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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 23, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>>. a hurricane of historic pro portions is pounding mexico now. >> also, deadly and fake. the lethal consequences of counterfeit drugs. >> water pouring down the street in one bay area neighborhood. and a bird's eye view of the flock of fowls back on the bay. >> the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the western hemisphere pounding mexico right now.
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good evening, everyone, i'm larry beil. >> i'm ama daetz. we have team coverage of the historic hurricane. spencer christian is tracking the tropical storm. where is hurricane patricia now? the storm made land fall as a category 5 hurricane, packing winds of just 200 miles per hour. now, it's highest winds of 165 miles per hour and it starts to push inland. gusts to 235 miles per hour. this is a dangerous, devastating storm. it's expected to take a path carrying it across central mexico as it weakens over the next 12 dshgs 24 hours, and finally, late tomorrow night, we'll be approaching the southwestern texas border. behind, the storm will leave
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massive rainfall, totals could reach 20 inches. there will be wide spread flooding and could be wide spread mudslides. >> thank you, spencer. the hurricane all but shut down the coastal areas of puerto vallarta including hotels and major ports. many guests are being evacuated 125 miles away. 7 million residents with tens of thousands of u.s. citizens visiting there were told to prepare for worst-case scenarios. a man from san francisco is riding out the storm in a makeshift shelter in puerto vallarta. >> he had to cut a vacation short and the hotel is saying he's no longer a guest, but now, considered a refugee. where are you now? what are you seeing? >> yes. so right now i am in the ball
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room of the hotel. all of the doors of the hotel have been blocked and they put steel beams through the side of the doors to secure them from wind damage. we've got about 100 chairs and it does look like an emergency shelter. we have some tables and board games but that is what it looks like now. >> how worried are people there with you? are you scared? >> very, very scared earlier in the day as we looked like the trajectory. it looked like it was going to make land fall in puerto vallar vallarta. it looks like that it may have run aground farther south and our thoughts and prayers go to those folks from our perspective
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it means the storm surge, the waves which we're afraid of will not be as dangerous, and hopefully, winds will be less intense. >> what is the plan for once the storm clears? do you have an idea what timetable that will be? >> we're expecting high winds, and it sounds like a water fall. thereafter, we're told is that there is a slight chance it could move back toward the swae. in which case, we'll be in the shelter all night. assuming it continues, the projected path, there is hope that staff will make sure everything is safe and we can be back in our rooms at 11:00 p.m.
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or midnight tonight. >> that would be great. >> our thoughts are with you and the folks, thank you for taking time to talk to us about this. we hope you stay safe. thank you, thank you. continuing our team coverage with lyanne melendez at the mexican consulate. >> the consulate expects to begin helping people here with family members this because you're going to have missing people. you're going to have people who will be displaced and of course a lot of damage. >> there is only so much people can do to protect against this hurricane. sandbags were placed strategically, hoping to protect against flooding waters.
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residents in puerto vallarta moved around in efrts to find a secure location. losses are expected to be great. >> let's hope that it goes fast, without damage. >> one person keeping track of the hurricane has two studios. one in puerto vallarta. hundreds of pieces fill both studios. he has instructed staff to secure, and protect the works. >> we have some anchoring and wood. you know, and steel to brace the pieces there. >> he offers classes and accommodations for people coming from around the world to work with him. november through may is the busy season. his daughter is a sculptor and travels to puerto vallarta to help. >> we're hoping we don't lose
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our business, you know? next year. i have a couple retreats already planned out. so we're like, you know, we hope that we still have a home, and studio. >> both say they can only hope, and pray, for the best. in san francisco, abc7 news. andrew tuma has been following images on social media. >> what are you seeing now? >> the first images just over an hour ago this, first video coming in on twitter from enrique. he was closer to the center of the storm. you can see the rain moving insidew insidew inside ways. there is another video farther from the center of the storm. you can see wind and rain in mexico. police are helping folks, getting them to safety.
