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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 20, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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. live from the kgo tv broadcast center this is abc 7 news. it's dark, cold and the seas are rough, the impossible conditions tonight as crews conducted a desperate search for a missing surfer. i'm dan ashley. and i'm ama dietz, the search has been suspended for the missing surfer off rodeo beach.
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the crews were trying to find the person in choppy water, rescue crews began about 5:00. that is when they tried to find another surfer, who was washed out to sea after a person tried to give cpr. >> the good samaritan made it back safely, the search will continue again tomorrow. meanwhile, eight investigators are trying to learn what caused a greyhound bus that crashed. we know the driver's name is gary vonslater, david louie is on the story. >> reporter: the ntsb began their inspection of the greyhound bus which was on its way to gilroy. they were joined by a major accident investigation team and one task involved removing the 20 passengers' belongings from
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the baggage hall, and had retrieved something vital. >> yes, we retrieved a camera from the bus and will learn if it held anything valuable. >> the camera reported two directions, at the driver and at the road ahead. such video could document whether or not the driver fell asleep at the wheel. gary vonslater says he was tired, but didn't remember what happened after the bus was turned on its side. i asked the ntsb investigator whether that would influence the nature of their work. >> anything related to the driver will be covered in the human performance investigation and all factors relating to the driver. that will be part of our investigation. >> reporter: the ntsb spent several days here looking at the bus's mechanical systems and visiting the crash site in san jose. much work will also involve reviews of the greyhound safety policies such as rest periods
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for drivers. they will look into what is called the highway factors, and looking at the protection of the occupants. the bus had seat belts, but were they being used? in gilroy, david louie. >> and maria ortiz is one of two women who died in the crash, as we mentioned. one of her grandchildren talked about what he would miss. >> she was always there, we would walk right in the door, there was a hug and kiss and she would tell us how much she missed us. that is what i'm going to miss the most, walking into this house you know and not getting that hug. >> joel ibarra says this is one of the worst ways they could lose her but everything happens for a reason. he doesn't have ill will for the greyhound bus driver but says he wished he would have said something to somebody if he was
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two tired to drive. ten other passengers were taken to the hospital for treatment. and new efforts to tighten safety regulations, you may remember this video of a tour bus that lost control last year, the crash injuring 20 people. now an assembly member says let's establish tour bus safety programs, right now the chp handles that. but only 30% of tour buses actually get inspected. bart announced late today it will put working cameras on all trains, the move coming after bart confirmed that there were defects. carlos munoz was killed at a train station, the murder remaining unsolved. but police did release the images the person had at the station. they are committed to installing a working camera on each and every train car as quickly as possible. the san francisco police
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officers showed up at tonight's police commissioner meeting in support of the officers involved in the shooting of mario woods. they left after their comments could not be heard over the shouts from protesters. earlier this week, his mother collected her son's diploma after his death at the hands of the san francisco police. >> reporter: there was someone missing in the crowd of graduates among the students receiving their high school diplomas today, mario wood's mother watched as others crossed the stage. it took months for some to finish the classes in the charter program run by the sheriff's department. >> he should be here, this should be his moment. >> her 26-year-old son was fatally shot by police last month. they said after he stabbed someone he raised a knife at them but cell phone videos have raised questions, sparked protests and led critics to call for the firing of police chief
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greg sur, tonight, the police union says there will be a show of support for the officers at the commissioner hearing. >> they want the police to look at this case objectively without any type of bias or without any influence from some faith-based leaders in the community and from some politicians. >> and he says there will be officers who were there during the wood shooting. >> if their voices are allowed to be heard they could perhaps clear some of the skepticism that is circulating in the city. >> reporter: the woods family has filed a lawsuit and today there were cheers and applause for gwen wood, as she accepted her son's diploma, the crowd was chanting his name even. >> of anything that i could hope for, that he would see this moment and know how proud i am of him. >> reporter: some supervisors have suggested an official day to remember mario wods.
