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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 16, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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. live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. hundreds of elderly residents are forced from their home after the building goes dark. good evening, thank you for joining us, i'm ama dietz, residents in burlingame had to be evacuated after their apartment lost power today. many were unable to walk. sky 7 was there when ambulances
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showed up to move the residents to other facilities. 250 residents lived there. e power came back on cuated this afternoon. now officials are trying to figure out how to get everybody back to their bed. a small fire knocked out the power. it was likely caused by an overloaded circuit. >> we identified the most critical patients to get them to the facilities best suited for their needs. as we have done that, we're looking for locations for patients who are wheelchair-bound, and ambulat y ambulatory, as well. >> we haven't had any real incidents of anybody getting upset or excited so that is a tribute to the staff that has been working with the patients. >> and no one was injured. however, some relatives told abc 7 news they were not happy with the way things were handled. some complained they were not
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notified of the outrage or the evacuation. we'll have a live update on channel 7. lots of uber drivers are on strike, calling for higher wages, wayne freedman has more. >> reporter: today was the day the uber drivers were supposed to tell their managers they were upset and not going to take it anymore. are you disappointed there were not more people? >> well, there should be more. >> reporter: if there was supposed to be a ground zero nationwide for uber's strikes, then you're looking at it at their headquarters. >> next time it will get better and better. >> reporter: as uber sees it, thereçó cannot be a strike when the company employs private contractors, many didn't turn on their apps today. to quote a statement from a spokesperson, we always welcome feedback from our driver
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partners, but this kind of feedback? >> well, obviously, their arrogance and beliefs are beyond belief. >> reporter: drivers want a higher tip and 60% rate hike from a company that keeps cutting those rates to attract new customers. do you regret having left the cab company? >> sometimes i do. >> reporter: that has the san francisco uber drivers walking the sideline, nobody is winning, they say. >> they are under-insured, the rates are not transparent, they change by the minute. the drivers are not licensed. >> reporter: despite the strike today, many went to work today. josh stevens took an uber car to work this afternoon. so what do you think of the strike? >> i had no idea there was a strike going on. there was the rate in fares. >> reporter: how ironic that
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they protested outside the muni headquarters. as they looked on. though not yet an effort that has tried uber users let's see what the weekend brings. from san francisco, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. also tonight, uber is facing a huge complaint from one of their drivers, one woman said she hailed the ride and said the driver used curse words when he couldn't find him. the angry driver didn't stop and when he pulled up to the intersection to where she was standing, he threatened to rape and kill her. she said he left voice messages while she was on the line with
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911. >> where the hell are you? cancel the trip so you can work. why are you disturbing people? >> uber responded with this statement. this kind of behavior is absolutely unacceptable and the driver's access to uber has been permanently removed. san francisco police are also investigating the incident. uber said it refunded a five-dollar cancelled trip charge incurred. coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00, melissa harrington spoke with the woman and we'll hear from her. and the cleanup starting in southern california, where severe weather triggered a mudslide, and roads are still closed tonight. forecasters say there may be more rain on the way. abc 7 news reporter adidi roy has more. >> reporter: tonight, torrential rain hitting drought-stricken california. combined with 60 miles an hour wind and golf ball-sized hail. setting off massive mudslides.
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>> are we stuck yet? >> reporter: drivers on the evening commute, helpless. >> it was scary, you just have to wait. >> at least waist deep. >> reporter: just north of los angeles, this driver struggling to escape in swift currents of mud. nearby, this truck driver climbing on top of his cab as a last resort. >> everybody up there is completely landlocked. >> reporter: on interstate 58, one man fearing for his life. watch as the cars bob in the water, smashing into each other. >> 911. >> reporter: the rain came down fast and furious, inches in an hour, mixing with dirt and debris, the piles of mud making roads like this one impassable. >> in california. >> reporter: that 45 miles per
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hour stretch of north interstate 5. also impassable. the interstate, so crucial to truckers shut down for nearly 24 hours causing delays on other highways, too. this has been the view from this man's big rig for several hours today. >> just trying to get to 41 north/south. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: traffic for miles behind a graveyard of cars and trucks, and you can see it is a mess here still, the loose gravel and debris was thrown down the hillside. it is a miracle nobody was killed or seriously injured. the whole area is under flood watch again tonight. near santa barbara, the highway patrol reported about 100 vehicles including a school bus were trapped on 166. reports say the road became flooded after a sudden downpour.
