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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  November 26, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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developing now. flames reach into the sky after fire erupt inside east bay warehous warehouse. tonight firefighters say furniture packed inside helped fuel the out of control fire. thanks for joining us. >> happy thanksgiving everybod everybody. have the night off. fire broke off on diamond way and challenge drive in concord around 7 tonight. >> passing drivers on 6 80 were stopping on the freeway to watch the fierce flames. 7 news joins us for more. >>reporter: the fire has been knocked down but a good look at the damage burnt office furniture like tables and chairs. firefighters say they will stay out here for several hours to make sure nothing else
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flares up. 2 alarm fire gutted the which are house of sand bar furniture diamond way this concord. ceodúñ john schwartz says the family was enjoying family dinner when they got the call. >> we were in the middle of thanksgiving and fought phone call from employee. >>reporter: firefighter spent an hour trying to get the fire under control. tall flames could be seen from the freeway. long time east bay company founded in 1939 says commercial office furniture. that's what fueled the flame. >> sought area of the building that burned was the which arey in rack in cardboard wrapped in plasticta so once thp fire got going it probably got going very quickly. >>reporter: fire crew battle too dangerous to go in. rushed to save computers.
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>> well certainly not what i expected to spend thanksgiving on but nobody was hurt. >>reporter: he tells me despite the damage the next step is to find a new space. they hope to be back running some time next week. live in concord, abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. reminder when you see news where you live please take a picture of video share it with us using the hash-tag abchç 7'. happening now. freeze warning just went into effect minutes ago in parts of the by year. this,: is live picture from the abc 7 news camera. tnuju(uu)es will once again be plunging tonight. here's sandhya with a look at exactly howácold we get. >>reporter: cold enough that by morning it will make you shiver. let me show you live doppler 7hd. in a moment i show you what is praying havoc with the temperatures. dpoyingt whipped. fairfield santa rosa sfo actually causing
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the te+dq)atures to be held up a little bit and some polices s to 48 degremtñ so right now most years are in the 40's. 38 in livermore. 37 in los gatos. definitely chilly outside. only going to get colder. froze morning in effect until then am tomorrow for all superior valley the mountain santa clara valley including san jose froze warping repeats again friday night no saturday morning. mid 20's to low 30's expected freeze daniel to sensitive mrnts certainly possible and we have a frost advisory for the bayshore line excluding san francisco same time period frost sensitive plants need to be brought n.don't forget about the pet. temperature in the inland valley upper 20 to low 30's. wind shelter valley up in the wine country down to the mid 20's. so it is definitely going to be cold enough for frost. i'll be back to let you know how long the chill willless and when you might see
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some rape around here. larry. >> all right sand why see you in a few minute. keep track of the cold temperatures with the 7 news app. free down load from the app store. new at 11:00 san francisco is responsible for chaining baseball bats to street pole across the city. >> we were in the park side neighborhood today when officers found one of those ba bats. this was the scene repeated more than a dozen times today. the bats also had nails protruding from them. >> katie jones us in san francisco with why police are so concerned katie. >>reporter: the bat at the park side location looked like a pipe bomb so as bury to see in our video she brought in the bomb squad. why somebody would police weapon like items across police weapon like items across the city row maynes a mystery children toy turn into something more menacing. >> we thought it was an explosive device so we evacuated the area e-someone
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called san francisco police about this baseball bat chained to pole at 19 avenue and buckingham which. saw off with square piece of metal attached. >> this was anonymous call. different from the rest. >>reporter: yes. from the rest. more than 15 bats chained to pole have been located across the city. >> a little stranger than normal. >>reporter: jerry snapped this picture of bat near mission and ralph street early in the day. >> we called the cops just the case. they said it was the >>reporter: manyqx bat >>reporter: theymp&eared the about thert along 93 avenue. policecq had no1 idea who is why. >>ar art project. freak people out or prosecute motion for;- sorry, you tube video on license forum show people how to make similar bats. they are used in movies and video games . realco weapon
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or prop? police say. >> fought really phone joke. big waste of police resources. >>reporter: bathj are being evid[:e person t)á(z, abc 7 news. we learned about the story through viewer e-mail and tell us what is happening where you live by e mailing. tsa made big mistake when it allowed a man to pass airport security using a stone boarding pass. 61-year-old michael is a registered sex offender. incident happened back on november the fifth. police say he stole a woman's boarding pass at the airport in salt lake city and tried to get on her south west flight. he was stopped at the debit when the rightful owner of the ticket tried printing another border pass and couldn't. tsa says it was a mainly lapse in judgment at the checkpoint but officials insist nobody was at risk.
