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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  March 7, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>>reporter: incredible. we areáa kind of looking at thef scene right now from sky 7 hd and the flashing lights and emergency responders. train car into the water. how did ot iutt i mean
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just surprising how often so shocking for you to realize what had happened. >> yes, it was pretty scary. the the emergency responders were they were really good very coordinated. they pretty much we waited there. we waited in the train for about half hour and after that they pretty much got us off the train and walk about quarter of a mile like i said to 84 and took down all our names and birth date and pretty much want to make sure that everyone is accounted for all the passengers. i guess the cops were cops and firefighters are awesome. >>reporter: yes that is good to hear. they managed to get everybody out of that train car. 200 people on the train. 14 injured. 10 minor injured. 4 serious none life threatenin threatening. this is a fluid situation. thanks for giving us your account of what happened again
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john was saying he was on the train thej0 last car felt the huge jerks and realized there that the train had derail. again this happened around 7:30 and we do have teams covering this. we just spoke with katie on the ground making sure everyone is okay first row responders are attending to those people. we are keeping you updated on this and you can see our signal breaking up a little bit with sky helpful sd. we take on top of this and we thank you for joining us this monday evening on channel 13 i'm amma. dan is off. we'll continue to stay on top of that. check our twitter feed and bring you more here but we have more breaking news to tell you about. we have breaking news from san jose. that's where police say officers shot a person after responding to reports of a stabbing. this happened in the area of third and martha street just after 6:00 o'clock. san jose police on the scene investigating and aren't
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releasing any other details just yet. we'll have more on 7 news at 1 chs well. residents are cleaning up weeken. a creek flooded this roadway. údespite a road close sign. water didn't just flood the road. land around it also flooded.n( in in watsonville here's what wht make it through floodwater. the duck are actually respornsdg
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a great job. we were talking in the back and uses said first responders did such a wonderful job of getting
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everybody off the train making sure everything was okay. thank you so much for checking in with us and again fortunate to hear that no fatalities at this point. >> yes. item a difficult scene like i said the the fire and help came out so quickly across the creek and roadway to the train is not easy terrain at all very difficult and they did a fantastic job. >> obviously you guys are going to be out there for hours at this point. this is a hefty clean up scene. thank you so much. >> absolutely. >>reporter: we'll probably check in with you a little bit later and we always have all the information on twitter in case you are watching us or need to take off from your tv at 7 news bay year. we have some video that we can show you from the gentlemen we spoke to john wong who was on the train earlier not on the train that went into the water vl he was in the back. felt the huge jerking motion and realized something was wrong this is just before 7:30 so this is joyed that he shot
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with his cell phone you can see folks walking. you can see the flashing lights and first responders and we saw one of the first responders in the beginning of that video. so scary situation as the train derailed one car into the water about 200 people on the train. 14 injured. 10 minor injury but not life threatening and possibly because of a tree that had fallen on to the tracks we are keeping on top of this. stay with us we'll be b
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she could control her cash flow, and keep the ranch running. chase for business. so you can own it. sdmroo. last friday night police radio went silent for awhile. they couldn't communicate on the 2 way. this wasn't the first time it happened. 7 news reporter vic lee has the story. >> in the past several months oakland public safety radio system has had at least three failures. police fire and other first responders on the system had to use other means to communicate with dispatch and each other. radio systems consultant david cruz says the outages put public safety at risk. >> serious enough where nobody can get on the air for period of like 30 minute at a time he. >>reporter: friday night the radio shut down again.
