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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 2, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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she thought she was renting to an adult man visitsing from chicago. she says she had no reason to believe he was lying. they in turn didn't do a more extensive check on the renter and assumed a he was legit. >> i have had some really good experiences so we didn't really feel too concern, he sounded mature and responded and was a really polite. >> they said, quote, we have banned this guest from b & b and we have worked with the host which covers a host property in the rare event of damages. the teenaged renter has been charged with vandalism. our other big story this evening, the change in weather, the cold weather is sticking around this weekend and you're going to need your umbrella soon.
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i'm not the mainly cloudy weekend ahead of our next storm that's starting to get its act together. live doppler radar shows some returns from palo alto, out to sun sunnyvale, we are watching a shield of moisture just off the storm system. overnight tonight we may see a few drops, maybe some light showers move through ahead of the main batch of rain and that main batch of rain is really going to wait until sunday midday and into the afternoon to move into the bay area. right now the big story, we're running some 3 to 12 degrees warmer tonight than last night. some spots are holding in the 40s so. overnight tonight with to the loud, no freeze warnings, we're in the mid 30s to mid 40s. then we'll track the storm tonight, it's a 1 on our storm impact scale. most cities will wind one a quarter to three-quarters of an inch of rain.
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we'll track this storm hour by hour for you tomorrow. and behind that we have a series of storms. we'll detail a that coming up. storms out at sea that are headed our way may have played a role in a fishing boat wreck in marin county this morning, the boat got stuck on some rocks near china gate park in rafael. >> the downfall was the wind. if the wind wasn't so rough, you know, we could have made it. >> reporter: it's not the way this new year's fishing trip was swoezed to end after the commercial fishing vessel lost engine power and was headed for the shoreline rocks. >> a little unnerving for a while there, right? >> for a minute. >> reporter: captain matt phillips says the seas were rough early saturday and the winds were fierce. >> blowing 15 knots or 20.
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it was pretty rough, it blew us up there pretty fast. >> we tried to hold it, but it was. holding. >> to the captain radioed for help before running aground. both men made it to safety. park rangers say bay ywaters ca be treacherous. >> even though it was an outgoing tide, the vessel was being blown into shore. >> the vesselal likely ran out of gas. officials will monitor the boat for eany changes, meantime the fishing trip wasn't a totalal loss. >> i did catch one fish so it was cool. and i save it it. >> reporter: salvage crews will try to move the jenna j from the rocks but that will have to wade until high tide on sunday morning. a water main break sent hundreds of gallons of water gushing into a south bay
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neighborhood early this morning. abc 7 news was in san jose as crews repaired a six-inch main on crescent place. the water department capped the leak around noon. officials say a valve broke flooding the street. kathleen castillo says water did back up into her driveway. >> this morning we woke up and the whole street was flooded. i have been out here since 7:00, i took a little break and i came back out. and i cleaned my next door neighbor's yard as well. >> this is video taken by anthony, a member of our abc 7 now community. the street just covered in water, measuring about a feet deep in some places. when you see breaking news where you live, take a photo or video when it's safe and share it with us using the #abc7now. a family in vallejo who lost their home in a fire is getting help from to the community.
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the fire burned the home at indiana and sutter streets down to the priframe. the family lost everything, an estimated $350,000 worth of items including christmas presents. their story touched the hearts of a lot of people including firefighters that helped put out the flames. the fire department and community members dipped into their own pockets to give the family back some of what they lost. >> it means a lot to my family, to myself, never thought this would ever happen. >> the family received money, checks and bags full of toys, they're living with relatives right now but the money and general kindness will give them a boost to find a new home. a new home in san jose for the homeless. the city's new plan and how it's different from the jungle encampment shut down last year. and the mystery of 43.
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the new art exhibit in the south bay and it's message about student who is disappeared in mexico.
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city leaders in san jose are looking into a new home for the homeless. our media part ners at the bay area news group says the city is conferring opening a tent city. they say a managed -- the goal is to find them permanent housing. drugs and alcoholal would not be allowed. advocates say that would keep it from turninging into another version of the jungle.
