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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 23, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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moving in as cold front approaches bringing rain, wind and cold weather to the bay area. good evening. >> let's begin with 7 news meteorologist sandhya and live doppler 7 hd. >> hi there. as we look at live doppler 7hd you notice
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it's quiet right now. that's all going to change. you will get just about everything. from rain during the morning commute to whipped forth afternoon evening drive to the chill that will follow and possibly even some snow over our local peaks. why the storm is coming out of the gulf of alaska. it's a cold storm. so when i take you in a little bit closer we see what is going on here. 11:00 o'clock tonight just cloud cover. head into the morning commute and spotty light showers develop. 5:00 a.m. 6:00 a.m. very scattered very light. heavier rain starts to shift in to the north bay at then am. and it will slowly zag south ward. this is a storm that leave the mark. definitely bring with it much colder air. back to tell you all about what is in store as we head towards thanksgiving. hotel difficult forecast coming up. all right look forward to. that thank you sandhya. >> people were out today preparing for the storm. >> welcome to the land of not if but when. if you life here
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in the shadow of the flood warning horn don't blame us for the sentiments. >> happened before. and all indications are it will happen again. >> that's broader who own as bicycle shop and also a flood game. he came to town after the disaster flood of 2005. the one that sproysd everyone after another in 1982. which was a lot like the one in 1925. >> again at that same amount of rainfall yes we will flood again. >> whole street would be under water. >> yes. >>reporter: which make the inconvenience we found elsewhere today seemed trivial by compare sochbility don't park your car during a king tide in the parking lot unless your interior look like this with rain and tide coming tow truck driver walter expects to return frequently. >> every year happen the same they think. always on the high tide. >>reporter: speaking of high times this couple had this going on in the back yard. experts told them what they told us. >> wood is brittle from the
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trout. roots are stressed. wave problem this winter. >>reporter: more than usual. >> we have had more this summer than we have in most winters. it's going to be catastrophic if el nino comes in as predicted. >>reporter: yet for the couple this action came with a heavy heart. either they at that time tree down or the throw could wipe out their house. >> 13 yourself ago we moved in. this tree has kept us cool in the enter and keeps the warm air here in the winter. and it's beautiful. i had a it to lose it. >>reporter: the storm on the way best to be pro active and decisive. from marin county, abc 7 news. when you get weather where you live take a photo or video and share it with us using the hash-tag abc 7 now we mit use it on the air or on our web site. action a little later but let's move on now. state department issued a worldwide travel alert for americans tonight due to increased terrorist threats. comes as millions of people obviously travel for thanksgiving holida
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holiday. lana has more. >> the state department has issued a worldwide travel alert to all americans quote due to increased terrorist threat. it says current information suggests isil and other terror group plan to have attack in many region with conventional and non-conventional weapon. authorities believe likelihood of terror attack will 10 as members of isil return from sir why and iraq. extremist targeted large sporting events theaters open markets and aviationmnulw services. >> code 3 to trainingu. exerci. >>reporter: ]y security is hits in par!]÷]ç and3k mali. we have beençl concerned abot copyç% cat lucky attack.; >>reporter: the government has this advice. u.s. citizensmp should exercise vigilance in public places or using transportation be aware of immediate why the surroundings
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and avoid large crowd or crowded places and exercise particular caution during the holiday season and at holiday festival or events. new warning comes as isil promising more attack in the propaganda video showing images of "new york times"square. this is abc news washington. >> in new york authorities have new app where people can send pictures of suspicious activity they see. new motto if you see something, send something. brussels still on its hig highest alert tonight following terrorist attack in paris 10 days ago. officials there worry what happened in france could happen next in belgium. schools and subway stations have been closed as precaution. authorities in brussels say the search for this man a key suspect in the paris attack so far unsuccessful. they have arrested 21 people in raids over the past few days. auad at then:30. suicide belt found in a suburb of pari paris. authorities want to know if it belonged to the so-called eighth attacker.
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tonight sonoma couldn't man suspected of killing his own parents is in custody. officers arrested 34-year-old nathan wilson in mendocino couldn't after someone spotted his truck this afternoon. his parents in the 60's were found stabbed to death in their sebastopol home this morning. officers recovered the murder weapon and again a man hunt. he's awaiting extradition to face murder charges. we hear tonight for the fears time from one of the victims in the union square tour bus accident he spoke exclusively to melanie. >>reporter: dr. manual his brother and close friend were in this white bmw in union square on friday the 13th. >> i just heard a big bang. i said what's happening? >>reporter: city tour bus driver lost control. driver attorney says he crashed into these cars in an attempt to stop. the doctor says his brother passed out.
