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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  March 25, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> breaking news in concord where drive-by shooting left a young boy wounded. good evening i'm dan. >> i'm amma. the shooting happened around 6:00 o'clock at the intersection of lasalle avenue an carmel drive in concord. we were overhead short time later. police tell us little boy playing outside when the drive-by shooting happened. police say he's between 8 and nine years old. the circumstances of the shooting aren't clear but police say they have been called to the house for
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disturbance several times. >> child initially taken to john muir hospital but then short time later wheeled out on stretcher and transported to children's hospital oakland. police tell us it's a good sipe he did not need to be air-lifted. melanie is in concord and we have a live report coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7 and of course breaking news update follow us on twitter at this web site. >> only on abc 7 news man from marin county pleaded not guilty today to a federal stolen valor charge almost a year after the 7 news ayatollah i-team first exposed. >> he's accused of raising thousands of dollars by preten pretending to be a war hero. dan is at work with the developments today. >> charging document say greg allen raised 23,000 dollars by posing as a marine veteran using fake metal with two various valor. he entered a not guilty plea. >> what does it mean. are you saying he didn't do it.
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>> not guilty plea is denial that there has been a violation of the offense. not guilty plea can always be withdrawn and guilty plea can be entered after reviewing the evidence. >> i first uncovered the evidence last may. allen claimed he was a vet run of the vietnam war. recon marine drill instructor and sniper. >> he c you had that persona to run the house of steel in san rafael that attracted young men who want to join the marine. >> are you prosecute end to >> are you prosecute end to the young men who you lied to on. >> on my advice my client is may going no statements at this time. >> allen had a lieutenant to say when i first approached him last year insisting he was a marine. >> i'm done talking with you. back up. back up. you know what, you are done here. hit piece on this place and on me and on me. i think it's. >> are you going to admit. >> i'm not going to admit anything to you because it's not true. >>reporter: he didn't note at the time i had already pulled
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his records. show just eight months in the navy before honorable discharge for bum neechlt i spoke with the fbi special agent who oversaw his stolen valor investigation. >> this case is important to the fbi for couple reasons. people were defrauded out of the money but secondly mr. allen action cheapen the sacrifice of our men and women in uniform. >>reporter: several veterans were in court today to see allen finally face the federal charge. misdemeanor that carries a maximum year in prison and 10 100,000 dollar fine. >> so flagrant. just seeing him marching around like a peacock up there. >>reporter: vietnam veteran gary williams tells me he watched allen at several parade in marin with the phoney uniform and medal. >> i know a lot of people earn a lot of awards and paid a heavy price for them and this guy is just a fraud. >> allen set to be back in court in may. i'll keep track of what happens and get back to you. if you have a tip for my next
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investigation call this number on the screen. >> for the i-team dan abc 7 news. >> reach out dan be glad to hear from you. santa clara police officer is under arrest accused of running a stolen car chop shop. this is a photo of tyson green from the department facebook page. 14 year veteran accused of possessing and trying to sell sports car engines an other parts on craigslist while off due. he's charged with possessing 4 chevy camaro engines and various auto parts receiving stolen property and operating a chop shop for open tlaition take apart stolen vehicle as you probably know and selling the component part. special multi-agency auto theft task force began investigating him when potential customer got suspicious then engine was stolen. green stortd engine and other parts in a garage in san jose. investigators say they came from vehicle stolen all over the bay area over the past two years. >> santa clara police chief
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says grown has been placed on paid administrative leave. district attorney office says officer tyson green could be facing more than 5 years in prison if convicted open all charges. >> we have new development in the fatal stabbing of british tourist last month in san francisco. police released this security video of the attack today. it shows 44-year-old paul tamat street. that's where tam was stabbed in the head. machine and woman took off with the bag and wallet. tam died yesterday t.critical condition since the attack. san francisco police officer association is now offering á(pq >> burglar broke into a san francisco sheriff's deputy home this morning making off with a gunc and star. happened on blanket avenue in the visitation valley neighborhood. burglar took two magazine clip, bullet proof vest radio and deputy duty beltbú.ywtdeí gun ammunition were secured in a lock box of the entire box was stolen.
