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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 21, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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deadly crash of a marine fighter jet. >> the pilot is from san mateo
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county. >> it happened at arroyo air force base northwest of london. the jet was traveling back to the states from the persian gulf. the other five diverted to a nearby base. >> this is video in just a short time ago, showing the crash scene outside of london. the f 18 went off shortly after takeoff. he did not survive. he was stationed at marine corps air station miramar and indicates he attended usf and had a young child with his girlfriend. there are reports of a group of pilots returning from fighting isis in syria. his jet was assigned to the oldest and most decorated squadron in the marine corps. police have taken four people into custody following a lengthy search this afternoon at a san francisco construction site. sky 7 hd was over 280 near
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mariposa street. a s.w.a.t. team convassed the site. they were assisted by san francisco police, and the patrol. a different search in san francisco, looking for a chemical that might be endangering pets. >> we don't need to be putting children and dogs at risk. >> this woman claims a deadly carcinogen killed her dog. she said it was from an herbicide used at glenn canon park. reggie? >> reporter: even the city doesn't like the product in round up. it stopped using it in 1996.
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it found it's way back into the park system. it's supposed to be used this week. now, the state is considering linking this product to cancer and that could be reconsidered. >> it started as a one-woman mission. >> i decided to take it to the streets. >> reporter: victoria lost her dog to owe cancer. >> he was a great dog. >> reporter: her grief turned into action. she noticed warnings in glenn canyon park. the city was going to use monsano's round up on tree stumps. >> were you surprised? >> i was very surprised. >> reporter: the links to cancer could he made her dog so sick? >> there is a decent possibility it caused the cancer. >> reporter: she started
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spreading the word. >> did round up kill my dog? >> reporter: a poster likes that gets people to take a look. it now won't happen until the city reevaluates the plan. chris geiger with the department rec says it's used sparingly and never on the fields. >> they can do better. >> reporter: as word spreads a one-woman campaign multiplies into a chorus of people saying if the chemical is the thing needed to be rounded up. an 8-year-old hayward boy with autism has been reunited with his parents after disappearing today. the boy ran off from p.e.class at 10:30 this morning after his father said he got upset. police fanned out and searched for the boy on neighborhood streets and businesses. sky 7 hd was overhead when
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authorities located the boy at a mcdonalds about a mile and a half away. >> we figured he would be hungry and surface. and he went to mcdonalds to get a happy meal. he's in good spirits. >> good spirits because he was safe and got that happy meal. a man wanted for two attempted abductions in berkeley is linked to a third case. police say the second attempt approached on sunday. he approached a girl and a group of girls on college avenue and webster street. also last month near willard middle school on telegraph avenue. police arrested information on a suspect's vehicle, a black cargo van with no side or rear windows. a warning to some parents after five students were sent to the hospital after abusing a
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popular cough syrup. the school district is urging parents to talk to kids about the drug which causes, among other things, hallucinations. lyanne? >> reporter: this is a copy of the e-mail sent from one school within the district. it details what happened and what parents should do moving forward. >> yes. it happened during a school day. >> reporter: three students were sent to the hospital after feeling sick. two other students from drake high, also treated. officials say they abused a cold medication called coracedin. >> it's known as triple c on the street. and at extremes it has the same effect as angel dust which is a hallucinating. >> reporter: people combine the
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syrup with a soft drink, like sprite. rappers have been known to glorify the drinks through their music. >> this is new to us. and this is the first time we've seen this in any numbers. >> reporter: a survey found that one in 30 teens reported abugs it to get high. >> in high dose, causes a lot of issue including seizures and respiratory depression. >> reporter: in rare cases, even death. all five schools within the district have sent out letters to parents. >> this is amazing and i had no idea. >> reporter: students typically find it at home or have been known to steal it from the store. a mi pueblo supermarket was reopened today, it was shut down for selling contaminated food.
