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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  March 29, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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coming up, a balcony collapse that killed six people. why no one will be held criminally responsible for the deaths. a scathing audit of the uc system where the children of california parents may be getting the shaft. >> why warning sirens didn't sound like this today. and smart cars on smart streets being tested here, in the bay area. >> a lot of homes are selling in single digits, nine days or less. >> it's a hot housing market and that broker isn't the only one noticing. san francisco ranks third in the
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nation when it comes to a jump in housing prices in the past year. >> san francisco leads the bay area with the fastest increase and other cities aren't very far behind. >> what faces the biggest challenge. david? >> the reality is painful. there is no question as home prices go up, meaning bigger down payments are required. a major reason for it is the fact that the demand exceeds supply. with prices climbing, he is hoping for lots of interested buyers. >> i feel we should have 40-50 people per day. >> at the price of $889,000 this house is expected to sell in
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nine days or less, possibly with multiple bids. prices keep rising. the median priced home in santa clara county was $940,000, up 5% from january. >> will there be a house you can afford when you're ready? >> i hope so. i hope so. >> the first time home buyer has the biggest challenge in this market according to the president of the silicon valley chapter of the california association of mortgage professionals. take a median priced home of $940,000. >> you need $180,000 down payment. not a lot of us have that. we see gifting and low down payment programs. >> if you do have a rich relative that can help, patience is needed. >> the first time home buyer the one thing they have to have is
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thick skin and faith. because what happens is a good possibility they're probably going to write 5 or 6 offers. >> prices may keep rising. in san jose, david louie, abc7 news. >> recently, data shows evictions are up. the big west was for late payments for rent. the ellis increases also took affect. evictions for breech of rental agreement went down. no criminal charges had been filed in a deadly balcony collapse that happened in berkeley last summer. six people died, all college students from ireland. a nine-month investigation determined the balcony collapsed because of dry rot in the wood. the district attorney didn't feel confident enough to file a
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manslaughter case. this is not a decision i came to lightly but culmination of months of consultation, that is from d.a., nancy o'malley. sergio quintana joins us live from the scene of the collapse. >> there is an investigation for contractors who built this complex. the investigation by the state licensing board. but the investigation was important to the families of those who lost loved ones, and those who were injured. today's decision by the district attorney to not file criminal charges is a disappointment for this family. there deep desire to action a lesson for other builders to avoid this from happening again. >> we should not have young peoples' lives destroyed because
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of malfeasance, because of incompetence, that is wrong. >> sean lu was home when the balcony collapsed last summer. i asked him about the decision. no criminal charges against anyone involved. >> ridiculous. >> he tells me it was traumatizing to see the devastation that night. >> do you feel safe in the buildi building? >> my apartment doesn't have a balcony. >> all of the balconies were removed. >> it's a very difficult thing to prove. you have to prove you show intent and it happened because of this neglect. >> last year, abc7 news revealed 13 different lawsuits filed against the property owner, and management company alleging builders may have cut corners to
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save money. now, information could be used by those places. san francisco police are asking for help tonight and trying to identify the man in this drawing accused of beating a couple raft month that left one man with a broken leg and a woman with traumatic brain injury. plows say the attacker made a sexual comment before the assault. investigators are looking for three other men who stood by and watched. >> the suspected gunman is wanted in a shooting that injured an 8-year-old child friday. they fired two shots in the waist band.
