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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 21, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center this is abc 7 news. tonight two big storms hitting the coasts, in the east up to 30 inches of snow expected there, states of emergency are already in effect. >> and here in the bay area, high winds and heavy rains moving in within just a few
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hours. thanks for joining us. let's get started now with our weather. >> the rain for most locations going to hold off until after midnight but you see it gathering off the coast. what we're tracking, a cold front. some light returns on live doppler hd. around the north up into even gernville so some light showers, the heaviest is still off shore, you see a lot of yellow and orange off shore. moving into eureka you notice a few lightning strikes so we have strong dynamics guys this storm, meaning heavy rain likely in some areas across the bay area. rating storms from 1 to 5, 1 is light, 5 severe. tomorrow it's a 2 in the morning, we're used to that in the winter season. we are watching the wind gust
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between 30 and 40 miles an hour. let's get ut out the door on your friday morning. will have scattered showers throughout the region. have the umbrella and rain jacket, temperatures starting off in the low to mid 50s along with breezy conditions. we'll show you hour by hour when you can expect the rain to wrap up where you live. >> thank you. 60 million americans are under state of emergency in washington, d.c., virginia, maryland and north carolina in advance of a major blizzard this weekend. we have more. >> millions of americans are preparing for a winter storm of epic proportions, this store in chesapeake, virginia, forced to limit the supplies each customer can purchase. >> down to our last snow
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shovels. >> this store allowing only ten shoppers in at a time. is it all too much? director of weather agency today said preparation is important to the save lives. >> talking about a potentially paralyzing storm. >> it's a message that rest nate resonates with residents furious after a school bus nearly slid into a river. luckily no one was injured. >> it started to go sideways, i screamed a little. >> and here in the nation's capital in what is predicted to be the heart of the storm, the stakes are now even higher. >> and it isn't just . >> and it isn't just the snow, forecasters predict tropical force winds here in the nation's capital. abc news washington. >> the storm will create
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problems beginning tomorrow and lasting through the weekend. airlines are already cancelling flights in the mid-atlantic reg an and lawing passengers to rebook on to earlier or later flights to avoid the storms. officials are asking travellers to be sure to check with their airlines if flying eventually in the next 72 hours. search crews have cancelled efforts to find a missing surfer on the coast line, skycam captured the turbulent airplare along treacherous coast line. sadly they're presumed drowned. >> the family waiting hoping for any signs of missing surfer. >> we did switch this morning
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from search and rescue to recovery. >> early this morning the waves made it impossible to navigate the north end of the beach. >> there's a point where the amount of time that is lapsed the conditions would cause you to believe you wouldn't have responsibility of rescuing and you would be doing recovery. >> yesterday at dusk he was seen in the water faced down. two other surfers tried to help. >> provided cpr, while they were providing cpr a wave came in and knocked all three of them loose and separated them. >> high surf advisories are common during winter months, the national park service says they are happening more often because of the el nino weather pattern. earlier this week three students swept away by a sneaker wave, two are still missing. >> just be careful, never turn
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your back on the water, never trust anyone close to the water knee deep or otherwise is safe. >> yeah i hope we find them, you know, i hope we find them for close your. >> in marin county, abc 7 news. >> a large wave swept two off bonnie doone beach on monday. they held a candle light vigil tonight. the families say they will not rest until their loved ones are found. a tahoe area snow boarder went out-of-bounds recently and set off a small avalanche and now hoping to make an example of him, looking to file criminal charges. >> the 29-year-old snow boarder
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facing possible prosecution for causing this avalanche last friday is portrayed as either a victim or villain. he told a tahoe newspaper that he never saw signs of this sugar bowl was closed but sugar bowl says it was clearly marked closed since 2010. >> no there's clearly closed si signage. >> would this snow boarder risk the possible death if the ride wasn't being recorded. some believe the prevalence of small action cameras leads to risky behavior. >> i think they're pretty extreme and definitely push the edge and knowing they are videotaped makes them go more hard core, make an impression.
