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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 22, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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is. >> here's basically what happened to the request. they were torn up. >> that's just not true congressman. >> oh, >> there was high drama in the nation capitol today as lawmakers grilled hillary clinton about what she knew about the attack that killed bay area native christopher stevens and 3 others. good evening t-dan is off. there were tough questions for
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hillary clinton about what led up to that deadly day in benghazi. and did she do enough to prttect americans. the investigation has now again on for 17 months and cost american taxpayers nearly 5 million dollars. the jonathan was in the room today. >>reporter: hillary clinton was all smiles as she came before the committee that she'sn witch hunt. with huge crowds lining the hallç/ñ outside from the start the republican the start the republican chairmanz >> madam(ñ secretary i understag re people frankly iny both parties who auráutttáuq" búlet ms about 4 peopleq who were killed ãcountry onçr foreign soyshltion2% the top democrat contract onln the att k attack. millions7ç of taxpayer dollars ñ tol secretary clinton presidential
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campaign. >>reporter: republicans release never seen before e-mailtg mrs. clinton wrote on the very night of that deadly attack at benghazi. it was dressed to dianne reynolds. name she used for e-mail sent to her daughter chelsea. 2 of our officers were killed in benghazi by an al qaeda linked group. that's quite different than what the obama administration said in the days after the attack that killed 4 americans including ambassador chris stevens. it was a spontaneous produces test over anti-islamic video that grew violent. >> tell the american people one thing. tell your family an entirely different story. why didn't you just speak plain to the american people.liu.r >>reporter: well congressman, there was a lot of conflicting information that we were trying to make sense of. theon situation was very fluid. it t)j fastut moving. >>reporter: republ!: caps demandem to know why the state)b department denied several ncrease in reqzx$vqá no i
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can only tell you that i know a number of requests were fulfilled and some were not e- >>reporter: mrs. clinton took responsibility for what happened as she has in the past. >> i would immanuel i have thought more about what happened than all of you put together. tive lost more sleep than all of you put together. the the 5 have been racking my brain about what more could have been done. >>reporter: republicans came with printout of clinton e-mails related to libya. asked why there were so few in the months before the attack. implying she was not paying attention. >> will he beia, been gashtionz chris stevens the staff there they seem to fall off your radar in 2012. the city getting much worse. >>reporter: well congresswoman i did not conduct most of the business that i did on behalf of our country on e-mail. i conducted it in meetings. i read massive amounts of memos. great deal of classified information. i made a lot of
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secure phone calls. i was in and out of the white house all the time. >>reporter: and again and again republicans pressed her about her e-mails from her old friend sidney blumen thoychlt help us understand how he had that kind of access to you but the ambassador did not. >>reporter: that line of questioning made democrat contract furious and they started fight with each other. >> do you know i tell what you let's do this whole truth and nothing but the truth that's what happened. the world see it. >> why is it you only want sidney transcript relowesed. >>reporter: went at it. hillary clinton just looked on. >> that was jonathan karl reporting. new poll shows majority of americans say the before today they disapproved of the way clinton handled questions on this. but 53 percent of americans say they also believe this committee is out to damage her reputation. tonight. parents of the bay area marine killed in an f-18 crash talking about the moments after they realize their son had died. major todd
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f-18 hornet went down early yesterday morning. his last post read that much closer to home. tonight a moment of silence at the university of san francisco was held before tonight's women volleyball time. natasha sat down with the family did to talke about their son a>ñ his final heroic?g moments. >> /osee new 2 difficultw[p". home major todd was abqlu to7í come back to. i spoke+p ty . ;4 he says see you in two difficulties)mn:dadçv. 'it u0years-. the  terror. waitingñ, unbelievableb grill. -j the only sadi2 things we& won't be ableng to see him r at 6:00 a.m. j? they heard awç t
