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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 21, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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good evening err good evening. i'm larry beil. i'm ama daetz. it happened northeast of london. a jet was one of six traveling back to the states from the persian gefl. the other five divert today a
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nearby base. this is outside of london. the f-18 went down shortly after takeoff. he ejected from the plane but did not survive. stationed at miramar in san diego county. his linked in page said he attended usf at one point. >> sources say he had a young child with his girlfriend. there are reports that he was among a group of pilots back from fighting isis in syria. his jet assigned to the oldest and most decorated fighter squad in the marine corps. you'll hear frr some of the people who knew serene over on channel 7. an 8-year-old boy has been reunited with his parents after being missing for several hours. he disappeared from an elementary school causing terribly anxious moments for his parents. vic lee has more. >>. >> reporter: are you happy with the police and the sheriff's office. we're glad to have our son back.
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>> we're going to evaluate him medically. >> there were lots of hugs when police brought the 8-year-old boy and his mother back to school after finding him a mile and a half to two miles town the hill a. at the request of the boy's father, we're not using his name or picture. we caught up with steve white at a parking lot near where police found his son. his son apparently got angry and suddenly dashed off the soccer field at 10:30 this morning during p.e. >> they were unable to catch up with him. in the neighborhood, it was difficult to find him. >> reporter: the unified school district superintendent stanley dobbs told abc 7 news, the boy likes to run and hide. hayward police and fire and sheriffs deputies began to search the area. sky 7 hd was overhead. about three hours later, police located him at mcdonald's. >> we figured once he became hungry, he will surface. sure enough, he did surface when he became hungry. he went to mcdonald's to get a happy meal. we know that he's in good
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spirits. >> his father was still wondering how he got to where he did. >> we don't know how he managed to walk about two miles without being seen. can't understand it at all. >> reporter: it was a happy ending complete with a mcdonald's happy meal. vic lee, abc news news. a man wanted for a abduction -- the second and third attempts happened on sunday when he approached a girl and a group of girls at college avenue and webster streets. he's accused in an incident on telegraph avenue. all the children were able to runaway. police also released new office on the vehicle of the suspect. a black full-sized cargo van with no side or rear windows. a big development in a story we broke live during abc 7 news at 4:00. police have taken four people into custody following a lengthy search at a san francisco construction site.
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they were nair mariposa street where a s.w.a.t. team was canvassing the site. the suspects were wanted in an open investigation but did not elaboratement they were assisted by san francisco police and the highway patrol. there's a warning tonight for parents in marin county after five students were recently sent to the hospital after using a popular cough syrup. we're urging parents to talk to their kids about the affects of the drugs which causes among other things, hallucinations. lyanne melendez has the details. >> three students from tam he will pie as high were sent to the high school after feeling sick. two other students from drake high were also treated. school officials say the students abused a cold medication cold core seed en. >> it's known as triple c on the street. at extremes, it has the same affect as angel dust.
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that's a ha louis know general. >> people combine the syrup with a soft drink like sprite. rappers like lil wayne have been known to glorify potent drinks in their music. >> this is new to us. >> 2014 survey done by the university of michigan found that one in 30 teens reported abusing it to get high. >> in high dose, causes a lot of issues. including at worst, seizures and respiratory depression. >> in rare indications even death. all five schools within the district have sent out letters to parents notifying them of the dangers of the drug. >> just mad to hear it was going on. i had no idea. >> reporter: students typically find the cough medicine at home or have been known to steal it
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from the store. in mill valley, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. a san jose police officer who sparked protests for his tweets on the black lives matter movement has been fired. san jose police confirm that he was terminated after two decades on the force. threaten me or my family and i will use my law appointed right and duty to kill you. the other was directed at protesters saying he would be at the movies with his gun. he will not face any criminal charges for those tweets, however. a supermarket in san jose reopened after being shut down by county health inspectors for selling contaminated food. it failed a recent health inspection leading to its closure. it's the second violation in a month at the location. rats and rodents were found in the warehouse in september. the shigella outbreak in the south bay is growing likely because the bacteria is infecting family members of those who ate in san jose over the weekend.
