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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 13, 2015 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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a storm brought pounding rain this morning. tonight, that rain is mostly gone but dangerous winds remain, making a mess across the bay area. >> thank you for joining us. the rain came down hard in the north bay this morning. this video from ken field has one of the heaviest downpours today brought more than an inch of rain. it poured for about two hours. >> and in daily city, the rushing water flooded glenwood
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avenue and sent a rush of water passed the parked cars. in pacifica, strong waves crashed against the coast. people stood watching as the waves crashed up onto the pier. a wind advisory through 10:00 tonight. >> much of the activity was focused in the morning on our sunday. it's a rather quiet picture but we did pick up healthy amounts of rainfall today. san francisco coming in three-quarters of an inch of rainfall. lakeport coming in with 1 inch of total rainfall. along with the rain, we have rather breezy conditions. peak wind gusts clocking in at 58 miles per hour. ocean beach at 55 miles per hour.
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pleasa pleasanton, 40 miles per hour. gusts around oakland, sfo, san kor lose right now, anywhere from 22 to 29 miles per hour. so this wind coming out of the north is certainly making it cooler faster. a lot of spots right now are chilly in the low to mid-40s and we're in store for a rather cool night. we'll talk about that in the full forecast coming up. >> thank you. the weather is taking a toll on the bay area trees, especially in this drought. two cars had severe damage due trees falling on them. >> reporter: you need a boat to navigate sunday morning. there was an area underwater. >> oh, my gosh. a lot of water. >> reporter: can you believe how much water was here? >> no.
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i was totally surprised. >> reporter: several drivers misjudged the water. you can see it's completely flooded. it's a lake. and that car got stuck. it's going nowhere fast tow truck drivers to the rescue. >> the drivers keep driving in. i can't tell them not too, you know. they keep driving in. >> reporter: flooding on 88th street in daily city. this video shows how deep it got. the bottom floor of an apartment building a mess. >> then, all of a sudden we started yelling, move your cars, move your cars. >> reporter: the apartment building located at the bottom of a hill. storm drains got overwhelmed. the same flooding happened again last year. a note told residents to avoid parking in the garage. the storm toppled trees in service. this one on baker and greenwich falling on top of a car causing little damage. but this car, not so lucky.
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when a tree fell down on mccallister treat. firefighters tried to unclog storm drains. joanne brown was on her way to church when she decided to help clear the drains, too. >> i can't even get by on the streets so i just stopped. >> reporter: in the east bay, this 30-foot oak tree fell smashing into a fence. in san rafael, driving all across the bay area was pretty treacherous. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. weather has caused delays throughout the day and night. sfo is having delays about an hour. sonoma county has issued a cold blue advisory. it's urging shelters and
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charities to make more space available for those who are homeless. that alert comes as the forecast calls for more rain and cold temperatures that. will last through the next four nights. people can get the latest information on shelters in sonoma county by calling 211. >> take a look at this. white caps are forming on lake tahoe. the storm brought powerful winds to the sierra making the lake actually look more like an ocean out there. the gusts forced many resorts to shut down their ski lifts for safety reasons. once they start running skiers will find more snow covering slopes right here at royal mountain resort. as we get to the sierra, chains are required on interstate 80 and you must use chains on u.s. 50 to myers. viewers are sending in their weather pics and videos. when you get unusual where you live, take a photo and share it with us using #abc7now. two san mateo police
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officers are on leave after shooting and wounding a driver they say rammed a police car. it started as a disturbance last night at the shopping center. when police got there, kendell hager rammed his car into a police officer and drove towards officers who then fired at him. he continued for about three blocks, crashing into other cars before they could arrest him. he's out of the hospital and now in jail. no officers were hurt. los angeles county sheriff deputies are facing questions after they kept firing at a suspect once he had fallen to the ground. that man died moments later. surveillance video captured part of the confrontation in linwood. nic robertson was reportedly firing a handgun into the air. when robinson did not comply, two deputies fired 33 shots. >> in this case, there was some grave concern for the number of victims that were in that
