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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  April 12, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> to be more vigilant. a a scientist was shot dead. what surveillance video caught and what neighbors heard. a new cost turn this into the grand central station of the west by next year. >> this video of me is recorded and facebook is betting big on video that is live. >> i don't want to feel like the princess and the pea syndrome. >> she's getting a good night's sleep thanks to michael finney.
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>> construction costs ballooned on the transbay terminal project. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> the center will be twice the length of the trans-america pyramid between beal and second street. >> abc7 news was there when it was lifted into place we got a look inside of the construction process. >> it will only happen if new funding comes through. >> the terminal was supposed to cost about $1.6 billion. and had is some funding.
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>> reporter: the future terminal looks like a massive strip of steel and concrete. you can see it four stories from the street. >> one of the values is that the buses will have a direct connection into the transit center. >> of the costs have ballooned. the project facing a $250 million funding gap. >> that is for construction throughout the city. >> she presented a board today that would would allow san francisco to cover the gap. >> one of the biggest buildings should have been taken into consideration in the first
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place. >> this is going to leave funding. >> i am not sure, my assumption is that construction would not continue. >> other projects are sup positioned to be paying for the terminal but the funds are not coming in fast enough. and the loan should be paid back as soon as other projects pick up, then, on phase two is tunnelling under downtown for future high speed rails. >> in developing news, ariana fits was reported missing a week ago. police say her mother, nicole was the victim of a homicide. police sources tell abc7 news
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they're questioning many persons of interest including a pastor who knew the fits. it has left the community and we pray her daughter comes back, safely. a co-worker and friend says she was emotional at work and fighting for custody of her 12-year-old daughter. a scientist was shot dead in oakland just doors from his home. he was half a block away when shot. melanie is live on the latest in this investigation. >> reporter: investigators say the family is devastated.
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i spoke with several neighbors that tell me they heard a gunshot. and he had a phd from georgia tech. >> just they're world, turned upside down. >> neighbors say they heard a loud bang. >> he had a gunshot wound in the forehead. >> neighbors say he was walking home from king fish, approximately two miles away, shot less than a half block from his house. >> did someone come and search out an opportunity to job run? are they living in our neighborhood? watching people come and go? and nowhere to strike?
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>> the neighbor say she did not see a ear bud attached to a phone. >> this is time for more cameras and more vigilance. >> when i seen the surveillance i was like, oh, my god. that is the guy seen running. >> it's information opd wants neighbors to share with them. investigators say they're headed back to the neighborhood. a bart customer helped stop thieves. they say a customer saw two people cutting bike locks. the tools were ditched nearby. police say one suspect admitted to the attempted theft.
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>> new at 6:002 high school students arrested for committing a hate crime. it showed a noose, a gunshot and a threat that named a student in modesto. police searched three homes and selected evidence that led to arrests. deputies say the shooting involved a husband and wife in millbrae. authorities describe the wounds as serious. >> today a judge struck down a motion to dismiss a murder case. the man accused of fatally shooting kate steinle will stand trial. vic lee is live.
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>> reporter: the defendant says the gun went off accidentally. today, his defense lawyers argued that police had enough reasonable suspicion to tee tan him. but no probable cause to arrest him. but the judge didn't buy that. defense lawyers told the judge there is not enough evidence to justify the arrest of juan francisco lopez sanchez and moved to dismiss the second degree murder case. >> there was reasonable suspicion to stop perfect lopez-sanchez to question him. to search him, to do certain things short of arresting him. >> the judge denied the motion to dismiss saying he agreed with prosecutors that there was enough probable cause to arrest
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lopez sanchez. police arrested him a block away from pier 14. now, the question of the arrest has been resolved, lopez sanchez's lawyers will focus on the defense that the shooting was an accident. during the preliminary hearing a former crime lab chief testified the bullet hit the ground, ricochetted and hit kate steinle. >> we're not aware of any other case of a ricochet being the basis for a murder charge. >> the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar was back in court. lawyers focused on a witness list. lamar disappeared on the way to
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school. her hair was found on a rope in garcia-torres's car. today a former social worker received a nine year prison sentence for having sex with three teen-aged girls. all were 16 years of age. a personal trainer is charged with sexual battery on women from their teens to 50s. >> the atmosphere in the gym some describe as cult like. and find out how bad it can be when a big wave hits san francisco's sea wall. lots of weather changes coming our way. and a big warm up. i'll have details in the accu-weather forecast. it's the hottest ticket in town, but not in the
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a man recently arrested for child molestation and sexual battery. david louie is live with the story. david? >> reporter: the parents of a a teenager came to police. now, police and others are accused him of operating a cult. >> it's known as the cult.