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the market failed an inspection leading to the closure. it's the second violation in a month at that location. in september, inspectors found rats and rodent droppings in the warehouse. shigella outbreak in the south bay is growing likely because the bacteria is affecting family members of those who ate at the restaurant over the weekend. the first lawsuit against that restaurant was filed today. david louie is live with more. david? >> reporter: well, the lawsuit was filed by the dean of students in a san jose high school, a customer here about two years. he came by here on friday for takeout, but the next day, taken down by shigella. he was masking how he felt after being in the emergency center. he ate a tostada the day before
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on north 4th street in san jose. >> it is an extremely high fever, really bad chills. extremely bad cramping. running to the bathroom. nausea. vomiting, dizziness. >> reporter: still sick, but home now, he seeks damages for pain and suffering. >> i have no animosity against anyone but i don't want this to happen again, not to my of my neighbors or people i work with. >> reporter: the number of suspected cases stands at 93. health officers believe the reason may be secondary infections as the bacteria spreads. the cause of the outbreak is under investigation but is slowed by the fact that some employees have not yet turned in stool samples for testing. this is believed to be the largest outbreak of shigella to occur in santa clara county. 200 people got shigella from a
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mexican restaurant that is no longer in business. >> there are so many people affe affect -- effected is there enough insurance to go around? that might be a class action settlement. that may have spread to santa cruz where investigators are investigating five suspected cases. >> it's very contagious. we're worried about what is called secondary transmission. getting it from someone who is sick but directly exposed. investigators believe people contracted the bacteria on october 16th or 17th. a san jose police officer who sparked protest for his tweets on the black lives matter moverment has been fired. police confirm phillip white was terminated after two decades on the force. one tweet said threaten me or my family, and i will use my god given and law-appointed right to
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kill you. the other saying he'd be at the movies with his gun. he will not face criminal charges for the tweet. finishing what he started. a group of artists honoring a promise to finish a mural where one of their own was shot and killed. what police are calling an epic crook fail. >> this mild almost-summer like weather continues for a while but there is rain in the forecast. i'll tell you about it in just a moment. i'm wayne freedman. welcome to "back to the future" day. you didn't have to go to a
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a group of west oakland artists honored their promise to finish a mural when one of their own was gunned down. he was killed last month and today it was dedicated. laura anthony was there. >> it's a completion of a pro jeblth a young man died for. the mural now dedicated in memory of the artist. >> not in my worst nightmare did i imagine i'd be here grieving for one of the young men who vr who helped make this magic come alive. >> his family attended this event. >> every time we made a mark on
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this wall, we did so to honor your son. and to honor his spirit he was shot by a passerby who he had words with. a man who has not been identified or arrested. >> we have to look at what happened today. when you drive by, these are human harmonics. >> the project will continue to bring a vision of peace to a neighborhood that often sees something else. >> there is love here, there is life here. >> in west oakland, abc7 news.
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>> police want to know if you recognize this thief. he tried to steal a package from a porch this week. couldn't manage to lift it so she decided to steal the resident's dirty shoes from the porch. they want to you let them know if you know who this thief is. >> police asking for help finding two suspects who used a gun gun to rob a store. they entered the store around 12:30 p.m. friday. >> it is recorded one suspect used a stun gun and injured one person with a stun gun. >> the victim was treated for minor injuries and the pair fled before police arrived on the scene. >> san francisco mayor says for
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his city to be world class it needs to invest in teachers. today, he unveiled plans. >> the superintendent says his district is facing a teacher shortage. many educators are priced out of the market. >> living and working in the community in which you teach and make this investment is important for the city. and they could provide housing for 500 teachers. and and they left it off the drawing board. it calls for renewing a program.
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that is important to keep as many teachers as possible. >> i can never aferd to buy my own place. >> the 27-year-old speech therapist hit the jackpot. she was able to buy a bedroom in this building after winning a housing lottery under an existing city program. the initiatives would be paid for through sources and through proposition a. if voters passed that affordable housing bond in november, some money is earmark for educators. the coroner identified a person found dead under several feet of mud. the 49-year-old was the first storm related fatality.
