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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 5, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> but if we get washington out of the way then there is no limit to what we can accomplish. >> we can change the status quo when we think big and when we have a vision. wúu8cggi >>reporter: crucial test senators cruz and ben ce sandersp show they are still closed.rf
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are in on the republicanh sidei.lp percent over1 donaldc9 trump 34 percent.v& john kasich5y calls 14 percent f the vote. vermont senator sanders beats hillary clintonciñ@>i÷ 56 perceo percent on the democraticñ side. very+3 interesting night indeedk good evening. amma[ is off. and thosege results could make á a much tougheru road for donald trump tokg win the republican nomination'( out right9?. stephanie ramos is in madisonf with=5 more. >>reporter: the pritdry here rñr' wisconsin could be a game changer for both parties. votes could be key in determining if a g.o.p. contested convention likely to happen. voters line up for hours to cast the vo vote in the crucial wisconsin primary. front runners in both parties fighting uphill battle here. >> people of wisconsin are amazing. >>reporter: donald trump in last ditch effort to catch ted cruz pulling out all the stops and bringing his wife on the
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traichlt but it wasn't enough. >> breaking news in the race for the white house and we can project that ted cruz defeated donald trump in the g.o.p. try mare. >>reporter: cruz claiming the win and much more difficult for trump to get enough delegates to avoid a contested conventio convention. >> either before cleveland or at the convention in cleveland together we will win a majority of the delegates. >> third man in the g.o.p. race john kasich trailing behind them. >> we won in wisconsin. >>reporter: democrat bernie sanders also claiming victory. we project he will beat hillary clinton in the badger state. >> we have now won 7 out of 8 of the last caucuses and primary. >>reporter: all eyes to new york. clinton not wasting time. she's already there appearing on the view then heading to brooklyn where she focus much of her attention on donald trump. >> battling pr>óudice and
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paranoia not the new york way. >>reporter: delegate count goes way up for both parties in new york in two week campaigning in pennsylvania and trump and cruz court voters in new york. while kasich heads to ohio. reporting from madison, wisconsin, stephanie for abc 7 news. >> now up next. is the wyoming caucus for the democrat in 4 days time. delegate rich new york primary is april 19 for both parties. donald trump already thinking about california though he's going to hold a news conference at his rancho golf course on friday. mean time election officials here are warning of a surge in voter turn out for the june 7th primary. more than 600,000 californians have registered to vote on line in just the past three months. secretary of state alex padilla warned the governor that the state need to be ready with more resources to ensure the elections run smoothly. all right let's move to the weather now.
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we began feeling the warmth today and morris come to. we very well could see some record breaking heat in fact. let's check in with sandhya and live doppler 7hd. >> yes dan not going to feel like spring that's for sure. let me show you live doppler 7hd. here's a preview of what is to come. sky absolutely clear tonight and we did have warm temperatures as dan mentioned. waro÷ enough for one record. 79 at the oakland airport. tied the record set back in 1957. plenty of 80's inland from livermore to antioch. 86 degrees. 82 san jose. napa fairfield. 83 in san rafael. santa rosa. 77 san francisco. 70 degree ins half moon bay and 84 in santa cruz. we were going to take the heat autopsy bit. enough so that we are looking at multiple records for tomorrow. we take a look at the temperatures coming up. >> okay thanks very much. see you shortly. san francisco will become the first city in the nation to offer a 6 week full paid parental leave. ñy portion of the cost is already picked up by the state but