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no gun was found. the boy is said to have been shot in the neck is recup rating. a pair of women are accused of prying open nail boxes and stealing nails. he says he spotted the women taking nails. the two are from san jose and face charges. the mail was returned to intended recipients. >> tonight we're hearing from the alameda county sheriff on growing accusations of wrong doing for deputies. this is why a surveillance camera captured a november beating of the suspect. and the sheriff insists that changes are under way. >> the sheriff says cameras will be activated and we have learned one of the deputies was a field training officer. the other just assigned to
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training. >> the baton blows lasted 44 seconds. attorneys say he suffered a concussion and has fractures in both hands. >> probably the worst law enforcement beating we have seen since rodney king. >> i'm not ashamed of my department. i'm saddened this caused discredit to our agency. >> the sheriff says it will be incumbent on the deputies now on administrative leave to justify every strike. initially, it seemed none of the deputies turned on cameras but now, the sheriff's department says deputy weaver's camera captured video that was turned over to the da's office. >> his attorneys say deputies have a chance to review the
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video and rewrite their report. hads, witnesses to give to witnesses to silence them. >> that is one of the horrific things i have heard. >> the sheriff says a third deputy had approximately 20 years with the department. the public defender writes healing describes a conser conservance conservancesy. in alameda county, abc7 news. a new effort to clean up san francisco streets is up and running with homeless volunteers leading the way. it's a program putting homeless
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and people at risk of becoming homeless, to work on projects and street cleanings. >> helping you with your license, you know, and doing all types of things. >> organizers say it empowers them to create solutions for piers. >> a judge dropped encryption case today between apple and the justice department. a third party unlocked the iphone used by one of the san bernardino terrorists. apple fought the order saying it would put privacy at risk of all users.
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a bill to require ignitioning for cars moved forward. approved a bill that moves for another vote. >> jeb bush and chris christie have a victory from a ballot in california. the two former candidates filed affidavits with the secretary of state. former senator rubio filed a request to have his name removed. candidates until 5:00 p.m. this friday to file papers that they don't want to be on the ballot. >> more still to come tonight, the university of california built for california students. >> in recent years, students from out of state are getting admitted more often. we dig deeper and look at what changes lawmakers are calling for. the price for dungeness
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crab. >> calmer weather is developing. we're looking for the next rainfall. the accu-weather forecast is coming up. are we going to have them regulating prices? >> we're live in sonoma county. a vote on
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did you see this? smoke coming from the old bay bridge span this morning? we're told it came from demolition work. the repairs will cot estimated $130 million.
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a battle over cigarette sales have advocates smiling. measures would make it more difficult to buy, and sell cigarettes. wayne? >> the result not going to go over well in places like this store. at rockfield liquor and deli, they have 35 years invested. making a profit is more difficult than ever. >> these permit fees and competition around me. >> the government has to pay for the cost of sick people. >> vote a vote to raise the price to $seven in sonoma county
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as it charges a license fee to sell them. >> maybe i'll have to start smoking marijuana. >> there is no profitability in these, the way they're doing it on cigarettes in general. what they have to address now is make the tax statewide. >> the target is youth, spending show heavy smokers get hooked at an early age. >> are we going to have them regulating the price of doughnuts? and candy bars? and alcohol? do you think people would regular rate the price of pine? >> no. just cigarettes for now. >> we're looking to make it just a little bit harder ours started at this age. >> i took a first hit of tobacco
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at 12. >> from sonoma county, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> pro-vaping groups are urging the governor to classify e cigarettes as tobacco. opponents say it's helpful. >> if it's anicotine starter kit for children. if you unmask lobbyists you're going to find is tobacco. >> the bill changes the age to purchase from 18 to 21. >> proponents can begin collecting signatures for a sweeping initiative, among other things, the secretary of state has now approved effort, the proposal seeks to eliminate the
