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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  March 18, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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happening now. can an expert get bart trains moving again? that new development tonight in the east bay as the agency tries to figure out what is damaging its trains and delaying passengers. >> for the third state night still no train service between pittsburgh bay point and concord martinez stations thanks for joining us. >> the expert flew in here from the east coast. try to figure out what is causing the voltage spike on
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bart. that spike has damaged more than 50 cars. melanie explains that this problem is now affecting the entire bay area. >> as bart engineers work to repair more than 50 cars out of service an expert from the east coast hoeping hopping open board a test car. car running between closed north concord and pittsburgh bay point is equipped with special voltage measuring tool tools. >> if we can identify the exact moment we are having the spike in voltage it gets us closer to cracking the code of is what causing this. >>reporter: they can't fix the problem until they identify what its causing the problem. the bridge will remain in effect through monday. >> we have to ick may the best of it and roll with the punch. >> problem has put a spotlight on bart aging infrastructure. >> bart not aged gracefully. >> same system in place 45 years. >> not kept newspaper terms of modernizing the city. addressing the infrastructure needs and the system is unrave unravel. >> i have seen track stamped 1968.
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so we really need to get out and row pair and replace it. >> bart director and local supervisors say 3.5 billion dollar infrastructure bond needs to pass in november. the money would be used to replace the guts of the system. individual counties would still need to pony up money to replace the aging cars. >> having a spotlight on us roo it now and what our needs are is a good thing in terms of educating the public. >>reporter: bart says the current problem may have nothing to do with able. mean time#(mú÷ bart taking workg the fixing the train cars over the next couple weeks. the necessary part takes 22 weeks to order. reporting from bart, melanie, abc 7 news. ish has seen 28 percent increase in ride demand since the bart problem started wednesday. as a result uber expanding the car pool service to more 80's of alameda and cocoa counties. this extra uber pool service only available during commute hours weekday mornings and
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evening. all the delay really starting to wear down bart passengers. ! share frustration with- abc 7 news1e. >> on1a good day it gives us an& like;z two hours.; >> worst part of the day because you don't know what is goingee tof4 happenco. it's usuallyj every morning ané ljú you havemn a thm bart also experienced delay this morning through the tube and around the daly city station because of incident that involves police. >> and there are plenty of frustrated bart riders looking for other options sharing the thoughts using the hash-tag dear bart. what normally takes 5 minute between station on train took 20 minutes on the bus. we immediate michael finy to help commuters. join the conversation by posting on social immediate contract with the hash-tag dear bart. use our post right here. >> we'll get michael to solve this no question. >> head up about traffic
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closure on the peninsula this weekend. highway 101 will be closed on broadway in burlingame overnight. tonight into tomorrow morning saturday into tomorrow morning saturday into of 2014 cal-trans has been demolishing the old bridge and building a new 7 lane overpass. they will be switching traffic on to the new bridge this wee4i ostponed for two weekends because of the wet% weather. >> san mateo police looking for for man they say groped 1 17-year-old girl aboard a bus tuesday. detectives release this image of the suspect today. he's described7 as hispanic maybe philippine 50 years of age with gray hair and glasses. very many also says the man seemed disoriented or possibly suffering some sort of cognitive> if you details have been released about a man inside accompany could county mansion killed after stand off with sheriff's deputy. the shooting ended nearly 12 hour stand off that started when officers
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byron last night. cornell has the story. >> sky 7 hd over the large ranch home this byron where contra costa county sheriff's deputy destroyed to end a 12 hour stand off peacely with a man barricaded inside. this neighbor knew the man as mike. >> day kept repeating mike put down the weapon come out the double door with the hands up. we need to end this. >>reporter: but mike refused to surrender. officials say this was the handgun he was holding when deputy arrived at his home thursday to arrest him on 12 counts of child positive less station. 13-year-old victim was living under the same roof. >> it's a foster child of the suspect. >> armed suspect covered the window. family members inside the house were safely evacuated. >> i heard a couple of flash concussion grenade and i heard 2 of them. about 5 second apart. >>reporter: s.w.a.t. team launch chemical agent in the house to force him out. but that's when the man bolted. >> he exited a window of the
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residence. carrying a firearm. at which time erased the firearm up in the direction of our deputy sheriff's and the deputy in fear of her life fired and ultimately struck the subject. >> i heard seven or eight shots and boom boom boom boom. >> machine died at the scene. investigators say molestation complaints against the man surfaced last month. crimes began several years ago when the victim was only 11. martinez, abc 7 news. >> dog named ross could died this week and all because of what happened with a safeway security guard says the owner this incident took place two days ago at the safeway in san francisco. >> dog owner spoke only to us about what happened. vic? >> rescue team put together know. know-year-old ross he was this man's bests&41 frie.