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another star belonging to san francisco police officer was also taken. >> gilroy man who posed as baseball and bowling coach has been arrested and charged with sexually assaulting children. the victims police say are members of his extended family. 7 news reporter vic lee has the story. >>reporter: 46-year-old garcia. he lived near this apartment with his wife and 6-year-old son. >> went to church every sunday. >>reporter: homeowner association president was shocked. >> horrible. horrific. he has his own child that's a young one. just horrific. investigation began with one victim coming forward and afterward of the investigation spread the additional victims came forward and now totalling 4. >>reporter: police say two of garcia victims were molested 15 years ago. garcia ran an embroidery business. store was locked up. it looked like he had left in a
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hurry. his neighbor owns an auto repair shop. winn had no idea. >> he's a nice guy. he is friendly. we talk to each other and i see he's a nice guy. >>reporter: police say all 4 known victims were chernoff garcia sentenced family. investigators say he spent time as private athletic coach to kid. >> he's coached pitching for baseball. bowling. and involved in some other activities and it's through the investigation we determined that that's how access to the known victims occurred. >> mr. essay garcia helped coach little league and participated with the son and boy scouts. they learned about the investigation in december. they said we revoked his right to participate. refuned his money. and reported the suspected behavior to the gilroy police. garcia was arraigned today on multiple counts of sexually assault ago child. vic lee, 7 news. >> sexually violent predator
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moved out of the concord mole he was staying in this morning. concerned citizens now have no idea where he is. robert bates is out on conditional release program following conviction for multiple six crimes against children. er thomas has the details. >> he's not going to be welcome anywhere. >> that concord parent is talking about this man. convicted sex offender robert bates. police describe him as violent sexual predator who preys on children. sources tell abc 7 in us that he stay entered this room at the valley motel in concord until late last night or early this morning. concord police are keeping an eye on him. they are not happy he's here and neither are residents. >> i have spoken with many citizen who call our front desk today and who voice their kivrnlts among the concern this couple who stayed at the cell motel not knowing that bates was the neighbor. >> they don't want the faces shown. >> make me mad that they continually let him out. >> they try to say they have the right to go t.get a job.
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but the people life they ruine ruined. children. messed up. >> some local folk trying to do something about itment concord woman calling herseaa]ezz michee w started this on line petition drive to persuade law enforcement to move bates somewhere else and she's getting some support. she posted to the site quote we do not want this person in our community or around our children. he needs to stay in prison. jamie strickland wrote quote i live in north concord with my family. this man is too close to the place we freak we know and way too close to my home. he needs to go. this parent couldn't agree mor more. she want her identity conceale concealed. >> young girls and young kids that walk through the schools. within a mile of three schools. >> concord police say the monitoring bates whereabouts closely. they say he wears an electronic ankle bracelet and chaperone 24 hours a day. but they say that's not enough. >> working with the city attorney to see if theory
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located somewhere else other than concord. >> this. >> reporter: abc 7 news. >> well there are finally crab boats loaded and ready to go in san francisco fisherman wharf. after a month long delay because of a neurotoxin in the crab. danger appears to have passed now. 7 news reporter wayne checked out fisherman khavsh today where the crab pots are moving again for the first time in a long time. >> it is a tale of 2 fishermen wharf. happy go lucky land for tourist while few yards away we have seen a crab season in ruin. >> we want to go to work. we haven't worked for 5 months. 4 months however long it has been. we need to go to work. >> larry and crab boat owner association group of businessmen who make the living on the bubble since california closed the crime season. blame this toxin that got into the crab. even today researchers like dr dr. william cock license don't know all the contributing factors nor do they have the
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funding to find oychlt we are guessing. we are doing good. speculative guessing but very few parameter were measured. the only thing measured was temperature. >> the timing could not have been worse for this fleet even more so for robert and brad from bodega bay. former deck hand always dreamed of owning their own boat. this seemed like a good year to buy one until it became the worst. >> boat payment coming fanned we don't fish this season we are screwed. >> formats the establishment of price and the guys still wonder why with standard changing from state to state that didn't happen here months ago. >> i'm 100 percent crab are safe but the scientist they were safe to eat months ago. >>reporter: at least on this good friday the fishermen of san francisco wharf finally have hope. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> hope you got outside. this is a great week tube out doors. >> let's go from the golden gate bridge camera as people
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are heading in and out of the city but easter weekend. >> egg hunt and the rest. sandhya is here with the forecast. >> yes. we wouldn't want the easter egg or the bonnet to get wet this coming wean. let me show you live doppler 7hd and you will see that it is clear other than a little bit of fog that is forming in half moon bay. here's a look at the all important easter forecast. planner for you. in the morning expect fog low clouds. mid 40's to low 50's. in the afternoon it's partly cloudy breezy cooler day low 60's to low 70's and we are expecting the cooling to continue into the evening hour hours. temperatures will be in the low 50's to the upper 50's. that's the easter. i let you no what he saturday that is tomorrow looking like and the rest of the accu-weather 7 day forecast coming right up. >> bad weekend for delay big weekend for bart. how they transfer fans to the warriors game and church on sunday. >> mission from bay area company.
