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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 19, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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tour bus second balance coming close tort rescue 911. >>reporter: greyhound bus flips over in south san jose. two women killed. >> witness saw the rear of the bus slam here and saw the bus on the right side through the k rail. >>reporter: well unclear exactly what caused the accident but the driver
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identified by the chp as 5 58-year-old gary bonds had complained he felt fatigued. good evening thanks for joining us. >> sky 7 hd was up over highway 101 south san jose crews still cleaning up nearly 11 hours after the bus crashed. northbound lanes are now open. >> aevl earlier we watched as tow truck carried the bus away to the chp yard in gilroy where federal investigators with the ntsb will examineen it. >> all happened on highway 101 in south san jose near the 85 connect or. here's david louie. >>reporter: there are two ways the chp will opinion point why this bus crashed into a freeway divider at 6:40 this morning. on board videocamera and statement from the driver who survived with minor injuries. >> he day that he was fatigued. the leading up to the collision. he said that he remembers the bus striking the black barrel
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out here when, before the collision which you can see beyond the bus now. and then the next thing remembered is the bus on its side. >>reporter: greyhound tells us the on board camera look in two direction at the driver and first few row of passengers and at the road ahead. that should fill in the gap the driver claims he doesn't remember between hitting the divider and the bus landing than its side. two passengers were ejected from the bus and died. 8 others including the driver sustained minor jersey and were sent to local hospitals. the remeaning 10 were transimportanted by a charter bus and taken to san francisco. bus originate entered los angeles with oakland the final december ty naichlingts while it was raining at the time pavement was wet a witness doesn't think the bus was speeding. >> we did have a witness that was driving another vehicle directly behind the bus and that witness indicated that the bus was travel about the speed limit. >>reporter: special tow truck with crane called up to up right the 17 ton bus after investigators combed the scene for potential evidence.
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team from the ntsb also being brought in for parallel federal investigation. the bus is now being taken to storage yard in gilroy where the investigators will 10 to good through the mechanical systems of the bus looking for probable cause. including the possibility of driver error. in morgan hill, david louie abc 7 news. well t-this is one of the women killed in the crash. her son antonio is still very much in shock tonight. he says he was waiting at the bus station to pick up his mom. his first thought was that the bus was delayed because of the rain. when he heard about the accident he continued to hope that his mother was okay. he says 4 to 5 hours later coroner office called him confirming his worst fear. >> asked me about bag that my mother brought with her. that bag has my roommate tag in it so when the moment that the
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coroner asked me about that baggie knew. it was my mother bag i don't think neglect bad will happen to us. >>reporter: antone why tells us his mother had been visiting his brother ins southern california and was returning to the way area for a doctor's point many. she just recently moved to san francisco from the philippines. 21 people on the bus 10 people were trans importanted to local hospital for treatmen treatment. driver had moderate injuries. greyhound has a hot license set up for people to call for information. that number is here on the screen. trust us for the latest information down load our free news app and push alert. turn now to the weather. we had some major problems around the bay area today 38 and detours because of the flooding in downtown sonoma.
