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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  December 22, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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did. i have no idea what that is. >> it is spotted all over the western u.s. and in a flash it was gone leaving many people wondering what in the world it was they just saw. >> i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama dtz. it appeared to fall while disintegrating. >> it was bright enough to be seen in arizona and nevada. late tonight the u.s. strategic command said it was likely a russian rocket booster re-entering the atsphere. >> i looked up in the sky and i saw the streak across the sky thatting looed like a -- that looked like a fire work. it was going way too fast to be a fire work.
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>> we had a meteor shower. they are small part will cays and they come -- particles and they come down through the sky. >> after it streaked across the sky people lit up social media with videosand pictures of the fireball. >> anytime you see something unusual share it with us. that way we can find your video and photo and use it on air or line on at >> an openly gay woman with bay area ties died in combat five years to the day after the u.s. military repealed don't ask, don't tell. she is one of six u.s. service members killed yesterday in afghanistan. a man wearing a suicide vest drove up on a motorcycle and blew it up. alan wang is live at the american legion in san francisco with more. alan? >> dan and ama, all but five of the 220 members here are
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lgbteterans. many have died in combat, but this time one of their own will be rec cog -- recognized as an openly gay soldier who died while fighting for her country. >> it is believed that air force major adrianna is the first openly gay active duty service woman to die in combat. they were killed on monday by a suicide bomber in afghanistan. the taliban is claiming response tbilt. responsibility. she had a 4-year-old son. they moved in with her mother while she was deployed. lam's mother declined to speak on camera, but the american legion post 448 in san francisco recognized the service. >> it really i illuminates the fact that we are all in this together. >> post 448 is the only predominantly lgbt post in the country with 220 members. >> it is remarkable that she's
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a role model. the other women, the other lesbian women to go in and do their best and serve their country in any field now that the combat roles have opened up. >> they have flown to dover air force base to receive her flag-draped casket. an honor that was denied before the don't ask, don't tell policy was repealed. alan wang, abc7 news. efforts to recover the body of a pilot whose plane crashed in alameda county was on hold. he was on his way to oakland from lincoln and placer county. he was an environmental consultant and often flew for work. you can see where the plane crashed in castro valley. sky 7hd was overhead when the search crews found the flaming wreckage in a deep cannen
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why. weather may have been a factor. the steep terrain forced the recovery operation possible pushed off until tomorrow. >> it is a fairly large area of wreckage and it looks like it clipped treetops before crashing into the ground. and it is a very rough and difficult terrain. you probably had three inches of rain in the last 24 hours. it is muddy and slippery and difficult to get to. >> deputies will remain to secure the scene overnight. >> and an internal investigation is underway in the richmond police department over the way a case was handled. it involved this man. william selley. they say they found a pipe bomb at his home two week after they were tipped off that he may be up to something. lisa amin gulezian is on the story. >> he is is accused of making criminal threats and possessing a device.
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he was focused on hurting those at the islamic society. the suspect yelled at them from across the parking lot. but he yelled at things like i'm going to kill you. it took richmond police three hours to respond. and that's where the problem started. according to those at the police department, the responding officer that day classified the 9-1-1 call as a misdemnor. >> you look at the nature of what has been said it should have been categorized as a felony and. >> since it was not classified as a high priority it took a detective until december 17th to follow-up. he called authorities and deputies told him about a pipe bomb he claimed to have. he found it at his richmond home and arrested him. mosque leaders are concerned that the whole thing has taken so long. >> this is the type of thing that i would and anybody would
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classify as terrorism. our concern from the get go is this should be dealt with immediately. >> they have taken their concerns to the richmond city council. members also planned to investigate. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. the rain has stopped and more is expected, but it is causing problems around the bay area. look at this video as our crew hit a huge puddle on the connector ramp from 580 to 680 early this morning. the wind gusted up to 40 miles an hour and it took down several tree. one fell on to a parked car. look at that. luckily nobody was hurt. here is how it looks outside from the exploratorium camera. it is dry now, but it is about to changing. here is meteorologist sandhya patel with more from live doppler 7hd. >> that's right, ama. we are in a break right now. check out live doppler 7hd and you will notice we have cloud cover. the rain ended at the san jose airport. here is how much we have received. .77 in san jose. look at ben lomand.