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small businesses will have to make up the difference. 7 news has more from city hall. >>reporter: with today vote san francisco will now require fully paid parentalaz leave for workers. supervisor scott weiner introduced the ordinance which he believes is part of a national movement. >>[f we know that one day we wil get congress to act anda have a national paid parental leave policy in this country. >>reporter: kim turner is an attorney and mother. >> i wish everybody could take fullful full maternity leave they need to bond with the child to make sure they are happy healthy and thriving. >>reporter: california became the first to pay new mom and dad 55 percent of the wages for up to 6 weeks. if they paid into the stateyr decide it wasn't enough. now businesses with 20 or more employee pay the remainder 45 percent. the owner of this grillg< supports the paid leave but says it should be the
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responsibility of(z the federaly government as it is in france orlç other country. maybe it's the responsibility of the stat state. it just is coming down really, really hard on small business ins san francisco. >>reporter: golden gate restaurant association says it's one more cost small businesses will be saddled with. >> in a restaurant environment you have to pay 45 percent of some one salary while gone then hire someone else and train them to work in the person's job. >>reporter: restaurants may have to pass on this new cost to customers. law with go into effect next year. in san francisco lee ann abc 7 news. >> twitter announce today that starting next month it provides 20 week of paid leave to new airports of both gender. many other bay area tech companies including facebook and espy already provide a similar benefit. new development tonight in the most recent racist tech scandal out of the police development aclu wrote to the department of justice asking it yet again to independently
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investigate the department's patterns and practices. the d oj community oriented policing service is already looking into the department but no poweréu enforce change. ãalso tonight san francisco p5n#ic defenderi( is askingc te state attorney ge=r)al to openm2 a civil y3uáhr'vestigations into the department.>u >> attorney general has the enforcecv changes on a police department that may not wantg to make them. >>a two san francisco supervisors)t also releasedgñ a statementbé today pushing for a action including me training and:v more transparenc. >> another fight broke out between inmates and santa clara county main÷4 jail. 7 news reporter david louie has details on the brawl and some blame the state for increase in on second floor of thw> main jail south. sky 7 hd was overhead shortly 80n:30. started with two inmates. then grew to continue. one inmate had to have stitches
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to close a wound in the head. detectives later tried to pin down the cause but inmates would not cooperate. the sheriff's office blames the increase in fights on high risk inmates being housed in local jails due to overcrowding at state prisons. >> inmate altercation, have been on the rise. because we are housing inmates that should be at the state prisonrhjju$ey are staying at the county level. >>reporter: pastor witherspoon a member of the blue ribbon commission with 6 month review of jail operation focus on mental>f health care conduct and inmate complaint. jail culture may be leading to more fighting. >> everybody wants to be respected but i think when you are in cars rated and you are under rules and regulations and you feeld like your humanity taken from you the one thing you probably still have is your respect and you are not going to let people walk over you. >>reporter: newly installed security camera captured inmate brawl but no camera where the fight broke out today. nor last august when inmate
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michael was beaten to death by three jail guards. the commission report will be given to supervisors next tuesday. >> we need to look at the leadership in the jails. we need to bring in a new culture. culture of change. culture that is in prevalent in the scails now obviously is not working. >>reporter: in san jose david louie abc 7 news. woman faces charges tonight accused of taking money from a high school volunteer group in san francisco. police say that cynthia power enbezzled more than 1 80,000 dollars from a saint ignacius high school parent run committee. examiner reports she faces total of 12 counts of grand theft and embezzlement for theft that happened over 5 years beginning in 2007. there's bizarre twist now to this accident. sky 7 hd captured last week in walnut creek after high speed police chase of burglary suspect. he crashed his car through a fechbilitys almost on to the bart track as you may recall.