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bee starting theirhday. p2 for my coffee and when i walkev in there's a8 scuffle. >>reporter: scuffle between security guard and young man accused of shoplifting. he began repñ)ding it on his phone. suddenly he says he becameza the victim. >> it's a bee!h&ine to me and slaps my phone out of my hand because i got it pointed at him. >>reporter: he says he and the guard exchanged words and that the guard punchedq him several times. >> he taking me in the ear hars0 he hcu&d. >>reporter: guard kicked the dog twice. first time he says he was able to pull his dog away by his leash. but the second time. >> he kicks my dog like he was trying to win the superbowl with my dog. as fast as i could. >> he the trail two hours lateary pedestrians found ross co-in the haight. >> ran right out into traffic and the guy watched him get hi
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hit. is whoever the good samaritan that tried to save my dog took him to the pound please you brother. really appreciate your help. >>reporter: safeway here said they were investigating. he plans a memorial service for the dog sunday in front of the store. vic lee abc 7 news. >> late this afternoon the head of the u c system announce new steps to address sexual harassment and sexual vichlts new action listed in a two page letter by janet nopolitano had mandatory training next week for all top officials and new pier review committee we must end and we will did a better job of investigating all claims of sexual harassment or sexual violence thoroughly and fairly she says. the eric thomas reports from campus. >> students eager to show their love for golden bears while they still had a chance against hawaii. but two key players out due to
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jivrment popular assistant coach was fired just before the start of the tournament. assistant coach the terminated for allegedly sexually harass ago reporter. >> it's taivrnlt it has been happening all around campus and it's never something you want to see. something you want to associate with university. >> definitely not a good look for cal. not something to be proud of. >> denies any wrongdoing and exploring legal action to get the job back but he's not alon alone. just last week the dean of the u c berkeley law school resigned amid allegations that he had sexally assaulted hads executive assistant for months in 2014 and 2015. >> i'm appalled that this happened but i'm not surprised. >> last october respected astronomer jeffrey marsy resigned following allegations that he had sexally harassed and groped students for deck add. architect professor o'hare write as blog about going zone at the university and says it's got to stop.
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>> it's crazy stuff. it's humiliating for the school because it's not what we really like. >> we reached out to cal officials for on camera interview today but they declined. still president nopolitano waiting for a commission she apointed to come up with recommendation for reducing sexual harassment on campus by early april. in berkeley, abc 7 news. live look now from the san mateo bridge camera at dry start to the weekend. >> we won't get all the way through without a little bit of rain. >> let's go to drew tracking another storm. >> yes. at least tonight live doppler 7hd is giving us the all clear in terms of rain free scenario but much cooler out there 24 hour temperature change a lot of spots like oakland 4 degrees cooler. concord 7 degrees cooler. same in mountain view on our way to nice cool last winter night. future weather shows as we head into saturday morning you notice a the will of fog especially along the coast and
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there could be some patchy dense fog as we move in land. saturday afternoon itself away from the coast we have partly sunny sky spring begins at 9:30 in the evening that fog and low clouds will roll back in and then we track a cold front moving in from the north. future weather shows us by sunday morning 10:00 o'clock in the morning you notice north of the golden gate bridge mainly around santa rosa, napa north bay we start to see light showers but everyone will see rain as we head through sunday. time it out for new future weather coming up in the accu-weather forecast. >> thanks drew. >> death of child and major baby company is now found to be at fault. >> abby that was a life that was going to be amazing. already amazing. >> up next. how what happened to her is something all parents can learn from. >> plus taking on big coffee. bay area woman accusing starbucks of short changing millions of its customers. >> also ahead san francisco tradition is likely going away why no one wants to sponsor pink saturday any more. >> later rare event drawing
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people all over the world to death valley. death valley. >> 7 news at 9
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>> peninsula couple has been in fact. >> yes. wrongful death case of the baby daughter in 20 10. redwood city jury found seven month old abigail was suffocated by a mattress pad made by even nrochlt tonight her parents are sharing their story and even flow is defending the product. here's katie. >> you walk if the romp and she would just light up. >> just seven months old abigail stopped breathing at day care. her father dave was out of the country. >> like running through the streets of berlin praying that she's still with us and calling out to her don't leave don't leave don't leave. >>reporter: abigail died at the hospital. at the time cup well told she asleep on her back in another room at the day care. the coroner called it s.i.d.s. and the couple believed it until the police report conclude;.p!igail had actually been sleeping on her stomach. >> putting a baby on the stomach is not a crime and it% happens and sp6$rpe% able to breathe on that mattresses. >>reporter: mattress pad inside even flow play yard.