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and folks vacationing there, take a look at this. chris is in mexico now. you can see hotels turning conference centers into some refugee camps. if you're expected by the storm and are sharing this story, use #abc7now. ama? >> thank you, drew. for air travellers the effects remain minimal so far but that could change in the next few days. >> what is it like today? not what you see here at sfo. andy was one of the last to get out. >> a ghost town. they did it. >> he arrived in los angeles on an emergency flight which cancelled two san francisco
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flights today. >> my dad is worried about it. >> for a major hurricane, this had little impact so far. but wait a couple days. >> we get a hurricane hitting east and now in, a couple days they'll get about three days of just solid rain and thunderstorms. >> airlines tend to plan conservatively. they take down flight schedules. >> they're not going to want to run a large number of flights into a region that could see stranded and diverted flights. >> for now, sfo remains unaffected. now, tell that to the woman who flew in for a weekend of fun. >> there wasn't anything i can do. and that is the way it is. >> let's hope they packed extra
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clothes. >> and if you have family and friends with photos please share them with us. a man involved in a police shooting this morning will be looked for attempted murder of a police officer. the apparently suicidal man got into a shootout. no officers were hurt. it isn't clear whether an officer shot the man or whether he shot himself. and they'll review body camera footage as well. >> officers are forced to make critical decisions on a moment's notice. >> it caused san leandro high school to briefly go on lock down. the man suspected of stabbing three workers in a pittsburgh grocery store is in
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custody. this is a photo of the suspect. they say he stabbed workers after they tried to stop him from stealing razors. two injured workers remain in the hospital. oakland police and fbi arrested 15 known gang members in a mar raid across the city. 100 officers confiscated assault rifles, marijuana plants, cocaine and cash. police say the gang members have been involved in violent crimes all have previously take part in operation cease fire, designed to help them go straight. investigators are questioning those arrested today about a man found shot to death in oakland. >> san francisco public health officials are warning the public not to buy the antianxiety pill
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xanax unless you have a prescription. looking at the counterfeit version caused one death. vic? >> reporter: it's a popular drug you can get on the streets, but a counterfeit pill surfaced. it can sedate you and stop your breathing and people are buying it, not knowing the effects. xanax has become popular among young people. yesterday, half a dozen students from pinole high school had to be rushed to the hospital. the health department confirmed the pills were real. the effects of the fake xanax can be fatal. >> nerve damage. fluid in the lungs and one individual was found dead. >> dr. phillip is talking about four people who took fake pills
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last week which they bought on the streets of san francisco. three almost died. the fourth never made it to the hospital. >> the xanax pill is often times boughts by people who want to come down, or cool off after a night of partying. >> what they bought was a potent opiate called fentanol. >> seeing it packaged in a bill is new for us. >> the first outbreak in san francisco happened this summer. >> there was a white powder that was being injected and results in four times as usual number of overdose events. >> this is like an epi pen. >> the health department says it's been supplying needle exchange with an antidote that
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can combat the drug. >>. santa clara health officials linked 100 cases of shigella to one restaurant. most who contracted the illness live in santa clara county. some got the disease from close contact with people who did eat at the restaurants. >> four damaging water main breaks in four years. >> what the water district is doing owe to fix the problem that's residents fear isn't going away. >> hurricane patricia is plowing through western mexico.
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>> know anyone deep in debt with no way out? ahead on 7 on your side, how to reduce what you owe. >> and a brother and si
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this water main break was not the first time. a viewer alerted us to the water main that has broken three other times since 2011. >> and this is apparently pretty
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common. these homes were downstream from the break. this is a 12 inch cast iron pipe. it's 68 years old. and it is failed before. >> this is the fourth time. >> lafayette's patrick mckennis told us he knew what it was because it happened many times before. water gushing toward his home. >> it was coming down so fast. so hard to grasp. it's dark. water is um coming down. people are screaming and yelling. nobody is coming. >> he says water wasn't shut off until later. >> east bay mud could not find the mains. that is an hour and a half. >> according to east bay mud, it
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was partly due to the fact that city crews have paved over valve was out marking them, apparently, a common practice. >> this one, like others continuing to break, are, is in the que. we're getting to them. >> mud was this high. >> they are looking to file a claim with the district. >> anything within down here is gone. if it's wood, it's gone. >> these books represent the final piece of the environmental impact report on the planned arena in san francisco. this focuses on traffic concern was more parking control officers on the streets and has four new light rail vehicles and calls for a special access for
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residents and patients and staff. >> if you're coming for an arena event you're staying on the streets and are preserving for the staff to get in and out. >> a special fund will be created and opponents criticize timing, just 11 days before voters are asked to approve this project. >> scientists at the exploratorium are using several exhibits to educate advisors on how hurricane patricia became a strong storm, so quickly. and showed how hurricanes form. it uses a fan and vertical pipes create a motion moving air closer to the center. >> if you can look, you see it