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>> i was screaming for him i said wake up wake up we have to get out of the car because it's smoking. >>reporter: he says his brother broke his back. the doctor has arm and leg injurie injuries. >> i can not sleep at night. i'm always looking on my brake. every time i drive. >> following the accident learn the tour bus was not registered for the california public utility commission and chp never inspected it. >> it's very upsetting you know because it could have been prevented. >>reporter: the doctor says he's thankful for the bus driver. >> she did best to really save a lot of lives. >>reporter: in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> police in campbell search for toilet thief not the entire toilet just the seat. this man is accused of stealing a package containing a self washing toilet seat from home early this month. worth 7 30 dollars. the package was stolen from the victim's front porch shortly after delivered. fixture on the san francisco waterfront is about to disappear. today is the last day for sinbad restaurant
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which has been serving informed next to the ferry building for more than 50 years. the port of san francisco is evicting the restaurant to make which for bigger ferry terminal and public park. the owners foiled for bankruptcy to delight eviction but today it's just the end of the line. sinbad will close at midnight tomorrow crew come in and start tearing apart the restaurant. from street art to out on the street coming up why people who are beauty feeling the city suddenly facing a deadline to get out. >> feel like we are losing our heart never felt like that before. >> group calling itself the white student union. reaction tonight from facebook. no deal worth waiting a week. it's really about time you spend with your family and friends. >>reporter: black friday camping turns into a family affair for one man. >> 7 news at
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crime scene close to home for santa clara police now investigate what they call an alarming crime. someone fired 3 shots at the police building ass evidence technician happened early+ sunday morningñ on the south side of the bui4ór'g. nobody hurt.trckú t victimsbr of the constantly risingj: rents in the ba? areaca are 43 artistmí in the south ofe
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out. take a look. in the past three years there have been many artist studio closing most of them in the mess. these closure are affecting hundreds of)ñ artist. the we have todays emotional move out. >> what is happening to san francisco. i feel leakjt we arelessing our heart. >>reporter: lights on for the last time. san francisco artist miss davis learning how to pack up 26 years in 7 days. paw present on the ground. good memory. she mes jewelry out of cat hair. >> i have this cat that has the most super soft hair. >>reporter: rolling her cat guyvf hair into ball then addin" metal or leather. >>reporter: she has been in artist studio since 1989. now the fight of contentious battle n.october the cultural action
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network staged a white how the here. more than 90 work of art draped in white saying artist are increasingly being pushed out of the city. deadline is finally here. artist must be gone by november 30. we try to reach out to the property owner for comment. his office was empty. when we financially got through over the phone we were told he was there. and then that he wasn't. he didn't call us back. some local are mourning the loss. >> losing artist in san francisco seems like losing a part of san francisco soul. >>reporter: not all artist are happy with the protest. one of the 2 leaseholders sets publicity has back fired. >> now the there seems to be property owners sayingamong whatever you do don't ever rent to artist. they will cause trouble. >>reporter: but she says they can't good quietly. >> once the artist are gone they don't come back. the can't afford to come back. >>reporter: this is abc 7 new
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news. >> city of berkeley facing a civil rights lawsuit over a black lives mat protest that turned violent last year. take a look at video of the protest on december 6 that resulted in some looting. we were there asç please use tear gas and baton to brack up the crowd. some were being peaceful when police officers started hitting them they say. amen sister says she was hit in the head with a baton. >> i had stopped to help someone up off the street an i was stooped down an officer struck me on the become of the head. we know to the hospital that night and received stadiu stadiums in my head. >>reporter: 2 injured journalist among the 11 people suing the city of berkeley. wouldn't comment on the lawsuit. taste book has removed a page claiming to represent a white student union at uc berkeley. chronicle reports the page was yanked today because the creator used fake name. in the 2 difficulties the page was on line it received nearly 1,000 likes. group won't good on camera saying it was, has received
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death threats. they call the facebook page a safe space to promote student of european dissent. berkeley officials believe it's the work of outside group. shuttle drivers have the first paid thanksgiving holiday this thursday because drivers voted this weekend to accept the contract with higher pay, better benefits and first time paid holidays. this includes driver for apple, yahoo, ebay and other silicon valley company. insiders say yesterday vote mark a rear victory for dozens of silicon valley service workers who miss out on a boom that brought dramatic wealth to most tech workers. san francisco market street now aglow with popular sign of the season. we were at the lighting saver moneyúfpuu on map snow flake lean theññ streets through the3] holiday. we have and character from=j the greatñ ì&hc