9:16 pm
attorney joe east says the jury found it was equivalent of a plastic bag. >> put your baby on the product the baby can fought breathe. the baby will die. >>reporter: he hopes the legal victory will lead to change. >> what we need is a law or regulation that says babies need to be able to breathe through the top layer of a mattress pad. period. it's crazy the people just want to say wellñ2 baby die ins a crb it's situated let's all go home. >>reporter: the jury awarded the kim 8 million dollars notch amount of money that will bring her back. so but somebody else doesn't have to go through this i think it's worth it. >>reporter: at trial even flow cited the fact that all treating emergency medical providers and the coroner determined she died from situated n.a statement the company says in part even flow stands behind the design of its play yard mattress pad and remains confident it was not the cause of her tragic death. we are extremely disappointed
9:17 pm
with thewr verdict of the jury and are considering all options including an appeal. in san m te'o county, katie abc 7 news. >> family has started a petition to make mattresses safer. find a link on the home page of our web site here. >> woman this san francisco filed a federal class action lawsuit claiming starbucks under fill the latte in the complaint. they claim the coffee giant is trying to save money on milk she claims the company policy is to leave a quarter inch of room between the surface of the foam and the lip of the cup. she also claims the cups are smaller than advertised and says star buck is quote short changing the customers to save millions of dollars. lawsuit seeks 5 million dollars to be split among customers who sign on to this suit. star bucks issued a statement today saying the complaint is without merit. >> pink saturday event celebrated each year in the droos in san francisco during pride week.
9:18 pm
likely going away because it doesn't have a sponsor. lee ann explains why no one0h9 he job. >> pink saturday began as a modest block party that was 1995. like many events in the city it grew to include thousands of people. it was a party leading up to the pride parade. two years ago the sisters of per petal indulgence said they no longer were able to manage it. >> we had incidents where volunteers were shoved and spit on and beaten. one volume unthey're a concussion. >>reporter: in 2010 a 19-year-old high school student was fatally shot.lç cost to put an event like this together was close to 80,000 dollars. much of that money went to security and to the8j non-profit who woqued at the event. last year at the 11th hour the lgbt community center stepped in to manage it. theo4 name was changed to pink party. but the director said today that was a one time deal. work we do is use with
9:19 pm
low income folk and economic development we didn't feel it was the capacity to do on top of really important work this year. group that wanted to do the event and that thought that it could put together the event in the next 3 and a half most and if it were a group that we as city had confidence they would do a really good job and that it would be a safe event we are always open to a conversation. >>bt people made decide to show up but there is no street closure like in previous years. >> but sometimes you just to look at something and reevaluate it and is it really still serving our community. >> pride weekend is june 25 through the 26th. in san francisco lee ann abc 7 news. >> back to the mixed weekend of weather we have. >> yes. drew has much in store heading into spring to. i believe it. firstpy day of spring tomorrow. >> at 9:30 p.m. half half weekend. start off saturday and dry and
9:20 pm
we show you a quiet night in terms of rain. we are free from it. take you outside. live look from the exploratorium camera top pier 15. high cloud right along the coast push inland overnight tonight and similar set up with fog developing for saturday morning. so the forecast call for the cloud spring officially begins around here tomorrow evening at 9:30 p.m. and then we track not one but two light storms. one sunday one on monday. brentwood holding on to the 60's. 54 in san francisco. the 56 in oakland. snaim san jose napa at 50 degrees. overnight tonight fog developing right along the coast. low cloud will spread inland. upper 40's to lower 50's will be the starting temperature for saturday morning. future weather will show you the fog developing could be dense in some spots first thing saturday morning just take note of that then the low clouds really hang on to the forecast by saturday afternoon we get a little bit of sunshine but plenty of cloud out there but we will remain dry for your saturday start of the weekend.
