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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 4, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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i felt this huge smack. >> man was shot with a pellet gun and the pel lit is clearly visible inside his skull. good evening thanks for joining us. >> here is the latest latest victim in a string of beebee gun attack in san leandro. man who was shot. >> i ended up going to the emergency room. the pellet is still in my head.
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>> scott shows us part of a pellet stuck in his forehead. he says he was hit in a drive-by shooting the night of march 25th outside the first united methodist church on bancroft avenue in san lee ann droychlt i felt the huge smack and it was pretty heavy duty and so i went i think they are shooting i went down to the ground just as they are shooting. >>reporter: bradley felt blood and knew he had been shot. he shared this picture. bloody and scared he went to the hospital and got an x-ray. medical workers there told him somebody else came in with a similar wound from a beebee that same night. >> crazy. it's kind of surreal. hard to believe that people are doing this. >> vandal wielding beebee pellet gun terrorizing the community for the past few mos most. in just a week and a half police have responded to reports of beebees blowing out car window and damaging store frochbility at least three people have been hit. >> if we look at the totality of everything now we are
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talking of more than 60,000 dollars. people who are every day workers who come home at night to their families park the car on the street and come out the following morning to see the window shot out. >> police release surveillance video of the suspect and suspect car. investigators hope the pictures bring in tips so they can catch the people responsible before some one gets seriously hurt. san leandro, abc 7 news. >> convicted serial sex offender release entered rohnert park. 23-year-old jonathan michael who have interplaced in unnamed motel. he has multiple conviction for sexual battery open females and he's considered a high risk to reoffend. he was said to be release entered petaluma last week but the hotel where he was supposed to stay found out and cancelled his room. he has to update the sex offender registry which requires he list his place of residence. >> tonight more former inmates of the sonoma county jail have joined lawsuit against the sheriff and the county government.
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that lawsuit which we first reported last october. vic lee is on the story. >> danny banks was one of two former prisoner at santa rosa jail who sued the sheriff last october. >> guy in plaque came in. they were all wearing mask. hitting us. and calling us (bleep) and telling us it's their house. and that they beat us. >>reporter: inmates wrote letters saying thee were systematically beaten one day last may. all they did they say was protest what they felt was unjustified beating of another prisoner. >> face was so swollen shut i couldn't see out of it. >>reporter: no roberto, lopez and two other former inmate joined the suit. the attorney isaac showed us video shot by a deputy when cabrera taken outside for what was called yard counseling. >> group of guard dressed in black wearing masks and in one case at least carrying shot
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guns and other weapons will pull you out of yourself beat you and tie new a breath sell and it degrade. >>reporter: we obtained this video today of banks one of the two original plaintiffs. he too says he was given yard counseling. >> i can't do this. >>reporter: lopez still so emotionally distraught he had a hard time telling us what happened to him e.but he did tell his center a letter he wrote. she read it at news briefing in october. >> they beat me until i (bleep) my pachbilitys i was trying to tell him to get off and that i couldn't. >>reporter: echo what others said in letters and interview. >> vic lee abc 7 news. >> legal team for cal assistant basketball coach presented new evidence for this harassment case. he appeals his notice of termination. his lawyer has
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given uc berkeley 900 text message exchanged between him and female reporter he's accused of had a harassing. it claims she fabricated the story and flirtation was mutua mutual. >> at no point did he cross the line. i think that's very important to understand and again i think the whole context of these detectives make that is point very clearly. >> university release this statement saying it remains unclear why he apparently withheld hundreds of text messages he now believes to be relevant. >> man arrested during an fbi raid friday night appeared in federal court today. stanislaus is the man suing alameda county following an alleged excessive use of force incident that happened back in november. 3 alameda county sheriff's deputy on administrative leave because of this. fbi said friday raid was unrelated but the mother feels differently. melanie was in court today. >>reporter: image of federal agent argue this man at home on