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this time for 11 minutes. >> sounds like9i there's inherit problem somewhere in the network and they don't know how to fix it because they don't understand what is going on. >>reporter: oakland radio system has had a rocky history of glitches and inferences. at the time david cruz was hired as consultant to help solve the glitches. major problem he found turned out to be signals from cell phone sites bleeding into radio channels causing disruptions. still over the years oakland radios have continued to experience problems oakland public schools police force oversees 90 campuses. they rely on oakland police dispatch system.uç we have outages and we monitor the o pd radio system and they try to work with us and fix the problem. >>reporter: county goal is to eventually transition to the county wide radio system. long time critic like the police union say the system is
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on its last leg. and that the transfer can't come soon enough. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> san francisco base uber denying a report climateing alarming number of sexual assault complaint in customer service database. screen shots of the database over the weekend and show more than 11,000 customer service tickets including the word sexual assault or rape. uber insist the search results are not>i accurate, accurate representation of the number of legitimate sexual assault complaints it receives. analysis of the database found 5 alleged rape and 170 claims of sexual assault between december 2012 and august of 2015. new development today in the case of current and former san francisco sheriff's deputy accused of running a fight club involving jail inmates. 2 of 3 deputy charge appeared in court today. melanie has the story. >> former san francisco sheriff's deputy scott and current deputy jones entering
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not guilty plea in connection with an alleged jail fight club. according to the statement of probable cause deputy told the inmate to say they fell off the bunk if they got injured. they forced this 150 pound inmate to fight another inmate more than twice his size. >> were you running a fight club. >> no comment. >>reporter: he isn't commenting his attorney is saying da george is create ago smoke screen. >> this is a situation for political reasons to cause distraction over the incredibly high crime rate in the city. >> that's absurd. these are very serious alleys and i think mr. stern is trying to down play them. >>reporter: da says deputy made fight with threat. >> including there would be handcuff beaten mace. >>reporter: the attorney says that's not how it went down. >> they started out my understanding really over disagreement who was in better shape. >>reporter: deputy jones is accused of looking the other way. >> he's scared to death.
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he's law enforcement officer. >>reporter: his attorney says he did nothing wrong. >> standing back watching for few seconds then telling the people on the floor wrestling to get back in the kitchen where they belong. >>reporter: third deputy also charged is expected to appear in court tomorrow morning. in san francisco, melanie abc 7 news. art director proposing ordinance that would out law man spreading like the name suggest when passenger takes up more than one seat because of his seating position. it also includes people who take up an extra seat with the backpack or make up bag. san francisco chronicle reports proposal calls for 100 dollar fine for taking up extra seat to as much as 200 dollars for second violation. doesn't apply to people whose size or medical condition requires them to occupy more than one seat. the first vote could come as soon as thursday. it's time to get a check on our weather. a little bit of a break throughout and kind of nice this evening. >> clear sky overnight tonight but the break is short-term. much more in the way of wet
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weather. we see actively tracking the storms over the weekend. we give the night off. we get the mainly clear sky right now. wind wide it's breezy out there in some spots. nevada gust to go 21 half moon bay 25 miles per hour and the wind primarily out of the north and cool wind so overnight tonight temperatures are going to drop to the 30's in some spots. out there right now we are at 46 in napa currently 51 rather in oak land. 50 in hayward. at3q5"ñ 51 san jose. clthu(áp'co at 53 and antioch one of the cooler spots coming in with the temperature of 49 degrees. here's how the tuesday is really shaping up. first thing tomorrow morningxó clear sky. that means it's going-u to be a rather cool start out there. some inland spots drop into the upper 30's. most spots around the bay and right along the coast you bottom out in the mid 40's. by the afternoon the cloud will be on the increase ahead of the next storm city. much of the tuesday is rather dry. by 4:00 o'clock chance of sprinkle entering the picture well north of the region but by
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7:00 o'clock that chance becomes wide spread.q5 scattered showers out there. temperatures are falling back into the 50's. storm impact scale from 1 to 5 gives awe better idea of whether to expect. with each and every storm that comes by this season. of the weekend we had a two and three. the one that is comingc tomorrow night item very weak storm. it's a one. light storm. anticipate ago light amounts of rain and also very weak winds and most areas pick up about the temp up toqz half inch of rain. watche[ the time stamp start thanksgiving at 11:00 o'clock tuesday night some scattered showers are out there. scattered showers will continue through wed. wednesday morning likely for the morning commute we will have some?) damp spots out ther. be aware of that and the showers do kind of want to linger through much of our wednesday morning so we are just tracking very light showers across the region as we get here midweek. look at our rain chance really for the week ahead. we track them increasing. this is pretty incredible for march.