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>> this cyclist is referring to the studio named wolf pack where trainer works with athletes. >> they're so focused it allows them to be in a trance and sexual batteries are against them he said smith had an ability to manipulate his victims. >> with him, saying we need to take your measurements but you have to be naked and private massages you need to be naked and stuff is so ridiculous, they left. >> police say three victims are adults and one is in her 50s. three more women forward. >> they were embarrassed and.
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>> police do not know of other victims. he and his wife live in this house. a neighbor says they have not socialized with others on the street. >> they moved in close to a year ago. they do a friendly hi, goodbye, that is it. >> no one came to the door at the house. we were asked to leave a store that wolfsmith's wife owns. >> police are trying to find a woman what assaulted another woman. police say they were fighting when one woman pulled a frozen turkey out of a freezer and hit the woman on the head. the victim was not seriously hurt. >> the warriors could make history tomorrow on the last game of the regular season, going for win number 7373.
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the banners are operating in strength, in numbers. we're live with the excitement ahead of the big game. laura? >> what is normally a throw away game has become a must see event. the warriors received a visit and some well fishes from players that just happen to be playing next door. >> there is an opportunity to do something that has never been done. >> steph curry knows whatever happens, dub nation will be there with him.
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>> green wants to make sure the experience is shared by local students, tweeting he will donate to students with high grades. >> they earned it. and when you do right, good things happen to you. >> as they have all season, warriors know how to mix in fun with winning. >> you get to see a guy that is the best in the world in his profession. enjoy it. it's awesome for us. >> draymond assured us, he knows how to get it done when it
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counts. ticket prices for tomorrow night's game start at $350. the highest price for any game since last year's nba finals. there are many ways to buy tickets, only one recommended by warriors. >> buying a ticket from another site is not that different from the guy in the parking lot. >> if you want to try getting a resale ticket, the average listing price of a ticket is more than $1300. that is second for a regular season ticket. it's going to cost $1400 to see kobe bryant's final game tomorrow. and if you want to sit courtside at oracle it's $18,000 but $29,000 to sit next to jack
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nicholson tomorrow. >> we want to see your warriors pride. use #dubs on 7. >> i want to give you the weather forecast. people have to travel to get there. >> true. >> okay. >> so looking live, we've got clouds after a sunny and late afternoon, you can see here over the golden gate bridge. 55 degrees in san francisco. 60 in mountain view and san jose. 55 half moon bay. this is the view. a dark, dreary view from clouds
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in the bay. from our roof top camera, we'll see morning clouds and sun tomorrow. and here is our storm impact scale we have used throughout the season to rank every storm from one, which is light, to five, severe. the approaching system, bringing us showers on thursday ranks one and breezy, tomorrow morning low clouds and fog. and mid afternoon, mostly sunny skies. a line of showers around midnight, as a matter of fact.
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we'll have showers throughout the central part of the bay area and that we expect only a hundredth inch in mountain view. and there will be snow by 11:00 thursday evening. so then back to the bay area tonight, partly to mostly cloudy skies. and tomorrow, mid and upper 60s. and will be cool and 10:00 hopefully no overtime and breezy and cool. here is the accu-weather forecast. looking at a big warm up.