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just over 2 inches in oakland and saint helena almost 3. 1.47 in santa rosa and an inch and three quarters in san francisco. livermore .78. napa is over an inch of rain. the winds were howling earlier today. that's why we saw some trees topple. big rock in the north bay mountains with 75 mile an hour wind gusts. sfo47. we could be seeing windy conditions again. the next storm is certainly going to be a koll one. it will bring -- a cold one. it will bring rain, wind and possibly more. i'll be back with a look at the details which will say winter coming right up for your christmas eve. ama? >> thank you, sandhya ?ie. -- the same storm has dumped snow across the sierra. you can see what people are dealing with. right now there are chain requirements on interstate 80 and highway 50. for the first time in years the california snowpack
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is deeper than average for this time of year. the state is at 111%. the northern sierra is at 1116 1116 -- 116% of normal and the central sierra is at 120%. last year at this time the snowpack was half those numbers. san francisco's-1-1 dispatch was down this afternoon. from 3:00 to 5:00 9-1-1 dispatchers had to write down calls and didn't he access to computer maps. the head of the department of emergency management said this is the first time in two years the city's new 9-1-1 system had an unplanned disruption. happening now, a large sinkhole has shutdown three lanes of southbound 880 in oakland. the chp says there are three large cracks in the road that need to be repaired between broadway and oak street. it is going to take until 4:00 a.m. to complete the repair work. they are encouraged to routes like 580. still ahead on abc7 news
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at 11:00, the sister of a man found dead at a cal frat house shares new details about what she believes may have lead to the death. >> and the waiors take the day off to brighten the spirits of a young shooting victim. >> and home for the holiday. how a group out smarted the
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the sister of a man who fell to death from a berkeley fraternity rooftop said he was alive when he was found, but one called for an ambulance. he was drinking on friday night when he fell. his sister told our media partner that the people at the party he was attending didn't realize he had fallen. katie said jeff was conscious and spoke with friends after
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his fall from the pi-kappa-phi's rooftop. they laid him down and he was found dead the next morning. we have details of the supervisor who is facing felony charge. police say a woman identified as 40-year-old wells from san francisco attached the smartphone in the mission district on friday. she agreed to give them back in exchange for $200. she is facing five felony counts including extortion. >> home for the holidays. tomorrow a beloved duck will move back in with her buddies at a senior citizen home. this is juanita after she flu the coupe at the assisted living center. she lived it is a wildlife facility because federal law blocked her return to the gardens. now after getting a series of approvals, juanita can live there once again. they did that by obtaining an educational permit. green and his teammates
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spread some christmas cheer today. santa draymon surprised a shooting victim and her family with gifts. >> he is tall, very tall. >> seeing the golden state warriors made polk nervous at first. >> i have never seen them in person. when it is your first te you kind of are nervous. >> a pair of shoes from warrior guard klay thompson -- >> i was not nervous anymore. >> and inviting kumar for a special day for all he has been through. >> put yourself in their shoes and think what would you want if you was in that position? >> i watched most all of them while i was in the hospital. >> after he survived being shot several times last april outside his vallejo home. putting yourself in kumar's shoe is not easy. he says he will soon be able to wear thompson's. >> when i wear a size 15 i am wearing these. >> it is snow boots for another war -- for another
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warrior. >> my face is covered here. but he recognized him really quick which is cool. >> more shoes. >> great gear for the new year. >> yeah, i got so much. >> and many hours being spent in physical therapy. >> it is very hard. >> think of all of the problems we deal with that are so minor when you loo at stuff like that. >> kumar plans to play wheelchair basketball. steph curry hooked him up with a new one. >> are you always barefooted like this. >> curry sliped his sneaker off at -- after practice and he plans to wear it to the medical center. abc7 news. >> they will be tough to get in and out of those chimneys.