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what los gatos base netflix say to customers who complained about the quality of the video. >> waiting more than 50 years and finally getting some satisfaction. rolling stones special concert tonight. >> stay with us. 7 news
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because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who've had no prior treatment. it's the one and only cure that's one pill, once a day for 12 weeks. certain patients... can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. with harvoni, there's no interferon and there are no complex regimens. tell your doctor if you have other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or other medical conditions, and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni may include tiredness, headache and weakness. i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. this is the last thick bart riders want to hear. there will be another
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disruption to bart service this weekend. not along the troubled pit burg bay point line. this time along the fremont line and it has been planned for a long time. 7 news reporter laura anthony has the story. >> despite ongoing problems on another part of the system bart plans to go ahead with scheduled maintenance and another major service disruption. it involves replacing 2000 feet of rail and 950 ties on the fremont line. >> track work is never a convenient time. disruption to the passengers and not ever convenient but bart must replace 8 mile of track every career to keep our system safe and reliable. >> that means line between the bay fair station and san leandro shut down starting at 8:00 a.m. saturday morning. reopening by 4 a.m. monday. free bus bridge set up to accommodate riders during that period. but there will be delays. of up to an hour. >> does that affect you. >> absolutely. my family my family is all over
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the bay area. my grandma house is in berkele berkeley. >> it's going to be very difficult to get around. take part everywhere. we are in the city to see friends. basically i take it everywhere. >> cathedral light in downtown oakland is warning it's parishioners who might be relying on bart to get to sunday easter services. so are the warriors. who have a home game set for sun at 5:00 at oracle arena. >> so the buses will be the way to go starting at 8:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. the closure willow occur about every other weekend until mid june. the exact schedule on our web site abc 7 in san leandro 7 news. >> light rail riders also facing delay. no train service between the civic center and st. james light rail station through sunday. workers repairing track along north first street near the clayton avenue intersection. construction is happening round the clock and right now express
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trains that operate during weekday commute hours not running. >> san francisco mayor ed lee today banned virtually all publicly funded travel to north carolina. it's all in protest of new law there that opponent say discriminates against lgbt citizens. in a statement the mayor says quote we are standing united as san francisco to condemn north carolina new discriminatory law that turns back the clock on protecting the rights of all americans. the law essentially targets provision allowing transgender femur use bathroom that aline with their identity. >> apple google and facebook among the high tech companies in the bay area speaking out against the north carolina decision. apple operates major data center in north carolina. issued a statement saying we need to focus on inclusion and prosperity not discrimination and division. supervisor scott weiner added his voice to the chorus of condemnation. >> take the entire lgbt community and turns us into second class citizens by saying
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the law can not protect you. that you are outside the law. >> tech workers we spoke with believe it's important for high profile company to speak out for equality. but they also recognize north carolina may not be as progressive as california. >> today governor jerry brown issued 59 pardon to criminals in california. pardon only granted to former convict who show major changes in the lives since conviction. brown pardoned more than 700 people since he took office in 2011. >> netflix admits it has been streaming low quality video to members mobile device maybe you notice this. netflix says the research showed people were more concerned about going over the data limit than the quality of the video. well, starting in may users have an option to choose what quality they wish to watch. >> all right well we want high quality weekend for the holida holiday. >> you ask and i deliver. all right.
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how wonderful is that? all right keep it dry so no rain to dampen the easter egg hunt then we change things up a little bit. show you live doppler 7hd the changes in the form of cooler weather for the easter sunday by right now no indications of any rain on our radar here as we look at the temperatures they are in the 50's and 60's. the breeze kept some of the numbers up. still pretty mild in santa rosa brentwood concord here's a live look from the sutro tower cam are and san francisco is looking beautiful tonight. mostly clear overnight tonight. mild tomorrow. cooler on easter and the cooling trend continues on monday so take a look at the temperature trend here for a livermore and you will see what i'm referring to. up and down so average high around this time of year is in the mid 60's. expecting the temperatures to remain above normal upcoming weekend but then it will cool down monday dropping below average tuesday close to it before we see a slow recovery in those temperatures. first thing tomorrow morning if you do have early plans do expect mainly clear conditions.