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the road has since been reopened. abc 7 news drew tuma has more. >> and when it happens in the desert southwest this is what you get. dust storm came up. this one in phoenix earlier this afternoon. you could see it was miles wide. they moved pretty quickly between 30 and 40 miles per hour. but it does drop visibility to that location. live doppler 7 hd shows they're dealing with thunderstorms near flagstaff and phoenix. and this will diminish in the next couple of hours. live doppler 7 hd, this is all associated with the cold front, slowly moving to the northeast. and moving into our neck of the woods overnight tonight. first we have the cloud cover and then we'll have a chance of light showers moving through the replace in the first half of the weekend. we'll time out the shower
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chances, and see what we can expect for the accuweather seven-day forecast. >> all right, thank you so much. and san francisco firefighters moved quickly to put out a fire that moved quickly through the street this afternoon. an abc 7 news viewer took a video of the fire truck rushing to the blaze on second avenue near gary boulevard. another woman shared video she took. sky 7 was on scene, the fire started in the rear of the three-story building, you can see how burned it it, the firefighters got everybody out but still fought it aggressively because the flames can jump buildings. >> we don't risk or life for property, but when it comes to buildings, it could go to the next building, or the next building. >> firefighters had a tough time getting to the roof because of electrical wires.
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nobody was injured during the fire, the cause is under investigation. and now to some heavy water users, the utility district released names including oakland executive billy bean. >> reporter: a day after his name appeared on the list, there is a leak outside the home of billy bean, who is third on a partial list released by east bay mud, including a top list of people, number one, george kirkland, a former executive and black hawk neighbor of beans, who averages more than $30,000 per day bean nearly 6,000 gallons per day. >> i don't like to hear about folks abusing -- just because they can afford to pay the
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fines, i'm just going to do it anyway. i think it's just bad community spirit. >> reporter: in a statement, telling abc 7 news, multiple irrigation leaks and a pool leak were in the process of being discovered and corrected. we are more than displeased by the usage and took immediate action. >> these customers should have tolds us during the appeal process that they had a leak and should have fought to get off the least. but they didn't. >> and cal football coach sonny dykes, average, 8,000 a day. he said we recently learned of a difficult to detect leak from our irrigation system. we are very disappointed but are working as quickly as possible to ensure we're doing our part to protect california's limited resources. the average household usage for an east bay customer is about 250 gallons per day. in danville, laura anthony, abc
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7 news. up next, we're learning new details about an hours-long closure of a freeway in the east bay. next, what caused this big rig fire and crash. it's my home. >> why many techies are so fed up with rising rent that they are literally moving to the bay illegally. and will you need your and will you need your umbrella at all this
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a fiery crash at walnut creek left drivers stranded for hours on 680 this morning, happening before dawn when a tire blew out on a big rig. the truck lost control then slammed into the divider. the rig slid for about 500 feet and sent chunks of concrete flying into oncoming traffic. several drivers were injured by shattered windshields. and a big rig hauling hay crashed on highway 37 in vallejo. this is video from sky 7 hd. and miraculously nobody was hurt. the chp says the fire damaged one of two westbound lanes which
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the crews spent the day repairing. all lanes are back open. and some people are giving up their homing for life on the water. it's not a new area here, but it is suddenly a trend, and the wait list is three years, sometimes. more on the story. >> reporter: just imagine, that is your alarm clock every morning. >> this is my home. >> reporter: home for edward. he moved euphoria about a year ago and grew a beard to match. >> my wife likes it. >> reporter: a tv, microwave, two very modestly sized bedrooms, even a tub, water inside and water right outside, too. but he says the maintenance is constant. it's not as cheap as you think to legally live on a boat. >> somewhere close to $2,000 a month. >> reporter: at pier 39, only 10% of the boats can be home. the spokesperson said the wait
