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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  November 10, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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new robitussin 12 hour cough relief. because it's never just a cough. >> abc7 news starts right now with live, breaking news. >> and that breaking news is in the north bay where just 15 minutes ago a major development in the search for a missing couple. dweeng. i'm dan ashley. ama is off. sam and maria disappeared on saturday and spotted yesterday with -- withdrawing cash. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo has more on the breaking news. >> it is such good news. police are just telling us that sam and maria ages 85 and 90 have been found and in fact they are satisfy. in fact, it -- they are safe. >> they saw our story on the air as reported by alan wang and spotted the couple. the latest on the story up until this wonderful
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development was that the police department released this photo just this afternoon. it is captured from a surveillance video from a bank branch. it shows the walc owe's talking with the teller and withdraw withdrawing what police said was a large sum of money. it didn't help police get any closer to helping the couple. it deepened the mystery because maria told the bank teller she was on her way to a doctor's appointment and police could not verify that. their son who lives in hungary reported missing on sunday. he didn't know where they are going, but maybe to canada. in the end it turns out they were simply taking a trip and they didn't tell anyone. on monday -- i should say saturday was the last anyone saw them at home and sunday their son president ared them missing. monday they were spotted at the bank and now this great news that they are in fact safe. they will be talking with
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police and talking with their son. for developments on this story and for continuing developments you can check with our twitter feed at abc7 news bay area. abc7 news. >> terrific outcome. katie, thanks very much. new tonight, a unanimous vote by the san jose city council may pave the way for uber and lift to freely operate at mineta san jose international airport. that will eliminate mandatory fingerprinting operating at the airport. instead 1% will be randomly checked eep month. the the cabdrivers who worked the airport went on strike to fight the plan. they got the same background checks they will submit to. >> abc7 news was inside oakland city hall as fast-food workers called for a rally to hike the minimum wage. the similar events took place in san jose and san francisco
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and across the nation. earlier in the day demonstrators took over a mcdonalds in oakland. voters may get their chance to weigh if if a statewide ballot measure qualifies for next november's ballots. well now to the race for the white house which made a stop in milwaukee. the republican presidential hopefuls faced off for the fourth time. the stage was a little less crowded. as marcy gonzalez explains it was just as intense. >> facing off in milwaukee, 8 republican presidential candidates are take the stage for the fourth gop debate. as the protesters are pushing for an increase in the minimum wage gathered outside. inside the question was focused on the economy. >> every time we raised the minimum wage to the number of -- the number of jobless people increases. >> we have to leave it the way
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it is. people have to work really hard. >> if i thought raising the minimum wage was that way. >> there were heated moments over immigration. >> we all know you can't pick them up and ship them back across the border. >> they are doing high five's in the clinton campaign when they hear this. >> as well as levity. >> thank you for not asking me what i said in the 10th grade. i appreciate that. >> and dr. ben carson defended the validity of the stories he told about his youth. >> people who know me know i am an honest person. >> the candidate is fighting to stand out against the rivals. >> he walked away and quit talking when it was time to quit talking. >> why does she keep interruptiing everybody? >> this as well as the debate earlier he repeatedly herd hillary clinton's name. there was so much focus on the
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democratic front runners that the wi-fi pass word here was stop hillary. marcy gonzalez, abc news, milwaukee. >> and here in the bay area the republicans watched the debate closely. lilian kim watched with them and has reaction. >> these are dedicated republicans from all over the south bay. most of whom have watched every debate so far. tonight viewers gave a big thumbs up to the fourth gop faceoff. >> it seems like there is a lot more discussion about ideas than the gotcha, the conflict between the candidates. >> the field has narrowed since the first debate and some are still struggling to pick a favorite. >> it is getting there. i still see so much good for everyone. >> they continue to make an impression. >> donald trump says it like it is. >> the candidates appear to
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have made their mark as well. >> coming out of most of the candidates, so far it has been marco rubio and jeb bush is trying to make an impressive come back. we will see if he make a come back. >> i there are only a few more debates. the next is scheduled for november 15th in nevada. happening now, the temperature is dropping. here is a live look outside from our abc7 roof camera. minutes ago parts of the bay area were under a frost advisory. sand jaw patel is tracking the big chill. sandhya? >> it is going to be frosty cold. take a look at the temperatures and it is giving you an indication as to how cold. throughy 7 in novato and most other areas in the 40s. the frost advisory runs into affect. the mountains and mountains and the valleys which is south of san jose. live dwop -- live doppler 7hd
