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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  April 7, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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now at 11:00, april showers, as we take a live look from our abc 7 exploratorium camera at pier 15. we have clouds. no rain yet. but we're just hours away from the arrival of some wet weather here in the bay area. good evening. >> let's go straight to meteorologist sandhya patel. >> yeah, larry and kristen, the weather's going to get interesting around here. you'll notice we have the clouds around. there's fog down below. down in southern california, we've been tracking showers. it's the same system that is going to bring us showers. we've been rating these systems, 1 is light, 5 is severe. this one is a 1.
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about 1/4 to 3/4 of an inch. isolated thunder is possible. tomorrow morning, showers are still to the southwest of the bay area. we head into 10:00 a.m., and those showers begin to develop in the santa cruz and monterey bay. we really work our way into the afternoon when we start to see light to moderate showers in the south bay. by 5:00 p.m., the mountains looking at the wet weather. notice the increase in coverage and the northward expansion of that wet weather. i'll let you know what else the system might bring besides some showers. a look at the weekend is coming right up. a reminder, you can keep track of the weather where you live with the free abc app. tonight concord police investigators are confirming to abc 7 news a dental assistant arrested for molesting a sedated young child, may have up to 50 more victims.
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police arrested him after a young girl to a relative that he touched her inappropriately while she was under the influence of nitrous oxide. melanie? >> reporter: police are hoping to identify many of those 50 victims through cell phone videos that he allegedly took, to give you the sense of the shear volume of victims possible in this case. detectives set up a special victim hotline dedicated to this case alone. concord police say 24-year-old alejandro saro was a dental assistant in concord. >> in case was brought to us by the courage of an 8-year-old girl. >> reporter: saro recorded the girls. investigators safe he could be heard giving them directions, as he molested them. >> how could he do it? >> reporter: stephanie rodriguez took her children to the clinic across the street.
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uncertain if their children may have been victims. they say they were always asked to stay in the waiting room. >> why we cannot go inside with our kids. >> reporter: questions the clinic is not answering. >> the clinic takes the safety of its patients seriously and are cooperating with the officials investigating this matter. >> reporter: saro began working at the clinic in 2015. there could be as many as 50 victims, 12 years old and younger. western dental in concord and antioch, employees there did not return our calls. detectives are still investigating if saro was uploading or sharing the videos. saro is being held at martinez detention facility on $8.1 million bail. abc 7 news. new at 11:00, the sonoma county sheriff's office released
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dramatic body camera video showing the june 2015 arrest of a teenager. >> he grabbed all of us. >> come here. no. >> [ bleep ]! >> no. >> that's gabrielle limbos. she suffered facial swelling and bruises. she filed a lawsuit against the county. but that's on hold because she's facing a resisting arrest charge. the deputy said he was investigating suspected domestic abuse involving her sister. limos refers to the deputy with racial slurs against african-americans. calling for changes in the police department's use of force policy after today's deadly police shooting of a homeless man. this is video tweeted out by
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mission local tonight. the group marched in a town hall meeting about police shootings to the scene of the shooting. they moved on to the mission police station. the demonstration broke up after 9:00 an did remain peaceful throughout. the shooting happened this morning. the man was armed with a large kitchen knife and kept charging atofficers. even after being shot with bean bags. witnesses tell a different story. they say the man's knife stayed tucked in his belt. >> the knife was up on his hip the whole time. he didn't have no knife in his hand when the officers was around him. >> the man died at the hospital. police recovered seven bullet casings. the shooting comes a day after the police commissioners met to arm the officers with tasers. petaluma police have arrested a man who repeatedly
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tried passing counterfeit bills. 30-year-old jonathan moore was taken into custody yesterday evening. police have charged him with carrying fake money. today three more downtown businesses said they found counterfeit bills in their possession. uber will pay $10 million to settle a lawsuit, a civil lawsuit over safety claims. california prosecutors say the san francisco bay drive service exaggerated and misled passengers falsely claiming it had the best background checks for drivers in the industry. the company will change misleading language. uber also agreed to go only to airpor where it has permission to operate. sports news tonight after twstunning losses at home. the warriors this evening with much more like the team that destroyed the nba this season. they hammered the san antonio spurs. steph curry scored 27 points. they won 112-101. they lock up the top seed in the west and record their 70th
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victory of the season. if the warriors win their final three games, they will set the all-time wins record. katy picks up our coverage tonight live at oracle arena. katy? >> reporter: larry, to borrow a phrase from you, the warriors won it with authority. they are still in the rning to break the record for the most season wins. but it's all about the championship. warriors fans have plenty to cheer about. the team is back on track. >> the only thing we get to do is go out there and win another championship. >> we ain't going anywhere. this ain't a fluke. we're going back to back. >> reporter: the fans made their predictions early. with this win, that's what the warriors get. >> first of all, the number one seed, so you can at least get the home field advantage throughout the play-offs. but then win the championship. you can get the record, it doesn't mean anything.