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list has never been longer. >> we used to get two calls a month, now probably 20 a day. everybody is struggling to find affordable places to live. >> sometimes they are just trying to sneak aboard. >> reporter: sneaking around the system are people like this young techie, these are the photos she posted about her new illegal home. she agreed to skype but asked us to blur her face. >> they're doing this to find a feasible solution. and it's just the magic of waking up on the water every day. >> reporter: she says she is paying about $350 a month for that magic.ñi not bad. but edward says he wishes people would think twice before swapping a front lawn for a wheel. >> the two happiest days in a man's life are the day he buys a boat and the day he sell a boat. >> i talked to one expert, in his 38 years he can't recall
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anyone ever getting arrested for illegally living on a boat. and meanwhile, fines on the marina can be as much as $10,000. and preparations under way to welcome tens of thousands of music lovers to the treasure festival this weekend. sky 7 was there as they put the final touches on the venue. all right, find out what the weather will be like for this weekend. and we'll get more from drew tuma. >> hi, i wish we could say we're going to get soaked. but now, for a quick few minutes, we'll talk about the best chance to see them. live doppler 7 hd will show you the quiet picture out there. and end to the work week. fall-like temperatures, outside we go, changes afoot. from our camera, showing you the night lives on the embarcadero. the lights are bouncing off low
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clouds, first we'll get clouds in overnight. and tomorrow we'll track a little bit of drizzle heading our way. out there right now, currently in the 60s in most spots, 60 in oakland, san jose, fairfield, 62, novato with a temperature of 59 degrees. so here is the setup. live doppler 7 hd, here is the low pressure system. this brought the soaking showers to southern california off of the dust storm in arizona, this is now moving off to the east, what is replacing it? a cold front. this is a quick moving cold front, not a lot of moisture with it unfortunately. time now for the future weather showing you clouds moving in overnight tonight. then tomorrow morning, spotty showers possible. i think the best bet, right around the lunchtime hour, mid-day. you do notice the future weather, really isolated. quick, out of here by saturday evening. by 7:00, we're drying out our skies and turning to partly cloudy skies as you head towards sunday. going to half moon bay for the
9:20 pm
art and pumpkin festival we'll keep the chance of a sprinkle early. by 11:00, spotty showers possible. by the afternoon, more in the way of dry skies, peaks of sunshine here, temperatures in the low-to-mid 60s. tonight, clouds rolling in. upper 50s, lower 60s across the board. the highs for your saturday. with the weekend, mainly cloudy skies, chance of showers mid-day. up to san jose, 78 for morgan hill, 77 for cupertino. half moon bay, 74, redwood city, 75 for mountain view, 76 for los alt altos. and downtown, 64 for daly city, 69, south san francisco, in the north bay, 67, 76 sonoma. 76 napa with a chance of isolated showers continuing into the east bay tomorrow. afternoon, 75 in fremont.
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72 in hercules. livermore, 76, 78 concord, and 79 the high. the accuweather forecast, tomorrow a chance of spotty showers, isolated in nature. what happens behind the cold front on sunday we brighten up our skies but also cool down a bit. feeling like fall this weekend. by monday, a warming trend under way, tuesday, wednesday, there you go. 90s making a comeback before thursday and friday. we kind of settle back into the fall-like pattern. if you see rain -- >> and definitely, all right, thank you, drew. still to come on abc 7 news at 9:00. a journey back to the galaxy far, far away, when you can get
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walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. that is so great. star wars fans, you will soon be able to punch your ticket to a galaxy far, far away. monday will be a big day, with the movie set to air during football. minutes later, they report tickets for the fourth awakened will go on sell the 13th through january 3rd. 30 firefighters whose homes were destroyed during the recent california wildfires are getting help from friends, the oakland fire department joined by the firefighters first credit union says it has raised $30,000 for
9:26 pm
firefighters impacted by recent losses, that includes paul duncan who lost his home during the fire, he was big helping with the fires when flames overran their home. his wife made it out safely, but not before stopping to help a neighbor. >> my wife stopped for the principal, he called and asked her to pick the dog up. they made forcible entry into the house, recovered his dog. >> each firefighter is also being adopted by the fire department to help them get back on their feet. another 30 minutes of abc 7 news at 9:00 coming up next. donald trump's bold accusation against former president bush. jeb bush is firing back. also, lamar odom's recovery, a day after he passed out in a nevada brothel. and the