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after that hoursu6 of no2b information. k the the walking toward the house. they said it was your son. the devastating. >>reporter: marine fighter pilot was in one of 6 jets come back to the state's from the persian gulf when it crashed in england. ejected but did not survive. initial reports say one of his final moves was to avoid crashing into homes on the way down. his sister said as soon as she learned the detail she knew the fallen marine was him. >> most honorable they think. exactly what he would doyshtion he graduated from the university of san francisco in 2004 and joined marine corps as pilot in 2005. mother worrying began. >> yes, i did worry but he assured me he said think of it
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like this is my passion. i love to fly. >>reporter: for this home no more questions. it's the second night knowing he's gochbility for a father, for a familiar lyrics when does the waiting end. >> so i will wait for the two days forever t.when he said i'll be back with two days. >>repoer the the this is abc 7 news. >> one of the friend set autopsy go fund me page to help the daughter jade hoping to raise 100,000 dollars for her college education or perhaps her first car. his friend said he would have loved that. firefighters battle the second the the the alarm fire in richmond tonight. sky 7 hd captured the intense flames at 22 street and grand avenue. fire investigators searching for the cause of the fire that broke out just after 6:00 p.m. >>reporter: san jose police search for 3 burglar who shot a san jose homeowner. sky 7 over the neighborhood where it happened just before noon. that's when officers say between-year-old albert simon
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made unscheduled trip home. he found 2 burglar inside and get away driver outside. they had been ransacking his house and taking valuable. he tried to chase them out when one of them shot him in the shoulder. >> pe recover so the doctor just patch him up and nothing damage. >>reporter: the mother also lives in the home and suspects the burglar were keeping an eye on the house. officers say the suspects got away in blue honda and left potential evidence behind like blood stain from cut after breaking into the kitchen window. we were over seven hour stand off at public housing complex in san francisco bay view district tonight. police say man barricaded himself inside a home near the double rock housing project. officers chasing the car this morning. it went airborne he then crashed narrowly missing pedestrians before running into the home. in pinole 7 students at
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pinole cell high school went to the hospital after injest ago drug that treats anxiety disorder. zanex. district officials tell us the student were acting strangely shortly after than into. witness would saw the student in the bathroom appearedeóz to be intoxicated. >> his eye rolling black. slurring. he was wobbling like when he came out the bathroom. >>reporter: staff immediately called authorities. there is an investigation happening now to figure out how the students got the prescription medication. new information today in the outbreak linked to san jose mexican restaurant which has hospitalized some of those infected. health officials said outbreak now spread to 3 other pay area couldn't. alameda. santa cruz and san mateo o. officials say the number of suspected cases of the bacterial illness stands at 110. 92 in santa clare couldn't with the rest spread across the other couldn't. officials confirmed 24 cases and expect to see add until case ins the coming days.
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in this outbreak because we now know we have over 100 people who are ill with the this the virus it's important to get the message out that hand washing is really very important to stop spread to others. >>reporter: they link the outbreak to this restaurant in san jose. at least 2 diners filed lawsuit against the staurant which has been closed by the health departmen department. we have much more ahead for you on this nurse night. come up. suspected history of violence. could 3 accused murderer have been stopped in their tracks. >> all aboard. important test for the bay area newest train. the drew is here with the weather. >> tracking cooler changes as we go through the next couple days into the weekend. some cold front are trying to bring us a bit of rain. latest in the accu-weather forecast. >> thanks druchlt daring ride
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>> there is a new twist in the tale of 3 drifters accused of killing a woman in golden gate park and man on marin county trail. suspects were arrested in oregon two weeks ago they remain marin jail tonight.
