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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  April 5, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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people are learning how many sex offenders are their neighbors. >> polls are closing in minutes. we're going to bring you the latest and first results in the wisconsin primary. >> warm today with a chance of record highs. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> how to help families stay near their patients after surgery. >> san francisco sets a
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precedent oaf paid parental leave. some businesses say they can't afford it. good evening. >> today, san francisco supervisors approved a plan to require six weeks of paid leave for both new moms and dads. a portion is picked up the state. lyanne? >> reporter: san francisco is a pioneer city so it's likely other cities will follow our lead. many are asking, how will we survive? san francisco will now require fully paid leave for workers. scott weiner introduced the ordinance. >> we know one day we'll get
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congress to act. >> i wish everybody can take the leave they need to breast feed, to bond, support them. >> in 2004, california became the first to pay new moms and dads up to 55% of wages if they paid into decemberibility. now, business was 20 or more employees will pay the remainder. the owner of hay street grill says it should be the responsibility of the federal governme government. >> maybe it's the just the responsibility of the state. >> the golden gate restaurant association says it's oneore cost small businesses will be saddled with.
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>> you have to pay other people's salaries and hire and train them. >> restaurants may have to pass this cost on to customers. twitter announced it will provide 20 weeks of paid leave to new parents of both genders. a bill to make single stall bathrooms for all genders firsted a vote and passed with support. the bill taking away gender specific labels for bathrooms designed for one person at a time. opponents say it may result if fewer bathrooms. new at 6:00 new developments in the most recent racist text
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scandal to come out of the san francisco police department. the aclu wrote to the department of justice asking it to investigate the patterns and practices. also today, they asked the public defender to open an investigation into the department. >> the attorney general has the power to go to court and enforce changes on the police department. >> two san francisco supervisors released a statement, pushing for a range of actions including more training and transparency. >> regular bart service resumed between the bay point and north concord stations after 20 days of disruptions. bart has not released the root cause of the issue that knocked
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50 trains out of service. a key meeting tonight on the future of ferry service for alameda. the city council will look at moving forward with plans for a new ferry terminal. >> dozens of people who live on the water are being forced to move but asking why now? abc7 news is live in berkeley where this issue was discussed. >> similar to the marina, those who live at dock town along the water call it home, but they weren't sure how many longer, today, a small to let them there there for more years.
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>> residents say this is affordable. >> it's a great place to live. >> new, residents are unsure what the future holds. allen bought a boat house so she can retire. at the time of the transaction, no one said a thing about state lands or the fact this might be in jeopardy. an attorney filed a lawsuit. >> he made it clear he does not like the view. and he's trained. >> he says he filed a lawsuit against the city because he was concerned about the marine life. he won a $1.5 million judgment. $3 million has been set aside to help residents relocate. the city says the use needs to
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be accessible to the public. and in fact helped more visitors. >> we run a yacht club and encourage boating. >> managers spoke, asking for a 15 year extension to help residents find a new home. they would have had to move by next year. the commission agreed. now, the city, state, and residents are working on fine tuning those who want to sell or lease them. >> happening now, union leaders are pushi the city council to declare a state of emergency for housing and a launched a petition drive. rents in oakland are among the highest in the u.s. and renters in san mateo are pushing for rent stableization
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ordinance. supervis supervisors reported paper work. the city council voted against a temporary halt to rent increases. a high risk sex offender kicked out, again. a second hotel in the north bay is refusing to house the paroled convict after his location was made public. this evening, he is living in an undisclosed rural area. >> he checked in, but didn't put his name on the room. so the question, where is he? there is relieve in knowing he left for an unknown part of the
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county. >> do you want that in your neighborhood? >> negative. no. >> the names are there, on megan's list. 35 of them. that is the number we counted and 17 committed crimes against children. >> i do know with the other one lives and have seen him on the street. >> we found three within a half a mile. stephanie knows about the child molester she lives in. >> everybody else is friendly. he stays to himself. >> and yet, jonathan hockner is a household name, committed a misdemeanor, but earned a distinction of a rare public warning by police.
