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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 7, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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good evening i'm dan. >> i'm amma. we begin with two terrorism arrests here in the united states including a man who is living in sacramento. in addition to the sacramento arrest, there was also a man arrested in houston. u.s. attorney in sacramento says the sacramento man is a 23-year-old who was palestine an born in iraq. he came to the u.s. from syria in 2012. he first
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lived in arizona and wisconsin. officials say he communicated on social media with numerous individuals about his intent to return to syria to fight for terrorist organizations. he left the u.s. in 2013. authorities believe he traveled to syria to fight alongside several terrorist organization organizations. he returned to the u.s. in 2014 and settled in sacramento. when interviewed later that year federal authorities say the man lied to them saying he had been in turkey visiting his grand father. today he was arrested and charged with making a false statement involving international terrorism. he will appear in federal court tomorrow afternoon in sacramento. we are learning more fit about a history of police calls at the world school in antioch one of those campus is where video taken on tuesday shows a teacher's aide abusing a 9-year-old student. authorities sent us this mug shot of the aide 26-year-old the the man of antioch arrested yesterday for felony abuse.
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here's more now from laura anthony. >>reporter: this is not the first time an assault has occurred at antioch tobin world campus. public records from the antioch police department show that over 6 year period from 2008 to 2014 there were 35 reported episodes of violence between staff and students at three tobin world locations in allegations of assault by a student on a teacher or staff member. and 19 of assault or abuse by a staff member or teacher on a student. >> the police came and took pictures and report. >>reporter: she reported her chilled was harmed at tobin world in 2013. she filed a police report when her then 15-year-old autistic son came home with bruises and scrapes she says he could only have gotten at school. >> he was pushed down on the floor. he had marks on his
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body. on his face. al over and he was crying really badly. >>reporter: she also filed a separate complaint with the school in antioch school district but police said they couldn't prove her son's injuries happened at tobin world. meantime the teacher aide arrested for this abuse remains in the west county jail in richmond. 26-year-old the the man being held on felony child abuse charges. late today we received this statement from tobin world founder judy weber quote we are horrified by recent event at our campus. we'll not tolerate the miss treatment or abuse of any child. second teacher aide involved in this incident has been suspended by the school but not arrested by police. in antioch, laura anthony abc 7 news. the chinese stock market swung wildly in friday trading. shanghai composite up almost 2 and a half percent after trading down almost 2%. trading had been halted twice
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this week to avoid bigger sell off but the chinese suspended the market calming system that limits how far stock can fall. it remains higher now. american stock market are having the worst start to a year in 25 years. the dow dropped 3 92 points today declineúñ is being blamd on the chinese markets. share in yahoo down tonight partly because of the rocky stock market and also a report the company plans to lay off 10% of the work force as early as this month. that's 1,000 jobs. the sunnyvale company is reorganizing to get the business back on track. yahoo has declined to comment on the layoffs but it has acknowledged changes are taking place. shares of yahoo down just over 6 percent today. l/ñ zzñ closing at 9645 over concerns aboutism!$"sa  phone sales. ft time the stock market has closedng below0 100 dollars a sharekc since 2014. 7s despitet
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ñrí[ san francisco mayor ed e á7sr' the effort to ref!úm thete police department use ovlq force policies. all that in response to fatal police shooting of mario woods inç the bay view in december ñ, here's 0vic lee. >>reporter: small group of about 15 people con verm on mayor ed lee glen park home. protest range from homelessness to the police shooting of mario woods in early december t.that shooting weighed heavily on the shoulders of the mayor who was issued a memo to the supervisors and police commission. lee set a deadline of february 15 to submit budget requests for training and weaponry that would be included in new use of force policies which he's asked police chief greg sur to draft. police commissioner marshall says they will meet the deadline. >> on a fast track here. the chief is tshingt mayor is, all folk that want things to change are involved in the process.