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the lawsuit was filed today. here's abc 7 news reporter david louie. >> greg mizner was masking how felt after winding up in the emergency room on saturday night. he developed a 105-degree fever and other symptoms consistent with shigella after eating a tostada on north fourth street in san jose. >> it is an extremely high fever, really bad chills. extremely bad cramping, constant running to the bathroom. nausea, vomiting, dizziness. >> reporter: still sick but at home, mizner is the first to file a lawsuit against the restaurant's owners. he seeks damages for pain and suffering. >> i have no animus against anyone. i really don't want this to happen again. not to me, not to any of my neighbors, not to my of the people that i work with. >> reporter: the number of suspected cases stands now at 93 president county health officers believe the reason may be secondary infections as the highly contagious bacteria
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spreads. the cause of the outbreak is still under investigation but is slowed by the fact that some restaurant employees have not turned in stool samples for testing. this is the largest outbreak to a occur in santa clara county. more than 220 were sick at a mexican restaurant that's no longer in business. more lawsuits are expected in the san jose outbreak. >> because so many are affected, is there enough insurance to go around. that will be something that perhaps will be part of a class action settlement. >> david louie, abc 7 news. >> grocery chain fresh and easy is shutting down. the company has struggled for years. never made a profit. a spokesman today said they couldn't get financing to keep operating. the company has eight stores in the bay area. they will all be liquidated and closed over the next few weeks. >> notices have gone out to the employees. fresh and easy is still holding out hope that someone might want
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to buy the chain. we have lots more ahead for you on this wednesday night. coming up, a woman's quest to find out what killed her dog. tonight, how her efforts got the city of san francisco to take notice. also getting ready for mavericks. rescue teams get in the water to train for a potential emergency. meteorologist drew till mab with a look at the weather. the warmth is with us again today. i am tracking cooler conditions and a couple chances for some wet weather. the details ahead in the accuweather forecast. >> thank you, drew. the trick-or-treats coming this halloween. the newly discovered asteroid set to pass by earth.
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a san francisco woman is claiming that a carcinogen sprayed at a bay area park killed her dog. she's trying to make sure that doesn't happen to anyone else. she's put up provocative posters around the neighborhood in know i valley. she said it happened after an herbicide was used. here's more. >> reporter: it started as a one-woman mission. >> i decided to take it to the streets and be a little provocative. >> reporter: victoria hammond lost her dog last month to
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cancer. >> he was a great dog. >> reporter: her grief turned to action when she noticed warnings at one of her dog's favorite places. glenn canyon park. they were going to use monday santos roundup entree stumps >> were you surpsed they were using roundup? >> could it have made her own dog so sick? >> nothing can be proven but i think there's a decent possibility that exposure to roundup caused his cancer. >> she started spreading the word. >> did roundup kill my dog? >> a poster gets people to take a second look. the herbicide application won't happen until the city reevaluates its plan. >> we're listening. >> he's with the department of environment. >> people should rest assured if they're on the grass in golden gate park or wherever, there's not going to be pesticide on that grass. >> he says it's used sparingly and never on entire fields or play areas. >> i think it's crazy. i think they can do better. >> as word spreads, a one-woman
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campaign multiplies until a people wondering if the chemical needs to be rounded up. b.a.r.t. turning to the junkyard to put new cars in service. it's like a monster garage for public transit. b.a.r.t. says there are banged up cars in hayward and richmond. most were considered beyond repair. a team of took up the challenge. you can see the repair work being done in this video provided by b.a.r.t. they put at least 11 cars back into service. the transit agency is hoping to get more back in service by the time the warm springs station opens next year. fans of the popular show mythbusters will see its final season next year. 14 seasons nearly 3,000 experiments later and the san francisco-based show is calling it quits. remember back in 2011, the hosts adam savage and jamie hyneman conducted that cannonball stunt. it didn't go very well.