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>> this is a first time i've been involved with a public notice due to the individual's tendency to reoffend. >> it shows several incidents. when he got out on parole, police in petaluma had to find a balance. we asked legal anna little if it would be enough to register. >> maybe it's appropriate. maybe less appropriate for less serious offenses. >> so is roenert park safer tonight? it's an important question when your child plays outside. >> they just know to be very cautious, not talk to strangers and to with mindful of their
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surroundi surroundings. >> two berkeley suspects are accused of stealing if the make a wish foundation. we're expecting wide spread record highs followed by rain. it's in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> so there needs to be change in the jail. owe an update on the jail where there was another fight today. >> why gap pulled this picture days after helping debut a campaign inte
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students in a southern california school wore all brak today in memory of a fellow student. an 18-year-old bernard moon and a friend mixed chemicals to create a small rocket engine and attached it to a skateboard. it just exploded and moon was killed. a 17-year-old friend has minor injuries. >> he's my tutor and the nicest kid.
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>> that is just devastating. especially how their parents -- what their parents must be feeling. >> he was in advanced class s and a member of the tennis team. a friend says he had been accepted to uc berkeley and brown university. a fight broke out between inmates in santa clara county's main jail. david, some are pointing to a mistake on increase in fights at that jail. >> well, this the 78th inmate fight of the year, last year, there were 225. others say it's not acceptable. >> the fight broke out on the second floor of the main jail south. it started and grew to 10. one inmate had to have stitches to close a wound in the head. inmates would not cooperate. the sheriff's office blamed the fights on overcrowding at state
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prisons. >> we made altercations and staff altercations have been on the rise. we're hoping inmates that should be in the state prison are staying at county level. >> pastordale witherspoon is wrapping up a review l jail operations, focusing on mental health care, jail culture may be leading to more fighting. >> everybody wants to be respected. when you're under rules and feel like your humanity is being taken, one thing you have is your respect. >> new cameras captured a brawl but there were no cameras where the fight broke out today. the blue ribbon commission's report will be given to supervisors on tuesday. >> we need to look at the leadership and bring in a new
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culture of change, that is in the jails now obviously is not working. >> in san jose, david louie, abc. >> now, to race for president. polls just closed in wisconsin primary today. ted cruz is leading over donald trump and john kasich coming in third in this race. you're looking at a live picture still from cruz's campaign event. vermont senator bernie sanders is leading hillary clinton. both races are too close to call. and this is a hef pictures from a sander's event. his supporters are waiting for candidates and carla marinucci says open primary give some an advantage. >> on either side, you can help
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because the drama is huge. >> and you can follow drama here on abc7 news and we'll send out alerts through the abc7 news app. >> donald trump is angering many in the mexican community by threatening to cutoff money transfers to mexico if elected president. pechl mechl received about $24 billion a year from ex-pats working in other countries. trump says he would block money transfers from undocumented immigrants unless mexico pays for a border wall. immigrants in san francisco say trump is interfering with a promise they've made to their familys. >> we're making sacrifices here. we have many families in one bedrooms. because every penny they're saving is to send back to our country. because they're expecting the money. >> president obama also blasted trump's plan, calling it
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impractical and half baked. a southern california mother made an he megsal plea to state lawmakers in an attempt to improve school bus safety. seven months ago, a student died on a school bus. the driver did not know the child was still on the bus. >> he was a gentle boy with a beautiful smile. he was our joy. i will remain vigilant. we are nothing without change. >> the bill would allow the state to revoke the highs yens of a driver who leaves a child on a bus. >> important to remember, especially in the days ahead. we're going to get warm temperatures. >> yes. >> starting to heat up yesterday
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and warmer today. one record today. oakland airport tieing it's existing record for the date. 79 degrees. sunny skies across the bay area, at this hour, let's take a look at the 24 hour change. i'll step back so you can see it. it's 11 degrees warmer at half moon bay than yesterday. here in san francisco, 70 degrees warmer and so around the bay area, warming is underway. here is a live view from our camera, golden gate, skies are clear. oakland, 73. mountain view, 76. and 66 in half moon bay. this is the few at the golden gate bridge. skies are blue as well. it's 78 up north in santa rosa and napa. 80 in fairfield. 79 in livermore, over the bay from our roof top camera, these are the forecast features, possibility of record highs,