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floodwater cover the junction of highway 12 and 121 in shel shellville when the storm hit earlier today. the. and commuters smrsh their way along the embarcadero in san francisco during the morning rush hour. rain water overwhelmed sewers storm drain right neck to the bay. >> storm provided plenty of fresh new snow in the high sierra check that out. snow is wet though which is good for the snow pack. some resorts say they picked up another 8 inches. >> let's check in now with sandhya and live doppler 7hd. >> yes. it was pounding rain this morning. live live doppler 7hd will show you quiet weather right now. we are tracking some fog. take a look terrain totals. many areas picked up over an inch of rain about inch and a half in santa rosa. oakland 8500 in livermore over an in in fairfield. san jose 4400 and you will notice more than two inches of rain at kent field and three in
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ben lo man mountain. there is a little bit of fog. wednesday howling. 60 miles an hour los gatos. 58 golden gate. 55 hear and tracking the next storm ranking the storms on our storm impact scale all weren't. 5 severe. one light. next one coming in is for friday. it is a two. so exactly what can you expect with that storm? and how long will it last i'll let you know if it will carry over into your wean.take a detailed look at our storm impact scale coming right up. >> all right thank you sandhya. two uc santa cruz students both from the south bay missing after swept into the ocean. they were standing on a rock yesterday with three friends at bob do you know beach off highway 1. huge wave washed 3 into the water. one got on to land 2 others missing. 25-year-old man from san jose and 19-year-old south bay woman. dangerous waves and mechanical problems with the rescue chopper have slowed the search which has been suspended for the day. and the search has been
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called off for missing skien instructor last seen 5 days ago at sugar bowl resort. 23-year-old carson may not been found sadly. the placer county sheriff's office says the search has been dangerous because of the weather conditions and high avalanche risk. may phone last pinged on friday in an area that is had recent avalanches. at least six bart passengers fainted on trains during this morning's wet commute lead to go extensive system wide delay. passengers were taken off trains and tended to by paramedic and emt t.all the medical incidents were considered to be minor. agency is unsure if cramped crowded train car or the wet weather was to blame. bart note there were fewer passengers this morning compared to last tuesday's commute. >> super bowl few week away and fbi and homeland security are talking more about the potential security issues and the precaution that is they will be taking. vic lee has that story. >> working with every agency in
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transi, in police, regional services and others to make sure that everybody has kept safe. >>reporter: may ed lee says the city pulled out all the stops to make superbowl 50 saf safe. to help local law enforcement, the fbi and homeland security issued a memo assessing potential threats. most importantly the agency say they have no information to indicate any specific credible threats to or associated with superbowl 50 or related events. there will be plenty of security inside le. most vulnerable targets of opportunity the memo says are not inside levi stadium itself. but outside the stadium. the so-called south targets. jeff are harp is a retired fbi assistant special agent in charge. >> people are just walking around it's a problem. people need to be aware of their surroundings and be vigilant. >>reporter: most difficult to prevent lone wolf attackers like the ones in the san bernardino shootings.
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>> for someone to sit at home and to become self radicalize and self inspired is nearly impossible to catch that beforehand. >>reporter: memo also mentions past attack in the bay year on fiber optic system that the vandal may be using the incident to test and product network durability in conjunction with important complex plot. since 2014 there have been more than a dozen acts of sabotage on cable lines here. mostly in the east pay. in 2009 vandals cut underground cables at four site in the south bay knocking out phone internet service to some 50,000 customers. vic lee, abc 7 news. . work began preparing the city for superbowl 50. we were at the embarcadero this morning as throws were trimmed at justice herman plaza. south bound embarcadero complete lecut off to traffic
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on saturday. officials warn don't drive into the city if you don't have to. item probably a good idea to avoid the em park derriere entirely. stay here we have a lot more to bring you tonight on 7 this tuesday night. we'll give awe good look at the impact of did's el nino powered storm along the peninsula. >> we get a break before the next storm. sandhya will tell you us when we should xipt. >> final jeopardy question that stumped ♪
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. a crane carried out parts of large tree that fell in danville. one sign of the damage done by el nino powered storms we were overhead during the cleanup process. two cars parked nearby appeared to be okay. tree came crashing down in san francisco this morning in north beach on kearnyy street and columbus avenue. it snagged overhead muni wires interrupting service to the 41 union line. well those are just two example of the damage done by today's el kneel 0enhanced storm. >> we see what happened on the peninsula. >> accidents along the peninsula causing major delay. just before midday firefighters and chp officers responded to three car crash just north of
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380. among the passengers a little boy. the car he was in went off the road crashing into these bushe bushes. fortunately he was in a car seat. firefighters made sure he was not hurt. >> people need to relevantize that roadway is still wet but may not be raining right now still wet and slow did you know and drive carefully. >> if accidents were a problem fallen trees here in belmont managed to shut down a number of roads and knocked out power. this pine tree landed on a car and a house on hill man avenue. >> this is a monterey pine tree and they are kind of nearing the end of the natural life cycle and with compiled with the stress of the drought the last several years it just became victim and toppled owne owner. >>reporter: homeowner inside and not hurt. the fallen tree did little damage. neighbors were worried about a second tree falling. this one much larger. >> it should probably get a further the deeper evaluation. we don't see imminent danger at
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the moment. >>reporter: not far from there a section of ralston avenue closed to traffic. the gusting wednesday and saturated grournd forced several trees down. meanwhile once the storm passed the public works made sure the city sewer drainage system was clear. in belmont, abc 7 news. the storm knocked out power to neighborhood in berkeley this morning and problems 10 for most of the day. here's wayne. >>reporter: in berkeley this morning a stringy mess not only hit electrical liens and yellow tape to keep residents away from the liens along panoramic way where the storm knocked out power to 3 11 homes. >> i don't care if i'm out of power i don't need power to be in my house. >>reporter: she's one of many residents no way in or out after berkeley police closed off entry to cars. >> i'll walk not a big deal. >>reporter: blame one large tree that fell on multiple power lines and took out three poles. she said she saw this coming.
