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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  January 31, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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capture and returned. new details tonight about the frantic manhunt for two fugitives in san francisco. they're here. both teams in super bowl 50 arrived today with their fans excited to see them. some wild weather tonight in the bay area. from hail to strong winds and even rain. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts now. live from the kgo tv broadcast center this is abc 7 news. >> thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. i sudden surge of strong weather may have caught people off guard today. here's a live look from walnut creek where viewers reported heavy rain this afternoon. in mart niz and other cities, they saw hail. this viewer had icy pellets blasting her backyard. in fairfield, a close look at the hail thanks to our twitter
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follower. it shows the hail bunched up on this furniture cover. in san francisco, strong winds brought down trees, branches landed on course in the west portal neighborhood. abc 7 news meteorologist drew tuma has more. >> isolated storms you saw earlier are winding down. we're tracking one downpour south and east of san jose. around 101. the yellow and orange indicating downpours. as you get into the higher elevations in mt. hamilton, a little bit of snow mixing in with the rain. this picture coming in from jody. you notice around the hills of livermore. that's a little bit of a dusting of snow. future weather shows you by 8:00, this is all but out of here. what remains are the strong gusty winds much that's going to create very cold windchill
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numbers first thing in the morning. look at the full forecast coming up. eric. >> it's snowing in the sierra, north star, california sent this video of skiers and snowboarders enjoying the fresh snow today. the resort shows 300 inches have fall then season. including 9 inches of new snow overnight. new details this evening about the capture of two fugitives in san francisco. they back in orange county this morning where they broke out of jail more than a week ago. they were arrested at san francisco yesterday morning. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard talked with a witness who saw officers working to track them down. he joins us live from san francisco. cornell? >> reporter: eric, still unknown how long the duo may have been hiding out in san francisco. but police were keeping watch on a home nearby. the two suspects captured here on stand i don't know street. tonight, they are back in the same jail where they broke out of. >> i'd say creepy. i'm around the corner up a
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block. >> reporter: neighbors say it's scary to think two armed and dangerous jail escapees were hiding out in san francisco. fugitives jose nayeri and jonathan tieu returned in santa ana early sunday morning. the same facility they escaped from after sawing tear way out of a cell and getting to freedom. they were captured on saturday after a woman recognized their van near the whole foods market. police were notified and suspect nayeri ran. it was captured on radio. >> got him down. >> reporter: authorities confirmed to abc 7 news that police were watching this apartment house in san francisco's richmond district where the two suspects may have tried to make contact with a friend or relative living here. >> never occurred to me that the criminals might be here. >> reporter: neighbor allen says
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plainclothes police showed up recently. >> somebody had a long black thing. i don't know whether it was a gun or a battering ram or something. i have no idea. >> reporter: allen says police spoke with a man living next door. >> they wouldn't let me come out of the hall. the police lady said go back inside. >> did that concern you or worry? >> yes. >> reporter: no arrests were made. the man who police spoke with had no comment for us when we called. >> neighbors say they never saw the two men here. both captured only blocks away and now back behind bars. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. we are now just a week away from the super bowl. it's start to go get exciting. today the teams arrived. abc 7 news sports rort reporter staked out the landing at san jose airport and he joins us live with reaction. rick? >> reporter: that's right, eric. the excitement builds for the
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super bowl as both teams flew into san jose today. the broncos were the first to arrive at 3:00 p.m. they are lend by 39-year-old peyton manning who is likely playing the final game of his hall of fame career. the broncos have local ties. c.j. anderson went to cal and t.j. ward was at did he lasalle high school and vernon davis played nine seasons for the 49ers. an hour later, the nfc champion panthers arrived. they are led by probable league mvp cam newton who was all smiles today. the panthers have their share of local ties. ron rivera was an all-american linebacker at cal. receiver ted begin jr. played about the 49ers. and jared allen grew up in los gatos. michael rucker was on the tarmac to greet the team. >> you played nine seasons with the panthers. you played against a lot of great athletes. where does cam newton rank? >> he's going to be at the top. he's bigger than me right now.
