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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 26, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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test . >> that he was moved from the hospitalrgf so quickly. >> he's entitled to intensive physical therapy in order to retain partial movement in his arms. >> they kept screaming get on the ground. pushing. then beating. continuously. >>reporter: you heard from this witness when we first aired our story. now this
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second witness matt who also lives in the alley has come forward to abc 7 news. >> what i saw was a man not resisting arrest. i saw a man getting beat up and the only they think that i saw him doing was trying not to get hurt. he was covering himself up. >>reporter: san francisco police are investigating the incident. the the their report should be completed next week. then forwarded to the district attorney t.vehicle lee, abc 7 news. san francisco police say 54-year-old victim of brutal robbery caught on surveillance video will need facial reconstructive surgery. happened last month on stockton street at clay and china town. video,y shows the robber connecting the victim several times in the face. officers arrested 19-year-old tristan and oat is yesterday. they say the 2 attacked the victim then ran off with a smart phone. >> horrible horri:hi sdichbility 19 years old she(ldn't be doing thatc on the
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streets. just should have no reason to attack others. if they want a job. if they want to be able to be successful we can help them as a city. they don't have to turn to violence. >>reporter: police say both suspects were out on bail from previous offenses at the time of the crime. well hundreds of runners brace the cold this morning to participate in the annual san francisco turkey trot. this year there aren't any t shirts. supply because somebody stole them all. janet tells us that didn't stop the runners from having a good team. hundreds of runners started the holiday taking part in the san francisco turkey trot at the polo field in golden gate park. >> just is in way to start the day. >> we come out. we run. then we can eat whatever we want the rest of the day. >> you heard the turkey. all about burning the calories and for many continuing a family tradition. >> i have my son enrolled in the turkey trot which is exci exciting. just turned 3 so
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thought it would be a time to get throughout and start running. >> race went off without a hitch even though organizers had to do without supplies. early yesterday morning someone stole a u-haul that contained 2000 t-shirts. snacks. drin drinks. but that hasn't dampen the spirit of racers who are out here this morning support ago good cause. the race benefits the track and field program at washington and lowell high schools and students volunteer along the course thing i remember about this rest more than anything else wasn't the booth or swag but little kids around give the time help you out right path. >>kt saden me vepy much so bu&x you know we are allf here we'lly peopleñ8qe remembering what they are grateful=-uo for. >>60b informed. @=kmily. >>reporter: so muchck more. in san francisco, abc 7 news. family absolutely. dozens of volunteers spent
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thanksgiving morning at the sf food bank. we were at portrero hill as they had donation at the warehouse. teams of volunteers got into the spirit of things and started compete to go see who could pack the most rice and macaroni. bartenders came straight from the shift to help out. >> public pays our rent and has good time at our bar and nice to be able to get together and show a little appreciation for the people who can't afford to come out and see us at our restaurant and bars. >>reporter: so far the food bank does have enough ingredient for about half the 10 million holiday meals it will distribute by the end of the year so they can use]u) help. still ahead. kind of story you0just love seeing. woman once homeless herself now able todt serve thanksgiving did i know tore hundreds of people. donald trump latest controversial comment takes aim at a reporter's disability. >> tension rising in the middle east after turkey sh/, down
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russian fighter jet. leaders said they were justified
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pacific in tracey recalled a mix of celery and onion used in costco chicken salad and other foods. there isn't a response for comment and number of people sicken by the outbreak will likely grow in the next few weeks even though the product has been removed from store shelves. full list of items recalled just head to our web site. most bay area resident hoping to complete the hotel difficult dinner with dungeness crab are out of luck. early this missouri state officials announce the crab fishing season would be indefinitely delayed because of unsafe level of acid, unprecedented to my recollection algae bloom. many diners go without crab. crab is for sale in the bay area but it's not local. and it is priced at a premium. local crab fishermen taking a big hit. >> sitting around. house payments. got bills like everybody else. i have the same thing but i have my also gig going to keep me a little