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that controversial proposal will be debated tomorrow. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. a brief chase this afternoon in haywood ended with the suspect crashing his car, police say two juveniles were arrested. nobody was injured. the car was wanted in a car jacking on monday night. and sky 7 hd captured a different approximapolicapprox d ended in dublin, police tried to pull over the car but the driver took off. they had to deploy a stripe stick that stopped jamie as you can see her fight there in stockton. we are in a lull between storms but by this time tomorrow night we'll brave for another burst of rain. let's check in with
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meteorologist drew tuma. yes, dan and ama, we'll get a break from the showers, hd showing a rare sight for what wet month, very dry, out the door thursday morning, a lot of fog, dry, temperatures above normal in the mid-40s to lower 50s. so for much of thursday itself you will not need the umbrella, all winter long we're rating the storms from a one to a five, five is the most severe, the storm coming late tomorrow night and early friday morning will be a two on the storm impact scale, you can see it gathering moisture off the coast. but it's kind of a one-two punch, the band of rain, but another piece of energy will link up with it and give us another dose of wet weather. we'll time it out and see how much you can expect in the accuweather forecast. all right, thank you, dan, to the roller coaster ride on wall street, the dow at one point dropping 150 points before closing down to end the day nearly 250 points.
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the culprit is oil, now at the lowest price in nearly a decade. abc reporter rebecca jarvis on how much your savings may have lost since the start of the year. >> reporter: tonight, wall street's wild swing. stocks slammed by plunging oil prices taking today to just $26.55 a barrel. the lowest price in more than 12 years. great news for consumers. tonight, the majority of americans paying less than two dollars a gallon at the pump but a significant blow to the energy industry, which already lost more than 100,000 jobs last year and now risk losing even more. investors concerned that a slowdown in china, the world's second largest economy could trigger a slowdown here in areas like construction, technology, and manufacturing. >> the market can handle bad news but can't handle uncertainty. >> reporter: so far this year, the stock market troubles have wiped out more than $2 trillion
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from share prices. for the typical retirement savings account that is a lost of nearly $8,300. all right, we have much more ahead for you on this wednesday night. coming up, flames race through a neighborhood home. the house is destroyed. the family pets are killed. how a child's toy may have started this whole thing. also avalanche conditions across the western united states. the one snowboarder who is lucky to escape. and meteorologist drew tuma has the forecast. abc 7 news at
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common side effects of harvoni may include tiredness, headache and weakness. i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. orbiting, orbit olive now it happened again, another fire apparently started by one of those hover boards, this time it killed two dogs at a santa rosa home. abc 7 wayne freedman has more. >> reporter: for david carpenter, the kind of homecoming he never expected to the frame of a house. all caused by a hover board started in his daughter's bedroom. >> it all started like bombs, that will go off. you never know when it will begin. >> reporter: from the neighbors, they described it as no ordinary house fire, mark keeler says the front of the house practically
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exploded. >> i mean, completely engulf ee within minutes. >> the neighbor called it in. >> it happened within a minute or two. it was really quick. >> now, the santa rosa fire department has traced the origin to the exact spot where david carpenter's daughter had been charging a hover board she received for christmas by >> the hover board itself was plugged in near the bedroom near the bookshelf, the bookshelf had indicators on it that showed the fire started near the ground level. >> it is the 40's reported hover board fire started in years, the safety board is looking at batteries. >> we did not get any notices or warnings or recalls when we bought it. i saw news stories after we purchased it, that they were having problems with it. we were being very careful. >> nobody was home when the fire broke out, just the family's two beloved dogs who died in the heat and smoke.
