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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 26, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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xn xn tai4f'n betweengé the fbi and ae buildings at national wild lifev refuge in eastern oregon.íq shots were fired after fbi agents and enforcement agency tried to stop members of the group who were traveling to meeting. officials did not say who fired the shots or if there was an
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story tonight. we have learned a joint task force led by san francisco police has broken up a huge suspected drug trafficking ring operated in the area a few block from city hall. >> vic lee has more on the story. >>reporter: the task force arrested 48 suspected dealers during the past three weeks. police say they also discovered that the alleged drug trafficking ring was run by undocumented honduras aichbility they approach the resident people were literally jumping out of the whipped oyshtion most of the drug arrest in the tenderloin market street happened in public. this did not. it was a surgically finely tuned operation involving sf pd. alameda couldn't narcotics task force and the dea. it started because of increasing complaints from those who work and live around un plaza and market street and not because of thet superbowl. >> they began video taping the dealers conducting deals in the year. and eventually they got enough
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footage together to go to grand warrants the task force went to 11 homes. mostly in the east bay where they found the dealers living together and commuting on bart to un plaza to sell their drug drugs. >> come across together. sell narcotics together. back home together and they live together. >>reporter: police found othert evidence as they search thejf homes. 75,000 dollarsg inf7 cash hand pìc@&h&hc% >> cleaner0l. thenw environment is a lot7 chlorine yes. >>reporter: ps since the arrest regularp who frequent-2 un plaza and surrounding tenderloin tell us the usual suspects aren't >> just like in carlos junior when you go to the rest room in there you can't even get in there because they are in there doing drug e-a lieutenant of the open drug dealing was happening at the bart escalator near un plaza 8. would you see a leap of drug dealers at the top. yesterday they weren't there i said what is going on here?8 are coming. vic lee, abc 7 news.
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surveyor inspecting an oakland hillside is expected to be okay after falling dozens of feet landing in a big pile of mud. we were over the location where firefighters had to did he go that man out of the muck this afternoon. he was immersed knee de-el nino related storms brought down part of the hillside last week. the man was okay and did he cleaned medical treatment on the scene. the collapse happened on oak hill:yj near sequoia road not fr from the sequoia country club if you know the area. cliff side apartment building that both ocean view is in danger of collapsing in pacifica. now the city is trying to get federal support. the ground under the apartment on esplanade avenue crumbling. residents are being ordered to move out. here's more from melanie woodrow. e-randy is taking a part furniture. so she condition rebuild her life elsewhere. >> have the ability financially and otherwise to move myself to
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a he have sear location or just a less stressful location e-the heavy load is a load off her shoulders. but still quite burden some for michelle mckay. >> this is my home. >>reporter: she's living in this apartment complex 5 years but says nothing about it feels temporary. >> i'm not willing to leave pacifica. this is my communit community. my friends. everything is here for me e-it's what is missing that has city inspectors yellow tagging these homes. >> the cliff. >>reporter: new year property back an old problem. erosion. the buildings next door have much further daniel and they have been standing just fine for 5 years e-pieces of sliding cliff likely crush the very side warning tenant. >> it just seems to me they are adding e-city council approved state legal emergency as first step to potentially obtaining state and federal funding. >> rent are too high. can't move out. we are living paycheck to paycheck e-in the mean time tenant need to make other arrangements.
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>> i knew it was a possibility but the view is worth it. 2 and half years pretty good run. >>reporter: run that for now at least is over. in pacifica, melanie woodrow abc 7 news. the. >> now let's talk about the superbowl. santa clara getting most of the city expenses for the big game reimbursed but san francisco isn't that is not and sparking a backlash among city lawmaker lawmakers. today the business community came out swinging just blasting the last minute neglect activity. here's carolyn tyler. >>reporter: temperatures rising rightal with superbowl city. e-san francisco business leaders are cheer leaders for superbowl 50. and are outraged that supervisor jane kim introduced a measure today asking the mayor to renegotiate the deal that leaves taxpayers shelling out at least 5 million dollars as host city. i am not against
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superbowl or even hosting the parties here in san francisco. this is about this is about our taxpayers. >>reporter: but the chamber of commerce points to a 2012 resolution where the supervisors supported the city's bid for the superbowl. and accuses kim of political grandstanding because she's running for state office. >> show somehow she is a watch dog of the public purse when all she dots is potentially cost the city money. >> there is nothing in the rest lugs take said that we would pay for the party. nfl made then.2 billion dollars three years ago. this is a company that condition afford to pay for its own party. >>reporter: today supervisors meeting the mayor was asked who negotiated that deal. >> i'm very comfortable with these city investments. >> i'm so excited. >>reporter: one small business definitely benefit southern sweets in the bay view. she won a piece of the superbowl pie. contract to provide snack pack for the thousands of media.