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afloat. >>reporter: they are they spend their time spending rock fish and licensing cod less lucrative than crab. >> one of the finest restaurants but today this restaurant opened the doors to the homeless providing them with a fine meal and all of the service that comes with it in richmond. laura has our story. >>reporter: this is an experience not just a meal. one designed to fill those who 7 it with love. along with the good food. because this holiday meal for the homeless is being delivered by someone who has been there. >> we serve them individual. yes ma'am. whether can i bring you whether contain bring you sir. >>reporter: she is the owner of this restaurant the. 20 years ago she was homeless. on the streets of italy. pregnant with her son. >> they have never been in restaurant and sober so i said
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it's the right thing to do. it's the right thing and i give back. >>reporter: she came to america 20 years ago her fears job was as hostess at this very restaurant. 6 years later she was able to buy it and giving back to the community ever since. it's most appreciated. >> beautiful. i love places like this. it's beautiful. >>reporter: beside the food the coats gift bag and flu shots for those who need them. they will serve 1300 people this thanksgiving. people who might otherwise go without or be alone on a holiday that is all about being together. >> this is a great day. with a beautiful view. i wish my family could be here but settle with my other family. >> it's just make me feel good to be around the a lot of people the just enjoy the holiday. >>reporter: she wouldn't have it any other wayzn4. the4r in
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bslaura anthony abc 7um news. she is so wonderful. >> yes.1í love had she is doing there it's cold out there. and get colder. >> wait until tomorrow morning cheryl you are really going to fight. 8ñ icey outside as frost forms so do bundle up ifí heading out the door tonight=ji black friday shopping or tomorrow morning if you have early plans. let me show you live doppler 7hd. i just got asked by somebody on twitter if i would like to walk his dog because i said the wind is holding the temperature up. no thanks i have to tl you about the weather. deposit done clear conditions right now. temperatures are falling where there isn't much wind but in places where the wind is going it's definitely playing a role here. currently 51 in san francisco. but you lock at places like san ramone and a half moon bay at 39 degrees. 41 san jose. exploratorium camera lovely view of the financial district. chilly for
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black friday shoppys tonight and tomorrow morning and freezing cold conditions next 3 mornings and it is crisp and sunny in the afternoon right on through the weekend. here's a look at the satellite and radar the reason why you are feeling the chill outside. item because the storm that went through left behind its mark. we have some colder dryer air coming in from the north so we are expecting freezing nights to continue right on through the weekend as cold air mass is in place. how cold is this try below freezeing in livermore, concord fairfield right at freezeing in san rafael. 33 grow ins san jose. fremont. 35 san mateo o. 38 oakland. 42 san francisco. look at the coldest spots. 26 nap a-28 santa rosa. this is really going to dedepend on whether wind drops off. we expect it to calm down overnight so that will allow the temperatures to drop even more. 35 degrees in half moon bay sow may see some frost on your windshield tomorrow morning and saturday morning the cold conditions continue upper low for 30's
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coldest spot. sunday morning we don't quite lose the chill. monday morning we start to see a little bit of a difference as temperatures do come in sleetly above freezing. and then it gets much better as we head to the middle of the work week when the rain chances come n.high for your friday. 56 degrees san jose. gilroy 55 sunnyvale. peninsula mid 50's. san mateo redwood city. los altos 53 in pacifica. it's definitely going to be still cool enough to where you need the long sleeves tomorrow. 53 daly city. 55 san francisco. hat come in handy in the morning. 58 santa rosa. vallejo north bay east bay 57 oakland 55 fremont bright and sunny inland temperatures running cooler than average for this time of year. it was already below normal today and will 10 that trend. 55 in concord. 53 degree ins livermore. accu-weather 7 day to be cold. tomorrow morningrl really bundle upo. saturday morning2s sunday morningv
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afternoonm will be nice and"ñ pleasant. definitely crisp]x ad t like with 50'sx and thenp]x ad úup a little bit. tuesdayáad t chance of showers[á. that systg wednesday invy thuvrments you willp/ertainly see better possibilitysz-p' andd/o notice re inching up in7q the right direction so f fought(v a big fan&a of the cold >> all rightyf thanks for the warning. 2: well coming upf÷ at 9. pe warning to world q:aders if they don't agree on climate5% change plan next week at the united nation. the story behind newly uncovered disney film that iskg next vehicle purchase?