9:21 pm
high tomorrow 63 in vallejo. 61ros san francisco. 69 in san jose. 64 in santa rosa and 69 high in antiochog. for sundayog it's a 1. lightdy storm moving our way(mh very lighthç rain and light win. a÷ future weather will!a picturp into sunday morning0. what you will noticefr the rain first arrives1 in the north bay by 11:00 o'clock.zf and barezq$sp)r'g itdnsáo santa -sv afternoon some of it to 6:00 o'clockñsfy it's tryingo make itsm÷ way in the south bay. i thinkdc it fights a lot ofeíy air to6w minimal rainfall and te south bay and then that will wrap up storm no. 1. storm no. 2y÷ for you on monda. similar story. light storm light cm8qráions in terms of rain win we pick it up monday morning you do notice for monday morning4commute most spots dry. go through theç later morning hours into the early afternoon. light showers will spread across the entire bay area.
9:22 pm
total rainfall not soaking by any means. first storm may be some spots wet east right around quarter inch. monday storm you notice smos spots falling right around third of an inch of totallh5t moisture. accu-weather 7 day forecast0i increase the sunshine andjo spring like pattern[% for thursday into friday. th. >> still to come here on 7 news at 9:00 causing outrage. >> facebook[s ceo zuckerberg tht he did in china some people are upset to
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tonightll for commercial crabo-. commercial dungenessso crab fishing will open onep week from tomorrow south of the sonoma+a
9:26 pm
mendocino county line. recent test results show acid levels off the coast of of those areas does not pose a significant health risk. season has been delayed since november. state officials estimate that delay cost the state economy up to 90 million dollars. fishing areas north of those county lines however stay closed. >> founder of facebook causing a stir for picture he posted in china. zuckerberg posted this picture of him jogging through the smog in the square. photo received thousands of reaction trs concern over the decision to brave the bad air to outrage that he would make light of the sight of violent crack down. facebook is blocked by the chinese government. one of the most wanted men in the world captured in. next on 7 news at 9:00 the big break that ledze to the man behind the >> plus the 115 million dollar verdict late decision today in hogan six tape scandal how
9:27 pm
could it affect news coverage of public figure. >> how the future of almond may fend on 1zu! of in >> another half hour of 7 news at 9:00
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>> captured. one of the most wanted suspects after paris terrorist attack in custody tonight. >> security force corner this man just yards from his family home in brussels, belgium. he's wounded but alive. alex is in brussels where it happened. >> tonight gunshots ringing out as heavily armed s.w.a.t. team move in. resident run for cover as most wanted man is corner on the
9:31 pm
brussels street. he's believed to be the man in the hooded sweatshirt dragged off the pavement by police. specialoy force training the gus on,hqp)by buildings[u looking fr possibler accomplicesap.ñ as ambulance whiskc him away to% the hospital. guarded by maskal men. thedó 26-year-old&l man was the only survivor. group of terrorists who carried out the highly coordinated deadly paris attack that klaimentd 130 lives. french citizen raise entered belgium he rentedf3 the car that drove a team of suicide bombers to the soccer stadium. match between germany andg france under way interrupted by the powerful placticities. he also rent add car that at the theater whót an americanzó rock band was performingabia'çg in ferry as shots rocky out.çç pregnant woman hanging/t out th
9:32 pm
fire on thiscafe andô later chaos capturedrñ in the dailyeu mail?d video. an planned onúq carrying out anothw attack that night himself?m but got coldv% feet. thd slippedch across thepx border io : er spoke with, we don't know whereíe he$y is e said. in the months that followed a2ñ massive manbu hunt. belgian authorities conduct more than 100 raids. argue more than 58 people. of islam friend told us that he was trying to get to syria. but it turns out the fugitive was hiding out for a part of the i'm in his own neighborhood. captured today just yards from his family's home. >> police got the big break on tuesday. raiding this home in brussels.