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>> reporter: the chicago bulls currently hold the record for winning the most games in a season, 72. if the warriors win their next three games, the last three games of the regular season, they'll break that record with 73 wins. >> what did kobe say? you break the record. >> reporter: coach steve kerr is shrugging it off. >> to be honest, it would be cool. it would be nice. i'm not going to lose any sleep over it. >> reporter: speaking of sleep, could it be past someone's bedtime? meet these twins. >> we announced their birth on instagram with warriors gear. >> they can watch at home. >> reporter: this is the twins' fourth game at oracle arena, and they're just six months old. maybe that's a record. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> how adorable are the two little kids with their hats on. the giants and their fans celebrating a big win over their bitter rivals tonight. >> that was also exciting.
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abc 7 news was at the park for opening day against the dreaded dodgers. the giants win 12-6. >> stay with us. we'll have complete highlights from the giants home opener. lots more on the warriors, a's and sharks, all at home. very rare that all four local teams were home on the same day. that's coming up later in sports. still ahead at 11:00, the bizarre high-speed chase in southern california, that included doughnuts, cheering onlookers, and a close call with a tmz tour bus. exposing the truth over sexual harassment at stanford. students are having their say. slurpies and taxes? 7-eleven gives new meaning to convenience stores. jimmy? >> i was awake some of the day preparing this for you. donald trump, is he the person
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in los angeles today, this was a police chase unlike any other. two burglary suspects in a convertible on creating a spectacle, then getting away from the cop. they did doughnuts on sunset boulevard. they were flinging garbage at the tmz bus on the free way. they shook hands with locals, posed for photos, even exchanged high fiveps.
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l.a. county sheriffs promptly took the two into custody without further incident. a motorcycle officer is in icu after intentionally run over in sacramento this afternoon. the officer pulled behind a truck on the shoulder, thinking the vehicle was disabled. and then the driver put it into reverse. the driver led officers on a 50-mile chase to fairfield where he was eventually taken into custody. that truck was stolen. students are engaging in an unprecedented vote and will continue demanding a do-over when it comes to engaging the campus climate around sexual assault. live from stanford. >> reporter: students are voting today and tomorrow on a referendum that would push the university to adopt a new survey system. one many say is more accurate and reflects the reality of sexual assaults on this campus. matthew cohen and stephanie are
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anxious about the results of a referendum. students are voting on right now. it asked stanford to follow the same aau guidelines used at harvard and yale. to study on-campus sexual assaults. the university uses its own survey and found 1.9% of students have been assaulted. but similarly, campuses reported a rape of 43%. >> the university came to the 1.9% is very misleading. >> just throw that number out there, it was insulting to think we were actually going to go along with that. >> reporter: the university has been accused of downplaying a very real issue. just last week, a former stanford swimmer was found guilty of sexual assaulting an unconscious woman on campus. meantime, a stanford spokesperson released this statement saying, quote, we do not expect to use the current aau survey methodology, both because it would give us incomparable data to the first survey, and we believe our
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survey instrument produces more accurate and detailed information. stanford students i spoke with plan to vote for the referendum. >> i think this referendum would be a very good step towards hearing what eveone is going through. >> we don't deserve to look like sexual assault isn't a problem here, because it certainly is. >> reporter: the vote results will be in saturday night. in palo alto, abc 7 news. from 7 on your side tonight, an unlikely combo, you can now pay your taxes and buy slurpies at the sam time. the irs today announced a new partnership with 7-eleven. taxpayers who don't have a bank account can pay their taxes in cash. now 7,000 7-elevens will take the payments themselves. >> seems like an unlikely place
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to gret your refund. if it works, that's fantastic. >> don't get the slurpy all over your paper work, though. it's getting a little cold. >> rain coming our way. meteorologist sandhya patel is here. >> hot chocolate weather, not slurpy weather. yes, we do have april showers on the way. right now just clouds and some fog in half moon bay, where visibility has dropped to five miles. your morning commute will include that fog. temperatures are really quite comfortable, mid-50 rs to the low 60s. here's a live look from the exploratorium camera. you can see the fog that is around. scattered showers for your friday and saturday. isolated thunder possible, so don't be surprised if you see a streak of lightning, especially friday and saturday afternoon. a chance of rain again next week. we bring in the storm impact scale. there is a light system, one, for friday and saturday. it's expected to bring rainfall between .2 to .9 an inch.