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now they are being accused in an attack in san francisco haight ash bury district. we have more. >>reporter: many say the park here just blocks away from the haight. among those who reportedly once campedqn out hee at least 2 of the 3 yyoungvv d t instructor. h1 reéwlar at theshe bar the haight÷f says he was beatenzf by lambyly in july ofls ]e outside the barf. t him with a taser. 6y whilet÷ lay 7)q&ded÷w skate board asmseb. both recognizeddr the 2 from the mug shot. r rs gotten a bit more intense i think down on haight street with the crowds of transient type folk. >>reporter: bill and marie moved to the haight 6 years ag ago. seeing more young transient and pan handling more
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than before. >> buy money to buy drug or beer and if you ignore them they will comment. they will say things to you. >>reporter: people tell us the new breed of young drug addicted transient scare them because they seem to have a violent streak. deb are was one of the few who would go on camera. >> inform respect for themselves or nebraska else. and they also have no fear t.they will do a crime not even think about the consequences. >>reporter: shawn are in custody in marine couldn't charged with two murders. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> irish president higgins and hads wife sabrina on a tour of the west coast with scheduled stops in the bay area. they will plenty a tree wednesday at the civic center in downtown berkeley to remember the 6 students would died in the balcony collapse in june t.they will visit google in mountain view to meet with irish staff
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there something did he today in seattle. >> the relationship we have are very important ones. the they are yes in relation to maybe the most important issue of our time and high employment quaition. >>reporter: his visit is to advance ireland relationship with the tech giants. unusual site to marin couldn't today. one that should become commonplace by the end of next year. sonoma county marine rail transit system began very visible testing program and wayne went along for a ride. >> look off to the side of highway 101 in novato today. not quite as fast as speeding bullet but getting there. the smarte&uus= train system linking sonoma and marine counties has begun a series of test runs. this commuter railroad remains the better part of the year away from beginning actual service but when it began high
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speed test thanksgiving week we asked for a ride on the railroad said meet us along the track. eventually the train speed is 79 miles an hour. today it hit 50 miles an hour for the first time. and they applied the breaks at that speed. >> went 300 feet. >>reporter: he runs the testing president obama that includes computer analysis and also the human element in the form of. spent 10 years driving freight before coming to smart. if you think all trains are the same, you are wrong. >> this is like a prototype. >> one that pretty much kept up with the outside traffic today. they need testing and federal certification before the next step, running simultaneously on the test.
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>> we call the positive train control system requiring us to run train on the system and operating it by many, many times to ensure the safety feature of the train control system informs us. >>reporter: if you travel through the north bay get used to the site. no record for the public yet but know more about what's going on inside. from marin county 7 news. >> all right. timet to get a check on our forecasts. it feels a little bit more like fall. kind of getting there. then the 2 rain chances. >> talk about the chances. cold front is brutal locking. we see a nice quiet picture over the bay area. but i take you off the coast of mexico. we are track ago monster storm right now. potentially life threatening. this is hurricane patricia strength end.
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strongest on the win now 160 miles per hour. she strengthen from a tropical storm to category 5 storm. what other storm has done that. that was linda back in then 97 very strong storm. now moving into the west and likely will make land fall tomorrow afternoon right around 3 or 4:00 o'clock as a major hurricane. some between puerta virginia narrow. lock at the rain fall forecast this is coming in a day time. 16 inches of rainfall. the nearing a foot of rain likely october 20 ncaa need of rain here. the reason why water temperatures are so warm off the coast of mexico. from 86 to 90 degree garren height
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water tell. sped back better at home. shoe you we are dry marianly clear sky. khoyd cool this weekend then we track at least amen mall chance of rain tuesday into wed. temperature wise in the 50's and 60's. 63 in oakland. 66 san jose. 63 san francisco right now 61 degrees. sought picture here high pressure slowly building back ever so briefly. we call this a dernl highing. by the afternoon. our first rain chance coming over the but watch. it's trenting dryer and dryer. area of low pressure will to the north really no return focus over the bay area then track a cold front tuesday into wed. this is looking a bit more promising but this run today is dryer than it was yesterday. we'll keep the chance in there tuesday afternoon into wednesday morning. back here tonight low
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upper 40's to my a little bit of fog developing high for your friday we have the cold front and 85 antioch. 86 livermore. 79 san jose. 82 the high for the seasonal. increasing clouds through the weekend so feel like fall but right now light showers less than a 10 much of an initial m midweek. still to come at 9:00. stage set for other core world. >> stuing gesture from >> stuing gesture from twitter ceo. why his employee
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the st. >> another traffic headache is happening now in san francisco. it will be with us for a week. roads are already closed around the center for the oracle open world convention. annual tech conference draws thousands. begins sunday with key note from oracle foyrnd el son then they hold fresh 80's event on treasure island. you can see workers setting up the stage there will be a ferris wheel. >> basic founder zuckerberg an his wife pre-sill a giving back to the community in a big way. they plan to start a private school in east palo alto be called the primary school. will target the most disadvantaged chernoff east
9:26 pm
palo alto and eastern menlo park. including student from preschool through eighth grade. >> another 30 minutes of 7 news at 9:00 is next. coming up. american special forces mick a deadly raid on isis. hostages trying to rescue and the surprise they discovered when they went in. also. dad goes to pick up his baby at day car care. the men just arrested for violent offense dense but for violent offense dense but smile
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>> we begin this half hour with deadly daring rescue mission. hostages were about to be killed by isis. members of u.s. special operations force were his sent in to help the rescue times. one elite member
9:30 pm
was killed. here's martha. >>reporter: it was a daring mission as bold as it was complicated. saving dozens of those isis hostages facing imminent mass execution. undercover of darkness 5 american helicopters ferry special forces and 30 u.s. advisors to a prison camp not far from the isis strong held. u.s. airstrike cleared roads and surrounding buildings to prevent isis reinforcement. on the ground rescuers expected to find just 20 hostages but were stunned to come across 70. an intensifier fight erupted while the americans were not there in a combat role they were forced to jump in as the battle raged. as many as 20 isis fighters were killed. but an american service member was wounded and later died. the first u.s.