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i play defensive line. so, you know, playing quarterback and running like a deer, a third down or a quarterback sneak can run like a fullback and then have an arm that can throw 50 yards down the field, that's a powerful weapon. he's a quarterback. i think that you're starting to really just see him break out of his shell this last year. he's young. he's young. you're going to see a lot more of him. >> reporter: newton goes at 6'5", 245. fans were not allowed to get too close today. but many still came out to cheer on the broncos and panthers as they drove by in their buses en route to the team row tells. the players and coaches were not available for interviews today but they will speak tomorrow at media day at the s.a.p. center. this is rick quantity as reporting from san jose international. >> thanks, rick. fans arrived where super bowl city is packed. rock eye something rocked the
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village. fans enjoyed gospel music. the bigger party was in santa clara where fans are kicking off their super bowl party. sergio quintana is live with more. sergio? >> reporter: eric, since most of the festivities will be hosted in san francisco in super bowl city, this special fireworks display and free concert is a special treat for santa clara residents. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: sisters ann and nancy wilson, the front women of heart, braved a cold and windy afternoon for this special event held just blocks away from levi stadium. santa clara residents were able to get two free tickets by logging on to the city's website. this is smaller than the massive super bowl city built in the embarcadero and financial district. some people told me they're excited to have the super bowl
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in their backyard but they wish they could afford tickets to get there sunday. i did talk to one resident who will be at the game. >> you didn't pay for a ticket? >> i didn't have to. i'm going to work the game and see it, too. >> i'm going to walk to the stadium from where i live. i can't wait. i don't have tickets. i'm going to walk there and enjoy the time with my family. >> reporter: this is one much several musical events that's part of the run-up to super bowl 50. but most public event, as we mentioned will be in san francisco at super bowl city. here in the south bay, there will be a few events beginning with media day tomorrow. especially now that all the players have arrived here in the bay area. this fireworks display was launched right after heart finished up with their concert. reporting live in santa clara, i'm sergio quintana. >> thanks, bud. in san francisco, fans are loving the nfl experience at the mosconi center.
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you can see how well you throw, kick and catch an extra point. tomorrow is raiders and -- fan appreciation day. anyone wearing the teams' gear gets $5 off admission. fans are taking the advice not to drive and take public transportation to get to the events. a spokesperson from muni says ridership increased 10% compared with the normal saturday. abc 7 dedicated part of our website to super bowl events and activities in the bay area. you'll find them all the abc 7 50. firefighters blame a hoverboard for starting a fire in san leandro yesterday. alameda county fire tweeted out these photos showing smoke pouring from a home on glenn drive and on the right, the singed, burned wreckage of a hoverboard. they said it was charging when it sparked. firefighters had the fire out in about ten minutes. hoverboards are blamed for a pair of fires in sonoma county over the last two weeks.
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this one burned carpets and walls. no one was hurt. firefighters recommend not leaving a charging hoverboard unattended and when you do charge it, keep it far away from combustible materials. still ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00, a top secret google project now revealed. how project sky bender could change your life. elan musk says a project could connect san francisco to l.a. in a fraction of the time it takes
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. google is working on a new project that would beam the interget from the sky. drones would deliver 5g interninternet and be 40 times faster. project side bender or sky bender is called the testing phase over new mexico. safety is one of the big concerns. last year one of google's solar drones crashed at that same test site. students from m.i.t. won the first ever spacex hyper loop design competition. hyper loop is the transportation system brainstormed by tesla and spacex co-founder elon musk. he believes for a fraction of the price of high-speed rail, we can transport people in pods at speeds of 700 miles an hour. more than 100 teams competed. m.i.t. came up with a lightweight pod of 550 pounds that moves at 110 meters per second. a cal berkeley team did not place though it was picked as
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one of a dozen teams to advance to the next competition. coming up next on abc 7 news at 6:00, a wet winter mid progress from one of northern california's big lakes. why they're saying don't read too much into this? this is the cam over super bowl city. what to expect if you're going to super bowl events this week coming up. the all-star game, a new format this year. four divisions battled three games, one who gets a million dollars. big
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recent rains helped folsom lake near sacramento. the lake rose 7 feet to 49% of capacity. it's at its highest level in more than six months. while this is good news, the u.s. bureau of reclamation says it doesn't change the fact we're still in a drought statewide. because of the quickly rising waters, officials may have to release some of water from the reservoir out of fear of flooding. that is good news. let's find out if there's more rain in the forecast. here's drew. >> he eric, we're checking up on the live doppler. that's the seven-day there. live doppler 7hd showing you
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we're tracking isolated showers at this hour. get you down to street level. they're not widespread. just a light shower in san ra n ramon, dublin. light shower through fremont. sliding to the south around morgan hill. little bit more of a downpour in this pop of yellow. about 30 minutes ago, it moved through san jose and it dropped some hail. there is a little bit of some cold component to the system that's moving through. just want to show you the wider view, what we're dealing with. there's an area of low pressure, you see it on the california/nevada state line. it's pinwheeling some rain back into the bay area. what it's also doing is bringing rather gusty winds out of north to bring us cold temperatures. 50 in nevada right now. 49 in santa rosa. 52 san jose. 46 in san ramon. all about the winds. gusting to 36 miles per hour at sfo. 41 miles per hour at half moon bay. 25 in mountain view. you look at the wind direction, it's out of the north and west. it's dragging cool canadian air down into the bay area.