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ted avenue friday night is the last one the public has seen. federal court was cleared this afternoon before he went in front of a judge. federal arrest and search warrants from the joint fbi sf pd raid remains sealed. agents arrested in unnamed woman. it was the second recent raid at the home. 7 news obtained this video of a march 8 fbi raid. fbi sources say he was not on the radar at the time. but when agents entered the home he was inside. sf pd arrested him march 8 in connection with controlled substance and firearms but he was never charged. in an exclusive interview with abc 7 news last week petroff said it wasn't him. >> i don't know what you are talking about man. >>reporter: less than 24 hours before friday night raid someone shot a man outside the ted avenue home. fbi sources say in addition to whatever is in the sealed petroff arrest warrant investigators are still exploring what if any connection petroff has to that
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shooting. his mother says he's suffering with ptsd following this november incident with alameda county sheriff's deputy in which he was hit with a baton more than 40 times. off camera she said she believes law enforcement is shaping public opinion to make him a monster. according to the alameda county sheriff's office criminal reports petroff has a long criminal history dating back to 2003. with at least 4 felony convictions from 2006 through 2014. sources say his criminal history is one reason investigators have sealed the case for now. in san francisco, melanie, abc 7 news.g1gg >> heat is on for this week and we do see some records broken. let's get right to the spencer. >>reporter: let's look at 24 hour temperature change. this isn't dramatic but right now 8 degrees warm intersanta rosa than last night. 5 degrees warm internapa and fairfield. 6 degrees warming here and pattern has begun already and right now we have temperature readings still in the 60's in
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many inland locations but here's what's coming our way. we use santa rosa as indicator of just what the warm-up is going to look like midweek. high pressure generally this time of year. 69 degree ins santa rosa in which 92 or higher on wednesda wednesday. many other inland location on wednesday will see high in the low mid 90's. probably have some record high that day in some location before big cool down and then some rain is come. i'll tell you all about that in just a moment dan. >> all right very good thanks so much. california did pretty good job of saving water last month. residents use nearly 24 percent less water in february which is just a bit shy of the state mandated 25% conservation target. the state water resource board says californians rose to the occasion to save our water. bay area most resident saving more than their city conservation requirement. >> today women lawmakers rally at the state capitol to protest the price for having periods. bill to remove sales tax from feminine hygiene product.
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the bill author says it saves women 1 to several dollars per month. but that's not why she introduced the bill. >> at the end of the day this is not about making a ton of money. this is about providing a basic health for women so they have what they need on monthly basi basis. >> bill currently working its way through assembly committee committees. mayor ed lee helping san francisco make a wish foundation recover from a theft. he's donating 8 i-pad mini. saturday night two men broke in through the fire door and spent an hour ransacking the office which is on hawthorne street. they also stole some donated items including an autograph scooter giants right fielder hunter pence gave the charity. already auction off for 40,000 dollars. so it's a huge loss. thieves and the stolen goods not yet found. this is the second time in 6 years that this make a wish office has been burglarize but i bet hunter will probably sign another scooter. >> we have much more to get to on this monday night. owners of kgo radio have a
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change of heart what to do with popular talk show host ron owner. >> what happened to this chihuahua that stopped traffic on the bay bridge. >> opening day in the bay area. find out what is new at the ballpark at the a's launch new season at home. season at home. >> more to ♪ ♪ (laughing)
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in sonoma county something you don't see every day. sea lion trying to cross a freeway. happened this morning on highway 37. corralling it not easy. cornell was first on the scene of the dramatic rescue. >> we were overhead as a rescue mission unfolded. the goal trying to keep care us sea lion pup out of traffic but it wasn't easy. long game of cat and mouse. the male pup in and out of the water determined to cross highway 37. >> we just kept an eye on him ease swam through the water and each time he tried to come up on to the bank and approach the freeway. we just kind of distracted him and kept him back no the water. >> warden and officers use board to corral the pup into a temporary dog crate until the mammal center could arrive. sea lion pup was finally safe inside. >> uncommon for them and they are kind of crafty. they go where they want to. >> this guy certainly did.