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>> these people should have cut those trees down years ago but they don't want to cut a tree down here e-now. >> now it's down on its own e-what happened here just one nuisance in bay area filled with them today. range from rising creek and fallen tree across the east bay. this downed tree took out one car in ross moore. here's ski 7 over danville. this was a ubing help tuesday tree until the root failed. no injuries. mean time back in berkeley pg&e crew work through the day to restore power. they will be here all night. >> how long is it going to be? do you know? >>reporter: the best estimate for panoramic way maybe noon tomorrow. in berkeley, abc 7 news. so we have a lull now. >> we do. >> really intense morning. >> yes how long will the lull last is the question. >> how about through thursday evening. all right? good enough break to allow the ground to dry out then bring in
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another storm. all right let me show you live doppler 7hd we do have another storm coming but not until late thursday need into friday. right now seeing cloud cover and even some fog. visibility dropped now in santa rosa down to 2 to 3 meals in half machine bay. hayward fog 6 mile visibility watch out during morning commute. temperatures if the 50's and here's a live look from our emeryville camera looking across the bay advantage point not showing you any fog but it will be 80's of fog overnight tonight. drying out the next few days another storm comes in on friday. here's a look alook at what is going to happen. tonight at 11:00 p.m. you will see the area of fog. head to the morning commute. fog still around and i point your attention to the valley fog as well. parts of the delta also dealing with the fog. i know some of you out there saying how about us don't forget about us. i'm mentioning you. we have fog around the delta at 9:00 a.m. as well and other patches around the bay area. we will see the fog burn off we
9:18 pm
will see some sunny break for the afternoon missing in with the klouchldz stort impact scale on friday item a two moderate storm. two waves of wind and rain coming. stronger one friday night. weaker one friday morning but just like the last storm, this one doesn't have very good timing so the commute impacted friday morning. late thursday night a little bit of spreching el activity shows up around ukiah but we head to early friday morning when the first wave of light to moderate rain moves in at 4 or 5:00 o'clock in the morning at 7:00 still seeing some of that rain and then we get a little lull before the second wave potentially stronger comes in friday nye an it lengthers until early saturday afternoon. so we are going to continue to see some of the wet weather carrying over 52 saturday afternoon. wednesday gust are concerned, t too wind around 4:00 p.m. friday but heads toward the afternoon and evening late afternoon that is an evening hours and the winds increase out of the south 25, 29, 30 miles an hour even 35. we head toward night team.
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10:00 p.m. over 40 miles an hour wind gust showing up along the coast just be careful. be aware of the fact that your friday get away or friday commute may be impacted especially if you are leaving late from work. 4 a.m. saturday morning those winds are still going but not as strong. a little bit breezy. as far as your morning temperatures tomorrow in the 40's. the thing to watch out for is some dense pockets of fog. we will see years of fog around not just in the valley but along the coast as well. then for your wednesday afternoon again in san francisco. santa rosa half machine bay 58 degrees. 62 oakland. pretty mild day. antioch livermore 61 palo alto and 62 san jose. 7 day forecast enjoy the break. late thursday night going into friday we have a two on our storm impact scale. wind and rain carries over into early saturday afternoon now so that has length engine agent bit more as far as the wet weather is concerned. sunday is dry. monday is dry. one computer model dry for tuchls the other
9:20 pm
one going a slight chance of rain. let them dukette out. then we'll let you know what's going to happen obviously. >> okay. thank you. still to come tonight on 7 news at 9:00. protestors who say what they did on the bay bridge yesterday is worth the headaches for
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two dozen protestors could face stiff punishment and fines for shutting down the westbound lens of the bay bridge yesterday. the group brought holiday traffic to a halt by chaining themselves and 5 cars together. you saw it happen live on abc 7 news yesterday. the demonstrators called for racial equality for african americans and today the they stood by what they did.
