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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 13, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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you better stay close to the human torch. or you'll get burned. >> you can say that again. there is not a hotter ticket in town tonight. golden state warriors at oracle arena shooting for a record 73rd
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win for the season. stef curry on fire and on track for a personal record tonight. so far so good. good evening. >> victories tonight would put the team in the nba record book ahead of the 1995/96 chicago bulls team. >> let's's check in with mike shumian at oracle live tonight. mike? >> trying to surpass the bulls and their head coach was player on that game. anticipation before the game which sun believable and the warriors are well on their way to achieving that feat. let's tell you what happened in the first half. there you go. fired up for history. all time nba best wept 73. steph curry, needing eight three-pointers to make 100. he set the record last year with 286. he started out with six three-pointers in the first
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quarter alone. another in the second. warriors up after 1 and after a rest he kept it going. hitting number 399. warriors leading at the half. add another record to what the warriors have been doing this season. we will have your highlights and reaction tonight. don't want it get ahead of myself but i will predict that coming up at 11:00 on abc 7:00. reporting live at oracle, mike shuma shumann, abc 7 news. >> thank you, mike. a dream for warriors fans. >> katie is also at oracle with that part of the story, katie? >> reporter: hey, guys, i've been inside talking with fans. they are 100% optimistic about a win tonight as they should be with the way things are going and they will be over the moon when, and i say when, not if, the warriors break this most win
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record. inside orkl arena it is packed and it is intense. and with the playoffs in the bag tonight it is all about this 73rd win. there is one bay area fan with a win of his own before the game. this is tony lee. he was attacked by a shark in hawaii in october. he lost a leg but was able to rip off a shark's eye and was able to keep his right. tony tells us he is lucky to be alive and he shared his thoughts on the team that is making his dreams come true and their run for the record. >> it is nice to know they care as much about their fans as their fans care about them. the sign of a real class organization. there are a lot of teams that won the championship but we will be the only team that has 73 wins. puts us in a rare area. >> get this, fans are willing to pay, $75 for seats just in the bar. standing room only basically.
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just to be close to the action. you understand that means they have no floor access. not inside -- allowed inside to watch the game. just watching on tv inside the bar. but again, things are looking great for warriors so far. they have been in the lead pretty much the entire first half. so i cannot wait to talk with the fans after the game, after history is made. live at oracle arena, abc 7 news. >> thank you, katie. and the big night is getting the attention of president obama. he tweeted, big night of basketball. warriors chasing 73 and farewell for all timer kobe bryant. ends the tweet with the line nba fans feeling like an and animate animated himself and steph curry. >> post game interviews and reaction on channel 7. but so far a really exciting night at oracle. >> now let's switch over to weather. the spring storm is moving in
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within a couple of hours. >> we need the rain obviously. let's check in with drew drew too mania. >> we look off to the north and west. this will make its way south and east overnight tonight. and we have our scale riding the storms all season long, 1 to 5, 1 is light and 5 is most severe. the 1 that will be moving in overnight tonight is a 1. the light storm indicating anywhere from light to moderate showers and also less than a quarter of an inch of rain in most areas. the system doesn't have a lot of moisture and will be moving rather quickly. 11:00 tonight, rain is moving on shore. early thursday morning 2:00 in the morning this is when the heart of the bay area is seeing
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some light showers. time-out the rest of the rain and show you when it exits the region in a full accuweather forecast. >> thank you so much, drew. a new call to knit for the firing of the police chief in san francisco. >> if anyone in this room were in that officer's shoes, we would be in jail with murder charges against them. >> at san francisco city hall for the police commission meeting, this man is one of several who came to speak out against officers. criticism comes after the death after homeless man in an officer-involved shooting. leslie brinkley was at a town hall meeting today. >> reporter: this town hall meeting was supposed to be a forum for police to outline where things stand in the investigation and the officer-involved shooting six days ago when a homeless man armed with a knife was killed.