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city to addwñ to the festive spiritñ. of chi$q$ out there. >> yes. q the holidays believe it or no(ç f days because;( the temperatures are reallyr going2ñ to plunge. w6 let me shw you live doppler 7hdh. fears before wexy feel the cold air3 ridkç arrest on mt. ;-+ helens comes in if the north. right now screws some cloud. it will bring in snow to the is that. winter storm warnings again early tomorrow morning at 7a runs until wednesday at noon. so if you have plans to head to the mountains you will want to carry your chains because take a look at the snow totals. these are just sampling of the resorts could pick up over a foot of snow. highest elevation may pick up foot and half. snow level 2500 feet. not above but dropping well
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below path level and do prepare for major travel delay. some delay also possible over the grapevine as they expect 1 to 2 inches of snow in the wee hours of wednesday morning continuing until wednesday afternoon. here's live picture right now. wednesday travel as you take a look right now just a cloud cover but as we head towards wednesday before 8:00 a.m. scattered showers brief downpour after 8:00 a.m. showers will be ending so this might be a bet team for you to head out of up to. it will get chilly and breezy l pack something with you to keep you warm then the sierra snow level at 2500 feet lowest level. if you think it's really cool outside think again. these numbers are quite comfortable to what is to come. mid 40's to low 50's even mid physician around san francisco oakland and emeryville camera cloud cover across the bay. showers linger wednesday morning and turn frigid thursday and friday morning. here's look at the
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time line of when you can expect some showers tomorrow morning during the commute scattered very light 5:00 a.m. 6:00 a.m. same story you head no 8:00 a.m. and you start to see some pockets of heavy rain in the north i bay as shift across the bay area at 10:00 a.m. then the heaviest rain in the south bay at noon time before we good to more scattered showers the evening rush. still seeing spotty showers8. one am wednesday and if you are thinking about getting out of town earlier there will be wet roadway and may see snow. snow level dropping to 2000 feet looking at sfo and accumulating snow believe it or not. stay tune for. that most areas rainfall total quarter tore half inch through wednesday morning and then here's a look at how cold wednesday morning. we drop near freezing in the north bay valley below freezing by thursday morning only gets colder friday we look at low
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mid 30's. high come up that much. not too cold low 40's to low physician tomorrow afternoon item going to be on the chilly side with upper from is to upper 50's. windy as well and the king tide higher than normal tide coming up next few mornings. watch out for low lying flooding on the coast and bayshore lean and we go dry not talking about the turkey either on thanksgiving. never. then we keep it dry for black friday shoppers. very cold. weekend slight chance of shower saturday. >> perfect thank you. >> of course track the coming shores where you live with the weather app for your smart phone. it's free. >> great resource. still to come at 9:00. christmas comes early for some family in the south bay. >> 2 fishing buddies make a very big catch off the santa very big catch off the santa cruz
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very welcome thanks giving has come early for some family in need in the south bay. sacred heart community service in san jose officially started distributing thanks giving food boxes today. 4200 people get boxes of food and turkey over the next three days leading up to thanksgiving. non-profit started the day about 1700 turkey short of their goal. so you still have a few more difficults to help out if you wish. they could use it like to donate on 5 your web site. >> 2 bay area men have quite a fish story to tell and they have pictures to back it up. this is gill hibgy from milpitas posing with the catch, 12 foot thrasher shock took 3
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hours to hall in the shark using rodpfç=wyjl7xgtó and roled line. the shark weighed about 300 pound. the shark has been cut up and is in the freezer waiting to be grilled. they say itq4 takes leak sword fish. >> we have learned that every two weeks on average cyclist crashes on mount diablo. do&p you mean from deck address ago show the park department real eased the problem and failed to take one essential safety precaution. dan questions the state park chief and pushes for action object our web site. news at 9:00 is next. suicide belt founuur' paris. authorities want to know if it belongs to the eighth attacker also. >> thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down.
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>>reporter: donald trump heavily criticized after making comments about 9/11. >> good is a mir tan puts his to help a a mir tan puts his woman under attack. >> stay right here another half hour pre-owned vehicles...