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500 pound elephant sale hopped out of san pablo bay and tried to cross the very same highway until she could be coaxed back into the water. why here? no one really knows. >> we haven't had very many that strand in this area so fingers crossed. >> pup now headed to the mammal center for checkup. in sonoma county abc 7 news. >> radio has made about face and decided to keep veteran bay area talk show host owens. station which is owned by cumulus media announce last week that owens was moving to afternoon on sister station k sfo. but they have now changed their mind citing listener out cry. he will be back starting tomorrow 1 hour less than he used to have. he posted this message on facebook. i have always said that you are the best listeners any one could hope for. you have proven it once again. owens has been with kgo radio for 40 years and he will stay
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at kgo, 30 news rooms employee are out. well it is opening day if the bay. giants won the first game earlier hammering the milwaukee brewers but right now the oakland a hosting the chicago white sox. sky 7 hd through over the coliseum this morning where crew were putting the finishing touches on the opening week logo. even though the signs still say this they opted out of naming rights. wayne has more now from the oakland coliseum. >> we just endure a long wet winter but in oakland? an event that turned el nino into a distant memory. opening day. >> it's a start of tradition. every year. >> to the relief of fans athletic didn't change the venue this year but the name in flux. this is gone. same as the network associate and mc afee over didn't pick you the 1 1.3 million 50,000 dollar option
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leaving management in sales frame of mind to find a new sponsor. >> this is a real bargain. this is a real opportunity. >> at least as long that is remains professional sports menu. food here was a bargain too. good luck with the self discipline joe gonzalez was in the house. >> garlic salt. pepper. and just let it simmer here in the fire. >> is this a cooking show. >> sound like it don't. >> in reality though opening day is a family show. not so much action but all that the action generates. >> i have been coming here ever since i was probably like three years old. >>reporter: david said that when he played catch with his son and brother michael too and father. that's three generations with memory of this day and this place no matter what you call it. >> tom oakland colonel site. and to you. >> it's home. >>reporter: from the oakland coliseum, wayne 7 news. fun day out there.
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absolutely. sports director larry show us how the game is going later in sports. but a lot of weather to talk about. >> gorgeous day around the bay area. spencer is here following all of it. >> we have a lot of changes coming too and short time fram frame. let's get to it. here's live doppler 7hd clear sky across the bay area. clear. all through the night next couple days as a matter of fac fact. live view sutro tower over san francisco where currently 55 degrees. 58 across the bay oakland. 58 at mountain view and san jose. morgan hill 59. 52 right now in half monbay. this is view from the roof top camera across embarcadero 61 in santa rosa. napa 57 degrees. 55 in novato. fairfield 58. 63 in concord. 60 livermore. pretty mild inland locates and here's the view from our emeryville camera looking back to san francisco. it's much warmer tomorrow than it was today. record high are possible on wednesday which is the warmest day in the forec it will be much cooler again on thursday with showerslikely late friday.
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lots of changes in just a few days. overnight look for clear sky with low pressure generally in the upper 40's to low 50's and tomorrow high starting in the south bay will reach from low to mid 80's up to 83 at san jose. 85 at morgan hill on the planes we see 78 at san mateo to 82 at palo alto and morgan hills. 70 on the coast and downtown san francisco top out at 74 degrees to. up in the north bay upper 60's on the coast. close to 70. and 84 degrees will be the high in santa rosa. sonoma. napa tomorrow. east bay high 81 at oakland. 81 also in fremont. inland east bay will warm-up to mid 80's tomorrow. 86 in antioch. 85 at walnut creek. 84 in livermore and here is a look at what's coming our way wednesday. we have offshore flow which generally means a warm-up all the way out to the coast and look at the average high on this date for san francisco oakland and san jose. look what we expect. 81 in san francisco. 86 oakland.
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92 san jose. numerous inland location mid 90's on wednesday but then we have a sharp cool down on thursday so day spike up heat not a heat wave and friday even cooler with chance of showers friday evening. now the system coming our way friday night will rank 1 on the stormy packet scale. storm of light intensity bringing light rainfall and light winds so here's the forecast animation starting 10:00 o'clock friday night. see showers developing overnight into early saturday morning and throughout the day saturday but the rainfall total will not be great. we expect by 5:00 p.m. saturday totals generally between 15 hundredths of an inch and maybe a quarter inch but it is wet weather that we need. 7 day forecast so we get the heat on wednesday. possibly record heat cooling down sharply on tuesday. chance of rain late friday night and saturday and then just a slight chance of lingering shower early sunday and sunny dry conditions next monday. whole bunch of changes. >> look like it. >> in 7 days. >> thanks spencer.
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>> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. tesla reminds customers that sometimes has trouble meeting expectation. >> so what that means if trying to buy one of th i drive a golf ball.
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i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar.
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i have a driver.
