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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 12, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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this is abc 7 news. >> scientist who once worked for nasa shot dead in oakland and it happened just a few doors from his home. tonight concerned neighbors turned over surveillance video to police hoping it helps them track down a killer. good evening. amma is off.
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brian bolt was walking home from the king fish pub saturday night. it's a two mile walk. and he was half block away when shot. 7 news reporter melanie has more. >> brian's family now here from florida investigators who have spoken with the family say that obviously they are devastated. i spoke with several neighbors today. they all tell me that they heard a gunshot and one neighbor says she immediately rushed outside and saw brian on the ground. >> flowers candle mark the spot where 30-year-old brian bolt died. he was a health data scientist with a p hd from georgia tech. family now here from florida. >> they are being completely rocked. world is turned upside down. >> just after midnight sunday neighbors say they heard a loud bang. >> he was clearly gone. he had a gunshot wound in his forehead. >> neighbors say he was walking home from king fish bar approximately two miles await a minute he was shot less than half block from his house. >> did somebody come and kind
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of search out an opportunity to rob some one or are they living in our neighborhood and watching people come and go and know where to strike. >>reporter: investigators won't say. >> we are in the extreme mode of gathering information. it's unclear whether or not somebody robbed bolt. neighbor who found him says she noticed he had an ear bud it but didn't see it attached to aen foychlt violent crime in the area is something we don't typically see. >> time for more lighting camera and more vij lance. >> neighbors are exchanging information over an e-mail threat including this surveillance video. >> when i seen the tape i said that's the guy i seen running. >> information o pd wants neighbors to share with them. investigators say they are headed back to the neighborhood. in oakland, melanie woodrow abc 7 news. >> parents and students of dear valley high school in antioch are getting an alert after student was reportedly robbed at gun point. it happened on trail near the community center across from
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the school. dear valley principal said a girl was walk to go school this morning when man approached her pulled out a gun then robbed her. gardener is asking students to be extra vigilant and call antioch police if they see anything that is suspicious. take a good look at this police searching for this man they say exposed himself to 7-year-old girl. she reportedly saw him with his pants unbutt to be. happened at this elementary school. detectives said man was in the parking lot of the nearby palo alto buddhist temple watching students. >> tonight a san francisco judge has struck down a motion to dismiss a murder case. man accused of fatally shooting kate last july on pier 14 will stand trial. vic lee is on the story. >> defense lawyers tell the judge there is not enough evidence presented to justify the arrest of juan francis lopez sanchez. they moved to dismiss the second degree murder case. public defender chief attorney matt gonzales.
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>> there was reason suspicion to stop mr. lopez sanchez to question him. to search him. to do certain things short of arresting him. >> after listening to arguments judge collins denied the motion to dismiss saying he agreed with prosecutors that there was enough probable cause to arrest lopez sanchez. that police relied on witness accounts and cell phone image where citizens actually pointed out the suspect to officers. >> police armed with cell phone photo of lopez sanchez arrested him block away from pier 14 where the shooting happened. now that the question of the arrest has been resolved by the court lopez sanchez lawyers will focus on the defense that the shooting was an accident. during the preliminary hearing former crime lab chief testified that the bullet hit the ground. ricocheted and then hit kate steinly. >> we are not aware of any other case in the history of
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san francisco involving a ricochet being the basis for a murder charge. >> more hearings are scheduled before the trial begins. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> embarcadero might not survive the next big earthquake that's according to newly released rovrment issue is with the century old sea wall that you are looking at here. quake could shift the sea wall several feet causing crack in the roadway and then flooding. at risk is this stretch that we have highlighted here on the map. from fisherman wharf to at&t park of course the critical park of the embarcadero fixing the sea wall along here would cost 2 billion dollars. this is the most extensive survey ever done on the waterfront area. it was presented today to the port of san francisco which paid for the study. now the question is what to do with this information. as you know the warriors could make history tomorrow on the last game of the regular season they are going for a record setting win number 73
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which no other nba team has ever reached. sky 7 hd flew over oracle arena where banners forwá the play os excitement. >> an opportunity to do something that has never been done in history. >> warrior star curry well aware of what is on the line wednesday night. and he nose whatever happens the fans at oracle will be right there with him. >> the amount of support they have given us through the rough years, i think it's well worth the wait just have another notch they can hold on to loyal fans of the warriors. >>reporter: with even the cheapest tickets selling for 300 dollars on the secondary market green wants to make sure the experience its shared by local students. star forward tweeted he will donate two tickets each to three oakland high school students with high grades. >> for what we pick from they earned this. they do what they do for this
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but when you do right good things happen to you. >> as they have all season the warriors know how to mix in the fun with the winning. several baseball stars from the los angeles angels stop by to play horse with green and curr curry. they include albert pool hool, mike trout and former oakland a pennington. >> get to see a guy that is best in the world profession. and you can't help but take it in and enjoy it. it's an awesome experience for us. >> trout beat green today. but he assured us he knows how to get it done when it counts. in oakland, laura anthony abc 7 news. going to be fun. now ticket prices for tomorrow night game start at 350 dollars. highest price for any warriors game since last year nba finals. there are many ways to buy tickets.
