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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  October 22, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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is is. >> breaking news in contra costa county. right now the search is on for a man who went on stabbing spree inside a pit burg grocery store. >> alan jones us live from the store on north park boulevard with the latest. alan? >>reporter: yes. customers are pack here shopping while the aftermath of this stabbing is being cleaned up in the entrance of the 24 hour food store. meanwhile pittsburgh police are still looking for the man would was initially caught trying to steal some shaving razors around 8:30 tonight. 5 employees confronted the man and got into an altercation near the store entrance. that's when police say he pulled out a knife and stabbed 3 of then. one stab in the back, others the forearm.
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employees take the hospital and are expected to survive. police are still looking for the man wearing white t-shirt and black ball co-cap live in pittsburgh, 7 news thanks. >> good evening everybody. i'm in for dan. >> now to our other top storie stories. students at bay area university pause to remember a fallen firefighters as family shares the last word they say they will remember forever. >> i'll see you in two days, dad. >>reporter: major f-18 hornet went outside british air base early yesterday morning. >> tonight his group payed tribute and we are live at the university of san francisco with that plus what his family wants us to know about the fallen marine. >>reporter: most of the current student body never had the chance to meet major taj would graduated in 2004. from
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the school day to the last day it seems he was consistent in making others smile. the the the before the national anthem t.before the women volleyball game. time to remember. >> moment of silence mainly taj. >> we have a lot of community. awareness about each other. >>reporter: the support not lost on mainly's family. they need it now more than ever. >> 3m arena officers the the the the the walking towards fivrjts once there were 4. now they are 3. >> devastating. >> i think he went away doing what he love best. that is flying e-speed. that was the taj way. >> he said something like the the you condition sleep in a car but you can't drive a
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heroics whether in ferrari or f-18, taj was equal parts funny as he was fast. laughing at the sight of what may have driven his marine corps decision. >> i think he saw the -- >>reporter: he was their top gun fichlt while the usf students will never meet him, they too feel like family. >> i think very good the school takes time to remember those. iñ in san francisco, melanie, abc 7 news. >> go fund me account j up for major/x's daughter jade. qw friend are asking fore]$qjpìc@&c initial to goiu to the girlc< college funde÷ or even first -b% he wast a car buff. k? link on our web siteq. '3 we.z learn new dealsxw fit at high school in pinole. several students taken to the hospital after they took the anti-anxiety drug zanex. alan
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tells us about the pup he shallment the students are now nation. >> heart pump something hard just shaking we are like whoa. this kid needs to get to the ambulance right away. >>reporter: he washed male student in the boy bathroom 1 12:30 this afternoon. >> eye rolling back. slurring. testifies wobbling like when he came out the bathroom. >>reporter: after sex more student fell ill with similar symptoms, school officials began investigating. >> students found to be under the influence of controlled substance health officials law enforcement later confirmed that it was zanex. >> fellow student told me he took 4 zanex. >>reporter: zanex is a prescribed anti-depressant used for anxiety t.5 student had to be taken to the hospital. 2 wept home with parents and now pinole police investigators trying to figure out where they got the pills. >> students in high school are at an wlaej they tend to
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experiment with things and not necessarily make the best decision so we want parents to talk to their stirngts all 7 students are expected to recover but they were sues pen from school and will have to report to the district health center in pinole, abc 7 news. >> today incident at pinole comes after cold immediate sent 5 student at the union high school district to the hospital in the past 2 dukes. the tell they took too much causing hallucination and lead to seizure and even death. right now san jose police are still searching for 3 burglars who shot san jose homeowner today. tonight the man is four telling us about the seconds leading up to the gun fires. here's the new details. >>reporter: 29-year-old albert loves a good fight. only he prefers it to be in the ring rather than his home. the former fighter came home during lunch to find 2 burglars insid
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inside. >> some guy coming out of the house i said can i help you. >>reporter: surprisingly the suspect tried to go back in and that's when the 2 started to fight. >> my house. my family. that's all could i think bi-he approached him in the driveway determined to protect the home he grew up in when one suspect shot him in the right shoulder. he didn't see the second suspect pull out the gun until it was too late. third suspect was waiting in a get away car described to be a blue honda accord. he says they stole some valuable but failed to at that time heavy safe tipped over in the hallway. family believed the burglar watching and broke through the kitchen window once they knew nobody was home. break instant have become more frequent. >> seems you see people just parked and just hanging out and you ask them and then all of a sudden they drive off. >>reporter: in behind sight he says he regrets his action that is could have cost him his life. >> went right throughout didn't
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hit any bones or anything. reallessed. got the good lord looking over me. >>reporter: neighbors plan to be more veg atlanta adding security camera around their homes. this is 7 news. >> new tonight. hurricane patricia is now a category 5 storm bearing down on mexico central pacific coast. u.s. national hurricane center is calling the hurricane potentially catastrophic. here's sandhya. >>reporter: this one goes down in the history books. hurricane patricia the strengthen quickly over the last 24 hours from tropical storm to believe it or not a category 5 hurricane. check out the eye on the storm. now i want to show you what is sustaining this warm water of the pacific as you take a lock at the water temperatures 89 degrees right now. as you know hurricane need that warm water to sustain them. it's category 5 maximum sustained wind of 185
