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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  November 6, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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to hear from a former twitter employee who is blowing the whistle on a lack of diversity in the company. and how middleton is coming together after many homes were lost. a candle light vigil to honor the victims of a stabbing spree at uc merced. >> we're hearing from collin kaepernick for the first time since he was sacked. >> i don't see any black guys on twitter. he says he tried to give suggestions but hardly anyone would listen. good evening, i'm dan ashley.
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>> this after another former employee wrote a blog that created a buzz that he writes to be a leader in he lick nating environments where i am the only african american in engineering leadership. >> melanie live with the story. >> reporter: a senior vice president at twitter, of engineering, responded to the blog post, with his own public response. both he and a twitter spokesperson say the company is committed to diversity, but another former employee tells abc7 news he made suggestions to help the company recruit more diverse candidates and the suggestions were dismissed. two former twitter employees say
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diversity was lacking. >> to me it was refreshing when i saw a new brown face at work. >> reporter: he says he worked as a business development manager, i position he said he had with another company that twitter acquired. >> when you can count the people of color by hand. that is not diversity. >> reporter: one twitter employee posted a blog about the lack of diversity after his layoff. he says he gave notice after three years and writes with my departure, twitter no longer has managers, directors, or vps in engineering or product management. he says he and edwards question where the employees were. >> black lives matter, why don't you hire some of them? >> reporter: he says he outlined
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a plan for diversity recruiting. twitter's senior vice president of engineering responded to mike mily's post, writing we as a company are working to address our blind spots quickly to make twitter and the people who use our services, proud. twitter in an e-mail says this includes expansion of our inclusion and diversity program, diversity recruiting and resource group led initiatives. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. many families across the bay area will likely have to forgo eating dungeness crab this season. commercial rock season has been
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closed, toxic algae blooms made them too dangerous to eat. state officials will continue to test for toxins and could reopen the season if the level drops. federal agents arrested three tsa agents for drug smuggling. the three held supervisory positions at san francisco international airport. investigators say for a fee, the three would allow cocaine to be smuggled through airport security check points. all three worked for covenant aviation security which contracts for security at sfo. in middleton tonight, it's the home coming football game, late, but the first had been scheduled after the fire that destroyed 585 homes. wayne freedman is live in the north bay tonight. wayne? >> reporter: high school home comings are about roots, family, friends and memories.
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there is home coming going on in middleton tonight. this is not about football. we're just two months short of the fire now, going from scenes like this, of despair, to delight. now, home coming is for real this time, a more meaningful way. >> people are here for you. there are more people, more happiness. there is no more sadness going on. >> reporter: it tells stories of 97 who lost homes, it might take another two months. so rose's dad, the chief, had been dispatched elsewhere. yes, her father fighting other fires. >> we didn't know if he was okay.
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we didn't know. >> that is sean roadrick, working on the banner. >> it doesn't make us stronger for the kids. does it help the school? >> i don't know. someone has a plan. we're thankful. >> yes. it is home coming tonight in middleton. the community lost many of the homes. >> we may have lost everything but we didn't lose each other. it doesn't mean anything else except just stuff, really. >> ruins to resolve. from middleton, wayne freedman, abc7 news. a convicted child molester was back in court, charged with sexually abusing more children in an unlicensed group home he was running in richmond. he was charged with ten counts
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of child molestation. police expect more victims to come forward now. investigators say they lived in his group home near kennedy high school. he's a rental sistered sex offender convicted twice, before of molesting children. san francisco police released a mug shot of a suspected drunk driver accused of hitting 2, 12-year-old boys. he is charged with child endangerment and driving under the influence. the two were hit in the marina district, suffering serious head trauma but both are expected to recover. >> state health officials say an infant in stanislaus county died of the flu, he was less than 12