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we reported at the time turns out police had to take 3 36-year-old joel stevens son to the hospital for something unrelated to that crash. officers say stevenson swallowed a ring that he had stolen from a home he had just broken into. he needed surgery to remove that ring. stevenson facing multiple felony charges. just getting started here busy night two burglary suspect under arrest. accused of stealing from the make a wish foundation. already some of that stolen property is being recovered and replaced. we have that story next. bonding over buzz kuchlt how the close shaves are helping people far and wide. just how hot does it get to. sand ya back with the full forecast. forecast. more to bring
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it's signed by the giants hunter pence and worth 40,000 dollars and now this stolen scooter has been returned just days after it was taken from a charity. and the suspect have also been arrested in the case. 7 news reporter medical necessity has even more good news to the make a wish foundation. >> just moments after san francisco mayor ed lee announced he was replacing i-pad stolen from san francisco make a wish foundation more good news. >> the police have recovered
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the scooter. >>reporter: san francisco giants hunter pence donated the scooter which had been stolen. >> hunter pence. hunter offense. yes. thank him and his donation. >>reporter: bank sf pd. officers worked closely with make a wish foundation which had surveillance video. >> they were able to identify them through the video and then they put out a bulletin to the san francisco police departmen department. >>reporter: tenderloin foot patrol officers recognized and arrested 37-year-old javrng and 26-year-old nicholas tirl both facing felony and myself demeanor charges. the scooter which was auction for 40,000 dollars is signed by pence along with message to michelle much love. search warrant executed on fourth street turned up the scooter and other stolen property. police say still searching for a third suspect. >> we are actually really excited that we are able to get the scooter back and then able to go to and function for the
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make a wish foundation since really important group. >> in a statement the san francisco giants said we are flighted that it has been found and will be returned to its rightful owner. hunter pence retweeted the news having earlier tweeted he couldn't believe it was scooter gate all over again. in san francisco melanie woodrow abc 7 news. students at southern california school were all black in memory of fellow student killed by home made rocket. last night in 1,000 oaks they mixed keep cal to create a small rocket engine then attached it to a skate board as part of science project. teenagers thought it would push the skate board forward who are sontally instead though it exploded and bernard was kille killed. his 17-year-old friend has minor injuries. students shake up by the sudden loss of the friend. >> he's my tutor and he was the nicest kid i have ever known. >> devastating. especially like how the parents
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like what the parents must be feeling right now. >> everybody is just torn up. bernard had a promising future. he was in advanced classes and member of the tennis team. friend says he had been accepted to both uc berkeley and brown university so he may have even ended up a student happened]'q >> sky 7 hd over the scene of crashzs in walnut creekáb where motorcyclist died in lanes in both3ñ direction ofa interstateñ 80 were shut down.0h control on the northbf'd lanes after slamming-e into theu concrete centerñ divide. car spunff into traffic and hit another vehicleg andp cmáorcycle driver died afters lane. east identified only as 70-year-old man from martinez>(. just a terrible and tragic crash in the east bay today. usf students are giving up the hair to helpi kids fight cancer. 7 news was at theín university f san francisco campus today. clippers were buzzing across
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newly trimmed scout. fun way to wrist money for saint foundation that pay for child hood cancer research. one student says it's become a tradition that he does to honor a young cousin. >> i have a baby cousin that was diagnosed with brain tumç[ at the able of one so i have done it for three years. i do it every time. >>reporter: they hope to raise 2000 dollarscñ today. >>ãwonderful thing theyqn d.what aqf generous thing to raiseç moy andxn awareness at the/éame tim. full forecast. >> that's right. this is what you are doing tomorrow. right here i'll cool you off right now. look at live doppler 7hd we see temperatures in the low mid 90's tomorrow. so get ready to feel the heat. right now you will see that the skies are clear on live doppler 7hd but that will be changing later on this week. the temperatures right now 70
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degree ins brentwood. still warm. many areas in the 50's and the 60's and here's a live look. i want to step aside sow can see city hall from sutro tower cam are. all lit up in blue for the warriors. really a great shop. possible record high tomorrow. temperature tumble on thursday and showers likely friday and saturday. so here's a look at tomorrow morning. this is when the temperatures will bottom out in the mid 40's to the upper 50's when you get going under clear skies. but notice how quickly the numbers will come up for santa rosa you look at the hourly temperature trend going from 47 at 6:00 a.m. to 92 degrees by 4:00 p.m. yes it gets hots in parts of the bay area. golden gate camera showing you clear sky over the bridge. record for wednesday here are the temperatures for tomorrow. record in the second column you notice san francisco is going to miss the record. oakland expected to tie at 86 degrees. san jose you get close along with napa. san rafael expect to actually break the old record of 87 set
