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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  April 6, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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happening now, abc7 news digs into the gap between arrests and charges for a criminal in custody in san francisco once again. >> record heat today, but it's one, and done. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. michael finney shows you how to solve the biggest problem of driving in the city. >> right now, sfpd goes from a baton to a bullet. >> the step has the support of most pple in san francisco as well as the police union. >> tonight, it would move closer to becoming reality. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> abc7 news reporter vic lee
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just stepped out of a meeting. >> the meeting is just starting here at city hall. chief greg suhr is here as is marte halloran. he is served with this survey in how san franciscans field. >> a deputy sheriff is using a taser in this video. that is what the police commission is considering in a review of lethal force policies. the union released a radio spot after getting results of a survey which shows 68% of those polled supports arming officer was tasers. only 14% of the 500 san francisco voters surveyed said they'd opposed the control devices.
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18% were not sure. our informal survey found similar views. >> i think it's taking too long to get them armed. >> hope to cut down shootings and definitely. >> police union president says the poll validates a position that all officers should be carrying tasers when possible, to lethal force. >> right now, sfpd go from a baton to bullet. >> so far, two of the seven have come out against tasers. the main argument being that they can result in medical emergencies and sudden death. the chief proposed a narrower policy, only select officers should be equipped with them. >> i believe that to go in with caution, see how it would go and
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how you can make it better. >> one hurdle is the cost of deploying tasers at once to all officers. >> when it comes to saving up a life, what is the cost in the city? >> police commissioners are set to discuss the issue tonight. vic lee, abc7 news. >> in the south bay, summer heat blast gave people a taste of what lies ahead in the coming months. you can cementy of people there on the beach, soaking up the sun. the weather there was warm enough for some to feel a quick dip in the water, you're looking live. we've been following temperatures there and across the bay area today. spencer christian should be
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proud. >> aren't we used to that? >> we've got high clouds moving into the bay area now under other wise sunny skies. reports today, 91 in oakland. breaking the old record of 82. and gilroy, 87 and tieing the record high there for this date. and monterey, 91 degrees. and highs 91 in santa cruz and 91 in yu -- ukiah. temperatures are dropping off a bit, it's 18 degrees warmer now in san francisco than it was this time, yesterday.
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>> taking a look when an out of control dump truck plowed into a converted apartment building in sausalito. >> i have heard the loud sound. i said a truck can smash into our garage. >> an engineer is now assessing the damage. firefighters say the driver lost control and was able to jump out before the crash but suffered a fractured arm. for the first time tonight the san francisco district attorney's office is explaining why it let a notorious suspect go before the fbi captured him in a raid on friday.
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abc7 news has details about the case you'll see only on 7. melanie? >> abc7 news confirmed a man shot outside of the home prior to the raid died. it's unclear what connection what has to do with now has become a homicide investigation. what is clear is that both were arrested but never charged. the first time, the san francisco da is saying why. when agents raided this home it wasn't the first time they'd encountered to the raid. >> i'm shocked. >> a hospital spokesperson confirms he passed away last night. sfpd said they've not identified a suspect in the death.
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sources say it's unclear what if any connection they have to shooting. court documents from a large raid reveal more. in this video, you can see fbi and sfpd raiding the home. the district attorney did not charge either. a spokesperson says it was part of an ongoing federal investigation. due to the nature of the investigation, we did not receive evidence in a timely manner to support the allegations. and as a result, we discharged this case. their connection has become an sfpd homicide investigation, unknown. the fbi says it's unable to
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comment regarding the statement. >> thank you very much. a video posted on instagram by a teenager is being investigated as a hate crime. you can tell he is holding a noose. the video ends with a gunshot. the mother mentioned in the video recorded it on the cell phone and handed it to authorities. authorities are upset. >> it's crazy. it's crazy and surprising. >> there is nothing we stand for in this community. this is very, very unsettling. >> the school won't identify the
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students or say if they've been disciplined. the investigation is ongoing. in february a chunk of concrete fell and nearly hit a driver. a team from the federal highway administration came in to inspect and you can see they used radar. >> ground-penetrating radar can see about 12 inches and a ft. if there is a problem back in the wall itself, we'll be able to see that. >> water and vibration could be weakening tunnel walls. the future of bart has arrived.