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months old. police caught a woman suspected of robbing two banks this week. these photos show a woman involved in robberies, police arrested a 22-year-old. they're not disclosing how much cash she made off with. no one was hurt. the san jose restaurant linked to. shigella outbreak is open again. they reopened yesterday after getting an all clear from the county health department. the owner doesn't believe his employees or food is responsible for the outbreak. . >> i feel bad for the people that got sick. but it's not in my hands. i'm an employee, you know? bringing people back to my stores. >> sergio cruz says business has fallen off 70% since the outbreak. investigators have no answers as to what caused this outbreak. interested to hear from
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49ers quarterback collin kaepernick today, speaking out for the first time since he was benched. >> it's a difficult situation. there is nothing to say. he has to accept it. when announced this would allow kaepernick to take a break. he said he's not out of breath and doesn't need a break. he says he will accept the role of backing up. >> i do everything to try to help the team win, support teammates and help us get a "w" on sundays. i don't believe in pressure. pressure is not being prepare forward what you want to do. to me, i played four seasons, played successfully. mentally, i've been through it before. i'm not incapable of going through something. >> whether he returns as a starter remains unclear at this point. but niners are going to have to
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see how gabbert plays. this team is 2 and 6. >> kaep had a strange contract, right? >> his contract is guaranteed only for injuries so if he suffers a devastating injury, they'd not be encouraged to rush him back. to see what gabbert gives you. >> thanks, larry. >> still ahead at 6:00 students take back their campus at uc merced today. helping those in need this holiday season. what has many standing in line this morning. i'm spencer christian in san jose. how far your modest donation can
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go in fighting hunger in the bay area. a gorgeous end to the work week. now, a storm system moves in over the weekend. how it will affect where you live in the accu-weather forecast.
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the man accused of stabbing air force hero spencer stone during a fight last month made a court appearance today. james tran was charged with attempted murder, tran, who was
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denied bail did not enter a plea. stone and two friends stopped a terrorist attack on a paris-bound train in late august. happening now, a show of solidarity by students and faculty at uc merced following the week's shocking stabbing on campus. >> that is right. >> reporter: he was shot after stabbing four people on the merced campus here on wednesday morning. now, students are not letting this tragedy define them, saying it's bringing the community closer together. this was the first day of classes since the wednesday incident. uc merced students said they did not want the tragic events of the week to define them. they gathered in an attempt to mourn of loss of innocence. many students left campus after the shooting but hundreds are
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here tonight for this event which included a candle light vigil. >> it's really important, symbolic representation of us, as students taking our campus back. you know? usually some people are shaken up, they don't feel comfortable. i think it's great we're uniting to be there for each other. >> the students marched over the bridge where the shooting occurred. they gathered later when addressed by the chancellor. the event is just winding down. all in all, a very emotional day on campus. thanksgiving is just 20 days away, today, a south bay charity is making sure thousands of families will receive what they need for a holiday meal. abc7 news is in san jose. families braved the chill, camping out overnight to sign up for food boxes. they'll receive one for thanksgiving and another for
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christmas. sacred heart will help 7200 families. >> we're anticipating serving more children this year with our program. so we're going to give out toys for 6,000 kids so 18,000 toys this year. >> if you'd like to give there is a need for 4,000 turkeys for thanksgiving. and give where you live, thanksgiving food drive is helping bay area food banks serve 800,000 people each month. >> this is an exciting time of the year to be able to be involved with this. spencer christian is live. hi, spencer. >> hi, dan. you're right. we're excited about our involvement. joining me now is kathy jackson. good to see you again. >> good to see you, too. >> well, we have quite a display of items in a $25 donation providing this amount of food. >> it's amazing. look at what we can do. ten pounds of chicken, canned
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goods, milk, eggs, whole grain pasta, fruits and vegetables. it's kind of amazing and if $25 will do this, imagine what $2500 will do. >> i understand $1 provides two nutritious meals? >> it's true. because of the way we source our food and efficiency, we can take a dollar and turn it into not just two meals, but two healthy meals for people in the community. >> i am going to invite viewers to text the word feed to 80077 for a $10 donation which will go a long, long way. >> fabulous, thank you. ski season is underway. about a thousand people hit the slopes for opening day along interstate 80. long time employees are calling the best opening day in ten years thanks to more than ten inches of snow with some man
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made stuff as well. >> not that i'm counting. >> they're going to get excited up there. good news is that it's a good start to the season. >> we're dry and temperatures are falling. out there now, spots in the 50s. 57 san francisco. 50 in hayward this evening. 55 in napa now. fremont, grab heavier jacket. numbers are going to fall into the 40s.