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like to see this by wednesday here's the light storm coming in. light showers by thursday and another storm arrives not much in the way of wind but we bring more rain then you notice on friday much stronger storm has been here. a two. moderate storm on the storm impact scale that will bring wind rain with it it's a two. two other storms for saturday sunday%e and unfortunately the weekend features more rainy spot with the wind again. we watch also for flash flooding and monday another chance of written showers. it's a one. look terrain fall next 7 days. 4 inches in a lot of spots. flash flooding across the rm$jon specifically over the wean. action weather receives day forecast we have ain mainlyuy dy day to. showers and light rain wednesday morning and another shower on thursday. stronger storm arrives here on friday with wind. some more showers more wind saturday we track that rain on sunday as well and by monday just some scattered showers really active pattern setting up the next seven days. >> we need it finally because
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february was just a downer. >> thank you drew. >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. case of right place right time. the story behind the dramatic rescue involving a chp officer who just happened to spot the dangerous situation. >> we follow breaking news tonight in alameda county where ace train has derailed. ace train has derailed. we have the latest
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and learn how botox can be a low cost option. police believe group of thieves broke into two gun stores over the weekend making off with several guns including assault rifle. here's video of one of the break-ins at the old west gun room on carlson boulevard in el cerrito.
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burglar jumped a fence and broke a window. they gave up when the burglar alarm began sounding. dramatic video show the moment chp officer pulled two children from a burning car. officer spotted the car smoking on highway 1 and followed it into a parking lot. people inside were slow to get out. ran to the back door and pulled two screaming young children in the car seat and helped an adult escape from the front. all 4 people were treated for smoke inhalation. >> up next. update in alameda county ace train derailed. 14 people are injured. >> we take a live look from sky 7 hd of the scene. >> the race for the white house donald trump is on the campaign trail. his message for ted cruz on the democratic side hillary clinton and what she just asked bernie sanders to do. >> and pay area experts tackling the zika virus. what areas in the u.s. are the
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most vulnerable. another half hour of 7 news at another half hour of 7 news at 9:00 is coming up next. your body
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breaking news we have been following is out of pinole where ace train has derailed.
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video and pictures tweeted out by alameda county fire show that that train plunged into alameda creek. take a look. this is train no. 10. 200 people on board. 14 people were injured. 4 of them have serious injuries but we are told not life threatening. firefighters did have to rescue some of the passengers. everyone is out of the train now. let's take a look at the scene from sky 7 hd. video short time ago. this is off niles canyon road. ace stands for altamont corridor express and popular commuter train running between stockton and san jose. katie has been tweeting seeing that the fremont fire department says the train hit a tree that had fallen on to the track. we are keeping on top of this. we of course have the latest on twitter at 7 news bay area and we have the latest at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> now to the race for the white house. former new york city mayor bloomberg says he will not run. he says bloomberg campaign
9:32 pm
would actually help donald trump or ted cruz by taking votes away from the democrat. trump won two more contest over the weekend and so d cruz. we have more. >>reporter: tonight donald trump getting hit from all sides. at his rally. >> we have another one. >>reporter: protestors increasingly trying to steal the bully pulpit. >> get out of here. >> looks like a nice little guy actually. two home to mommy. go home. goodbye. go home to mommy. go home to mommy. tell her to tuck you in bed. >>reporter: on tv the brutal ad war against him rampping up. outside group spending million millions. veterans attacking the billionaire as draft dodging trust fund baby. >> donald trump hasn't served this country a day in his life. >>reporter: trump now finding one of his rival gaining on him. senator ted cruz scoring weekend win in kansas and main
9:33 pm
maine. >> i want to congratulate ted on maine and on kansas and he should do well in maine because it's very close to canada let's face it. >>reporter: trump now calling it a two man race. >> i would love to take on ted one on one that would be so much fun. >>reporter: cruz saying bring it on. >> folk were supporting donald trump. realizing he isn't who they thought he was. >>reporter: piling on them today bloomberg announcing he will not run for president himself. bloomberg writing there is a good chance that my candidacy could lead to the election of donald trump or senator cruz. this is not a risk i can take in good conscious. bloomberg accusing his fellow billionaire of running the most divisive presidential campaign i can remember but with trump and cruz surging senator rubio$o struggling to break out only winning two of the 20 contest so far. >> personally could i call for
9:34 pm
him to drop out of the race. >> rubio saying today he's not going anywhere. >> i think donald suffered some real damage over the his week. people starting to learn that donald trump the character and donald trump the person not the same thing. >> we are ready for trump to speak at any moment and possibly address bloomberg tonight. bloomberg also saying that trump quote prey on his his prejudice and fear and plays to our worst impulse. >>reporter: hillary clinton had a message for bernie sanders and his supporters.
