just yet. stay tuned. we'll fine-tune the details. first thing in the morning, i think you can get away with short sleeve weather. mid50s to low 60s. certainly mild with high clouds and the sunrise may be spectacular. take a look as you head to work. 92 in the south bay and gilroy. 85 san jose. 83 sunnyvale. on the peninsula, warm, but not as warm as today. san mateo and 74 in pacifica. daly city, some high clouds and sun and 72 degrees and downtown san francisco 77 and warm in the north bay. you will need the sunscreen. mid80s napa and raver fie yell. 82 vallejo. 80 berkeley and 81 oakland. you head inland and it will be another worm day with 9 filtered filtered -- with the filtered sun.
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91 in antioch. the seven-day forecast, we will get you out of the 90s. the upper 60s to the mid80s. look at friday through the weekend. low 80s inland and mid60s coast. it is right around where it should be. still tracking the slight cans of a few showers. the best chance is in the north bay for your saturday. >> thank you, sandhya. >> still ahead at 11:00, grey's anatomy is getting new
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well, this man is making history for target. he is the first ever plus sized male model for the retail chain. he is 6-6 and models big and tall clothing. he admits getting started with target was not easy. he is supposed to show off extra larnl and extra, extra large shirts, but the company
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actually sent him medium shirts which of course did not fit. >> that's not going to work out too well. listen to this, actor denzel washington has an appointment with "gri's anatomy --" grey's anatomy." >> you seem disappointed. >> he will be behind the camera. he has signed on to direct an episode. it will be washington's first time directing television. >> he directed two films. you can see grey's anatomy every thursday night at 8:00 here on abc7. >> something tells me there were a lot of people who wanted to see denzel wear the scrubs. >> especially were mcdreamy gone. they killed him off. jay they need some star power. >> star power, i am in for dan. >> warriors needed their star power. didn't really see it. >> they don't care. >> wins and losses mean nothing. this is what the pre-season is for, right? work out the kinks. get the
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this abc7 sports report is brought to you by xfinity. >> the main goal of the pre-season, get through it without injury and they had a minor one tonight. the pre-season opener against denver was not pretty at times. steph curry bobblehead night. he rips it from the rookie and the other end was a floater from 15. he looks like the real deal. he went for 16 of the late first quarter. warriors are up six and off the bench.
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second quarter back pick for the finals. and here is that minor injury. knee on knee and sprained knee listed as day-to-day. 22 and 12. 6 of 21 in the game. the shashes are starting a four -- the sharks are starting a four-game road trip. a stellar start continues. offensively the first period and a quick draw. hard to see, but joe thorton is credited with the redirect. the hurdle in front and it is 5-0 shutout for the sharks. st. louis had the best record in the majors, but the cubs may have destiny on their side. their motto is no more next year. the cubs' last world series was 107 years ago. tied at four in the 6th. the bleachers in right and cubbies lead it 5-4.
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they over powered the cardinals. your eyes will not deceive you here. the sign is make fun of the curse of the billy goat. the last chance and a swing and a miss. 6-4 cubs and they take their first post season series win at home ever. and the dodger ace on the hill and elimination game and justin turner is down the left field line. it is a bit of an adventure as two runs come home. kershaw pitching on three days rest goes seven, three hits and eight k's and l.a. with the $300 million payroll, but a suspect bull pen. two on and two out and david murphy lines out. dodgers hold on 3-1 the the final. decisive game five on thursday.
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this sports report is brought to you by xfinity. >> how goodwill game five be? the winner moving to chicago. >> to face the cubs. >> how insane is chicago going to be? >> this feels like the red sox. it has that feeling to it. pearl jam's eddie vetter was on the mound celebrating. it has that feel where the stars are out supporting the team. >> the whole country is rooting for them. >> maybe this is it. abc7 news continues on-line and on twitter and on facebook and all of your hobble devices with the


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