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>> i have my fencinger crossed all the wayb praying at the same tile. yes. >>reporter: bit of sweetness in what is becoming an increasingly bitter battle over superbowl money. in san francisco, carolyn tyler abc 7 news. people have been complaining about airplane noise for decades but the past ye people whose homes are outside the difficult flight pattern are noticing it as wel well. that's because new satellite technology tells pilots the most best route. when sfo started to use the satellite technology instead of traditional rid arrest people on the peninsula started to complain. >> regarding changes in air patterns we really saw the spike happen in the spring of 2015. >>reporter: it got so bad that congresswoman the palo alto sent out a survey to local residents then reached out to the federal aviation administration faa. next jet being implemented at
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several airport the pilots use the most efficient way to get from point a to b. >> from airline perspective there's the opportunity for fl. less time circumstance length waiting for opportunity to lan land. there's less fuel burned so economic benefit as well e-but finding the most efficient way has changed flight pattern. she lives in the buena vista park neighborhood of san francisco. he has now started a petition. >> that minimum cause some sort of change where the flight pattern changed slightly sought planes are not flying overhead so low e-he's not the only one. a group of oakland residents started a web site called s o s east with complaints about oakland international and overhead inbound flights from sfo. the sfo noise abatement office acknowledges getting complaints from several communities around the bay area. the the here's their voice message when we tried to call them. >> due to unusually large
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volume of noise complaints we are receiving your response may take up to 4 week. >>reporter: meanwhile the faa says it will study the concerns and make revisions to air patterns. at sfo, abc 7 news. well today apple confirmed the fears of many of the investors. they hit a peak in i-phone sales. revenue could drop more than 8% when comparing the first quarter of this year with last. that's despite record sales of i phones the neck model release is expected mountain fall. i-phone sales represent 2 thirds of the company's revenu revenue. apple released the erption report after the stock market closed. stock rose to mean mean but dropped in after hours traded and had 76 bill dollars. the strong dollar cost the company 5 billion. we do have much more coming up ahead for you on this tuesday night. big decision against the world famous founder of big ramp yog
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yoga. what the jury decided snow pack measurement tonight where things stand in the sierra in terms of the drought. >> we have the weather. >> many of us this morning woke up to dense fog likely going to happen again tomorrow morning. where the best chance to see that then fog will be and when next chance of rain is in the accu-weather forecast. >> if you have ever wondered why your dog is barking for no reason, you might try the smart collar that promises to tell you what fido is thinking.
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just moments ago san francisco supervisors unanimously approved a resolution to declare july 22 mario woods day of remembrance. last month san francisco police shot and killed woods. they say he lunged at them with a knife. but video of the incident raises questions about exactly what happened. many his mother attended today supervisor hearing and hopeful leaders would approve a day in her son's honor. >> i would just ask, just do the right and decent thing becausehhkñ still my child doest need to be shot down like an animal e-san francisco police officer's association doesn't agree with the move to memorize woods saying three officers who died over the last 12 years if the lean of duty didn't get dedicated days.
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an attorney for san francisco police officer is optimistic in the hit-and-run case against his client. we were in court today for officer chris coors pre-hearing conference. he's accused of hitting two men in san francisco with his personal car then running await a minute he was off duty at the time. coors has a new lead lawyer who believes his clients spotless record will help in court. >> they are not going to be any surprisesx. he's got a good republic you taetion in the community. so i'm looking forward to positive result here. >> both victims had severe jersey. coors was on medical leave at the time of the incident and remains on medical leave tonight. huge reward today for a woman who claimed she was sexually harassed by the world famous founder of bikram yoga fs where the jury reached the decision. >>reporter: ment after the verdict bikram literally ran down the escalator of the courthouse and headed outside did he cleaning to talk to us.