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the cold front brings us wet weather. could see breaks in the rain, and afternoon. heavier showers moving in once again. so here is the set up. so here is the cold front bringing rain sunday. so going hour by hour, saturday, dry. by 7:00 marching through the bay area so, if you're up early you're going to have showers to morning. showers moving inland and portions of the south bay. low pressure system moves in and we can see a chance of thundershowers early monday.
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monday morning we're in the middle of the morning rush. light sunday, a tenth inch. then, heavier showers moving in monday. higher snow chances by monday evening. dropping into 30s, a lot of 40s across the bay. nice start to the weekend with lots of sunshine, a chilly start. 62 san francisco. and here is your accu-weather forecast. weekend starting off dry. first sunday morning a break,
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then heavier steady around monday morning. it's extended forecast, sunshine and dry weather. >> it's already friday. >> yes. >> tonight an i team investigation into a confrontation between a student and school van driver. the boy accidentally recorded it and his parents were stunned when they saw it. >> made me sick to my stomach. to me it sounded like. >> well, coming up at 6:00, 2 students in a central valley school get the surprise of a lifetime. plus... an entertaining
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it's unlike any other, you're looking at one of the highlights of the carnival on pier 48 in san francisco.
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the show highlights educational entertainment for all. you can check it out tomorrow as well as sunday. >> i promise we didn't speed up the video. quick reflexes will take center stage in hayward tomorrow. some of the best rubik's cube players will show off their talents. there is a preview today, solving a cube in nine seconds flat. the event starts at 9:30 at hayward city hall. i can't tell what they're doing. >> you can take stickers off and put them back on. that is my skill level. >> i can do that. two sisters thought they're going to an awards ceremony this morning. >> little did they know a surprise was waiting for them
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right behind that curtain. >> this is a great welcome home, daddy. >> their father, who had been overseas came home early from deployment. >> he has been in the army 13 years, his latest deployment lasted more than a year. they're planning a trip to chuck e cheese. love those home comings. >> yes. and coming up a hidden danger that could be in your home. one thing every parent needs to look out for. >> why some are upset carly fiorina did not correct what one of her supporters said about the president today. who ben carson blaming for allegations he lied about his allegations he lied about his teen
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. michael finney reported for years about the death of window cords. >> one bay area family's truly tragic story. >> he was a happy baby. he would go into a room. his face would light up. >> this is jacob fox, 16 months old, hours before he died. >> i have dreams, still, of the way i found my son. >> michelle had just put her triplets down for a nap. giggling, then, a scream. >> like a frantic scream. i ran up the stairs. >> littlerica somehow knew her brother was in danger. >> i saw jacob with the cord wraps around his neck.
7:31 pm
>> she found him hanging from the cord next to his crib. >> i took the cord off and laid him on the floor. >> reporter: he was put on a respirator, two weeks later no, sign of life. >> it was a tragic decision to let him go. he was brain dead. he wasn't going to have a life. >> that was seven years ago, only now are they able to share his story in the hopes this never happens to another child. the consumer products safety commission has been warning about the dangers of the window cords for 30 years. this is the safety alert from 1985. the hocks were aware and protected him from the pull cord. >> i did what the blind told me to, to wrap it out of his reach. >> they didn't know about the inner cord. that is what he pulled.