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high temperatures into low to mid-80s inland. and to 70 degrees on the coast. >> and at 6:30 a mist
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today is equal pay day, symbolizing how far into the year women must work. it shows the ratio is unchanged, showing the average woman earned only 79% of with a a man erns and black women earning 60%, la tinas, 55%. >> this is the idea whether you're a teacher or whether you're a soccer player or tennis player your work should be equal lay warded. >> the president made the accidents today in a dedication honoring women in washington, d.c. this is called the women's
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equality national monument. >> i'm proud of our success to honor more women that stand in the calls of congress. and. >> three bay area high school students will stand among america's brightest at the white house sighen fair tomorrow. you can see them inside of the white house today. they were competing in the bay area, the seniors wanted to come up with a green way to recharge
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electric vehicles and he owned a perfect score, way to go. the east side union high school district shared this photo. that is impressive. >> yes. >> whether caps and solar power airplanes coming to facebook. >> yes. plus, should you be able to stay here as long as you want? >> yes. >> a san francisco renter facing >> a san francisco renter facing eviction at age
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this is the apartment a woman called home for half a century. now, age 99 she's facing
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eviction. >> that woman spent time in court today, earned a brief reprieve and sparked a rally. >> reporter: pictures tell stories for iris, comfort is in limbo. >> should you be able to stay here as long as you want? >> yes. i love my house. every day i got is here. >> for that reason this 99-year-old went to housing court and became the latest symbol in a raging battle between tenants and land lords who want to cash in on property values. >> it's no longer about praft, but wind fall profit. >> the issue for iris, owners want could convert this building into condo minimums. they formed a ten yancey in common that allowed her to live
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there as long as she lived there alone. >> she went on hiatus and traveled and other times she was hospitalized. >> an attorney declined to speak with abc7 news, he kept walking. just before, the court offered iris a week one stay of eviction. >> does she understand what's happening? >> very little. very little. >> as the crowd got worked up, iris practically disappeared. >> this woman has a lifetime lease. that means as long as she's on earth, she deserves to have the dignity of her home. >> reporter: iris seemed relieved. her friends took her home, back to the couch where she feels most cost foblable surrounded by memories and watching the news of which she is now a part, on tv. a group of peninsula land
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lords is accused of bad behavior during a affordable housing. >> if you don't like it, that is fine. but these are the calls him getting. >> hand lords heckled the deputy mayor as he played a motion from a sobbing renter. you don't see it on camera but the group then walked out. city leaders reached no decision on an ordinance to protect tenants from rent increases or evictions. the deputy mayor told our partner he's shocked by the lack of respect shown by land lords. >> crews face a huge repair job in a high school outside of los angeles. you can see the damage caused by water in huntington park. the court collapsed because of the water in a collection basin.
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a broken sewer line is being blamed for this sink hole. work has already started. >> they built it and they had to tear it up. take a look at this intersection. the problem is a widened sidewalk prevent buses from turning on to diamond street. the work is to redo that work at a cost of $750,000. >> san francisco's filipino community may have reason to celebrate. the board considered designating a filipino culture district and
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residents would be protected from displacement. >> within this district and community should be supported in terms of community development. >> 25 sites would get special designation. >> the winningest soft ball coach in california history reached a milestone. his 1,000th win. this is his last season. he plans to retire. >> facebook took over san
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francisco today and mark zuckerberg spoke his mind. >> i want to step back just a moment. >> reporter: for mark zuckerberg facebook is calling for bringing people together. in what many call a direct shot at donald trump he said facebook's work is more important than ever. >> instead of building walls, we can help people. this is part of a solar power airplane to beam down internet in developing countries. >> zuckerberg announced drones will be able to broadcast live directly to facebook. >> say hi, everyone. >> reporter: anyone can go live with the app. >> it's fun. it feels great. >> reporter: it's real and raw. >> that is a flattering picture. >> you look great. >> reporter: like most interactions these videos have a person on the other end.
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another announcement is about robots that sort of act like people. >> this is the future of 1800 numbers. you're going to be able to message businesss. >> what answers will be a robot powered by facebook's artificial intelligence. >> the bot is designed to reflect reflect the experience of working with a weather caster. >> and what is the weather in san francisco? paris? we can get this through a natural language. >> there will be robots that can message you. but tech crunch writer says it benefits facebook. >> they know if messages are spammy you're not going to open the phone. that is horrible problem for facebook to have. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> we're finding out we're not as prepared as we'd like to
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think for the next earthquake. >> the damage that could hit the embarcadero. >> what is needed in the new home for this run awawaw
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on the 880 during the heart of the morning commute a gravel truck flipped over on 880 southbound you can see, sky 7 wooz overhead. and traffic backed up for hours. >> the first round of mail in ballots are on the way to california voters. in 2014, 60% used mail in ballots for that year's primary and general elections. the deadline to register is may 23. you can request a vote ballot through the end of may. california's primary is scheduled for june 7th. house speaker paul ryan put an end to speculation he might seek nomination for president. >> count me out.
