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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  January 22, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> rain pounding the streets tonight. this is the latest round of storms that is starting to take its toll across the bay area. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. >> waves of heavy rain have swept across the bay area tonight. a live look at the san mateo bridge cam shows the remanence of the downpour that hit in the hour. >> look at the rain on the cam pro lens. now -- camera lens. >> here is live doppler 7hd. we had a line of intense downpours accompanied by the powerful wind gusts sweeping through the bay area. you can see it outlined in yellow indicating the most intense downpours over the inland east bay. the rainfall totals have been impressive in someplaces and over three inches at ben loeman.
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.30 in san jose and over a third in san francisco and half an inch in oakland. on our storm impact scale we rank them one through five to indicate the intensity. one a light storm and five a vere storm. the storm we have coming our way tonight and tomorrow is ranking number one on the storm impact scale. a quarter of an inch to half an inch in most location. it is the dangerous surf conditions we are worried about. here is that line of intense rainfall i told you about that is sweeping throughout the central valley. alt bit of a lull after tt and then we get the next wave of showers and periods of rain in the early night and early morning hours. at which point with till still be wet. ama? >> spencer, thank you so much. abc7 news reporter tracking damage with rock slides and smashed trees. alan wang is live in pacifica
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where the city has declared a state of emergency. alan? >> so far two homeowner were told it is no longer safe to remain in their homes. the people living here along beach boulevard have been taking a battering. the constant pounding and destruction is forcing the city of pacifica to declare a state of emergency. the waves are battering the oceanside homes. >> the biggest ones hit the glass. >> pacifica is asking for state and federal assistance after the sea wall collapsed early this morning. >> it is like mini earthquakes and everything throughout the day and the night. >> yesterday the bluff at the pacific skies mobile home park fell into the ocean. >> every time the waves are hitting it with the king tides, it is making it fall to the ground. >> previously the apartments on the eroding cliffs were condemned. now the city says the
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neighboring apartment could be next. alan has been taking pictures of the king tide swallowing pacifica. >> the water gets blown up in the house and it has a lot of stones. it is the stones hitting the glass that causes it to break. >> the storm is expected to continue pattering -- battering pacifica. they will get a full dan uh -- damage assessment on monday. alan wang, abc7 news. and now let's go to abc7 news reporter who is live in the santa cruz mountains with a look at the storm dan there. >> reporter: we saw a chp officer who slid off the road on highway 17. tonight there are utility teams and road crews that are clearing rockslides and downed power lines. the rainy day triggered lots of problems. cal trans trucks mobilized
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throughout the area to clear certain spots along the road from rock slides. crews had no other choice but to cordoned off this area. the slide was too much to be easily plowed off the road by a single truck. crews with backhoes may have to return to clear this lane. christopher ring arrived at his house to find a telephone company crew prepping a utility pole. >> my phone has been out for awhile. i don't know if it is connected with this event. >> the crews have been blocking a neighborhood side street for hours. they took out a phone line on one side of the road and power lines on the other. we can hear some residents using the gas-fueled generators because of the out 10. even with the phone lines out, they were not complaining about the rains. >> it has been steady and it is great to have it. we need it. >> he says he has seen much worse than today's storm. in santa cruz county, abc7
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news. >> the forecast calls for more snow in the sierra. you will need to see chains -- you will need chains. they will close near, kirkwood because of thenche dangers. we have all of your el nino resources in one place. head to scroll down and look for the el nino image. we'll show you how to prepare when the storms are coming and let you ask spencer credits common any el nino related questions. >> the brutal weather made for an awful day and tomorrow is no better. hundreds of flights at san francisco international were canceled and some were wait two hours for arriving flights. four were canceled at oakland and nonaffected at mineta san jose. it is because of the major snowstorm bearing down on the mid-atlantic and the northeast.