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back in 1989 and many records are from 1989. livermore expected to be new record along with gilroy in the low 90's. here are the south bay temperatures. 91 morgan hill. san jose tomorrow. cupertino 90 santa clara. 89 sunnyvale peninsula and menlo park. san mateo 88 degrees. it's going to be a warm day in pacifica. 78 degrees. same thing for daly city. downtown san francisco 83 with sunshine and it's the kind of weather where you can get away with short sleeves and shorts tomorrow< in the hot day. 90 in napa. novato. 92 santa rosa. 89 in sonoma. in the east bay pretty warm day. 86 in oak land. this is potential for record. 86 san leandro. head inland and you really fell more like summer than spring. 92 livermore. fairfield 90 degrees concord 91 in walnut creek. now thursday this is the one day deal. it's going to be much cooler by good 15 to 20 degrees. clouds fog increase by friday we not only have the clouds but[
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the bayc areaçx which leads meo the nextx graphic. stormy pacwá(p&e we use this stormy pacwá(p&e we use this t?k ratek oneiyis light. 5 is severe. d1kq' to expect shootj fridayuge morning could see aú4eeeá(rá of shower activity before the4r main system friday afternoon. jjt it's . will linger into sunday. as far as rainfall total not a big rain maker but certainly enough to get the ground wet and provide us with some much-needed moisture you could see up to two-tenths to quarter inch. accu-weather 7 day forecast. upper 70's to the mid 90's tomorrow. then we drop your temperatures as i mention by good 15 to 20 degrees thursday. down to the 70's. storm impact scale we have one on friday, saturday, much cooler heading into the
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weekend. slight chance of showers with only 50's, 60's, sunday then still looking at possibility that tuesday we may see some showers as well. >> thanks. hope we get the showers. >> we need those. >> still ahead on 7 news at 9:00. small herd of bison will make a visit to the oakland zoo. visit to the oakland zoo. stay
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. >> here is some welcome news if you take bart. regular service should finally be normal for tomorrow morning commute between the pittsburgh bay point and north concord stations. after 20 days of disruption and delay. riders of course are thrilled by this. the problem started march 16
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with electrical problem on the tracks. however bart says it will continue to do some testing and that means riders will have to transfer to a bus to complete the trip. bart has not released the route yet -- root cause of the issue that knocked out 50 trains from service. there was electrical short and really fried the trains. well heads up for any one heading eastbound through the tunnel the next couple of nights. cal-trans will be closing board no. 2 tonight from 10:00 o'clock until 4:30 tomorrow morning. for routine minutes. board no. 1 closed for the same reason during the same hours tomorrow night. so heads up. oakland zoo is helping bring the bison back to the original stomping grounds in montana show a herd being released to the black feet nation reservation. bison were strong part of the native american group culture hundreds of years ago but they were wiped out. these buys son from a herd in canada. the oakland zoo will also receive at least 16 bison as
9:26 pm
part of the new california trail exhibit off spring born here will join the herd in montana a.zoo officials and black feet nation will also work together on education and eco-tourism programs. pt another 30 minutes of news at 9:00 is next. coming up. next heats up over releasing sexual predator into the north bay. people learn how many others sex offender already in the neighborhood. then this. >> this needs to be ended. >> where we are today we are the warriors. >> fight over school mascot that is now reaching the golden state warriors. >> how a dog just received a high military honor. stay with me another half hour stay with me another half hour of 7 news at 9:00.
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this is 7 news. high risk sex offender kicked out again. second hotel in the north bay is revving to house the paroled convict after his location was made public. so this evening jonathan hoffner- living in undisclosedìc rural area in sonoma county. wayne has the story. >>
9:31 pm
city block. >> i do know where the other one lives. i have seen him on the street and waved to him. >>reporter: three within half mile. stephanie knows all about the ( >>reporter: and yet jonathan hoffner is the household name. developmentally disable. he's 23 years old. he committed a misdemeanor. not a felony but he earned the distinction of rare public warning by reasonertpark police. >> this is a first time that i inc notice that it was due to this individual propensity to re0if he said. shows 7 groping accidents by hoffner. less at santa rosa junior college put him in jail. when he got out on parole police in both petaluma and here in rohnert park had to find a pal between public safety and paroled man's privacy. we asked abc legal analyst gill if it would be enough for offender to merely register?5. >> maybe that's appropriate.