9:31 pm
combat death since the fight against isis beganless year. pentagon says this tragic loss will not change the basic mission in iraq. no ground come about the unless u.s. forces are protecting the rocky forces and their lives in danger. >> congressman paul ryan made it official. he is running for speaker of the house. he received unified support from fellow republican saying he's sure to win the post next week. thinks two weeks after kevin withdrew the race because of look of support. >> accused of beat ago student to within an inch his life grinned for the mug shot. 5 university of mississippi students arrested last week after boyle found suffing from a concussion broken teeth had a bruised lung, rib d he
9:32 pm
was jumped and beaten avenue check it out. this man not smile. he faces the most serious. >> day care center in chicago . one-year-old was locked inside and was crying in the darkness. the little girl family is asking how this could happen. we have more. >> firefighters the breaking down the door of this chicago day care t.desperately trying to reach a baby girl locked inside. her frantic father recording it all. city. pitch black. the police had the flash down i could see her crawling on the floor. >>reporter: one-year-old dad reportedly arriving 15 minute before the official closing. findingb2uc the doors locked. >> my heart dropped. i was just glad she was okay. >>reporter: the center now
9:33 pm
being investigated by authorities. we have seen it before. earlier this 84, this houston father smashing a window at his son's day care. 10 month old left inside on his own. that center calling it a terrible accident t.the mom saying that day care told her they mistook her child for a doll. the facility hasn't returned our calls for comment. lindsay, abc news new york. >> lumber liquidator pleaded guilty to environmental crimes today. prosecutors say the company illegally imported hard wood from china and eastern russia that came from the habitat of the last remaining syberian tiring and help hard. government said the compa should have known the wood was ill legally sourceed. virginia base company pleaded guilty to 4 misdemeanor and one felony and paid 13.two million dollars to end a federal investigation. health news. antibiotics use in children could lead to
9:34 pm
wet begin. doctor at john hopkins school of public health found children pre-described antibiotics 7 or more times during childhood weighed 3 pound more at age 15 than the pier who had not taken medication. exact cause is unclear, study found some antibiotics can alter to break down differently. it was studied in the international journey of obesity. >> new concerns tonight about drivers using hands free devices. researchers say how many sibingtdz take for your mind to completely focus back on the road. doesn't happen the moment you hangup. here's clayton. >> near chicago. investigators say the driver of this car ended up crushed under a big rigless night kill a passenger may have been texting. >> distracted driving one of the biggest dangers on the roa road. new triple a study says the hands free system that are supposed to make us safer.