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he was driving his van when mud pushed him into a catch base yivenlt his family learned of the death today. his mother visited the site of the tragedy. >> just having nightmares and i heard and i wanted to get a feel for the area. >> crews are working around the clock to clear highway 58 which is shut down by the mudslide. caltrans officials say they expect it to be open tomorrow. >> looking live from our sutro camera, look at this. this stunning, the sun just about to go down. >> yes. share the sunsets where you live with us. send us a picture using #abc7now. >> yes. >> you would retweet that.
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>> yes. >> i withdraw complaints. >> yes. you do. >> spencer is here now with our weather. what else? >> there are some live shots. here is a look at hiv doppler 7 hd. sunny skies across the bay area now. a gorgeous sunset. here is a little bit of a setting sun there. it's 60 degrees in san francisco. 69 in mountain view. and check out this view from our camera.
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81 in fairfield. and one more view of the sunset from our east bay hills camera. it's just gorgeous. will be cooler friday and saturday, slight chance of showers sunday and a chance of rain in about seven days. there is a big area of high pressure and just off of southwestern coast of mexico, expected to be straight and category 2 hurricane. this is expected to make land fall and continue through central mexico and weaken by sunday. and an approaching system will
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bring rain and may produce light showers here on sunday. let's skip ahead to tuesday and looking at this powerful bringing us a greater chance of rainfall. tomorrow, sunny skies, highs around 80 in san jose and santa clara. 80 in redwood city. upper 60s on the coast. low to mid-80s generally and upper 70s owe to around 80. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is a bit of cooling we can expect friday and saturday. sunday, a slight chance of showers.
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and so we're going to get serious rainfall here. >> thank you. >> okay. >> soon will be the biggest modern art museum in the country. >> and a new starry fight. artists using
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expected powerful impact from el nino may delight surfers hoping to compete in half moon bay but today a group of crews spent the day preparing for what needs to happen. the window opens up november 1 through march 31st. fans of a popular show myth busters will see a final season next year. 14 seasons and nearly 3,000 experiments later. the show is calling it quits. in 2011 there was a canyon ball stunt that went wrong. the duo says it they knew waits
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coming all year. >> and abc7 news was inside when it was announced it will reopen next year. the museum had been closed two years. it will triple the size and double the gallery space. >> they're going to be commissioning artists in the museum. you'll be able to come in off the street and in the have to buy a ticket. >> it will be home for the vast contemporary art collection. >> how about art from petri dishes? they gave out works of art made in, guess what, petri dishes using microbes at paint.
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someone tried to replicate "starry night" painting. it came out better than it sounded. >> decision day for joe biden. >> i believe we're out of time. >> the big announcement and why it's shaking up the 2016 race, next. also, the airline that didn't know the way to san jose. a booking snafu. >> and in a spirit of back to the future day, what is being called the bank of the
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[female announcer] during mattress price wars at sleep train, save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. don't miss mattress price wars at sleep train. tonight, why joe biden decided not run for the 2016 race. >> bo was our inspiration. i believe we're out of time. the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the
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nomination. he will not be a candidate but i will not be silent. >> biden made that announcement this morning in the rose garden. some say the speech came off as a campaign stump. >> it's mean spirited and petty. and gone on for too long. i don't think we should look at republicans as enemies. they're our opposition. not our enemies. for the sake of the country work together. >> the vice president said the grieving process for his son, bo impacted his ability to think about his future. he calls for a national commitment to curing cancer. >> i believe we need a moon shot in this country to cure cancer.