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not far away the jurors surrounded plaintiff micky with hugs an smiles even taking selfie. impromptu celebration after awarding her punitive damages of nearly six and half million dollars. >> i'm still a little l east surprised. >>reporter: they awarded here 1 million dollars in compensatory damage for wron wrongful termination and sexual harassment at hand of former boss the world renowned guru. >> my live was threatened. threatened with deportation and have me and my daughter killed. taken care of. >>reporter: she says the threat started when as legal council for beg ramp various companies she refused to stop investigating allegations that he had raped a yoga student. >> any one who didn't go along with the beg ramp program and do what he wanted the way he wanted it done would either be fired, their lives threatened,
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their children threatened. >>reporter: she took the stand today testifying that he's virtually broke. near bank situation. meanwhile the attorneys presented as evidence the instant gram photo of the fleet of luxury cars. his lavish home. and this video of him showing off a new watch. >> how much cost. two million dollars e-in the video she says the watch was gift from the watchmaker but jurors not buying his story of povert many of them seen openly laughing in court during his testimony. >> because you could see through that he was a liar. avenues liar. >>. moving on wheel our el nino fueled storms not enough to quench the drought they are boosting water levels. state water officials today reported the water content of the sierra sfo pack is at 115 percent of its historic average. this season california has more snow than we have seen in 5 years. so it's very encouraging. water manager say the snow pack needs to be at one 50% by april
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to ease the drought. but at least the trend is pretty good. >> right. it is nice. but we are in a bit of a dry spell so far this week. >> a little bit of a break guy guys. friday that's our texas chance for rain. short-term fog is the biggest issue tomorrow morning. live doppler 7hd showing you a picture qwdqá night after nice day filled with sunshine in the afternoon. live doppler 7hd right now showing you partly to mostly cloudy skies at this hour. but we are dry. temperature boyswm right now we are at 48 currently in novato. 54o san francisco. 51 in oakland. from ix in danville. 52 in san jose and fairfield right now. at 46 degrees so live look outside from our 7 camera atop4f the exploratorium at pier 15. bright moon out there but kind of filtering through some high cloud at this hour but beautiful look at the bay bridge all lit up and calm bay right now. pockets of dense fog develop overnight tonight first they think tomorrow morning. we are tracking mild days at least through thursday. next 40 hours above normal. then we track lit rain
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aarriving as early as friday. so as we go into future weather mode overnight tonight the fog develops. becomes dense in spots. i think the best chance to see the dense fog in the north bay marin couldn't, mill valley over into vallejo, hercules and dense fog and even in the inland east vaechlt antioch, brentwood, even walnut creek if you live in the location you might want to give yourself extra time first thing tomorrow morning a as there could be some fog. thursday quiet and friday we track our chance for rain. storm impact scale using the all season long ranking storms 1 through 5 5 is most severe gives awe better idea what to expect with each÷9ráujur(l coming on friday is a one. light storm. seen several of these this season. light rain and very light wind. future weather we jump ahead into yourl friday. 5:00 o'clock on our friday in the morning the rain really confined into sonoma, napa, marin couldn't. may have lingered there for much of the dion friday. even friday around noon still the showers confined to santa
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rosa and years to the north4n d may not even be until friday evening at 7:00 o'clock that the rain really sinks south of the golden gate. stadq to see showers along the peninsula into the east bay. look like san jose still dry through much of the friday and then into the evening hours like 10 or 11 okay. light showers around san jose. this event is wrapping up. rainfall amount very light in general with this system. about a quarter of an inch in the north bay. likely less than that in san francisco. san jose hayward oakland so not a soaking rain by any means. overnight tonight the biggest issue we will have will be the fog developing and it moves to the car keens straits and delta into the bay. 42 in concord where we see dense fog. 48 san francisco. 45 san jose. in nap a.that fog should burn off by lunch time then in the afternoon plenty of sunshine and really nice temperature. 66 in oakland. 67 san jose. 63 san francisco. 65 for santa rosa. accu-weather 7 day forecast with the morning fog tomorrow. mild on thursday. there's the chance of rain on
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friday. one on the storm impact scale. saturday sunday does feature scattered showers but no organized system monis dry then tuesday another chance of thunder showerout 30. thanks so much drew. we want to thank some of our fuss viewers for shearing great weather photo with us. robin sent thus image of this morning's sunrise in milpitas. great shot as it came through the trees like. that share your pictures with us by posting them on social media using the hash-tag abc 7 now use it on air or on line at 7 thanks robin great shot. >> definitely sky still to come on 7 news at 9:00. san on 7 news at 9:00. san francisco home prices sore.
