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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 23, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> patricia slams into mexico south west coast most powerful hurricane ever to hit the americas making lapped fall tonight with wind speed of 165 miles per hour. the if news right now no worth of fatality or serious damage. good evening everybody. amma and dan are off tonight. the mexican government your
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your honored thus of people to find safe shelter. schools airports closed. hotels converted into shelters. more than 15,000 tourists were evacuated. astronaut scott kelly snapped the picture of the enormous storm from the international space station. hope to show you that with the message. it's massive be careful. storm grew so big so fast took most meteorologist by surprise. drew here now with more. >>reporter: this storm went from tropical system to category 5 major hurricane in just a little over 24 hours time. very strong current brought warm water into the storm. made it explode very quickly. the this show the past 12 hours it has made land fall. made land fall at 4:15 p.m. local time. and it was right about here which is about 55 miles to the west north west of manzanita where the biggest
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wind wave flooding are to occu occur. what is happening to hurricane patricia after this hour. it's weakening about you still very serious mainly hurricane category 4 wind, 130 miles per hour. booking it now to the north northeast at 20 miles per hour. watch what happens. there is very high terrain in mexico with the mountains. look at this. by 6:00 o'clock saturday morning it's already downgraded to a tropical storm. those mountains are really just going to rip the system apart then it will trans ferry some of the moisture into a cold front that is moving across texas by the second half of the weekend. in terms of rainfall amount still locking at torrential flooding potentially right along the coast. pop of purple even pink and white those are in excess of about 8 inches of rain. you can see more than a foot of rain in some locates as the system pulls away from the western coast. tracking hurricane olaf in the pacific. what it could mean for our weather back in the bay area with full accu-weather 7 day forecast. >> thanks drew lot to cover there. >> hurricane is all but shut down the coastal 80's of puerta
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vallarta an this area including hotel and major ports. many resort guests are being evacuateed to guadalahara which is 125 miles away. more than 7 million residents along with estimated tens of thousands of u.s. citizens visiting there were told to prepare for worst case scenario. here's michelle. >>reporter: so gigantic it blocked out the sky. with wind so ferocious. they are fright engine everyone out of it path. hurricane patricia with gust as strong as 200 miles per hou hour. driving up to 20 inches of rain t.howled no mexico friday as category 5 storm. this angry surf advertise of what is to come and vacation area of puerta vallarta where they are boarding up, filling sand bag, street deserted and thousands of tourist try to out run patricia. >> we were evacuated from the hotel this morning for the
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hurricane. came to the convention center. then they said that it's not a safe place so we are going to the technical center. >>reporter: vacationers strandedd with her family. >> we have been running around trying to find a which out. a little concerned but we are trying to keep our gym physician on for the kid. >>reporter: this record setting hurricane the strongest ever to hit the america. 200 miles per hour wind enough to make cars even planes go airborne. lowest pressure ever recorded. >> it's literally mind boggling the only way to describe it is potentially catastrophic. >>reporter: mud slide flooding losing strength in land. over 20 million in the flash flood zone. flood watch for texas, louisiana and oklahoma with 10 to 12 fchs of republic full through the weekend. this is abc news new york. >> as the hurricane was bearing down thousands of people he have been ateed from coast side community. some of them have ties to people here in the by ties to people here in the by year. david with more
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>>reporter: it's only a matter of time before the worst of the hurricane will be obvious. and prayers are going out to loved ones protected from what could be a mass casualty event. >> we hope that as we pray together at the time hurricane doesn't destruct so many soing manyal the way especially lives of people, we don't lose a lot of lives. >>reporter: those who grew up there or know family there know the definite station of these mexican cities can suvrment many areas are rural and flood could go take out roads and bridges. >> very disconnected not a lot of main roads this go through it. all the community will be stranded. >>reporter: the he's president of the san jose base federation international. niece guadalahara for a conference. form others frantic calls being made to roach family. heavy rain is falling. >> the she's been trying to consolidate and she called him. she has been talking to them. they are pretty worried about what's going on right now.