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>> he stood up and ran at one of the officers with a knife in his hand. >> this is no more aggression than it is for me to lock my door at night. >> thanks quickly escalated as city leader challenged the police version of what led up to the shooting. >> you are telling people, this is what we think happened. how can you say that, chief? when the investigation is still ongoing. >> i'm not saying every single cop is a bad cop. but you're a bad cop if you let it continue. >> meanwhile, 45-year-old shown for the first time in this photo was quietly remembered across the street where he was shot by police six times outside his tent last thursday morning. >> i long to see every visioning of what it means to be peace officers. to deescalate escalations of potential violence. >> i think the investigation is six days old and is ongoing. that's what i think. >> three separate investigation into the shooting are now under
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way. names of the officers involved should be released later this week. in san francisco, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. >> fond memories tonight for the family of a man shot to death in oakland. sharing these pictures of his son with melanie woodruff, you can see he is a boy with his dad. brian earned his ph.d inç electrical engineering from georgia tech before move together bay area. he spoke out about his family's devastating loss. >> they are all devastated by the loss of someone who was so kind, so interesting, so friendly. >> brian left this bar late saturday night and walked more than a mile and a half towards his home. police say he was shot and killed less than a block from his house. detectives are looking at surveillance video for clues. >> san bernardino police are
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looking for details on a fatal hit and run that they hope will lead them to a driver. police say a 27-year-old man with autism left an adult group home after midnight and laid down on the highway. a driver avoided hitting him but another driver following closely behind hit and killed him. >> i want to know if the driver who struck glassener is unaware he hit a human being. it is possible we are dealing with nothing more than a horrible accident. >> that driver may have thought he or she hit a deer. a newer model gla and there may be damage to the front side rear well. >> refusing to block a federal law, requiring sex offenders to be identified on passports, saying the legal clael is premature because detail plans haven't been developed yet. opponents say the plan could wrongly imply sex offenders
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engage in sex trafficking. >> it turns out the fbi paid hackers to unlock the phone of the san bernardino shooters. they were paid a one-time flat fee. though noticed a flaw that allowed the fbi to create a piece of hardware that could crack the pass code without triggering a security measure that would erase the phone's data. the post reports an israeli security firm widely credited as helping the fbi initially had nothing to do with the case. >> we have much more ahead for you on this wednesday night. coming up -- >> we are playing our big bet on cancer amino therapy. >> a declaration that could help millions. the founder unleashes a new kind of innovation, cancer research. >> downtown san francisco, find out why a music video company decided it move across the country right next door to twitter. >> and spring storm is edging
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closer to us
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develop another weapon for fighting cancer. >> it is a sign of progress these days that you can hardly ever tell cancer survivors just by looking at them. >> that would be me. now you can't. two years ago you could tell i had cancer. >> photos don't lie. that's melissa, event planner in san francisco. how she looked in 2012 while fighting breast cancer with chemotherapy. no easy road. >> did you know what you were getting into? >> no. whoever wants to know what chemotherapy is like unless you have to go through it. >> maybe some day will be a thing of the past after an announcement in los angeles this morning. >> patients and their families battling cancer don't have time for bureaucracy to sort itself out. they have the right to be impatient. we need to make progress faster for their safety. >> best known as shawn parker, face book's first president, now a cancer fighter. today he gave $250 million to fast track the development of amino therapy. grant bind researchers at six
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universities including ucsf at stanford to one based institute. >> the one goal with any cancer therapeutic is to go after the cancer and spare the patient. >> unlike chemo, or surgery, this triggers the body's own i hun system to fight the cancer cells. it has been a treatment of last resort but cancer survival rates lat in the last 20 years. maybe time to try something new to a hard lesson, even for cancer survivors. >> i always think that i'm in control and it is not an illusion of control. you just never know what will happen. can you plan as much as you want but you're not in control. >> you know that now? >> oh, i do know that now. >> in san francisco, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. >> an anti-virus group is teaming up with medical marijuana dispensaries to get guns off the streets. holding a second gun buyback in the past four months. more than 240 firearms were
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turned in during the last buy back in december. $100 will be given out for handguns. $200 for assault weapons. clubs are donating the money. >> i'm not into trying to take away from the second amendment. we are basingly here just trying to get guns off the streets that people who are reckless on it, people who are running around robbing people or killing their partners behind domestic violence. >> the gun buyback will be held saturday at offices of united plans at 1038 howard street in san francisco. event goes from 8:00 in the morning until noon. >> the bay area's tech boom continues. from the latest sign a music company was opening a big office in san francisco's mid market neighborhood. jonathan bloom took a tour and found out why they say they simply had to be here. >> ♪ hello, it's me ♪ >> vivo is saying hello to san francisco. >> vivo is the world's largest
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video plat farm. >> like adele's sit single getting more than 27 million views in one day. >> on mobile phones. ipads. on television. on any frankly plat farm that is connected to the internet. ♪ i came in like a wrecking ball ♪ >> vivo publishes smash hits like this on youtube and through its own apps. now with apps a bigger deal than ever new york based vivo opened this brand new office in san francisco. >> we will double the size of our team here over the next, i'd say, 6 to 12 months. >> more than anything the new office will be a tool for vivo to track the best talent. in a specific location here on market street is no accident. >> we like to be neighbors to twitter. we like to be in the same building as uber and square. >> with sweeping views of the city and room just for ping-pong vivo is making a statement. >> our ambitions are clear. we would like to become one of the top shops for engineering product and design. >> recruiting firm says vivo is
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swimming in a crowded pond. >> just look on your smart phone. you see every app. all of the companies are within 5 minutes of here. all these large companies are looking for all this talent when there is just not enough candidates for all of these open potion. >> city's tech workers have come to expect free lunches, plush offices and yes the pay check. >> 38% higher in san francisco compared to anywhere else in the united states. >> often companies have to win tal went culture and vivo has a leg up. >> one of the biggest legs we have in music space is when there are concerts we have access to those. >> an offer that could help them lure engineers away from their new neighbors. in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> we are tracking some more rain heading in. >> yeah, big changes coming. meteorologist drew tuma with the rate latest. >> we heat up tomorrow.