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miles an hour. gusts of two 25 miles an hour. hurricane warning are up from this area and i would not recommend travel there hurricane warnings expected to make land fall as category 5 dumping rain then continuing on to texas just remnant when take you a look at how much rape the coast of mexico koys expecting, 6 to 12 inches. isolated 80's up to 20 inches of rain. family ab friends there mud slide and flooding is going to be a severe problem there as we head towards land fall tomorrow. i'll be back with local lock at our weather which is connected to another hurricane. details on that coming right up. thanks sandhya day turned into night on capitol hill with hillary clinton in the hot seat. still ahead on 7 news at 11:00. heated moment and intense exchanges during the white house hopeful 11 hour benghazi testimony. >> signed sealed delivered. star contract negotiations
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earning her big praise. >> katy perry and st took superbowl by storm who could follow them on the levi stadium half time steam. >> very popular. what's come up tonight on "jimmy kimmel live". >> here's sampling of tonight show brief. sent this picture on throw back thursday. this is a party at his house. >> oh, >> oh, >> you want to talk about fun
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>> breaking news now in nashville tennessee tre 3 people have been shot at 10 sea ate university. shooting happen on main campus late tonight. we he a photo just in from thescene. all the
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victims went to the hospital. tennessee newspaper reports at least one person is in critical condition. follow us on twitter on our web site. wat the morning news starting at 4:30 for the very latest. >> tonight hillary clinton testimony is over. former secretary of state faced tough questi from special house committee invtigating the deadly 2012 attk in benghazi. >> ambasdor stevens bay area native and 3 other americans were killed in the attack butr mrs. clinton doe fend her record today. kenneth tells us what happens next. >> intense and dr. mat he n day on capitol hill. here's basically what happened to the request. they wereorn up. the. >> that's just not ue congressman. >> hillary clinton held her ground against the house elect committee investigating deadly 2012 terroris attack on u.s. dip lo mountain ick post in benghazi. she was questned for hours on what was done before, during, fter the attack that killed 4 americans including u.s. ambassador
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stevens. >> mam secretary i understand there are peop frankly in both parties who have suggeed take this investigation is about you. let me assure you it is not. >> i have lost more sleep than all of you put togeer. tive have been racking my brain about what more could have been ne e-republicans also focus on clinton advis and friend sidney whose e-mails reached clinton but ambassador stevens security request did not. >> i can only tell you that i know a number of requests were fulfilled. and some were not. >> republicansre squandering millions of tax bear dollars on this abuve effort to derail secretary clinton presidential campgn. >>reporter: late thursday night clinton walked out of the day long grilling a she goes from the hot seat back to the campaign trail. the so what is next for the 12 member house mmittee? write a final report onhe
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attack some time over the next year and before the presidential election. kenneth thecapitol hill. >> hillary clinton set to ba guest on "jimmy kimmel live"o two weeks from tonight novt fifth appearance next beg stop as she campaigns for president. >> kate winslet mechanic ago statement about growing old gracefully. 40-year-old revealed new contract stipulat stipulates none of the images in upcoming ad be retouched. she has responsibility to younger generation of women would look to milligram and successful women in their chosen career to emulate. >> adam levine and his band maroon 5 are the current front runnersor the nfl supeowl 50 half time show at levi adium in santa clara in february t.t band has had exteive talk about performing but no word yet who may join them if they book the most watched television event of the year. last year show starred
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katy perrynd drew 121 million viewers. >> they were thinking of making them pay for the privilege of playing. let's check on the forecast. >> sandhya has the latest. >> a we head towards the weekd we notice cooler weather and cloud cover asel well. most of you in thelea ear. a little bit of fog down to monterey b. temperatures right now real mild in most years. low mid 60's from oakland hayward san francisco to san jose. scene in antioch right now. 54 in half moon bay one of theoo coolest spots from the emeryville camera. look across thebay and visibility terrific right now. mild warm again tomorrow. cloudy coolerhis weekend with chance of written coming in the meddle of next week. show you where it comes from in a moment. high pressure coming in from the cold front with cool down today. briefly builds back in tomorrow with temperatures rise
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by a few degrees. we have high cloud in association th the system here come in and filter our sun forriday afternoon. pleasant weather. we are going to notice that over the weekend the cloud cover increases saturday night going into sunday and that means the temperates will drop. feel lucky fall especially heading toward sunda. people have been asking when is it going to feel like it. t will. hang in there i'watching hurricane olaf and why category 2 storm in the pacific it has been sending waves to the hawaiian islas. no direct hit expected there for the island chain but we are expecting hurricane olaf to turn northeast ward as it falls apart. moistu from olaf is going to actually connect with this cold front and if the 2 come togher we could get drened next week. right now mputer model bringing in the possibility of rain late tuday night going into wednesday and look at the computer model againhis is repetion 3 days in a row,w, possibility of wet weather.