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>> they want to send a message to other extreme skiers and riders. >> we are seeing a certain trend towards going bigger, but as we see this we just feel as a resort it's very important to remind skiers and riders come out, enjoy it, go big, progress, have fun but do it respectfully and closed means closed. >> seem it's the whole world could become what is the prosecution's prime exhibit. at sugar bowl. >> learn more about el nino and how to get ready for it on our website. at least ten cars parked in a towing yard burst into flames tonight on broadway street near highway 37. crews had a difficult time distinguishing the blaze because the cars were parked close to
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each other. also a tree close by caught fire. no one was hurt. cause of the fire is under investigation. two women died and ten people taken to the hospital after a greyhound bus crashed between 101 and north bound 5 interchange. new information now. >> investigation are preparing to create a 3d image of the bus inside and out to allow them to recreate the crash and hoping to retrieve the in board video. it's taking time. >> we're attempting to get it with the technicians we want to assure we don't damage that by retrieving it. >> the driver was on non-driving status during the investigation. both he and the company are not talking to reporters. the lead investigator says he
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has not sub stan she ated earlier statements that the driver told earlier responders that he was fatigued. >> this particular crash, is a test level three crash level, it's a test level with different types of crash criteria. that will be parts of the investigation as we look into all aspects. >> the investigator didn't know if they could absorb the force of a bus. and asked if the driver has good training. >> you can teach people how to make a left and at and watch mirrors but bottom line if you create a work environment which is hostile to rest, which is what we have in the whole industry, than it doesn't matter. a san francisco tour bus driver cited for vehicle
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manslaughter over the weekend. on saturday vincent jones was driving a bus that hit and killed peter wol and investigators say he violated laws. coming up superbowl signs suddenly popping up in san francisco. are they breaking rules in anyway? also we have your forecast next. and you heard of bart and mint using decoy fake cameras on trains, find out what other their busses and trains with listen up! i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein
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ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. the california highway patrol today announced the arrest of two men who stole bay area toll plazas. these pictures have been released. police have not released detail bz which toll plazas were robbed. abc 7 news have found most but not all agency area train agencies have cameras and most
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have fake. but not bart. not uni. uta also has real cameras. as does golden gate transit. riders seem to enjoy the extra layer of security. >> it's just for everyone's safety. if someone you don't know what's really going on the train. >> bart announced they will replace fake camera with real ones after a killing on one of the trains earlier this month that case is still unsolved. if you've been in the financial district you may have noticed large superbowl 50 signs some say the signs will improve fan experience but not everyone is happy about it. >> they look pretty. >> stories high, superbowl 50
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signs. >> i think it's really cool around the city. >> but a san francisco skyscrapers have been turned into billboards for verizon and visa. >> it completely covers up the facade of the building and turns some of the best structures into a walking advertisement. >> she says they are also breaking the rules. >> it's not allowed by section 611 of the planning code for businesses to even erect new advertisements. >> visa, verizon, big players with the nfl. >> that i'm not so excited about. i'm not excited about advertising any big corporation. >> we've asked the mayor's office and planning department if the signs are considered advertisemen advertisements. >> the question is whether the city will enforce that is one thing. >> the mayor's office is working to get answers regarding the signage.