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>>reporter: the m ex can consulate in san francisco unsure right now the kind of relief that will be needed. >> we are waiting to see to see what kind of international aid we are required e-it will impact tourism and farmers will see crop such as world trade center melon banana and corn destroyed and livestock killed by flooding. >> very own that all this tell disappear with this hurricane. >>reporter: in san jose, davi david, abc 7 news. >> for air travelers the effects of this hurricane remain minimal so far but that could change in the next few days. here's wayne. >>reporter: whether was it like at the airport today here not what you see here at sfo. andy one of the last to get ou out. >> it was a ghost town. but they say they would fly the flight they did it. >>reporter: he arrived in los angeles today on emergency flight operated by alaska
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airlines which cancelled 2 san francisco flights today. one in and one out. >> my today has a house there he's worried about it. >>reporter: generally speaking for a major hurricane this has had little impact on air travel so far but wait a couple days if hurricane patricia brings a storm presence to the south west as expected. >> we get a hurricane hit houston and we know in a couple days dallas will get about three days of just solid rain and thunderstorms. >>reporter: it's real possibility now in such scenario airline tend to plan conservatively. they take down flight schedules. >> they are not going to want to run a large number of flips into a region that could potentially see strandeded flights, diverted flights, don't want to get into the gamble any more. >>reporter: for now sfo pretty much unaffected by hurricane patricia. tell that to the woman who flew in from texas for a weekend of fun. >> i mean there wasn't really anything could i do. i was already going to come here and
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that's just the way it is. >>reporter: let's hope they pack some extra clothes. at sfo, wayne abc 7 news. president obama tweeted a message of support on twitter saying our thoughts are with the mexican people as they prison for hurricane patricia. u.s. aid disaster experts are on the ground and ready to help. american red cross already getting workers ready to?6tq)esponsible. volunteers asked to update the availability in case needed. agency says it's ready to provide first aid logistic, relief distribution as well as shelter. mexico suffered from another hurricane just a year ago. hurricane 0deal slammed into baja california in september of 2014. category 4 hurricane not quit as big as this one but caused 1.2 billion dollars in damage. power communication were cut. food was scarce. hundreds of u.s. citizens were stranded. if you have any family or friends in mexico and they sen you pictures or video from the hurricane patricia, please share with us on social media
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using the hash-tag abc 7 now. we'll show the picture on the air or on our web site. >> more coming on at 9:00. up next. deadly and fake. warning from authorities tonight about the lethal consequences of counterfeit drugs. big fbi raid in the bay year. did it make the street safer andrew will be right back with the bay area forecast what's in store for
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>> dark russ fake drug sold on the streets of san francisco. public health officials are sending out a warning that counterfeit version of the anti-anxiety drug zanex already caused one death. vic lee has more. >> nerve damage. mule breakdown with possible kidney damage. fluid in the lungs. then one individual who was found dead. >>reporter: dr. philip is talking about 4 people who took fake zanex pills late last week which they bought on the streets of san francisco. 3 almost died. the fourth never made it to the hospital. >> the zanex pill is oftentimes bought on the street by people who want to come down or colonel off after a night of partying or something leak that e-what they boughten steady was an extremely potent opiate
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called one masked as zanex. >> it's new on the street scene and seeing it package in a pill is the new for us. >>reporter: first outbreak in san francisco happened this summer. >> there was some white powder being sold as hearn. that was being ejected and resulted in 4 times our usual number of over dose. injebingd. >>reporter: zanex is increasingly popular among young people half dozen students from pinole cell high school had to be rushed to the hospital after they took the drug just this week the health department confirmed that the zanex pills were real. >> it functions a lot like an ep i pen. it. >>reporter: for the fake zanex the health department says it has been supplying with this antidote that can combat the drug as injectible and as a