9:35 pm
i would hope to be able to enlist bernie in helping me reach out his supporters. if i am fortunate enough to be the nominee. >>reporter: sanders still insist he can win. >> if there is a large voter turn out we will win. >>reporter: he need to win tomorrow big primary in michigan. to win the nomination he would need to win every remaining state by 10 points so last night debate was contentious. >>bñ this economy. >> you know. >ço excuse me i'm talking. >> if you are going to talk tell the whole story senator sanders. >> you tell your story i'll tell mine. >>reporter: he accused sanders of stopping her. he insist it was the other way around. >> i think in the milt of the debate somebody is trying to make a point and somebody is interrupting. >> he was against the auto bailout. >>reporter: testy exchange right after clinton invoked the auto industry bailout. emotionali issue in flint, michigan. >> i voted to save the auto
9:36 pm
industry. he voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry. i think. >>reporter: note the careful wording there. in fact sanders was on the record supporting the auto bailout but he did vote against funding it. the money lump in with the big wall street bailout package. hillary clinton now put out a radio ad hitting sanders on the auto bailout. clearly he has lots of supporters. the question is will it be enough to pull out a victory here. david wright abc news, ann arbor. battle lines against the zika virus being drawn in south america with the help of top bay area researchers. they held symposium on the effort today at uc san francisco. lee ann has more on the possible impact here in the bay area and around the country. >> cooler temperatures and way to quickly control the mosquitos population almost guarantee that the zika virus will not spread in san francisco and the bay area.
9:37 pm
ucsf had symposium today to talk about the risk elsewhere. >> the states we worry about are texas, louisiana, mississippi, alabama)ñ, florida. forget the virgiry >>'qp&th human service expect thu$e caribbean island74 of pueo rico to[ get hit hard in theit upcoming most.x> cases there are reportedly doubling every week. >>;b as of7l today this healthd human service announce that7h al blood in puerto rico being imported from the united states implement testing. >>i) it will still takehs few month t iu)u$ sure way these testsq= and get them implemented as soon as aszy po e possible. ika virus u÷ transmitted by mosquitos and?un pregnant women lead to birthg defect >> we haved) 40 million americans traveling$ to zika indemic country#g and that poses obviously aúj risk for important
9:38 pm
cases. >>reporter: can also be transsubmitted sexually and u.s. vh 14 reported case wherevy is the infected]a malesb passen toe give you an idea of how sick they were. >>reporter: blood center are asking this people not donate blood if they traveled to zika affected country in the past 28 days. in san francisco, lee ann, abc 7 news. >> just ahead on 7 news at 9:0 9:00. celebrating a first lady. is what being planned for nancy is what being planned for nancy reagan.
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the prius actually belongs on the table.