9:24 pm
>> we understand the it was inconvenience. but so is 400 century of white supremacy and so it was a way to disrupt business as usual. disrupt what the complacency around the oppression that exist and constant terrorism on black people. >> chp arrested matthew and fellow protestors on series of charges including false imprisonment public nuisance and obstruction of free passage. owners of the cars used in the process have to pay at least 300 dollars to get them out of the impound yard. if you have sensed fewer people in the early 20's are licenseed to drive, you are right. since 1983 the percentage of those edge 20 to 24 with driver license has decreased from nearly 92 percent all wait down to 76.7% in 2014. it seems they car cars less important or less accessible. ride shearing service like uber and lift that fewer college students and young
9:25 pm
professionals are driving. >> stay here. another half hour of 7 news at 9:00 is next. come up. sarah palin is back. she is all in for donald trump, too. the palin factor and why it matters. >> george clooney speaking out. what he's now saying to the academy amid the oscars backlash. >> actor jamie foxx talk about >> actor jamie foxx talk about how he pulled a man from a
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we again this half hour with the race for the white house. donald trump picked up endorsement of sarah palin and new poll shows sappers with the sizable lead over hillary clinton in new hampshire. lonna has the latest development. >>reporter: the tea party favorite sarah palin has
9:29 pm
weighed in with her endorsement for the g.o.p. nomination. are you ready to make america great again? >>reporter: giving it to donald trump. two former reality tv stars have long admired each other. in 2011 palin shared a pizza with trump as she pondered running for the presidency. >> how about a trump palin ticket. >> that sounds exciting. >> her endorsement could be critical. the two men locked in a battle of back handed compliments. >> listen i like donald. >>reporter: insult simmering just below the surface. >> last couple day he gets rattled tleing some insults my way. i don't intend to respond. >> ted is worried abouts temperament and people talk about his temper men. i haven't talked about it but he has to be careful. it has been questioned a lot. >>reporter: while among the democrat a new poll show sanders with a 27 point lead in new hampshire. >> today the inevitable
9:30 pm
candidate does not look quite so inevitable as she did 8 and a half months ago. >>reporter: the clinton campaign trying to capitolize off the poor poll numbers. in e-mail to done norse clinton asked for support saying there's a real possibility we could lose those contests. this is abc news washington. >> sarah palin 26-year-old son was arrested on domestic voice and weapons charge after he purnld and kicked his girlfriend during an argument. alaska dispatch news report says he faces 3 miss demeanor charges assault and positive east saysing a gun ill while intoxicated. volunteer for ben carson today died today after the van he was in flipped over on patch of ice and rammed by another vehicle. 25-year-old braiden joplin. iowa deputy of public safety sent out this picture of the crash. carson suspended his campaign for at least two days so that
9:31 pm
he could meet with braiden's family. three others passengers involved at the time accident were treated and released. there are mainly developments tonight involving the americans released in the prisoner swap with iran. tonight the former marone now speaking out and we see the first video of jason. brian ross has more. >> happy. >>reporter: finally something to laugh about. for "washington post"reporter jason rose. >> in the first video of him as foe man released tonight, he has shown the joke that poke fun at iran captors claiming avenues spy. it was always great day for another of the freed americans. 32-year-old amere eager to utility world iran didn't break him. >> i feel life for the first time. it's like being born again and just really feel proud to be an american. >>reporter: he and the other three released americans so miss trusted the iranian that
9:32 pm
they didn't relax until the swissary force plane cleared airspace after delay of some 12 hours. >> champagne bottle were poppe popped. >>reporter: he was held for more than 4 years. iran notorious he have van prison where his family says he was tortured. >> i'm amere e-and forced to make this false confession video. after which he was sentenced to death for being a cia spy. former marine he said today it was his regard for his fellow marines that kept him going. especially after some of them organized an on line hunger strike to support him. >> i didn't want to let my fellow pa reasons down so i tried my best to you know keep my head up and withstand all the pressures that were put upon me. some of which were very inhumane and unjust. >> that's brian ross report being. u.s. supreme court will take up president obama's executive order that effects millions of im front living illegally in
9:33 pm