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spray. 7 news. >> oakland police and fbi today arrested 15 suspected gang members in a marriage rid across the city. more than 100 police officers confiscated assault rifles. handgun. more than 100 marijuana plants as well as cocaine and cash in multiple location. known gang members involved in violent crime and all previously tag taken part in operation cease fire to help them go straight. >> we let them know we cared about them an they did not stop the violence that we were going to follow-up on the promise to hold them accountable. today was the day we held them accountable. >> investigators also questioning those arrested about man found shot to death last month near sky line boulevard and joaquin miller road in oak listen. they believe this was retaliation killing. police reresponsible to suicidal man in san leandro neighborhood ended with an #dighborhood ended with an lock down of 2 nearby high schools. the janet has the
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story. >>reporter: armed4 with a handgunjj. sky-" show the scene. normallyp quie@ neighborhood as weu)tj san leandro5b high schoowere both on lockyu down. >> right nextya to my ( school so i wanted ÷7 come and checkqn >>reporter: whatever happenednn next even police are not quite)z sure. purchaseqt they say7b officers felt threaten andn opened fire. critical decisions on a moment notice. >>reporter: about a dozen officers trained in crisis intervention and hostage negotiations tried to negotiate what the armed suspect before the exchange of gun fear. they were wearing body camera which will be a critical piece of evidence. >> that information will be down loaded. it will be revie reviewed that will help us understand from the officer perspective through their body camera what you happened today. >>reporter: it's not clear if
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the 46 year old suspect ended up shooting himself or if he was shot by officers. he's now in stable condition. neighbors are still shocked the violence spilled out on to their street in broad daylight. >> really surprising for this neighborhood but. >> scary i don't know e-alameda county district attorney's office will be conducting an individual investigation. this is abc 7 news. >> with el nino prediction loo looming the federal emergency management agency is urging doovl buy flood insurance and even if they live in low risk area can't buy blood insurance there's a 30 day waiting period for new flood insurance. fema suggesting that california come up with emergency response plans. drew jones us gv again. awy2f#nt bit of rain. not a toychbility come early sunday
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front only[ wed. im talk itrz qá scene outwe+í goz good visibility up thebszúu. m good visibility up thebszúu. m cloudsal ther temperature wise in the 60's t.coke land right now 61 mountain view at 65 san jose holding at 66qw morgan hill 65 and a half moon bay a bit cooler at 57 degrees. exploring camera showing embarcadero downtown financial financialal district under mainly clear sky. 59 santa rosa. 60 nap a.57 novato. 64 fairfield and concorde livermore at 68 degrees so. forecast with high cloud overnight tonight. mild beautiful fall day then sprinkle possible by sunday morning. the this is still being in trope for sal edge. then the waem front moves in on sunday. future weather start you off sunday morning.
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isolated sprinkle early on by 7:00 or 8:00 o'clock in the morning. it's right along the coast and north by. patchy drizzle out there by the afternoon on sunday this front fizzle out. mainly sunny sky and second half of the sunday is mainly dry. talk about tropical pacific weather right now beside hurricane patricia we still have hurricane olaf moving past. 120 miles per hour we watch what we hope for the moisture and transfer it to the cold front right here. unfortunatelyaa$at's really not going to happen. cold front is going to move by too quickly to bring us soaking reins. on lets next weej we could see wet hour wednesday then dry out most like most location would less than quarter inch of rain. over night patchy fog. low clouds. others 47 in napa. 56
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san francisco. we drop to 56 in fremont. then high for your saturday. we have the sunshine california san jose. 79 cupertino same in santa clay. peninsula tomorrow wed wood city and mountain view and 66 for half mob day. downtown san francisco 71. score for daly city. 78 sonoma go to 73 sauce let's 0. 78 vallejo into the east bay tomorrow. 65 hayward for richmond and inland in the low 80's and 85 livermore and 83 so the accu-weather shows you nice fall day tomorrow. sunday early morning sprinkle and sprinkle then the next chance of wren on wednesday. first half of wed we could see the showers. >> nice weekend with the exception of separates and sprinkle. >> very technical term. >> is that your catch phrase.
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>> the spencer calls it t.everybody has to have their own the news. politic of grumpy cat. feline famous for her spaceen quiring theltu president toç÷ make/gñ his own president toç÷ make/gñ his own grumpy cat face.