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at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one. residents are marking this
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holiday in middletown september wildfire killed 4 people and destroyed nearly 600 homes in lake and napa counties. wayne found many giving thanks today while still trying to rebuild their lives and communities. >>reporter: this is a community not in shambles but trans is. it manifest in the form of bulldozer. chain link fence. charred trees and lots of caution tape. >> i was looking at my lot to see if there's some hope there in some way. >>reporter: stlichlt i don't know. i haven't figured that out yet. >>reporter: christy and her young son charlie out for a stroll today through ruins made memory and loss. @ç in m?3dletown the differences between homes thato burned or homes that survivedlfas capriciousg lottery ticketço th) pinell family drew a winningmb one. >> we know how fortunate we we e are. >>reporter:dñ in middletown thanksgiving÷7 is a matter of relevant. >> dependsnñ on where you work. how you fared in the fire. when the pinell left this place that night they look back and
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never thought they would see this house again. >> we went throughout a night of thinking we lost everything. and feeling what that felt like and just thinking we were going to start all over. >>reporter: luckily they didn't. but when katie pinell made turkey today she did so in a home surrounded by vacant lots next door and across the street. not their house. >> what was it do you think got this place spared. >> god. i guess. >>reporter: yet in middletown tonight there is no spiritual separation between1 the lucky and the less fortunate. asbg proof here's the between pine;ñe than 300 people d.among them fletcher thorpe ton in double role as fire victim and fire volunteer. >> everybody here is special. nobodyjx is above helping. >>reporter: or thanking particularly on this day. >> i wish i cohen vit them all for dinner. yes. i can't even
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immanuel. >>reporter: in milt town, wayne abc 7 news. a lot of anger over donald trump latest comment on the campe1gn trail take a shot at reporter disability. still to come on 7 news at 9:00. look at the pattern of personal attacks. authorities now look for accomplice of the paris attacker still on the run. and the outpouring of support after newborn was left at
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this bale of hay cannot be controlled. when a wildfire raged through elkhorn ranch, the sudden loss of pasture
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. the french president visited moscow to meet with russian president putin. french and u.s. are looking for new allies to help fight islamic state terrorist group.
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belgium has reduced its terror alert level as it searches for the paris attackers. lonna has the latest. >>reporter: france and russia say they are united in the fight against terrorism. russian president putin pledge greater cooperation in his meeting with french president. terrorism is our enemy he said. it has a name. it's islamic state. moscow ship arrived off the coast of sir why and deployed sophisticated s 400 air defense system but despite the cooperation there is still no agreement on the role of syrian leader assad. nearly two week after the terrorist attack in france and less than one week since radical terrorist storm a hotel in mal mali, the international community is organizing in the global fight against terror. in london british prime minister david cameron work to con convenience the parliament to join the fight. >> the diplomat is and military
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advice and security advice says yes that the risk of inaction are greater. >>reporter: in brussels after several raised today the threat of attack is no longer considered imminent as residents starting to return to routine. >> we help it is going back to normal. so children going back to school. >>reporter: it's hard not to be a little more skittish when so many armed people around. although i am very grateful. >>reporter: in germany today 2 individuals were arrested with possible ties to terror at the same time the nation pledge they would send more jets to help assist the french in the campaign against terrorism. next week world leaders meet in paris how to end global climate change. the pope said it was catastrophic if their own interest get in the way of any deal. on monday theç united nation leaders negotiate on new climate change plan to keep the
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world temperature from increasing to no more than 2 degrees. the pope warned what would happen if they can't agree. >> it would be sad. and i dare say even catastrophic. the of particular interest to prevail over the common good and lead to manipulation of information in order to protect own plan project. >>reporter: the pope also called out all forms of illegal trafficking of africa saying the killing of elephants fuels political instachbility organized crime. and terroris terrorism. now to the campaign trail for the president of the united states. republican candidate donald trump being called out for comments he allegedly made today about a reporter disability. we have more. >>reporter: it's being called
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a new low even more donald trump. the presidential front runner in south carolina this week appearing to mock a disabled journalist. >> now the poor guy you have to see this guy. i don't know what i said. i don't remember e-that reporter "the new york times"man who has a than co ick condition affecting his joints that limit flexibility in his arm. tonight "the new york times"fearing back saying we are out remained that he would ridicule the physical appearance of one of our reporters. it came as trump defened his claim that he saw people in new jersey cheering on 9/11. law enforcements and government officials now rejecting that as false. but this is hardly the first time trump has come under fire for offending someone. from mexican. >> they bring drugs. they bring crime. they are rapist. >>reporter: to veteran. >> he's not a war hero. i like people not captured. >>reporter: to women. >> you call women you don't like fat pigs.
