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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  April 15, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>>. tonight the cost to sit down to dinner with hillary clinton, showing how much california counts in the election. and i'm drew tuma. we have a winner of a weekend forecast on the way. i'll explain in the accu-weather forecast. the family reunion that is all thanks to a good samaritan. how to get a house in the bay area for less than $500,000. $353,000 will get you dinner with hillary clinton and george clooney inside of this home. a price is a sign of what is still to come as california plays a role in the national
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election. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm cheryl jennings. >> candidates are putting themselves in high profile situations to raise money. >> they are. clinton is expected to face protestors tonight. melanie? >> absolutely. some protestors don't have pots and pans but several do have signs. we're seeing a handful of san francisco police officers here to make sure things remain peaceful. most will agree california is pivotal in this election. hosts are preparing to welcome people to a fund-raiser for hillary clinton. the party is at the home of a venture capitalist, being hosted by george and amal clooney. guests are paying $33,000 to
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300,000ses today attend tonight is one of the higher end events. today, with the elections this one takes the win. >> hundreds of protestors plan to make noise with pots and pans. >> she tried to portray herself as a progressive democrat, she continues to go after big money. >> the chair of the democratic party says this is not the only place you'll see her this weekend. >> she's going to be out there at the noe valley farmer's market this weekend. >> political science professor robert smith says republicans are paying more attention than usual. >> in the republican case, the rson that wins will.
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bernie sanders is speaking at a conference at the vatican. tonight, sanders first television ad in california starts running here in the bay area. and highlight difference in fund raising. >> $27, average given to bernie sanders. >> that is 30 second spot runs tonight in the bay area and in los angeles, tomorrow. now, clinton and sanders will join george stephanopoulos sunday this week. george is bringing democrats together for a round of questioning before the new york primary. it airs here on abc7. two weeks republicans will gather for the republican convention in burlingame. all candidates are scheduled to speak. it's important voters know the rules involved when it comes to
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voting for each candidate. >> in a republican primary, you have to be registered republican to vote. so you have until may 23 to do that. on the democratic side, it's open primary. inds and democrats can vote. >> as mentioned the deadline to register for a party is may 23. you can request a vote by mail ballot through bay. california's primary is scheduled for june 7. tenants of a sunnyvale building had to evacuate today when the building caught fire. david louie talked to people who had to escape by climbing down a firefighters' ladder. >> reporter: a resident says the fire broke out across the hall. the spoke, to her, smelled like burned food, perhaps left unattended. the department of public safety unit declared it a two-alarm fire. 30 people did have to be led out of the billing including a mother of two children, a
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1-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son. the fire spread and they were stranded on their balcony. >> you try to do it safely. and quickly as possible. and it was fine. >> two residents were transported to the hospital with unknown injuries. several pets were saved by firefighters. there was a light breeze at the time, the captain says weather conditions did not hamper containment. the resident across the hall said she witnessed the building manager and tried to put it out. >> the fire was going and there is a lot of black smoke coming out. and so the manager called the fire department and the fire department came. >> residentsing still standing on the sidewalk, waiting to hear
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from public safety people whether they can go back and reclaim possessions. a uc berkeley provost resigned at the east bay school's executive vice chancellor. he talked about ongoing health problems involving his wife, this after criticism for a handling of recent sexual harassment cases and school budget. the owner of an injured dog has been found and could face charges. the owner was found in petaluma this week with a broken leg, broken teeth and cuts and bruises. that is the dog. an investigation is underway. he will not be returned to the owner, but will stay at the shelter while recovering and
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will be put up for adoption. >> glad she's recovering. it's a fantastic looking friday, according to drew tuma. >> yes. here is a live look outside from our camera. so beautiful out there. >> a beautiful blue sky showing it clear across the board. we do have a rough ocean current. a beach hazard statement in effect from 9:00 this evening. you can see wave heights as high as 14 feet. there is an increased risk of recurrence along the coast. what you've noticed is warmer air at this hour.
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san jose, 69 degrees, slow to cool, clear skies by 11:00 and still have spots in the low 60s. a warm afternoon tomorrow and hotter day sunday, we'll have numbers for you in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> thank you very much. >> and in palo alto a battle over privacy and report rights. neighbors fight to ban two-city houses. the city council will have a say next week, but some believe there shouldn't be a vote. chris nguyen is on the story. >> reporter: it's a common characteristic in every joseph eichler community. >> inside, it opened up. >> mid century modern, is what people call it. a 1950s home design that blends indoor and outdoor living. he wants the homes preserved. >> the sheer value of this design type is something we want
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to protect. >> he's urging people to save the homes, the decision would impact nearly 200 homeowners. including zoey. >> i want the houses in this neighborhood to grow from a ticky tacky uniform subdivision into a group of buildings that serve the needs of the families they're living in them. >> these types of overlaid rezoning applications are nothing new in palo alto. at issue is the rule that requires 70% to agree to a change before the council considers a vote. some have told the city they were coerced into signing the decision. >> it was important to stay here with our medical support and community support. i can't do that without fixing things up.