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has an eye, a dark center. there is no wind, and this is similar to it. >> scientists are tracking with realtime images. that is where you want your hurricane to come from. >> right. right. >> that is true. >> yes. >> spencer has been tracking this, as well as our weather and is here with the latest. let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd. this is what the storm looked like. sustained winds, 200 miles per hour. and is still a category 5. and going to -- that is our
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local weather now. it moves inland, expected to produ produced intoing rains. looking at the western skyline, 70 in mountain view. another live view, looking at partly cloudy skies. fairfield, concord at 76 and 81 in livermore, here is the view looking at partly cloudy skies over the bay. high clouds and fog overnight. sprinkles possible sunday morning. that is all we expect from clouds moving our way. there is a large ridge of high pressure. sunday, our chance of sprinkles so at 5:00 sunday morning we may
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have sprinkles in the north bay. then, we'll see maybe more sprinks confined to the north bay. and to wednesday morning a system may produce measurable rainfall and overnight, areas of fog. low temperatures mid-50s, then, tomorrow, we'll have high clouds and hazy sunshine. will be mild, mid-60s to mid and upper 70s around the bay. low to mid-80s. here is the accu-weather forecast. so variable clouds, and maybe sprinkles, then, a partly sunny, mild day monday. little change tuesday. cooling down wednesday. more clouds arriving and a
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greater chance of rain. that is expected to be in the north bay. i'll have further updates on hurricane patricia and the storm once again expected produce massive flooding and mudsliding. >> thank you. >> well, moving on, we're getting into the halloween spirit. the welcome interruption for ♪ ♪
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spiderman, batman, captain america want to encourage kids to be strong, and be their own hero. some staff met with young patients to help lift spirits and promote their heros run. this takes place saturday. >> we're trying to do with the run is to bring hope to the kids for a day is something great that we can do. >> go to for a link on how you can get involved in hero's run. >> if you've seen this preview
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of "the force awakens", you're not alone. the trailer has been viewed 112 million times during the first 24 hours. the trailer for 50 grades of gray had 50 million for the entire year. >> that is kind of going to be big. >> yes. >> coming up, keeping an eye on patricia. families are concerned about loved ones down there. >> this is where the storm is now. spencer will be back with a historic look, coming up. >> birds are back at home tonight after more than a
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an epic storm, hurricane patricia slammed into mexico's pacific coast.
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you can see this cell phone video. >> thousands of people evacuated from communities. >> david louie is live with that part of the story. >> there are 100 people who are inside of the church, praying for their families. they live in the state of jalisco. it's only a matter of time before the worst of the hurricane will be obvious. and prayers are going out for what could be a mass casualty event. >> we hope that the hurricane doesn't destruct many things along the way, especially life.
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>> she knows the devastation the mexico states could suffer. many areas are rural, and flooding could take out roads and bridges. >> very disconnected and these communities are going to be stranded. >> for many, frantic calls are being made to reach family. there is heavy rainfalling. >> she called them and has been talking to them. they're pretty worried about what is going on. >> they're looking for the kind of relief that will be needed. >> farmers will see crops destroyed. and live stock, killed by flooding. >> it's obvious that this will
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disappear. >> and if you have family or friends and they've sent you pictures or video, please share it with us. and we'll show it on air. >> time now for tonight's business watch. the company posted an $85 million loss and the board has to decide what google stock hit a record high today.
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>> there are almost 2 thirds driveing for six months or less. the majority of the drives work with 73% putting in fewer than 30 hours per week. >> facebook announced a fix or battery draining ios app. one analysis found it cut battery life 15%. >> very happy birds are back home in the bay tonight after a month in rehab. and we have more on what was wrong and the mystery. >> ross let his 12-year-old do the honors. >> hi. call it a bird's way of saying
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thank you and goodbye. >> these birds have been with us for 4 to 5 weeks. >> they've been at the international bird rescue. some had to be fed by birds. >> these birds should be in the ocean, fishing. >> the ones on the beaches were hungry. >> they're telling us there is change going on in the environment. they're having a harder time finding fish. >> the lingering question is why? and they do have a theory, climate change. >> the waters were 5 to 10 degrees warmer. the fish are diving deeper.
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and they merge. >> birds are often the first to show up at rescues after oil spills. 60 are still being nursed back to health. >> this is a finger that lasts longer. >> are you deep in debt with seemingly no way out? one example of what you can do tototo
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continuing with a look at hurricane patricia pummelling mexico's pacific coast. >> yes. the storm made last fall this afternoon and damage could be devastating after patricia moves elsewhere. spencer christian is tracking the storm and will join us again with another look. >> the average american household is more than 7600s ndz debt. >> for those in deep financial trouble there something you can do about it. >> how you can reduce before
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paying it off. >> whether it's taxes or credit card debt, there are things you can do to reduce what you owe. let me show you a couple examples. elaine commutes from benicia to san francisco. her ex-husband is a contractor, and crosses bay area bridges to get to various jobs. the couple shared a joint account, accumulating thousands in fast track tolls and penalties. . >> i went to fast track and negotiated it down. >> pauline pleaded financial hardship and fast track agreed to reduce her debt from $4500 to a thousand dollars. it's a common practice used by debt counsellors. but abby warns it isn't easy. >> if you are severely delinquent, and you have a lump sum, they may accept it. >> being laid off is an example of a hardship.