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david carpenter and his family are devastated. >> you never know what is going to happen. i didn't see it coming, of course. just be careful to the parents out there. it could happen in the middle of the night. i could have lost my daughter. >> in santa rosa, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. the u.s. coast guard has suspended the search for two missing ucc santa cruz students believed to have been swept out to sea. the two were part of a larger group overcome by a wave at davenport monday evening, another student swam to shore safely. the missing students are a 25-year-old woman and a man from san jose. and two people were trapped under mountains of snow in montana and wyoming. seven deaths now blamed on avalanches just this winter. clayton sandell has the story of one snowboarder able to escape. >> just seconds into the event,
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his downhill run. narrowly missing trees. tumbling down hill, shaken, but alive. across the west, conditions are ripe for avalanches. two people have been killed just this week bringing the recent total to seven. every winter an average of 27 people die in avalanches. in california, the ski resort says these people were trespassing in a closed, local area. the local sheriff says he may be prosecuted. marisol says he didn't know the area was closed. the avalanche near tahoe was in is same area where the teams called off the search for the ski teacher missing since may. and a main route to yosemite is back open after a massive rock slide. >> we're trying to get it open as quickly as we can. this is very labor intensive. takes time and we're doing it as quick as we can. but our main concern is the
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public safety. >> the slide shut down part of state route 41 north of fresno, crews are now working on bringing down loose rocks and filling potholes. this is the most serious in decades, they say. and we'll get more weather that produced the rock slide soon. >> you know, much of tomorrow will be cloudy, not a pretty day, friday morning we expect the rain to pick up in intensity. live doppler hd, overcast skies, we're under mild temperatures with the cloud cover overhead. 53 in san francisco, 49 in napa, award as 53, 55 in san jose, and san mateo, 52 degrees, live look from our rooftop camera, the beautiful bay lights are bright right now, all lit up in the forecast, calling for areas of
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fog to developing overnight tonight. we're tracking two parts to our next storm system. one friday and then another one moving in on saturday. after that we're looking at a dry pattern really beginning on sunday. so let's go hour by hour, showing you a plan, first thing in the morning you notice some areas of fog will be there. lots of clouds in the sky, by lunchtime, perhaps a few peeks of sunshine, by 4:00, looks like most spots are in the 60s, plenty of clouds later in the evening ahead of the storm system, rating the storms here at abc 7 from one to five, one being the lightest, five the most severe, it really just helps you understand the impact of each storm we have here in the bay area. the one arriving late thursday into friday morning, a two with the impact scale, also windy conditions for the friday morning commute and probably half an inch of rain in most spots across the bay area. so hour by hour we go. we'll go into the early morning hours on friday, here comes the initial light rain showers
9:19 pm
working through the bay area, looks like with the first wave of energy, heaviest of the showers, 5:00 a.m., not only wet but also windy with wind gusts at 40 miles an hour, the system kind of stalls friday morning, you notice a lot of scattered showers for friday morning lingering into friday afternoon, before the second wave of energy moves friday into saturday. and it looks to kind of hang around for much of saturday as well. looking at the total rainfall, the storm setting up in the bay area. the heaviest we could see over an inch and a half. most locations around the bay, i think in general half an inch is a very good forecast with the next storm. also tracking very breezy conditions, future tracker wind gusts shows you early friday morning with a first wave of energy, likely wind gusts along the coast, wind gusts reaching 25 and 40 miles an hour winds in the bay area. look at what happens after this storm, sunday, the rain chances
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drop off completely. looks like we'll have a pretty dry pattern. overnight tonight, we'll have those areas of fog developing, it's not a chilly night, 40 to low 50s across the bay area, then as we go through thursday, we are just dry, really don't need the rain here for thursday, a mild day on the way with everybody getting into the low-to-mid 30s as we go into friday. the rain arrives thursday night into friday morning with periods of it. also windy friday morning and that second wave moves in saturday. much of saturday looks to have scattered showers, we dry out sunday, then the pattern looks to really calm down, monday, tuesday and wednesday, really just a mix of clouds, for the time being we put the umbrella away. >> still to come on abc 7 news at 9:00. we'll show you the outrageous iphone grab at a bay area store, the men police are looking for tonight. and the seal that
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santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. three shoplifting suspects have been captured by surveillance video but not by police yet. the suspects walked into the store in san francisco's fillmore district and picked up purposes and walked out. if you recognize them please call police. and pleasanton approximapoa police -- police are looking for these men. marine mammal experts are taking care of a baby seal for the second time. somebody spotted the seal for the first time off sandoval way and hayward, means it swam a few