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san francisco leads the way with some of the biggest gains in home prices nationwide. prices have risen 70% since 2 2012 thanks to the tech boom in the bay area. highest begin of any large.s. city in the s&p home prison index. nationally home prices climb just show of 6 percent here if late november. >> stanford university revealed the millions of dollars in tixr#ts it has received over the past year. in cash alone the university received 800 million dollars. donor also handed over impressive six 22 million dollars in art. t and stanford two hospital received another 200 million dollars. contribution come from nearly 83,000 alumni, parents, students and friends. that's good news for students, too. more than 75 percent of stanford graduate leave school without having to pay off a student loan. >> one driver okay after the car was overturned by giant wave in chile.
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watch. he was driving a government car as the storm battered the coast he managed to open the door as passfu rushed to help.a waves reached up toys 16 feet high.k >> then this. drone footage ptureda÷ contai tomb=oz in iceu. tug tried to helpa break it fe warmas weather before it could 0 onxo its way. theh iowa caucus justqd 6 ds away>3. one cant withoutt me. >> coming. what the candidate are doing to get out the vote. >> also the zika virus. new case turns up and at least one you are a line offering refund to detectives where places it is found. >> actor with face could you never forget. >> another half hour of 7 news >> another half hour of 7 news at 9:00
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major development from donald trump tonight. >> it looks like republican front runner may be a no show at this week's debate. >> announcement comes with just 6 days until the iowa caucus as candidate on both sides, work hard to shore up support. >> here's more. >> gentlemen please welcome the next president of the united states donald j trump. >>reporter: bomb shell from donald trump just daybqs before the iowa caucus. >> let's see how much money fox is going to make on the debate without me. okay. >>reporter: trump campaign now confirming he is bailing out of thursday republican debate in iowa with return of moderator
9:30 pm
megan kelly who spared with trump back in august. >> twitter account has several dispaernling comments about women's looks. e-trump rival senator ted cruz saying the front runner dropping out of the debate show look of respect for voters and issued this challenge. >> if he's unwilling to stand on the debate stage with the other candidates then i would like to invite donald right now to engage in a one-on-one debate with me any time between now and the iowa caucus. >>reporter: still the republican front runner continues to pull in conservative endorsement including arizona famous tough talking sheriff joe arpaio even as opponent attacked. >> i don't know what he is. trump used all this not from a position of from his faith. he used it all as politic e-on the democratic side both sanders and hillary clinton campaign are energized. and also concerned about voter turn out next monday.
9:31 pm
>> we will win here in iowa if the voter turn out is high. >> if you go to the caucus on monday night and stand up for me there t-i will work my heart out for you as your president. >>reporter: abc news los angeles. second clinton administration could mean future justice barack obama at campaign event in iowa hillary clinton lit up when voter asked her if she would consider apointing the prosecute the to the supreme court should she win the white house. she says she loves the idea. added with need a democratic senate to get him confirm. 2014 the president said being a justice is a little bit too month nasa particular for him. >> terrible story. beloved school principal died and 2 children seriously injured when school bus jumped the curb indianapol elementary school. happened this afternoon. bus driver told investigators that principal susan jordan pushed the kid out of harm way before she herself was struck and killed.