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after a weekend of testing bart says still not ready to resume normal service between pittsburgh, bay point and north concord. testing will continue which means sometimes passengers won't have to transfer on to separate shuttle trains to get between the two stations. other times shuttle trains or buses will be the only option. bart has a new team of engineers trying to figure out what is causing voltage spike along the track that have damaged multiple cars. the problem first recorded on
9:24 pm
march 16th. >> tesla acknowledged today that delivery of its models were slowed by shortages of parts caused by this. the auto make said it added too much new technology to the luxury suv and screws couldn't manufacture enough parts. man for the new tesla 3 keeps growing. ceo musk tweeted that even he was surprised which the high demand. analyst warn the company may have to raise more cash to sen its new electric car to buyers by the promised state. delivery to start in late 2017. owner of chihuahua known the bay bridge dog you will see why has yet to come forward. the dog nicknamed povrj in good health at san francisco animal care and control. workers there tweeted this video of the little chihuahua getting a lot of attention and affection little dog let chp officers on chase over the western span of the bay bridge yesterday morning stopping traffic along the way.
9:25 pm
officer captured the entire thing on video. >> another half hour of 7 news at 9 is next. up next. race for the white house critical contest coming up tomorrow and why so important to front runner of both partie parties. >> also the biggest data breach in history. how it's sending some waves around the world tonight. >> new hope for people paralyze by stroke or spinal cord injury. device getting them back on their feet. >> stay right here please. >> stay right here please. another half hour of 7 news i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424.
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voters go to the poll in few hours as 2016 campaign trail winds through wisconsin. >> badger state could be bad news for both front runners. donald trump once led there but
9:29 pm
now fallen behind after serious embarrassing mistake and myself happen. >> hillary clinton still fighting off the bernie sanders insurgency which show no, sir sign of slacking. here's megan. >>reporter: donald trump didn't sound like his usual confident self on the stump monday in wisconsin. >> i think we'll have the delegates. but who knows. who knows. >>reporter: poll show the republican front runner is likely to lose the badger state to senator ted cruz. already sounding like the victor. >> donald trump's angry screaming cursing yelling attacks. people are tuning it out. >>reporter: trump floundering in recent days after his campaign manager was charged with battery of female reporte reporter. and after trump incoherent answers on abortion. >> election eve trump called on his wife hoping to close his gaping gender gap with women. >> no matter who you are a man or a woman he treats everyone
9:30 pm
equal. >>reporter: cruz win in wisconsin will make a contested g.o.p. convention far more likely. >> i don't want to get hillary clinton more nervous than she already is. >>reporter: even though hillary clinton has what she now calls a nearly insurmountable lead nationally bernie sanders is pressing her hard in wisconsin and in home state of new york. >> i'm absolutely confident i will be the nominee. >>reporter: even with wisconsin win to beat clinton sanders needs to take 3 quarter of the remaining delegate. latest poll show sand percent a slight edge but within the margin of error so virtual tie. megan hues abc news washington. >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton mean time have agreed to meet for democratic debate on april 14th just 5 days before the new york primary critical timing. keep an eye on the left side of the screen here as we move on. that sudden plume of smoke is the result of a tourist helicopter crash near the great smokey mountains of eastern tennessee. 5 people sadly on board the
9:31 pm
helicopter died this afternoon. no one on the ground injured. ntsb is investigating the cause of the crash. amtrak says service is close to being back to normal following a deadly derailment outside philadelphia. two amtrak workers were killed and more than 30 passengers were injured yesterday when train hit a backhoe that was on the tracks derailing the lead engine. the train was heading from new york to savannah, georgia. accident disrupted amtrak service on the heavily traveled corridor here. >> american soldier who died as prisoner of war in korea is finally coming home to san francisco. u.s. army corporal robert graham was officially listed as missing in action on february 13, 1951. in the early 90's north korea turned over dozens of boxes containing remains of u.s. service members. dna testing matched some to corporal graham so on wednesday his remains will arrive at sfo and he will receive a burial with full military honors this friday. >> biggest financial data leak
9:32 pm
in history is sending shock waves around the world. leaked documents expose secret accounts held by heads of countries, public officials and sports stars. u.s. justice department is investigating whether any american law were his broken. here's terri. >>reporter: it started here just non-descript law firm in panama but the secret leaked from inside even edward snowden calling it the biggest leak in the history of data journalism. law firm helped clients set up complex web of shell corporations and tax shelters. those can be used legally but we have. >> we have a system here that provides cover for every form of wrongdoing you can think of. >> russian president putin is not named specifically in the documents but has long faced accusations of corruption critic pointing to his 750,000 dollar watch collection and the one billion dollar palace allegedly being built for him. among world leaders also named in the so-called panama papers the king of saudi arabia syrian