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♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ live from the kgo tv broadcast center this is abc 7 news. we begin this half hour with the race for the white house. donald trump had some inflammatory words today during an interview about former president george bush. >> reporter: tonight, donald trump making a bold accusation against former president george w. bush, saying that he was responsible for 9/11 -- >> he was president during the time, he was president, don't blame him or don't blame him. the world trade center came down during his reign. >> the comments made after an interview with bloomberg tv,
9:31 pm
after trump was asked if he had the ability to handle crises like 9/11. >> i need to know that you will make us feel safe and you will make us feel proud. >> i think i have a bigger heart than all of them. i think i'm much more competent than all of them. >> he repeatedly called bush a disaster, but never going this far. rival jeb bush tweeting back, saying how pathetic for donald trump to criticize the president for 9/11. we were attacked and my brother kept us safe. >> one of clinton's top aides testified regarding benghazi, libya, a violent mob killed four americans on september 11th, 2012, including ambassador chris stevens who was from piedmont, happening while clinton served as secretary of state. today, huma abedin answered
9:32 pm
questions behind closed door, clinton will testify on the 28th. >> and today, the man revered by jews, the palestinian president has condemned the act, coming a day after clashes between israeli forces and palestinians. abc 7 news was there. >> reporter: with violence happening today amid sky-high tensions, in bethlehem we saw israeli soldiers firing rockets. >> the ambulance pulled up to take him away. hamas has called for a day of rest today for mast protests. this is a daily theme almost in the west bank. >> reporter: all afternoon, the sound of tear gas canisters. we're doing a live report as they landed nearby. >> i'm going to go -- i've got to put on my jacket, a lot of tear gas. >> reporter: the people around
9:33 pm
us running for cover. >> a huge volley of tear gas. >> reporter: this woman collapsed and was carried to an ambulance. the new crackdown fuelling the growing palestinian anger over the incident with israel. today, a man posing as a journalist stabbed a soldier, two were killed by israeli soldiers in gaza. eight israelis and 30 palestinians, nearly half of them attackers killed in this wave of violence. >> there was a wild scene in houston after scaffold came falling down, happening at a residential building across from minute maid park where the
9:34 pm
houston astros play, the company that owns the building is trying to determine the cause of the accident. former nba player and reality tv star lamar odom is conscious now but in very serious condition. he is in a las vegas hospital after collapsing at a legal brothel tuesday. investigators believe he used alcohol and used cocaine before taking a prescription of viagra before becoming unresponsive. and the match group that owns the company said the public offering will likely raise more than $100 million. it's the second high profile ipo announcement of the week. square filed for its public offering on wednesday. the drug sometimes called the female viagra goes on sale
9:35 pm
tomorrow, designed to help women with low libidos, it will come with significant restrictions, the label says the drug should not be taken while using alcohol and should not be used with other drugs. experts call it modest, still, it's expected to generate $2 billion in annual sales. a new government policy on drones expected on monday, the wall street journal reports that drone owners will have to register their devices with the government. sources say the task force will convene next week to work on the registry and whether the policy will apply to drones already sold. what a new danger is in the
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los altos, antioch, petaluma. former microsoft ceo steve ballmer is now one of twitter's biggest shareholders, owning stock valued at about $400 million, he would be the second largest owner of twitter stock behind a saudi prince. and bill cosby has been on the cover, sparking both satisfaction and rage. the cover picture is actually two decades old, a group spot with the cosby show co-star, but his grinning face is nearly covered by an image of shattered glass, some people are concerned it also taints cosby's co-stars,
9:40 pm
most are supporting him still. the month of october has another name around these parts, sharktober, and with the rare sight of the great white catching its lunch, it may seem bad timing for people to race across the bay. but as jonathan bloom explains that is exactly what is happening tomorrow. >> reporter: long before the big triathlon called "escape from alcatraz," the original one was much tougher. every year, san francisco's dolphin club runs the race, the water is cold, the currents are fierce and there is another threat. >> when i first started swimming here it was about the time that the movie "jaws" came out. >> it's jaws! >> but this is no movie, it's cell phone video of a great white shark eating a sea lion