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officials call it life-threatening. already nine deaths have been reported in three states. up to two feet of snow is expected to fall in washington, d.c. overnight. now more on how people are coping with the blizzard. >> this monster snowstorm is making its way north tonight. 80 million people facing extreme weather from mississippi to massachusetts with a target on the nation's capitol. >> it has life and death implications. >> it is the biggest blizzard in 90 years. as much as two feet of snow. wind imuses up to -- wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour. already the southeast blanketed in snow. this snowplow operator says it is the worst he's seen. so many motorists caught in this situation or worse. and along the jersey shore residents warned they haven't
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faced anything this bad since hurricane sandy. this giant sand dune nearly a mile and a half long and 12 feet tall was created to protect this town. still some are taking advantage of the fresh fallen snow to have a little fun. even snowzilla had to shovel the driveway. and as beautiful as this snow is right now experts are saying it is only going to get worse from here predicting this snow won't let up until at the earliest tomorrow night. abc news. >> we have breaking news from the east bay where one person has died in the car accident on the northbound lanes of 680 in san ramon. it happened half an hour ago. the right lanes of the freeway are closed north of el casta boulevard. there is no estimate for when the lanes will re-open. and a multiple vehicle crash has closed the westbound lanes of 580 near grand avenue in oakland. developing news nw, part
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of the las vegas strip is closed after police shot a man in front of the bellagio hotel and casino. at least two shots were fired by officers. at the same time a crowd was gathered to watch the garage yow fountain show. a suspect is in custody, but it is unclear what that person's condition is. few other details are being released. a man is in jail accused of hitting and killing a bicyclist. they believe cervantes hit the victim with his pick up truck last friday and then took off. police say the two men knew each other. a motorcyclist captured this new video showing the dramatic moment a chp chase came to an end on the upper deck of the bay bridge during yesterday'morning commute. watch as the driver bailed from his car and runs from an officer. a good saw -- good samaritan
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jumped in and put it in park. he was wanted for not paying the bridge toll and was eventually arrested. gridlock headed to san francisco. still ahead, what to expect when super bowl events begin to take over downtown. >> and another possible sign tonight that the city transportation could be moving away from the classic cab. >> and a toast for science. the night on the town that puts the iq in liquor. >> first, here is a look at what is coming up on "jimmy kimmel live" after abc news the a 11:00. >> here is proof that we did do some work today. >> oh my god. the government's been hiding this the whole time. >> hey, guys, what's up?
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fremont, palo alto, north bay and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> san francisco's yellow cab cooperative filed for bankruptcy. yellow is the largest cab company. you can ride in yellow cabs as they settle the debt. uber and lift have vic tan business from the -- taken cabs from the cities. they are facing mounting costs to payoff accident victims. >> are you ready for some gridlock? supersuper bowl-related closures. everywhere you turn are up. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is live along the
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embarcadero. give us a look at what we can expect. >> the countdown is on at 7:00 a.m. the cars will no longer be allowed on southbound embarcadero. the closure will be in place for several weeks leading up to the super bowl. the reason is right across the street. super bowl city is taking shape. it is part fan experience and traffic whoas won't be far behind. traffic on southbound embarcadero is about to get more challenging. electronic signs are warning drivers of a two-week closure beginning on saturday morning. super bowl city is now under construction. a two-block fan experience which will look like this when it is done. a million people expected. >> i think it will add like an hour on to my commute. >> reporter: alley is a barista inside super bowl city. a security checkpoint will be in place. >> before i come to work i
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will have to be searched and my bag searched for weapons. i don't know what else they will be looking for. >> southbound embarcadero will be closed from washington to don chi way. closed from justin herman plaza to beale street. >> it is going to be ugly. but it will be fun. >> tiffany t atum works downtown and she expects carmagedon. >> what is your plan to get to work? >> i will drive because i have to get my kids to school. >> they advise people to use public transportation. >> the best advice is to leave your car at home. >> if you do drive expect to pay more for parking. >> are you increasing your parking rates? >> most likely get higher. >> he can't say how high, but remember during the world series? some lots were paying a small pour tune on park. small fortune to park. expect the same prices for super bowl week.
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abc7 news. >> the stir, the shake with ice. there is a science to cocktails and what makes some of them taste oh so good. abc7 news joined our partners at the exploratorium to del vie into the -- delve into the secret spirits. they debated shaken versus stirred and they used conducted ink to create custom light up coasters. >> all attendee get to learn the science behind our favorite cocktails and what goes into a martini and how do you make a cocktail taste good. >> it is not just a fun night on the town. it also raises money for education programs. you and spencer were there too. >> we were. it was a great time and we are proud to be partners with them. it was packed. >> good to be indoors right about now.