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few patches of fog not out of the question along the coast line. upper 40's to low 50's then as we head towards the afternoon houvs hours it's another mild day. a lot like today in the south bay. 73 in morgan hill. san jose 74 gilroy. los gatos voyn sail peninsula palo alto 71. 69 in redwood city. 67 san mateo o. half moon bay 62 degrees and you will see lots of blue sky and san francisco area daly city as well. 63 there. 66 downtown san francisco. north bay high clouds will filter the sun a little bit but still going to be a is in mild one. 72 in nap a.71 vallejo. 70 san rafael. santa rosa. east bay berkeley oakland hayward low 70's along with fremont inland spots 72 in concord and livermore 76 degree ins antioch. now we fast forward to saturday evening. you notice the clouds on the increase fog comes in along the coast line and sunday morning 6:00 a.m. can't rule out agent bit of drizzle.
9:22 pm
system that drops down it's coming overland so it's not going to bring the noise from the ocean. but it may just sqeze out a little drizzle by sun afternoon clouds start to brick up the sun pops out but the temperatures will drop. so item cooler but excellent for easter. temperatures in the upper 50's to the low 70's for your monda monday. much cooler the temperatures will continue to drop and it will be breezy as well. steady pattern as we head into your tuesday so look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. and yes it's looking darn good for the holiday wean. warmer side of things will be tomorrow. cooler side on easter. and we really look at temperatures dropping bottoming out on monday. upper 50's to the mid 60's. many before we see a graduate minor warm-up heading into the rest of that work week on the accu-weather 7 day forego.foregon >> thank you sandhya. >> well may have to wait a bit long tore get the money back from uncle sam this year. >> why some people may see a >> why some people may see a delay in getting the tax refund
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national rifle association has added a new twist to some classic fairy tale on the nra family web site. users will find this update to hansel and gretel. show what is would have happened if the characters had guns. also a new twist on little riding hood. grandma has a shotgun to fend off the big bad wolf. updates part of effort to promote responsible firearms to support children. braid c campaign calls the fairy tale pa thicket. >> if you get a tax refund from the state this year you may have to wait just a little bit longer. >> that's a bumper. >> franchise tax board says it will hold on to some refunds
9:27 pm
for few extra days to combat fraud. >> they want to make sure the money is actually going to the right person. proper filing of the number of dependent increasing deduction deductions. year-end discrepancy between wages and withholding can all trying sore called anti-fraud delay. >> delay range from 2 to 4 months. long time. >> long wait. >> yes it is. >> coming up dramatic take down in the streets. >> new development in the investigation and the victims of the belgian terror attack. unexpected visitor who interrupt add bernie sanders campaign event. >> and cad bury controversy. the company is definancing the popular chocolate egg tonight. another half
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the. there was dramatic take down tonight in brussels always the hunt for 2 sues next this week terror bombing continues. >> the passive security operation erupted in gunfire tonight. here's the latest on it. >> investigators have confirmed one of the suicide bombers is the same one behind the attacks in paris. number of people killed stands at 31 including two americans whose names have not been released. >> tonight singer mariah cancelled upcoming concert in use else. we have more. ids and arrest in belgium. including this tense take down man revving to drop his bag. shot by police. young girl by his side run to go safety as bomb team moves i in. authorities still not saying who he is or whether he's connected to the deadly attacks in brussels. this as belgian officials confirm one of the suicide bombers who targeted the airplane also built the bomb
9:32 pm
used in the paris attack. apartment he used in belgium authorities finding 30 pound of explosives suit consist of nails and screws likely shrapnel for bomb and isis flag. he annual the man picketed next to him died in the airport bombing. but the third man shown here one of two terrorist still on the run. responsible for this. the horrific aftermath of the scene where new york residents here were among those killed. the dutch brothers and sister pictured here on facebook on the phone with their mother when the bombs wept off. still missing this couple from tennessee justin and stephanie and among the injured survivors american missionary mason well wells. >> we were really close. i feel lucky to escape with what i did. >> this is abc news new york. >> in the attack on isis pentagon moving tiny crease the number of american troops in
9:33 pm
iraq. joint chief of staff chair will discuss the buildup with the president soon and hope to see it happen in the coming week. announcement came just after u.s. force and announce they killed an isis finance minister and two associates during a raid in syria. separate u.s. airstrike in iraq killed another top islamic state leader. >> next week illinois senator kirk meet with president obama supreme court nominee. kirk is the first republican senator to meet with nominee garland. meeting set for tuesday. kirk spoke with the party and called for vote on garland nomination. majority leader mcconnell wants that vote delayed. >> seems americans don't want to wait until next year to get a new supreme court justice however. new poll found that 52 percent of those survey want president obama pick to be confirm. mr. obama nominated garland to remrais plate late justice scalia republicans refused to hold a confirmation hearing. two third of those poll want that hearing to take place.