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has clear skies and we will turn up the heat with an extra blanket on the bed to keep you warm and we will show you how cold by morning or how long this will last coming up. >> we want to see how you are dealing with the november chill. share your pictures with the # abc7 news. # abc7 now. kids playing for new guidelines to prevent concussion. children under 10 should not head the ball in practice or games. and 11 to 13 they will not be allowed to head the ball during practice. this after a lawsuit filed last year against several soccer organizations cramming the game is -- claiming the game is unsafe. still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, perfectly edible produce. the shocking today waste and what is going on behind this growing problem. the backlash against
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bloomingdales. they are apologizing to customers. we'll explain why. and three mountain lions are making themselves at home in a bay area neighborhood. all of that is coming up. first hear -- first here is a look at jimmy "jimmy kimmel live." >> here is something we made for you and it would be rude not to watch. >> i saw a picture why am i in the newspaper? then i realized it was lawrence fish burn. ♪ ♪ it took the rockettes years to master the kick line. but only a few moves to master paying bills on technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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with a 100% electric nissan what will you do? how far will you go? how much will you see? electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america. pleasanton and all of the bay area, this is abc7 fuse. >> this is surprising. you may to the realize it, but most of us throw away a
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thousand dollars worth of food every year. you may be even more surprised to know how much food goes to waste before it even hits the stores. wasted food is a national crisis. >> these greens look good enough to eat until you realize this salad bar is in a dump. we found thousands of pounds of frsh produce -- fresh produce and most of it in store ready bags. he says the mountain of vegetables is just a fraction of what he sees every day at this waste processing facility in salinas. the salinas valley produces 70% of the country's salad greens. this batch came from dole. >> i i am not surprised. >> she is the author of the waste free kitchen land book and wrote this report for the natural resources defense council with a shocking conclusion. >> across the country we waste about 40% of all of the food that comes into our food supply.
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>> that includes food waste on farms and the scraps you leave behind at a restaurant and lettuce going bad in your frige. and bruised and spoiled food in the grocery stores. >> that doesn't include the produce they reject. >> they have very specific standards. everything from the size of a banana to the shape of a bell pepper. what doesn't make the cut, doesn't make the shelf. >> certainly can't have a big knows like this. >> huge amounts are rejected because they are ugly. >> we basically buy the produce that wouldn't make it to grocery stores. >> then they box it up and sells it to a big discount. >> there is absolutely nothing wrong with these fruits and vegebles. they are the same as normal grocery store products. >> the food industry knows it has a problem. >> the single biggest category of what is going into the
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landfills is food. >> the national food waste reduction alliance is bringing together grocery manufacturers and food marketers and the food service industry to cut down on food waste. one strategy is to recycle more. >> we are diverting 93% of our food waste away from the landfill. >> there is still plenty of waste. this lettuce looks good. some was bagged and ready to go two weeks from expiring. not to mention all st -- all the water that was wasted to grow all of this food. why were they thrown away? dole foods wouldn't talk on camera, but they dispose of 20,000 pounds weekly at the salinas waste facility. adding these bags are samples we use to monitor product performance and not intended for public consumption. dole's statement didn't address the lettuce not in bags. the local food banks want to see more of these greens tossed on a table and not in a trash. >> the food waste reduction
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alliance is encouraging more. >> nobody likes to see food wasted, least of all us. we don't see it as food waste. we see it as an opportunity to get it to low income people who need the food. >> abc7 news. >> we asked dole why it didn't remove the lettuce from the bags so it could be composted. dole will consider that. what can you do to reduce waste? go to news when you have a moment. how to spot a speed trap. a seven on your side driver guide on abc7 news at 11:00. bloomingdales is apologizing for an ad that some say encouraging date rape. there is a man staring at a woman saying spike your best friend's eggnog when they are not looking. the retail giant said it was
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inappropriate and in poor taste. since it is in a print catalog it cannot pull it. let's go back and talk about the big chill that is on tonight around the bay area. sandhya patel is here with the toker cast. with the forecast. >> it is time to pull out the winter coats. live doppler 7hd is showing you clear conditions. frost advisory right now. the santa clara valley as well. we are expecting damage to sensitive plants as widespread 30s are expected. you will want to bring your plants inside or cover them. look at these temperatures right now. upper 30s in novato and napa. 38 degrees. many other areas in the 40s. napa is just as cold, get uh load of this -- get uh load of this as green bay, wisconsin. chicago, milwaukee in the low 40s. we are getting a little taste minus the wind chill factor of the midwest.