9:25 pm
miles. officers called for help for the little guy, the pup was taken back to marin county where he got something to eat. theys noticed he had an id tag, he had been rescued before. the center rescued a number of seal pups, more than three times the usual number. and coming up, sarah palin is campaigning for donald trump. why she says she first had to deal with the elephant in the room. then this. my hope is that my granddaughter will come home. new details on the custody battle involving a 6-year-old girl who lost her mother on christmas day. and actor will smith is speaking out exclusively about the lack of diversity in the
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broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. good evening, once again, we'll begin this half hour with the race for the white house. >> the new numbers are in and donald trump has his biggest lead yet, new hampshire, he leads by 20 points. >> meanwhile, the new republican power couple sarah palin are hitting the campaign trail. >> used to driving the news, but today, sarah palin took the wheel. >> our vets deserve a commander-in-chief who will let them do their job and go kick isis' ass. >> mama grizzly, heckling with a roaring endorsement for the republican frontrunner. >> are you ready to make america great again? >> giving had her fans some of
9:30 pm
the greatest hits. >> no, no, we're not going to chill, it's time to drill, baby, drill down and hold these folks accountable. >> but today, not everything going as planned. the trump campaign announcing sarah palin would be at a morning rally in iowa, the tickets promising a special guest, but no sarah palin. >> we were hoping she would be here, but no show. >> i was hoping to see her, wondering where she was. >> and the sarah palin surprises didn't end there. today, in tulsa, she brought up her son's arrest for allegedly striking his girlfriend. police say that track threatened to shoot himself. sarah palin admitting he is coping with ptsd, saying the president doesn't know what they're going through. >> my son comes back hardened, i
9:31 pm
can certainly relate with other families who kind of fill these ramifications of ptsd and some of the wounds that our soldiers do return with. >> the politician, turned reality star. >> you can see russia from here, almost. >> now helping the reality star turn politician. >> you're fired, you're fired. >> trump, grateful. although he has been pressed on whether he would pick sarah palin as running mate. >> well, i don't think she would want to do it. i don't think she would want to do it. i really don't get into it right now. i don't even think about vp right now, i just want to win. >> putting on a brave face, trump's rival. cruz' answer to the endorsement, two rallies with glenn beck, and this ad. cruz in camo, hunting with reality superstar phil robertson from duck dynasty. >> ted cruz is my man, he fits
9:32 pm
the bill, he is the man for the job and will go duck hunting. >> we are learning more tonight about the taliban massacre at a university. gunmen armed with grenades, suicide vests and ak-47s killed at least 20 and injured 50 more, this is the same group that carried out a similar attack in peshawar back in 2013 although killed 100 people, many of them children. and isis condemned for destroying the oldest monastery in mosul, reduced to a pile of rubble. >> nothing that would look like it. >> it had been a place of worship for u.s. troops who
9:33 pm
worked to restore it. isis has now torn down hundreds of religious sites in syria and elsewhere. and making a brief appearance outside germany today. here he is with his family. he says he can't wait to go home and watch a warriors game or two, and a warriors spokesperson told abc 7 they plan to extend an invitation. rezaian is looking forward to seeing the new star war's story, the "the washington post" reporter is part of a prisoner swap. and two carjackers at a gas station picked the wrong women monday night. take a look, they first went after a woman in a mini van, she jumped inside and locked the door, one of the men tried to get into the driver's seat, but fearing for her two children in the back seat the mother grabbed the men, ripped off the mask and threw them out of the vehicle. nobody was hurt, the suspects were later arrested.
9:34 pm
and back here we have details about the fate of a 6-year-old east bay girl who lost her mother on christmas day. the girl's grandmother and father who live out of state both want custody. abc 7 has more. >> reporter: the waiting continued for gail dodson, already upset after the death of her daughter. >> my home is that my granddaughter will come home to all of her family in florida and have a happy, healthy life and heal from her mom's death. >> reporter: we are not showing the girl's face or saying her name at the request of child protective services. her mother, 39-year-old angela was found unresponsive at this livermore hotel on christmas day. she had gone into a diabetic coma, her 6-year-old daughter was alone with her when she arrived. >> she looks you in the eye and says santa didn't come because mommy wouldn't wake up.
9:35 pm
>> after her mother died, child protective services placed the girl in a foster home. that is when a truck load of toys were delivered a day after christmas. now the kindergartner's grandmother from florida and her biological father want custody. a hearing was inconclusive. >> although there were no resolutions today, there is a continuation where we'll return to court and hopefully getting some resolutions then. >> reporter: gail dodson said if she gets custody of her granddaughter she will make sure the little girl grows up with daily reminders of her family. the oscar uproar is picking up steam, there is growing anger in the lack of diversity in the nominations, spike lee and jada smith as well as actor will smith are discussing the oscars.