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reps for the superbowl committee have not decided nor has the planning department leaving on lookers to think -- >> well, money talks. that's what happened with that. >> seems the city is selling out to make a quick buck. >> local land marks eaten up by local ads. traffic controls begin this saturday for superbowl city. to find out when traffic is at its worse download the abc 7 news app. >> you might we getting a lot of warnings, traffic is awful. another x. storm is coming in. >> we know traffic is always slow when it is wet. that's going to be the case tomorrow morning. our next storm will move through for your friday morning rush. we are seeing some light returns off the coast of city of san francisco that's yet to reach the ground. you do see the bulk of the wet
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weather confined into the north bay. we will show you closer to street level near clover dale where the rain is hitting the surface at this hour. to the south around gernville you notice pops of yellow and orange that's pockets of moderate rain. green is taking over the screen, that's really light showers. you notice the storm motion is going southwest to northeast. so it's going to take it's time as it crawls on shore overnight tonight and tomorrow morning. right now 60 degrees in san francisco, two degrees above our normal daytime high this time of year. 63 in san jose. 64 in mountainville. fairfield 62 degrees. rating these storms all winter long, 1 is light, 5 is most
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severe and the first storm coming in on friday is a 2. the north bay will see the heaviest of the rain. could be wind gusts between 30 and 40 miles an hour. future weather as we go hour by hour tomorrow morning as the morning rush gets under way we'll see scattered showers and future isolated down pours on the morning rush. 9:00 in the morning still scattered showers. that's the theme for the first half of the day. by the afternoon a break in the action before the second wave of energy moving through on friday night around 8:00 or 9:00. then we will see on the back end of that system, scattered showers on saturday morning before the entire system kicks out saturday afternoon and into the evening. total rain fall, good healthy dose, near half an inch and long the peninsula and south bay and
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lesser amounts in the north bay. we do have a high surf advisory tomorrow morning waves could get as high as 16 feet. we do have a coastal flood advisory from 6:00 in the morning to 1:00 in the afternoon. concern is high tide in the morning occurring at 9:46 a.m. and could get as high as 6'6". we'll be watching for flooding along the coast. overnight it's going to stay in the 50s with showers developing after midnight. going throughout friday wet morning rush and scatters showers upper 50s. tomorrow it's wet and breezy during the morning rush. you will notice going over the bridges it will be windy. by saturday weakening and sunday sunny and dry monday through wednesday. >> will be a nice break.
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thanks. still to come on abc 7 news at 9:00 we'll tell you how an ipad led police to
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>> thieves are prolific, breaks in up 150% since 2011, here's the old advice never leave anything valuable in plain sight including phone chargers, they will steal anything. the investigation of a stolen ipad led police to a major burglary operation involving thousands of dollars in stolen goods. police say they found 19 high end bikes, jewelry and electroni electronics. officers arrested employees at a santa cruz 76 station. another 30 minutes coming up next as we continue eleven days until the iowa caucus if you can believe it and nathe name-calli is heating up. and an app that brings birth control to your front
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc news. it's just eleven days until iowa and the name calling is heating up between donald trump and ted cruz. >> tonight donald trump saying his republican themes louis senator ted cruz is losing his mojo. >> he had his moment and he blew it. >> today cruz suggesting trump's priorities all wrong. >> is he qualified to be commander in chief.
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>> that's a determination the american people will make. i would suggest instead of living and dieing by the daily polls, should focus on identifying our enemy, listening to the expert advice of generals, and admirals and security exports and doing whatever necessary to keep this country safe. >> this week cruz bliennd sidedy sarah palin endorsement but soon cruz bringing out his own superstar to check trump. >> this guy i believe is dangerous. >> trump not im pressed. >> this dopey guy glen beck he's like a dope and i've watched him cry on television all the time. he's doing very badly. >> the billionaire tweeting whacko glen beck is a sad answer to the palin endorsement but now
9:31 pm
pailen is under fire after linking president obama to her son's recent arrest for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. palin reported 26-year-old now suffers from ptsd and points the finger at the president. >> it's a shame that our military personnel have to wonder if they have to question if they are respect any more it starts at the top from our president. >>le my family is no different from other families dealing with some of the ramifications of war. i really appreciate people who will support our troops and make sure they are treated better than illegal immigrants for one. >> but her comments not sitting well with some veterans. one telling us ptsd should not be used as a political talking
9:32 pm
point it's certainly not president obama's fault sarah palin's son has ptsd. on the other side big trouble for hillary clinton in iowa with bernie sanders up by 15 points. >> in the home stretch in iowa hillary clinton acknowledging her stark reality she could lose iowa and new hampshire but she's not giving up. >> it's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get back up and i can tell you as long as there is work to do and people to help, i'm not going to quit. >> but tonight she also turned up the heat on bernie sanders. >> do you believe american people are ready to elect a socialist as president of the united states. >> it's up to the voters. a number of democrats who i highly respect are concerned and
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expecting that to me and others. >> from sanders today, confidence. >> if we do well in t. both of those states i think my friends we're looking at one of the great political upsets in the modern history of the united states of america. >> the vermont senator dropping this ad a simon and garfunk dl to america. report concludes russian spy was likely assassinated by two russian officials and that russian president vladimir putin probably approved the plan. he was a vocal critical putin and died after being poise joonjoo poisoned after breaking ties with putin. scientists have calculated
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how much memory capacity we have in the brain. research claims we have a patea byte, roughly the size of the entire web, supposedly. they made the discovery by computing how much information a synapse can hold through advanced microscope, a real bomb shell in the field of neuro science. something called n urax can provide a prescription for pills and delivery to your front door. they also provide plan b emergency contraception pill. bay area researchers are fighting back against a deadly cancer cell doing it using the body's own immune system to wage the war. >> brian landers grateful for being back in the classroom after battling a deadly form of
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cancer, a victory he owes in part to a cutting edge in treatment. >> i feel like a poster child for what these type of therapies can do. >> he was referred to a doctor who he and his team had been working with a new class of cancer drugs, their purpose is to prevent the mela gnonoma tum to hide from t cells. >> when your t cell tries to kill the tumor the tumor will bind to something called pd 1 and turn off that t cell. >> but new drugs are designed to prevent the pd molecules from reaching the t cell and turning it off. the strategy is getting increased attention since former president jimmy carter had these treatments. >> we can tell many of the responses are long lasting.