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it's personal. i know we can do this. >> colleagues are expressing support for his decision. california senator barbara boxer tweeted joe biden is a beloved figure in the democratic party and beyond and one of most-accomplished senators and vice presidents we have had. hillary clinton said the vp is a good friend and good man, today and always, inspired by his commitment to change the world for the better. a poll shows biden's decision not to run will help hillary clinton. poll sisters included biden in the race he was receiving 16% support, dropping clinton to 24% and 23% for sanders. the house freedom caucus is playing a major role and emerged from a meeting with two thirds
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of them saying they'll support ryan. they met with him during the day. members are known for their conservative views. the congressman says he's up for the job but has reservations. >> considered to do this with retuck lance. if i can be a unifying figure, then i'll gladly serve. >> john boehner announced house republicans will make their choice for new speaker by wednesday and the next day, the full house will vote. tonight's money matters a commercial free you tube. the biggest video site is set to launch you tube red for $9.99 per month, you can watch ad-free. it's expected to launch next week. google stock closed down slightly. and no legos for the holiday season. a company spokesperson today said lego may not be able to
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deliver orders for the rest of the year, blaming shortage on a massive increase in demand. the danish company sales drew by 18%, possibly because of the success of the lego movie. the bay area company is celebrating marte mcfly's trip back to the future by taking it's banks to the future, jonathan bloom is at the grand opening of what wells fargo is calling the bank of tomorrow. >> is anyone a fan of the "back to the future" movies? >> reporter: the folks at wells fargo what day it is. in the future there is virtual reality. high-tech ice cream, all at the grand opening of the futuristic fly. >> do you think marte mcfly would bank here? >> he'd fit right in. >> it's a bank with no tellers replaced by these souped up atms
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dispensing different bills. >> i'm going to withdraw $17. >> so you're not stuck with just 20s. >> we do need those ones for cab fare. >> if you're feeling old fashioned there is a button to talk to a person. >> a team member comes over on a wireless tablet. >> they can approve large withdrawals, or take you into one of the nooks for full service banking. >> this is more techie. and makes you feel like you're in a sci-fi. >> i'm going to hit donate to charity. >> in the wake of the devastating valley and butte fires, customers did that to the tune of $300,000. >> this is truly amazing out pouring of support. >> we found if we can put it in their path, customers want to help and justifying out what is the right way to help?
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>> with the push of a button, of course, that is how things are done in the future. and more coming up on the day fans have been anticipating for decades.
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how far are you going? >> about 30 years. >> here we are. >> awesome. >> back to the back to you tour day. >> michael j fox channelled 30 years forward to today, october 21, 2015. >> president obama tweeted happy back to the future day, michael j fox. the fact we live in the future we dreamed of then. that is heavy, man. >> many local theaters celebrated by showing the movie. wayne freedman took it in from a theater in san francisco. october 21, 2015. ordinary? right? not if you remember the 1980s.
7:41 pm
>> i saw that movie. >> come back with me. >> where? >> back to the future. >> sorry, there is no escape, not even here, october 21, 2015. once a trivia yes is now a full-blown event. >> what does that make today? >> i don't know. >> reporter: officially, it's back to the future day but for matt, it's been a part of his past. he built this hover craft in the shape of a deloreon and insisted we refer to him as a character we asked what impact the movie had on him? >> what movie? >> this is not back to the future day, it's like back to the future part ii day. there is stuff they got wrong
7:42 pm
and some stuff they got right. >> we have wearables and flat screen television and the film predicted that skateboards would become hover boards. >> are you disappointed? >> i like the regular skateboard. >> david still has his hover craft, trying to break the time barrier. he does have another job. >> i drive for lyft and uber. >> the movie does not predict those, either. >> that is cool. well, back to the future day will be celebrated on jimmy kimmel live.
7:43 pm
that is marte mcfly and will reprize their celebrated roles when crashing in full attire. and lloyd gets henned the wheel of the delorean. you do not want to miss this. >> that looks fantastic. >> yes. >> imagine planning a grand vacation to australia. with views of the sydney opera house. you find out you're heading to sydney, canada, instead. sydney, canada, instead. many had a similar mix up, then,
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imagine thinking you're going on a trip to paris and you end up in paris, arkansas. population, 3700. >> not france. that is the mix up plaguing an international airline launching a new service. michael finney joins with us the story of the passengers packed, but have no plane to catch.