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only one though is recommended by the team. surprisingly enough buying a ticket from another third party site other than is really not all thifferent from buying from the guy in the parking lot. >> if you want to try getting resale ticket you have to pay for it. according to this the average listing price of ticket on the secondary market more than 1300 dollars. that second all time for regular season tickets. it will cost you 2100 dollars to see kobe bryant final game in l.a. tomorrow. >> if you want to sit court side at oracle you have to pay 18,000 dollars. that's a ton of money obviously but that pail in comparison to the 29,000 dollars that will cost to you sit next to jack neck olson in the staple center for kobe last game. >> either way a lot of fun. want to see your warriors pride when you post picture to social media use the hash-tag dub on 7 to find them and feature them. we will have more on the warriors coming up later on in
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sports. stay tune for. that but first the new cost to turn this stretch of concrete and steel into grand central station in the westby next year. >> should you be able to stay here as long as you want. >> yes. >>reporter: meet san francisco renter now facing eviction at age 99. sandhya is here with the weather. >> hold off washing the car. let you know why we have a storm coming. how much rain to expect and when coming right up. >> mark zuckerberg outline the plan to expand the facebook empire into the future. stay with me. stay with me. 7 news at 9:00
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>> gap is 250 million dolars. construction cost balloon on the transbay project. now they are trying to plug the gap he just mentioned and make commuting easier for 100,000 people every daybé0. sergio has more on the new proposal to loan san francisco the money. >> sky 7 hd the future transbay terminal looks like a massive strip of steel and concrete. from mission street level kahn see where bus come into the terminal 4 stories above the streets. >> value this bring to the transportation system is that the transbay bus have a direct
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connection from the bay bridge into the transit center. >>reporter: cost have ballooned. project is facing 250 million dollar funding gap. >> construction project throughout the city are seeing cost overrun because there's so much development and competition for construction company. >>reporter: supervisor jane kim is also on the joint powers authority board. she present add plan for the board of supervisors today that allow san francisco to borrow money to cover the funding gap. the lone should be payed back over 5 to 10 years. taxpayers have mixed opinion on the plan. >> one of the biggest building west of chicago, you know that should have been taken into consideration in the first place as to how much it would cost. >> going to help build jobs. for local workers. unions. >> if the loan is not approved it doesn't leave many options. >> i am not exactly what sure what would 0dpur there weren't a flow of funding. construction wouldn't continue. >> this tower under
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construction and other project are to be paying forth transbay terminal but those fund are not coming in fast enough t.the loan should be paid back as soon as other surrounding projects pick up. then it's on to funding phase 2 of this massive term nachlt tunneling under downtown to connect cal train and future high speed rail. in san francisco sergio abc 7 news. >> we talk about construction jobs. they built it and then they had to tear it up. take a look at this intersection near san francisco glen park bart station. city recently spent 3 million dollars to update the intersection. the problem is the widen sidewalk present veent muni bus from turning right on to diamond street. work here is to redo that job and additional cost of 750,000 dollars. some jobs are being slashed to help balance the budget at uc berkeley. moment went out to the university 8500 employee. it explains how uc berkeley trans to trim about 6 percent of the work force.