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authorities have stepped up raid in belgium for a third day track down terror suspect. >> capitol brussels remains at highest state of alert with the international fight against isis widening. >> matt is in brussels with the latest. >>reporter: most wanted man in the world still on the run and tonight a new mystery. authorities believe he is not alone. this as suicide belt is turned up in a suburb of paris 10 days later. question tonight did it belong to this
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man. night after the attacks authorities say his cell phone signal was pinging in the very same suburb as the hunt for the eighth attacker and accomplice continues the belgium prime minister extending that alert of imminent possible terror attack for another week. brussels the seat of nato on lock down. overnight s.w.a.t. team swarm the neighborhood here. among the arrested a fourth man link to the paris attack from this one belgium neighbor. we watch some of the reads unfold and brussels police officer. >> we are under i'm. war my friend. >>reporter: troyving right up to the road block. this whole city on lock down. police officers with mask. we are on lock down. earth. machine gu gun. >> yes. >>reporter: on lock down police warning us. >> if we start to think you are in the cross fire. >>reporter: confirming that a second bomber infilm at any at any rated europe posing as refugee registering in the greek island and american rock
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band that was on stage during the attacks speaking out for the first time in upcoming exclusive interview with vice news about the courage of the fans. >> great reason why so many were killed is because so many people wouldn't leave their friends. so many people put themselves in front of people. >>reporter: matt report judging republican presidential candidate trump sparked another controversy. it is over what he claims he saw on 9/11. thousands of muslims here in the u.s. cheering as the twin towers fell. but those claims are widely disputed. tom has details from the campaign trai trail. the. >>reporter: tonight donald trump says he saw what he saw. revving to back away from this comment many say is a lie >> i watched when the world tried center came tumbling down. and i watched in jersey city, new jersey where
9:31 pm
thousands and thousands of people were cheering. >>reporter: george stephanopolous asking trump about it on this week. >> i saw it on television. >> with your own eye. >> george it did happen. there were people people that were cheering on the other side of new jersey where you have large arab population. cheering as the world trade center came down. it was well covered at the time george. >>reporter: today dr. ben carson says he saw it too. >> did you see it happening though? on 9/11. >> i saw the film of it. >>reporter: in new jersey. >> yes. >>reporter: but jersey city officials tell abc news they have no record of this ever happening. after 9/11 news reports feature this video of palestine sell bringing in the west bank but no footage of muslim cheering in new jersey ever surfaced. new jersey governor christy. >> i don't remember that. i think if it had happened i would remember it. >>reporter: but trump defiant. >> this is a story from the "washington post"on september 18. a number of people who
9:32 pm
were allegedly seen celebrating the attacks. >>reporter: at that time "washington post"saying those allegations were never proven and one of the reporters of the original story saying i certainly do not remember any one saying that thousands or even hundreds of people were sell braying. >> tom reporting. tonight dr. ben carson is poll jition and says the video he saw was from the middle east an not from new jersey. trump "ro@3çó[hfràeck]&d4 tht carefc if he
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accused of shooting a good samaritan. man tried to help the woman under attack but shot himself. ryan owner has -- owens has the story. 25-year-old peter gold, fourth 84 medical student at tulane university as gunman shoots him in the stomach. watch as shooter tries to finish him off with two shots to the head. the gun jam and the aspiring doctor lives. >> his courage. admirable example of the fact that the the sentences of new orleans won't turn a blind eye to crim crime. >>reporter: 4:00 o'clock friday morning surveillance camera catch a young womanxkústw orleans street. watch as the gunman approaches. moments later you can see him dragging the woman toward his suv. enter]m that medical student. there is gold's car. watch as he spots the trouble and races the wrong way down one way street to con front the gunman. tonight 21-year-old cain is
9:34 pm
charged with attempted murder. new orleans police say he's confess odd to shooting the good samaritan. >> dr. gold a title we certainly think he has earned is recovering in the hospital behind me. his family says he's in guarded condition. that woman he helped escape she has only minor injuries and might not surprise you to find out dr. gold's friends say he's the kind of guy who always has your back. ryan owens abc news new orleans. fae 14-year-old muslim boy arrested after taking a home made clock to his texas school%i says he deserves 15 million dollars for being publicly miss streeted. attorneys representing mohammad sent letters today demanding 10 million from the city of irving and another 5 million from the school district. letters also threaten lawsuits and ask for written apology. teen took home made clock to ask and teacher mistook it for a bomb. his family has moved to qatar where private foundation is paying for his education. drug makers firsz announce