9:34 pm
>> now to the voice your vote. tonight the republican presidential candidate are turning their attack from wives to women at the center of the political debate. here's jonathan karl. >> just when you thought the campaign couldn't get any nastier senator cruz today lashed out at donald trump accusing him of using the national enquirer to smear him. >> not be suprised to see people calling him sleazey donald. >> enquirer cited rumors that cruz had engaged in multiple marital infidel. >> it quoted former trump advisor roger stone saying the story could hurt cruz with evangelical voters. stone told abc news he was not the source of the story. cruz isn't buying it. >> let me be clear this national enquirer story is garbage. it's a smear that has come from donald trump an his henchmen e.trump denied if i involvement in the story saying quote cruz is problem with the national enquirer is his and his alone.
9:35 pm
while they were right about oj simpson john edwards and many others i certainly hope they are not right about lying ted cruz. war of words between cruz and trump entered nasty new territory when trump blamed cruz for super pac ad featuring an image of his wife from her modeling days. >> trump tweeted be careful lying ted or i'll spill the beans on your wife. later retweeted this unflattering photograph of heidi cruz next to glamor shot of his wife. >> you are a coward and leave heidi the heck alone. >> cruz said trump has a problem with women and it dogged him throughout his campaign. >> by him bo-dog. >> super pac ad featuring women repeating things donald trump has actually said. >> look at that face. >> for his part trump is adamantly denied all charges of sexism. >> i do cherish women. i love women. nobody respects women more than
9:36 pm
donald trump. you want to be respected loved cherish you want to be everything. i think am i right right or wrong. >> this little bird doesn't know it. >> unexpected visitor greeted democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders at rally in portland, oregon toda today. a bird landed on the podium while he was speaking. senator sanders said he saw symbolism in it like a do have asking for world peace. shortly after sanders named the bird appropriately on twitter bernie sanders. >> the rolling stones are in cuba right now. they wrapped up the concert just short time ago. we hope to have video soon. here's the band arriving at the airport yesterday. show comes just few days after historic visit by president obama until about 15 years ago cuba communist government had banned most western rock and pop music. before the show the band released short video saying the concert was a sign of change in
9:37 pm
cuba. i'm not really dshs i'm biased on the subject. >> there are new questions tonight after flight attendant accuse of trying to smuggle pounds of cocaine on to plane. >> what experts are saying about her slipping through security. security. >> that's up next on
9:38 pm
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9:40 pm
tonight some troubling questions about airport security after flight attendant accused of trying to take drugs on board a plane leaving from the l.a. airport. >> she was seen on surveillance camera and pulled aside for random check but the former beauty queen took off running instead. >> lindsay davis look at how the tsa let her slip away. >> tonight the jet blue flight attendant and former jamaica an
9:41 pm
beauty queen remains behind bars. charged with possession and intent to distribute cocaine. >> we all were expecting her to be release dad. expecting it to happen. >> authorities allege miss reynolds off duty at the time trying to smuggle 70 pounds of the drug last friday. tsa officials confirm they sca scanned her crew member badge which cleared her through security. she was then randomly selected for secondary screening. track runner sprinted remember leaving her heels and roughly 3 million dollars of cocaine behind. officer did not chase her. saying his primary concern was that her luggage could have contained explovies. the next morning authorities had not identified her. she showed up for her scheduled shift with jet blue and surprisingly was able to fly to new york. >> checkpoint is no the there to identify somebody who is going to turn and run off. let the right people in security but this may be a security lapse. >> reynolds will remain in custody while being transported to bail hearing in l.a. and we
9:42 pm
ask federal authorities why she was able to get on a plane and flight next day still waiting for an answer. >> tree and transit. >> find out what changing one has to do with the other in san francisco haight ash bury. francisco haight ash bury. that's next 7 news at 9:00
9:43 pm
9:44 pm
9:45 pm
. change inevitable in the haight ash bury neighborhood. >> they are contemplating improvements to public transportation and removal of trees not necessarily in that order. >> lee ann went to the haight and found not every business welcomes the changes. >> it's easy to spot the tree on haight street that are of concern to public works.