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but the note does not mention layoffs. cal officials say many positions will be eliminated through attrition. proposed cuts will not affect we are told any teaching position. >> well this is the apartment. woman called home for more than half a century. and now at the age of 99 sheets facing eviction. her story isn't unique in san francisco either as wayne explains that woman spent time in court today earned a brief reprieve and sparked a rally. >> picture tell stories of family of friend of more than half a century living in one san francisco apartment. for miss canada that cohn comfort in limbo boy. should you stay here as long as you want. >> yes. i love my house. everything i got >> for that reason this 99-year-old woman went to san francisco housing court today and in so doing became the latest symbol in raining battle between long time san francisco tenant and landlord who want to
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cash in on property values. >> it's no longer about profit. item about windfall profit. >> the issue for owner whose want to convert this building on paid street and form a she lived there alone and paid rent. now they say she's left and in so doing has forfeited that right. >> she wasn't gone. she went on hiatus with my mother. and she traveled and other times she was hospitalized. >> an attorney representing the owners declined to speak with abc 7 news today. he took off and kept walking. just before the court had offered her a one week stay of conviction she emerge to find a rally supporting her. >> does she understand what is happening? >> very little. very little. >> as the crowd got worked up she practically disappeared into the middle of it. >> this woman has a life time she's that means as long as she is here on earth she deserves to have the dignity of her hom
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home. >> at for her she seemed relieved when all this ended. friend loaded her up and took her home back to the couch where she feels most comfortable surrounded by memory in watching the news of which she's now a part. on tv. in san francisco, wayne friedman abc 7 news. >> we'll continue to follow that story but we are also following the weather and after a drilz weekend more rain is come. >> that's right. it's mid april so we'll take any rain we can get. >> running out of time. >> exactly. it's not going to come in wednesday night. now delayed a little bit and arrive thursday morning timing not good. let me show you live doppler 7hd and we'll talk about when that rain is going arrive. it's during your thursday morning commute. live doppler 7hd showing you the cloud cover around its familiar scene to you this wee week. we have been seeing the cloudy conditions. temperatures right now in the 50's across the bay area and here's a live look from the kgo camera. looking across along the embarcadero here. flags still blowing.
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still breezy outside. morning clouds will give way to some afternoon sun tomorrow. showers arrive early thursday morning and big warm-up is coming this weekend. here's a look at what will happen tomorrow morning. we start out with low cloud in the fog. could even be some patchy drizzle about you not expecting a rerun of this morning. in the afternoon at noon time the sun will breakthrough. we see occasional high cloud. through about 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon. and then we are going to change things up. clouds will start to thicken by wednesday night. we bring in our stormy packet scale as you know all season we rate storms one light 5 severe. most of the storms during the winter and spring have been 1 and 2. we had a few 3. one coming in early thursday it's a one. it's a light moderate light system light moderate rain expected and become breezy with wind gust 20 to 30 miles an hour during the time thursday 12:00 o'clock we start to see the showers developing in the north bay. we head into 3:00 a.m. and the north bay is getting light moderate rain. few showers in the east bay. notice at 4 a.m. starts to
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cross san francisco in the east bay. steadiest of the rain. 5:00 a.m. right across the central portion of the bay and then at 6:00 a.m. it shifts into the south bay. east bay you are still getting the rain. so morning commute could be a bit dicey on thursday. 7:00 a.m. still in the south bay and then we can't rule out isolated shower or two around noon time thursday heading at 3:00 p.m. showers show up in the north bay but it's light showers behind the city. as far as rain total go anywhere from about 5 hundredths of an inch to almost a third of an inch for wet east north by community. in the sierra this means snow. cold system so we expect as much as half foot at donner most other locations couple of inches fanned heading up thursday it's a good idea to compare the chain because snow level at 5000 feet but could lower briefly to 4500 feet. tomorrow morning starting out cloudy mid 40's to the low 50's and as i mention you might need the wiper briefly if we to have some spotty drizzle.