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could fall tomorrow. temperatures tumbling on thursday, and showers likely friday, and saturday. now, let's take a look at santa cruz beach. looking at the second column, these are some of the existing record highs for tomorrow's date, april 6th. these are the projected highs. notice if oakland hits 86 tomorrow it will tie for the date. livermore, 92 degrees, it will break the high for the date. let's move to overnight conditions, clear skies, mild tonight. lows in the low to mid-50s. we'll see mid to upper 40s in the north bay valleys. tomorrow, starting in the south bay, highs in the low 90s. on the peninsula, highs around or above 90 degrees. 83 degrees downtown. up in the north bay, numerous low 90s. and oakland will tie and inland,
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90s as well, then, thursday, notice how clouds thicken. it becomes cooler by 10:00, 15 degrees or more in some locations. an approaching system ranks number one on the storm impact scale. so it's light intensity and notice pockets of showers continuing through saturday. here is the accu-weather forecast.
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things cool down and remain into next week. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> an east bay high school makes a mascot name change that could be just as offensive at the first learning to walk again with the help of this frustrated with your overactive bladder medicine not working?
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. an east bay high school says it is sticking with its mascot's new name that some say is just as offensive, last year, john sweat high school decided to drop it's indian mascot and chose the warriors. a native american rights group says it was not for the belter. >> the way that warriors are used in sports and mascots is to depict resistance to colonial m colonialism. >> i know some of our board members don't see it that way. they see it as an opportunity to represent the spirit of the warrior. >> the school district superintendent says the district also passed a resolution against violent imagery. so a warrior's logo would not depict weapons and insensitive
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characters. the former mascot still covers the gym floor. >> the golden state warriors are eyeing win number 70 when facing off against the minnesota timber wolves tonight at 7:30. share your warriors fan pictures with us on social media using #on abc7. axe's have a game tonight at 7:00 so the parking lot is already packed as you can imagine. traffic delays are expected to start right about now. so be warned if you're heading out. >> that is the place to be. >> right. >> would you pay a higher cost to get better value? >> yes. th i what a private jet company hopes. what it costs and what you get if you take jet suite x from contra costa county. >> the police are recovered the scooter. >> the scooter was stolen, now, sound.
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the return of the scooter isn't the only good news for the san francisco make a wish foundation today. >> and how you can help families stay close to their kids during surgery.
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it's worth $40,000 and now, the stolen scooter has been returned just days after it was stolen from a charity. the suspects have also been arrested. >> yes. melanie woodrow has more good news for the make a wish foundation. >> ed lee announced he was stealing ipads from the make a wish foundation, more good news. >> the police recovered the scooter. >> san francisco giants hunter pence donated the scooter, which had been stolen. >> hunter pence, yes. >> and thank sfpd. officers worked with the foundation that had surveillance video. >> they put out a bulletin to
7:32 pm
the san francisco police department. >> it was the tender loin foot patrol officers who arrested the 37-year-old and 26-year-old. both are facing felony and misdemeanor charges. the scooter, which was auctioned for $40,000 is signed by pence with a message to michelle, much love. a search warrant turned up the scooter and other stolen properties. police say they're searching for a third suspect. >> we're excited that we're able to get the scooter back and it's able to function for the make a wish foundation. >> in a statement, the san francisco giants said we're delighted that it has been found and will be returned to its rightful owner. hunter pence retweeted the news. he couldn't believe it was scooter gate, all over again. san jose based pay pal is
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stopping plans to expand in north carolina after that state passed a law targeting transgender people. north carolina's ordinance requires transgender people to use public bathrooms and locker rooms corresponding to the gender on the birth certificates. it would have added fo400 new jobs. and mississippi's governor signed a law to deny business services to busine. the aclu says it flies in the face of base basic american principles. >> we're following the race for the wisconsin primary. early results with just 3% reporting but texas senator ted cruz is a with a -- way ahead. john kasich, you can see has 16%
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of the vote and finishes third. on the democratic side, bernie sanders is leading hillary clinton 56% to 44%. the race is still too close to call. we'll bring more results during this newscast and through our abc7 news app. >> moving on, a little boy, not even two years old is recovering from a liver transplant in sanford. >> his family is able to be close to him thanks to the nearby ronald mcdonald house. cheryl jennings is here with the story. >> it's incredible, too. the family lives in hawaii but needed a world class pediatric hospital to save their child, and a place to stay. i learned about the team effort to save baby kenoa. >> we met the 21-month-old for just minutes where he was happy to see misdemeanor and dad. >> he loves elmo.