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>>reporter: did the mayor briefed reporters on what he wants the new initiative to renreingt. >> has to do with deescalation practice. how do we get there new training t.making sure it's transparent and reflective of new practice. >>reporter: since the wood shooting the mayor responded to the anger among african american community leaders by directing the chief and police commission to make sure lethal force is the lasttó resort. chief sursays some of these reforms are already happening. >> we already have almost 400 officers craze intervention trend every recut graduates the academy crisis intervention trained. >>reporter: lee says he wants to reform to renreingt the deputy of justice's recommended guidelines. >> we have opened ourselves up to total review of the department of justice and cop review program of everything that we are doing. >>reporter: next week the chief will go to washington to meet with department of justice officials. vic lee, abc 7 new news. governor jerry brown presented his yearly bump it proposal. record spending plan
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of 170 bill dollars for confidential next fiscal year. >> most every program you hear about in the next 9 months will be good. and will help people. but we also have to look at what's the capacity of the stay. what's the willingness of taxpayers to pay more. >>reporter: budget items also include 36 billion dollars over the next 10 years to fix the state's crumbling highways and roads as well as expand public transit. one time sum of 3 23 million dollars addresses the drouchlt and 2 bill dollars would go into the state voter approved rainy day fund bringing the amount to 8 bill dollars by 2017. some republicans say the governor budget isn't fiscally responsible and doesn't do enough to pay down debt. >> greatest concerns are that while we have this extra money that the legislature, well will spend more on multi-year
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have great ideas buttx this-e is not theví time. >>reporter: alsoxx been suggested california tax revenue surplusl should be used to pay down the state debt of more thand 4 40 billion dollars. cars come tumbling down in yosemite and havip!>))t effect on how people get to the park. 1ñ r"áru(utj as big as buildings at mavericks. el neep 0stirs things upal the coastmi. much to the delight of bay area surfers. and drew is here with the weather. >> we get brief break from the  tonight butrms the friday night plan next storm wants to tag along. detail that come up. >> thanks druchlt bay area company is helping kids who are color blind see what they have never been able to see before. >> stay right here. 7 news at announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic,
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huge rock slide closed an entrance to yosemite national park. they sent out the picture showing a massive boulder that fell on the roadway. slide happened just before six this morning. officials say no was hurt. that's the good news. but it has forced the closure of highway 140 at the arch rock entrance indefinitely. reporter has more now from yosemite. >>reporter: major rock slide
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covered el portal road and the route considered the all weather path into yosemite. the road usually most reliable and least affected by the weather except for thursday. >> so for folk to go around here to the south and use highway 41 is a good two and a half to 3 hours. so for folks coming from fresno or central valley that usually use t south entrance highway 41 they are not affected. >> frain south dead ends at highway 41. >>reporter: these tourist from switzerland were among the dozens forces to take the long way into the national park. >> we drove to el portaliment stayed there for the night and this morning we heard there was a lock slide so we turned around. >>reporter: they were determined to see the snow in yosemite. >> a little more driving i guess. >>reporter: geologist and park rangers not moving any boulder just yet. still in the symptoms phase of figuring out if the hillside has stabilize. >> although hasn't been any activity since the slide this morning thinks still considered an active rock fall zone. camp
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are now watching and recording the hillside above this road. >>reporter: the bay area travelers decided to skip yosemite and enjoy the snow capped view outside the park. >> hotel jacuzzi. staying warm in the water. >>reporter: park rangers blame the effect of the fire in 2014 for may going the hillside prime for rock slide. the area has also been pounded with written and snow for 48 hours. in elal, abc 7 news. the latest round of storms is bringing encouraging news in the sierra tonight. snow pack is roughly 110 percent of normal for this time of year. 4 inches fell at heavenly and south lake tahoe in the last 24 hours andó all tahoe resorts reporting great conditions. it's good but there is still a long way to go. >> our best understanding of how many big el nino we need is about three huge, huge years to bring us back in terms of