9:32 pm
certainly is&v appropriate for maybe less appropriate for less sexual offenders. >>reporter: is rohnert park safe tonight it's a perspective when the child play on his a street with two registered sex offender. >> can't play outside without us unfortunately out in the front yard. back yard is fine. and they just know to be very cautious not talk to strangers. and to be very mindful of the surroundings at all times. >> from rohnert park abc 7 new news. >> mississippi governor signed a controversial religious freedom bill today. governor bryant signed the bill into law despite heated protest. it allows religious group and some business to refuse service to gay kim. sales force tweeted that sales force microsoft and ibm stand against the governor and that new law. san jose base pay pal stopped plans to expand in north carolina.
9:33 pm
after that state passed a law targeting transgender people. north carolina ordinance requires transgender people to use public bathrooms and locker rooms corresponding to the genderúv on their birth certificate. the pay pal facility would have added 400 new jobs in north carolina. bill to make single stall bathrooms labeled for all gender just advanced to the state capitol. bill is author by san francisco assemblyman and faced the first vote in assembly committee and bill would take away gender specific labels for bathrooms that are designed for one person at a time. opponent say it may result in fewer bathrooms over all because businesses may provide only one instead of two restrooms. east bay high school says it is keeping its new mascot despite the prosecute you are to change. john sweat high school went from the indian to the warriors in february. we have more now from crockett on this ongoing opposition.
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>>reporter: john sweat high school in crockett dropped the indian mascot last year. but the name and image of arrow still cover the gym floor. reminder of what many native americans consider deeply offensive. some say the school board decision to replace indians with the warriors is know better. >> item a switch that is trying to keep in spirit with the old mascot. >>reporter: group sake receipt site protection of tribe criticize the decision the way warriors used in sports and mass cots is to depict indigenous resistance to colonialism. >> i know our board members don't see it that way. they see it as an opportunity to represent the spirit. the spirit of the warrior. >>reporter: superintendent rob says the district also passed a resolution against violent imagery. so warrior logo would not depict any weapons or insensitive character. >> not include a notification
9:35 pm
of the warrior. will need to be more symbolic. >>reporter: call to drop native american mascot stretched nationwide from the washington redskins to the vallejo apache no longer used by the high school. before they were golden state the nba warrior used these logo between the 1940's and 1960's. sacred site group prefer the nba champ change their name to too. in crockett, abc 7 news. san francisco base gap clothing company now apologizing for an ad some real racist. gap kid tweeted over the weekend. some took offense to see one white girl rest her arm on the head of the only black girl in the picture. picture part of the launch of gap kids collaboration with ellen that aims tone courage children to follow their passion. the girl in the photo all part of dance group called the petite circumstance. issued a statement apologize to go any one offended this picture has been replaced with another photo of the girls on
9:36 pm
the gap web site. >> irs headquarters in washington remain closed for the rest of the week while repair made after basement fire in the building. nobody hurt in the fire. some employee will work from returns. we'll not get a break because of that fire of course. now to that united airlines flight attendant who was fired as we reported after deploying the emergency slide and then sliding out of the plane. faa investigating here's david curly. >> tonight the flight attendant jumped down the emergency slid slide. no longer works at united airlines n.this video first obtained by k p.r. c channel two in houston you see the attendant throw out the bag then slide. and this was no emergency. the jet had just reached the gate and the flight attendant according to the airline intentionally deployed the slide fast exit and the loss of her job. so as passengers exited both
9:37 pm
doors were open. >> i was shocked. i was surprised that had happened and i have no clue. >>reporter: many passengers didn't realize it either because somebody was having a medical problem in the back of the plane. this is not the first time. remember the jet blue pilot who did something similar saying he had it grab ago couple of beer and hitting the slide. he did a year probation and paid restitution. still no word why the flight attendant popped that chute. she too could face criminal charges. david curly abc news reagan washington airport. big honda for military dog that lost a leg while hunting for home made bomb ins afghanistan. british charity honored luke in london today with the pop medal for the 400 missions the dog completed. luke owner says she's the only reason he made it home safely to southern california. >> coming up next on 7 news at 9 ochlt would you pay a little bit more to fly on a private jet? find out what it cost and what you get if you take jet sweet x
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you get if you take jet sweet x from the
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that huge merger deal between firz and allergan is off. the two drug company will mutually terminate the mentaler tomorrow morning. change in u.s. tax regulation dealt a death blow to the 160 billion dollar deal. pfizer will pay allergan 400 million dollar break fee which was part of the merger agreement. facebook says the chat application is now fullyen criped for all operating systems. this means company engineers can not read the user messages or watch the video call even if ordered to do so by a court.