7:35 pm
he loves stuffed animals. >> kenoa had a tough time in his short life, but he is a fighter. he had a liver transplant just seven days before we saw him at lucil lucille packard hospital. >> the procedure failed, so the next option was transplant. i was devastated. i mean it's your baby. you want them to grow up healthy and strong. then, you hear the news. >> mom and dad decided his best chance for a donor was for the family to relocate to be near children's hospital in january, 016. they'reg at the ronald mcdonald house in stanford.
7:36 pm
neither parent was a match. a family member volunteered. she was teaching hula and the wire of oka's brother. >> my sister-in-law found out, she came to us and she said i would like to help kenoa. >> the family also relocated to save baby kenoa, living in a nearby motel. >> i can't thank them -- there are no words to describe what they're doing for my son. >> i think he'll do great and be back in hawaii. >> his recovery will take several months. and his family is so grateful to be staying at ronald mcdonald house. >> this place is really amazing. >> yes. not only the place, the staff is very amazing. >> yes. >> so kind. >> they will be among the first families to move into the new house scheduled to open in may. the two-year project is hment
7:37 pm
finished. >> generosity created this home away from home. and families are going to feel that embrace the second they get here and walk in the rooms. they're going to know somebody that cared about them made this happen. >> he's so cute. >> the ceo says the goal is to raise $48.5 million and they're almost there. they still need to raise another $2.5 million and they're hoping to do that by may. if you'd like to help there are 47 families and expansion means another 67 families will have a home away from home. you can log on to our website. >> looking, it looks amazing. it's a place of optimism. >> it is fantastic. many people donated their efforts to make that a home away from home. >> thank you very much. >> coming up next, gap is now apologizing for this ad for new line of clothing meant to empower girls. this is more than a baby step. this is a major step forward for
7:38 pm
bionics. a big step for bionics and for stroke patients. how it works, in less than 10
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you're looking at the watch party for ted cruz in wisconsin. abc news projected cruz the winner over donald trump, giving him a much-needed victory that would ensure the race could get into the republican convention in july. we'll continue to watch and legality you know when he does speak. a luxury travel coming to contra costa county, jet suite x will begin service to burbank and las vegas. the jets have 30 seats and prices start at about $100 each way. you can pay less with other airlines, yes. >> i show up an hour and a half early. you know, if you want to jostle through and wait for your number to be called at the board and
7:42 pm
sit in the middle seat and get to another big airport to another end, that is fine and good. but the point of flying is that you spend less time in the airport than in the airplane. >> tesla cars could be constructed in a site in france. the site will shut down this year, and since thursday, a quarter million preorders have been placed, prompting elan musk he needs to rethink production mans. stock continues to climb, too. tesla closed at 255. and the dow endedup abust 17600. the nasdaq dropping by 50 points. >> gap clothing is apologizing for an ad that some people consider racist. this is the picture. gap kids tweeted over the weekend, some took offense to
7:43 pm
seeing one white girl rest her arm on the head of the only black girl in the picture. the picture was part of a fwab kids collaboration to aim to encourage children to follow their passions. the girls are all part of a dance group. gap issued a statement apologizing to anyone offended. this has been replaced with another photo of the girls on the gap website. >> stay with us. most of us want to stand up and walk when we are young. >> sometimes, it has to happen again when we're older. >> and next at
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>> i was injured in july of 2012. arash's rehab includes this. >> this is struggling around him. and so that movements translate
7:47 pm
into these movements. >> after five minutes, putting it on, with a brief moment of this therapy session, he can walk again. the device is the exo-gt, made for rehab. it reads movements. >> the machine can see the patient is in the right position and has shifted weight and then, the machine initiates the steps. >> it began at uc berkeley and help a student walk down the aisle. now, it's gotten clearance from the fda. >> people are excited, they've been working hard. >> the part of the announcement that has folks excited isn't about spinal cord injuries.
