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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 29, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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there is a list outing some of the bay area's worst water wasters. and looking live from drone view 7 above a par. ed lake north of stockton. we'll take a look at how dire the situation has become. raider nation lines up in hopes of keeping their team in oakland. and the visit from law enforcement today that was all smiles. what brought these three people back together? they're athletes, doctors
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and lawyers but tonight, they're being outed for using water as if the state isn't a drought. i'm dan ashley. sky 7 hd flew above some of the homes so what do they are to say for themselves? >> laura anthony is live in orinda with the story. laura? >> reporter: the average daily usage per household is just over 200 gallons per day. many of these folks are using thousand s per day, but some told us they've cut back dramatically. >> this place was built, and designed when water was plentiful. >> reporter: dan manages a property. according to east day mud, they used 7,000 gallons per day. holmes says that is a drop from a high of 23,0002 years ago.
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>> we let the grass die. we don't run the water fall anymore. just the swimming pool. our average today is about 6,000. that is 75% reduction in water use. >> reporter: still, the property is near the top of the latest list from east bay mud, including an inporterho averages 9600 gallons per day and steven byrd, former ceo of safeway in alamo. donald foil is also on the list, averaging 3,000 per day. he says he thinks he has a leak. >> i just want to make sure everybody knows this is not acceptable well. should try to be better. help each other. >> leaks happen to everyone.
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so the thing you need to do is fix them. >> reporter: there is one more excessive user list coming out with the next billing cycle. now, breaking news in los angeles. this big fire in a recycling yard in south los angeles neighborhood, west of interstate 110. we've been watching flames and smoke pouring over the city. the department of water and power has been called because of power lines down. the company called active recycling is at that address. uc berkeley police are investigating a possible case of drugging at one of the fraternities. police are not releasing anymore details but it may involve more than one person being drugged. police sent out a consumer alert to students, warning them not to leave drinks unattended and someone under the influence of alcohol or drugs can not give
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sexual consent. a san francisco dentist is in jail, accused of shipping marijuana from california to new york. officers arrested jerome white in new york. he's charged with criminal sale of marijuana and conspiracy. he runs mission dental health promoting his practice at pot friendly. this is what officers confiscated. investigators say he stepped in to take over a marijuana transportation business after his son was arrested. raider nation is about to get a chance to make a pitch to the nfl. fans are pouring into a meeting in oakland that is set to get underway soon. alan wong is live with more. alan? >> reporter: raiders made it clear if the city can't come up with a proposed deal, they're son, so this meeting is the two-minute warning. fans showed up here early?
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hopes of filling out seats. they'll be trying to convince executives to keep the raider s in oakland but raiders and chargers are teeming up on a proposed $1.7 billion shared stadium, built in carson, outside of l.a. but there is competition. st. louis rams want to move back to l.a. and proposing a stadium there. oakland has been struggling to finance a stadium to keep the raiders here. the city would have to pay half of it. fans are feeling unloved. >> just feels we're left to hang out to dry. we show up and support them. and it's kind of like them. >> now, where is your loyalty?
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>> reporter: nfl owners are expected to vote as early as january. the meeting starts at 7:00 here and we're expecting passionate arguments from members of the raider nation. two men are accused of leading police on a wild chase through brentwood, ending when a driver of a blue honda slammed into a chp car. police say the driver and passengers sped away. no word on whereabouts of a san francisco stock raider missing in london. >> he flew for a job interview
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and vanished. he was supposed to fly home on thursday but never made the flight. police say the young man was last seen leaving his hotel the day of his return flight. sanchez-maldnodo's family is now in london, looking for their son. this man says he tried to turn himself in for murdering his ex-girlfriend but was turned away. more on what we're learning about the victim and the joy brought to many people. >> the sheriff's office denied our request for comment. but those who knew the victim say they'll never forget the commitment to serving others in the community. this smile is what friends and family will remember most. police found her strangled and
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stabbed to death downtown. >> she was generous and kind. and she brought a real passion for sharing. and healthy life styles and recipes. >> she graduated from san jose state in 2010 but went back to school to become a nurse. passionate about helping others lead healthier lives. hugo castro is being held without bail where he said he tried to surrender before a deputy turned him away. and redirected him to the police department. the retired judge was named chair of the santa clara county jail commission this week, she has questions regarding practices. >> who in law enforcement
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doesn't say okay, we need to talk and say you're going to stay here. >> the sheriff's office launched an investigation just two months after the death of an inmate allegedly at the hands of guards inside of the jail. >> friends set up a go fund me page to help with expenses. a santa cruz judge set a preliminary date for a teenager accused of killing 8-year-old maddy middleton. the case is being delayed because attorneys need to review forensic tests. police say gonzales kidnapped, sexual assaulted and strangled maddy in july. the body found in a recycling bin where they both lived. health officials say we may never know the exact source of the shigella outbreak linked to a restaurant that sickened
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nearly 200 people in six counties. officials didn't find the bacteria in any samples and say one worker did test positive. they don't believe that person was the source but instead got sick from eating the food. >> a live look from drone view 7. >> standing in the middle of the reservoir, 20 feet of water should be above me. a unique view in a live report, coming up. i'm spencer christian. another dry day, signs of our next bit of rainfall, i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up in just a moment. >> and later, go pro is struggling. what is behind it's stock and what the company hopes to do to
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this is drone view 7 live with one of the worst droughts in california history we are live with a story that will get your attention. drew? >> reporter: more than a million people from the east bay get their water from this reservoir. but i should be surrounded now by millions of gallons of water. live drone 7 will show you that it is a diven picture now. drone view 7 shows you a parched
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landscape. this is one of the supplies that dipped to near-record lows. take a look at this view. this reservoir just at 28% capacity. >> the system, all seven are under 50%. >> reporter: 70% of california is in a drought with half of the state in exceptional drought. the most serious category is across the state, the largest reservoirs near historic lows. shasta is at the 31%. don pedro, 31%. san louis, 17%.