9:32 pm
medic rushed the two 10-year-old students to the hospital. they are said to be this serious but at least stable condition. unclear why the bus jumped the curb. 25 students on the bus were not injured. jordan had been principal at the school for 22 years. schools will not be in session tomorrow as students and staff mournhis beloved principal. we have news now on the zika virus linked to serious birth defects. there's if you case tonight in arkansas. the person infected had traveled over seas now at least one airline offering refund for detectives to places where zika is found. here's lindsay davis. >>reporter: growing concerns tonight about the spread of the zika virus. many pregnant women who traveled abroad are rushing to doctors to get check. today the cdc issuing new guidelines for evaluating newborn with cranial ultrasound and eye exam if the mother were his possibly infected. >> we are getting calls every day unfortunately. if i patient with symptoms we are having them tested eric the fear is a possible link between virus and birth defect like
9:33 pm
this neurological disorder where babies are born with abnormally small head and linked to paralysis in adults. there's already a travel advisory in effect for pregnant women to avoid the 24 areas where the disease has been detected including el salvador where officials ask something stunning. for women to avoid getting pregnant until 2018. nand brazil the host country for this summer olympic the health minister says the country is sending 220,000 troops to battle the 80's mosquitos blamed for spreading the virus. 18 cases in 7 states has railroad been reported among travelers returning to theqb u.. . this mom to be relieved that her doctor found nothing to worry about. >> that was lindsay davis reporting. u.s. government beginning research into possible vaccine for the zika virus don't expect protection any time soon. development typically takes years. united airlines will allow concerns concerned about the
9:34 pm
zika virus to us cancel or postpone the trip if they are ticketed to fly to areas affected by the virus. travel waiver include country in the cdc travel advisory. >> popené tran situations met iran president today at the vatican. /v it was the first meeting bqa+een a popeje and irj leader in nearl" 17 years.!$  gave the pope a5% hand made0o carpet and asked him to> lifted sanction.2% one of romeht museum covered upo the nude,z statue before tor by the iranian president.0p museum said it wasn' done out of respectéj for the iranian cultu, but member÷1 of the italianht parliament sa+ñ it wasn't parliament sa+ñ it wasn't respect butg differences. famous american actor with face you will never forget passed away. here's david wright. >> wants to arping a meeting he
9:35 pm
says. >> most famous role was sal the mobster who ends up betraying michael in god fame. i can arrange security. >> he was not is he sill yeah. was a russian jew. theater actor on to stardom on barney miller. the detective fitch. >> in an emergency you would be the first one would i co#&. >> call me first i feed time to put my teeth in. >> orderly he spent years tying urban legend he had already died. >> the rumors that he died:p. he's there in the control room. that's him on david letterman show in 1988. like his character in the god father the the. >>5l tell michael it was only business. >> he knew the end was coming. >> tom can you get me off the hook? for old time seek. >> can't do it sally. >>reporter: he was 94. well nba superstar and surge on general of the united
9:36 pm
states join forces in east9e oakland school this afternoon. >> message curry helped
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warriors star curry at manzanita school in oakland today to motivate students to be more physically active. laura looks at how important the message is for the students. >> i pledge to do my very best. >>reporter: fresh off the team big win over the spurs warriors star stephen curry stopped by the manzanita school to support health and fitness. and to share a dance with a student and u.s. surgeon
9:40 pm
general murphy. >> the the who want to be a volume up tier. >>reporter: this is the prime example of the play work program in action. >> in northern california we provide 160,000 children service a day an 111 schools to make sure they are involved in safe app hael anden concludes he have play. >> reporter: the good habit sten to the lunch room were each child must take one thyme item from the salad bar every day actually eat it. why do you think it's important you eat the good stuff. >> so i can stay healthy and not be sick. you need to stay healthy. and get all the protein and nutrient you needñm. >>reporter: and what happens in the lunch room pays off in the play ground. running the mile it's child's play. >> 11 lap here is equal to one million. my kindergarten can run two my kindergarten can run two miles that's very impressive >>reporter: as for the dance, who has the better move you or
9:41 pm
the surgeon general. >> surgeon general definitely got me. he has the most rhythm. seems to be in tune with his body better than i am. but we had a lot of fun. >>reporter: this is 7 news. kids had a blast too. all right up next on 7 news at 9:0 9:00. air brush and paint can. >> transformation of levi stadium for superbowl 50. stadium for superbowl 50. back in a moment.