9:42 pm
the app has nearly billion users making it the world most popular chat app anywhere on the planet. well back at home jet charter company launching a new service from los angeles to the bay area that offers the advantages of private travel with the cost of a full scale commercial airline. mark has more. >>reporter: it's the life of luxury. made only for the rich and famous. until now. this is jet sweet x a private jet experience that is making luxury travel affordable. >> item only super wealthy people afford 7 to 8,000 $ for an airplane. >>reporter: alex one of the original co-founder of jet blu blue. this is his new venture. just over 100 dollars for a one way flight from burbank to concord up in the bay area. as i sit on board i decided to check and found a one way flight from burbank to oakland for 68 dollars oniiñ south west.
9:43 pm
>> that's a great fare but completely different experience. >>reporter: wilcox says(5 the real selling point is an experience he describes as completely unlike commercial aviation. >> hour and a half early jostle through the tsa line and shopping mall terminal and wait for for the number to be called to board. sit in the middle seat and you want to get to another big airport and wait another 45 minute for the bag that's fine and good. but whole point of flying privately you spend less time in the airport than the air plane. >>reporter: this is actually the largest
9:44 pm
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nasa unmanned robot on mars recently snapped a photo of dust devil spinning on the surface of the red planet. the exploration took the image using the navigation camera last thursday screws like down here on earth. dust devil created by rising rotating column of hot air. look there in the upper right of the picture. you can see the dust devil. rotating column of hot air produced this effect when the column whirl fast enough they pick up tiny grains of dust from the ground. interesting.
9:48 pm
5 tablet containing a curse have been discovered in a young woman's grave in athens, greece. john hopkins university instructor says the lead tablet are some 2400 years old. 4 of the tablet engraved,f with curse thatóñ invoke the names of under world god asking them to target tavern keepers in athen athens. fifth tablet blank. one tablet reads cast your hate upon them and the tavern and property in possession. writing on the tablet is well written suggesting that a professional curse writer created these tablets. they had professional curse writers evidently. let's go back to professional forecasters and we go to sandhya. >> hi dan. take a look at live doppler 7hd we have clear sky and we are heading into another day of some warm to hot weather. it was already warm today. down in southern california 81 degrees. notice the clouds on the
9:49 pm
increase. this is part of the same system that will bring us rain later on this week. 66 in tahoe. 72 eureka take a look at the high for your wednesday. asterisk indicating where we expect record. livermore 92. 86 in oakland. 89 san rafael. other city where records will be possible. 91 in san jose tomorrow. 92 santa rosa. 83 san francisco. 80 degree ins half moon bay. so well above normal for this time of year. livermore will pretty much show it to you. average high of 66. tomorrow 92 degrees. yes. well above normal. and then the temperatures will drops. you notice sharply cooler dropping back down to average friday through the weekend which brings us to this chance of rain friday saturday slight chance sunday and then again on tuesday. accu-weather 7 day forecast this is a 7 day forecast that has everything. hot weather tomorrow. much cooler with fog and clouds coming in thursday. and even though showers with one on the storm impact scale saturday possibly adding showers back in to the forecast
9:50 pm
for tuesday. model are still trying to figure things out dan. >> okay. let's get some rain. >> thanks very much. >> tickets for this year outside land con0 on sale thursday morning and today the first look at the line up. headliners include lcd sound system radio head and lionel richie more than 50 different bands and singer perform at golden gate park this year event takes place august fifth to seventh. tickets on sale thursday and are expected to sell out. made a free friend rescue during animalzu rescue today. wrong piece of video we'll get to that if we can. here we go. they made a frechbility alameda county firefighters use image to find a kitten trapped in a fb 8 kitten somehow had fallen down from the atticdv between4& the l studa. firefighterse= cut smawt chunkp out of thedr wall pulled the:j kitten free anáappears to beú in good happy.ù maybe a little
9:51 pm
shocked but7 doingt÷ very well. thermalt+ image saved the little there we have sport. >> tough to follow a cute kitten. >> i'll do my best. would help if the warriors comeú through and win the game. quest for 70 and t wolves not making this easy. plus johnny giants debut. plus johnny giants debut. impressive
9:52 pm
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♪music the lord says, "come to me all you who are weary and find life burdensome, and i will give you rest." join us for the majesty of the catholic mass here sunday mornings at 8:30. for more information visit
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come up tonight at 11:00. first porn now decision tonight on whether an adult entertainment company can expand the business ifan francisco. and classroom battle proposal to take the country name india out of text books. those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7 we have a nail bite every. larry here with sports. >> every game now. stressful. t wolves played the warriors tough this year. only one team in nba history won 70 games in the season.