7:32 pm
maybe trying to stand up. a cord can kill in seconds, babies unable to cry out. records show 405 children were strangled by cords. the horrifying website, parents for wind crow blind safety. >> there are decades of children get hanged to death by these products. it's got to stop. >> cpsc chairman elliott day is making it a priority to ban the blinds with accessible cords. already, two major retailers have stopped selling them. walmart, home depot and lowe's pledge to ban them by 2018 but the industry is pushing back. >> high priced lobbyists getting out there, spinning it in the media to try to convince people it's parents to blame. parents are not to blame. >> these parents did everything they could to keep their
7:33 pm
children safe. >> reporter: after hearing the story, susan eggman of stockton introduced a bill to remove dangerous cords from shelves and day care centers in california. that was in february. this is what the bill looks like today. >> the manufacturing industry seemed to think their business model was more important than childrens lives so we got it stopped. >> the window covering association disputes the numbers and says deaths went down from the blinds were made safer. they say a ban is more dangerous, because cordless states shaidz cost more and people will keep older blinds to save money. edmond isn't giving up. neither are the hocks. jacob is never far from their minds. >> we always put his stocking out at christmas. and these kids have their
7:34 pm
milestones i'm like i wish jacob was here, he's not. he's not. eeshgs tonight on the night line, going under cover to see what happens when young families shop for blinds. >> store clerks appear to be unaware and not well trained when there is a huge safety issue with the industry acknowledges. >> under cover individual yes shows store clerks steering fami families right to blinds with dangerous cords. you can watch the report on night line at 12:35 a.m. here on abc7. environmentalists are calling it a major victory. others say the obama administration's rejection of the key stone pipeline will have little, if any affect on the
7:35 pm
equation. the sierra club calls it a cheer victory for those who fought to keep the pipeline from becoming reality. >> today's victory is profound because this is supposed to be a done deal. >> it would have carried carbon oil from canadian parts through six states to refineries. >> the united states is the center of the world's fracking boom. so in the u.s. we have a lot of this dirty crap. we don't need canadian dirty crap. >> reporter: a spokesman says decisions should be based on science and fact. we cannot afford to play politics with energy infrastructure, jobs and economy.
7:36 pm
>> we won't notice any affect. >> it's not going to change the price of gasoline or amount of green house gases released. >> he says keystone could reemerge but only if oil and gas prices climb back up dramatically. in wam nut creek, abc7 news. >> tonight, carly fiorina failed to correct a claim the president is a muslim who doesn't want the country to succeed. the former ceo of hewlett-packard was talking to customers at a diner. a customer called the president a dictator and says he doesn't want the country to get ahead, because, quote, he's a black muslim. she responded only by saying it's time to do something different in many ways. democrats are criticizing fiorina. president obama and his wife are
7:37 pm
openly christian. >> republican candidates chastised the media today for questioning hip on a scholarship offer to west point. he said he was never offered a scholarship but was told about the scholarship. he maintains he never lied about his personal history in his book. >> what you're not going to find is something just going to sit back and let you be unfair without the american people know what is going on. >> carson is also coming under fire for writing he attacked people with hamer and stabbed a person when he was a teenager, using fictitious names, refusing to identify them so his story can be verified. a source close to the investigation into the crash of the metro jet flight in russia says the plane was brought down by a bomb. according to the source an explosion could be heard in the
7:38 pm
cockpit voice recorder. the air bus went down suddenly. 224 passengers and crew were killed. u.s. homeland security official as announced stepped up screenings as a number of airports overseas in response to when may be a bombing. stricter screening of cargo will be iment mremented and the department offered to help foreign counter parts implement stricter screening methods as well. the department does not say which airports would see the new measures. >> the woman accused of murdering her fiancee says she's not a murderer. she says she talked about the agency accusations for the first time.
7:39 pm
>> did you kill vince that day? >> no. i didn't kill him. >> did you do anything you knew might lead to him being hurt? >> no. i loved him. i didn't do it. >> you can watch the interview tonight on 2020 at 10:00 tonight. right here on abc7. coming up next, where tesla is opening a store in the bay ar
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flagship store and will offer test drives. it's the 8th retail outlet in the bay area. and impacts laboratories is laying off 25 people, the company says it's restructuring the facility. it is a specialty pharmaceutical company. stocks had a sluggish reaction to a positive jobs report. the nasdaq rose 19 points and s and p fell today. >> google announced it will help fund high tech projects for special education teachers across the bay area. today, google surprised a teach teach teacher that wrote up a grant that caught google's eye. is funding other bay
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area special ed projects. >> terrific. coming up next, why one man's act of kindness is getting
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a british barber is getting attention forgiving this 3-year-old boy a proper hair cut. he decided to get down on the floor and mason has autism. anyone whose family is touched by this knows anything like getting a hair cut can be a challenge. these pictures were taken by his mother. >> abc7 partnered up with the bay area food bank to help with our give where you live thanksgiving food drive. >> yes. spencer christian joins us live in san jose from second harvest food bank. hi, spencer. >> reporter: hi, natasha and dan. joining me again is the ceo of second harvest, kathy jackson. i'm going to acknowledge something we did earlier with
7:48 pm
abc7 and the food bank. this will go a long way, right? >> thank you. yes. we're in a busy sunday raising time. we have to raise within that will feed people all year long. >> text the word feed for a $10 donation and this donation, this option to donate by way of text is open throughout the holiday season. so you can do it now, and next week, and the rest of the calendar year, thank you for all you do here. back to dan and natasha. >> one last time, updating the weather forecast. >> that is right. tumes, what is up?