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today they would combine to create the world largest pharmaceutical company bringing blockbuster drug under the same company. merger if approved by regularlytor would be worth about 160 billion dollars. though new york pfizer is the largest company the deal is structured so that ireland basaler began would be the beer. that would allow the company to take advantage of ireland lower tax rate. yahoo preventing some people some customers are get thanksgiving error message asking them to disable the software before checking the inbox. this is latest in growing debate over ad pwloshtion. updated mobile operating system to let you down load third party ad workers but don't row move apple ads. google now licensed mortgage broker. company
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launched google to get best home loans. they enter the personal information to get results taylor to their specific need. service is only available in california but google plans to expand no other states. bay area added more than 17,000 jobs during october with the tech industry doing much of that hiring. of those 17,000 hires almost half were in the bay area with santa clara county leading the way also looking for strong. people are already lining up for the black friday sales. we saw them today at best buy in arizona. texas. florida. here in california. this is the bakersfield 7 in and others just to find the best deal out 30. camp out. have good time. my cards.p watch movie. >> this time of the year gets expensive. with christmas coming up and stuff like that. best time of the year to come out and save the money.
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>>reporter: no deal worth waiting a week. it's really about the time you spend with your family and friend. >>reporter: j áuuj campers alse cooler temperatures possibly rain. theytk say they are prepared and :e brought !o and as trywz as possible. vj they are tie hard no questib&. >> yes they are. ,j when we com5 airportñ& unlikej anywo other ar
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♪ amazing grace. how
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sweet ♪ the sound ♪ . >> remember the rendition of president obama amazing grace? the snippet of it will be featured on cold play upcoming album. president surprised everyone when he broke no song while delivering eulogy for the 8 people shot and killed in charleston, south carolina. cold play chris martin said the moment has historical significance. white house and church gave permission for the for the recording. volume up tier firefighters severely burned in the line of duty has been given a second chance. he's doing something he never thought he would do again. something simple. smile. here's the the the our reporter. >>reporter: it's family reunion. 14 years in the making. 2001 mississippi firefighters pat hart risk his life to run in a burning building on rescueméo. entire face burned. doctors at the
9:42 pm
medical center select pat to become the most extensive face trans plant ever attempted. another young man tragedy and his family's generosity make the transplant possible. the team work on pat straight through the night. final suture your in place 26 hours after surgery began. >> what's it like to feel your ear for the first time. >> i felt i would never do again. >>reporter: slowly learning to use his new face. >> go ahead and pucker. an smile. >>reporter: after 3 an half months awayl it was hometown hero welcome for pat. abc news new york. she will have more on fight leap. >> incredible into unbelievabl unbelievable. up next. sandhya is checking our foyvrjt and the moon that is inchingjun its wayo mars what happens when it gets mars what happens when it gets too close.
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askqe. mars may%ñ one day have ride like saturnéd. researchers sayu gravity is pullingfp the moon$>a few inches cl}j to the red about 13 miles=ñ across and jusw 4 miles above the surface. then a matterf of days or/h weeks. t it won't happenf@ for possibly 0 to 40 million years from now. the researchers publish in the journal ofwñ nature geo-science. >> i was hoping to live long enough to see it. >> you might never know jo "star wars"fans you are in for a treat tonight on jimmy kimmel. celebrating the new up come movie "star wars"the force awakeen. guest include director jj. harrison fovrmentd carrie fisher and if
9:47 pm
you cast members. also "star wars"segment throughout the show featuring stars of television series and comes out december 18 and watch kimmel live tonightuw on on channel 7. >> zappedia track ago strong storm coming in. >>reporter: cold wet wind day tomorrow as we look at live doppler 7hd. there is some dense fog if santa rosa visibility is down to quarter of a mile. that fog will be replaced by rain. let's take a look at the time line 11:00 o'clock tonight. cloud and fog. spotty like showers when you are sleeping. going into the start of the rush hour at four am if you have an early commute you see spotty light showers or getting out of town 5:00 a.m. still very head towards the showers to heavy rain in the no are the bay at
9:48 pm