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one ripped through a dublin home. they knew that the show was ending and they knew it this season. rescue crews spent part of today in the water at half moon bay in specialized training preparing for a possible wet winter and rough ways. matt keller has the story. >> reporter: it's smooth sailing off pillar point in half moon bay today. don't let the calm waters fool you. rescue crews from several agencies are getting ready for a potentially turbulent winter. because if you haven't heard, el nino is coming. >> the possibility for more big waves, for more consistent periods of time. with that, more people in the water and everything that may be of concern as well. >> reporter: the window for the maverick surfing contest opens up november 1st and goes through march 31st, 2016. when the call goes out, 24 of the best condition big wave surfing professionals als will take on the mountains of water
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that can reach up to 60 feet high. it's not just the surfers who need to be ready. the titans of the rescue team need to be in tiptop shape. here they're here to fit in with the other rescue teams while bringing a unique perspective. they've been in the water with the surfers before when nobody is watching. >> there's obviously a scary element to it. all the guys doing it all have tons of experience. been doing it for years. helping each other out. >> reporter: once the rescuers are out of the water, they're going inside to discuss the rescue scenarios and all this training will come in handy soon. they're expecting big waves in the area by the end of the month. matt keller, abc 7 news. big waves are fun. >> yeah. coming. meteorologist drew tuma is here with the latest on our weather. >> we're going to cool off first and then two chances for wet weather. one i am excited about. one -- we'll talk about which --
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>> at least he's honest. >> we'll take about when the better chance of wet weather is coming. we'll take you out live for a look at the coastal fog. it will be cool along the coast tomorrow morning and across region heading into the weekend. we'll call for a cooler of it forecast, especially friday and starting on saturday. there's a slight chance of a shower on sunday but well north of the region. i think our best chance of rain is one week from today, next wednesday. especially into the evening hours. out there right now, 69 in concord, still warmth out there. 64 in fremont. at 61 in downtown san francisco. half moon bay currently the cool spot at 57. los gatos at 61 degrees. it's a slow moving pattern. several areas of high pressure in control keeping us in the mild conditions. a lot of sunshine. that will be breaking down as we head into the weekend. we'll take you into the tropical pacific. tracking our first tropical storm.
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this is tropical storm patricia right now. wind at 65 miles per hour moving to the west, northwest at 4 miles per hour. it will be strengthen into a category 3 storm hurricane warns up along the mexican coast as it moves on shore on saturday. then it quickly fizzles out as it moves over land into sunday morning. wet weather expected there. here in the bay area, our first chance of wet weather comes over the weekend. there's an area of low pressure to our north. we have to keep a slight chance of showers in on sunday. the bulk of that activity is going to stay well north of the area. we're going to talk about hurricane olaf now. winds 120 miles per hour. moving to the northwest at 9 miles per hour. will stay away from hawaii and weaken into a tropical storm. olaf will play an important part especially next week. if it gets roped up into this koeltd front and transfers its moisture. we get a good shot of seeing some soaking showers. one week from today, wednesday, this is a pretty potent looking cold front right now. it all hinges on olaf
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transforming its moisture. it's something we'll keep watching for you. temperatures in the 40s north bay. elsewhere, in the 50s in most spots with the high clouds and fog along the coast. highs for your thursday, really nice day shaping up. 80 in san jose. in the south bay, 80 santa clara. 81 the high for cupertino. 77 san mateo. 56 for pacifica. 65 for dailey city. into the north bay, 82 sonoma. 79 vallejo. oakland 77. 75 richmond. inland, in the 80s with sunshine. 85 pittsburgh, 87 livermore and 84 for walnut creek. the accuweather seven-day forecast, a cooling trend. i wouldn't cancel outdoor plans you have. wednesday, one week from today, i think that's a good looking shot that hinges on olaf if it can take its moisture and move it on the cold front one week from today. >> all about olaf. >> there you go. >> the asteroid.