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state law requiring a child be vaccinateed to attend public school and day care and bans chlorine from being added to water and prohibits genetically engineered plants and animals. backers have six months to collect 350,000 signatures to get the initiative on the ballot. >> $9.3 billion is the amount of tourism spending. this was announced today and a record 24.6 million people visited last year, supporting tens of thousands of jobs in tourism. >> tourism has over 91,000 jobs associated with it. with hospitality and hotels. our city continues to be
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attracted to the work to plan for the future. >> tomorrow we'll get to see if a march miracle paid off. the department of water resources is going to conduct a snow survey. from april 1 there was no snow on the ground. governor brown was there and announced water cuts across california. this is video that found snow pack at 83% so fingers crossed. >> yes. a beautiful day today. this beautiful shot owe captured this morning. >> beautiful. >> yesterday, we had tushent lerj. here is a look at live doppler 7
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hd. from the north bay throughout the east bay and into south bay, and in fact there are showers with clouds over the higher terrain into the southern important of the diablo range. here is a live view from ourra, san francisco. and 55 in half moon bay. roof top camera, you can see clouds traveling into hills and beyond. fairfield, 63. and 60 in livermore, another live view from our mount tam camera looking towards air
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quality, tree pollen is high. and that is good news, we'll see low clouds and fog and there will be a temperature increase, a morning low of 39 in santa rosa. overnight, mainly clear in the north bay. lows from upper 30s to mid and upper 50s elsewhere. tomorrow, upper 60s on the pin
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anyone la. and upper 60s in santa rosa. mid and upper 60s in the inhand east bay. very milder, mid temperatures mid-70s and monday and tuesday. we'll hope for it to expand. a pair of eagles needs na
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happening now, a chance to speak up about allowing dogs to roam off leash, it would limit off leash dogs to several spots. >> two rare iguanas that nearly died now seemed to be checking out their new habitat. they're native to mexico and
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smuggled into the united states and part of a wildlife tracking institute. >> the american eagle foundation says to try to come up with names that say either or male or female because they don't know just yet. >> if you want to check out the new san francisco museum of modern art, you can get tickets starting tomorrow. the opening will be saturday, may 14th. that day will be free. techit are available starting tomorrow at noon. you'll be able to buy advanced tickets for regular hours.
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>> in addition to paying more, more are attending. we have digged into an audit that crunches numbers and asks to make changes. plus... >> we asked about the right to owe. why allow an organization to throw it's weight behind can candidates behind issues? >> a decision presents a big change for teachers. why this wasn't what is expected. >> this is what a test of the emergency sirens are supposed to sound like. why we heard something different
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a coordinated union victory in a case involving a teacher who argued no one should be forced to pay union dues. >> the ninth seat on the supreme
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court is still empty, of course. >> why this decision was supposed to, or expected to go the other way. >> the case had been argued before the supreme court while justice scalia was alive. >> it means the lower court ruled in favor of the teacher's union. the teacher's union wins here. >> california is one of the states that says he or she can pay dues or opt out and pay a fee. by paying that fee, they get any benefits from collective bargaining. what the teacher doesn't get is legal representation and fees don't go towards political backed by the union.
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one teacher opted out in the past. >> we have the right to vote. why allow an organization to throw it's weight behind candidates and issues? >> i really think it is an effort to silence a voice of indicators and other unions. >> and they left in place the decision of a lower court which favored the union. once they have those nine justices in place. >> a jury has the case in the trial of a former stanford
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swimmer accused of sexual assault. they saw they saw him on top of an unconscious woman on the ground outside of a frat party. he testified the sex was consensual. the woman had a blood alcohol limit triple the legal limb writ saying she did not consent. he is charged with assault to considerate rape and other penalties. a city employe discovered five dead or dying animals. they had been shot with a pellet gun. san francisco's test of emergency sirens didn't go as planned today. this is what it usually sounds like. those people heard sirens going off several minutes which is what happens in a real
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emergency. >> this is why we find out what is working and not working. >> they're supposed to be sent out during fashional tsunami week. a new audit criticizes how many sout of state students are admitted to students. at ucsf, it's outpaced those of residents.