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those are sounds we get used to. today, bart showed off one to be delivered to the agency. and the cars will undergo testing on tracks and the goal of having ten in service by december. >> this car is being built to replace cars that have been on the roads for 33 years now. we want to make no mistakes. >> san francisco's truancy rate is high. they begin by knocking on doors
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of merchants. these were once truant youth who hung out at home or along third street. lionel peterson admits has having trouble staying in school. >> instead of school, they're out there. the next step is incarceration and trouble. >> the 49er marched with the students in the walk to end truancy. business owners were out to support students by turning them away during school hours. >> a word of encouragement. they should be in school. need to be in school.
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>> we have over 385 graduates now viable assets to the community and their families. >> the other school is a five keys charter school for the older ones. >> smaller classes and having a case manager. >> the case manager happens to be across the hallway. michelle bettis says this helped her graduate and get into a four-year university. in san francisco, abc7 news. a breathalyzer can test a driver's blood alcohol level. >> right. why some are against it. >> we dig into sexual harassment cases at cal, where suspects didn't lose their jobs. it wasn't just a start. it wasn't just a guy with a number one single.
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you know? he's a guy that you know he was a true legend. >> bay area musicians remember merle haggard. >> the ak stress on the cover of "ad week" who had trouble "ad week" who had trouble recognizing
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lawmakers proposed using new technology to catch drivers who are driving while high. abc7 news is live with the story. chris?
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>> some people are calling into question the accuracy, but lawmakers say something needs to be done to keep our roads safe. federal officials say more people are driving under the influence of drugs than before, now, local law enforcement must be given the tools to get them off the road. >> this is a quick way to test, and see if they're under the influence of something. then, if they fail this they can hall down for testing. >> they're pushing a bill to give a swab test on people think they are driving under the influence of an elicit drug or substance. >> we have to have a way to quickly determine who is posing a danger. >> tween 2009 and 2013, the number of drivers who tested positive in crashes was up nearly two hup%. the test would only be used in
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instances where there is probable cause that a driver is impaired and if the driver failed a sobriety field test. he says he's wondering if it can be accurate. >> it can stay in a body up to 30 days. if you're to test me today after smoking into sooner than two weeks ago, you can't say there is a correlation between that and my driving awilt built today. >> california highway patrol says they'll be monitoring closely. >> we'll take appropriate steps to determine whether or not the driver is driver under the influence of any drug. >> the bill will be reviewed in a couple weeks. >> a u.s. army corporal is coming home. he went missing on february 15th in south korea.
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dna testing identified his remains. his remains will arrive and will receive a burial with full military honors on friday. >> as you have heard a music legend is gone tonight. merle hagga away in shasta county on his 79th birthday. eric thomas spoke with local singers who admired and idolized him. >> this is his anthem. in recent years, performing had become a challenge. >> hard to do and not showing signs of age. >> he was born in kern county and got into show business in time to help shape the
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bakersfield sound. >> so prolific. >> every show i ever saw was just delivering the goods. >> former giants baseball star opened for a concert in arizona. >> he's a legend. he influenced many people with his music. >> up and coming performer is playing san jose's rodeo club tonight. he was ununder the influenced by haggard, too. >> records were flying off the shelves today, fans reacquainted
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themselves with his long career. eric thomas, abc7 news. >> what a legend. >> she said she is no stranger to photo shopping but said, quote, it's so different from what i look like in the mirror. james cooper tweeted his editors added volume for hair and meant no disrespect. washington went on to say she was happy with the article as well as other pictures. you can see cary washington on "scandal" thursday nights at 9:00. if there is a woman that does not need anything done to her face, it's cary washington. >> spencer christian, also, unretouched tonight. >> and skalusus as well. >> looking fresh after being on the roof.
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>> very nice. >> we have mainly sunny skies but 86 in san francisco. oakland, 89. 86 morgan hill, 81 half moon bay. here is the view in half moon bay. check out this view, you can see clouds surging up from the south. will be cooler tomorrow and further cooling into the weekend and there is a chance of showers friday and saturday. low clouds followed by high clouds and temperatures drop, especially at the coastline and across the region.