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you have asteroid news later. >> next half hour. >> thank you, drew. still to come at 9:00, a newly renovated museum of modern art and there's finally a reopening date. we'll be right back.
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san francisco's museum of modern art made a major announcement this afternoon. abc 7 news was inside this still unfish ishd when they said it would reopen in may next year. it has been closed for two years while it under goes a total renovation. it will triple size overall,
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double gallery space and includes a free area. >> we'll be commissioning artists to make new work in spaces in the museum that will be free unticketed spaces. you can come in off the street, not have to buy a ticket until you go to the formal galleries. >> the museum will be the new home for the vast doris and donald fisher contemporary art collection. visitors younger than 18 will be able to visit for free after its reopening. if you lover yyou love yout hate the ads, you can get rid of them. the site will offer original programs a lot like hulu and netflix. you can watch videos and music all without commercials. the subscription cost, $9.99 a month. the old version is still free and still interrupted with ads. another half hour of abc 7 news at 9:00 is coming up next. coming up, joe biden is out.
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why the vice president decided not to run. plus, the phone call he got from hillary clinton. a 4-year-old girl shot in what appears to be a deadly case of road rage. sesame street introduces a new character. another half hour
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after weeks of speculation, vice president joe biden revealed he will not run for president. the announcement immediately shifts the race. >> the announcement came this morning with only ten minutes' warning after a white house staffer alerted journalists and quickly moved them to the rose garden. >> jonathan karl is there. >> with his wife and boss at his side, joe biden walked into the rose garden, the final steps on
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a painful journey. he and his family were finally prepared to run but he concluded the window had simply closed. >> unfortunately, i believe we're out of time, the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. >> biden's friends say he desperately wanted to run for president, he even talked to supporters about launching a campaign. but always hanging over his decision was the grief surrounding the death earlier this year of his son beau. you could see biden still struggling with the loss in an interview last month with stephen colbert. >> i find myself, you might understand it, just sometimes it just sort of overwhelms you. >> today in the rose garden with the president and senior advisers looking on, biden says his family is now in a better place. >> sooner rather than later when you think of your loved one, it brings a smile to your lips before it brings a tear to your eyes. well, that's where the bidens
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are today. thank god. >> in fact, much of biden's announcement sounded like a campaign speech, including two clear messages to hillary clinton. one on what she said in last week's debate when asked to name her favorite enemies. >> in addition to the nra, the health insurance companies, the drug companies, the iranians probably the republicans. >> i don't think we should look at republicans as our enemies. they are our opposition. they're not our enemies. for the sake of the country, we have to work together. >> shortly after biden walked out of the rose garden, he received a call from hillary clinton who then put out a statement praising him saying i am confident that history isn't finished with joe biden. jonathan carl, abc news, the white house. after the announcement hillary clinton tweeted the vp is a good friend and great man. today and always inspired by his optimism and commitment to
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change the world for the better. an abc news poll shows biden's decision not to run will help hillary clinton. without biden in the race, she leads bernie sanders with 64% to his 25%. here's how the numbers looked. he was receiving 16% support drop in clinton to 54% and 23 for sanders. tomorrow, hillary clinton will return to capitol hill to testify before the house select committee on benghazi. this is video from the last time she testified about the attacks. she's expected to face questions about events surrounding the 2012 attacks in which ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed. she'll likely be asked about her e-mail setup as well. the caucus system is playing a role if congressman paul ryan will become speaker of the house. members of the freedom caucus emerged saying 2/3 will support ryan. he had met with them earlier in