the you the. justice will review lower court rulings that have kept the president's immigration plan from being implemented. presidential order shielded 5 million undocumented people who are parent of children here legally from deportation. it also allowed them to get work permits and driver lips. 26 states filed a lawsuit to block it. >> i salute the president for what he did. i'm glad the court decided to take up the cases because the lower court decision were wrong. >> case will likely be heard in april and decided in june. that is just before the political convention. new concerns fit about the zeke veer us. two pregnant women from illinois now contracted the virus after traveling to country where the virus is active. a travel alert was issued including mexico, brazil and panama. cbc recommend presenting innocent impose ponying travel to those years. the now to the oscar backlash over the look of
9:34 pm
diversity among this year nominee. tonight george clooney lends his voice to the growing chorus saying hollywood is moving in the wrong drechblingts money time the hay of the academy says she's heart broken by what is happening and is promising big changes. here's lindsay davis. >>reporter: george cleany now one of the hollywood heavy weight weighing in. telling variety magazine i don't think it's a problem of who you are picking as much as it is how many options are available to minority in film. >> the academy has a problem. >>reporter: last night actor david blasted the alaska. >> for 20 opportunities to celebrate actors of color, actresses of color missed last year is one thing. for that to happen again this year is ungiveable. >>reporter: now a growing number vowing to boycott this year's oscars including jada pinkitt smith. >> i will not be at the alaska awards and i won't be watching.
9:35 pm
>>reporter: spike lee. >> we need to have serious discussion about diversity and get some flavor up in this. >>reporter: oscar winning director michael moore also a member of the academy planning to be a no show this year. last night the academy's president vowed to make big changes. >> we all feed to do now is actually take some action. >>reporter: academy president knows there's a long road ahead with the academy at last check 93 percent white and just two percent black. the. >> that was lindsay davis report using academy award withiner jamie foxx thanked tonight after springing into action after a car accident. happened last night outside his ventura county home. chp says 32-year-old brent kyle's drove car into a ditch at high speed. he heard the noise rushed down and called 911. he and others pulled the driver out of the burning trichblingt as the names do come into the cab i lean back but i think what it did is it hit his legs. which made him extend.
9:36 pm
you saw the fight he extends out of the cab and pull him out and as we pull him out, within 5 seconds later the truck goes up. >> it doesn't matter to me who it was or what they do for a living or whatever. just the idea that some one would do that is so, more than i can pham fathom. so i just the the all tears of joy. he has two sisters and a brother that would have lost their brother if it wasn't for him. >> wow! kyle was taken to the hospital with being treat the with major head chest neck trawchlt he faces charges of dui. >> coming up next. stealing your money. >> the irs says it's the bi biggest telephone tax scam eve biggest telephone tax scam eve ever
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you might see teachers picketing in san row wren so as they raise the stake in the new contract. class is scheduled tomorrow. teachers walk informational picket lines. this follow as vote who want a strike again the school district here. union leaders want raises for the teachers. district leaders not commented on did's strike vote. new warning tonight just as tax season against it's the bi biggest phone scam in irs history. they climate to be from the irs demanding you pay back tax you may not even owe. we hear how to protect ourselves e.listen to the call. >> before there is an arrest wasn't issued i want you or your attorney to give a call back. >>reporter: from somebody climateing ton an irs agent to
9:41 pm
pay up or else. the tonight the government launching new company warning you to be on high alert for scammers as tax season begins. melissa was conned out of more than 15,000 dollars. >> i was just like what can i do to fix this there's no way i can be arrested. >>reporter: fv,000 victims losing more than 26 million dollars. the number of these calls trip length in the last year to nearly 1 million. even the treasury department top investigators received a call. >> at the end i had the joy of telling them their day is come. you called the wrong gishtion how dupe the call is fake? >> it's not the rivs. >> if somebody tells you if you don't pay money immediately that you are going to be arrested eric the real irs never threatens and if they need to reach you they always send a letter first. >> the scammers are changing the game as people become more aware but what hasn't changed the threatening calls. if you receive one report it but first just hangup.
