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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  March 6, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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right now, live doppler 7 hd shows masses of green all over the bay area with stronger pockets of weather bringing heavy rain and powerful winds. i'm eric thomas. the storm blew into the north bay earlier this evening. a downpour soaked novato. beads of ice came down outside santa rosa. they pelted a car for about a minute this afternoon. the roadway slick with rain tonight. and our exploratorium camera
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shows heavy, dark clouds bunched up over downtown san francisco. for a look at what to expect where you live, let's head over to meteorologist drew tuma. drew? >> eric, busy tracking downpours. you really notice the downpours are favoring the peninsula at this hour. i'll take you right down to street level. you do notice the pops of yellow and orange indicating the more moderate rainfall right around menlo park, palo alto on the edge of redwood city. we'll take you into the south bay right now around san jose, santa clara, light and moderate shower activity. hayward, yellow and orange, moderate rainfall. castro valley as well. to the north, alameda, moving through parts of oakland at this hour. lighter shades of yellow indicating the more moderate rainfall. over the city of san francisco, light green indicating some light showers falling at this hour. we'll show you the north bay, where we're seeing drier air work into the system and north
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bay. we see areas that are dealing with clouds, and light rain. on the storm impact, moderate storm expecting tonight. nearly an inch of rain. future weather hour by hour, watch the time stamp. 11:00, the downpours indicated by the yellow favoring the south bay and inland. by midnight and shortly thereafter, more scattered showers. the chances there for isolated thunderstorms. we'll talk more about that and what to expect for the monday morning rush coming up. drew, thanks a lot. last night's storm uprooted this tree that sent a branch crashing through a car's windshield. in twin peaks, rocks and debris came crashing down this hillside. crews are working to clear it away. cornell bernard has a look at more damage caused by the storm. >> rain was back in the bay area sunday, umbrellas working overtime. the second storm in 24 hours. saturday's weather maker was no joke. >> it was like a freight train came through.
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when the freight train ended, so did the storm. >> reporter: a scary night for many. el nino made a big comeback sunday. >> it blew off shingles from our house. >> reporter: she and her niece live in pacifica where the storm hit hard. it brought down these utility lines. >> it was scary, actually. we were outside for a little while. we automatically came right back inside. because it was too much. >> reporter: lisa's niece likes what the storm left behind. a giant puddle. the stormed up big swells along the pacifica seawall attracting lots of onlookers. weather has delayed the project. >> we thought we would do the demolition tomorrow. because of the tides and swells they put it off until tuesday. >> reporter: this tree snapped,
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and beach erosion already a problem during this el nino year. just got worse. the storm, a trial run for these flood stop barricades filled with recycled water. it's a test project by the city to keep water out of homes and businesses, near 17th and fullsome in san francisco, where flooding has happened before. manager of stable restaurant gave us good news. any water in your place? >> no. no, it was fine. perfect. it worked. >> reporter: the next test for these flood walls tonight, when the next storm intensifies. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. in the east bay they haven't had power for 21 hours after a tree snapped a power pole in half. it blocked quail ridge road in lafayette. pg&e had a big mess to clean up before they could start working on the lines. power should be back on very soon. call ahead if you're flying out of sfo or picking somebody up. according to the faa, arriving
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flights are delayed an average up to two hours. no major delays to report right now at oakland or san jose airports. lots of fresh snow, though, for snowboarders and skiers in the sierra. resorts got up to two feet of new powder, and more is expected to fall overnight. driving will be difficult if you're headed up to the mountains. right now, chains are required on interstate 80 as well as highway 50. a winter storm warning is in effect until 10:00 tomorrow morning. you can use the free abc 7 news app to track weather powered by el nino. and enable push alerts for breaking weather information anytime. people are leaving flowers and cards tonight for former first lady nancy reagan. she died at her estate in bel air today from congestive heart failure. nancy reagan was 94 years old. condolences were quick to come in on news of her death. president obama and first lady said we remain thankful for her
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guidance. governor brown said nancy reagan will be remembered for her strength and grace. today, bernie sanders claimed most of maine's 25 delegates, winning the state. on tuesday, two states are up for grabs, mississippi has 36, michigan has 130. tonight sanders and hillary clinton met face to face in michigan where the debate had special significance. abc news reporter richard has more. >> reporter: sunday's debate was held in flint where lead pollution has poisoned the tap water. >> his der i lick shon of duty was irresponsible. he should resign. >> i want us to have an absolute commitment to getting rid of lead. >> reporter: the candidates clashed over economic policies, sanders citing clinton support for free trade policies. >> secretary clinton supported virtually every one of these disastrous trade agreements, written by corporate america. >> he voted against the money
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that ended up saving the auto industry. >> if you are talking about the wall street bailout, where some of your friends destroyed this economy -- >> you -- >> excuse me, i'm talking. >> reporter: sanders charged clinton is too cozy with business. >> i don't give speeches to wall street. for hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> i have said repeatedly, no bank is too big to fail, no executive is too powerful to >> reporter: with the stakes high, tempers flared. this weekend on super saturday, bernie sanders won two out of three democratic contests. but hillary clinton has a large lead in pledged delegate a new poll gives her a double-digit lead in michigan's primary, 57% to 40%. sanders has pledged to keep his campaign going to the democratic convention this summer, even if clinton has clinched enough delegates to claim the nomination. abc news, new york. a warning to mac users tonight.