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>> only rosie o'donnell. >> i don't know what i said. i don't remember. >>reporter: trump not backing down this time either. saying he was merely minimum micking a flustered reporter tweeting if he's handicapped i would not know because i do not know what he looks like. now trump says the reporter its using his disability to grand stachbilityd he demanded an apology from the new york team teams. the reporter said he's covered trump for yourself and he is sure trump remembered him and his condition. several members of church in new york city offered to adopt a new born left in the manager of a nativity scene. boy left at the holy child jesus church this queens on monday afternoon. custody an found him with the cord still attached. he called appreciate interwho run over to help. >> i just picked up the towel and opened up the towel and his little face was there and he started to move around.
9:36 pm
>> it was scary at first but at the end it all wound up being lucky a little miracle. >>reporter: now the mother is not going to face any charges under the safe haven law that says newborn can be dropped off at church, hospital or police or fire station without fear of prosecutiono=7. the church has named the baby john for now after john the baptist. still ahead. long lost disney film uncovered. 7 news at 9:00 our first look at the cartoon that is older than micky mouse. micky mouse. join us this wean as we take you behind the scenes of the world largest touring production. go behind the scenes of show that brings together 65 horses app 45 acrobatic artists. 7 news presents discover thi
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cf joyful p treat to be@f shad with the world next month in  for the hotelt and come with compliments of walt disney himself. 6 minute film that hasn't been seen in nearly 90 years. it stars disney character before micky mouse. john has the story of oswald the lucky rabbit. >>reporter: you know this duc duck. and this dog. and of course you know this mouse. who started it all. micky. but did you know there was an animated character who came by walt disney before micky@s? yes. oswald. the lucky rabbi rabbit. seen here in an early 6 minute silent short called sleigh bl. film lost to1jó< memory until disney researcher
9:41 pm
discoveredodjeiu(j listed here>n whe only remainingnl cope. last# screened in public2z some timeúx around 1928. fg back when waltm disney worked for%' someone els he and klab riçktor designed os wldkp for whole series of cartoons but after a busy falling out walt walked started his own company leaving oswald behind. instead they invented this guy who made his debut in steam boot willy and yes he looks lucky the rabbit. for christmas this 84 they scream sleigh bell in london restored by disney studio and they also own abc news. >> they got it mostly right. with micky they got itir completely right. >> silent star never said a word so we'll see it welcome become oswald. abc news washington. and still ahead. cancer can take away some of the joy of childhood. up next. look
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at the camp superiored by viewers that help put a splash viewers that help put a splash of fun back
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jo hundreds of bay area family so grateful to a program that offers free summer camp for children living with cancer. camp helps the children an also offers family camp and camp for siblings to help the entire family cope with cancer. >> there's no way any word could explain how awesome this place is. no words at all. >>reporter: 9-year-old isaac doesn't let anything stop him at summer camp in spite of brain cancer that affected one eye when he was just a little baby. >> tumor is in there. piece of it had to be cut out. so i
9:46 pm
can't see. in this eye. uçñ >>reporter: ,&h isaac at camp t cancer, siblingse# and families and beautiful setting in the sierra foot hills. >> it's time to go. >>reporter: they fell free here to share their stories with each other and with us. >> had blood cancer called leukemia why and i was 5 years old. >>reporter: 11 year old virginia had 2 bouts of cancer. she needed a bone marrow transplant the second time and her sister was a perfect match. >> she was only like 4 or 5 years old and she had to get a lot of shots and tests so i'm rid proud to have her and glad i survived. >>reporter: 12-year-old ashton and his family had to make a difficult decision when he was just 8. diagnosed with bone cancer. >> we thought amputation was