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>> really was no risk in the sense that the individual did go throughout a screening process. >>reporter: he was booked on felony fraudulent happened felony fraudulent happened licensing of illegal document. fight a lot of excitement ther there. chant and cheer from employee inside the san bruno best buy store today just moments before the doors open and holiday shopping rush began. best buy target other stores open the doors about 5:00 o'clock tonight. while some shoppers say they love the door buster deals others still aren't sold on the early start to the shopping season. biting cold didn't stop deal hunters like liz who camped outside best buy in san bruno for a t investment you never know with these people. it could be all at once or i camped out last night. >>reporter: most shoppers were after electronic tv and gyming equipment. what is the deal you are after?
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>> between inch tv for 150 dlaishtion target mye made surety rush for deals was orderly. over the years stores open earlier and earlier on black friday now crossing into thursday thanksgiving. shoppers we talked to have mixed feelings about this. new hotel difficult tradition. >> i liked friday better. going out 5 in the morning sitting there all night or getting 12 then opening at 5 in the morning i like it bet. i think they ruin it doing it on thanksgiving. >>reporter: the night of no sleep paid off. she pick up a new tv and video games for sale happy lady. rei closing 143 stores on friday. employee encourage to spend time with ends from family outside rather than in a mall. new the bass pro shop tried a different early black friday approach. store opened early in the day so then it couldát close in the evening to allow employeegos to spend0 thanksgig at home with their" family at
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night. shoppers seemed to like the fact there were no lines for the deals. >> one of the four stores here in the bay areacq that open eary until 6 or+á 7 in the eveningly. 7 so we thought we crowd and just see what is available. >>reporter: at the jcpenney store in east region mall more than 400 line up to be the first to shp and sweeten the deal each shopper got a gift card, 2 of them worth 500 dollars a piece. >> vegetable link to costco e.coli out break have been recalled. other retailers also sold tainted produce. how about thanksgiving delivered right to your door. you know there's an app for that. >> later on. turkey pie and "star wars". holiday surprise for fans waiting for the force for fans waiting for the force awakeens. 7
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. farm in tracey recalling a vegetable mix believed to be the source of e.coli in costco chicken salad that sicken 19 taylor farm pacific has recalled a mix of celery and onion used in the chicken salad. also pulling a sorority of foods containing the celery sold at other major stores such as safewayó wal-mart, raily and target. so please go to our web site for full list of the storespé%d the recall product. good chance you are watching us feeling a bit exhausted from all the running around you did to get the thanksgiving meal put together. there is another option thoug though. and you barely have to lift a finger. reggie shows us
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the growing popularity of on demand thanksgiving. pwrous can't find the pickle. besides that the hotel difficult off to good start. >> today is usually short. oneen greed gentleman they forgot. >>reporter: other than name he doesn't know the people he's shopping for but what the grocery app tells them they node and right now they need thanksgiving. on demand. >> she wants about 8 pound turkey. >>reporter: over all this is doing three times delivery it did last year. san francisco base company expected the thanksgiving shoppers like bruce to be booked solid all day. >> already asking me to work later today. >>reporter: they cover dinner what happens when you run out of red. that's where another app can come to the rescue. this offers thanksgiving on demand drinking. if wine isn't your thing another holiday tradition is now in your hands. if you missed on demand thanksgiving how about on demand plaque friday. app like
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post mate let you order scarfs like these, deliver it to you on the app in a matter of minutes. post made drivers stock items leak this scarf in the cars. get it in half hour. no delivery charge. as for who is on the other side of denier delivery it's new dad mick. his newborn baby girl mid the hotel difficult pretty complicated. >> hit the button on the phone and now here we have a turkey. >>reporter: that is thanks dweving in a tp and swipe. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> sign me up for the saucey app please. owner of fine dining restaurant in richmond provide the homeless with thanksgiving meal. >> that's because she knows what it is like to life on the streets. 20 yourself ago she was homeless and pregnant with her so that in italy before coming to america. she got a job as hospital test here at this restaurant 6 years later she bought the restaurant and
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has given back to her community ever since. >> when i see them my heart felonies. especially now the world needs a lot of love. >>reporter: she's giving them a lot of lochlt. served threaten00 people today. hundreds of[(y>x volunteersd pá this church in san francisco). glideés serves thanksgiving dinner to more than 5000 people. alsood host a specialq church schlts manávolunteers who make itóf happen come back yearo8 after year. & some of the food sevened t the san francisco marin food bank. dozens of volunteers spent thanksgiving morning sorting packing donation at the warehouse in portrero hill. so far the food bank has ingredient for about half the 10 million hotel difficult meals that direct by the end of the year. all right if you plan on attacking the mall tomorrow in