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67 tomorrow afternoon in the south bay and loss got as san jose morgan hill. 62. santa cruz 66 and mid 60's san mateo o. a lot like today. 58 pacifica and daly city downtown san francisco 61. north bay see the sun upper 60's calistoga santa rosa 64 san rafael. 65 in vallejo and east bay oakland inland areas 67 concord 66 livermore. accu-weather 7 day forecast go with cloud some sunshine for your wed afternoon. one on the stormy packet scale for thursday. that's the system that brings us breezy and wet conditions for the morning commute. we start to switch things up beginning friday. you notice the 70's appearing by saturday we bump you up to the 80's inland. plenty of sun for the out door plans and even some 60's and 70's along the coast. early next week dan we still watch what the model do as you mention earlier this evening. let them duke it out. right now disagreement one dry. one wet. >> don't hurt each other. >> no we let them figure it out.
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>> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. time for new home for the dog that we watch scampering across the bay bridge. plus the warning police issuing tonight for any one planning to attend this year huge pot smoking event at golden gate park. a before earning enough cash back from bank of america to buy a new gym bag.
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we have a warning tonight for any one heading to golden gate park for next week's 420 event. san francisco police say pwhirnts take their kid to the smoke out could be arrested on child engine dangment charges. warning came in news letter sent out by the department more than 10,000 people attended last year's event. police arrested 5 on various charges. run away chihuahua is ready to find a new home.
9:25 pm
these are new pictures now of the dog nicknamed povrj by san francisco animal care and control. they say he is now up for adoption to family that can provide mellow safe environment for ponch. 10 days ago remember the great scene povrnl running across the bay bridge. chp eventually captured hi. ponch didn't have any i.d. tag and nobody kim forward to claim him but he's ready to go out for adoption. >> stay with me. more coming. donald trump is taking aim at hillary clinton. week before the new york primary. >> her whole life has been one big lie. >> up next. our enter is view with donald trump. what is behind the statement. also america dirtiest fruit and vegetable are on your table or refrigerator right now. america endangered water way. california river that made the list. another half hour of 7 news at 9:00
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>> dpe once again. begin this half hour with race for the white house and fierce ballots for new york.u6 donald"%uuu looking beyond his republican opponent now. he's already taking aim at hillary clinton saying quote everything about her is a lie. his words. jonathan karl met with trump today to ask what is behind that statement. >>reporter: from donald trump a sweeping new line of attack against hillary clinton. >> remember this. her whole life has been one big lie. one big lie. big fat beautiful lie. it's been a terrible, terrible lie. everything about her is a lie. >>reporter: we asked trump about that back stage before his rally in rome, new york. said her whole life has been
9:30 pm
one big fat beautiful lie. what did you mean by. >> look at white water. if you look at all of the different things she's gone through and so much weighs going on and you look techl mail situation her life is a big lie. people know it. >>reporter: you posted photo with her. you had. >> i get along with everybody. when i was a which is man i got along with everybody. i could get along with anybody. >>reporter: mrs. clinton also seems to be gearing up for a clinton versus trump general election. her latest ad aiming at trump not bernie sanders. >> with so much at stake she's the one tough enough to stop trump. >>reporter: but trump still need to get past ted cruz. now he's accusing the republican party of letting cruz try to steal the nomination. >> republican national committee they should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this kind of crap to happen e-but the republican chairman says the delegate rules trump complains about were set a long time ago. >> he said these rules were set last year. there's nothing mysterious.