7:49 pm
>> that is right. in terms of season today, rainfall since october 1, a couple above normal for the majority of the bay area still relow normal and numbers are likely to rise with the next storm system. highs to start the weekend out, lots of sunshine. 80 in palm springs. tomorrow, saturday will be chilly in the morning, lots of sunshine by afternoon. temperatures in the 60s across the region. here is the accu-weather forecast. tomorrow, it's nice, sunny and dry. by sunday, light showers moving through. a break in the afternoon and a second wave moves in monday before drying out, more sunshine on the way for the second half of the forecast. >> big news conference today. >> oh, kaep. >> this is what it is. you ride high and these are the low times have you to deal with. collin kaepernick describing
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good evening, collin
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kaepernick doesn't think he should go to the bench but not arguing about it. if you look at kaep's numbers, he's right where he's been, completing 59% of passes. that is his average but six touchdowns with five picks is not good. so is it kaep? offensive line? receivers that can't get open? probably a combination but for now, kaep will be backing up gabbert. >> they told me they're going to sit me. to me, that is selfish to put that on myself and take away from my teammates and blaine. i'll support my teammates and everything they do, because they've been good to me. i don't pass judgment on that. i do everything i can to try to support my teammates and go out and help us get a w on sunday.
7:54 pm
>> atlanta comes to levis stadium and wyatt has kaep-like numbers, responsible for six fumbles. >> the franchise says you need to go back to quarterback school. is that fair? >> that is what happens when you don't, you know you don't perform at the highest levels, there is criticism. you have to prepare and have to play, you know the way you know how to. >> yes. falcons are finning and niners are losing. nobody is benching matt ryan. niners have a new running back in the fold, thomas spent eight years in new orleans, the fourth leading rusher in saints history. he hasn't played in a game in over ten months. his last game was against the
7:55 pm
falcons in december. >> i feel sore. i'm not up to par like these guys but i've been doing my own training and trying to get myself, my body what what compared to theirs. >> raiders beating pittsburgh on sunday would be a great start. tealers lost two straight but they're home and suffered a knee injury in week three. >> for us, we look at it as we have to take care of the week. we can't think of it as a bigger or smaller moment. so you know our goal is to go in there to get a win well. know it's going to be tough.
7:56 pm
>> that means a return of michael malone, now running the show in denver tonight. >> i think we can -- it will be a good game.know? we like to play fast. they're a really close team and they play hard. >> abc7 sports this is one of the games where you're easy to overlook your opponent. >> good advice, thank you. >> join us tonight at 9:00, the congressman who wants to put a stop to popular killer whale shows. >> then, one of san francisco's most family friendly neighbors could be home to a brand new
7:57 pm
medical marijuana dispensary. and last man standing coming on at 8:00 and join us for abc7 news at 11:00. >> finally tonight a few thoughts about what really matters. we turn our attention to winter holidays let's not for yet those who have a difficult time of year. one in six friends and neighbors goes hungry every week. one in six. that is about 8,000 people in the community. perhaps someone you know but don't realize they're facing hard times, this week, we started our thanksgiving give where you live food drive. and i hope you'll get involved. every dollar or donation makes a difference. drop off nonperishable items like canned fruits, peanut butter, dried pasta or text the word feed to 80077.
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to make a $10 donation to feed america. our website has information about how to give where you live. you know no one should go hung i in an affluent place like our bay area but not during the holidays. imagine what could happen if we all made one donation before thanksgiving. what really matters in this season of giving is giving. let me know what you think. and literally, right now, just sent a donation. it's that easy. >> look for breaking news on twitter on abc7 news bay area. >> from all of us here, spencer christian as well helping raise awareness, we appreciate your time.
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