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>> it is so severe, governor brownish yued an executive order mandating reductions in water use in april. there is a series of water ways in the bay area. >> we haven't delivered this water to customers since 1988. >> officials opened a bypass and let the water flow. national weather service predicts there is a 95% an el nino will last throughout the winter. >> it offers an opportunity for potentially greater than average precipitation. >> michael anderson says this doesn't mean the state will see rain. >> there are parts that do, some
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years they don't. >> we're going to be in a rough spot next year. taking a look over the reservoir, this is one of the sources of water for people in the bay area. if rains don't come, this reservoir will get lower. geologists say the earthquake storm is not record setting. 470 quakes go back to october 13th.
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the storm may continue for several more weeks but say it is not an indication a larger quake is coming. >> the bay area may be known for earthquake activity but it is not the naturally dangerous place on the west coast. seattle is. the city can experience an earthquake and volcanoes. >> today, an emotional reunion between a san francisco police officer and deputy sheriff and a young woman they saved from a car near tracy. vic lee has the story you'll see only on abc7 news. >> it is a tender moment. reunited with a young woman.
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guidance is what she and her mother called it. >> i tell her you guys are my little angels. i'm glad to have another chance in life. >> the 18-year-old has been hospitalized since the accident three weeks ago. it happened at night, where highways 580 and 205 meet. she was ejected. >> i saw fire and just tried to get up but it won't help. >> the deputy saw the accident. he quickly rushed over to her. >> it is about 15-20 feet in the
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vehicle. she was face up. her face covered in blood. horrific. the vehicles were on fire and overturned. >> the officer who happened to drive by at the same time. he, too, stopped and helped. >> make sure they're out of harm's way. >> the two, with help were able to pull her to the road. >> these are things we normally do. >> but brianna has another name for them. >> heros and my angels. >> how great is that? this is a look after the first dusting of day. >> if you're up in the area or see snow where you are, please,
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send in pictures or video. >> cool. >> yes. >> spencer, everyone is enjoying the halloween forecast? >> my costume is not rain proof. >> i'm wearing mine. my parents gave it to me. this is a great job. we have clear skies and a gorgeous sunset. this is a view from our camera looking over the bay under clear skies. it's 67 degrees in mountain view. morgan hill, 69, and 63 in half moon bay. it's 735 in santa rosa. and 73 in livermore. the skies are clear, and these are the forecast features, warm
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sunshine, dry mild in halloween. there is a chance of rain sunday night into monday. high pressure building in and bringing us nice, warm conditions. it's going to be a ghostly evening. there is a weak cold front, and as the front approaches, there is a chance of rain here sunday evening, coming behind the front. and that bringing us a better chance of rain so let's take a look at conditions overnight. clear skies and clear conditions where lows will drop into mid to upper 40s.
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highs around 80 degrees in san jose. upper 60s to low 70s on the coast. the high of 74 tomorrow, north bay highs, upper 60s to low 70s on the coast. we'll see highs of 78 in oakland and 80 in fremont. here is the accu-weather forecast. warm saturday and don't forget to fall back to standard times. and there is a chance of rain that will feel more like fall. >> thank you. >> okay. >> it is one of the
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most-irritating moments for any smart phone user when the thing breaks. >> new numbers showing how many americans are carrying around phones that look just like that. >> your favorite sports teams are offering coke branded credit cards. are they worth the [female announcer] during mattress price wars at sleep train, save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. don't miss mattress price wars at sleep train.