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a little bit of wet weather for you to track right now. need it in the bay area not so much. live doppler is tracking this strip of moisture moving onshore at this hour. what you will notice is an very wide swath of moisture. not bringing a lot of rain but will dampen roadways just in time for the morning rush tomorrow morning. but the storm off-shore is churning up the ocean water so high surf advisory goes into effect tomorrow morning lasting through friday morning. we are expecting wave height as far as 22 feet. current highs are from 7 to 11 feet at this current hour. temperature wise in the 50s. 57 in concord. same in san jose. 55 in san francisco. oakland holding at 56. we will duplicate that number as well a in fremont. we bring it back every time we have a storm, it just gives you a bet are idea with what to expect with each and every storm. rating it from 1 to 5. 1 is light, 5 is most severe.
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it is a light to moderate shower and really less than a quarter of an inch of rain. hour by hour we go on through to weather watch the time stamp into the early morning hours of thursday. 2:00 in the morning. that's when much of the bay area is seeing light wet weather move through. so too a lipgerring shower as we head into early morning or early afternoon hours on thursday. isolated showers still popping up but will be rather breezy into the afternoon and winds will be gusting at times to near 30 miles per hour. we will have that northerly breeze that keeps it on the cool side but widespread winds gusting from 25 to near 30 miles per hour as the cold front moves through. rain fall across the region. you see less than a quarter inch. i think most locations will probably end up probably close to a .1 inch of rain once the system kicks out of here. late season snow and winter weather advisory in effect at
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11:00 through tomorrow at noon time. you could have slick roads up here. and from 1 to about 6 inches of fresh powder headed there. good news for those that want to get some last minute skiing or snowboarding over in the sierra. tonight we bring it back on home. see scattered showers. very light in nature around midnight or early morning hours tonight. mid 42. low 50s are overnight temperatures. for your thursday, on and off showers first thing early on. good amount of sunshine and chance of isolated shower. cool day. 65 in san jose. 63 in oakland. vallejo. breezy in the afternoon, but warming up by the weekend. saturday and sunday and mid 80s and we will stay seasonal monday, tuesday and wednesday. >> all right. thank you. >> still to come on abc 7 news at 9:00. why starbucks is taking the buzz out of its san francisco plan.
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>> still ahead, bay area city just picked by facebook to test
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starbucks is giving up on its plans to serve beer and wine at three of its san francisco stores. the company withdrew its liquor license application following strong opposition. starbucks told the san francisco con kr chronicle it will continue to explore the idea. >> some bay area students received honors for impressive
9:26 pm
innovations. >> the president got an up close look at their inventions. >> he spoke about the importance of computer science education mentioning a by area company for its efforts to educate. >> oracle will invest in getting 125,000 more students in the computer science classes. give oracle a big round of applause for that. we appreciate that. >> local students honored included grups from james morgan high school in union city helping create an electric charging station for vehicles. >> and the president of the high school made a device that diagnoses chronic lung disease. impressive. >> definitely. >> another half hour of abc news at 9:00 is next. coming up, close call. russian fighter jets make threatening moves over a u.s. warship. >> these are dirty tricksters.