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>> if you want to be the nominee to be you can run for it. and i chose not to do this. >> republicans can face a contested convention. a run away chihuahua needs to find a new home. these are the pictures of the dog. he is up for adoption. he was running aalong the bay bridge. >> well, what does it take to get a good night's sleep. get a good night's sleep. >> for one family, it's
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the embarcadero might not survive the next big earthquake according to a report. the issue is with the sea wall. the quake could shift several feet, causing cracks and
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flooding. at risk is this stretch and fixing would cost $2 billion. this is the most extensive survey ever done, presented today to the port of san san francisco. >> when you buy a bed, does it feel different at the store than home? >> one couple says their mattress turned into a mass of lumps. >> do you recall the princess and the pea? this couple said their mattress reminded them of that fairy tail. >> this is where we sleep. >> janet's mattrs is barely three months old. >> i don't want to feel like the princess and the pea.
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>> as the story goes the princess could find a pea. she says she feels lumps. >> we've got mountains. >> couple bought a mattress with pottery barn. it was replaced and now, it laz lumps, too. >> we have to adjust who gets the worst lump. my husband is taking the worst lumps. >> she says sleep is difficult. >> there is a crick in your back. >> pottery barn offered to replace it but there was a catch. >> have you to promise that you'll keep this under no certain terms, that this will be the end of our corresponds. >> janet didn't want to risk it. she contacted me.
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>> it's like spending like you're on probation. i'm calling channel 7 on your side but it does work. >> botry barn agreed to refund $2,000, and told us we take matters seriously, priding ourselves on quality and will be looking into the matter to assure we continue to uphold the standards. >> i can close that chapter, then, i have a lot of nights of sweet slumber ahead. >> it was a westin heavenly made by simmons and she says they're looking forward to sleeping peacefully and lump free. >> they're probably sleeping.
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>> thank you. >> rain is in the forecast. >> yes. today we saw a lot of cloudy skies like ones in this picture use #abc7now. >> let's go back to spencer. >> there is a good amount of cloud cover. we'll start off with cloudy conditions and upper 50s near the coast. mid to upper 60s inland. here is a look at the trend for the week ahead. high temperatures in low to
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mid-80s over the weekend and drop off next week. rain coming in thursday morning and start overnight into thursday. there will be light rainfall and a nice weekend warming trend. >> thank you spencer. >> cross over sports day this morning and a contingent of angels showed up. in a shooting contest.
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you won't see too many defending championship teams. you don't know the warriors. they're a win from setting a regular season. sunday night a win in san
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antonio. now that it's within reach they're happy to chat about chasing history. >> would have been cool to take care of the game. and there is one shot at it. it's amazing. i'm excited about it. >> it's a big deal and nobody wants to lose their last game if you can avoid it. we want to get that number. you know. why not? >> relief pitcher nails a three
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and dray mondayed is now 0-2. steph with a left handed shot. just a lot of fun for everybody out there. >> that is fun. i loved it. >> everything you do, you want to win. >> that is pretty koom. >> giants leading in colorado. and runners on the corner.
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and fans got a score on the throw. game tied at one. brandon bell rips another one to left. what a pro. throws out hunter at home. >> your sharks will face the rings in round one thursday in l.a. but the sharks real goalie will be key for the men in teal. he's a former l.a. king and
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knows him well. >> you look at the division at the start of the year. there is a good chance you're going to be playing so no surprises there. >> we played well this year. and so they're crashing it hard. just be aware of that. >> this sports report brought to you by sports report. so a lot of pressure. >> no. >> join us tonight, america's dirtiest fruits and vegetables. at 9:00. >> and the search is on for a
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man that exposed himself to a child. a new clue they want police to see. >> that is this edition of abc7 news at 6:00. we appreciate your time. >> from the entire abc7 nuts team, have a great evening.
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