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>> let's talk about the weather forecast. >> sandhya is here with the latest. >> dan and ama, santa won't have any problems on christmas day. christmas eve is a different story. let's show you live doppler 7hd. you will notice the green is long gone. there is still a little drizzle around a monterey, but that's about it. chains are required on all roads leading to tahoe because of the snow showers in blue canyon. it is raining at this hour. i want to show you the temperatures in a moment, but the winds right now are gusting still at fair field and 26 half moon bay and 24 and not as windy as it was earlier especially over the hills. the temperatures right now are over the 50s. santa rosa and san ramon in the 40s. here is a live look from the exploratorium camera. we have cloud around tonight, but we are going to continue to see this short break tomorrow. a cold storm on thursday and bright on christmas day. here is a look at that next storm. it ranks two on the storm impact scale. the snow level is here locally will drop between 2,000 to
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3,000 feet. and that means some of our highest peaks will see some snow believe it or not. there is a slight chance of thunder associated with the storm coming in. unlike the last one that just kept the rain going and it was a steady rain. it was a warm system. this one that's coming in on thursday will be a cold storm. wednesday night could see a few showers ahead of the system. we head toward 6:00 p.m. just some spotty light showers are possible. by 11:00 p.m. tomorrow night you are starting to notice the wet weather coming through. hour by hour look here at 3:00 a.m., thursday morning the showers become alt bit more widespread. 5:00 a.m., still light to moderate. and then the heavier rain moves in at 6:00 a.m. thursday. 7:00 a.m. as well. obviously the commute will not be a typical commute. thursday at 8:00 a.m., still looking at pockets of moderate to heavy rain in the east bay, the south bay and the santa cruz mountains. 11:00 a.m. starts to see activity winding down. but some snow may be developing in the hills up to the north. now at 1:00 p.m. widely
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scattered showers and can't rule out mixing in with rain on thursday afternoon. showers continue very scattered in nature on thursday evening. and then it all winds downas we head toward the 8:00, 9:00 hour and even really into 10:00, 11:00 p.m. on thursday night. rainfall totals will look like this. because of the fast-moving nature of the system we are looking at anywhere between a quarter to three-quarters of an inch of rain through thursday evening. here is a look at what is happening in the sierra, 1:00 a.m. thursday morning the winter storm warning goes up and runs until friday at 4:00 a.m. i would not even try to travel during this time period. one to two feet of snow expected with strong winds. and look at the snow. three to eight inches will accumulate above 2500 feet. the snow level will really be dropping. this is going to be winter driving conditions. certainly the resorts will enjoy the snow. i would wait until later. either head up tomorrow or wait until the storm passes. the temperatures are starting out cooler than this morning.
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low 40s to the upper 40s. cloud cover around tomorrow afternoon. you get the break to do the last-minute holiday stuff. mostly 50s and we are looking at the low-lying possible due to the higher than normal tides. be careful. accu-weather seven-day forecast, next storm on christmas eve is a two on the storm impact scale. christmas day is bright, cold mornings follow on saturday and sunday with possible frost. sunday a weak system comes in. it is a one on our storm impact scale. ama and dan? >> there is more to come on abc7 news at 11:00. >> they go from stealing the show in "the force awakens"tto
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disney is expected t sell $3 million to $5 million of "star wars" merchandise before
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the end of the year and could be a record. bb8 is one of the hottest toys and even scientists love him. they released this video of bb8 getting flocked by aroup of chick. we also met a nasa mars rover. disney teamed up with a robotics firm to create bb8's technology. >> it is pretty cool. lots to talk about in sports. >> i like bb8. >> he is cute. >> he is adorable. good stuff. so how close to 100% is steve kerr right now? the warriors coach will rate his own progress. and the cal bears are trying
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this abc7 sports report is
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brought to you by xfinity. >> good evening. a human test for the young cal bears visiting fifth ranked virginia with 36 nba scouts watching a golden opportunity lost for the golden bears. the scouts came out to see the cal freshman and jaylin brown. they jump out to the lead and brown high off the glass and cal was up seven at the half. brown clearly has nba athleticism right now. bear manage one field goal in the last 13 minutes. thompson with a flush and they go to over time. that helps. tip in and bears by six. they can't hold the lead. the wahoos go up one and cal with one last chance and a tough shot. tyrone wallace forcing it up there. the bears let it slip away in charlottesville. martin 63-62. the kings are in l.a. and five minutes in and trevor lewis
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with the redirect in front and it is 2-0. pavelski and thorton. second period and sharks are down 3-1. brent burns rips it. it is a 3-2 game. the sharks rip off four unanswered goals. two power play goals in a minute and 32 seconds. burns adding a late empty netter as the best road team. the sharks win it on the road 5-3 the final in los angeles. steve kerr had to replace his replacement. kerr has been out all season. luke walton was sick today. kerr was back in the saddle. he is still getting headaches because of a leak of final fluid following two back surgeon rueys. he plans to -- he plans to join the warriors to see how his body feels and reacts. another question is how close is he to 100%.
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>> 27.4%? i still have somewhat of a sense of humor so that's good. it is hard to say. it has been up and down. i am just going. this has been a really good week and that's the main thing. i have to keep that going. another honor for christian mccaffrey, today he was named the associated press college player of the year. the wild cat broke the ncaa record for all purpose yardage and leads stanford into the rose bowl against iowa. you can watch the semifinals on new year's eve. it is oklahoma and clemson in the orange bowl followed by michigan state and alabama in the cotton bowl. and that all leads up to the national championship game on january 11th on espn. and this final video is amazing. the florida gator walk on has one arm, but he puts the spin
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move on here and flips it up and in against jacksonville. look at this kid. going to work again. just one arm. it is his first basket ever for florida. his teammates were all pumped up. what a moment for that young man. unbelievable. abc7 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> that's


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