9:33 pm
president and the president of argentina who hosted president obama last month and the prime minister of iceland watch him as he's confronted here by an enter viewer about a company he co-owned with his wife but never disclosed. >> mr. prime minister what can you tell me about the company called empress? >> well, >>reporter: he left the interview without answering. thousands tonight are calling for his resignation. the kremlin is calling all this a cia plot. law firm is denying any wrongdoing. but this scab today the panama papers is just beginning. abc news london. >> university of california system says it offered admission to significantly more in state students for next fall than last year officials say offers to instate graduating seniors increase by 15 percent this year to more than 66,000. offers went out to more latino african american students as
9:34 pm
well we are tochltd uc system has come under fire for admitting large numbers of applicant from other states and countries who pay higher tigers than the instate student. just last week state audit urged a cap on the number of non-residents admitted to the uc system. united airlines flight to san francisco was forced to return to hawaii two hours after taking off because fuel problem caused by strong head winds. united airlines flight 7 24 left honolulu just before 1 in the afternoon. forced to turn back because of fuel over burn. united says the plane landed safely and 260 passengers were accommodated overnight given meal vouchers and reimbursed. passengers were pwobingd on flight this morning and landed safely this afternoon. mean time united airlines flight attendant has been removed from her duties after she deployed the emergency slide on a plane that landed in houston. plane was from sacramento and had just arrived at the gate. airline officials say they believe the attendant did it deliberately. united issued the statement saying we hold all employees to
9:35 pm
the highest standard. unsafe behavior is unacceptable and does not represent the more than 20,000 flight attendant who ensure the safety of our customers. plane was taken out of service and inspected to make sure it meets safety standards and is good to go once again. major upgrade began today to boost the power of the world brightest x-ray laser in the bay area. stanford run federal lab in menlo park teamed up with 4 others including the lawrence berkeley national lab in effort to take x-ray science to the next level. project add a second laser beam 10,000 times brighter than the the current one and fires 8,000 times faster. it would be used for experiments to improve our understanding of how things work on the atomic level. >> richmond company received fda approval for the robotic skeleton device. they help people who have become partially paralyze by stroke or spinal cord injury. video provided by the company here. show how the device help people
9:36 pm
regain the ability to stand and walk. couple of bay area treatment centers have already used the skeletons including palo alto va. >> a lot more to come tonight includinthis. governor brown makes history. >> giving california the highest minimum wage in the country and now there's a move country and now there's a move to make it happen even fa
9:37 pm
9:38 pm
9:39 pm
historic day in california. governor brown signing the state new minimum wage law. one that give low paid workers a raise. year after year until it hits 15 dollars an hour. >> in the south bay some are saying that's not fast enough. others are saying not so fast. here's david louie. >> small business owner deborah
9:40 pm
olson opposes effort to get to 15 dollar minimum wage in just two years. her family owned cherry stand believed to be the last one in the valley where orchard once stood already reeling from dealing with a 10 dollar 30 haven't wage. >> i have already seen 10% increase in my labor from last year and i am now everybody is working harder. i'm hiring less people. they are not getting ass the hours they used to. >>reporter: sunnyvale and san jose this month are both considering a 15 dollar wage by 2018. which could put pressure on surrounding cities. right now there's a patch work quilt of wage law. point vushtion palo alto and santa clara are at 11 dollars currently. san jose and sunnyvale at 10:30 and remaining cities at 10 dollars. >> big increase can be justified according to san jose state scott myers lipton. >> we had a 25% increase in the minimum wage but we had an increase of rent of 50%. in the same time period. so in that type of situation
9:41 pm
the increase to asking for the 15 sooner is obviously i think a powerful argument. >> adjustment in the wage law are tied to the national cost of living index that puts workers here at disadvantage. >> did you see fuel cost going down. but what is not factored in there is the is the high cost of living for northern be california or the bay area. >> she hopes all 10,000 bay city adone the same wage formula for uniform ty n.sunnyvale david louie abc 7 news. >> worth noting that the state wage increase will only buy so much. worker making california 15 dollars an hour same purchasing power as somebody in mississippi earning 11.60 an hour. that's because price ins the state are among the highest in the country lowest in mississippi. >> coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. bay area center of the universe really when it comes to workin working. >> that's both good and bad thing. job seekers are looking for and