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dan noyes is here with a preview of an i team investigation. >> well, on the scale of stories i investigate there is nothing more important than life or death. it's a fact, police departments
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here in the bay area and across the country are not doing as good a job of solving murders as they did decades ago. i investigate why. >> we're less likely to kill a spouse or girlfriend. so what are left are some murders that are more difficult to solve. >> one police department launched a project being watched around the country. will it work? the early results are very promising. i'll have the story tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. >> really. >> interesting. >> thank you. >> it's important. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> the navigation app, waze is out with the three-most dangerous intersections for pedestrians in san francisco. topping the list, the weaving intersection at mission 12th street, with 17 lanes of
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crosswalks. ten were hit by cars there. >> all right. you keep using your smart phone after the screen cracks. a survey found every two soekdz someone drops a smart phone. 30% continue to use their owns after they've cracked. and 7% break phones after they throw them. >> wow. >> getting to 0. >> 0 new infections. 0 preventible deaths. >> a man only in san francisco. and that action to deflate a
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costly mistake with gunfire. what this massive balloon was
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today, china ended it's one child policy and exceptions have been rare and sometimes subject to penalty. this has to do with a shrinking work force in china. abc7 news looks at how the old rule created an adoption boom and how a family of four will change china's economy. the policy has been in effect over three decades, couples having a child usually prefer a boy. nearly nine out of every ten chinese children have been girls, nearly six #,000 in all. the new two child policy will be a major change. >> glenn silver is from adoption
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international, one of the agencies araininging for americans to adopt children from china. >> they have to have a girl, now there is an opportunity to have a son. that only seems to matter in rural areas now. in some cities, girls are fine now. >> reporter: experts say china has a reason for ending the policy. the population would shrink overtime, meaning a smaller work force. >> without that additional pool of labor, it would be rough and hard to take care of the older generation. >> the old policy allow parents to spoil single child but meant a grown up child would be alone in chairing for grandparents and
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parents. if the family of four replaces a family of three, as the new norm, you'll have to spend more money on education, building classrooms for the children. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> there is a new leader of the house of representatives. he is urging colleagues to work together. the 54-year-old is the youngest speaker of the house. >> and we're finding out.
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military officials say the blimp is a radar system designed to protect cruise missiles. the cost, $235 million. >> concern is not only where does it come down but keeping people away from technology because it's sensitive. they don't want anyone that shouldn't see it to see it. >> crews are in the process of removing the tail section. >> a veteran is recovering from a beating tonight at the hands of two men who accused him of stolen valor. this happened saturday night in a bar near sacramento. one man asked for a military id because it was ant active beauty, both men began beating the victim and shouted stolen valor at him. >> i would like to say to both of them, you should never do that to another veteran.
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to another brother that served. >> she says she's never seen the attackers before saturday night. police are hoping video will lead them to the men. san francisco is taking on a tough, important challenge to become the first city with no new hiv infections. once the epicenter of the crisis, san francisco has unveiled a strategy called getting to 0. abc7 news explains the plan. >> nih has been the first for the health crisis. >> we didn't know and didn't have a way to diagnosis and didn't have treatments and people die within six to month months of coming to see us. >> in 2013 there were over 350 new cases. now, the city is on the way to 0, possibly by 2020. that is five years from now.
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>> 0 new infections and 0 preventible deaths among people living with hiv. >> here is how the agencies plan to achieve that. >> now, the san francisco foundation has 600 clients. the new building will allow them to expand and increase the number of cleents. second, begin treating patients on the day they're diagnosed and third, do more outreach, care among the vulnerable populations like the homeless and those with mental abuse problems. city hall will dedicate to the plan, mac cosmetics donating through their aids fund. >> people have forgotten that hiv has taken such a toll. >> and going from ground 0 in
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the 80s and 90s to 0 is something he, and others thought they'd never see. in the newsroom, abc7 news. thank you, lyanne. >> we're learning of a $2 billion fraud scheme related to the oil spill. prosecutors accused seven people of submitting false claims on behalf of 40,000 people in alabama, louisiana and mississippi without consent. a texas lawyer is among those accused of exploiting a disaster relief program, alleging that among the clients were dead people and a dog named lucy lu. >> staying alive on a journey to
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mars. and they hope to resolve problems in the next 20-25 years. >> and what go pro is trying to
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tonight's bay area business watch, go pro is struggling. the company, today, admitted it made a major blunder when releasing one of its newest cameras. we look into what's happening. here at the skate park if you see a camera it's probably one of these. >> i'm never worried about running go pro. it's instructable, man. when they first introduced it it was crazy. i didn't believe it would be a success. >> but that camera took off in the surf, snow, and on the stock market until recently. >> i didn't know it was making that much money. i feel like they would.
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>> everyone knows the company's marketing. a camerases itself. >> with the stuff on their page. >> here is a heart stopping image. the stock price. after a troubling call it plunged to the lowest it's ever been. >> this is a bummer but they're working through it. >> they have dropped the price from $400 to $300 with new detours and sales remain sluggish. >> thank you. >> why aren't more people buying these? the guys have a theory. never mind competition. for them, the competitors is a go pro they have from last year that still works fine. >> i believe my buddies bought theirs a year ago.