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>> a lot of people are walking in with their umbrellas. spencer not included. >> we needed the umbrellas for the downpour galore. we are showing the line of downpours that swept through the east bay and pushing out toward the central valley. we have waves of showers and rainfall behind that. here is the center of circulation offshore and it is generating wave after wave of rainfall and showers in our direction. the wind have calmed down a bit. gusts at fairfield to 23 miles an hour and 22 mile-an-hour winds at livermore and gusts at hoof moon bay. earlier we had 35 to 40 mile an hour gusts. things are calmer now. this is a portion of the san francisco skyline. these are our forecast features and we will see rain turning to showers overnight. scattered showers tomorrow and a dryer pattern beginning on sunday. that will take us through most of next week. on our storm impact scale the approaching storm for tonight and tomorrow ranks number one. it is a light storm, a storm of light intensity. but it will bring with it
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dangerous surf conditions. we have those already. here is our high surf advisory which is in affect until tomorrow afternoon. wave height way above average. we have dangerous surf and rip currents and beachy roach as well. it is not a good place to be right now. and a coastal flood advisory from 8:00 tomorrow morning until 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. combination of high tides and large wave run up will produce the possibility of flooding in the low-lying areas. high tide at 10:36 a.m. on we go to our forecast animation at 7:00 tomorrow morning. we will have showers scattered about and some locally heavy downpours. and during the day we will see the pattern continue of scattered showers. into the evening hours we will see the showers disappearing and dissipating. the rainfall totals will be quite generous at that point. we have a winter storm warning in affect until 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. we are expecting about 12 to 18 inches above 5,000 feet.
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travel delays and chain requirements are likely. here is the smoa accumulation animation projecting 14 inches and a foot up at donner. low temperatures under the showery conditions. showers throughout the day and beginning to taper off later in the day. highs tomorrow will be generally in the midto upper 50s. a relatively cool day although oakland may top out at 60 degrees. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast. sunday begins the drying and we will have five days or more of dry weather. looks like our next chance of rain will be next friday. enjoy the dry spell while it lasts. let's hope for more rain and get more flood -- drought relief. >> thank you, spencer. >> the snow is piling up and the temperature is dropping. >> these dedicated americans are not missing a beat as they honor the
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tradition carries on despite the snowstorm in dc. the ole guard is keeping watch at the tomb of the unknown at arlington national cemetery. >> it is a duty they do to honor soldiers from world war i, world war ii and the korean war. they will continue their watch throughout the snowstorm even though arlington national cemetery will remain closed throughout the weekend. >> it is very moving images. >> seeing those photos. >> a big night for the warriors. >> a lot of smiles. steph curry made sure that he wouldn't come back and suffer
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you by riverwalk casino. >> good evening. the warriors finally got their leader back. steve kerr was -- has been out following back cornel re. he came back for game number four with the warriors hosting the pacers. >> a nice ovation and a thank you from steve. the first quarter and he had 22 points. look at my biceps. steph curry and he got it. time had expired and it didn't count. remember that as we show you miles turner. the kid went for 31. curry again and half court and
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got it. that time it counted. give me a little mark jackson shimmy. steph, the only player in nba history and hit a couple more just showing off. he had a triple double. 10 boards and 12 assists and one to dramon. the warriors win 122-110. here is the returning hero. >> dramon took a horrible three. at the next time out i didn't say anything. he said coach i'm disappointed. i dom took that -- i only took that shot so you would yell at me and you didn't yell at me. i said give me time. >> he looked comfortable and energetic and it was great to see. >> cleveland fired coach blatt
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despite he took them to finals in year one and he has the best record in the east. he was hired before lebron signed and they weren't meshing all of these great talents with lebron and could i reyou kyrie irving and love. tyler lou will take over as head coach. stanford in so cal taking on usc. second quarter and the steal and the finish and she had 11. carly samuel son with three of her 14. stanford wins it 57-47 and cal lost to ucla. the 49ers fired defensive cured mater -- defense coordinator mangini. it was a rough job. he had to cope with a ton of injuries and the loss of stars like willis and the niners ranked 29th in total defense last year. and it took awhile, but one of our favorites have resigned the outfielder he didn't get
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the deal he wanted three years for 75 million. abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. are you okay for three for 75 million? >> it is not bad. >> it is a pay cut for you. >> he'll manage. >> one gets by. >> abc7 news continues on-line, twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. >> our next


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