9:46 pm
it can be a danger to pedestrians or others in the neighborhood and tree won't thrive. >>reporter: others block let's or too close to utility pole and then there are those that continue to daniel the sidewal sidewalk. >> the initial report called for removing 35 trees and relocating others. but public works is still assess that go number. they will replace one tree with another but not necessarily in the same spot. you see as the changes are made municipal transportation agency will also be working on its muni forward project. which calls for putting more stop signs reducing bus stops and adding this for pedestrians safety along the haight corridor meaning whole lot of construction. so where some of the new tree will go up depend on the muni project. >> we have asked them if they are going to be removing trees to add in add until planters and other green toen shower that the corridor is really welcoming. >>reporter: other merchant don't trust what the city is doing. >> i would be skeptical of
9:47 pm
exactly why they try to clean up a tree to make it nicer or what they are trying to do with the tree. >> muni forward project is scheduled to begin in 2017. that's when this neighborhood will sell brit the 50th anniversary of the summer of love. >> essentially businesses may i have to close for a few days. and may see decline in foot traffic. >>reporter: merchant are asking to put it off until 201 2018. >> in san francisco lee ann, 7 news. >> look at this. massive 23 foot rabbit coming to san francisco. exhibit called traveling the world for two years. artist says the large rabbit raise awareness about australia cute but out of control rabbit population. inflatable bunny won't arrive until easter but catch them from april fourth to the 23rd at san francisco civic center. >> see a 23 foot chocolate bunny. >> i'm with you on that one. >> get on top of that. >> keep the weather not too
9:48 pm
warm so it doesn't melt. >> i will make sure to do that. it's cooler on easter sunday. look at live doppler 7hd right now we have clear skies except for a little bit of fog. 5 miles visibility in half moon bay right now. 55 in tahoe tomorrow. heading to grand may in sacramento 75. 71 in san diego and 58 in eureka with the cloud cover. here in the bay area tomorrow you see high clouds that will filter the sun but item a little bit warmer inland. getting up in the low mid 70's inland right around the coast you are in the low mid 60's and then as we head towards sunday you will notice some changes in the form of mostly cloudy and patchy fog in the morning. heading to sunrise service at 7:02 mid 40's to low 50's so cool start by 10:00 a.m. low 50's to the low 70's you will into he had to bundle up in the morning hours for the afternoon it's looking nice just not as warm on sunday on the accu-weather 7 day forecast and that cooling trend will continue on monday notice the
9:49 pm
sharp drop in the temperatures. we'll see slowly the temperatures inching up a little bit guest you back up in the 70's inland. so not too warm. chocolate won't melt. >> just in time for easter a.controversy involving the cream egg. candy maker dispute ago report in british newspaper they intentionally removed the word easter from the packaging. company did change the boxes removing the word from the front. they say they have nothing to do with the hotel difficult or being politically correct. they just want to sell egg year round. >> work out pretty well because i like to eat them year round. >> i'm good with that. they are pretty good. no matter what they put on the panelling. some one who won't touch the stuff. >> right right. >> body is a temple. >> if you want to look like this you can't eat that. that's the way it goes. shake your head about? what are you talking about. >> oh, boy. >> we all know. >> in your mind it's true.
9:50 pm
in your world. >> i need some chocolate because i'm stressed. >> warriors game should be a blow out an it's not. >> resting half the team. pop quiz when steph gets to half court and time running out what does he do. he's going to launch. >> and he's going to hit
9:51 pm
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come up tonight at 11. child shot in the east bay. sky 7 hd overhead as doctors first responders race to get the young victim to trauma center. live report on the investigation under way right now. >> preventing another is a train derail many. what is done in washington, d.c. to stop this kind of crash from happening again. >> those stories and more coming on 7 news at 11:00 on coming on 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7 >> nail biter. >> yes. >> warriors lose this game i will eat one of the cad bury things you are talking about. >> i don't want them to lose. i want to see that though. >> these true.