fen am. latest computer projection it's coming if slower and heavy rain will slide south and east. wenter storm warnings are up for a good portion of our mountainous renal not just the sierra but northern california mountain. as you look what you can expect windy conditions in tahoe. 41 at yosemite. windy there. 65 in fresno. if heading up to eureka expect the showers 14 degrees pretty chilly monterey 57 and if going down south upper 60's in los angeles and san diego. they also have the higher than normal tide king tide coming up. so low lying flooding is certainly possible. staying here in the bay area tomorrow here's what it looks like. you need to pack on the layers. maybe a sweater because when you look at the temperatures it is going to feel like winter. upper 40's to upper 50's very lucky 7 day forecast. don't forget the
9:49 pm
rain caught some scattered wednesday morning chill with us thanksgiving morning going into friday morning black friday for many of you shopping. afternoon high in the 50's and then there's slightl> chance of looks drying. >> each when i camp out there thursday night. >> thanks very much. the national presidential turkey alternate flew the coop and landed in dc late this afternoon water at the turkey one. tonight and tomorrow they relax at 5 star hotel down the stleet. raced as form rain in modest somd with lone to put familiar we were in oakland san antonio neighborhood today thompson and of zeros help get
9:50 pm
the meals ready. warriors for just to means the status6o÷:qpwe bay areac3 in need e.get4l all u all we know where we came from. knowing what?g it was to struggleky at timeen. hebstarted hen own dribsing to heart disease in 2010. whether a night gay involved in his they are open off the coat xlais to be wait. warriors not undefeated in a winning semi-but possibly win strain street a new reported. they sent a
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(vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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shift your thinking about buying your next one. the. coming up tonight at 11:00. minutes ago the department of homeland security issued a new warning about a possible terror attack inside the u.s. most likely source of a possible
9:54 pm
plot. bicyclist in danger. decade only document showing park officials on mount diablo failed to take an important safety precaution. has the exclusive i-team investigation. >> those stories and more coming up 4 at our web site and this station. i know. we are so excited. >> we are excited about the bar yours. nor ring for the golden state number start the season is mba record and nothing like making history especially with your team made. after last night win in denver. this is practice. brake the record tomorrow tonight at oracle against southern cal rivals the laker. chemistry like no other team in the nba. biggest in the don't cock very often no.
9:55 pm
>> you 97 know if you are in this position again and we have a great group that should be able to do something that hasn't been done in the history of the nba. all the great teams and all the great players played in the league that's special want to take advantage of the opportunity you have. >> go down in the hit books for something is fu6)uz$" grow up 20's coaches organization even fm being basketball fans to be able to accomplish something to put into the history book is amazing. 14 the jul convenient scores awe straight. behaviors oypt up at the end of the half. the steal. lay it in for the the gunk. optimist brown to wallace to bird lock like the warriors
9:56 pm
college bird. cal wins 89-63 the final. well the 49ers have so many issues i don't know yesterday. since 1978 diners came while on i was on but i didn't play defense. rookie free agent thomas recalls for 209 yards. bugged assignment. led to 5 08 yards of total offense. this is a big boy leave can't play half speed or you may look dution it's pure if every guy cost that 9 to be bit button the big my we have this 84 e.don't tackle being afraid to miss the attack l. but more felt like that's,
9:57 pm
that's where, that's what our prepared thayer. >> raiders offense total a no show yet and third straight with four fore of not making post seasons. only came out with two nrdz offense season lowell. 169 yards and no touch while only 28 yard here. head )p at special gamesgj. production &s gaichlts it's a bottom line business. production business) wee expect to be better than w%
9:58 pm
to the wrought sister that evening to do his job >> was brady mocking head coach ryan with the dumpy cull to line ought scrimmage monday night football. bills down 7 in the third t.mccoy 27 yard run. initially called out. later in the third. powers undefeatedcñ 13 state tone wit% 10 plus/gtukc we understandúxs 7 sportsuatñ brought to yof byç toyota. ; the kobe last year%k with the lakersoj and want to al to the legacye? one more time.u >> upsetjh the war yorns[ unbelievables game so i doubt i% will happenzt but anybody can do itpn, it will besx cope.
9:59 pm
o. >> thanks forajoining us tonight.ub twitter phase facialxz news appi in an hour on l9q big 7. appreciate yourx time. twitter phase facialxz news appi
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narrator: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today a diligent researcher uncovers decades-old documents that reveal an awful secret. maurice papon, one of france's most powerful political leaders, may have deported hundreds of french


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