9:35 pm
>> can themselves be highly disprabingting. >> i guess that is a stop sign. >>reporter: triple a tested about a dozen hand free system systems. chiefy mild distraction. suri rated high. massachusetts today 6 very hig high. they didn't return our call today. apple declined to comment. most surprising the study found distraction don't stop when you hangup. and free technology can keep distracting you half minute longer. they l. >> hand free isn't risk free. using the voice to interact with the system can lead to actions unsafe. >>reporter: keep your eye on the road and for that 27 seconds your brain, too. clayton, sand el abc news denver. >> still to come at 9:00. less than two week before the election
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take life in. >> in san francisco air bnb pulling the billboard after rolling out controversial ad campaign less than two week before san francisco voters decide whether to impose tighter restrictions on short-term rental like airnñ bn. carolyn has the story. >>reporter: it's not the kind of publicity you want in the heat of a campaign. air beautiful nb apologizing for ads like these. telling them what to do with the hotel tax company the company pays. it was the wrong tone and apologies to anyone offended. faux pas just days before key election that could alter the
9:40 pm
abn gather new england restriketor measure on the november ballot much limits opens from renting out units to 75 difficult as year. requires them to submit quarterly reports and allow anybody's to sue. it also calls for fines againstary bnb violent oyvrments you have to be able to find them when they list on registered unit. >> dale carlson the negotiatetive sponsor and believes air condition is contributing to the housing project. with the only days here. >> layer to listening and wrening os that you registered with the city. if which do that 90 percent of the listings go away. big change of those yunts units woman become into the housing mark. >>reporter: 0ponies of pro-f sfaind give people the chicago
9:41 pm
to fourm we start assuming that are just not 0big out of choic choice. >> blaming san francisco housing crisis on any bnb host is disi object generous. rents won't go down. processes not drop. the the the thinned november abc 7 news. >> up next. tying the knot without a license big problem that's left county state white that's left county state white important party to go
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>> twitter employee are thrilled tonight after the new ceo tweeted that he would turn over a third of his personal twitter stock to them. that's 200 million dollars worth. ceo jack said he would rather have a smaller part of something big than bigger part of something small. he's confident that twitter will make it big. he was just named ceo two weeks ago. >> in this world of digital documents california counties are dealing with a paper problem that could make it difficult for people to get the records they need when they need them. tonight solana county is scrambling to come up with birth death and marriage certificates because the one company that proud the paper for the documents has gone out of business. the the lee ann is in solana county where record keepers are expected to run out after today. they said the i do today only to find out they won't have a marriage certificate until late november. >> we are pretty much at the end of the day will be down to
9:46 pm
zero paper. >>reporter: that paper is called bank note paper with this printing leak the u.s. currency. >> if you lock at it, it comes out at you kind of a 3d effect. very difficult to duplicate and use it for fraud. >>reporter: if you destroyed to duplicate the original this is what you would get. document with the word void on it. allstate issued birth marriage death certificates presented on the paper. every county in california was using one company. northern bank note out of ohio. but it suddenly went out of business leaving everyone scrambling to find another security printing company. >> we ordered on a regular time frame that we order but didn't know about the shut down so we weren't, we had to basically make did with what we had. >>reporter: 35 counties now reached out to canadian bank note in ottawa. including solana county. solana county has ordered 10,000 bank note papers expected to last for about 6 months. at cost of
9:47 pm
nearly 27,000 dollars. the problem is that the shipment won't arrive until late 97. county recorder asking that people wanting a birth or death certificate go through the couldn't or state health department. they still have a few of their own bank note papers. people getting married here will have to wait until late next month to get theirs. >> if the paper comes week or month from now i'm okay with that. i got her so i'm okay. >>reporter: worth the wait. in fairfield, abc 7 news. >> all right. it's time for one last check on our weather. let's get over to drew. >> we are track ago quiet night tonight. take you to the tropical pacific update on hurricane olaf right now. steadily churning in the pacific ocean right now. category 2 storm winds. 110 miles per hour moving to the north at 9 and will stay away from hawaii and more focus for our forecast here in the bay
9:48 pm
area. really like the 2 to link up. the system and cold front early next week and right now doesn't look like that's the case. stay separate. that means cold front is moisture starved midweek next week that brings our rain chances down on the 7 day forecast. back at home tomorrow across the state of california lots of sunshine and high clouds in northern california otherwise fall like temperature zoom into the hi areas. 79 san jose. 77 oakland up to 82 for santa ros rosa. so the accu-weather forecast $1 million to warm tomorrow increasing clouds over the weekend and chance of wet weather midweek tuesday night into wednesday morning. >> all right sounds good thank you so much drew. >> mountain biker took a terrifying fall during a mountain bike race in utah. during the rampage race like week. they troyed that video. the the 19-year-old the was riding down the course when his