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overnight, mild, and clouds move in. so tomorrow, check out highs only mid-60s on the coast and upper 60s to low 70s around the bay. low to mid-80s inland. there is is rain coming our way. and the showers will start to move in friday and continue into saturday and here is the forecast animation, showers develop friday evening and will spread during overnight hours and into saturday. and so looking ahead to the end of the rainfall going into sunday, we'll see rainfall to l totals under a quarter inch. here is the accu-weather forecast. so notice further cooling going
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into the weekend. highs in upper 50s sunday and monday. wednesday is our next chance of rain after the shower on friday and saturday. a cooler, more unsettled power now. >> we can use it. >> thank you. >> coming up next, why the public can, and can't, take a public can, and can't, take a free tour of the
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these it almost feels like from were inside the house. not that i've been in there...
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or have i? now get this garden treasures® severson patio collection for only $248, at lowe's. . the poxes are made of recycled material. free tours of the national accelerator lab are coming back this month. they're booked up. tours include a visit to the two-mile long accelerator said to be the nation's longest building. registrations open april 29th. >> wshgers can expect higher wages according to the latest
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forecast and predicts the tech fuel economy will grow faster than the rest of the economy. >> it will grow faster than the rest of the country. and will continue to do better. >> california's unemployment rate to be 5%. and the forecast decreased in the rate in the state over next two years and 3.67% increase. >> how to make sure your vote counts in an election that could be critical for deciding the presidential nominees. plus... >> robots that learn like humans, head on abc7 news.
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>> the giants home opener
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disturbing details of sexual harassment at uc berkeley involving 19 staff members. >> abc7 news spoke with one of the victims. >> she says she was heart broken when learning the sexual harassment case was among several others. >> i wondered what did the victims go through? was it anything like i went through? >> documents reveal 17 allegations. 11 resulted in the accused being fired or resigning. those include a custodian and a professor, and a massage therapist. she says she complained about
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the law school dean hugging, kissing and touching her. >> i felt a need to resolve this situation. there was no interest on the yuft part to protect me cal's driving coach would only docked pay when a co-worker accused him of making inappropriate comments. >> what we can do is advance our commitment. >> he says the damage has been done. >> uc berkeley just launched a chancellor's committee and the mission is to strengthen prevention efforts. in berkeley, alisa harrington,
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abc7 news. >> a man was behind bars less than 24 hours later charged with assault with intent to commit rape. police say he asked to use the bathroom. she fought back and ran off. >> san francisco district attorney charged this man with several felonies. the da says he used addresses to infiltrate a neighborhood association in hopes of changing it's stance on development. >> last night's primary cast doubt on the front runners. senator ted cruz won wisconsin, and trump still leads with 743.
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now, on the democratic side hillary clinton still wins bernie sanders. 2383 are total needed to clench democratic nomination. >> california's primary takes place june 7th. >> this is like iowa. maybe we have a better chance of that this time around. looks to be a busy month in california. >> with election season around the corner, the state is taking
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a look at what it's going to do to deal with the surge in registration. they want to make sure it won't complicate election day. >> this is long lines in the polling places. alex padilla is making sure there are plenty of places open. >> we're making sure they're convenient and we don't have waits we see in other states. >> he says there is a surge of registration in three months, 600,000 people registered to vote. be prepared for a long ballot. two dozen measures could qualify. the voter information guide could be 288 pages.
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>> so we ask people are they ready to vote? >> absolutely. >> are you planning on vote something. >> yes. >> many told us they know this is unique and are getting ready. >> i'm going to do research. >> local issues affect me most. so it's a headache, but that is what we do. >> every year, more people choose that option. >> deadline to register to vote is coming up. >> tonight, you're invited not to just any block party. >> we're going to take a look at the technology of tomorrow.