9:31 pm
nothing new. totally mysterious. the people that are running it don't even know by. then they put out all sorts of tweets then withdraw the tweets. item a rigged system. >>reporter: before rules were you unprepared you and your team for this you are not a professional politician. >> no. >>reporter: not ready for the process. >> i was ready fora democratic race. meaning democracy this is not democracy. thinks not democracy at the fingt. >>reporter: they make the complaints comparing him to a hob sister. donald needs to stop threatening the voters. stop threatening the delegates. he's not a mobster. >> one person not faceing in cleveland east house speaker paul ryan who sparked speculation with the slick used yo last week he could emerge as republican nominee. he called a press conference to say no way. emerge. >> to be the president you should actually run for it. i chose not to do this. therefore i should not be considered, period, end of
9:32 pm
story. >>reporter: now trump start to go look ahead to picking a running mate. i asked him about his recent comments that he could consider wisconsin governor scott walker or even senator rubio. >> i like a lot of people on the stage. started with 18 and now we are down to myself and 2 left over and see what happens. >>reporter: senator rubio said he's not interested in being anybody's running mate and scott walker asked about the prospect of being picked to be trump's running mate he called it almost breath taking one thing he didn't do was rule it out. john thon karl abc news rome noyvrjt poll show trump has virtual lock in the new york primary with 51 percent of the vote in new public policy polling survey and governor kasich 25%. senator cruz has just 20 percent. now on the democratic side hillary clinton also has a 51 percent of the vote share and 11 point lead over senator bernie sanders. >> independent i don't know a g.o.p. delegates say they fear for their safety and safety of
9:33 pm
their family. they say there are threats coming from donald trump supporters. delegate tomorrow john says he received the e-mail over the wean and says hope the family is well. name and info has been given to me on a list that is about to go public. good luck become ago delegate. we are watching you. >> very spooky. very personal. referencing things about my family and about other things that i have said and whether it be social media or other things one of m i colleague they reference he had been doing home renovation. >>reporter: these threats come apparently after he was quote entered a political article alleging that he and other republican delegates are lining up against the frt runner. now representatives for trump campaign in independent i don't know a are denoungs the threat and say they are not affiliated with the official organization. today equal payday the date that symbolize how far into the year women must work to earn what men earn the previous year. this is the gender earnings
9:34 pm
ratio is unchanged from last year. afternoon woman earns only 79 percent of what a man earns. number even lower for women of color. black women earn 60 percent. this is 55 percent. >> all pay for all work should be fundamental principal of our our economy. it's the idea that whether you are a high school teacher, business executive or professional soccer player or tennis player. the work should be equally valued and rewarded. whether you are a man or a woman. >> let me turn your attention now to the new fears over the zika virus here in the united states. just 24 hours after the cdc said that zika in this country will be quote scarier than we initially thought, they now believe mosquitos that spread the disease could reach up to 30 states. that's more than the 12 they original nationally predicted. steve takes you right to the
9:35 pm
cdc in atlanta to ask why they are so concerned. >> tonight authorities at the cdc tell us they are worried about what is happening in puerto rico. they believe hundreds of infant like these with smaller brains will need life long care could soon be born to infected mother. every day they learn something new an it's not good. beside birth defect baby born premature and blind. health officials race to prevent outbreak in the u.s. working with states like florida on mosquitos control and warning travel investigators coverup and pressuring congress to release 1.9 billion in emergency money that the president requested in february. >> we are in a situation with a lot of unknown. really isn't any time to spare. >>reporter: it's not just women. men can get sick too. virus attack brain cells and can cause neurological damage and seeing case where is a man bitten by mosquitos ends up passing the virus to us a woman through sexual contact. abc news atlanta. there is a new fruit on top
9:36 pm
of the dirty dozen list. environmental working group rates fruits and vegetables for produce that has the highest level of pesticide residue and this year the straw berry jumped ahead of the apple. group analyze 25,000 samples and 98 percent of the straw berry sample had pesticide residue. 40 percent had 10 or more pesticide. straw berry and apple followed by nectarine, peaches, celery, grape, cherry, spinach, tomatoes, sweet bell pepper cherry tomatoes and cucumber. the cleanest fruts and vegetables are avocado, sweet corn, pineapple, cabbage frozen sweet pea onion and as pair ghaws to do. group recommends buying or again ick fruits and vegetable that rank high up on the list. of course wash your fruits and vegetables at home very thoroughly. >> non-profit conservation group called american river release the list today of the
9:37 pm
nation most endangered rivers. reporter dale with the california water way that rated high on the list. >> the san joaquin river begins in the hi sarah and flow through the central valley but runs dry in some areas due to the drought and water diversio diversions. the river supports communities, fish and wildlife and farmers. 85-year-old walt shoe grown grape and occur miniall his adult life. the river is called over used and abused. >> it's amazing when you get further down by patterson. the river is so polluted there is sign of no swimming don't eat the fish. and the water so bad it stink so bad it would gag a maggot. >> up to state federal agency to improve the rivers water quality and management practic practices. >> we have people that are