9:42 pm
what they are finding. what they are finding. >> 7 news app on the go
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new numbers out today shed light on changes in the market for tech jobs here in the bay area. 7 news reporter jonathan bloom has more on the study and how it affects students about to enter the job market. >> these students at the academy are just a few week from graduating. what kind of company do you want to work for. >> perfectly happy to jump into a very small start up. more established company would reat. >>reporter: the ans have been shifting according to did the a from woo a web site where job seekers anonymously post credential and they are wooed with offers. >> people putting our system to
9:46 pm
tell us what kind of opportunity for them to get. >>reporter: number show more job seekers work at big company than at start up. >> i try not to join a company with seven or eight people not there in a few month. >>reporter: that venture capitol is slowing down. app academy telling students not to gamble. >> not mucháo) valley on the equity portion of the compensation package and focusing on the cash component. >>reporter: what do you think you are worth the first year. >> 120 is pretty reason. >>reporter: that's in line with the studies average but more than a 12 percent drop from what woo saw a quarter ag ago. >> i think we can live on 12 124,000 dollars a year. that's a very healthy salary. >>reporter: in most places salary is the biggest factor but here its location. >> downtown san francisco but for the right company or right offer could i move down to the south by or east bay. >>reporter: anywhere outside the bay area. >> no. >>reporter: love for the bay area comes with footnote. bay area is more expensive than ever. that may be one reason why more job seekers in a few months ago said they might be willing to
9:47 pm
leave. >> eventually i expect to head to new york. big apple top destination followed by seattle that doesn't pay bay area wage wages. smaller compensation but the cost of living will be something that they can have even higher quality of life. >>reporter: jonathan bloom abc 7 news. >> in case you didn't realize today is square root day. it's 4-4-16. both the day and the month are the square root of the last two digit of the year. there are 9 of these days per century. next coming on cinco de mayo may 5th in 20 twaen. square root day founded by ron gordon teach interredwood city in the bay area. he keeps up the web site about the day. gordon suggests today is a good day to get things squared away or maybe go square dancing. >> wow! all right. animal believe apple is about to sell the billionth i-phone. went on sale june 292007.
9:48 pm
at the end of last year the company sold 8 96 million phones. wall street analyst say the billionth phone sold some time this summer possibly july. >> 1 billion phone also. >> do you get a prize. >> you should get something. >> absolutely. come on. that's amazing actually. since 2007. let's go back and talk about this very warm weather. >> spencer what's ahead. >> it's going to get even warmer right now mild kbs under clear sky here. let's look state wide conditions tomorrow. it's sunny and warm just about everywhere. well that not quite. 66 degrees and low mid 80's from chico to sacramento to 40's no. 80 degrees los angeles and 97 in palm springs and here in the bay area we'll continue to warm-up above today's level look for high up to about 70 on the coast tomorrow. perhaps even higher. low 80's in some bay side location and low mid 80's inland but wednesday is going to be the hotst day in the forecast period that's the day
9:49 pm
that many of our inland locations perhaps even some around the bay will hit record high so we are using san jose as our indicator of the high pressure trend over the next few days warming up to 82 tomorrow san jose. well above the average of 69 this time of the year. 92 than wednesday. perhaps even higher in many inland location and bay side locations wednesday we see low mid 90's so good chance of some record high but then temperatures drop-off sharply on thursday so just a one day upward spike in the warming trend and then temperatures flatten out through the weekend. rain chance near zero through thursday but bumping up to 40 percent chance friday night and then on saturday look like we get some light rain. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. hot on wednesday. cooling sharply on thursday. showers friday night into saturday morning. by the way the saturday system ranks 1 in the storm impact scale light storm early next week see sunny skies again. >> thanks spencer. all right. public art display getting plenty of double take in san
9:50 pm
francisco. just take a look. 7 news at city center plaza as workers finish installing the 5 gigantic inflatable rabbit. 23 feet high. rabbit stay up for 3 week and even lit up at night. guard is even going to be watching them 24 hours a day. artist focus attention on the environmental damage caused by human intrusion. >> take you live to picture in philadelphia tonight. thousands of villanova fans out on the streets after beating the tar heels in a very close game. real buzzer beater and my beloved tar heels didn't win tonight. my alma mater. good game. tough what a finish though. >> unbelievable. always smart to stand on top of the street light. >> just above the crowd. >> that's where you are safest. any way. it was unbelievable game. >> they won didn't say they were smart. >> they are pretty smart actually but great finish. we'll show the ending.