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reservoir rae men issuement as well as ground water remen issuement. >> latest storms were enhanced by el nino but they are hoping for a lot of bigger storms to come. el nino certainly behind today's high surf warning. big waves are drawing a lot of surfers to the coast. they love these conditions. we were at mavericks today where you condition see all the action out on the water. wayne twee tweeted this picture of what was happening when there was break in the weather. here's more now from wayne. >>reporter: this would not qualify as the typical day at the beach. not in the water. certainly not for the cliff clingers eagle high above the maverick. >> people love to see people do amazing things. >>reporter: they did today. that is the pacific ocean in angry mood or sporting one for those who look at 60 foot waves as personal challenge. >> there's a fear but in the moment you don't really feel the fear because it's all survival. >>reporter: why frank and some equally skilled friends
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ventured into the water did. >> i don't know. beats sitting at a desk. >>reporter: world class surfer in this world famous spot ad for world class waves in upcoming world championship. but when? >> we have no date but we have a window. we are in it right now e-jeff clark began the titan of maverick surf condition test in 19 nature. he's written the waves of sur surfing and business and now in the wake of el nino storms his contestant are gathering. what they dealt with today flirted at the intersection of sport and danger because these 60 foot waves came if way too choppy. if you get tossed by one they say item like surviving a car crash. just this morning surfer garrett left in an ambulance with a shoulder injury. >> they said it was a bomb and he got into it. he aired out. flew through the air landed it flew through the air landed it didn't make=jq thing justd$ came down ton ofóe wholea building landed&'rs t the desk. in the
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office. wx=p or at the beach. r mavericks break in half>9e incredible. >> different breed. >> definitely. >> talk morerr a little bit abot whether is to come. >> drewú' has the latest. >> wreev brick right now. really nice dayñ. today. tomorrow night though you need umbrella as you g4(p()háo the evening plan. next storm moves in and has light rain with it. we show partly cloudy sky are tracking north of ukiah right now near upper lake. we know mixed precipitation but it's fall apart and manufacturing off to the he. we continue to have a high surf advisory tomorrow morning 4:00"÷ o'clock in the morning series of storms we still 10 to turn up our ocean water. 15 feet to 18 feet high in the west swell continues with those large breakers over the next seven hours or so. but since sunday it has been a really good soak of rain across the entire bay area. over two inches from
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oakland san francisco just . near two inches in san jose. over 4 inches of rain sense sunday as we take a look at the season to date the season actually start on october 1st and you do notice most spots arew running below normal but close to normal in san fpqjt)á(z. above normal move it field san jose and several more chance to pick up rain fall in the next seven days. outside we go our camp showing partly cloudy skies. beautiful ferry building all lit up on this thursday night. forecast calls for the break in the activity tonight and much of the friday will be on the dry side. then we track the8 lit storm moving in friday tonight in early saturday morning and then another brake in the wet weather on sunday before our next storm moves in on monday. so kind of a series of systems setting up. 50 in sun fran and partly cloudy skies. 45 hayward and novato at 41 degrees. overnight tonight temperatures under partly cloudy skies dropping into the mid 30's to mid 40's across the bay year. high for
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the friday not bad day. mainly cloudy. piece of sunshine here and there and temperatures in the mid upper 50's and a lot of spots into the nighttime hour with the wet weather. the scale shows 1 to 5 that's how we rate the storms. this will be a one on the impact scale. light from friday night to early saturday. less than half inch in most years and most rain falling in the north bay. so as we good hour by hour we start this off in the evening hour. could see light showers starting to develop ahead of the mane band of rain. we go into later neat hours 11:00 o'clock on friday. here comes a steady light rain moving in it does tip in the early morning hours on saturday one okay in the morning on saturday. we still track some late showers even into 6:00 o'clock saturday morning before we start to dry out our skies and by the afternoon the rain will begin to move out of here. total rainfall pretty typical storm setting up here. more rape the north bay. generally a quarter inch in hayward, san carlos less than that in half
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machine bay. early morning hours on saturday sunday and partly sunny sunday and another storm on sunday and then wednesday another system moves this they are nice light in nature but adding to the rain. still to come. find out who is behind a lawsuit just filed to block the warrior new arena. not power ball item an out brick. historic jack pot out brick. historic jack pot and how mathem
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san leandro police took to facebook to share an important tip that could save from you getting ripped off at an atm.en crediblement posted a picture of an atm skimmer. maybe you