7:48 pm
>> this is very important to recover as early as possible. >> it means more focus walking and helps open his weak side and helps less as he gets stronger. >> once they met the challenge we're going to make it harder for them and have them meet the next challenge. >> they hope to fund the research for what he has dreamed off. >> i would like to see wheelchairs, gone. right now, back to the primary vote in wisconsin tonight. ted cruz is the projected winner, holding a lead over donald trump, that is 51% to 31%. you're seeing with 7% reporting. john kasich holds 14% of the vote, now, 15%. bernie sanders leads hillary clinton with 52% of the vote to her 47%, and abc news just
7:49 pm
projected that sanders will continue and will keep bringing you more results through our abc7 news app. >> looking at the crowd through the watch party in milwaukee, wisconsin, again, abc news projected him the winner. governor scott walker is at the podium now, let's listen just a moment. >> to bring ted cruz to be the nominee to win the election. let's give a warm welcome to the president next president of the united states, ted cruz.
7:50 pm
>> with this victory, ted cruz will make it difficult, if not impossible to sure up the delegate count before the convention. >> tough week for donald trump politically. >> god bless the great state of wisconsin. what an incredible victory tonight and thank you to governor scott walker for his
7:51 pm
princed, passionate leadership. tonight is a rallying cry. the national political terrain began to change two weeks ago. in the state of utah, we won 69% of the vote. a landslide election. then, in colorado two congressional districts voted. once again they elected six delegates. >> a beaming ted cruz having won
7:52 pm
in wisconsin tonight. a very important victory for him. and his election race. >> so we'll continue to follow that and you can get the latest on >> let's go and update the weather forecast for you. >> sunny skies, warm up is underway. tomorrow is going to be a hot day, high temperatures in record territory inland and 90 degrees tomorrow, dropping off the next day. here is the accu-weather forecast. we'll cool down and expect showers on friday and saturday.
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>> thank you very much. >> going to pay attention to what larry has to say. >> a lot of baseball. >> i hope. >> giants don't generally spend huge dollars on free agency. they
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warriors have five games left they're 69 and 8, and need to host the t wolves tonight and the question is how much do you chase this and how much do you rest your stars heading into playoffs? he's made that very clear. they try to get win 70 tonight as well as taking a look ahead. >> he had a win 70. i think it just speaks to our team. you know? it's a team effort. we've had great performances, and whoever it may be and it
7:57 pm
makes it special. >> you know guys are tired but we want to focus on it too much and would rather play four of these last games as playoff teams. >> it's making a giants clab yu after a scoreless first, hunter pence can come up with it. and brandon crawford will lead off and that is gone, like that.
7:58 pm
buster posy, sweet tag they get jonathan vr at the dish. and later, runners at quarters, giants score on a matt duffy grounder. it's 2-1 giants in the 7th. abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hardware. and that is all we have now. >> join us tonight at 9:00, coming up, curses on earth from a grave. what researchers found inscribed on five tablets. >> first, a meeting underway to decide if an adult entertainment company can expand business in san francisco. that is this edition of abc7 news. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristin zee. from the entire abc7 news team, have a good night. >> see you at 9:00 and 11:00
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