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>> warriors had a stunning loss against minnesota but the team did not practice today. they face san antonio tomorrow. you can watch the game on our sister network espn. and. >> are you going to opening game tomorrow? are you driving there? where are you going to park? >> michael finney is here with a solution to solve a problem that
7:41 pm
we face. >> you can drive around in the city and around and around. >> coming in from the east bay, i'm driving around. >> we're driving around the giants at&t park. it doesn't come cheap in the spaces that are often filled so tricia uses an app to find for her parking. >> i will use it whenever i come in so i know where i'm going. >> knowing where she wants to
7:42 pm
park is different than getting a space there and wanted a good price. she wanted the parking space reservation app called spot hero. it shows prices for day and time you want to park. another lot nearby, $10. on opening day, the app is showing spaces for $15. and a $70 spot across the street from the ballpark. they cut their own deals so depending on the app different spaces are shown and charged. and so no cash exchanges hands.
7:43 pm
>> so, by finding a place to park, you take the worry out of trying to find a spot. >> there are links that i have mentioned on my report. if you check them out just go to >> there it is right there. >> it's like that. >> they're remarkable. >> thank you.
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you should not take medicines that cause constipation. the most common side effects of viberzi include constipation, nausea, and abdominal pain. stay ahead of ibs-d... with new viberzi. senator feinstein met with
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judge merrick garland. republican senators want to postpone any confirmation hearings until after the election. we're still years from the jets ones, perhaps, but robots are on the way to becoming a much-bigger part of our lives. today the robotics industry held a robot block party, inviting the neighborhood to see what they're cooking up. >> a little robot called pepper, shaking hands is the beginning. pepper with high five, and fist pump. and boy, can this robot dance. >> what do you think? >> awesome. >> that is by design. we want you to think of pepper as a he or she. and engage like it's a member of
7:48 pm
the family, or friend. >> robots with different jobs take different forms. >> that is a sandwich making robot. >> another robot may not look like a chef but is a whiz at chopping vegetables. >> one biggest use is still manufacturing. the robot had become more human. meet toolmorrow. >> it's designed just to move in. >> a robot you reach. >> machine learning is going to have a big impact. >> robots have to play an
7:49 pm
important role. >> and from robots to this. think of it as a retriever. >> it's more effective than a guide dog. >> tough. >> yes. remarkable. >> it's cooled down in the area. >> in oakland, 89 degrees. >> so what is in store for tomorrow? >> it's warm out there tomorrow, under partly cloudy conditions, tomorrow, interesting pattern with lots of rainfall and
7:50 pm
showers so clouds surge northward, accounting for a cool down here. low to mid 60s on the coast and low 70s inland. chance of rain over seven days, saturday we expect light rain and showers, a system coming in to bring us saturday ranks one and unsettled weather. >> let's talk about sports. >> larry beil joins us now. >> speaking of out of here, giants with a shark sighting m milwaukee.
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good evening, a week ago, warriors looked like an invincible machine. now, they look vulnerable and it
7:54 pm
seems clear chasing history has taken a toll. warriors opened up a 17-point cushion and is looks like they're stuck on 69 wins with four games left. that is irrelevant vent. wrapping up the top seed in the west is the key. >> it hasn't been easy. but at the end we're in a great spot. we're trying to lock up one seed west. we're in a good position to do so. we've got everybody healthy now. we've got to get everybody back into the mix. get everyone feeling good and in
7:55 pm
rhythm. to enjoy that. >> this is all about the ring. >> giants going through a sweep but a struggle in his giants debut. this guy is a real fan here. look at the catch making it down the line, then, a perfect throw getting posy at the plate, easily. first inning here, ryan brown with an rbi single that ties it
7:56 pm
at third. his second of the year and giants take a lead. but no shut down for the sharks. and there goes barney. raiders signed player reggie nelson, nelson spent five season was the bengals. he says he's come in lighter despite collin kaeper nick asking for a trade he doesn't find it awkward. >> we treat him the same way.
7:57 pm
you know? so we don't treat him differently. >> masters park there, the old dude stole the show, though. and misses the green, coming up short. 80-year-old gary player with a hole in one for 80-year-old gary player. dan, eat your heart out. abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> yes. he works out like a maniac. >> thank you so much. >> join me tonight at 9:00, a man trying to get away from police goes out of control and
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an out of control dump truck crashes into a north bay home. >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news. >> from all of us, we appreciate your time, see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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