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have never seen one up close. here it is. crooks look tk)fectly matched skimmer over the card swipe tore steal card always pull on the card swipe tore make sure it doesn't come off. that way you can tell if it has been compromise compromised. san francisco putting rumors about immigration rates at san francisco public schools tot. >> we have strong belief that students belong in school and that if a student lives in the city and county of san francisco we do not ask for their immigration status. they have a right to an education. >> superintendent richard says some family keep the children home out of fear immigration agents would take them[[ away t school. school district like the city of san francisco has a sanctuary policy which means the district doesn't is ask students or family about the immigration status and doesn't allow immigration officials to enter schools. there is new a lawsuit filed to block the new warriors arena from being built if san
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francisco. the mother of 6-year-old boy with a severe heart condition is suing because she's worried traffic problems will prevent her from getting her child to the nearby ucsf children's hospital in mission bay. the hospital is 1,000 feet from where the arena would be built. mission bay alliance is also in on this lawsuit saying san francisco city officials violated state environmental will you by not properly measuring traffic impacts of the new facility. another half hour of 7 news at 9:00 is6 coming up next. coming up donald trump unleas unleashes new attack on the with an ad featurig monica lewinsky. >> guidelines over what to eat recommendation for salt sugar alcohol and even coffee from the government. >>reporter: not the pizza you need to worry's the box it need to worry's the box it come in. the new
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good evening once again we begin this half hour with the race for the white house. >> donald trump is unleash ago new attack on the kl inton doubling down on former plenty's past with new ad with monica. >> and bill clinton showing the kind of restraint we haven't seen from him before in many respects. >> here's kenneth. >>reporter: in one of the most liberal cities in the country, hundreds of supporters stood in line and in the cold for hours to see g.o.p. presidential contender donald trump. >> we can't get them in. so you are very, very lucky tonight, i hope, right. >>reporter: trump filled 1400 seats in vermont. but the campaign dole out 20,000 tickets. trump delivered more punches at riffal including hillary clinton. >> i must say i have my mind
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set on hilary. i do have my mind set. >> women's rights are human rights and. >>reporter: earlier in the day trump dropped the campaign videov/un$ofú'd]]ee1ei>yáa!! on videov/un$ofú'd]]ee1ei>yáa!! on women rights. ç weiner and bill cosby. . then this imñ monica. "d the clintons refusedn to take the bait. >> i don't have any"s response. >>reporter: g.o.p. rival tedix cruz trying to ignore trump who que legal right to run for president. trump advising the texas senator born in canada to an american mother go to court to clear up the matter. >> i'm not going to be taking legal advice any time soon from donald trump e-but trump may have a point. constitutional legal scholar told us it appears cruz is in the clear but the issue is still unresolved. this is abc news washington. >> hillary clinton is headed to bay area tomorrow after picking
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up two endorsementoov today from planned parenthood and second qom former montereyand second congressman served as budget director and chief of staff for bill clinton. he later served as defense secretary and cia director]z for president obama. she will attend 2 local fundraiser tomorrow, first in san francisco hostedb by diana nelson head of the carlson travel company. second is an evening reception in palo alto hostedrc by venture capitalist greg sands. ticket for the very haven't cost 2700 dollars. >> french authorities opening terrorism investigation into the shooting of a man oside a paris police station. officers shot and killed the man who they say had a cleaver and yelled2q al la and claimed he ws wearing a fakec the anniversary of the terror attack. french president laid a wreath early this morning. extremist killed 17 people in
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series of assaults. just as many people struggle to keep the new year's resolution to eat healthy the controversy tonight over the government new guide lines over what we eat especially comes to sugar, salt, alcohol and coffe coffee. david has more. >>reporter: at dinner tonight. you will:ñ want to eat more vegetables, fruits, whole grain and seafood if you want to meet the new government guidelines. but some earlier advice is gone. now the limits on cholesterol removed. good news for the egg industry. even though the fine print said eat as little cholesterol as possible. an strong warning against too much added sugar. the new guidelines say no more than 10% of your daily calorie calories. >> that's 20s if you drink one f soda a day you have maxed out on your daily sugar intake. >> reporter: the government says we should lower our salt intake to no more than a teaspooncy a day. coffee 3 to 5 cup day is okay. and alcohol one drink day for women. up to two for men. but most
9:32 pm