9:55 pm
the bulls won 72. wore yours going for the record tonight shooting for 70 against the t wolves. andrew the big aussieaction. warriors full squad again. early first to him. i guess he's healthy. there on the screen. warriors up 8 and steph. warriors lead. steph rough shooting night here misses the 3 but have no fear barns is here. and this is really what kurr is waiting for here. barns getting open jumper and knocking down three's. 18 point at the half on 4 of 5 from 3 point land. third quarter. scoop up a minnesota turn over. tomorrow so that misses the three. dwren for the follow. up sfaechbility biggest lead of the night but wouldn't go away. warriors nice ball movement and steph was here in the first half. hanging in there zack levine.
9:56 pm
he can fly. slam dunk champio champion. easy lay up. one point game. 7 minute left. clay thompson clutch three to give the warriors a little bit of breathing room but at last check this is again a one point gale. 106-105 with just over a minute left. johnny made the giant debut tonight in milwaukee looking very much like the guy the giant were hoping he would be after signing a 6 year, 130 million dollar deal. we start with sausage race. as al davis would say after scoreless first carter into the georgia. hunter pence sliding effort but can't come up with it. jonathon at third and he scores 1 nothing. top 3. to crawford leading autopsy the inning with the first homer of the year. tie up at one a piece. wife tweeted love my stud muffin. here comes stud muffin again. in the third taking it to santana grounder.
9:57 pm
the sweet tag to get jonathan at the dish. then with runners at the corne corner. strikes out and that was nasa. >> mutual show of respect ther there. giant made it 2-1 on a groun grounder. he keeps it that wait a minute carter in the fourth. john thon and nelson get nothing and like it. in the fifth. 7 innings. allow one run. and giants hold on for a two-1 victory. a's and white sox at themk coliseum. bottom 3 no score. everybody on the phones much even is on the phones. go to the game. and look at your phone. josh scores. jeff drives him in. nurse ago lead thened to frazier. bottom 5 it's lauryñw and6" agan with a little blooperge. and vaguely a 3-2 game. top 6. runners at the corner. jackson. knocks in the former apm a la e
9:58 pm
lawyerie. made it 4-2b sox and right now they are in the eighth and the a's are trailing 4-2. the sharks won the 28th road game of the season tonight in minnesota. that's a new franchise record and they can thank their back up goalie. shark fans are on the road and they are on the phones, too. dan is what happening to america? all right. james played 8 games. third shut out squeezing the padres here for one of the 29 saves.ñ rhn twitterè. bç brendon with a shotwp the twisterc. andót sharks winrc 3 nothing
9:59 pm
can't leave her open. ukúfor the finish. yukon roll 82-51. fourth straight national championship and 11th with the huskies. hi one eye on the game i was talking about and one eye over here because that's where the warriors game is currently tied at 106 with 8 seconds. oh, yes. nice. you are on your phone. >> item close. >> 8 seconds left. we have the complete highlights for you at 11:00 sni don't like that too close. >> thanks larry. >> all right that's our report as always we appreciate your time. for all of us here, 7 news continues now on line on twitter facebook all the mobile device with our 7 news app.
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