9:49 pm
bike slipped off the track. tumbled 30 feet. spectators were just stunned. medical staff rushed to help him but incredibly he just got up on his feet. not only did he finish the course but successfully completed canyon gap which he described as the scariest jim has ever hit. he says he's feelg fine. the. >> what? >> could he be delirious? >> oh. oh, man. top that larry. >> he's way more man than i am. >> so train wreck. the game. i thought you were pointing at drew. >> i would never say drew is a taken wreck. >> that was another they can. >> that was my take away. him. i don't know what tough done. >> i got myself together. >> how about you biel. >> seemed pretty clear to me. the other. >> my transhe goes toyvrment taken wreck east the 14ers. who had more punt than first
9:50 pm
down in tonight game. dreadful performance against the performance against the seahawks
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9:53 pm
>> all right. we have plenty of sports to talk about right now. larry. >> did u apologize to him for calling him. >> counseling went well. >> it did. >> billed as elimination game for somebody. 49ers facing the arch rival from seattle. both at 2 and 4 coming if and niners non-existent. look like a man with no answers. niners first drive seahawks answer with
9:54 pm
lynch beast mode up and over. 7 nothing. collin in trouble early and on. 3 and half sack here. unable to move the ball at all and cap unwilling to run. late second quarter russell wilson great protectio protection. deep ball tyler lock and 43 yards perfect pass. 17 nothing seattle. wilson this time brock picks him off in the end zone there. a little greedy did russell wilson t.kaepernick in trouble. almost fumbled there and 6 sack in the game for the seahawks. 9 punt only field goal prevented a shut down and lose. and we are live from levi stadium. the 9ers were simply dominated on both sides of the ball tonight. >> yes. you talked about kaepernick sacked 6 times. less time the seahawks had this
9:55 pm
many sacks last year. how bad the offense was. 1 for 11 on third down t.keep in mind the the niners came within one play less than 2 yourself ago in the title gym. since then they have been out scored 56-13 by the seahawks. afterward head coach the the the summit up in opening remarks. >> the game today was was not what we want. it was not acceptable. we did not play well. we don't have an excuse. the the the the the the the the quen again that lies right here and we need to do a better job. >> it's tough. item tough. it has been a long red and we expected to come out and win tonight but we just couldn't pull it off. >> very talented defense. like i said on tuesday t-the defense is very talented. they have
9:56 pm
great players over there. they have lost a few games late that's why they are 2 and 4, 3 and 4 now. but they are talented. we didn't match that intensity today. >>reporter: the the this is what i really don't understand larry. the last bite by kaepernick how they couldn't match the intensity. it's a must win game. 2 and 4 going n.under the lights. national televised game. they know they need to get it done. how do you not match the intense. >> i understand execution. but man okay so now they have to recoup and look forward to next week playing another division rival saint louis in st. louis. not easy. reporting live at levi stadium, abc 7 sports. >> i don't think it's intense. >> i think the niners aren't that good. that's the reality of the season. thank you. >> big fight of by area sports. cal and ucla thursday night college football. impressive field goal ki kicker. up and
9:57 pm
good. bruins put on a show of their own. josh 2 touch down passes. most of the work right there. 17-3 t.and float it to kevin who make a spectacular grab and somehow able to landen bounds. cal down 23-10 at that point. last play first half a school record 60 yard field goal. third longer in history and he's pumped. lost two in a row. 40-24 bruins. warriors also in southern california. anaheim to take on the lakers. walton look like a coach opening night. no curry around at all. ready for the season. he had 24. andre and that is james michael dunking. warriors by 13. second quarter barns. the the the he had 23 and thompson the excuse me while i drain that. clay had
9:58 pm
24. warriors roll 136 to 97. shark back home after 4 game road tripko hosting the kings t.scary. focked down in the corner. has trouble getting u up. look like he might have been out cold out on his feet. he would leave the game then return. that's a hockey player i don't know how you come back after that. nothing went right for him. sweet move by tyler there around jones. that's nice stick work. former shark with slap shot and credit for the deflexion. sharks had allowed 11 state goals sense theless time they scored and got one in this game now trailing 3 in the third. baseball news after 5 seasons with the dodgers t.manager agreed to partway with the time today. won the series then flame out in the play offs. he knew the fan base soured on him and who replaces the time. abc
9:59 pm
sports e.thanks larry. >> thas for joining us tonight for all of us i'm amma, all of us here at abc 7 news at 9:00. thanks for watching. news continues on line, twitte twitter, all your mobile device was your news app. see you in was your news app. see you in a bit
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