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location. the suspect presented a threat to the deputies and to the community and they took the action that they did. >> because you can see him on the video. they are still just shooting him. >> robinson's family believes the deputies should face charges. new reaction on a fiery reaction crash that killed a man and woman in fairfield. the 56-year-old appears to have been driving too fast last night when his jeep collided with a town car which then crashed into a toyota. investigators also think drugs and alcohol played a role around 9:00 last night northbound 680. the town car burst into flames and two people inside died. hefner and another driver were not seriously hurt. in san francisco, a person got hit by a muni train. that person went to the hospital. it was pouring rain at the time but it's still unclear if that contributed to the crash. take a look at this new details now on how the driver of
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that suv came inches from death. you can see the piece of metal just sticking out of his windshield that same how came loose from a truck he was following on interstate 280 last thursday afternoon in san jose. the driver of the suv says he saw the metal coming but he couldn't veer left or right because there were cars all around him. he just ducked to avoid getting hit. can you believe it? he walk aed away with just a scratch on his arm. still ahead at 9:00, the rate of abortions has dropped dramatically nationwide. the possible reason behind it. and a political battle you didn't see coming.
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abortions in the united states have fallen to a record low. a new report from the centers for disease control shows the number fell among all major racial and ethnic groups. the drop goes along with an overall decline in pregnancies. the latest numbers in 2010 showed over 1.1 million abortions. 98 out of 1,000 women got pregnant that year. in 1990, abortions hit a high of 1.6 million. there were 115 out of 1,000 pregnancies that year. colin kaepernick is trending on social media. he is taking on donald trump and other republicans. kaep tweeted out trump's plan compared to other bans in the last century. he goes on to say, "racism and discrimination, not okay. we are all human beings. things need to change" and then he quoted, "you could be next."
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food for thought. kaepernick, as you probably know, is recovering from surgery to his left shoulder. >> how interesting that he's really taking the time to say something that means something to him. >> i'm sure he's getting a lot of response. >> why some hoverboards are suddenly being pulled from amazon's marketplace. >> and a windy night ahead. are we done with the rain? >> this celebration has everyone talking. we'll try to explain it, next in sports
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amazon is starting to remove some hoverboards from its store unless manufacturers can prove they meet safety standards. there have been ten reports of boards catching fire in nine states. the problem is being investigated and amazon isn't the only company taking this problem seriously. some airlines are even banning the boards from flights. says it will stop selling hoverboards because of those concerns. >> that looked like something from the new "star wars" movie. >> i have a hard enough trouble walking. i'll keep it at that. it's windy and it's cold. >> yeah. >> that's going to be the theme for the next three nights, it's going to be chilly. it will be below normal. live doppler 7 hd shows you behind it, there are light showers and now we're clearing out our skies. we do still have a winter storm warning around lake tahoe. this will expire within the next
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hour or so at 10:00. we have one for you on the western slope that will stay in effect until 4:00 in the morning. out there might now, it's very clear and rather windy. this shows you great visibility. we have a clear night on the way but that includes cold temperatures and wind. chilly nights and cool days for the next three days and rain comes on friday. current temperatures, a lot of spots in the 40s. 43 in napa. 46 in oakland. half moon bay, right around 50. 48, san carlos. san jose coming in with a temperature of 48 degrees. as we plan your monday out there, we have clear skies first thing in the morning and that will keen cool temperatures. dropping close to the freezing mark by the afternoon. lots of sunshine out there. it's going to be a nice-looking day but it will be breezy and cool. future tracker wind shows you tomorrow morning still a rather active wind out of the north
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anywhere from 22 miles per hour, napa, half moon bay, 19 in san francisco. the northerly wind will bring in cool, canadian air. future tracker shows you tuesday morning it's going to be chilly in a lot of spots. away from the bay, in the 30s. right along the way, upper 30s to the 40s. carbon copy forecast midweek. wednesday, lots of sunshine and we'll track that rain possible on friday. overnight tonight, it's cold. it's clear out there. but it's also really breeze sdplee which 33 in napa. 39, san jose. very cool 33 in fairfield. after the chilly start, we'll have total sunshine out there but the north wind is still keeping temperatures on the cool side for this time of the year. 55 in san rafael. same in san francisco, 57 the high in concord. future weather want to show you the next system. we are tracking and fast forward into friday night. saturday, here comes the next cold front.