9:54 pm
so torn. >> this is drama. >> pain and suffering on your face. >> it's friday. let's go. the warriors welcome old friend david lee tonight received championship ring and playing time because the mavs rest add bunch of guys knowing this is just a loss wait to go happen, right. maybe not. nice ovation before the game as steph presented him with his bling filled ring. nice. one of the many reasons that andrew is so valuable. steph lobbing this. that's easy. lee would answer with this pass of his own. 12 points 9 board for david lee. 30 seconds left in the half. fade away. that's ridiculous. this is absurd. whole world knows what is kochlingt shoot. mavs let him. splash. steph 31 points as we speak. third quarter all eyes on. easy bucket for barns. still can't throw it in the ocean unless dunking.
9:55 pm
green attacking the hoop there doves couldn't turn this thing in a blow out. nice behind the back pass. stef-livingston then clay just got hot. channeling inner steph. off the screen. you saw it. most 3 by a team in one season. warriors break the record. clay it's a fichbility 128-120. so warriors improv to 65 and 7 with 10 games left. 8 wins away from the all time single season wins record. women tournament sweet 16 4 seed stanford take on notre dame. with a record. mccall. 27 point and stanford up 11 at the half. this was stunningth third quarter. johnson. 17 points and 12 boards. ment and a half left. cardinal up 3. desperation by samuel sen and it goes. stanford holds on 90-82 as they
9:56 pm
reach the 18 elite 8 and knock out notre dame. surprise hire at stanford. he played alongside kidd with the bears years ago and he's taken over the cardinal now. shooting guard for cal back in 1992 transfer to kansas and played three years there then over seas for three years. insisting that kansas 9 more years alongside williams in north carolina. the last 4 years he was the head coach at alabama birmingham 80 and 53 with trip to the ncaa turn men. to be formally introduced on monday. tournament action tonight. virginia the third no. 1 seed to reach the elite 8. beat iowa state. wisconsin costly turn over in the final seconds. and they lose to notre dame 61-56. syracuse over gonzaga a 63-60 north carolina another 1 seed 101-86 over indiana. ward make light heavy weight debut tomorrow night at oracle
9:57 pm
arena taking on undefeated boxer sullivan wait until today both guys just under the 175 pound limit. i don't think they are even cad bury. not like. that ward regarded as top pound for pound boxers in the world. hasn't fought a lot in recent years because of injuries and contract issues f.ward wins he gets this man next and that's huge payday. day 3 of the match play. roy facing kevin. needed the 68 foot putt to win the hole and g it. mcilroy beat on play off. all over mickelson. 6 up on lefty. second shot on the 10. he hol holds out for eagle as reid advances easily 5-4. we are just over a we can away from opening day right now giants and a's fine-tuneing roster for the bay bridge series. split squad action take on the royals and old team. 3 innings.
9:58 pm
6 innings with 3 run on 8 hit. 2 run blast by snyder. 2 nothing kc. bell whatever he's eating i want some. all 5 of his home they are spring come in the last 5 game games. that one is a 3 run blast giants win 8-5 and rest of the split squad team play the dodgers and hammered. >> top of the first. trout takes shawn deep to center field. third of the spring 1 nothing angels. he's good. going to be good. weaver we know 5 innings with the halo give up 3 runs. if cocoa crisp can only stay healthy for a full season the a's would just love it. but they lost the game by final of 11-3. >> the cubs they welcome real baby cubs today spring training. at guy so cute. manager madden like to bring in special act to keep the players loose. brought in penguin and python. not as cute. cubs cubs with cubs. very tough to beat. that 7
9:59 pm
sports brought to you by toyota. we should have toyota. we should have baby cubs come in. and just warm-up. >> cubs staying one day. tables turn. >> cute when little. scary when they are big. >> thanks for joins. >> for all of us we appreciate your time see you in an hour on your time see you in an hour on the big
10:00 pm
announcer: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today, as the only son of one of the most comedians and television stars in america, ennis cosby tries to downplay his celebrity roots, but bill cosby's fame and fortune can't help shelter


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