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a black friday march on the mall whatever you want to call it. >> bundle up. >> yes it's cold. that's what i'm getting at here. >> sandhya has all the warnings. >> that's right. you will have to bundle up and you know you just got lucky tonight in terms of the weather i'll explain in just a moment for black friday shoppers. live doppler 7hd showing you clear conditions. you know there are areas where the wind is actually holding the temperature up. it's in the low 50's. san francisco. san mateo o. i'm not arguing that it is chilly outside but it's not as cold as we had expected it to be bus of the win. we have some upper 30's mountain view and los gatos so as you take alive look right now there's a lock at the wind from ) kgo camera. winter chill with us tonight if you do some black friday shochling upper 30's to mid 40's. will start to get really cold dif freezing cold so this is where you node your scarfs gloves your boots to keep you warm and then chilled sunshine by 11:00 a.m. upper 40's to the low
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50's. live look from the emeryville camera. looking really across the bay. visibility is terrific. here's a look at the forecast. chilly for black friday shoppers. freezing cold the next 3 mornings and we are expecting crisp and season difficult through the weekend. a lock at the satellite radar here's what brought us the cold air. it's stem that came out of the gulf of alaska. nothing to do with el nino o. long gone but the wednesday direction is coming off the land and it's bringing that colder air with it from up north so our freezing night 10 right on through the weekend. you will need to turn up the heat or 3 app extra log on the fire tomorrow morning start you out with 29 degrees in livermore. 30 in concord. 31 fairfield. temperature in santa rose bus of the whipped raised them a little bitment 30 degrees. 28 in nap a.32 san rafael. 38 oakland. 44 san francisco. 38 in half machine bay and 35 in palo alto. san jose 33. morgan hill 30 degrees. you will see frosty conditions first they think in the morning. saturday morning
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still locking at freezing sub freezing conditions. sunday red valley code. wouldn't be surprised if they issue another warning for sunday. as we head toward monday you notice most temperatures are coming up above freezing so a little bit of a break from the chill. tomorrow afternoon sun out but feel cool. 56 in the south by and gilroy. 55 santa clara. 56 san jose. cupertino 55 sunnyvale open the peninsula. mid 50's san mateo millbrae, los altos 54 half moon bay downtown san francisco 55 degrees. daly city node a sweater 53 degrees. north bay 58 santa rosa, 57 napa grab a cup of could have feet. fix san rafael. vallejo east bay you feed the sun screen 57 oakland five fremont sunshine inland coloneler than normal conditions in many parts of the by area just lucky today. 53 livermore 55 concord. accu-weather 7 day forecast cold nights, frosty conditions
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colonel afternoon plenty of sun for the holiday wean. we start to good milder nighttime and daytime. next week with some 60's showing up and exciting our doppler may be tracking some showers. wednesday some showers. wednesday thursday better chance e.thank
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>> time toxd'brace the dark side "star wars"fans. latest preview of the force awakeens release dad focus on the franchise newest villainiñ playd bybn adam driver. force awakeen
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they are both owned by disney. >> deep voice 30. i have been practicing. >> i am your father1k. wild college hoop game tonight could that' plus tonsg3 of nfl on brett farve night in of nfl on brett farve night in green bay. could aaron
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>>reporter: :u well this is not the happy2s holiday the cal ( basketball team had in mine. 14u2 rank7l bears blewko a 15 ÷ lead against san diego st!)w in positive at this time and;x grae perfect couple where is turkey. second half. matthews knock down the jumper. 45-30 but san diego state comes all the way
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back[mw and then some. hill nobody guarding him in the corner for 3. a run and expense we are a tip in right m5"+$(&& could never recover. san diego state goes on a 42-18 run for steve fisher. pairs suffer the first loss 72-58 the . winless santa clara taking on.t arizonañ in the tournamentút at cal stat? on fire. /o he had 44 pointsrg. last chance for the broncosqr. downes 1 inbound and steps out÷ bounds and turns it5n overk
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quarterback bart star. figure no way green bay will lose. he does the rest 25 yard touch down. 7 nothing pack. melingt of the sec quarter. cutler slips. recovers then throw a 4 yard touch down pass to miller and the bears were up by 4 points at the break. fourth quarter green bay last chance. need a score here on fourthéw=md goal. rogers fires through the hand of adams incomplete. that's the ball game. the bears ruin farve night. dallas taking on the cow boy. all carolina a.newton dive not end zone here. 4 yard touch down then into a 60's dance medley the twist and then the swim. 30-6 carry listen trouble for dancing last week. way over the top this week and romo sacked by davis lands open the same shoulder that caused him to miss seven week another broken collar bone it seems out for the season. carolyn a
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rolls to 11 and o and dallasoss toast 33%x-14. lions ring up 38 straight on phillies. no answer for john son. just before half time. 23-7 lions at the brake. call it mega tron for a reason. play man to man that's fatal. 31-7. 2 minute later another touch dow down. stafford 5 td passes. detroit hats won 3 in a row. 7 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> that's sports. 7 news continues now on line twitter facebook and mobile device with our 7 news


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