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still ahead, the dangerous cyber threat targeting apple for the first time. the man whose decades-old creation is still used all over the world has passed away. a look at h
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the man credited with creating e-mail has passed away. in t early '70s, he developed a system as a predecessor to the internet, and put the at symbol used today. he was inducted into the internet hall of fame in 2012. he passed away from heart failure. ray tomlinson was 74 years old. a warning if you use an apple computer. this weekend the first raomware appeared on the first mac computers.
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the cupertino based company said it has taken steps to prevent any further attacks. right now, scientists from the exploratorium are on a small island in the pacific ocean waiting for an uncommon solar event. a team is in micronesia, one of the only places in the world that can watch and record the total lunar eclipse when the sun, moon and earth are in a straight line. the crew carried 4,000 pounds of gear, spending 22 hours on a plane and another three days on a boat to get there. the total lunar eclipse happens about every 18 months, but most people can't see it. we'll bring it to you live as it happens tuesday at 5:30 p.m. a rare sight at the monterey aquarium coming up at 9:00. and we're in the middle of a storm. meteorologist drew tuma up next with the forecast. in sports, one of the
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biggest upsets in nba regular season history. the lakers trailed the warriors by 43 1/2 games in the standings. but not on the s
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visitors to the mont ri aquarium watched a wild sea otter give birth to a pup in the outdoor tide pool. biologists say they were amazed by the birth. they've never seen one up close like this before. more auditions were held today for the popular abc 7 game show "wheel of fortune." mike was at the event. the wheel mobile is touring the nation searching for contestants with lots of energy and
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personality. >> what have you done to prepare for today? >> oh, i listened to my wife. she's better at this than i am. >> smart man. remember, you can watch "whl of fortune" here on abc 7 every week day evening at 7:30. speaking of energy and personality -- >> me? >> what about me? >> yeah, how about everybody in the bay right now. >> seriously. heavy showers right now. live doppler 7 hd gets down to street level right now. moderate shower activity. all the way from east palo alto, redwood city. you see the yellows, oranges on your . that's the moderate rainfall. that kind of continues as well in the south bay. north of santa clara, san jose dealing with light rain. you did have steadier downpours earlier this evening. we'll take you to union city as well.
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fremont noticing the steadier downpours. i want to show you what's happening about 30 miles off the coast. we're beginning to see lightning strikes. there are thundershowers in the wider view. there's a lot of activity, so to speak, off the coast. at least 20 lightning strikes in the past 15 minutes. really, the next couple of hours. we're going to be watching for the potential of a thundershower to move into the bay area. right now, flash flood watches in effect for the entireegion after yesterday's soaking. any downpour tonight makes it easy for flooding to occur. the wind advisory in effect until 4:00 in the morning. there could be wind gusts overnight. 45 miles per hour. that could mean isolated power outages once again. surface advisory along the coast through tuesday morning. 10:00 in the morning. expecting waves as high as 19 feet. very possible. what we're seeing tonight is a 2, moderate storm. not as strong as the storm last night. but still bringing soaking rains
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and wind gusts nearing 45 miles per hour. the line of heavier showers pushes to the east by midnight. behind that cold front, we're watching it move through. dots of showers. there could potentially be a thundershower developing early monday morning. the wind gusts as well. tonight wind gusts, a chance along the coast and around the bay, wind gusts nearing 45 miles per hour. but things tend to calm down by wind gust standards. low 20 miles per hour across the region. for that fact, tomorrow morning we're going to downgrade the storm to a 1. a light storm. i want to highlight tomorrow morning here. there's a thunderstorm chance as we see the convection try to move onshore. monday morning, 6:00 in the morning, you noce we'll have damp spots in the morning rush. slow go with some rain moving through. as we advance the clock into midday, the showers tend to wind down. not out of the question in the afternoon to see a rogue shower pop up. but the system gets out of here