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quitting is not. but there are no hard and fast rules. >> they told me it was open for negotiation. and then, i had to fill out paper work. which i did. >> ford says reach out early before you're delinquent. >> tell them what you're going through. they might be willing to work with you in other ways. >> you may be able to negotiate a reduced interest rate or lower your payment until you're out of the hardship. it takes patience, but in the end it's worth it. so will this work for you? fast track will settle one time at a reduced penalty if the customer agrees to maintain at kt in good standing going forward. i have a link to irs debt settlement program at our website. check it out and see if it will
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work for you. >> he just wanted to live a normal life. they don't know what is, b
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families from around the country are traveling to stanford for a new study. >> there is laughter and jokes. looking at the twins you won't know the reality. kevin wonders if he'll walk jenna down the aisle. >> only every day.
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sorry. well, you just want them to live a normal life. they don't know what that is. but we do. >> the twins say their parents make sure they're not missing out. >> they're awesome. >> what is awesome? >> everything. >> it's genetic. a by the up of amino acids, causing wide spread damage. >> built up, and built up. and cells die, causing damage throughout the body. >> a huge part is the deterioration of bone and muscle. that is what this study is all about. there is one more piece that makes their parents hopeful. >> they're still naive to a lot
7:48 pm
of it. we just soak that up as long as we can. >> they're great kids. >> the scans will look like this. 30 people are traveling here from around the country as far as alaska. the results from today will be likely published in a few years. in palo alto, abc7 news. >> a poll from google analyzes the top halloween costumes. the top costume here is star wars related. after that, it's super heros, pirates and minnie house. and disney says sarah from hocus-pocus is popular. and we want to see how you, and your family are getting into the spirit. send us your image. >> some school kids got a
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special treat from spencer christian, spencer reading a halloween adventure book. he visits schools regularly as part of a program that encourages and he'll often gather us around live doppler 7 hd for a story or two if you're nice. >> what i read you then was the riot act. we're going to take a look at live doppler 7 hd. and we have hurricane patricia, ravaging this region. wind around 160 miles per hour plowing inland into the western portion of mexico, continuing and weakening at about 12-15
7:50 pm
hours to tropical storm strength leaving behind massive flooding and perhaps mudsliding as well. back here in the bay area, accu-weather forecast is going to be a calm one. and it will be a quiet week here. >> in sports tonight, where did the 49ers go from here? does the performance rock bottom.
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reality setting in for the 49ers. the season is turning into a dumpster fire. this is a team, he just flings the ball out of bounds. this may be the first case of an equipment guy that got rocked. three years removed the niners appear to be in need of a complete rebuild. >> we're, our record is what it is. we have to do something to get
7:54 pm
better. it's unacceptable. that is not who we are. so we're going to fix it. >> it's seattle. and they've, we haven't had much success against them. like i said before we have to move on. >> bad news keeps coming. antoun befaay is out for the season. and raiders traveling to san diego to face chargers sunday. keenan allen says he's very
7:55 pm
excited about playing against the veteran charles woodson. >> he's just flying around, making plays which probably isn't smart. >> they lost last night at cal. and it failed to protect their quarterback, jared goff, sacked five times. the bears face usc next week. >> this is two weeks and we have a very experienced group. and have to respond.
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so you just want it. >> you have 12 days to prepare for the game. it never got into a flow. >> stanford moved up to 10th and tomorrow night, hosting washington. both teams have a lot of turnover with players in position. >> you have to play sound and play together. you see them playing good team defense. >> we'll have highlights tomorrow night with yours truly and mike schumann. and an update on the championship series, the royals
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lead the blue jays in the 6th. abc7 sports brought to you by bank of the west. >> one more update on hurricane patricia. unleashing 165 miles per hour winds this afternoon and winds have taken down light poles. >> we'll have more coverage at 9:00 and 11:00. >> yes. new video is coming in. we'll have details on what authorities are finding as they begin surveying the hardest hit areas. >> hear from people in the path of the hurricane tonight. >> and checking tonight's prime time line up on abc7 last man standing and 2020 at 10:00 and
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join us at 11:00. >> and followed by jimmy kimmel live. >> we want to let you know abc7 news app is available for apple watch. it's a free down load just search for abc7 news bay area. >> that will do it for this edition of abc7 news. i'm larry beil. >> i'm ama daetz. from the entire news team, have a great evening.
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