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>> reporter: supporters say privacy is a concern. some also want to prevent mansions from being built nearby. the city council will take up the issue on monday. in palo alto, chris nguyen, abc7 news. >> more tonight, a san francisco woman not afraid to do the right thing brought a lost boy home, safely today. a chain of events that will convince you that little boy has a guardian angel. the golden state warriors face a playoff season. you can watch them here on abc7. see how the team, and the fans are getting ready for back to back championships. plus... >> what is behind the wheel? it's not the owner of this car.
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do you get what you pay
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we have an update involving this little boy found in san francisco today. >> it's an incredible story. the 11-year-old is safe because of how a woman spotted him and not afraid to get involved. eric thomas is live with the story. eric this is such a powerful example of someone doing good. a happy ending that looked less promising around 12:30 this
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afternoon. that is when zachary was reported missing here in concord. as you said, thank goodness for that good samaritan. >> i said lord, give me favor so i can get this kid. the freeway cleared up, i ran across and grabbed him. >> she got a hug and gratitude from the parents today. krujers spotted him trying to cross i-280 hours after police say the boy walked out of school 30 miles away. this afternoon, police and volunteers began looking for zachary starting with his buddy and mom. >> i hope i can find him because he's my best friend. >> as we're getting ready to interview police corporal chris blakely a call came over the
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radio. >> we're on the phone with san francisco pd advising they found him. >> mom got to talk to him on the phone. >> i'm glad you're safe, baby. i'm glad you're safe, okay? >> then, around 2:30 carutherrs helped him off the freeway. >> i said are you lost? he said yes. i said where do you live? he lived in concord. i said how did you get here? he said walk. i said, oh, so you did? i'll get to you your parents. i promise. >> she called the sheriffs and lisa springer responded. her own little boy, also named zachary went to preschool with him. >> the stars aligned today. so happy. >> today, they're heading back to the east bay, together, all because of one woman who did the right thing. eric thomas, abc7 news. that will make you smile all
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weekend. warriors amassed an amazing collection of records with the most important being win number 73 on wednesday. steph curry worked on shots and clay thompson ran drills to work on dribbling. >> it's so fun to play in front of them here and there. >> now, the warriors showdown is against houston rockets. if you're not lucky enough to have a ticket, abc7 is the place you can watch the game. and stay tuned for after the
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game. >> in addition to the warriors game there is an a's game. the warriors tip off at 12:30. and bart is a great option if you don't want to drive. and bart is not going to conduct track work this weekend, bart has six weekends of work planned involving shutting down service between san leandro and bay fair stations. >> did you know the world's largest bell was made in russia? >> that is right but it cracked before it can be heard. now, uc berkeley engineers bought the bell to campus today.
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>> leave it up to uc berkeley to create a sound never heard before. tomorrow is cal day. you can here it if you come to uc berkeley. when it comes to a pitch of a bell, size matters. this sound has been imagined but never heard there. >> it's a sound you can barely hear, around 80 hertz. a low base. lice a rumble. >> greg neimeir made it his project to recreate the sound of the bizarre bell. he calculated the thickness and materials used to make the bell. >> bells have always been important in russian culture, it
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brought communities together and had many different functions. >> most were destroyed under communist rule because they're considered a religious artifact. the tsar bell survived because it had been damaged after cast. >> there was a fire and workers were worried it would melt. they cooled it off. it made it crack. >> the bell lives outside of the kremlin for all to see, but not hear. it is 22 feet and the height, 20 feet. it weighed 200 tons. if here it would fit nicely within this space. today, it's low pitch joined in with sounds of the 23 bells to say hello in rush in russian.
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at uc berkeley, abc7 news. >> very nice. >> yes. >> and that is a beautiful, sunny and warm and perfect a little bit of rain in the second half of the accu-weather forecast. tonight, nothing but clear skies. live doppler 7 is precipitation free. we continue to have a breezy wind now. a wind advisory for solano county lasting until 8:00 tonight. we can see winds as high as 40 miles per hour. it continues to be breezy. wind gusts at sfo, 32 miles per hour. and when you have that breeze off the ocean water and it's at 53 degrees that is keeping the coast cool.