9:36 pm
>> there is a regressive slide towards separatism, towards racial and religious disharmony. and that is not the hollywood that i want to leave behind. >> to see more of abc's robin robert's exclusive interview with will smith, tune into good morning america on channel 7. coming up next on abc 7 news at 9. the california firefighters called heroes after a se
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santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. it seems only wishful, but
9:40 pm
it says it will happen. volvo says it will make death-proof cars by 2020, already making models in which no americans have died in the past four years. this video provided by volvo shows the car in a crash test going 40 miles per hour. the company says its cars will do even better, here is how. the adaptive cruise control will detect other cars on the road and keep a safe distance, the collision avoidance well warn of cars ahead and apply the brakes if necessary, and sensors will warn the drivers if large animals wander into their path, braking if needed. and firefighters are called to save people from fires as well as other acts. they reached to an elderly man who was struggling to walk. here is abc news reporter leicia
9:41 pm
juarez. >> reporter: this is not where anybody should be walking, let alone hobbling, which is why the firefighters were concerned when they saw the homeless man. >> we noticed he was moving really slow and barely out of the traffic line and we were really worried about his safety. >> reporter: the firefighters on engine 6 had just wrapped up a training exercise when they exited the freeway. they saw traffic whizzing by, mere inches away from the man. >> we felt he was unsafe there, so we turned around and as we came back around we noticed while he was walking slowly he was not wearing any shoes. >> he had his hand along the fence line trying to keep his balance. >> reporter: the firefighter made a decision. >> my shoes were here, with the small sacrifice on our part to help him out. >> reporter: it took a team effort to get the homeless man
9:42 pm
his shoes, the man couldn't exit the traffic so he handed the shoes to the man. >> he just lit up, he was really excited. >> reporter: these photos getting a lot of positive attention after they were posted on the fire department's facebook page. here, you can see captain gabler kneeling down to tie the shoes on, which ended up being too big. >> the gentleman either way was very grateful he had something on his feet. a very cold day, it was maybe 55 degrees that day. >> reporter: in riverside. up next on abc 7 news at 9:00. drew tuma up n
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. well, pluto was demoted not long ago, but now there is a ninth candidate for a planet in the solar system. the scientists have strong evidence it exists. more on the search for planet nine. >> reporter: this is the solar system, neptune, here is planet nine, it appears there is a ninth planet after all. thee rchers are certain it exists, ten times the mass of earth and two to four times its radius. >> it's like azv small version neptune. >> reporter: the doctors say they have strong evidence to support their research, their first clue, the icy rocks the size of los angeles. >> if you concentrateçó on the
9:47 pm
biggest orbits out there they all tend to fan out into the same overall directions. it's as if there is a cosmic one-way sign saying there is something pulling on us. >> reporter: they believe that something is planet nine and that at some point it was sent to the outer points of the system. >> it got kicked out by the big boys, but still is in the neighborhood. >> reporter: one scientist call fo -- called for the demotion, his daughter said she would hold a grudge. >> this is for her, her ninth planet. she requested it. here it is. >> reporter: but no one has seen this planet, and cal tech say as far as they're concerned, doesn't exist. >> people are looking for more
9:48 pm
distant objects in the solar system for years, this is an interesting piece of work, it's possible there is a ninth planet out there, but it's also possible there is not. and 50 million americans are bracing for a blast of snow, ice and wind tonight on the east coast. you can see a little snow falling tonight as president obama stepped off the air force one. it was snowing light ly in the washington areas tonight, causing slick roads, even the obama motorcade was seen sliding. and domestic carriers including american, delta, jetblue say they will offer travel waivers and refunds to those affected by the storm. let's talk about rain here, more coming. meteorologist drew tuma has more. >> yes, ama, the rain coming late tomorrow, thursday, dry, cloudy day. live doppler quiet, we're
9:49 pm
anticipating snow in the sierra, a winter storm watch, up to three feet possible at higher elevations. but the east coast is preparing for a major winter storm, winter storm watches stretch a thousand miles covering 16 states and right over the nation's capital there is a rare blizzard watch friday and saturday. look atñr these totals, washington, d.c., half a foot likely, 16 inches in baltimore and philadelphia coming close to a foot of snow by saturday. so a major change in their pattern there next couple of days. here back at home we'll see lots of clouds, mild temperatures, accuweather seven-day forecast showing you the rain arriving late tomorrow night, early friday morning, periods of rain, wind, another storm moving in, showers before we dry out and turn into a quiet pattern for the second half of the seven-day forecast. >> all right, thank you. let's talk basketball. >> yeah, larry is here with that. the warriors, i tell you