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from the east bay hills camera looking across the bay it is crystal clear right now except in santa rosa where we are seeing patchy fog with five-mile visibility. chilly in the morning and frost and freezing fog or black ice if it actually forms near the ground. you'll have to be careful during the commute. sunny days through saturday and the rain returns this upcoming weekend. as you look at what is going to be in store for your morning commute, it is not just the cold and frost econ decisions. frosty conditions, but a little fog is starting to form in our valleys. you notice the reduced visibilities and you will feel a december-like chill in the air. when you get going down to freezing in napa. 33 in santa rosa and 38 in san rafael. 37 in livermore. a good time to bring out the boots. 37 in fairfield and 39 in vallejo. even places along the coast are not escaping the chill. san francisco 47, 44 in oakland. 41 degrees in san jose and san mateo. not as cold on thursday
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morning and friday morning. still though midto upper 30s which means local frost is possible. we continue the trend on friday. and then as we head into the weekend we are going to notice changes and much needed changes. rain chances. we are just looking at the trend. a little elevated on saturday. sunday 80% likelihood. one computer model wants to bring in rain on tuesday. the other is going dry. we will keep the tuesday rain chance off the forecast. saturday night at 11:00 p.m. in and around ukiah. sunday we will see scattered rain across the bay area. 8:00 a.m. it continues and most of the rain it will be gone most of the time we have your plans getting underway. this will bring snow to the sierra nevada. a nice rebound after the morning chill. upper 50s to the mid60s. 61 san francisco and 64 in santa rosa and oakland and san jose. 62 livermore and 59 in half
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moon bay. the accu-weather seven-day forecast. hang on to the extra layer. we have a couple of chilly mornings ahead. a milder afternoon and saturday night into sunday morning. that's when we are expecting our next opportunity for rain. certainly milder at night and cooler during the day. stay tuned. >> napa is willed coulder than the frozen tundra of lambeau field? >> can you believe that? >> it gets pretty cold. >> still ahead, a touching family moment
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breaking news out of pinole tonight in contra costa county. the chp shutdown all but one eastbound lane of interstate 80 because of police activity in the area. the ramps are also closed. updates during the newscast and on twitter at abc7 news bay area. now watch this. caught on video.
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three mountain lions are together in a sonoma county residential neighborhood. a mother and her two thirsty cubs on a pond. the man who captured these images didn't want to be identified, but said it was nature at its best. that is fascinating to watch. on to sports and larry beil is here. he is affected by a little cold tonight. >> we just play hurt. you know what we say in the sports department? what a more man says is put some more make up on and get out there. >> that's how tough we are. >> that's on you tough we are. give me my sephora. a golden glove for the san francisco giant. that's what we say, dan. >> cowboy up. >> t
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>> this abc7 sports report is brought to you by xfinity. >> the sharks wrapped up their home stand before heading out on a six-game road start. martin jones gave them two goals in three and a half minutes and he was yanked. one fan through from air jn tina to see -- and argentina to see them. jones got lit up. it was a knuckleball. jones was out and the sharks would get off the board in the second period. they were playing really good hockey. the rest of the sharks not so much. squeezes it past thomas grice. his eighth of the year. the slapper from just outside the blue line.
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goal tending killed the sharks. baseball news and brandon crawford is the man with the golden gun. a very strong arm and now he has a gold glove as well. the first gold glove for crawford. crawford is the first giants short stop to win a gold glove since 2006. if they run the table the stanford football team has a good chance to make the national four-team playoff. the rankings came out. clemson is number one and alabama's win moved them to second followed by yoy yow state. by ohio state. iowa is fifth and baylor is 6th and stanford is seventh. they will host notre dame on november 28th in what may turn out to be a playoff elimination game. stanford making a heisman push for mccaffrey. it is wild he leads in all purpose yards. he is a threat to score every time he touches the football.
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>> i agree. he has played into the heisman conversation. that's great. we want to support him. he has deserved it. for me this past week was one of those ooh moments. he passed marcus alan in yardage. he is averaging more than reggie bush and we know how special reggie bush was in the same conference. when they took over steph curry was plagued by the ankle injuries. nobody would have ever guessed he would blossom into the mvp. they gambled and gave him a million dollar contract. he told me last night his son right there is now the assistant gm gave him an ultimatum on steph curry. >> he said if you trade him, i quit. this is my own son, and he he wasn't the only one who felt that way.
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could i have imagined he would be the mvp of the league and going to the heights he is now. probably not. everything has to go right for that to happen. >> abc7 sports brought to you by xfinity. everything has gone right four years and 44 million for steph is a bargain basement deal. >> i remember every time he took the fourth. >> thanks, larry. abc7 news continues on-line and on twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices for the abc sf news app. our next newscast is


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