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a silent tribute to remembrance and outrage was unveiled today on the santa clara campus. in 2014, the students were attacked kidnapped and kill in a mexican town. police and politicians in mexico led the students will be handed over to a drug cartel. coming up on abc 7 news at 9:00 the city -- the 150th straight fell out at the or call tonight. and the naacp sent the two
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santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. while most of us were sleeping, crews with san francisco public works were out conducting the most complete survey yet of market ahead of a major improvement project. that truck you see was out overnight to create a 3d kur va, they used light technology or lidar for short. this visual mapping survey is designed to improve the better market street project and improve the pedestrian friend liquor door. here's an animation after recent trial runs, the technology picks up on every detail, including buildings, light poles, sidewalks and other street features. power ballplayers are trying to start the week out by winning the gigantic jackpot. the prize is now $334 million. nobody has matched all six numbers since november 4 and
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that's allowed the prize amount to roll over to beyond the $300 million mark. the numbers were drawn just over an hour ago and here they are, 5, 6, 15, 29, 42, and to the power ball is 10. we don't know yet if there's a winner, but i don't hear anyone leaving the set right now. i don't think they won. if you want to check, we have those numbers on our website on abc 7 news. speaking of which, we got some rain headed our way, when is it going to get here? >> we may get some drizzle ovrpt tonight, but the bulk of the moisture is going to happen the second half of your sunday. live doppler 7 hd showing we are seeing some light returns now. i just checked our latest observation and this little moisture running along the peninsula about 15 minutes ago and that's hitting the ground. when you look along the coast,
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there's a pretty good shield of moisture that's moving to the north and the east. the next couple of hours around san a that rosa, nevada, napa, we could see some sprinkles actually hitting the ground. here's the low, here's the front. this is all going to swing through here on your sunday, with the steadiest of rain coming on sunday afternoon and evening. overnight tonight, we have the clouds in place upstairs, that's going to keep us on the mild side, mid 30s to mid 40s, with a chance of drizzle particularly in the north bay. but for your sunday, we may see some peeks of sunshine early on. but that rain is going to move in on a west to east fashion, so our storm impact scale, this is going to be a 1, it's a light storm, most cities will see around a quarter to three-quarters inch of rain. hour by hour feature weather, midnight, perhaps there could with be some spotty areas of drizzle. but first thing on your sunday, i don't think it's out of the question to pick up a few peeks
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of sunshine right before the rain moves onshore at 3:00. then it slowly moves inland. by 10:00, 11:00, most locations are seeing steady showers, and a couple may try and linger for first thing monday morning. in terms of total rainfall, i think there's going to be a pretty widespread and heaviest rain, especially along the coast, we'll see three-quarters of an inch and then moving inland, the number also drop off to just a quarter inch of rain. on tuesday, this one will be a 2 on our storm impact scale. this one will have wind gusts from 40 to perhaps 50 miles an hour. 5:00 in the morning, i think this is the best chance of seeing the strongest of the rain and the heaviest rain. then we'll see a break in the activity. it's not going to be raining every minute of the day on tuesday. then we'll watch another wave of rain to move in on wednesday and pick up more showers. on the heels of that system,
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another one looks to move in on thursday and last until friday. with the next storm late in the week, perhaps another half-inch to an inch and a half of rain and by that time it looks like we a may have some flooding concerns by that time with all this rain kind of adding on top of each other, just know that several storms are lingering on the horizon. we'll track that first storm tomorrow, the steadiest of the rain really in the afternoon and the evening, perhaps some wet spots first thing monday. then a stronger storms moves in on tuesday, the strongest of the winds and the heaviest of rain moves in first thing on tuesday, and then periods of rain, wednesday, thursday, friday. we're going to be watching for any flooding, so a lot of rain in the next seven days. >> thank you, sir. >> all right, my sports cliches here, home cooking, no place like home for the warriors. >> after going 42 and 1 at home in 2015, the warriors start 2016
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with a win over denver in oakland. seth curry is back after missing two games. and this the 150th straight sell out at oracle. the mvp is going to get back on the court. first quarter, tremont glean. andre iguodala gets in the screen for the dunk. end of the quarter, clay thompson, three, got it. 37-11 after one. second quarter, seth with a triple. andre iguodala draws a line. look out below. 63-47 at halftime. curry would leave the game, reaggravated his lower leg injury. right now 97-7 in the fourth quarter. complete highlights at 11:00. shark with five wins on the
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year. fran wheeler intercepts the pass play. for drew stafford, second period, shocks on the power play this time. they get on the board. two on winnipeg. math you perot. hauls it and whips it past martin jones. and in the third period, we have a 3-1 game, also complete highlights at 11:00. santa clara looking for their first conference. portland's vice presley. portland up two. santa clara jerreck brownrich. brownrich, plays the ball, second half, same guy. the first conference win, 84-77. stanford women, openi ing pac-1 play. brittany mcphee, three-pointer.
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mcphee 14 in the first half. second quarter, arizona near steal. at the half, mcphee again the triple. her first in 24 games in the season. 59-34 victory. cal women hosted by 17th ranked asu. christine anegua in the house. again underneath. she had a game high 22, but arizona state sometime mied the bears. she led the sun devils with 16. just a bad game for cal. arizona state didn't core in the final 5 1/2 minutes, still won by 8. 57-49d that final. stanford will probably finish third in the country thanks to krista mccaffrey record day. she scored a 7 5 yard touchdown.
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100 yards receiving and rushing in the same game. her dad is a stanford alum and super bowl champion. and as you would expect, he's one proud father. >> it's awesome, you know as a parent, you love your kid, you give them some support, he loves his teammates and his coaches. i was really excited that his brothers got to all come out and watch him play today and that was really exciting and it was a lot of fun. >> remember the alamo. oregon and tcu, 37 yard touch. oregon builds a 31-0 lead. tcu comes all the way back. aaron green, two yard score, the biggest come back in bowl history.
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tcu quarterback bran coal canhaasen. tcu down 31-0, wins it 47-41. all right a number one clemson tigers take on number two alabama in the national championship game. you can watch it january 11 at 5:30 p.m. on our sister network espn. hope to see you then and i want would rest him one more night. he reaggravated that injurinjur. a day filled with stars and fantasy. we'll show you the best costumes
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coming up tonight at 11:00,
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daily fantasy football could be at the pd of a lawsuit. have you ever wondered where your christmas tree goes when you dump them at the curb. fans of japanese tv and popular culture in general have swooped into the sacramento convention for this weekend's sac anime and pop culture characters. the emphasis here is on annime and superheroes. they both share an interest in fun, obviously. 14,000 people are expected to attend today and tomorrow. that's it for abc 7 news at 9:00, our next newscast is at 11:00 p.m. over on abc 7. 11:00 p.m. over on abc 7. we'll see you then.
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