9:42 pm
7 news. coming up next. you see this stunning moment on femur jeopardy. all 3 contest apartment got it wrong. >> here is your chance. 1957 event led to the creation of this national historic site in this city. signed into law by a president whose library is now there to too. >> the question next on abc 7 >> the question next on abc 7 news at 9
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this november california voters may decide who will be in the white house. it's looking like they also get to decide whether to raise the state minimum wage a dollar a year until it hits 15 dollars an hour. jonathan bloom was at san
9:46 pm
francisco city hall today as supporters presented thousands of signed petition trying to make sure that option gets on the ballot. >> what's up california? >>reporter: lifting up boxes of signed petition the campaign to raise the minimum wage says it has enough to put it to a vote. >> 600,000 signatures seems like a few week. >>reporter: lieutenant governor newsom is leading the charge backed by the group that is vocally picketed the fast-food industry over low pay. >> here we are in california. one of the most vibrant economy on planet earth with more people living below the poverty line than any other state in our nation. we have got to extent up. >> here in san francisco the minimum wage set to i hope crease until it hits 15 dollars. supporters of the state wide initiative say it would be a step towards leveling increasingly uneven playing field. >> who can live on 21,000 dollars a year today. nobody can. >>reporter: but san francisco has seen the down side. stores like border land book
9:47 pm
making a small profit. >> by 2018 we lose about 25,000 dollars a year. >>reporter: as for big companies. >> they say we are going to do more with less. and so they are going to reduce the number of workers not higher additional worker. >>reporter: head of san francisco republican party thinking higher labor costco replace more workers with she says. like these hotel delivery robot or mechanic fast-food chain. >> so in my pen which have really more unemployment. >>reporter: but supporters of the ballot measure say raising wage across the whole state put spending money into people pocket. >> when people can get medical appointments school supply whole community is lifted up by people spending that money in the neighborhood. >>reporter: the measure goes before voters in november raising the minimum wage a there are a career until it hits 15 dollars within crease for cost of living after that. in san francisco, jonathan bloom abc 7 news. >> starting tomorrow sky watchers will get to witness something rare. they will be able to see if i have planet together in the sk sky.
9:48 pm
mercury, serene us saturn mars and scup ter all visible for about 45ment before sunrise. experts say first time in more than a decade that all 5 of them have appeared together in the pre-dawn sky. show will last through february 20th. >> that's kind of cool. >> let talk about the sky at bit more and see when the next batch of rain comes from it. >> sandhya has that for us. >> yes we bring it in on friday. early friday morning that is. as you look at live doppler 7hd right now clouds and fog outside. it's becoming a little bit dense watch out. sierra snow pack state wide 111 percent of normal a year ago. look how low we were. we were 32 percent of average so we shall doing better but we certainly could use a lot more snow in the sierra. some of our water supply comes from there. tomorrow not snowing. for example in tahoe. yosemite 66 los angeles san diego 58 and eureka heading to monterey 60 degrees. high for your wednesday here in the bay area with some sunshine after the morning fog and high kalou as well. we'll be primarily in the mid
9:49 pm
50's to the low 60's for your wednesday. we do have the king tide higher than normal tide coming up. beginning tomorrow at the golden gate you will notice as we head toward the friday saturday time period when the storm comes in just over 6 feet so you may need to worry about the potential for some flooding there. accu-weather 7 day forecast that storm on our storm impact scale between late thursday night and friday continuing into early saturday is two on the storm impact scale. second half of the wean is dry. we carry it over into early next week but that is looking a little bit ify for tuesday. we let you know right now once dry or wet. >> point it out. >> that's right. >> if you tune in to jeopardy on 7 tonight you didn't see a returning champ chron like you normally do. kind of strange. last night final jeopardy category was state capitols and the clue stumped all 3 contestant. >> 1957 event led to the christian of a national historic site in this situation funed the law by president whose library is now there too.
9:50 pm
jeopardy post alex takes it from here. >> the president in question in the clue is bill clinton. the correct response is little rock, arkansas. let's see what mike lost. 13 800. we have three players finishing with no money. and washington that means ladies and gentlemen. >> how often does that happen. >> never seen it. that means none of the players won and three new contestant appeared on tonight's show. >> kennedy airs at 7:00 o'clock over on channel 7. >> you all go home. start fresh the next day. on to sports. >> larry is here. >> that situation is why a great man once said you will all get nothing and like it. >> true. >> there's a lot of -- i stole it from a great great man. i don't know who said it. i just know somebody smarter than me. hear from the 49ers new head coach tomorrow who well he may
9:51 pm
be smarter than everybody. be smarter than everybody. but 3
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coming up tonight at 11:00 o'clock. two parents are accused of abusing their adopted son inside their south bay home. we dig into the reason the sheriffs investigators ignored a major red flag years ago. and family has been torn apart by an accident on highway 101. tonight we hear more from the man who lost his mother in the deadly greyhound bus crash. >> those stories and more >> those stories and more coming up at 11 on channel >> present to talk about in sports. >> larry is here and he will spoeng speak tomorrow. >> i'll speak now. you mean jim kelly. no. when he starts i'll stop. 6 days after announcing jim kelly new head coach of the 49ers we finally get to hear from the man himself. en you introduce ri news conference scheduled for 11:00 a.m. to. he may have himself a defensive coordinator.