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and oak oweland, 69 degrees, tonight not a cloud to be seen and on the mild side thanks to wins. so 48 in san jose and vallejo. wind gusts show you it will be breezy, winds from 10, 20 miles per hour. and could go higher, when you have wind, that is going to warm us up dramatically. so afternoon highs saturday, going to go to 82 in fairfield tomorrow. and 79 in oakland. andw3 with this sunny pattern, tree pollen continues to be an
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offender. unprotected skin can burn in less than 15 minutes so wear that generously. sunday, warmer than that wind kicking in off the land. there were 10-20 degrees above average. at 76 in san francisco and that wind weakens across the coast. upper 60s to lower 70s and inland a land breeze away from the ocean. and here is the accu-weather forecast. tomorrow, we're sunny. it's spring perfection here. by monday, we're sun soaked. everyone cools off tuesday with
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a sea breeze and a chance of showers wednesday. thursday, sun and clouds that could bring us rain in the 60s. >> coming up next, how much the president and first lady paid in
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a start up shut down, shuttle which is an on demand ride service designed for child passengers will shut down today in an e-mail, the san francisco company said it didn't have money to continue. it was founded in 2014 and had raised over $12 million. a major change for san francisco uber and lift drivers. the city is requiring drivers who work for ride hailing services and work more than a week a year to have business licenses. lift says they're concerned about driver data being placed in a data base. uber says it's up to them to follow the city rules. >> today is usually tax day. not this year, washington, d.c. observes a holiday, that means taxes are due on monday. california's tax rate by the way in case you didn't know is highest in the nation, 12.3%.
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>> there are so many forms, it's not just wages but a lot of investment income. >> the first family released their tax return, it's the last time they'll file from the white house. the president and firstc÷ lady earned $436,000 between the president's salary and book sales. the couple paid $81,000 in federal tax, equalling a rate of 18.7%. the obamas overpaid and will be getting a refund for $23,000. >> another large earthquake strikes japan today. >> it seems every day a company launches a new product built in a factory. this one is different. i'll take you there ahead on
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abc7 news. >> it's not the owner of this car taking it on a joyride. who is behind the whe
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a powerful earthquake rocked southern japan today, the magnitude was 7.8 and struck after a 6.2 quake killed nine people. many have relatives and friends on that earthquake stricken island. >> they're waiting for news from their loved ones. vic lee has the story now from japantown. >> two tumblers, the latest, bigger and just over a day after a quake left nine dead. children this weekend's cherry blossom festival. they may be too young to remember the earthquake and
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tsunami, but the community then responded quickly. they raised $4 million, now, the same groups are monitoring this disaster. >> another earthquake hits, it's hard to get people to give, but we'll try. >> we met gio and his wife, kimmy. his sister lives in the area struck by the latest tremors. >> he says i am worried though she lives further from the worst hit area. there was fund raising. >> we're in san francisco,
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earthquake zone, too. you hear it and you never know. >> the tumbler five years ago also happened in april. it, too, registered 7. >> we have learned that a 7.0 quake now killed four people, four people confirmed dead and we have learned dozens have been trapped and there are rescues underway. a former santa clara police sergeant will have to register as a sex offender. he exposed himself to a sales clerk and he will face 45 years in jail and five years probation. >> workers are putting finishes touches on a densely populated neighborhood in san francisco.
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it's a big upgrade and patients will have their own room. also, an mri machine and meditation room. there are a lot of pictures from the original hospital to remember why it's needed. >> a lot of the chinese had to create their own hospital in order to get care. we're trying to make it better so they get the care that they need. >> they will give a run down on the meal schedule. the hospital opens in june. >> now, the video lighting up social media all day. tonight a car dealership is calling what you're about to see quote, an unfortunate incident. video shows this driver speeding while laughing and blasting the
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radio. he took it in for service and says 1 technician was driveing when this was reported. the dealership released a statement saying they have quote, already taken action adding we're working with a customer and have thanked them for bringing this to our attention. happening tonight, this is part of the bridge's replacement project. tonight the rail bridge will be removed and replaced with a new structure. a company in vallejo is trying to change the way houses are build, opening homes to the public. perhaps the most unusual thing is where you'll find it.
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>> it's a time honored practice. >> you're wearing glasses or a pen, those simple things are built in a victory. and you get better quality and faster construction. >> they fold, and they unfold. >> visitors say these are different. >> they just don't look like mobile homes, if you will. >> this is a standard. >> they don't look like they came on a truck. >> our goal is not to be able to find the truck. right? >> no they're offering tiny
7:37 pm
houses and ones that are pal lash yil. >> 38% more insulation. >> the top-selling model has been this house. the breeze. designers a hem doesn't have to be a castle. >> there is just one question. >> where would you put one? >> we'd have to buy land. >> one of the few text-free frontiers is going to stay that way. >> what made management of anc theaters change their minds? and... >> do you get what you pay for? >>
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it's been three years since
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this moment of terror at the boston marathon. bombs set off near the finish line killed three people and injured 264 others. today, a moment of silence marked the anniversary. crosses were put up in honor of the victims. the marathon takes place on monday. >> today marks a month until beta breakers race in san francisco. this is the longest running foot race in the world. 50,000 runners took part last year and no alcohol, no smoking is allowed. >> now, texting is not going to be coming to a theater near you.