9:33 pm
gunfight ensued. one man killed by sniper fire. two others escaped. one of them believed to be of islam reportedly jumping out of this window. but he left something behind. forensic team scoured the house and found the fingerb$ print along with cache of weapon and isis flag. net tighten and this morning after 4 months on the run authorities finally got their man. tonight the neighborhood still rocked with explosion at the anti-terror operation continue. police on&i guard the streets sealed tight. alex, abc news brussels. >> staying over seas. developing news from russia where passenger jet has crashed. plane went down near@ç the ukraine border as it was trying to land at least 60 people were on board. and sad to say all have parish. flight left from dubai. officials believe extremely poor visibility at the time of the landing could be to blame for this tragedy. >> faa trying to find a drone operator who caused a close
9:34 pm
call today at los angeles international airport. this flight coming in for landing nearly hit a drone flying about 200 feet above the aircraft it happened at 5000 feet up. plane landed without incident as you can see here. drones and model airplane ban+ from flying more than 400 feet or within 5 miles of an airport. >> the pump at flight speed. standing by. and lift off. >> up up and away. space capsule blasted off from russia space launch complex today headed to the international space station. on board two0ñ russian and one american. nasa astronaut williams mission lasting 6 months. tonight jury in florida decided in favor of hogan and six tape la you suit against ray has the details. >> took under 6 hours for the
9:35 pm
jury to make the decision. critical one. that will now set clear divide line between the trite privacy and the first amendment. >> definitely happy. this is not only his victory today but also any one else who has been victimized by tabloid journalism. >> 6 person panel deciding to award hogan whose realsñ name is terri 115 million dollars in total. 15 million dollars more than the wrestling superstar was asking for. almost two woke trial exposed salacious details surrounding the bedroom encounter between hogan and the wife of his then best friend radio shock jock personality. he claims he never knew he was being recorded and was hue m ill 88thed as his attorneyd stated duringe[ closing argumen. >> they didn't have the common decency to call one person that was involved/ in it before they posted this story. probably tells you as much as you need to know about gawker. >>reporter: gawker argued publishing a portion of the six tape is protected by the first
9:36 pm
amendment and can cover the private matter of public figur figure. gawker says they are extremely disappointed by the decision and already our r planning to fight it. >> given the key evidence and the most important witness in withheld fromlzx we all knewuu that this theh appeals court(s would need to this case. >> decisiona by the jury willíñ now set precedent.e on privacy rights(ñ for those in the xdblic spotlight. allx parties will be back inq) court'o on mondayea where heari% will determine punitive dtt(ttáipìc@&h&hc% this is abc news5x new york. san frr rejectingl the proposal that would][ allow to it operateiç at the world busiest=ñ airport_ officialsññ at hartfieldzt jackn atlanta international areér insist that goít uber drivers go fingerprintdx base backgroundb check before service there. it'[x no possible to provide reé?r!le efficient servicek/ under this proposaé and not in step with thelv operating agreementgg with other airport.
9:37 pm
this is a d$q weekend for a"krñ comic-con0n comesm sill n valley first:f time take your0 inside when 7 news
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>> whew! .yy >> some excited people. ribbon cutting kicks off first ever silicon valley comic-con at the mchenry convention center in san jose. >> 3 day event features the usual slew of memorabilia and costumes. look. z made of wax butá here in silicon4f valley theep license between realityyy and imaginationh always blurrylqz1m. >> we madeki jet pack and thesee >>reporter: >í item one ronanvi
9:41 pm
sa. >> we have&g device that is can see through wall like supermanf= >>reporter: they stock theñ shelf with xlebingt ill and assemble joint robot. >> torso nichblingts rolling out the carpet in the virtual reality pavilion and a buzz in the air about who is coming. >> william all my life has been a strong hero but i can't let that on. i was too afraid as kid to ever approach him at the star trek convention. >> great loin up of celebrity michael j fox. leah thompson and christopher lloyd who haven't been together at a con ever. >>reporter: pwach back to the future ride is already waiting.z >> we turn night9s a car time machinegl and time traveling er since. >>reporter: terri says they for parkinson's research. >> coming to have a photo. making donations let get to continue,000 dollars for the michael j fox foundation. >>repilw'h also appearing stanley dois does it make it a true comic-con convention. >> not without stan. >>reporter: but for him the real star of the show is the coychltd i see the unusual people. seeing people that live outside
9:42 pm
the social norm has always been a large part of my life. i grew up shy outsider a geek. >>reporter: of course at comic-con outsiders are the true insider. want to bring them together. >> young people to come from all over to meet other people to find themselves andke feel they are being outside the normal in some areas is absolutelykt appropriate and god and admired. >>reporter: this weekend he gets hisg3ñ own wax figure nexte apple other co-founder jobs.@ symbol of what a couple of geekw can do. this is abc 7 newsm. >> scientist say uc davis work to go help almond growers in california. key lie ins the honey bee population. almondaz farm rely on the pollenation to grow nuts theyjv trans ferry pollenation from one nut to the other. there are bee die off more than in 84 past. it could be prosecute pesticide use. breeding bee more resistant to disease and parasite or importing pee from other country are possible solutions.