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by 7:00 monday evening. we also have a winter storm warning effect in the sierra. look at this, through tomorrow afternoon, 14 inches. 13 inches likely in donner. the forecast shows you scaered showers tomorrow. downgraded to a 1. tuesday we're dry. mainly except in the north. could see a sprinkle wednesday into thursday. another storm brings rain and wind and likely more showers next sunday. active seven-day forecast. >> drew, thank you very much. i'm stuck in the theme of energy and personality. the team down at the staples center could have used it tonight. >> the warriors had no energy today. early tip time. as we suggested on our post-game show, an off-night in los angeles. maybe not the greatest place to get ready for an early start the next day. this one nobody saw coming. warriors on perhaps a record-setting season facing the
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last-place team in the west, the lakers. kobe bryant going to retire after the season. so this was his last meeting with sph curry. the warriors, lethargic early, but nothing that bad. bogus, the strike. and green. curry back to work. warriors up by five. larry nance jr., some of you will remember his father who could do that a lot. lakers by one after one. kobe still has occasional flashes of kobeness. smooth on the fade. he had 12. russell also starting to show he had kobeness in him. russell had 21 points. warriors had 20 turnovers. clarkson slams. he had 25. lakers by 11 at the half. curry, they're down 12. kobe, look at the bounce. julius randall. warriors 4 of 30 on threes. curry air ball. barbosa beats the buzzer.
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84-73 game. just terrible defense. clarkson seals the deal. the effort was flat-out lousy. it was a double dribble, but the lakers shocked the champs, 112-95. here's mike schuman in l.a. >> reporter: the best team in the nba faces off against one of the worst teams in the nba. not the result we expected. afterwards we asked steph curry what it was like to play against kobe for the final time. >> it was a great energy in the vironment here. it was nice that he played. next year we won't play against kobe, so it's kind of a weird conversation having gone through the last time. despite the loss, it's kind of a fun atmosphere to be in. >> every day we just try to appreciate it more and more and more, right? just go out and compete and do the best you can. while soaking it all in. >> kobe walked away with a victory. what we'll say is the passing of the torch. reporting in l.a., mike schuman,
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abc 7 sports. san jose earthquakes opening the season today against colorado. first half, former quake spent years with the quakes, denied by david dingham. using the melon. the header. his 110th career goal. here's the best part of the highlight. it's about to happen right now. cute daughter. she's like 2 years old. she is adorable. the quakes win 1-0. all right. the other kind of football, we saw this am doing before the broncos won in santa clara. peyton manning officially announces his retirement tomorrow. he spent 18 years in the nfl. all-time leader in passing touchdowns, 539. passing yards, almost 72,000. tied with brett favre for most quarterback wins with 186. single season touchdown record.
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manning becomes the second hall of fame quarterback to end his career with a spuper bowl victory. final round of championship at dorell. setting up a birdie for the lead at 12 under. to go ahead of bubba watson. the par here. beats bubba by a stroke. this one victory worth $1.6 million. over $50 million in career earnings. good career. just a tad windy in vegas. nascar, the kobalt 400. brad keselowski passing kyle busch right there. holds off joey logano for his first win in almost a year. jimmie johnson came in third. spring training for giants-dodgers game. struck out five. gave up one earned run on five
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hits. brandon crawford, here it comes. there it goes. muscles up. his first homer of the spring. the giants came up short, 5-2. the a's beat the padres by a final of 6-5. larry, thank you very much. next on abc 7 news at 9:00, dead pool finally taken out. the new movie that knocked it out of the top spot, breaking records along the way. we'll be right b
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comes up at 11:00, tracking the storm moving through the bay area right now. oops, that's not the rain. drew tuma gives an hour-by-hour breakdown on when to expect rain. remembering nancy reagan. we talk with former secretary of state george schulz who new the former first lady very well at
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11:00. after three weeks in the top of the box office, a new movie has taken over, breaking records this weekend. disney's utopia is a buddy cop comedy. but it's received critical reviews based on the social commentary. it earned more than $73mi llion at the box office. the biggest disney animation opening ever, and the fourth biggest opening in march ever. further london has followed. dead pool dropped to third. t tina fey's movie was in fourth with $7 million. don't ask anybody to translate that for you. that's it for abc 7 news at 9:00. our next newscast is at 11:00 over on abc 7. see you then.
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