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mybecause of their worry-free fridge from lowe's
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30-day satisfaction guarantee on appliances. that's what i'm talking about cindy. i like your style. now get 10% off select major appliances $396 or more, at lowe's. good evening once again. we begin this half hour with the close call in international waters. >> russian fighter jets barrelled past a u.s. navy ship just 30 feet away. u.s. officials say they were simulating an attack. >> abc news has the story. >> reporter: it is one of the most aggressive russian actions against the u.s. military since the end of the cold war. >> he is on the deck. >> not just in dangerously close fly-by, within 30 feet of the u.s. destroyer, the jets flew in a way that simulated an attack.
9:31 pm
and not just once, but again and again. over the last two days, russian jets making more than 30 passes over the american ship in international waters. and roaring at just 100 feet off the baltic sea, jets causing a wake in the water as if a giant speed boat raced by. >> when you're flying just off the water at 500 miles an hour focused out the window if he misjudges how close he is, how far off the water, no room for error and lots of room for disaster. >> americans repeatedly radioed russian pilots but the transmissions were ignored. abc news, washington. >> now to the race for the white house. donald trump is taking on the republican party saying the process is a scam. trump is on track to win the new york primary coming up. but that may not insure him the nomination.
9:32 pm
>> tonight the race for the republican nomination, taking a dark turn. allegations of death threats against dell gits and their families like trump supporters. >> this is a crooked system. these are dirty tricksters. oh, it's rigged. >> reporter: trump insisting the rnc wants him to lose. >> you're saying you don't think the rnc wants you to get the nomination. >> no, i don't think so. repo >> reporter: tonight the chair of the republican party tells abc news he has been flooded with 3,000 angry phone calls including he said death threats. >> they said, i need to you do me a favor. get your gun, put it in your mouth, pull the trigger. i'll call you back in 2 minutes. if you can't do that, i'll send somebody over to the house to help you. >> not just colorado. a number of indiana delegates say they too are getting threats from trump supporters p. >> very personal referencing things about my family.
9:33 pm
report report one e-mail saying quote think about your take a step down the wrong path. warning of quote a future in hiding. trump's long time alley and confidant, roger stone, urged supporters to vent their anger at the republican convention in cleveland. >> we will disclose the hotel and room numbers of those delegates who are directly involved in the scale. we urge to you visit their hotel and find them. >> reporter: but behind trump's anger, the truth he could get votes and still lose in a contested convention. >> i'm ivanka trump. >> i'm nevada, i'm aloha, hawaii, i'm ivanka trump. >> his own daughter reminding voters to register. >> you need to be registered as a republican. that's it. very exciting. >> reporter: now she herself isn't registered to vote in the new york primary. her brother, eric, same thing. >> we're not a family of politicians. we haven't been in politics very
9:34 pm
long. new york has one of the most onerous rules in terms of registration. >> we didn't realize how the whole system worked. >> tonight as the trump tirade continues from the rnc, exasperation. chairman reince priebus tweeting quote nomination process known for a year plus beyond. complaints now, give us all a break. now a trump spokesman firing back at facebook founder mark zuckerberg after he criticized the billionaire. >> i hear fearful voices calling for walls and distancing people from others. >> an exit poll shows hillary clinton versus donald trump, 10% of republicans would vote for hillary clinton. that's not a good sign for trump. he would need his entire party behind him if he wants to beat the democratic nominee in november. abc news, long island. >> trump will be in the bay airat at end of the month. he will deliver the speech at the gop convention april 29th.