ignored government scientists3r and5[ sd lean meat is partyñ of a health diet. >>q9 even lean meat islw associd with hereyç risk of cancerp2 >>reporter: meat industry j( a lot of political5 power. they do no want the guidelines to say eat]ó less meat. >>reporter: how if he can activity rechlts even the government admit most of us ignore them. david curly abc news washington.bñ there's aia warning tonight about the boxes that3= your piza comes n.fda is banning the chemical here. waxy coatingx that repels moisture and grease in the pizza box and used in sandwich wrapper]a and popcorn back. the%l chemical may cause cancer and birth defect. good fuss on the war on cancer. cancer society says there has been a 23 percent drop in cancer death rate since translet's into more than 1.7
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million capser deaths averted through 2012. part of the reason is because fewer people are smoking. but much of it has to do with our ability to treat many cancers these day. power ball now the biggest jackpot in american history rolling over 18 times since november fourth. the jackpot now 700 million dollars. lindsay explains how it got so big. >>reporter: get ready even this is power ball. this is unprecedented. tichlt 700 million dollars for saturday drawing. that's more than 4 28 million dollars cash. >> i probably get a nice place somewhere. >>reporter: lots of time today dream while standing in the two hour line in nevada today. >> there's a winner. >>reporter: all by design. back in october the rules changed. the odd wept from one in 175 million to one in two 92 million. meaning it became far less likely to win a jackpot increasing the run or length
9:34 pm
between jackpot pay outs. and it's working. longer they go without a winner in this case 18 drawings since early november the bigger the jackpot gets. good news you are more likely to win a smaller prize. odds one in 25 that you will win something. even if it is only 4 dollars. according to the number crunchers there's a 17 percent chance this jackpot will rollover again and there will be a billion with a b. a billion dollar dollar jackpot on wednesday. this is abc news new york. >> if we only we know 4 dollars our office pool has 50 people in it. perspective on the odds of winning. we talked to community college vice chancellor. >> if you buy 50 tickets a we can to the power ball you will we know the jackpot on the average of about once every one 12,000 years. the if every team you drive a mile you buy a power ball ticket you will have
9:35 pm
to drive an average distance of about 6 11 round trips to the moon before you went the jackpot. >> he's bringing us down. he assures us for 2 dollars it's still a good bet and mathematically if you could buy every possible ticket come by nation could you profit as long as someone else doesn't pick the same winning numbers because the jackpot is so high now. >> all right. next on 7 news at 9:00. bay area company is helping kids who are color blind. see what they have never been able to see before. never been able to see before. >> you
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. two bay area companies are joining forces to help children struggling with frustrating
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condition. color blindness. companies not just changing the view. they are also changing lives. world is about to become a brighter place for these four grade school kids. they have lived their lives with varying degree of color blindness. a condition that even their parents didn't always know right away. >> when he was the he had the shapes and numbers but he just never got colors. >>reporter: but the family heard about a contest being sponsored by clorox and another bay area company called chrome that pioneer a unique set of lens that restore the ability to see colors. chief sign test says the lens restore correct balance of red and green take get blurred together by deform ty in color blind person eye. >> we do this by creating a filter that goes in and carve out certain wave length of light and separates those pigment back to where they should be. >>reporter: the life changing power caught the attention of clorox. the company offered up 10,000 dollars to help
9:40 pm
distribute the glasses to young students suffering from color blindness. that grant helped fund the on line video contest. kids were asked to dream up an invention they would like to build themselves and submit video describing it. 75 winners were chosen to 7 a set of the chrome lens. we watched as four of those winners tried them on for the first time. >> it looks like way brighter. like all the colors just like-kind of popping out so much more. >> this was more red. >> pretty excited about this. >> yes. i think it's orange. >> a lot brighter than i thought before. definitely. >>reporter: but like colors themselves, emotions also cover the spectrum. >> he's our fourth boy, second third and fourth are all color blind. first time gotten to see one of them at least see the color. >>reporter: company is still
9:41 pm
advising family to recommend sister for the online news letter for info on up come give away. the kid will spend the next few months getting 0used to world that suddenly seems more colorful. >> wonderful. the glasses can cost 250 dollars and up. >> really fabulous. >> it is. coming up next at 9. drew will be back with update on the next storm. >> plus the announcement just out. who will be joining cold play for this year half time event at the announcer: it's time to make room for the new mattress models! during sleep train's huge year end clearance sale... get beautyrest, posturepedic, even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices! save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory!