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we are expecting a little more rain in the south bay. isolated thunder is certainly possible. as we take up hour by hour through our timeline tonight, we have the clouds around. 7:00 a.m., that moisture is coming in from the south. it's still going to be off the coastline. we go into the afternoon and you start to see some returns here in the south bay, increasing by evening, friday evening at 5:00 p.m. as the evening rush is getting under way. light to moderate rain begins to move. it just continues northward. by 7:00 p.m. you'll notice scattered showers in the north bay. 11:00 p.m., still scattered in nature and light. as we head to your saturday morning, if you have early plans, do expect some wet roadways at 7:00 a.m. scattered in nature for saturday afternoon at 2:00 p.m., continuing as we head toward 5:00 p.m. most of this will be primarily over the hills. but we will see the rainfall totals highest in the south bay since the system is coming from southern california. you'll notice close to about an
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inch there, mountainview, san jose, head up to the north and it's far less, but .2 of an inch in places like napa. first thing in the morning, do watch out for that fog. we'll have the clouds up above that. and so we'll be insulated because of that. temperatures will be in the low to mid-50s across the bay area. for the afternoon cloudy across most of the region. but really showers increasing by evening. temperatures range from 62 in half moon bay. we took our big hit today. tomorrow, a few more degrees of cooling. mid-60s san rafael. santa rosa, oakland, 64 san francisco. 70 degrees palo alto and san jose. tomorrow night at at&t park, plan on the possibility of some showers. not initially, it's going to be cloudy. 59 degrees at the start of the game. but as the evening goes on, drops down to 57. and that's when you may start to see some raindrops at at&t park. a look at the seven-day
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forecast, friday and saturday, this is part of the same system. scattered showers during that time period. slight chance on sunday. dry monday, tuesday. another round, another possibility of rain wednesday and thursday. doesn't look as windy. right now 1 on the storm impact scale. drew will be tracking those showers in
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researchers at m.i.t. have taken 3-d printing to a whole other level. they created a 6-legged robot that can practically crawl out of the printer on its own. it's all put together in a single step. not modeled after you, larry, don't worry. after attaching a battery, a motor is ready to go. the team calls it a functional machine.
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the entire process takes 22 hours. >> he looks harmless. it's his friends who are bigger and stronger who worry me. and they're coming, no doubt. >> like the warriors. >> steve kerr was rather intense tonight. what got him so upset and how
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steve kerr was stressed about the warriors' recent losses, he certainly didn't show it. he said his team was fat, drunk and stupid against the t'wolves. that would change against the spurs. warriors go on a 14-0 run early in the second quarter. the jam. a three for danny. kerr explodes. there goes his favorite marker. warriors up 12 at the half, extending the lead in the third. curry gets the three ball. 15 points in the first quarter. finished with 27. andrew bogut here, spectacular in slow motion.
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18-point warrior lead after three. they become only the second team in nba history to win 70 games. sharks hosting the jets in the tank. patrick marlow will fling this off the back side of mark shifle. seconds left in the game, dustin's shot goes in off the burns. on that goal the jets win. saturday against the coyotes and then on to the play-offs. we heard a lot about the giants' super charged offense all season long and the dodgers witnessed all of it today. always fun. taking the lead bottom six. giants go up 5-4. bottom eighth, here it comes. and there it goes.
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the big blow. courtesy of hunter pence. the grand salami. the giants hand the dodgers their first loss of the year, 12-6. >> obviously the grand slam was nice. but these things don't happen without a lot of good at-bats in front of you. people being on base. things turn around. that's why you play all nine innings. good things will happen if you keep going. >> beer in his left hand, and he's got the foul ball in his right after that. didn't spill a drop. no score until the sixth inning. kendall graven was the pitcher. his first of the year. a's fall 6-1. first round of the masters at augusta. beautiful day. unless your name is ernie els. missing putt after putt. inside of two feet. with six putt, the hole 4, a 9. he would finish 8 over par.


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