7:47 pm
>> nowhere to go. passengers looking to fly out of san jose arrived at minetta international airport. the flight was leaving on time, but leaving from 3,000 miles away. patricia moran accompanied her mom to mineta san jose international airport. she helped her mom book her flight. the two showed up and passengers were standing around. looking confused and frustrated. the check in counter was deserted. >> not only was there no one there, but no one was there to find a solution. they saw nobody. >> reporter: patricia learned the flight she thought was leaving from san jose, california was leaving from san jose, costa rica. now, it's easy to assume it was her error, until you see this. a picture taken by another
7:48 pm
passenger person expecting to fly that day. the airline confirms there were others. >> there are eight bookings that we were even in advance, that 11 customers. >> they confirmed five more passengers showed up, attempting to book the same flight. the airline says it understands the confusion. >> we're flying from san jose california, san jose in baja and costa rica. >> 7 on your side received complaints from five of the eight. other passengers received confirmation without being specific about which. adding to the confusion, the day they wanted to fly was the first
7:49 pm
day the company offered service from san jose, costa rica. they say most of the errant bookings happened the first few days of the sale. >> a couple days it wasn't 100% pure. >> patricia says it caused undue stress on passengers. >> others were on the verge of tears because they had to be somewhe somewhere and i was frustrated as well. >> the company agreed to refund all passengers. >> we'll give a full refund or a flight at a later date. >> the airline says it will continue to look for ways to make the website more more clear. >> there is no eiffel tower in paris, arkansas. >> thank you. >> wow. >> right. well it's fall but kind of
7:50 pm
feeling like summer, here. >> and spence way to san jose. >> we'll have clear skies with low clouds and and pushing inland tonight. in the bay area, much like a replay of today. and inland, mid to upper 80s in harm west spots. turning cooler friday and saturday. and there is a chance of rain next week. >> thank you. >> yes. >> i'm in for dan. and looks like the season may be coming to an end for one team. >> maybe two teams.
7:51 pm
and a deciding blow and highlights.
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baseball top of the order. kansas city with a 3-1 lead and a chance to close a deal in toronto. blue jays refuse to be silent f royals do win a series it won't be on toronto turf. left center offense and this is an early lead. former a takes one to the elbow out. and everybody is going to score. jays take a 5-0 lead. estrada, 8th inning and final victim started working on a one hitter at this point. the next batter scales the wall.
7:55 pm
and mets can close out against the cubs today in nlcs. >> we have the showdown in silicon valley thursday night. niners have yet to figure out how to stop russell wilson. and his offensive line is giving up 26 sacks. they had no sacks against baltimore last week and only one pressure on the quarterback. something has to give. >> he's elusive and gets out of troubled situations. and some explosive plays.
7:56 pm
you have a guy like that and we've got to be a stickler about coverage. >> raiders are facing chargers sunday and bye week, a chance to freshen up and recharge. it could be an epic battle and we asked what he did over the bye week. >> i went down to bakersfield, caught the eagles game. and saw my nephew and it was awesome. >> cal bears coming off a bye week, facing ucla thursday night. the bears lost to utah.
7:57 pm
ucla quarterback led by josh rosen. has ability to light up the score board. he has a second shot at eligibility. >> now, we're 5 and 1, this win is one of the goals to get that win. and so the sooner we can get that out of the way. >> and that is pretty good. >> thank you. >> join us tonight at 9:00 and a grocery chain is shutting down at 9:00. >> we're learning about the bay
7:58 pm
area native killed overseas. those who knew the pilot and are sending thoughts for their fallen friend. >> for the entire abc7 news team we hope you have a wonderful evening. >> have a good night. >> what a beautiful sunset.
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hey. ready? come on! show me excited. yes! (michael) yeah. i'm pretty excited too. today i'm headed over to the job fair at valley view high school to find some new interns. wanna get some fresh blood, uh, euthanize this place. hey, we doin' this thing? yeah.


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