9:47 pm
the best idea because i can still do all athletic things city. i can run and do everything normal. >> i was 10 yourself old fifth grade. acute leukemia. >>reporter: we metal ex younger brother and sister at sibling camp in 2014. max and else a very young when alec was going in and out of the hospital but illness still had an impact on the siblings. max is in a band called wjm which do mates the proceeds to camp and other charities. >> this is when magic happen. >>reporter: twinkie volunteer her time here. she was a camper many yourself ago. she had a rough time with capsezer s a child. when she was 30 she wasiagnosed ñ with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy. >> will you chemoia at 9, twe, breast cancer at 30. i'm had my quota of cancer.
9:48 pm
>>reporter: how are you doing now. >> fabulous. >>reporter: nursing in the being among other young surviers of breast cancer and being in the comment that which i found it pushed me over the evenly to get in nursing. >>reporter: her doctor as a child was dr. mike. he and john bell are co-founders of this camp. dr. mike is a bone marrow transplant specialist. john bell paid for the very first camp out of his own pocket with his travel company. >> biggest row ward for doing this is to have that big effect on them and make them be the kind of people who want to make other people better. >>reporter: the camp added an extra weekend of family camp education programs to help family cut through red tape. getting help for children returning to school. >> they look different. feel different. lost their hair. may have lost a lot of weight origin weight. surgical proced so they feel very separated from their peer so
9:49 pm
very difficult for them to do become. >>reporter: and they recommend getting baseline testing for children early in treatment. >> thank you for keeping me safe e-the camp inspired me somebody afraid of heights to try something the kid were enjoying. the here we go. okay that's the last time i will ever do that again. >> i love it here. 's just it's so much fun. you can just be yourself. forget about the whole cancer thing and just you are you. >>reporter: a lot of happy people there. we are so gritful to you our viewers for helping support the camp all these years and the need to help the family and kids continue all year round. learn more on our web site. let's get one last check of the weather checking in with sandhya inside not outside. >> that's right. not going to
9:50 pm
freeze. we have mostly clear conditions here in the bay yea year. if traveling heading up to the mountains snow showers expected at yosemite, take home. cold at tahoe. those are highs. reno 32 grows. down south san diego 61 with scattered showers. l.a. 64 up north eureka a 57 degrees. around the bay area it's cold. mid upper 20's for our coldest forth by inland vaechlt inland east pay valley low to mid 30's and even places like the south by san jose 33 degrees. 38 oakland. 42 san francisco. tomorrow morning would be good time to grab a cup of coffee and hot bench on hand for the weekend. the mornings cold. santa rosa temperature trend numbers will start to come up. get milder next week. tomorrow afternoon cool temperatures in the 50's under sunny skies and as you take a look terrain chance they increase next week on thursday. accu-weathere$ 7 day forecast holiday weekend is dry. cold nights cool afternoons chance of rain
9:51 pm
midweek. >> we have now dubbed you the weather queen. larry and i did that. >> i like it. >> thanks. we are trying to trend it on twitter. >> eye single didn't resonate with some viewers. >> i thought it was funny. >> i thought it was great w her at 4:00 o'clock with the mitten. seemed to fit. >> there is a little of that going on. college hoop tonight. cal playing and brett returned to green bay to have his number row tivr. map who replaced him lead the p
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(voand exceptional customerity pre-ownservice,les... head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one. coming up tonight at 11:00. massive flames destroy an east bay warehouse packed with fourteen tour. tonight we talk to the ceo in the middle of dinner when he got the call his business was on fire. >> registered sex offender pose with somebody else to try to board a bay area pwoup flight. we hear from police about what went wrong. join us for 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7.