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tribute pouring in celebrating the life of nancy reagan as the nation prepares to say goodbye the reagan library release details about
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the service that will be held at the library on friday. ncaa invitation going out to 1,000 people. mrs. rig an will be laid to rest on the ground of the á+uu to the husband she adored. here's matt. >>reporter: with the flags lower at the reagan national library and the white house president obama today remembering the former first lady. >> i know how much she meant not just to president reagan but to the country as a whole. >>reporter: as first lady she was defined by her devotion to her husband an as widow by devotion to his legacy at the reagan library. workers set autopsy venue for 1,000 person funeral friday. but before the ceremony the condolences her daughter patty writing there is comfort in feeling surrounded by gentle thoughts and kind wishes. her stepson michael tweeting nancy is where she always wanted to be. with her ronnie. prs secretary focus on tjuá
9:43 pm
crusade for alzheimer's research and against drug use. >> she traveled hundreds of thousands of miles over her 8 years raising money for treatment programs. >>reporter: nancy reagan passed away sunday morning at the belaire estate she and president rig an had lived in since he left the white house in 1989. her body will be brought for burial near the grave site of her beloved at the rig an library. >> she was his rock. he leaned on her and she was everything to was everything to her. >>reporter: head of state and former presidents are expected and i'm told that nancy and ronald reagan began meticulou meticulously planning for this funeral when they were still in the white house. down to the pal bearer and the flowers. this is the in news we have update on the ace train derailment in alameda county. mr. us. complete darkness. >> moving across the earth at 1,000 plus miles an hour or faster. >> next.
9:44 pm
meet exploratorium researchers travel around the world to bring us amazing look at total bring us amazing look at total solar eclipse.
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we have update on the breaking news. that's the ace train derailment in alameda county. this is video tweeted out by alameda county fire showing a train that plunged into alameda creek. right now you are looking at all the first responders who arrived on scene. there were 200 people on board. at least 14 people were injure injured. 4 had serious injuries but we are told not life threatening. which is fortunate. no fatalities. this happened in the nooils canyon road area east of free mont. let's take a lock at the scene from sky 7 hd flying overhead shortly after it happened. firefighters did have to rescue some of the passengers. authorities tell us the train hit a tree before derailing.
9:48 pm
tree on the track. many were moved to the alameda county fairgrounds where the uninjured being told to go and where relatives can peck them up and take them from there. niles canyon road is closed. tomorrow train service has been cancelled because obviously this is going to take quite some time to get this situation corrected. the train out of the water and the tracks cleared. all right. four we want to turn to something amazing because tomorrow eveningrz you are going to be able to experience just an amazing show. total solar eclipse and drew actually has a preview for us. >> of course won't see it here. eclipse taking place at exactly 5:38 tomorrow afternoon but to help us see it scientist from sap frn exploratorium have traveled halfway around the world to mike neetion to provide unparallel view of the event. if your kid at san francisco exploratorium looking up can be a thrill. very soon adult may experience that exact same feeling.
9:49 pm
>> the coolness factor is off scale high so i have seen 10 solar eclipses and they still thrill me to death. >> what is happening today the moon is on line between the earth and the sun. >>reporter: paul and robin are rehearsing for live show that promises to bring jaw dropping image of total solar eclipse to the bay area. it's the result of a rare aloinment that will create a shadow hundreds of miles wide turning day into night. >> complete dark nishtionz moving across the earth at 1500 miles an hour or faster. at the same time the blue sky that you see sort of melts away and reveals a night sky behind it. so it's spectacular. >>reporter: but since the solar eclipse won't come directly over the bay area them exploratorium team preparing to go to the eclipse. journey that covers thousands of miles across the south pacific. destination is remote island called wooly eye.
9:50 pm
tiny area in micro neetion smack in the middle of the eclipse path of totality. the ribbon of near total darkness. the journey itself starts with 4000 pounds of gear and 24 hour commercial flight. >> then we load it on boat and 48 hours on the boat to get out to this area. >>reporter: once they hit the beach the team will set up camera. tell steps to and remote studio to turn the eclipse into a live web cast. the signal will bounce by satellite through two continent before pushed out over the internet and the best place to watch it may be right here in our own back yard. >> so the experience of the exploratorium is fantastic. second best to being there in person. wooly eye it's happening at noon so if you can imagine where it's a beautiful sunny warm noon day on an island and then all of a sudden it goes to night then also some nasa scientist to talk about some of the hidden connections between
9:51 pm
the sun and moon. >> it's a visceral wonderful experience to see stars in the middle of the day and planets in the middle of the day. excellent. >>reporter: if you are not careful they say you may never look at the sky in quite the same way again. it will open tomorrow afternoon at 5:00 o'clock. we have information on the schedule at our web site. if you can't make it to the exploratorium don't worry you can see the total eclipse as it happens tomorrow at 5:30 right here on abc 7 news. world news with david muir airs at 6:30 e.lots of good stuff thanks drew. hoping for more good stuff for the warriors. game is still going. >> warriors trying to rebond after loss to the laker yesterday with orlando in town and could the magic pull a rabbit out of the hat handing them first back-to-back loss of the season? the season? find out next in
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come up tonight at 11:00. breaking news from the east ba bay. ace train derailed with more than 200 passengers on board. several are injured.