9:35 pm
>> a big break through being reported. tiny computer chip enabled a paralyzed man to regain some movement with the use of his own thoughts. the quadriplegic man was able to move his right hand and fingers thanks it a pea-size chip put in his brain. it by passes his spinal injury, delivering the thoughts to his muscle possess. the journal "nature" provided this video. scientists say it is an unprecedented feat. >> the zika virus does cause a brain abnormality microcephaly. health officials are reminding us zika could spread to 30 states. it has already shown up here in california. >> some of the most alarming lake waj we've ever heard from the cdc. health officials tonight saying there's no longer any doubt that a single bite from a mosquito infected with the zika virus is
9:36 pm
causing microcephaly. the severe birth defect seen in new born children with extremely small heads. cdc says that family nets u.s. aren't concerned enough. even the "new england journal of medicine" is rushing a special report tonight saying the devastated infection usually in the first early orond trimester of pregnancy. >> never has there been a situation where a little mosquito could result in a devastating transformation. >> there could be hundreds of children born with this in puerto rico and they worry the u.s. is next. preventing mosquito bites is a tall order. it only takes a table spoon of standing water to breath nearly 300 mosquitos. abc news, atlanta. >> researchers discovered that people who eat fast-food have higher levels in their system of a chemical used in process aeng packaging the food and can leach out into the food. linked to a number of health
9:37 pm
problems including cancer and adhd. adengs deficit hieber activity disorder. researchers conducted the stud oo. >> the summer spike in gas prices we pay here in california may be less than it's been in a decade. we expect higher prices as the special summer blend hits gas pumps in the stays. this year prices are expected to drop to a ten-year low. due to low crude oil prices. thanks to high inventory. some prices are expected to drop to average of $1.94 a gallon but the price will be higher here of course. >> stock is sharply higher pushing the dow industrial to assess one-day gain in nearly a month. dow gains nearly 190 points to gain at 17,908. nasdaq at 75 points. s&p went up by 20. >> wall street journal reports elizabeth holmes founder of blood testing start-up may be
9:38 pm
banned from running any other lab for two years. this is video of holmes visiting a newer facility last july. possible action is after medicare officials saying that it failed to fix a major problem at the lab. a company spokesperson told the journal she is hopeful sanctions won't be imposed. but if they are, they will work to address all concerns. >> first tesla, now ford. only this isn't exactly lower cost. ford is taking applications for the clans to buy a limited production gt super car. it features a pusho charged v-6 engine and carbon fiber aluminum body. starting cost, about $450,000. the company said priority goes to ford enthusiasts. >> you need a lot of money for a kr like that. how about making money by making money. today abc 7 news was the first
9:39 pm
station to break news of a counterfeit ring busted in the south bay. david louis explains how it happens. >> reporter: this is some of the counterfeit bills deputies say they seized in this apartment complex in cupertino. fake $20 bills were sent to customers in 30 states. merchants began seeing a large volume of counterfeit bills. hundreds of thousands of fake $20 bills. >> if you are targeting small business owners. fast-food, gas stations, places that are used to high transactions, a lot of foot traffic, it would be very difficult to detect. >> take a look. the bill shown here on the top is a real $20 note. the one below is a counterfeit deputies say they seized.
9:40 pm
>> they will put this in a succession of real money, hidden in the middle, so you're not catching it. >> suspect eric asden earned over $100,000 a year for the printing operation. the supplies were commonly available. the detective says this shows some level of skill. an employee from a building across the street was surprised to learn counterfeiting was going on so close by. >> i think it is kind of craze pie. you wouldn't expect anything like that here. you never know what happens behind closed doors. >> remaining in jail at santa clara county jail. in cupertino, david louie, abc 7 news. a growing problem of rising rent across the bay area. >> some south bay residents are fighti
9:41 pm
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facebook says it will debut its new wifi service in san jose. it'll be pumped out on metal light poles in downtown san jose. the signal will piggyback after the current system but facebook insists the system will be faster and more robust. the mayor is excited about the opportunity and would like it make it available city wide in the fewer tour. >> we are hoping starting here in downtown we can scale this city wide if we are able to spread themy concept particular to neighborhoods where cities can't afford internet access. >> the surface is expected to go on-line later this year. >> facebook announcing it is cracking down on people who steal copy righted material.
9:45 pm
the company will offer a new tool to allow owners to flag for removal any stolen videos. the feature is similar it a system that's been in place on youtube for several years. >> rising rent. hot button issue across the bay area. community groups shared their fears with city council members today. this comes as council considers changes to san jose's apartment rental laws. here is abc news reporter chris nguyen. >>. >> reporter: more bay area residents are struggling to pay bills. >> will i have a place next year? will i be homeless next year? >> rose wallace of san jose took legal action last year after she says her landlord tried to evict her. a judge ruled she can stay put for now but that hasn't eased her anxiety. >> everyday i'm worried. are they going to leave another slip. evict me again this is year? what are they going to do next? i'm terrified. >> reporter: today wallace joined members demonstrating at
9:46 pm
city hall. the rent ordinance currently caps annual increases at 8% per building built before 1979. >> i just want to live in my dwelling and be happy and content without the fear. >> reporter: the mayor favors a fixed rate increase but is also looking at other solutions. >> we really need to create more affordable housing. in san jose and throughout the region. that's where my energies are most focused. >> reporter: advocates pushing for retaliation for tennants and landlords who violate it. >> some are mighty greedy. and it displaces people. that concerns me. >> reporter: it would be applied to apartment buildings built before 1995. in san jose, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> a new survey finds it costs a lot more to be considered
9:47 pm
wealthy in the bay area. according to the charles swan survey you need have at least $6 million to be considered rich here. a $1 million net worth is only comfortable. in other parts of the country only $2.5 is needed to be thought of as well think and 86% say they believe the cost of living in the bay area is unreasonable. only 2% say it is affordable. >> up next on abc news at 9:00, escape from an aquarium. >> how this octopus made his way it freedom.