9:41 pm
right here in the bay. >> i try not the think about it when i'm in the water. >> reporter: the dolphin club swimmers have all seen the video. >> when you're not worried you're at least thinking about it. >> reporter: race organizers say there is no need to worry, the boat house does have a boxing gym. it is says that punching a shark can help you escape. this menacing jaw of a shark could be three times this wide. >> they're huge, they're ferocious if you're a sea lion. we have shark-octoberfest, the return of the lions. >> reporter: they lurk off the coast, and sometimes come into the bay and the swimmers don't dress like this. >> you see you're dark, you look more like a seal or a sea lion. >> that is different from the
9:42 pm
club's lion. >> the swimmers say they like their odds. >> its more likely you will get struck by lightning. i'm not really worried. >> in san francisco, johnathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> and up next, a final good-bye to u.s. airways tonight, about to make its final
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european russian space agencies are planning to send a lander to the moon's south pole. it would be a series of issues that could see the return of humans to the moon and a possible settlement. they will explore the south pole to see if there are waters and oxygen to make fuel for water.
9:46 pm
they look at this sketch to see what a settlement may look like. the bbc reports that the launch could happen in 2020. and saying good-bye to u.s. airways tonight, the final flight will begin tonight. tonight, they will have flights around the country as part of the merger with american airlines. >> tonight, flight 1939, the year that u.s. airways started was in the air. there were balloons, signs and a 13-year-old who talked his parents into letting him fly the final flight. history shown in selfies as the merger with american airline is completed creating the world's largest airline. it has been a decade of airlines, consolidation, limiting competition, which sources say will make higher
9:47 pm
prices. >> one thing that keeps prices down historically on tickets has been competition. >> american hopes to avoid problems as it merges the reservations and computer systems saying the employees have undergone a million hours of training to prepare. >> the only thing that was confusing, we had american ticket and they sent us u.s. airways. >> american suggests to check in and print out a boarding pass at home before you leave for the airport. abc 7 news, reagan washington airport. all right, it's time to check our weather one more time. live doppler 7 hd right now, we're seeing dry conditions as the clouds move in from west to east. so a nationwide look at the weather tomorrow, a cold front along the west coast, showers from seattle, portland, all the way south to phoenix. east coast, high pressure and lots of sunshine there, but the coldest air so far this far season will move into the great lakes and the northeast over the weekend. so you have freeze warnings and frost advisories up for 20 st e
9:48 pm
states, across the u.s., first saturday, around the great lakes, minneapolis, chicago, buffalo, pittsburgh, the cold front slips to the south, by sunday, many areas right around the freezing mark are just a few degrees above. so this will effectively end the growing season in many states over the weekend. back here at home, the bay area tomorrow, tracking the cold front. we'll bring spotty showers, perhaps mid-day, otherwise 68 in san francisco, tomorrow. 73 oakland, up to 76 san jose, 77 santa rosa, and 70 the high in antioch, tomorrow, spotty showers, likely behind the cold front, brighter, cooler for sunday. monday, tuesday and especially into wednesday, high pressure ramping up again, warmer, more sunny, cooler to round out the seven-day forecast. >> all right, sounds good, thank you so much, drew. well, a muni bus pass may be your ticket to seeing some spectacular dance performances this weekend in san francisco. abc 7 news was at the bay view
9:49 pm
boat club for the start of trolley dances, in the bay view neighborhood. spectators are given a bus pass to see them all. >> the companies performing will set their environment, and the performances occur them. that is the most significant thing that makes the dances so different. >> the performances are free, the trains leave every 45 minutes. >> that is pretty neat. all right, shue here with the shorts report tonight. >> and baseball the top of the order. kansas city hosting
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comes up tonight at 11:00, we sit down with a san francisco woman who says requesting an uber ride turned into a terrible ordeal when her driver threatened to rape and kill her.