9:43 pm
>> talk about growing things. death valley transformed and all thanks to the super bloom. >> why we see it for the first time in a decade. time in a decade. next on 7 news at 9:00
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loss of bladder control or muscle weakness can be a sign of a life-threatening condition. don't take botox® if you can't empty your bladder on your own or have a urinary tract infection, or uti. side effects may include allergic reactions, injection site pain, fatigue, uti, painful urination and difficulty emptying your bladder. tell your doctor your medical history. muscle or nerve conditions, medications including botulinum toxins, antiplatelets and blood thinners, may increase the risk of serious side effects. ask a urology specialist if botox can help calm your bladder. visit and learn how botox can be a low cost option. you have. >> rare event sending people flocking to death vaichlt chelsea edwards from k abc sister station in los angeles has more on the buzz surrounding the super bloom. >> sunrise0k over oneçc of the hottest driest places on earth. death valley is suddenly full of life. >> flowers in death valley how unusual. >>reporter: first time in more
9:47 pm
than a decade typically barren terrain is bursting with color. phenomenon unofficially known as super pwlichlt beautiful. beautiful deserts. beautiful scene richlt everything is puzzle. >> i have waited for this too long. i was beginning to wonder if i was ever going see another one. >> we wanted to see the desert in bloom we didn't know it would bloom like this. >> the national park now packed with tourist from all over the world. >> it was just on tv in sweden too. it was a lot of flowers in death valley we were we are going in a week so we were very lucky. >> maybe i'm at late. notch a little late but still pretty spectacular. >> patches of purpose el and gold and white thanks to unusual october storms that sobingt usually parched landscape. >> washes away coating on the outside of the seed sitting for years and allow them to germ nature. >> death valley national park says she narrowly missed the last super bloom in 2005 and wait for this one was worth it.
9:48 pm
>> flowers just lock like they are floating inqm the air. >> because the rare field of flowers are attracting so many tourist the issue now is find ago place to statement hotela@9÷ close to the bloom booked solid until midpq april. >> you have to make hay"c when the sunyy shines. the inv 10 years and easy to see why.é amazing to see the life dollars a night. getting daily call from potential tourist hoping to snag cancellation. >> even if willing to spend the money you pets be quick because while some of these view may be timeless the flowers won't lastv forever. in death valley, abc 7 news. that is something. >> it really is. >> let's update our forecast as we hit spring speaking of flowers. >> drew has the latest. >> 24 hours from spring arrival officially coming our way at 9:30 tomorrow evening.