9:55 pm
multiple reports today indicated the nippers have interviewed linebacker coach mike raibl for the ption an you remember him as player for the steelers and patriots. 3 time superbowl champion. after months of sniping and derogatory remark about how the warriors won the championship they sent loud clear message to lebron an cavs. 132-98. no injuries to whine about. they were at full strength and got destroyed. >> they came in and gave us a good old fashion on a kicking. no more to say to it. we have a long way to go. tonight was an am excel of how far we have to go to get to championship level. we have to continue to get better. >>reporter: after the warriors lost in detroit on saturday there was some concern that maybe the sub may be was gone and kurr needed to return to the bedroom right now before panic ensued but in retrospect the warriors may have been locking ahead to the cavs game. they shot the lights out his night. great defense.
9:56 pm
5 straight win over clove land going back to last year nba finals. >> that is who we know we can be and that's kind of what we are as a coaching staff always trying to get our players to play at that level. and they were absolutely phenomenal. >> classic us and find ourselves again. we have smacked pretty good. in detroit. this is a good opportunity for us to figure it out. >> one of the play that is got a lot of attention was lebron being called for a fuel when he tossed steff to the ground. looked worse than it really wa was. did nrochlingt he sold i. lebron agreed that foul should have been called but he should have been on curry who said was holding him. >> he held me. right in front of the official. i got him up off me and they called it as a fouchlt same they think when you are a kid in class. always the second guy get caught. ty didn't tell the joke but i laughed.
9:57 pm
i got caught. >> great analogy. we here by proclaim that the warriors have crack the code on cleveland. cavs not a threat from this point forward but the spurs may be. that makes monday night game at oracle preview of the real nba championship. play offs in the western conference finals but here are the warriors 38 and 4 still with chance of beating the best record of all time set by the 95-96 bulls whether went 72 and 10 and we show this video bus it's an excuse to get some old mechanical stuff on the air again. that record in the back of the warrior mind but immediate focus 2016 bulls tomorrow nigh night. >> waste energy thinking about chasing them as oppose to what we node to do being our best in april. if we happen to creep up close to the record go get it but if not here yet. >> that bad uses nor the cal basketball team. they just lost wallace out for the next 4 to 6 weeks broke his
9:58 pm
hand in prosecute over the weekend. he had started 108 consecutive games for cal. should be back in time for the post season but thinks a big mark. >> you lose a key guy like tyrone not easy to transition where you have 15 points almost 5 assist 4 or 5 rebound but a tremendous leader so when you lose that but also a presence not necessarily the points and production but you have a presence from a guy that is ballots tested. >> nadal bad year in 2015 and 2016 has gotten off to wretched start as well. lost in the first round and he met fernando the who had the is a right there send it to fifth set. nadal up 2 sets to 1 t.big winner down the line. scorching forehand. match point another forehand winner. 6-2 in the fifth. after 4 hours and 41 minute the fifth seed nadal exiting
9:59 pm
melbourne. easier time of it for federer. fun to show. behind the back. easy. so he played it casually. 4 time australian open championship quick work of the him. back hand winner down the line. match point. cruising to this. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. according to the kids on the inner web caddie shack was you get nothing and like it. i think somebody said it before. >> that's the first popular. >> pop culture. >> we are better for it. thanks. >> thanks for carrying on the tradition. >> yes. >> thanks for joining us. >> for all of us here we appreciate your time. >> see you at 11 on
10:00 pm
narrator: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today a diligent researcher uncovers decades-old documents that reveal an awful secret. maurice papon, one of france's most powerful political leaders, may have deported hundreds of french jews to german concentration


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