9:53 pm
plus, the sinking situation a truck found itself in the mud. plus, much more coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. this sports report is brought to you by your local toyota deal. and now we have plenty to talk about in sports, dodgers are out of it. >> it is interesting, who do people like? >> yeah. >> mets, toronto, it will be interesting, baseball's post-season, we check out kansas city tonight with the royals hosting the blue jays in game one of the alcs. now, the defending american champ sent a message, they lost to the giants in the series, they have unfinished business from last year. a blue beard, that is dedication. kansas city offense, third inning. escobar starts a two-run inning
9:54 pm
with an rbi double. marco estrada, six hits, five and a third in the fourth inning. perez crushes it. volquez walks the first two batters, three straight out. troy tulowitzki, royals take the game 5-1, your final. and sharks only three games into the season but hitting on all cylinders at 3 and 0, unfortunately, they were dealt a big blow yesterday when logan couture broke his right fibula in practice. he is heading out to have surgery, expected to miss four to six weeks. and peter dvorak, just two minutes into the game, marleau's
9:55 pm
third of the season, 1-0, sharks, philly, martin jones as been stellar, 31 saves tonight, but 234 minutes, scoreless streak came to an end, 3:38 left in the third. hendrick, the game goes into overtime. pavelski and brent burns, stopped two of three. by cammalleri. shoots wide to end the game. sharks, what a beginning to the season, they're 4 and 0, a 2-1 victory. stanford wins over ucla, cardinal are the favors to win the pac-12. francis owusu, possibly the catch of the year. logan gets it to the end zone, francis owusu cannot see the ball at all but somehow makes a grab behind the defender's back,
9:56 pm
holds on, hits the back. just unbelievable. stanford won, 56-35. while everyone is going crazy over the catch which is unbelievable. francis is keeping it cool. >> i mean, i wasn't thinking about too much. was just thinking about the paper i have to write tonight. so we'll see. >> but i can't describe that catch, i still can't -- understand what happened, to be honest. i was looking at my coach for the next 12 minutes. i thought it was incomplete. he didn't catch it. incomplete. and then i saw up on the board, apparently i was told my facial expression was on tv several times. just a phenomenal catch. >> i love francis, i have a paper due, i didn't have time to think about it. all right, we'll have a lot more on the stanford win tomorrow and another edition of after the game right here on air force base 7, following drew tuma, and taking on ohio state at 5:00
9:57 pm
p.m. join us after the game only only abc 7 news. well, the niners host. today, runningback, fined for unnecessary roughness. he came on this side, carlos initiated contact with the crown of his head, but the giants linebacker, out of the game with a concussion. he was more upset with the 49ers guard who accused of pushing him from behind, claiming he couldn't protect himself. cooling boon a coward, colin kaepernick played his best game last week. coach harbaugh taking notice. >> he has had a tremendous career and to is what you prepare for. what you have players of that caliber who played the way they have in the league you know what they're capable of doing. it goes for their whole offense,
9:58 pm
you look at them, we know them well. they're dangerous players, this runningback is really playing well. >> center andrew bogut broke his nose, he will have surgery this week, he thinks he can play next surgery but he has to wear a mask. head coach steve kerr returning, expected to travel with the team to southern california this weekend. second round of the open in silverado first event on the pga tour. good speed, good read and that is a birdie, he is 8 under. patrick rogers in contention, shooting at 369, he is seven under. rory mcilroy missed the cut. 171, rory at 5-under, tied the course with a 63 of 70 today. 11 under, heading into the weekend with a two-stroke lead. this is abc 7 news sports
9:59 pm
report. if you're looking for something to do this weekend, get out there and support the tournament, we would like to see it stay here for a number of years. >> thank you for joining us, i'm ama dietz, thank you for joining us on abc 7 news. the news continues on line on twitter, facebook, all your mobile devices, we'll see you at 11:00 on channel 7 as we leave you with a nice live look at san francisco today. see knew a bit.
10:00 pm
announcer: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today on "corrupt crimes," from whiz kid to rogue broker, how one scamming financier plays roulette with the stock market and single-handedly takes down britain's oldest bank.


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