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the day. >> outgoing speaker john boehner announced the house republicans will make their choice by next wednesday and the next day the full house will vote. now to a deadly case of road rage in new mexico. a person of interest is now in custody. two drivers reportedly cut one another off down a stretch of highway. one was a father who had just picked up his kids from school. the other driver reportedly shot and killed a 4-year-old girl. here's abc news reporter ryan owens. >> the face of the most heartbreaking case of road rage anyone can remember. tonight, word of a possible break in her murder. >> there's an adult holding in -- a child. >> they also released this 911 call of a motorist who saw what happened to 4-year-old lily garcia. her father just picked her up from her second day of school on tuesday. she and her 7-year-old brother isaac riding in the back of this pickup when lily was shot in the head. >> i cannot imagine being the
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father of little lily. >> albuquerque police say lily's father and another driver kept cutting each other off as approaching an exit on interstate 40. police say the other driver pulled up next to the family and opened fire. detectives have been looking for a white or hispanic man in his mid-20s to early 30s. last seen driving a dark red toyota sedan with a spoiler and tinted windows. the police chief is still begging witnesses to come forward, so is lily's mom in this anguished statement. i need to catch the individual who took my baby from me. >> albuquerque's mayor, the city council and the fbi tonight are offering a $25,000 reward. this city coming together to catch a child killer. >> so sad. ryan owens reporting there. nasa's jet propulsion laboratory is out with a study predicting that los angeles has a 99.9% chance of experiencing an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.0 or greater within the next 2.5 years.
9:34 pm
jpl physicist who made the announcement even said where it's likely to happen. he predicted the epicenter would be in the city of la habra. not everybody is convinced of this. a cal tech researcher said there's never been a successful earthquake prediction but he adds it's not much of a stretch to assume there will be another one in la habra. they will recognize same-sex marriages regardless of where they were performed. the irs and the treasury department also said they'll interpret the terms husband and wife to apply to same sex spouses as well as opposite sex spouses. the agency proposed the new rules in the wake of the supreme court decision in june. until now, the irs has recognized same-sex marriages only in states where the marriages were legal. next on abc 7 news at 9:00, in the spirit of back to the future
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the sesame street gang has grown by one new muppet. an autistic girl named julia. while the diagnosis is common, sesame street says public understanding of autism is not. the centers for disease control and prevention says 1 in 68 children is diagnosed with autism in the u.s. a bay area company is celebrating marty mcfly and doc brown's trip back to the future today by taking its bank to the future. reporter jonathan bloom was at the grand opening of what wells fargo is calling the bank of tomorrow. >> is anyone a fan of the back to the future movie. >> the folks at wells fargo know what day it is. >> wednesday, october 21st,
9:39 pm
2015. >> there's virtual reality in the. >> high tech ice cream all at the grand opening of this futuristic bank. >> you think marty mcfly would bank here? >> sure. he'd zip in on his flying skateboard. >> like a skateboard with no wheels, a bank with no tellers with these souped up at ms. >> i'm going to withdraw $17. >> you're not stuck with 20s. >> would you want $81 or $43. >> absolutely not. but we need the ones for cab fares. >> if you're feeling old-fashioned there's a button to talk to a person. >> the team member comes over and it's on a wireless tablet. >> they can approve large withdrawals or take you into a nook for full service banking. >> this is for techie and it makes me feel like you're in a sci-fi. >> there is one other new feature, it's added to a lot of atms in the area and it seems to be getting a lot of use. >> i'm going to hit donate to
9:40 pm
charity and select american red cross. >> in the wake of the devastating valley and butte fires, customers did that to the tune of $300,000. >> thank you wells fargo customers. this was an amazing generous out pouring of support. >> if we can put it in their path. they try to figure out the right way to help. >> with the push of a button, of course. that's how things are done in the future. in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> up next at 9:00 -- >> 2015. >> october 21st, 2015. >> yes, we have much more coming up on the day back to the future fans have been anticipating for decades. how movie fans here are how movie fans here are celebrating.