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prohibitors can produce responses in 30 to 40% of patients. >> in one case the tumor nearly completely vanished leaving only scar tissue. if successful, brian believes they could eventually unleash a new era where our own immune systems become the ultimate resource for fighting cancer. >> exactly what everyone's immune systems are capable of doing. >> the doctor says there's evidence into our body's cancer fighting cells may adjust their behavior under the new therapy and continue to fight the tumors even after the regimen is over. stay
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oakland, sunnyvale, and all the bay area this is abc 7 news. a good day for the dow. we haven't had the chance to say that often this year. today the dow gained 115 point but still closed under 16,000. nasdaq gained less than a point. s&p up less than ten. there are over 68,000 seats in levi stadium so most of us will be watching the superbowl on tv, so this may be the best time to buy a new tv, even if you don't plan to watch the game. >> freddie and frosty are a dynamic duo, looking to buy a big tv. >> how big you looking to get. >> 55.
9:41 pm
>> 55 is the average size we see in san francisco because of the smaller condos and living areas we're dealing with. >> but these days so much more to tv than size, curves screens, ultra hd and what brand. the big japanese tv makers are going strong but now the korean companies are on top. >> lg is leading in technology and picture quality. >> can barely keep this one in stock even at $6,000. it features 4k or ultra hd resolution. >> why ultra hd. >> i think the pictures are much, much better. >> but 4 k won't matter on game day. the superbowl is being broadcast in old-fashioned hd. doesn't mean you should forget about 4 k if you are like most americans you will have that tv for a while. >> average seven years. >> longer than your laptop and maybe a car and like a car
9:42 pm
there's certain times that are best to buy a tv. forget about black friday, the best time to by a tv is now and has less to could with the superbowl than you might think. >> it's at the cusp where they might be newer technology coming out fort new year. >> consumers urbks s hr bringin? in big price cuts. >> what makes for good tv. >> good company and a lot of booze. >> san francisco host superbowl city and santa clara is where the game will be played. >> yes. see how much the city of san francisco is expecting to benefit from the festivities.
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superbowl 50 is almost here. street closures start this saturday in san francisco, more than two weeks before the big game at levi stadium. >> the upcoming superbowl really does effect the entire bay area. >> many businesses expect to see big crowds, especially in san jose. >> as san jose prepares to welcome the world the transformation is already under way. >> it's a big spot light shining on san jose. >> this downtown park will be home to beer gardens, light installations and other family friendly activities. february 1st will host superbowl
9:47 pm
official hoping night. >> no city has never not wanted a superbowl back. we will show people how we party in san jose. >> over at san p eredro square market retailers are getting ready bringing in new staff to handle the demand. >> people want to see where they might think a player is walking by, where players would get coffee, something like that. >> officials expect nearly all of the hotels in the area to be full throughout the entire week leading up to the game. downtown hotel rooms are already sold out and they're forecasting 275% sales increase compared to last year. >> local residents can't wait for the festivities to start. >> never thought would have afternoon opportunity an
9:48 pm
au opportunity to see such a great event. >> what kind of weather will they get for the superbowl? >> will it be rainy or dry. next week majority of the pattern will be dry and quiet. we are tracking light showers in marin county at this hour. as we slide a little bit to the north, near santa rosa light rain showers falling in the area. initially will be light rain and will ramp up. first thing tomorrow morning you'll be dealing with showers especially on the early morning rush. upper 50s to lower 60s so not a chilly rain. we are talking snow in the sierras as well. above 5,000 feet. around tahoe city seven inches.