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i think we're noticing about this front right now it's very slow to move. it could linger saturday a into sunday on the seven-day forecast. something that we'll track for you over the next couple of days right here. accu-weather seven-day forecast shows you after the cool start tomorrow, it's breezy and sunny. another frosty day on the way. thursday, sunshine and clouds, temperatures start to bounce back. north bay, showers are possible and saturday into sunday, we track that slow-moving cold front with rain possible both days. the winter jacket is your best friend. >> yeah. if you haven't fished it out already. >> the weather is predictable. a huge upset in denver losing four of the last five games. negative 12 in the first half. a mack attack in the second half
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is the difference. 80-yard drive. seth roberts. 12- 12-7. 12-9, denver, fourth quarter. 16 yard strike to michael rivera. a two-point conversion and broncos tieing the 49 yard field goal and brandon hits the post and only hissing five times today. raiders hang on. player of the game, five sacks all in the second half. oakland now 6-7 with a 15-12 victory. meanwhile, 9ers did not come ready to play against cleveland. the browns have lost seven straight but hammered them nine times for a loss of 44 yards. one positive, the return of phil
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dawson in cleveland, spent 14 years with the browns. made his only field goal attempt. 145 yards and two touchdowns. 1-6 on the road. 24-10 is the final. this was pretty much an embarrassment. >> they did a hell of a job tonight and we did not. we have to take a minute to see how that feels because that's a feeling in sport that you can. we all have to step back today. we played poorly today. >> carolina panthers remain undefeated. cam newton and former 9er with two catches and both went for tdss. it's a 38-0 victory and they are now 13-0. showing love in pregame. these guys don't love each
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other. since he came in, make it a tackle after that pick. likely done for the year. steelers within it and bengals still are winning the afc north. seattle has won six of the last seven. they are down 7-5. 35-6. all right. sharks continue to be the streakiest team in the nhl after going 6-0. they are 1 16-game losing streak. before heading to montreal, they say it's time to get back into the win column. >> ultimately, i've been through diversity here. i've got to find a way to find a
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way to win. >> i'm going to start getting results. you know, maybe a step in the right direction but we've got to find a way. >> taking on number five, 29 points, six assists. 23 for the longhorns. the difference, 23 texas free throws made to stanford's 11. cardinals are now 6-2. clemson for the ncaa title. eric completed the fourth goal of the game. check it out. strips his shirt to reveal a sports bra. that's the only thing i can come up with. stanford men's soccer win their first championship. 4-0, the final.
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congratulations congratulations. comment? >> i think if anyone can pull it off -- >> you know, he looked lucky. >> hopefully he was honoring brandy. >> there you go. >> thank you. next on abc 7 news at 9:00, "the hunger games" is back at the top of the box office.
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coming up at 11:00 an east bay teenager scares off a man who tried to kidnap her. you'll hear from the neighbor who helped that woman escape. and caught on video, thieves ransack a gold medalist's home
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and take off with her prized possession. the quiet before the storm, at least at the box office. "star wars: the force awakens" could end up being a billion dollar movie. >> and this weekend "the hunger games" came out ahead. last of four movies in the sci-fi saga. jennifer lawrence says a prequell to be in the works. >> can't wait. >> in the heart of the sea, debuted with 11 million bucks, the good dinosaur and "creed" rounded off the top five. >> all right. you'll be first in line. >> our next newscast is at 11:00 >> our next newscast is at 11:00 p.m. over on
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