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we have a wind advisory in effect until tomorrow morning. 4:00 in the morning. that could potentially gust near 50 miles per hour. overnight tonight. that means trees could come down and isolated power outages are also possible. so future tracker wind gusts shows you tonight at 11:00, still wind gusting over 35 miles per hour. a lot of locations. by tomorrow morning, we begin to see the winds relax as that storm system over nevada starts to pull away to the east. then you look at 12:00 tomorrow, noontime, the winds are really calming down. but we are in store for a rather chilly start to our monday. what you're looking at is future tracker windchills. you factor in the wind gusts, this is how it will feel like on your skin. the freezing mark in petaluma. 33 in san jose. 39 in san francisco. you want the thicker jacket tomorrow. your 12-hour day planner, windy, clear skies. by lunchtime, the winds relax. by 4:00, more in the way of
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sunshine and temperatures. topping out in the mid to upper 50s. it's winter-like for this time of year. the storm impact scale shows you from 1 to 5. gets you a better idea what to expect. we're tracking a light storm. most areas seeing less than a quarter of an inch of rain. future weather, jumping into tuesday morning, 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 in the morning. here comes light showers moving through. it's a quick moving system. but litsch time, it's all but -- lunchtime it's all but out of here. tonight, clear skies, upper 30s to mid-40s. we factor in the wind and windchills, it feels like the lower 30s in a lot of spots. highs for your monday, the winds relax in the morning. by the afternoon, a lot of sunshine on the way and upper 50s across the region. there's that morning shower. the storm impact, still a chance of a shower in the north bay on wednesday. otherwise, we have a big time warming trend. yes, you look towards the weekend. sunday.
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rather mild conditions and likely areas around the bay are topping out in the low 70s. >> drew, thanks. sports report is brought to you by -- like that new format on the nhl all-star game. >> it was a lot of fun. it was debuting a new 3 on 3 format. arizona coyotes forward and former shark who is an enforcer and wouldn't usually end up in an all-star game was voted by fans. then he was sent to the minors. they thought it was the nhl's attempt to stay out of the game and but he's in the game. winners advancing to the championship game. the canadien scores a game winner. team atlantic gets a 4-3 victory. the sharks of the pacific facing the central. they were online with their former teammate, scott burns. make sure he ties the game at 1-1. a goal and an assist.
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2-1 pacific. scott has five career goals in the nhl, he gets him on a break away. he will score his second of the game. pacific wins 9-6. the atlantic and the pacific played for the million dollar prize. that means the players actually played defense in an all-star game. only one goal scored in the finals. brent burns passing from his own zone. cory ents up with a goal. guess who is named the mvp, john scott. all 260 pounds of him. lifted on the shoulders of his teammate. he wins the car and his teammates split the million dollar prize. one week from tonight, the panthers and the broncos. the players officially landed in the bay area today. both teams touched down in san jose this afternoon. broncos had less distance to travel. arrived first. the panthers touched down close to 4:15. there's cam newton. we'll have complete coverage starting tomorrow night with
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media day at the s.a.p. center. here we go. the pro bowl going on in hawaii. team irvin leads team rice. we'll have complete highlights tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. after barely escaping with a win in philly against the worst team in the league, the warriors had no time to rest. beautiful night in the big apple. off to a slow start. harrison barnes hit the game winner with a three. another one today. draymond green. air ball on a free-throw. but the knicks scored the next 14. carmelo anthony, the jumper. steve kerr not happy after a good old-fashioned yelling during the break. the warriors woke up. draymond runs up and down to throw it down. klay leads the warriors in scoring with a sweet layup. he has 26. dubs up in the third. complete highlights coming up
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later. colorado and -- took the buffaloes five minutes to get the first points. when it did, it rained confetti. an 18-3 run. collier lays it in. 2 of his 14. brown tried to lead a comeback. he had 21. wasn't enough. cal falls 70-62. they're 4-5 in pac-12 play. come to a close. angelique kerber upset serene a. this is the joker's six aussie final and never lost. murray trying to apply pressure in the second tied at 5. it's going to charge net. but the joker back hand winner clips the line. he takes a second. no better way to win than with an ace. wins his sixth aussie open title. four of the last five. a great two weeks down under. abc 7 sports report brought to you by bank of the west. as i mentioned earlier, the two
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teams are playing in the super bowl. they have arrived. media day tomorrow nig
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join us tonight for abc 7 news. presidential candidates are out in full swing today making a last minute push for the iowa caucuses. then at 11:00, request why the city of san francisco may be on the hook for paying a $2 million san francisco home. families packed theaters this weekend to see a cartoon panda jump kick the competition. kung fu panda 3 debuted in first place with families making up 70% of its audiences. kung fu panda 3 made $41 million and revenant came in second with $12 million. star wars the force awakens is still bringing in crowds with $11 million. the finest hour debuted in fourth. and ride-along 2 rounded out the top five. that's this for abc 7 news
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at 6:00. this is our ride-along. we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00. take care.
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announcer: warning-- please do not attempt any of the activities presented in this show. they are dangerous and could cause serious injury. [bleep] [yell and moaning] ehh, still beats riding the bus. [theme music playing] [indistinct chatter] [smack] >> ow! announcer: "what went down." today on "what went down"... bad skiers...


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