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unofficially halloween is when start to get our first real rain here in the bay area. look like may be coming sooner. fir they think tomorrow morning a little patch of g right near the coast. most 80's start out in the 50's. coolest location wind shelter north bay valy upper 40's so when you get going. hot cup o tea or coffee may keep yowarm heading off to warm. 79 san jose. 78 santa clara. sunny vale. 68 pacifica. 7 san mateo o. filtered sun san francisco. 73. north baylow 80's napa snta rosa and east bay it's nice day. 77 oakland nerk inland spots you are warm but not too hot. 86 concord 7 day forecast will go down in temperatures. newspaper cloud cov forth upcoming weekend then carrie over into monday. chance of some wren late tuesday night but really looking at wed for
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the real rain opportunity. cooler weather as well mid 60 to mid 70's. so it's coming hopefully. >> i heard drenched. the drenched. >> i know point be nice. >> that would be grit. thanks. >> still ahead on 7 news at 11:00. daring re down mountain and ov a cliff. mountain and ov a cliff. what happened next has
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>> this is just check this out. mountain biker took a terrifying fall during a race in utah last week. happened during rampage race. red bull provided this video that was attached to his helmet. lock at this 19-year-old nicholei was riding down the course when the bike wept off the track. he fell about 30 feet. medical staff rushed to help him but
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incredibly he got up on his feet. not only my goodness. okay. >> he made it. >> not only did he finish the course but successfully completed the canyon gap that he describes the scariest jump he has ever hit. sound about accurate. he says he's feel fine. >> he's insane but he's fine. helps to be insane. >> adrenalin that weapons you going i guess snow i guess. >> okay better him than me. in sports it was described by some as train wreck. 49ers get wrecked by the arch rival. seahawks in display of complete domination. what does the coach say about this sports is coach say about this sports is next.
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>> hbilled as elimination gym for somebody. 49ers facing the arch riffal from seattle. both 2 and 4 coming in and "newsnight"ers just got blaste blasted. offense non-existent. jim looked like man with no answers for the time. went 3 and out on the first drive. seahawks answer with beach mode touch down. levrm up and over. seattle out to quick led. kaepernick in trouble early and often. sacked by bennett. theners unable to move the ball at all in the game. late second quarter. wilson. look at the protection he had. step
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on brock. 43 yard touch down 17 zip seattle. trying to good for the dagger shop and intercepted in the end zone. cap in trouble again. almost fumble the thing away. sacked by cliff. sacked 6 times. then punt. only afeld goal prevented the shut out. 23 the final. >> the game today was the the was not what we want. it was not acceptable. we did fought play well. did he don't have an excuse. again that lies right here. and we need to do a bet job e.very talented defense. the like i said on tuesday the there's defense is very tall ended. great players over there they have lost a four games late that's why they are 2 and 4. 3 and 4 now. but they are talented. we didn't
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match that intensity today. >> cal and ucla look at this guy. wow! he made the connec connect. bruins quarterback rosen threw for 3 mean yards. 3 touch down pass. 2 to fuller as browns take a 17-3 lead over cal thursday night college football. at the somehow made the grab and able to come down inbound. is spectacular but ucla dominates. warriors continuing pre-season action against the lakers more and more with season opener on tuesday. one play from the game and that is curry off the court and that is andre throwing it down. warriors 1 flex-97. warriors finish the pre-season 3 and 2. tip off on tuesday. shark back home after 4 gym road trip hosting the kings. scary there he went down hard. had trouble getting up and staying up. look like he was out on his feet. he
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would leave the game and i don't know how he did it he came back to play. nothing right for san jose. this is a sweet move to beat jones. went on from there. 4-1 the final score after starting 4 and o, the sharks lost 3 in a row. >> thanks larry. 7 news continues now on line on twitter facebook all the mobile device with our 7 news app. device with our 7 news app. next newscast at 4 it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer.


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