7:42 pm
this morning they said there will be no texting because, quote, you spoke, we listened. a and. >> do you get what you pay for? well, it depends. >> the answer from michael finney, coming up next.
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you know the saying do you get what you pay for? is it true? >> that usually means if you pay less, you'll get less in return. sounds right and a lot of us believe that. here, there is a lot of shopping going on and a lot of people here believe the old truism. do you get what you pay for? >> absolutely. >> in quality, you do more, if you pay more for leather shoes
7:46 pm
they'll last longer. >> the consumer group has been a pillar of the executive community for decades saying you do not always get what you pay for. >> it's chaotic. the market doesn't work the way an economist would tell you it would work. if someone does good work, they can because they're doing more than the next guy. >> john's grill's owner says agrees on a personal level you don't get what you pay for, but in business, he says you do. >> the room itself took three months to do. then, it's been open for a
7:47 pm
hundred days and has been paid off. >> the third floor has been reworked. ceiling done, walls remodelled. it wasn't cheap. >> we got and it was worth it. >> so how do you make sure you get what you pay for? >> there is no way to predict whether you're going to get a good price or not. >> paying more does not always get you more. to see my report go to the website and test the model number, if it's one number off, it may not be good. >> value for money.
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and and if you see them on tv we love getting your photos. >> and i think we'll have a lot of fan photos tomorrow at oracle arena. we'll take you to oracle tomorrow, game one. playoffs. warriors tail gating and so warm across the board. tons of sunshine on your saturday. into afternoon, you notice warmest locations inland are getting into low 80s. 83 in antioch. a warm 73 in san francisco. up to 81 in santa rosa and 81
7:49 pm
san jose. a sea breeze and tuesday, we're cooler with a chance of showers possible. but i think the best bet comes on friday. >> thank you. >> sure. >> on to sports. larry is off. rick is in. >> am i ready? >> ready. >> good mojo here. >> coming up, rockets have >> coming up, rockets have landed in oakland.
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while you're mastering life. mybecause of their worry-free fridge from lowe's 30-day satisfaction guarantee on appliances. that's what i'm talking about cindy. i like your style. now get 10% off select major appliances $396 or more, at lowe's. warriors quest for back to back titles begins tomorrow afternoon. the teamworked out today in a practice facility. it's a fairly short turn around for golden state. coach steve kerr was hoping they would not have a playoff until sunday allowing an extra day of
7:53 pm
rest. >> we just have to stick with it. and stick to the sense of things. to our best. and don't change a thing. >> sdiet having talent, they know anyone is giving much of a chance. >> it's a tough test. we're prepared to go out there and give it a game win. >> we understand why. and folks are simply on game one, coming up together, great performance. and finishing off, strong. >> stay tuned for after the
7:54 pm
game, larry beil will be in studio while mike shumann for post game interviews. and starting in 2017, the nba will start selling ad space on jerseys. and additional revenue will be shared with players. >> now, the sharks will take a lead over the kings and this second goal made it 4-3. turning away, the former back up goalie had 21 saves. sharks hold off l.a. and take game one.
7:55 pm
>> i felt comfortable but there is a shot. >> less than three weeks after accepting the job, chris beard has been hired at texas tech. beard had been waiting for the board of regents. >> dodgers are hosting the giants a's hosting world champion royals. so it's a big game. >> most people predict five
7:56 pm
games or four games. they don't know what to do with james harden. >> thank you so much. >> well, join us tonight at 9:00 this time, apple has a new argument for saying no. and at 11:00 beginning a second title run. tonight, warriors are warning fans about what they post on social media. watch out. here is tonight's prime time line up on abc7. last man standing followed by dr. ken, shark tank, and 2020, and join us for abc7 news at 11:00. >> finally tonight a few thoughts about what really matters. the dirty little secret in the
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university of california system is in the open. a scathing report reveals what many parents of seniors long suspected. deserving qualified students across california being denied admission to make room for out of state kids. why? money, of course. in state students and families have been supporting the universities with taxes for years. admitting more out of state students is a seductive financial incentive. the report denounced by uc president janet napolitano, accusing the university of lowering admission standards for those young people applying outside of california. the uc system was designed to ensure all qualified california kids get the chance at a world class education. what matters is that uc administrators and lawmakers
7:58 pm
stop dismissing taxpayers and fulfill the promise made to young people. >> and that is it for this edition of abc7 news. we look forward to seeing you on twitter and abc7 news bay area. >> from all of us, we appreciate your time. we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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