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. a long time berkeley book stories closing down. black books is closing at the end of the month after 33 years in business. book store has struggled since it moved to san
9:45 pm
pablo avenue 6 years ago. the owner says berkeley minimum wage increase makes running the business too expensive. bloomingdale open next fall if santa clara west field valley fair shopping mall. announcement from parent company macy this week came in the same release announcing 36 macy stores are set to close. three of those stores in california but none of the bay area locations is closing. at least for now. recent el nino driven storms have helped rivers and creek rise to levels we haven't seen in years. >> really is true. jonathan went into the santa cruz mountains with the usgs as they calibrated the sensitive equipment used to measure rushing water and keep surrounding communities safe. >> once we lower down and make contact with the water surface. >>reporter: technology from 19 38 onside of bridge over the river here. >> 68. water surface is 5 68. >>reporter: of course this game is just the back up in the little redwood building the modern equipment uses satellit
9:46 pm
satellite, radar tiny bubble of nitrogen. >> extremely accurate. we measure water surface to. >>reporter: the city of santa cruz needs the precision this gauge is fundamental. foundation of all the water supply planning. >>reporter: thanks to el nino ought planning is cautiously operate miss but the water can be a double edge sword an that's the other purpose of the measurements to know when the community downstream need to prepare for flooding. knowing how high the water is only pants part of the picture. you have to know how fast it's moving usgs cal greats stream gauge with tool like this or modern replacement. >> using sound wave and measuring the time it take for the sound wave to return to the sensor. >>reporter: measuring current at all different depth it makes a map of the ever-changing world beneath the surface. >> conveniently traition grow. trees fall into the channel so takes regular calibration to know that the data we are producing is correct. >>reporter: with measurement and math they boil it to a single number reported he have
9:47 pm
15 minutes day and night. >> that data has gone through the decision maker who decide when to activate the emergency alert system to warn people that flooding is imminent. >>reporter: the river has risen several feet but so far all smiles. >> this is gentle rain and don't have flooding problems so that's a good thing e-in santa cusz county, abc 7 news. 2015 was the second hottest year ever in the united states. the average temperature was 5 54.4 degrees. record was just over 55 degrees in 2012. the national ocean atmospheric administration noaa says the past year had 10 major climate event such as droughts and storm that led to 1 billion dollars in damage. this week el ninoen happens storms hit sonoma county the hardest. new numbers show in the last 72 hours the community of guerneville had the most rain nearly 9 inches.
9:48 pm
wow! talking about rain morris come. >> that's right. drew has the details. >>reporter: with our next storm arriving tomorrow night the farther north you are the more in the way of rain you will see. live doppler 7hd=z5wy the$í of the day so$ñ peak of sunshine temperatures
9:49 pm
to see the system move out into the situationary a.we have=u to see snow friday night saturday morning just a little bit3 inches around tahoe citylw. 1 inch in south lake tahoe and concerning wood with the next system. the forecast shows we have rain chance every other day. saturday, monday and wednesdayñ. here you go all one on the storm impact scale so very light rain happening with each system but happening frequently over the next seven days. we like it that way. bee open say returning to the superbowl half time show. pepsi confirmed associated press today that the 34-year-old singer will perform with cold play at the february seventh show at levi stadium. drew is already dancing. they collaborated on the band new album. entertainment tonight reports that bruno mars is also expected on stage with cold play. good line up.