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>> these thick book represent the final piece of the environmental impact report on the gonld state warrior planned arena in san francisco. eir puts more parking control officers in the street currently work for joints
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gaichlts add 4 new light rail vehicle and call for special street access for mission bay residence and ucsf patients and staff. >> we have separated the pvt of travel so if you are coming for areason a he convenient you you stay on the arterial larger street and preserving the local street for the staff to get in and out of their parking garages. >>reporter: special fund will be created from expected arena revenue to pay for traffic improvement. opponent criticize the timing of the report released 11 days before voters asked to approve the project. >> it happened america. country commander in chief imitated a famous fee lean face. happened in washington. as president obama questioned why republican politician so down on america. >> gloomy. the they are like grumpy cat. pishtion there it
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was. the laughter proving the president did a pretty good job impersonating america beloved cat with the constant frown. he was speaking at the democratic women loadership forum reiterating the progress the party made during his administration. all right. another 30ment of 7 news at 9:00 is next. update on hurricane patricia and what impact it's had on the years hardest hit. >> also hillary clinton appearing to be reen viing rated after grueling day before the benghazi committee. >> you just want to life a normal life. they don't really know what that is. but we do. >>reporter: up next. twins bringing new hope to others. living with a rare and than i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder... ...whether i should seek treatment.
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>> we begin this half hour with update on hurricane patricia. which made land fall in mexico friday afternoon coming ashore with 165 miles per hour winds on the south west mexican coast. so far no immediate report of fatality or major damage but flooding and some land slides have been reported officials say the area that took the direct hit is sparsely populated so good news there. drew has been watching social media for more information on the hurricane. what do you have drew. >>reporter: like you mention wind coming ashore category 5 storm 165 miles per hour and now we get video in on social media. this from instant gram. tractor-trailer ahead of the truck probably got a nice gust of wind right along the shoreline watch it topple along the wet road which and wind gust likely in excess of 80 miles per hour in this area so pretty scary sight along the highway there. this next sort of coming from instant gram.
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this is charles. 90 degree angle the wednesday on shore were really vicious as the storm was category 5 storms you see some damage as the fence is falling apart and tree aichele getting ripped up off the ground. this is twitter the the written coming inside way and we expect several inches of wren fall overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning so flooding certainly going to be an he shall there along the roadway. also watching for mud slide along the mountain and beach erosion in the area as well. another video coming in from hector also showing the wind not as ferocious in the picture but far away from the center of the storm. this is puerta vallarta 200 miles removed from the center of the storm with strongest wednesday. tree top are swaying and rain on the ground. if you know someone or you are there and sharing the story about patricia use the hash-tag abc 7 now. couple of issues especially ago the coast near
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the center. >> thanks drew. >> to the rest for 2016. there has been a shift in the poll in iowa. dr. ben carson has taken a significant lead over donald trump. carson now polling at 28 percent trump with 19 percent. the tom with more. >>reporter: donald trump never shy especially about his poll numbers. >> i'm no. 1 in every poll. numbers unbelievable. boom boom boom boom. really amazing numbers. somebody said you love poll these only because even winning every single one of them. right? right? >>reporter: not any more. tonight in iowa trump now lose to go dr. ben carson who has drawn attention with the provocative statements i would not advocate that we put a muslim in charge of this natio nation. i absolutely would not agree with that. >>reporter: carson comments seem to help him with key voters trump is detroit tiger to weapon. >> i'm a good christian. okay. remember that. >>reporter: the. >> so today we pray for donald trump. >>reporter: you won't hear
9:32 pm