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according to new research out of uc san francisco regular coffee drinking does not lead to extra heart beats.@y the study measure the chronic consumption of caffeinateded product over a 12 month period. excessive heart beat could result in a stroke or heart
9:45 pm
failure but the study found no difference in people who consume could have foe tea or chocolate and those who didn't. in fact the study's author said those could be missing out on cardio benefits. >> chase bank business to introduce atm that don't require a card. said customers can use spart phones to input a code found on the chase app. atm will be upgraded this year. we called chase to fend@ out where those upgraded atm will accepted even at the app enabled machines. if you have ever wondered why your dog is barking for no aparent reason. there is an app for. that smart collar that analyze the dog sound movement and activity an tells the animal owner what the pet is thinking through a smart phone app called what's yap. creators call it most advanced communication system between dogged and humans and say it could identify stress, hunger,
9:46 pm
excitement boredom and confusion. company hopes to come up with similar technology for account accounts. >> contempt i always felt like cat his when we had cats. >> let's go back and up take it the forecast for you. >>a0 drew has oneless look. >> tonight is a quiet night. live doppler 7hd it has been quiet the past few day. similar story tomorrow. take you through your day planner on wednesday. first they think once again like this morning dense fog likely in the north bay and inland east bay valley so just know it's first thing on the docket. but noon it's hazy app by 4:00 o'clock tons of sunshine out there. look how warm we get this time of the year. everybody goes into the 60's with warmest spot around the bay and by 7:00 o'clock quickly cooling down under mainly clear skies so high across the renal for your wednesday. after the morning fog burns off the temperatures 5 to 7 degrees above normal. 63 in san francisco. 64 the high in livermore.
9:47 pm
63 in concord. 62 in vallejo or likely dense fog in the morning. 63 napa. and santa rosa up to 65 degre degrees. so here the accu-weather 7 difficult forecast. morning fog tomorrow after that it's mild. stays mild for thursday with spots of sunshine. $50 next chance for rain very light to 1 on the storm impact scale but saturday sunday features chances of shower. nothing organized at this poin point. monday is partly sunny then tuesday one week from today there's another chance of wet weather. >> excellent thanks drew. >> sure. sky 7 hd flew over levi stayed thumb morning and crew painting the logo for the broncos and panthers all of course for superbowl 50. the field is brand new although it does share some things in common with the troublesome sod that plagued levi stadium when it happen. david was on the news the other day. the the. >> there is exceptional pride in creating the perfect field for the superbowl. it gets daily care.
9:48 pm
see on a golf course or any defined after let he can field an we cut it almost every day. >> as ed job as nfl field director to make sure the grass is safe for players as well as those on the field for pre-game half time activity. niners took plenty of hit when it replaced the sod several times but the nfl is convinced he very same prepared of grasses come from the sod farm the theners use is the right formula. bermuda base over seeded at this time of year with perennial rye grass. the bermuda is not growing fast and it will go dormant and brown and cool season grass inner mentioned with it. >> they are confident using test equipment and torque testers and check the hardiness firmness things like that. >> no human factor. >> they get to operate the machines so we are always dialing if and growing the grass. the grass is only going to do
9:49 pm
what you design it to do. >> there is no turning back no now. we are starting to paint on the field. right behind me you can see the broncos logo because this is their bench area. we will have panthers logo on the opposite side of the field end zone as well but we will definitely havee llenty ofbrand% branding that is unique and custom to the%6 two teams that are in the game. >>reporter: in santa clara, david louie abc 7 news. >> cool. bay area is the destination for food lovers obviously so no surprise. superbowl city feature some fantastic dining. >> restaurants from the east bay south bay and san francisco all represented. it's a very bay area menu. have slim roll, clam chowder and of course veg tanner optio option. >> each pop up restaurant located here by the ferry be. one chef says it's great opportunity to show off california world class routine. >> climate is the perfect climate for growing. straight off the bat you have the amazing the part of
9:50 pm
california that others don't have. >> superbowl city is free and open to the public from january 30 through game day on february seventh. >> you can get a dog at the game. >> that's true. >> he was just down there too having dinnerment it's taking shape at superbowl city. good luck driving around there. 49ers. they have a new defensive and your san jose shark with avalanche of goal tonight against colorado. perfect way
9:51 pm
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is. come up at 11:00. out recently in san francisco neighborhood as people learn a sex offender rehab facility will soon be opening its doors. and mom mental health. new recommends for doctors treating mothers to be and those who have already given birth. those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7 >> talking about the superbowl but there are other sports going on.