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larry in now with sports. >> yes. well thanksgiving is loaded with turkey and football and we gorge on both. 3 games today that feature the end of the season for romo what kind of feels like the end for kelly in philadelphia. and return of farve in green bay and we start right there had his number retirement he motional row union with packers qb bart sta star. nobody they would lose on this night. aaron rogers short pass to lacey. he lumber down the field 25 yards. 7 nothing packers. cutler slips in the written her but then find a wide open miller an we are tied at 7. bears take the lead before the half. langford 1 yard plunge 14-10 chicago. fourth quarter last chance come up here. fourth and goal. and rogers will step up in the pocket. the pass. through the hand of adams and the bears win again ruining farve night 1
9:56 pm
17-13. earlier today undefeated panthers in dallas take on the cow boy. third play of the gym. romo intercepted by coleman taking this thing back all the way. juáu(r down inw: this game. when youì% thought it couldn't get8ñ worse sacked byk davis here land onrt the very same left shoulderht that caused him6 to miss seven seven weeks. could be anotherñ brokendv collar bone and out for the season. carry loin a rolls to 11 and ogz that's romo wife there can't believe it. 33-14 dallas is toast. first game of the day in detroit. stafford the day in detroit. staffor 38 eagles had no answer for johnsonn. first score before half time. great throw by stafford. third quarter. play man to man on scn son? mistake. second touch down. 31-7. 2 minutes litter gets both feet inpounds. stafford
9:57 pm
right on the money 5 touch down passes in the game. 45-14 the final after starting out 1 in 7 in a row. lincoln trying to beat san jose the 18th consecutive time in the annual billing bone game. 73rd time they met on thanksgiving day. the lincoln breaks free. 24 yard touch down and 7 nothing lincoln. midway through the fourth. trying to put this thing59x awa they go with a fake punt here. but gets stopped short. san jose takes over withho good fid position. on the drive fourth and goal. san jose throwing. and rally up to make the tackl tackle. 7 nothing lincoln is the final. they wiúvhe 18th straight wig bone game. college hoop tonight. 14th rank cal spending holiday in vegas. part of the invitatio invitat)úyát((r'g very2k good
9:58 pm
he'syn marked. and she's@gravyx perfect couple. first half. matthews miss this. check out the hang and the hit. cal up 4. off the miss. with authority here. cal up 3 still. wallace. strong to the rack. a little floater. right now it's 34-28 cal. sneak up on half time in vegas. cardinal struggle against no. 8 in the tip off barkley center in brooklyn. cardinal took nearly 10ment to score the first hoop. 3 here and led 2 25-11 and the way the game was going with not much 0finance felt leak they were up a millionment cuts it to a 7 point deficit. double double. 11 points 10 board but to brunson with 18 as the cardinal fall and now 2 and 3.
9:59 pm
keeting santa clara facing no. 11 arizona. arizona tirpt over here. jared and head of the pack here. broncos early lead 7-sex. wouldn't last. caleb big strong can&+uu. 19-11 arizona. úb build the lead51 to5 but at the canf brain 3-7 all d long. saf@ clara down at the úáp)q right now arizona upk by only 4 in the second half. alf a 50-46. 7 sports$0 brought to u by ; toyota. x it has been auñ grit eveni happy thanksgivingt newsj at 9:00 thanks so ng(r for watching have a"c good night see you at:x 11ak:00 over on chann. you at:x 11ak:00 over on chann. y%
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announcer: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today a cross-dressing killer who goes by the name ms. puppy eludes police. but this murderer's plan to cover his tracks is about to head for a dramatic showdown. and a love triangle launches


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