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>> it's 126 pages and undermines resident students by accepting too many out of state students because of their inflated tuition, quote, the university admitted 16,000 nonresidents whose scores fell below the median for admitted residents. >> folks here are upset. >> one student we can't can't afford out of state. that is why we live and reside. >> it's higher, like 30%. >> university of california president janet napolitano writing it, quote, makes
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inferences and draws conclusion supported neither by data nor sound analysis. uc defending admissions. there is a believe that is not the case. state funding determines how many californians can be enrolled. >> auditors want lawmakers to be involved, recommending they face the uc funding on meeting that cap. parents are learning sup forking any decent college is harder. >> it's crazy. >> the university of california says over three years it will boost enrollment by 5,000 they plan to address in state
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enrollment. >> late today, two state legislators including assembly member baker announced plans to introduce a measure putting a cap on the number of students admitted to uc schools and impose higher admission requirements on these students. >> these are renderings of a new library that will cost estimated $23 million to create. the city hopes to have the new library ready to n.2018. >> after four months, fishermen are out, setting traps now. voters headed out to pier 45 after negotiating a price with distributors. >> set the price and everybody
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roared out of here. >> the first crabs should have restaurants and markets by friday. >> more than 200 people were on the train when it derailed, landing partially underwater. >> 100 workers responded and today, honored for their heroism. you're going to hear the stories, next. >> what they're ing
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. a hijacker that took over a plane this morning does not appear to have a connection to terrorism. police say he was hijacked by and most peaks were released during the standoff. investigators believe he is
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psychologically unstable. today marks one week since the terrorist attacks in brussels, metro service resumed. 90 people are hospitalized, nearly half in intensive care. >> today, the first responders that came to the aid of hundreds on a derailed train received special recognition. the sheriff's office called it a miracle. >> it was, i would say controlled chaos. and there is a lot of stuff
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going on. >> 140 received commendations today. all is well there. >> definitely. >> answer to safer driving could be being smarter. >> yes. see what they kept it on roads now. back in a mome
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starting today, making more than $250,000 no longer qualify when buying an electric car. >> we know cars are getting smarter these days but what about the roads they drive on? >> it's no surprise sunnyvale streets have become a laboratory for vehicles. >> there are several companies here in sunnyvale. they're building cars that talk
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to avoid accidents. it will warn you about you rear end someone. >> that is what is forming. >> if a driver is about to run a light... >> it could adjust to stop on the cars. >> these boxes installed around town but if it could prevent traffic accidents. >> when you're the only car and the light is red, why does it turn green? now, it would be green.
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>> that could tell you about the light you're sitting at. if 10% have them, he predicts it could help traffic. >> and save 20,000 to 30,000 lives per year and i'm excited about that. >> longer videos coming to instagram. the san francisco based company will be giving an option to create videos as long as 16 seconds. and to create a video out of multiple clips. >> google is launching a land line service that is part of the
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cloud. and today, alphabet gained 12 points and nasdaq went up almost 80. >> spencer christian is back tracking not much rain. >> some showers way down south. tomorrow, look for unsettled weather and in the bay area, highs from upper 50s to upper 60s inland and rain chances are about 30%.
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into next week, we do get more clouds monday and tuesday a slight chance of showers. >> we have larry beil here now. >> warriors on the pursuit two of records, we'll ask, which is morere
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>> just nine games to go if regular season.
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and that never has been done before. draymond green says getting the top seed in the west is more important with 73 victories. the only thing that matters is winning the championship. >> we have discussed protecting our home court. and that is the ultimate situation. and a's sunny gray getting set for opening night which is monday, today, the first battery
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faces kyle swafsher. and there is a ray bossy out there. loving the action. all right. now, our next story, giants released new commercials. this one is tremendous. [ speaking spanish ].
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>> buster posy learning spanish, i'm not sure if i should buy giants tickets or resume my spanish lessons or perhaps both. cliff dempsey shoots and scores. and doocy puts it away. u.s. wins and this is what happens when we have too much time. we speak spanish, they that might be the clone of st. mary's
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coach randy bennett. look closely here, okay? they may not know they were cloned abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply, hardware. and dispute rumors i'm not going to telemundo. >> yes. no mas. >> for favor. >> the company now being credited with breaking into a terrorist's cell phone. and the confrontation in a university that is sparking an
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investigation tonight. >> tonight, here is the line up. >> that is going to do it for this edition of abc7 news. thanks for joining us. >> from all of us, see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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