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i don't see many friends buying them at all. >> they hope to release this video shot from a drone they're working on. they have long used hero cameras. maybe they'll call the flying camera a super hero. >> wall street, stock plunged 15% today. the markets were down but not as much. the dow lost 23 points. >> plans to demolish san francisco's only remaining tennis facility are on hold tonight. they had a proposal to make way for new office space. members of the club aren't opposed but want to keep the two dozen courts. >> are
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if you want to flash your team spirit there are options out there but are they worth carrying? michael finney has been looking into that and now has a review. >> i am. i have reported that you have to be selective. many don't offer perks but sports teams that is a different
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story. >> cody frasier is wearing 49ers but is a card carrying giants fan. he has the giants credit card. >> i'm going to take care of him. >> credit cards are beginning to catch on. here is the founder of walaby financial. >> we found there are great cards for teams. some of them have great cash back deals that are saving money over a year. >> his recent survey has found him liking them as much as fans do. andrea has a 49ers card. >> how long have you had it? a year ago. >> do you like them? >> i love having these. that is my team. >> he says it's one of the best
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cards out there and lends a hand in paying for tickets. >> so we know that tickets are very expensive. the average is $117 now. you can get 0% for five months. >> now, to check out the cards go to i have a link there to the wallaby financials website. to see my reports go to and select 7 on your side. >> mr. money bags there. >> yes. >> thank you so much. >> all right. let's update the weather forecast. >> yes. wickedly warm weather still to come. >> you're right about that. it's clear now as you can see. and mild today with warmer weather. tomorrow, we'll see highs into mid to upper 80s. 85 in los angeles. in the bay area, highs, sunny skies, from low 70s on the coast
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to mid and upper 70s around the bay, mid-80s inland. looking ahead to halloween forecast, for saturday, well, by 5:00 will be sunny, and mild but 7:00 we'll see darkness and by nine, mostly gloeftly. two warm days coming our way, becoming cloudier, cooler and wetter, showers continuing into monday, then, dry and cool for the week. >> wow. >> that is for sure. >> thank you. >> okay. >> a lot going on in sports. >> larry beil, how is it going? >> charles woodson should get like a car or something big. you're not going to believe
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good evening, most nfl defensive backs have retired. charles woodson is not most defensive backs. the raiders ageless wonder named afc defensive player of the
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month today, beating out guys almost half his age. this is astounding. two picks coming against the guy he beat out in the 1998 heisman trophy, peyton manning. and he says aging doesn't bother him too much. >> this is always thrown in your face about your age. i'm here with guys that are 22, 23 years old. i think about it, i've been doing this all my life. you know? >> so 39 is not a death sentence, okay? a huge game saturday. bears trying is to snap a two game losing streak.
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and he struggled and the defense has given us big plays against utah and ucla. >> they've done this the way they've wanted them to. i think just getting into a rhythm is the best way to describe it. it's hard to pinpoint what we need to do. >> yes. we're disappointed to be 5 and 2 but realize that we're right there with everybody else. and you know, we know we've got to just keep grinding. >> pcu hosting west virginia. first quarter, touchdown. 17 yard scores. and a look at boyken here and somersaults into the end zone. are you kidding me?
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in the third quarter, 30-10. college hoops around the corner. cal ranking 14th thanks to one of the top recruiting classes in the classroom. fisher will star georgia player of the year, jaylen brown. they were friends, now they're roommates in berkeley. they met the media today. and look out. >> i kind of played a role for him like this. you know? that is the hole i played. he's walking around. it's cool just seeing that. and i'm happy for him. i didn't know he was funny but the guy is a comedian. he thinks he is. >> i'm the closest thing to a comedian on the team. >> multiple reports out, saying
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he's going to be hired and official announcements should come after the world series. for the first time, dodgers only made it to nlcs once. last night, one lucky fan took a half court shot and drilled it. his prize, not a car or cash. he's getting tator tots for life courtesy of sonic. really? tator tots? that is it? for that moment? abc7 sports brought to you by bank of the west. >> they're great. >> really? >> no. >> that is it. >> okay. >> into it. >> that is not. >> okay. >> that is motivation to
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continue. >> the is concern halloween could mean a lot of kids wind up in the emergency room because of treats. >> and a massive stash of cash and drugs. tonight a colleague of the san francisco dentist now accused of an interstate pot operation. >> now, looking ahead at abc7, the great pumpkin, charlie brown followed by scandal and abc # news at 11:00. >> look for breaking news on twitter on abc7 news bay area. >> we appreciate your time. [female announcer] during mattress price wars at sleep train,
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save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. don't miss mattress price wars at sleep train.
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