happy holiday from trump. >> if i become president we are going to be saying merry christmas at every store i'm saying merry christmas to whoever the hell want to hear it. >>reporter: i asked carson why he's doing so well. >> i don't change my message from one group to another grou group. people observe that. >>reporter: he says his success comes state from god. tonight new scenes of truly for early favored struggling. we learn that the jeb bush company is slashing payroll by 40 percent. company say they never proceed contradicted that the national republican front runner would be a reality television star. >> all right now to the democratic side after 11 hours of testimony on benghazi hillary clinton had her most profitable hour in the company so far. fundraising bonanza. here's jonathan karl e-hillary clinton literally took a bow today. clearly energize after surviving her marathon benghazi testimony. >> as some of you may know i
9:33 pm
had a pretty long day yesterday. >>reporter: long indeed. at one point she reached for a cough drop to keep from losing her voice. then hours and 15 minutes into the hearing mrs. mrs. clinton was asked 218th question. it was about where she was the night of the attac attacks. >> who else were you alon. >> i was alone yes. >> the whole night. >> well yes the whole night. >> i don't know why that's funny did you have any in person briefing. i don't fine it funny at all. >> i'm sorry a little note of levity at 7:15. >> democrat dreaded the hearing. today they are calling it a total victory. >> how about those 11 hours of testimony yesterday? >>reporter: hearing was the culmination of the best 10 days of her campaign. starting with her dominant performance in last week debate. >> there is no question since the debate we are seeing larger more enthusiastic crowds and
9:34 pm
more confident hillary clinton. >>reporter: this week 2 of her democratic opponents dropped out and joe biden said he wouldn't get in. but the benghazi hearing was the biggest test. >> a lot of things have been said about me but quitter is not one of them. >>reporter: jonathan karl reporting there. dramatic new image coming in after the deadly raid by u.s. special operation forces in iraq. one american commando killed during massive fire fight. master sergeant joshua wheeler was a father of 4 with 11 bronze stars. he was one month shy of his 40th birthday. pentagon warning there will be more raids leak this one. here's martha. >>reporter: tonight. new details of that rescue mission emerging. u.s. rereconnaissance had identified 4 mass graves near isis held facility. intelligence showing hostages there would be executeded after morning praye prayers. so at 2:00 a.m. yesterday american helicopters carrying troops and 30 u.s.
9:35 pm
special operation advisors land near the compound. fire fight broke out immediately. with the kurds being down and the mig on the verge of failure the u.s. soldiers jumped in. with wheeler playing a pivotal role. up to 20 isis militant killed. 70 hostages rescued. but wheeler was fatally wounded. role of u.s. forces in iraq debated for week to come after the raid but right now the focus is on the community suffering an unexpected and tragic loss. martha abc news in the persian gulf. one woman powerful sense of smellwñ could be keyw= to early diagnosis an treatment of par parken sons disease. joy says she noticedpz a change inos2b hr husband> about 20 yourself ago." later diagnosed with!( parkinson's. she wonderedmí ifh the heavy slightlyns musky arom= may have beenó app early
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detectorzl. thm' foundation'a% uju)jtgí him whd out those who had the disease nearly 100 percent of the time. >> new work done on rare and than curable disease tonight. family from all over the country travel to stanford for new study and we met with a pair of 10-year-old and has the parents new hope tonight. >> they aarrive at stanford university with laughter. and jokes. the the the the the the the looking at the twins you wouldn't know they are battling a rare incurable disease. but the parents strong and hopeful know the reality. average life span for people is 27 years. kevin wonders if he will ever walk her down the aisle. >> only every day. sorry.
9:37 pm
well, you just want them to live a normal life an they don't really know what that is. but we do. e-the between say the parent make sure they are not missing out. >> they are awesome. >>reporter: what is awesome about it. >> everything. >>reporter: this is genetic. buildup of the amino acid in the body causing wide spread damage. kidney then other organ. buildup and buildup and then the cells die. that causes tissue damage throughout the body. >>reporter: die tier yaition of bone and muscle is the wors worst. that's what the study today is all about. cutting edge scanner capture data on the phone in great detail. just one more piece of information and research that make them hopeful for the future. >> they are still naive to a lot of it. soak that up as
9:38 pm
long as they cap. it will look leak this 30 people with this disease travel here from all1z over the country as far away as alaska. results from today likely published in a few year years. if palo alto, abc 7 news. oakland base pandora lost 35 percent of the valley today. stumble after the company posted 85 million dollar loss in the third quarter. streaming music service blaming the launch of apple music and costly edition and there will be a 3 percent growth in the fourth quarter of this year. bird eye view back home after bird eye view back home after more than a month of rehab.