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how movie fans here are celebrating. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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how far you going? >> about 30 years. >> wow. 30 years. >> we are 30 years. goes by fast. back to the future day today. >> michael j. fox goes 30 years forward to today in a second movie in the trilogy. president obama tweeted happy back to the future day, michael j. fox. ever think about the fact that we live in the future we dreamed of then? that's heavy, man. >> many local theaters celebrated the day by showing the movie. wayne freed man took it all in from a theater in san francisco. >> october 21st, 2015, just an ordinary day, right? not exactly. not if you remember the 1980s. >> i saw that movie. >> you've got to come back with me. >> where? >> back to the future. >> sorry, folks.
9:45 pm
there's no escape, not even here. october 21st, 2015, once a trivia question is now a full blown event. >> then they went to the future and then the past past. >> what does that make today? >> i don't know. >> officially, back to the future day. that's long been a part of his past. he built this during -- he insisted we refer to him as david laurean. we asked the character david whattism packet the movie has had on him. >> what movie? >> if you want to be technical about it, it's like back to the future part ii day. the sequel. there's a lot of stuff they got wrong and some stuff they got right. >> wearables, yes, we now have wearables and flat screen televisions and a few years ago, nike floated self-lacing shoes.
9:46 pm
however, the film also predicted that skateboards would become hover boards. guess they kind of miss missed on that one. >> are you disappointed? >> no. honest honestly, i like regular skateboard. >> who can blame him especially when matt reese still has his hovercraft primed to break the time barrier. matt does have another job. >> i drive my other car for a lift in uber. >> the movie did not predict those either. from san francisco, wayne friedmann, abc 7 news. back to the future day will be celebrated on tonight's jimmy kimmel live. >> marty mcfly and doc show up tonight. they will reprice their celebrated roles when they crash jimmy's show in back to the future attire.
9:47 pm
got to have that puffy vest, man. he will sport a brand new pair of self-lacing sneakers and lloyd gets behind the wheel of the did he laurean. it's after abc news at 11 clom. the crowd was going nuts. that's a great bit. we got an asteroid coming our way. >> we do. meteorologist drew tuma tells us all about it. drew? >> guys, a different kind of scare. nasa discovered a massive asteroid and it's hurdling by earth on october 31st at unusually high-speed. the asteroid, like i said, it was just discovered only 11 days ago. it's traveling more than 78,000 miles per hour. it's as big as a football stadium. it will pass by a little over 300,000 miles from earth, which means fortunately, it won't come close to crashing into your house. the quiet picture across the lower 48.
9:48 pm
we have unsettled weather as it moves east through denver and dallas. look at this. denver in the high country could see snow showers. 53 as you get towards the valley. 75 in dallas. the east coast, calm with temperatures comfortable in the 70s. here in california, the quiet weather pattern. lots of sunshine. 85 sacramento. 89 palm springs. 78 l.a. and a high of 82 in fresno. we'll zoom into the bay area and show you lots of sunshine on the way. it's a really nice day tomorrow. what we'll notice, though, temperatures cool off a little bit compared to today. up to 72 in san francisco. compared to the 77 we had today. 77 in oakland. we'll go to 80 san jose. 82 morgan hill and santa rosa up to 84 degrees. a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. two chances for wet weather. you'll notice a cooling trend thursday and into friday. the temperatures are tapering. leading up on to saturday, it's a little cooler. dry to start off the weekend. sunday, though, we have a slight chance of some showers. i think most of the activity stays well north of the area. but the chance is there.
9:49 pm
partly cloudy monday into tuesday. clouds linger. on wednesday, things are better chance of seeing soaking showers if a cold front combines with the remnants of olaf. just note one week from today could be tracking some nice soaking showers. ama? >> we hope so. the orion meteor shower will peak tonight and early in the morning. they're popular among stargazers because of the individual shooting stars which are fragments of the famous halley's comet. it leaves debris in its wake that hits the earth's atmosphere every year. how about some art from petri dishes? different. the american society of microbiology this week gave out prizes for works of art made in petri dishes. the challenge was to create a piece of art using microbes as the paint and somebody tried to replicate vince ent van gogh's star i night painting. that's kind of cool. >> it sounded kind of weird.