9:54 pm
>> basketball and sharks. >> that's right. also a shark causing avalanche of goal tonight the colorado. men in teal the groove back at home after struggling early this season looking for win before this weekend's all star break. wilson has to be happy with the way the team is playing of late winning 7 of the last then coming at first period burns inside the blue line and off the shoulder of carlton. fun way to redirect. 1 nothing sharks..uv$ó later. lp thorntonr cross eye%o mark?imu edward. second period?@ now. easy is thisoe. jumbov joe to the joe.l less than amendmente" later stl on the power playsq. follow the puck all the way into thex net. 4 nothing men in teal and they will go on to win it 6-1 thez! final. chip kelly found the defensive
9:55 pm
coordinator according to espn hired former browns coordinator jim o'neil. he started with the brown the last two years in same capacity. the he's also coached with the jets and the bills. browns did sack blaine in the match up then teams. something to build on i guess with the 49ers. we are seeing something special here in the bay area with curry sense maybe joe montana a.he's a special athlete that is doing things nobody has ever seen and bonus he's great on and off the cort. can you ever ri won the mvp last soap.@e believe it or not he's a much better player this year. never seen a player with a feel and hands he has that unable the shots to go down from all over the court. spurs best defense in the league. had no answer for curry!,. doves scored 31 more points san antonio giving up and he was feeding teammate for the score like all great athlete he sees the entire court then sits for the expire fourth quarter as
9:56 pm
the daniel is done. 37 points. 5 steals. 3 assist last nature this guy is a once in a life time playe player. >> it's quus what he does. the he has ridiculous shooting range and so it december torts the whole chess board. defensively you have to commit so far out there that it creates angle for other guys. >> no moment too big obviously. we know this is just another regular season became but there was hype around it but every time we have an opportunity to prove who we are and the the continue another step in the journey we are ready for it. >> i'm just glad my general manager wasn't in the locker room because it might have gotten me fired. >> all right we saw curry wearing the panthers jersey sunday at prosecute. he's from charlotte and good friend with cam newton. he says the next time he break it out is superbowl was it a gift from the team or did he
9:57 pm
buy it. >> i have had it for awhile. that is my go to. year and a half since came here an brought it hand delivered it last year. special piece of attachment to the panthers. i haven't talked to cam. i don't want to blow his phone up you want to be able to enjoy it. let him do that, he is going to super bowl sunday. golden state warrior may be best team in the leg when it comes to the local community. today they unveiled another new uniform here in snn francisco. clay thompson and warriors c o o wells showed off the chinese new year uniform debut february 3rd in washington against the wizard. it's february 8 this year. year of the monkey. i'm sure the uniform worn at home games at some point. as the clippers turn the team should have their own reality show. power forward griffen battling injuries all season just added another. he will miss 4 to 6 woke after
9:58 pm
undergoing surgery for a fractured finger on shooting handy sustained after he threw a punch at assistant equipment manager in toronto on saturday. turn out the two are good friend and griffin about to return from a torn quadricep. >> it happens but it shouldn't happen. of course they were good frien friend. this type of stuff shouldn't happen but it did. and item real life you have to deal with real life stuff sometimes in our make believe world. weekend at new england. new sponsor on the front of the jersey sutter health. the president is kind of excited about it. item a great look we love it. look grit on the blue. great fit. item a real winner. >>reporter: men quarter final where defending champ took care of the 37th time in 38 matches at the open. out of sorts early but this bad
9:59 pm
double fault by shapiro give joker the first set in break capitolize and face thrd seed federer in the semi-finals. abc 7 sports report brought to you by toyota. >> djokovic is so hot. >> he's probably the best player maybe of all time when his career is over 72 really. >> that's something thanks. >> thank you for sending -- spending time with us tonight. >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time as always. >> 7 news continues now on line on twitter facebook all the mobile device was our 7 news app. >> check that out when you can it really works well and comes in handy great night see you at 11:00 o'clock over on the big 11:00 o'clock over on the big 7.
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