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>> some very happy birds are back at home in the bay tonight after more than a month in rehab. jonathan with more on exactly what was wrong and the mystery surroundingo(r3 it. >>reporter: rus let his 12-year-old do the honors. releasing. 10 common bird back÷ san francisco niecec9. that's what we want toew hear e-a)[ beard way of satisfying thank5d you and goodbye.2r >> sound they make is a happy a long road for the sea bird. >> they have been with us for 4 to 5 weeks. e-they have been at the international bird rescue in fairfield. many of them being fed through tube to row game the strength. they lock like penguin found along bay area beaches e.people would often say i saw a penguin on the beach what's it doing on the beach. >> they shouldn't be on the
9:43 pm
beach they should be out in the ocean fishing e-they deev unwater to find fish but one on the beaches were hungry. >> they are telling us change going on in the environment. and they are having a harder time finding fish. >>reporter: lingering question is why? take in 10 of beard in a month would be normal. but they have taken in 4 50 in a three-month period. >> 97 had this many bird this time of the year come in e-they have a theory. >> climate change. ocean water this summer were effective to continue degrees warmer. we believe that bus of the warmth the fish are diving deeper. the fish that they forum for e-these are the often to show up at the bird rescue after oil spill with others showing up later. at least 60 still being nursed back to health n.a few week the hard work will pay off. >> goes by 10 seconds back out in the wild it's a feeling that last a lot longer than that. abc 7 fuss. >> up next on 7 news at 9:00.
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final check on hurricane pa tretion. meteorologist drew is tretion. meteorologist drew is up next
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>> all right one last check of the weather and hurricane patricia could be headed next as it breaks apart over the mexican mountains. >> over the next 6 hours the storm is rapidly going to weaken as iten counters the mountains. right now hurricane patricia is still category 4 storm. major hurricane. wind right now 130 miles per hour but she is mooing to the north northeast at 20 miles per hour. look how quickly she turns no a tropical storm happening tomorrow morning so quickly weakening as she moves inland. what happen some of the moisture from patricia will be transferred into a cold front
9:48 pm
that is currently moving its way across texas and could bring soaking showers there. lots of sunshine for the west eastern half. eown into dl last as well. here's the storm ill seventh. cold front and brings soaking showers. second half of the week looking at to temperaturesal rain for second half of the wean so those downpour will likely cause some flooding. there's flash flood watch for majority some part into sun into wet weather across the state. dry sky lots of sunshine. 84 for sacramento 88 l.a. 93 palm spreption and is a hoe very comfortable and fall like at67 degrees. zoom into the bay year. lots of sunshine high cloud but rather warm ep land. 88 t yoyv at 71
9:49 pm
for tomorrow even. 78 the forecast shows us you tonight though we kould some sprinkle out there. otherwise afternoon sunshine into monday tuesday of next week. another cold front on we say this would be in the morning of nothing significant unfortunately. >> stick around we have fun stuff here. hall week a week ago at special treat. >> what was he think. feathers are full of them weather anchor spencer reading to students at ford on lowell m interest ri school. halloween party from the black had a goon. enter vits spart fetches that pictur
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pictured at prevent today meet may teaming up with starbucks to help city base committee. they have a special drink called beast mode that's lunch nickname of course. developed develop the bench. contain as bunch of protein and draz el and looking that. post work out have it any time. sales revenue go to atlanta charity pfaff only available in the estate of oakland. might catch on. sumo wres remembers not known for sprinter speed but assumer taking a national this is just ab sushd. guyiñ closet to the camera won by a belly. the belt they wear is called
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of then thaet good place to get out of the video right there i think. late night pizza and that's good. >> always together. >> don't want that look. any way world here's is all
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