9:38 pm
making decisions on our san joaquin never en the river. i always said there's enough water for everybody knee but not people greed. >> he was surprised the river here wasn't no. 1 on the nation endangered list. abc 7 news. >> more to come. cats solar powered airplane coming to facebook. how they pet in on the social media network known for like. friend. friend. and ♪ ♪
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facebook took over san francisco fort mason today for the developer conference. and ceo zuckerberg began speaking his mind. jonathan bloom has more on what he had to say. >> i want to take a step back for a minute. >> forever mark zuckerberg
9:42 pm
facebook about connecting people. >> fearful voice calling for building walls and distancing people they label as others. >> in what many call a direct shot at donald trump. he says facebook work more important than ever. >> instead of building walls we can help people build bridges. >> they use things like this. >> this is an engine pod. >> part of the solar powered airplane facebook building to beam down internet and developing country. there was another aircraft on stage. >> this drone flying in from the back of the room. >> he announced drones and even the big camera tv station use soon able to broadcast live directly to facebook. can go live on the app. >> going live is fun. it feels great to be live with you now. >> it's real and raw. >> really flattering ctpie of me up there. >> i think you look great. >> all the live video have a person on the other end but another big announcement about interact with robot. robot sort of act like people. >> this is basically the future of 1-800-news. instead of wai
9:43 pm
waiting on the phone. go through annoying phone menu stuck on hold you can message businesses. >> what answers lab row about the powered by facebook artificial intelligence. shopping app spring one of the first. >> bought is designed to reflect the experience of working with personal shopper. >> and poncho the weather cat. >> chat with poncho. what's the weather in san francisco. the weather in paris and it's a natural language. >> yes robot that can message you. writer josh says it benefits facebook to keep that in check. >> they know if your message are being here in steady of your friend. that's horrible horrible problem for facebook to have. >> in san francisco john thon bloom abc 7 news. >> coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. interview with steven hawking about the tiny space ship he about the tiny space ship he says will usher
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. major announcement tonight from russian entrepreneur and renowned professor steven hawk. they did he vitioned a plan to invest in a tiny space ship that could launch travel. here's david muir. >> it's ambitious plan to build tiny space ship, nanocraft one day travel beyond the planet to the nearest star system. catapulting us into the inner stellar age. >> do you have the spacecraft with you. >> i do. >>reporter: can you look at it. >> sure. >>reporter: he shows me this powered by light beam. this is it. interest. >> doesn't look like a spaet space shuttle or voyager. >> ultimate spacecraft is about the size of this. maybe quite a bit lighter and
9:48 pm
having much more function national. >>reporter: right beside him one of the smartest minds in the world. professor steven hawking whose ground breaking work celebrated in a theory of everything. in your mind knowing what you know already what do you expect to find things with help us on earth or is this just an intellectual pursuit. >> rapid progress of technology for space exploration has improved people's lives in the past so it would not be surprising if it brought >> do you have any reason to believe that we'll find other intelligent life out there and will it be at place where we can communicate should we communicate with it. >> it is unlikely that there happens to be intelligent life in our nearest star system. >> fascinating. david muir reporting. one last time update the weather forecast. sandhya is here. >> tomorrow morning when you get going you see what you are looking at here on live doppler
9:49 pm
7hd. which is low clouds. across the entire bay area. tomorrow afternoon city in los angeles. pretty mild in sacramento chico as well. 70 degrees. 52 in tahoe and high for your wednesday in the bay area a lot like today and yesterday. start out with morning low clouds and then we see mix of sun and high clouds. now tomorrow for the season enter the warriors playing and of course if you head to the arena you wait outside it's going to be breezy 59 degrees at 6:00 p.m. game time is 7:30. temperature dropping into the mid 50's so it will be cool as you head inside so you want to grab a jacket now here's a look at the time line. rain hold off until early thursday morning. thursday morning we expect few showers in the north bay then light moderate rain 4 a.m. thursday into 5:00 a.m. wet for your commute going into 7:00 a.m. it's in the south bay. as take you a look at the week ahead we have some warmth coming. cooler than thanks time of year
9:50 pm
san jose next few day but warm-up for the weekend well above the average of 70 degrees as you look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. one on the stormy paet scale for your thursday system. we dry it out warm it up. it's going to be beach weather dan. 80's inland. upper 60's to low 70's at the coast. >> do the news from the beach. >> there you go that's a good idea. >> winningest softball coach in california history reached 1,000 win tonight. he ran the girls softball team at this high school since 1976. the team came through for the coach tonight with help of sophomore pitcher lands one hitter. 75-year-old coach plans to retire after this season. way to go coach. that's pretty cool. going out like peyton manning win the superbowl. >> there you go. >> good job. >> warriors. dominating the warriors. headlines that is. set a new season record tomorrow night hear from them.