9:50 pm
pretty good. >> worked out well. >> the natural segue would be, weird. >> feel sad for the cubs fans. >> we were talking about halley's comet. i feel they felt they got hit by the comet. they've been eliminated. the mets pulled off a four-game sweep. when the balls are hitting your head and ricocheting off your batter in
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coming up tonight at 11:00. we're learning more about the bay area native killed in a fighter jet crash tonight. those who knew the pilot the best share their thoughts on their fallen friend. >> how far would you go to find your missing cat? the detective work leading a bay area pet owner all the way to omaha. join us for abc news at 11:00 on channel 7. mike shumann is here and a week ago it was great to be a
9:54 pm
cubs fan. >> fantastic. team of destiny. >> but i will be the bearer of bad news. cubs own the mets in the regular season with a 7-0 record. i guess the law of averages kicked in during the playoffs as new york takes four straight in chicago and the mets are on the way to the world series for the first time in 15 years. the league championship series, jason hammel gets the start for chicago. lucas duda, two on top first, three-run homer. two doubles and five rbi. next batter, travis darnell. smacked to right center. that gets out. 4-0 new york in a flash. back-to-back in -- mets leading 6-1 in the seventh. this sums up the series. foul ball off the bat and rick hey sheas and hits the player in the on-deck circle. that's why you wear your helmet at all times. homered for the sixth straight home game. 8-1 mets. the goats that cursed the cubs,
9:55 pm
they named him murphy. cespedes, goggle ready. dexter fowler caught looking at the fastball. mets a winner 8-3. daniel murphy the series mvp. the mets fifth national league pennant and fifth trip since 2000. >> you got to believe. we're going to the world series. words can't describe the emotion on this field right now. i mean, this is incredible. >> congratulations to the mets. in the alcs, toronto forced a game 6 in kansas city. a must win wednesday. flushing the royals 7-1. k.c. still has a 3-2 series lead but the blue jays are a dangerous team. playing like they have nothing to lose. if the royals did win the series, won't be on toronto turf. second inning, deep to left center. it's gone. jays pichler marco estrada, an early lead. stayed that way into the sixth.
9:56 pm
josh donaldson takes one on the elbow. calvin herrera in. tulowitzki out of fremont high. the gap in left center. one up off the wall. everybody scores. jays take a 5-0 lead. meanwhile, estrada on cruise control. eighth inning. morales, his fifth and final strikeout victim. working on a one-hitter. scales the wall and only run of the game. blue jays send the series back to kansas city with a 7-1 victory in k.c. on friday night. we have a showdown in silicon valley tomorrow night with the niners hosting the seahawks. they're both not fond of each other and struggling with their records. they have yet to figure out how to stop russell wilson. he seems to be mad when he faces the red and gold. he's won the past three straight. wilson, like colin kaepernick can make plays with his legs and arms.
9:57 pm
his offensive line struggled giving up a league high sacks. they've struggled putting pressure on quarterbacks. no sacks last week. something has to give. >> he gets out of so many trouble situations, so many sacks. he turns those plays that he's going to get sacked into big games. i'm up for the challenge. >> as a db, when you have a guy who is like that, we got to be a stickler about staying in kofrmg. >> the raiders are ready to get back in action. they face the chargers sunday in san diego. the chargers off a tough loss in green bay last week. the raiders with i a heartbreaking defeat to denver. the bye week gives you a chance to heal up. an epic battle of quarterbacks in rivers and carr. ask him what he did in the bye week. >> wept to bakersfield, caught the eagles game.
9:58 pm
saw my nephew get his first touchdown. i was fired up about that. i was begging his dad to call about eight pass plays for him in the red zone. we got one to work. it was awesome. cal bears off a bye week. facing ucla at the rose bowl. the bears lost their first game of the season. >> the winning feeling against the bruins. ucla
9:59 pm
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