9:51 pm
plus opening day for the a's. still going and the giants showing off the new office. showing off the new office. in milwaukee
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
coming up tonight 7 news at 11:00. first it was porn. now adult entertainment company in san francisco has big plans for this landmark building.
9:54 pm
some neighbors say it just goes too far. >> the man who is no stranger to bay area law enforcement. secrecy surrounding petroff tonight. >> those stories and more coming up 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> what a game. >> yes. all right we have larry back in the house for sports tonight. >> i know would you prefer not to show any highlights of north carolina against ville know. >> i may not watch that. show them but i won't watch. >> save the best for last. a's it will be okay. a little bit be. trouble for a's before the season opener. their ace came down with the case of food poisoning so rich hill got the emergency call against the white sox and before the game the a's honored tony phillips and dave henderson. from the past. rich hill first opening day or opening night 2 nothing white sox in the third. we see this all too often.
9:55 pm
wouldn't make it out on the third. a's rally bottom 3. drives to right. the 4-2 game. 2 out. rbi single. so it's a 1 run game. 4-3 a's that's where we stand. they are in the 9th. giants open on the road in milwaukee. madison had the flu. really struggle but the if you look offense. came through in a big way. fortunately they played indoor because outside it was snowing. in milwaukee. madison walked three o career 5 batters in the first. base load. in comes santana. 1 nothing. mad bum couple homers. scooter. tie at 2. struck out 6 here and angel moved to left with acquisition of span. pays off here. santana base hit. comes up throwing. and it rolls and rolls and he gets joy net at home to end the
9:56 pm
fourth. now span what a day pwuchlt 3 of these coming in the 8th inning off pena. there it goes. panic. this is to the upper deck. make it 11-3 giants bust this wide open. not done yet. next pitch. buster posey back-to-back to back. as the giants become the first time to hit 3 consecutive homers on opening day. giants with a great start 12-3 the final score. >> nfl news despite currently serving year long suspension raiders resigned al smith not able to return until november 17. released by the niners last year then signed with the silver and black 3 and a half sack 9 games. kaepernick did report for the first day of off season work with the 49ers. team still would love 0to trade him to denver but cap doesn't want to take a pay cut so they are at impasse at the moment. now to the incredible finish in
9:57 pm
the ncaa basketball championship game. villanova and north carolina trade clutch last second jumper one of the best endings that you will ever see. starting with michael jordan knows something about clutch finish pulling for tar heels. looks very pensive there. down at the half. booth had 20 wildcat up three. 109 left. bryce johnson. tar heels within 1. 10 seconds left. unc down 3. page. double clutch 3 and it goes. 21 tied the game at 74. villanova in disbelief at that shot and jordan was loving it. but 5 seconds left on the cloc clock. ryan had 16 points. gives to it chris jenkins who drills it at the buzzer. are you kidding me? and clearly beat the clock that was pure there are the tar heels 77-74. villanova wins the national
9:58 pm
championship first time since they upset georgetown in the great game back in 1985 as they finish the year 35 and 5. >> we have gotten better all year and the first half we didn't play villanova basketball but forever to us make the adjustment that coach told to us make and for to us go out there and compete man we play real hard. this team this team we gave it all we had and today we were just lucky to be there. >>reporter: wow! abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. just think this one moment will be replayed thousands and thousands of times. no matter what chris jenkins does for the rest of the basketball career i mean this is your legacy. this is. >> you won the national championship. >> it doesn't get any better. >> dramatic fashion. >> it could have gone the other way. >> couple shots before that were equally spectacular in the clutch shot. >> that's whether it's all about right there. >> thank you larry. >> all right that is all for now. we appreciate your time i'm dan
9:59 pm
ashley. >> i'm amma for spencer all of us here at 7 news at 9:00 thanks for watching. >> 7 news continues on line facebook all the mobile device we have you hooked up. >> see you again on channel 7. >> see you again on channel 7. until then have a great night.
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announcer: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today, ferocious gunfire, cops outpowered running for cover, bystanders caught in a bloody crossfire. 44 minutes of terror residents and police will never forget.


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