9:51 pm
buster in colorado no worries. buster in colorado no worries. 2 home runs.
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coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00. new development is in the works for this empty lot in the south bay and tonight it has angry neighbors fighting city hall. we'll explain what the issue i is. summer travel warning bay area airport says airline passengers should brace for some big delays. we will explain why. the stories on 7 news at 11:00 the stories on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7 oracle arena the place to be tomorrow and shoe will be in the place. >> it's going to be rocking no. question. i didn't think it was possible guys but the defending champion warriors are playing better this year and one win away from setting new regular season standard of 73 victory with win over memphis tomorrow night at oracle. now the war yos got to this position by beating the spurs twice in 4 days tying the current record of 72 wins set
9:55 pm
back in the 96 season for the bulls. this team do it's within reach they are happy to chat about chasing history. >> it would have been cool to take care of the games we are to take care of. have it out of the way but the way this thing played out and be at home. one shot at it. pretty amazing. i'm excited about it. >> big deal for sure. item our last rogue season gam game. obviously nobody wants to lose the last game going into this play offs if you can avoid it and obviously 73. we want to get that number. why not. >> relaxing day for the dub from 4 players visiting in practice facing the a's. athletes challenge each other. relief pitcher smith in a
9:56 pm
shooting contest. drains a 3 and rugs him o and twochl against the angels. smith took occur troy task and beat him with a left hand jumper from the top of the key. banking 3 here and it was a fun day for all here's the game winner. oh, yes. fun dayor all and bragging rights for smith. >> i'm not that bad. i ain't that good either. sometimes a lot of good luck. it was fun. i loved it. >> you don't seem surprised. >> no. you don't go into expecting to lose. a professional athlete you want to win. but that was pretty cool. >> after shooting hoops all morning the angel say i have no idea what he did all morning. the single. beats the shift. driving home burns. up 1 nothing. then the break of the tie with blast to left. first of the two home runs on
9:57 pm
the night. graveman stealing. in the fifth. then albert in the secretary. allow just one run over 6 innings. top 9. man on facing shawn. see you. two run jack and angels take a lead. not only beat the warriors today. went out tonight and beat the a's 5-4 your final. colorado out with foot injury here. back up with brown the best impression see you deep to lef left. giants extend the fran choice record homering in the first 8 games. brown not done yet. does it again. this time give the giants a lead. buster is all smiles. and so is brown. brown also caught jeff. guest red hot. story spring -- swing here.
9:58 pm
first victory as a giant. 7-2 the final. >> warriors not the only local team in the post season. your sharks will face the kings around one of the play offs thursday in l.a. monday this time entry level and also a male model for versachi. zoo lander of the nhl. real goalie jones will be key forth men in teal during the play off. information king. knows them well and only go as far as the goalie will take you in the post season. get started this season. >> it's fun. you look at the division at the start of the year. you know it's a good chance you play the guys so really no surprise there we played them well this year. type the team that ramp it up for play off. it's tough. done matter who you play. tough round. big strong forward and they crash pretty hard so has to be
9:59 pm
aware of that. >> now he's not the first pro athlete flash male model. my head shot from 1982. i was shoe lander way before this zoo lander copy cat. pretty good comparison there if i don't say so myself. all young athlete older athlete to look up to. i'm sure somebody found my head shot there on google or whatever. be like this guy. sports report brought to you by toyota. >> i like shoe lander. >> shoe lander. >> i see the resemblance there. >> exactly. not bad. >> were you a good looking guy. >> i was. >> i don't know what happened. >> the business. it will do that to us no. question. >> that's our report from mike, sandhya, i'm dan. we appreciate your time see y
10:00 pm
announcer: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. coming up, a young ph.d. student vanishes while conducting research in her yale university campus laboratory. cavalluzzi: they know she is somewhere in that lab. announcer: after an exhaustive search, the bride-to-be's lifeless body is discovered.


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