9:49 pm
donorville looking to pick up 15 inches of snow. we're talking about a major snow storm tomorrow. looki at these numbers, nation' capital forecasting three feet of snow an all time record, back in 1922. baltimore seven inches. a long duration crippling snow storm on the east coast. here on the west, linger shower saturday, dry on sunday through wednesday. no rain in the forecast. >> thank you. well a dog found wandering the streets. >> not that dog. >> was that intentional? >> ah. >> wow. all right a dog wandering the streets will soon be
9:50 pm
reunited with its owner about 1500 miles away, the two-year-old husky mix was found last week. after scanning the dog for a micro chip discovered it was lost in arkansas more than a year ago. the dog's owner didn't believe it when he got a call from the humane society in pomona who said its donors made enough money to make a trip back to arkansas. no word how he did on his way back. that's a video version of a froeu freudian slip. >> it's beautiful when you work with your friends. draymond green was right there as a starter until the
9:51 pm
late vote from georgia came in, not the
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. coming up tonight on abc 7 news, im pact of storm on the east expecting to make im pact here at home. >> those stories and more coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. no more cheap shots for now. >> we're going to give you three minutes of rest. >> am i on now. oh, oh, we're on television. [ laughter ] the nba announced starter to the all-star game. steph curry was a loss. draymond green had a great chance but was edged out after a late push for dallas's center, i european internet campaign at his hometown got him nearly to
9:55 pm
pass kawhi leonard as well. he's not even starter for the mavs. he is reigning mvp averaging about 30 points a game. only kobe bryant got more votes. the all-star game this year will be in toronto. steph has more than a few ties to the great white north. >> it's going to be a fun experience for both sides of our family. i lives there three years. my wife is from there and has a lot of family up there, going to be up celebrating with us. i'm going to enjoy it and look forward to it. >> the all-star reserves will be picked by nba coaches and announced next thursday. draymond and dylan thompsklay t certainly look to be they will make it. bears, going to the hole
9:56 pm
here. the hustle move down low. 20 point lead. back comes arizona. holder. goodman with 13. as urks would tie it up at 65. cal. the finish. love the end to end highlight he had 17. bears hang on 75-70. snapping a three-game skid. stanford looks to upset number 12 arizona. cats led by as many as seven. pickens three ball got it. second half. inside. and then the in bound, he's denied once but not twice. they really should have called him for traveling there. he got his own shot. put stanford up. arizona has taken control.
9:57 pm
62-50 in the second half of. and a full house st. mary and gonzaga. good things happen when you go to the basket. gals down 31-26. second half. not sure his eyes were open for that. st. marys come on strong late leading 65-64. complete highlights at 11:00. to the ice. preds and sharks. going for sixth win in seven games. first period, 1-0 team teal. three minutes later chris tierney gets the goal with mel krks e r karlsson gets pushed
9:58 pm
into the net. sharks win 3-1 and move ahead of the coyotes in the second place in the pacific division. chip kelly said hosting the 49ers is the one job he wanted but the texas linebacker coach does not, was offered the job but turned it down, reason unknown vrabel is expected to say in houston. raiders cooper going to protocol bopro bowl, he led all rookies, all raiders all-time rookie records ex becomes the sixth to make the pro bowl and goodson was last one in 98, he will also be in this game in hawaii. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota.
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>> thank you for joining us this evening. >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time as always. >> abc 7 news continues online, on twitter, facebook and all your local devices on our abc 7 news app. >> try and make time for us again at 11:00 on channel 7.
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narrator: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today...she first made headlines falsely accusing 3 college athletes at a prestigious university of sexual assault. >> it was the perfect storm for the "national enquirer." it was tabloid fodder. narrator: it was clear mangum


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