9:50 pm
>> larry is probably drooling. >> beyonce there i don't have even care if they play a game. doesn't matter to me. let me just see more of beyonce. i new orleans$v half time theners remember theíí lights went out. i think it was cause andq effect. for me it is. any way, in sports most people figure the giants were looking for] an outfielder with power. the[j:u)qv sign
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coming up tonight at 11:00. terror in the bay area back yard just released court documents detailing the alleged terror activity of man who cal calls sacramento home. >> and president obama takes the fight for gun control to prime time television. >> those stories and more coming up at=÷ 11:00 over on coming up at=÷ 11:00 over on channel 7 time to talk sports we have been talking superbowl behind the scenes. there's baby. >> and some interesting niner noose that came out just a few minutes ago we'll get to that
9:54 pm
in a moment. giants took care of rotation this wenter. one hole to fill and they addressed it today. three years 31 million dollars for stachbility he will lead avenue to play center field that would shift angel over to lefteó. he's eigt year veteran. life time 2 87 hitter. not a big power guy which is what many thought the giants needed but he's very fast. concern is that stan played only 61 games last year. he had hip back and core jersey. sounds like me. but he's healthy now. 32 years old. and he has passed his physical so he's officially a giant. to the ice tonight. sharks and new all star print burns and joe hosting red wing. 5 and o scoring first at home. shot here knocked away by peter later in the first on the move. snaps it. past jones 1 nothing and 90 seconds later burns with a knuckle here that is tipped by joel ward and find
9:55 pm
the back of the net in super slow motion. tied it at one. right now this the third period and gone ahead 2-one. all star game a little more than a month away. warriors well represented which think. curry second only to kobe bryant voting in the west. green has moved into third among western conference front court players. he would start. the streak ended at three if tuesday we know over the lakers but if the voting holds up this way it's his first all star game appearance an he's giddy thinking about it. >> i'm not greedy. if it can happen i'm thankful for it. if i can somehow sneak in there i'm thankful. if i could sneak into the big game in generalpñ i'm thankful for that. just the support i 7 from the fans so far i'm thankful for that all the hard work that go is keep of a scene of appreciatio
9:56 pm
appreciation. >>reporter: randy and st. mary's trying to stay perfect in western conference play at loyola knocking down the jumper at 15 points. that's aussie to aussie with the left hand. 46-30. josh. he can jam 12 and this turned into a blow out. calvin, so many guys can shoot. 73 to 48. pack 12 former bruins west brook as ucla number 7 arizona. bruins up 14. 44 seconds left. allen and final seconds the coach calling this play for his son bryce who is your daddy? then struts back up the court. 87-84 the final. ucla would shock arizona. we are talking football now. here is jim the
9:57 pm
recently fired thener coach has shaved off his mustache and wearing the smile of a man who was just paid 10 and half million dollars not to go to work. 15 finalist announce for the pro football hall of fail. first year of eligibility. he was great but you have to wonder whether footballers were reward a guy. if you want a lock packer star brett farve and one other note former niner tail back craig didn't make the final. class 2016 announced the day before superbowl 50. things could get really interesting for the 49ers because matt reported tonight that the niners met with chip kelly today. kelly was recent will i fired by the eagle. brilliant offensive mind. up tempo system but the players despised him in philadelphia. might be just mean the one guy capable of resurrecting the
9:58 pm
career of kaepernick but what a controversial hire that would be. 7 sport brought to you by toyota. the spot. >> it would be fascinating. if you can't get along with jim harbaugh how are you going to get along with chip kelly. he rubs people the wrong way. i don't know. it could be very. >> both of the guys are pretty tough. >> if you are successful head football coach it's hard to be just sunshine and lollipop. >> i think tom's new look. >> you like. that he's leaving the past behind. shedding the past. keeping the 10 million. >> thanks. thanks for joping us tonight. >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time. >> 7 fuss 10s on line, twitter facebook and all multiple device with our app. >> mountain waves at mavericks seen from sky 7 hd. see you seen from sky 7 hd. see you again in an hour
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announcer: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today, a young television reporter, well known for covering some of the biggest news events in little rock, arkansas, captures headlines in her own tragic story. it's a disturbing act of violence that stuns family and friends and sends police on an intense manhunt.


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