9:55 pm
first responders still at the scene. we have several we have several reporters working the story tonight so we have the live team coverage for you coming up so be sure to join us for 7 so be sure to join us for 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7 shoe has the warriors covered trying to check the score back there. >> highlights and the final for you. warriors got rolled sunday in l.a. by the lakers. tonight golden state make pro sports history by winning the 45th state game at home. share the knife-96 bulls team they are also chasing for the best record ever. golden state not lost consecutive game yet this season. home sweet home first quarter. gord open from san jose. orlando up 12-11. andrew here. loose ball an start heading down the court because he knows it's good. 24-12. the end runs the quarter.
9:56 pm
so much better energy in second quarter. to the hoop. thompson made 4 in the first half. 59-46 at the half. third quarter. give an go. three. good. 67-48. orlando won't go away. gordon jumper. 76-67 t.steph man right there still creates enough space to make it 303 of the soap. 89-73 first man ever with 300 in a season. score as we speak. 114-109 in the fourth. we have those complete highlights come up at 11. conference semi st. mary's taking on peppdine t.the three ball and 13-4. with 18. on the break. to clark. 26 after the free throw clark had 11. great distance. led by as many as 14. pepper type cut it to continue in the second half and to the rack. 14 points 9 assist.
9:57 pm
st. mary's wins it. take on gonzaga by winner tomorrow tonight and invite to the big dance. santa clara broncos fired men basketball coach today after nine years at the helm. never finished higher than fourth in the west coast conference. this season 11 and 20 finished 6 in wcc an lost in the conference quarter. they hav since 1996. nouáátá surprise her. brown impact 12 freshman of the year. received the honor top the freshman team and the only bear name for the pack 12. led them with over 15 point per game and pack 12 tournament this week and then the ncaa tournament. allen the only other bear or cardinal name the first team all pack 12. san jose shark citing canadian back-to-back tonight at last place calgary and tuesday up next toless place edmonton. great chance for san jose to
9:58 pm
get points in a play off race. game of extreme. for peter an company less than 2 minute in. burns rips it through the crowd for 24th of the year. sharks up one to nothing. same score less than 2 minute in the game. shark can't clear on the power play. joe redirects the shot. calgary ties at one. 19 second into o t. burns find him game winner. what a time to get it. they win it 2-1. meanwhile one of the greatest ever to strap on helmet in the nfl. peyton manning retired after 18 years in the league. he revolutionizeed the game and calling his own my. he goes out on top after leading the broncos to win over the panthers in santa clara. the only quarterback in nfl quarterback history with two superbowl with two different team and 5 time mvp come back player of the year. 14 years with the colt and final 4 with the broncos.
9:59 pm
first ballot hall of famer. today gave a vy emotional speech thanking all the coaches team mates and staff but really got emotional when it came to his family. >> week before the superbowl our daughter mostly asked me daddy is this the last game yes mosely it's the last game of the season. i sure do want you to win that trophy. i do too mosely. and that's what we are going to try to do. then she asked daddy is this the last game ever? >> warriors win and sports report brought to you by toyot toyota. highlight at 11:00. >> thank you for joining us. for all of us here at 9 thanks for watching. be sure to to have a great night. see you at 11:00 on channel 7. see you at 11:00 on channel 7. see you in a bit
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narrator: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today at 31, kwame kilpatrick becomes the youngest mayor in detroit's history and electrifies a broken city. but 7 years and one torrid love affair later, he's off to prison for corruption.


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