9:49 pm
live doppler 7hd on the final night of winter. right along the coasty"$p'd they will move in land b overnightrk overnight low inuq antioch. those are theá starting temperature by saturday we will see some sunshine butk' cloud see someáhá)v.ine butk' cloud not entirely bright day. 65 the high in
9:50 pm
delivery robot in australia. the vehicle is half baby carriage and hold up to 10 pizza in heated compartment and they unlock with a unique code. it's not clear when it comes to the you os if you have to tip it or if like larry thinks iten slave us at some point. $c@&h&hccat some point. >> go for the pizza. >> he÷ looksi%y;i friendly%r. >> i don't know how ltqt it takes butçb >> they lure you!j with the petr 8. íp that's what it isñ that's itgé.#f he might be right. >>h/ they have teeth. >> oh, no. >> rough day for cal in the
9:51 pm
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passengers trying to get between 2 east bay station. ikea wants to expand the bay area9z presence but east bay neighbors are fighting those plans. >> those stories and more coming up at 11:00 over on channel 7. >>li looks like a good one tonight. >> absolutely. >> hope you like basketball. >> i do. >> otherwise get ready for dan's party. >> warriors meet the spurs tomorrow in the epic game of the century. but tonight it was a wild texas shot out in dallas. mavs one of the few teams that beat golden state already this season
9:55 pm
noot not even in doubt you know he makes it. loose ball hin the back to cla clay. 51-41 and curry against him. turn around stem back. grazes the grass and goes in. ridiculous. dallas would not fade. i about us break you. with 24 dallas up 83-81 lee did he have a game tonight. 16 points 16 board. dallas down by one with minutes to go. clay on fire. catch and shoot no hesitation scored 11 straight points. 39 for the game. 10-3's curry look at them we've between 3 defender. and finish right there. doves on 30-12 finishing run. curry goes for 32. 130-112. closer to the final would indicate. 62 and 6 how much in the tank for the spurs tomorrow night and andrew sprain the foot so doubtful for tomorrow. warriors lost 32 regular season
9:56 pm
games in a row in san antonio will it end tomorrow night our coverage begins at 5 then i don't know me donald foil and live for the portion game enter view. says goodbye without leading scorer wallace out with broken hand and bird out with back spasm just before the gam game. cal 1 and done against the 13 seed hawaii. hawaii coach came from st. mary's leading the first tournament bid in 14 years. warriors up by 14 in the second half. singer would lead the come back and cameron a 12-2 cal run brings them within 1. matthews cal only consistent offense left to the hoop finish with 23. roderick from oakland and it's open for him. final fouls called in the game. nightmare for him. smith out of antioch. had 19 and bob another bank this is the way he shoots it
9:57 pm
straight away. he had 17. uh. the first ncaa tournamentit wins 77-66 dancing9' around. bear season comes to an end.l% losing the 2 guard really2g hur. >> as part no big deal. play the game. i think hawaii won the game tonight. a lot of facts say this or that but they won the game. >> always dispointe to lose but doesn't take away from i grew up with the guys of course you are disappointed but within ball game and lose ball games. life goes on and we had a great season. >> bracket got busted yesterday. they were incineratedcx today. 2 seed michigan state and 15 seed middle tennessee statement blue raiders wire to wire here. sweet reverse by raymond. 42 seconds to go. middle tennessee up 5. up shaw finishes them fatcly. had 21. middle tennessee takes down sparty we had them as final 4
9:58 pm
team. 90-81. cal quarterback goth through for scouts today answering all question about the arm strength and supposedly small hand. completing 61 of 69 had couple passes dropped. in one drill the coaches handed him a soaking wet football to throw an adverse condition like theyuq might have in cleveland. recall at the combine hands considered small at then inches today they remeasured him and his hands were bigger. >> how did get your hand to be bigger than they were. >> they got me a new measuring tape made for small handed people i guess. >> what are your thoughts about possibly playing for the frirn frirns. >> be grit be great really cool thing. growing up a fan of them is awesome. same time more than happy to play in where. >> giants tonight. matt spring training debut against the padres. got the perfect double play ball here. joe panic. crawford.
9:59 pm
bell. crawford like that and he liked this as well. here he comes there it goes. deep to right center for third home run of the spring. ì&hc-%in the second1m2j day. that's gone. also in the second buster pose goes off right here. 4 homer in the game. they lead 14-6. presently in the 8th inning. 7 sports brought to you by toyota. warriors and spurs epic clash. >> that was a great match up. >> tomorrow night on abc 7. >> thank you larry. >> that's ourmy report. we appreciate your time. >> i'm amma for all of us here, thanks for watching. >> see you again at 11:00 on >> see you again at 11:00 on channel 7
10:00 pm
narrator: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today, director randall miller shoots fast and loose on the set of "midnight rider," resulting in the death of young camera assistant sarah jones. his reckless choices before and after the accident shock the entire film industry.


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