9:50 pm
what, every night it's a great show. the warriors make it look very easy against the so-called beasts of the east. lebron james got
9:51 pm
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
coming up tonight, we told you about the north bay house that went up in flames after a hover board problem, tonight, the news conference to suspend sales of these controversial toys. and coming up, a demonstration of the light display that will once again dazzle the bay bridge. those stories coming up on abc 7 at 11:00 on channel 7. i'll tell you what is dazzling. not just larry beil, but also the warriors. >> you know what? the lights are dazzling. >> ty're so great. >> yeah, back there -- they're going to stay. all right, it's awesome. so is this, cleveland and chicago, two best teams in the
9:54 pm
east, the warriors beat the cavs by 34 monday night and crushed the bulls by 31 tonight. steph and company just playing basketball at a different level. steph says since he has been a warrior they always struggled at the united center. defender on the floor, warriors get off to a fast start, andrew bogut, battling back issues. and derek rose takes out steph's knees, that could have been very dangerous. warriors did to chicago what they did to cleveland. andre iguodala, a 19-point lead in the first. draymond had to leave in the third, took a shot in the eye from gibson, coming back in the fourth. harrison barnes, an efficient 19 points, lead balloons to 21. and barbosa, blowout alert, look at steph, splitting the double
9:55 pm
team, rare lefty jam. i guess he is feeling pretty good. klay thompson, 20 points, second, phenomenal, golden state hammers chicago, 39 and four, huge step. >> middle of the season, trying to build momentum after what happened in detroit two games ago, two great bounce-back performances, you know, pretty much our best of the year. so it's nice to finish out the road trip two out of three and go home. >> so back home against the pacers friday. then the huge game monday against the spurs. now, a year ago the 49ers introduced new head coach jim tomsula, embarrassment followed. today, they introduced chip kelly, don't know how many games they will win, but we can say the 49ers won the news conference this time around. abc 7's mike shumam from santa
9:56 pm
clara. >> it's really an honor to stand here. >> kelly is putting together a coaching staff and will retain tom rathman. his manager style is like a control freak but he begs to differ. >> i think i lead with my feet, not with my seat. i think it's important to be around, i don't micro manage, you hire the best coaches and give them the opportunity to go out and coach. >> one big question is can he get along with general manager trent balke? >> we share a very similar vision, there will always be times when that vision is not the same. we feel very good about the direction we're taking, and feel very good about working with each other. >> has control of the 53, i'm real comfortable with that, and i wouldn't be here if i was not. >> you know, i think the way this personnel department is set
9:57 pm
up and how they structure things, i'm excited to be a part of it. >> now, the million dollar question, will colin kaepernick be around? >> obviously he is a talented football player, you need to have a good quarterback to win. but i was also impressed in the film that i watched in of how blaine played this year, so both of them make an attractive situation. >> abc 7 sports. kelly has a lot of holes to fill on that roster, a glaring area of need, wide receiver. they're taking a flier on a guy who knows, maybe he can help. nobody has heard of eric rogers unless you're a fan of calgary. he led and had over 1400 receiving yards, rogers grew up in southern california, 6'3", 210 pounds, chip kelly likes the big fast guys.
9:58 pm
and derek carr going to hawaii named to the pro bowl, after replacing a banged up aaron rogers, brady leading the head to head 11-5. manning, though, actually 2 and 1 against brady in conference championship games. you will hear some trash talk between denver and new england but not from the quarterbacks. >> i think playing someone 17 times is pretty cool, so especially somebody as great as him. to play against those peyton manning teams, you know you got to play 60 minutes. >> he has earned that respect. he and bill belichick have earned all the respect and accolades that they get. and ninth seeded joe songa won straight sets at the open. the ball girl was not feeling well, he went over to help her.
9:59 pm
summoned her assistants, and they were able to escort her off the court. more than the match, just that touching moment where he saw she was th was in distress, great job by im. >> i'm a new fan. >> you can watch two and a half hours of tennis and that one moment that had nothing to do with the game itself was really what shows his heart. >> yeah, that is nice. >> thank you for sharing that with us. >> all right, thank you for joining us, i'm ama dietz. >> and i'm dan ashley, for drew tuma, and larry beil, thank you for joining us. >> abc 7 continues on our mobile devices with our abc 7 news app. >> we'll see you again at 11
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