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♪ ♪ (laughing) there's nothing like making their day. except making sure their tomorrow is taken care of too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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here is a wild story,
9:51 pm
literally. an octopus named inky made it a great escape from australia's aquarium. he slipped through a crack and over a slick floor and out to sea. octopus are very smart, and tend to explore whenever they get the chance. inky. >> inky earned his freedom. >> yeah. incredible. >> like escape from alcatraz. >> exactly. >> let's turn to our weather. >> meet meteorologist drew tuma is tracking our weather. >> we have a cold front slowly making its presence known north of the region. this is all slowly going to slide its way to the south and many of us will up rain overnight and first thing tomorrow morning. storm impact scale, radar storms all season long, 1 to 5.
9:52 pm
1 is light, 5 is severe. just gives you an idea of what to expect with each and every storm. this is a light storm. light it pockets of moderate showers and less than a quarter inch of rain. an lot of moisture with this system. future weather, seeing its way south early tomorrow morning and 22:00 on thursday morning that's when the rain is through the heart of the bay area. see ello indicated could see more moderate showers. damp roadways and lingering showers. shower likely first thing tomorrow morning. likely in the south bay, lingering shower not out of the question through the afternoon but it'll turn breezy around here with winds gusting at 30 miles per hour tomorrow evening. highs for your thursday. cold day without rainy start. 59 in san francisco. 65 san jose. we go to about 65 in fairfield. the forecast will show you the tomorrow is a 1 on the storm impact scale for morning showers. drying out quickly and warming up saturday into sunday with 80s returning.
9:53 pm
and monday, tuesday, wednesday, afternoon sunshine and temperatures nice and comfortable in 60s and 70s. >> thank you, drew. >> here is encouraging news. air travellers are getting where they want to go on time more often. that's according to the department of transportation. 83% of flights by leading airlines arrives on time in february. that's up from 73% in february of last year. hawaiian, alaskan and southwest are most likely to be on time. same report finds flight cancellations down and passenger complaints rose a fraction. >> here is a a list no one wants to rank high on. the worst jobs in 2016. top five are newspaper reporter. logger. broadcaster. yeah. disk jockey. and enlisted military personnel. career compiles a list by income and physical demand. >> the new meaning of the phrase of lost in love.
9:54 pm
a kissing couple were so into each other they were oblivious to what was going on around them. a robbery. a masked man holding up the bar. the two came up for air but only when the bartend are hit the alarm and the robber took off. alarm and the robber took off. >> we will have an
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i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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everyone expecting history tonight at oracle arena. warriors going after an nba record of 73 wins. >> that's where we got. 73 was the focus going in. they won tonight but the number 400 actually stole the show with steph curry needing eight8 thrs to reach that unprecedented milestone. ending up with ten as warriors finish the season and all time nba best 73 wins, nine losses. >> so amazing. and we want to see your fan photos and video we you post them to social media just use
9:58 pm
the hashtag dubs on 7. that way we can find them and feature them like we've been doing. >> they make history, we've been talking about that. we have action from oracle and players. >> also competing with tesla, tech giant apple tries to steal the spotlight from the model 3. >> those stories and more tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. >> for now, a bit of music city is coming to the south bay. >> yeah. nashville in concert tour kicks off tomorrow night at city national civic center. theater. in san jose. stars from the abc drama "nashville." >> abc 7 news was in san jose tonight when the singers arrived. almost immediately they did a live chat on social media with their fans. >> built a community not just between us but we find it builds it between them as well. they end up knowing each other. when we get together to live
9:59 pm
tweet, they are not just talking to us, they are talking back and forth to each other. >> stopping in 17 cities all together. you can watch "nashville" tonight on abc 7 right after this newscast at 10:00 p.m. >> thank for watching. >> all of us appreciate your time. >> we will have more at 11:00 on channel 7. see you then.
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