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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 15, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> bernie sanders supporters making a lot of noise tonight. happened outside san francisco home fundraising dinner for rival hillary clinton. good evening. amma is off. tonight dinner cost reported 300,000 dollars per couple to attend. fundraiser was at the knob hill home of venture capitalist here takened by hillary clinton and actor george clooney. outside dozens of bernie sanders supporters made noise down the block. after the event clinton and the others are traveling to los angeles for another fundraiser. it will raise millions of dollars for the clinton campaign. >> next big primary in the race forth white house is in new york next tuesday and g.o.p. front runner trump is facing a new fight now. elizabeth is in new york. >> what are new york value? honesty and straight talking. >> ahead of the next big battle in new york g.o.p. front runner donald trump talking new
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york values and again attacking his own party. >> it's a rigged system, folks. rigged system. >> system has been around for a long time. it was good enough for abraham lincoln. i think it's good enough for whoever our nominee is going to be. >>reporter: trump rival are keeping busy making their round across the state but already looking ahead to november. or hilary i look forward to beating whichever socialist wins the democratic nomination. >>reporter: democratic hopeful are trying to move on from thursday night fierce fiery debate with clinton making one last campaign stop in harlem before flying to california for fundraising. >> i will fight for you. i will do everything i can as your president. >>reporter: sanders flyinga ot of the country for a trip to the vatican to attend a conference on income inequalit
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inequality. >> i've been enormously impressed by pope francis and his visionary view about creating a morale economy. >>reporter: sanders did take some heat for making the trip and taking a break from campaigning saying new york is a must win for both sanders andg clinton. many abc news new york. >> 27 dollars. >> i think about 27 dollars. >> afternoon donation given to bernie sanders. >> this 30 second spot running tonight in the bay area and in los angeles tomorrow. showing the california is beginning to play an important role in the race for president. clinton and sanders will join abc george stephanopolous sunday for this week. george is bringing the two democrat together for round of tough question before news new york primary. this week airs sunday at 8:00 a.m. over on abc 7. >> moving on. we have a happy reunion to brick you now involving a missing boy with autism. found in san francisco take.
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11-year-old boy now safe because one woman spotted him and wasn't afraid to get involved. >> it was me. i wished that in the world more people like me. when you see something not right with a kid ask question. see what you can do to help the can toyed get back home to their parents. >> san francisco police sent thus picture tonight parents reunion with the special needs son inside one of their statio station. it was really a touching moment and one filled with so much relief us a can imagine. 7 news anchor eric thomas explains how it all happened. >> i say lord give me favor right now. clear the freeway so i can get this kid so when the freeway cleared up i ran across and i grabbed him. >> got a big hug and eternal gratitude from the parent of the 11-year-old boy she rescued today. she was spotted in san francisco trying to cross 280 hours after police say the boy was walked out of his school in concord more than 30 miles awa away.
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the mood was more somber late this afternoon when police and volunteers gather to begin looking for zacchary starting with his best buddy joe and his month. i really hope i can find him because he's my best friend. >> it's heart wrenching. i can't imagine if joe was mission. >> as we got ready to interview corporal blakely this call came over his raid yoychlt we are on the phone with san francisco p pd. they found him. >> mom got to talk to him on the phone. >> i'm glad you are safe baby i'm glad you are safe/'÷ okay. >> then around 2:30 this afternoon she saw zacchary and helped him off the freeway. >> i say are you lost? he 3#"d yes i'm lost. i say where you live he mention the street i never heard of and he mention concord i aid sad concord how did you get here he said walk. i said oh, so you are missing. okay i'll get you safe and i promise you i'll get you to your parents. >> she called police and sergeant sprinoy) responded. just so happens sergeant
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springer knows the missing boy. own little boy namedíñ zacchary went to preschool with him. >> stars alined today. that's all. i'm just so happy. >> tonight the once missing boy and his family are heading back to the east bay together all because of one woman who did the right thing. eric thomas abc 7 news. >> mean time another good samaritan helped sheriff's deputy catch a tiger in santa cruz county. deputy caughtfi the 17-year-old red handed in the act tagging a tunnel. sheriff's office put the pictures on facebook. they say the teen had a bag of spray paint with him and paint on his fingers. instead of argue him deputy say he will return to the tunnel to clean up the mess he made. young man has apologized. >> apple rejecting another government request to help federal law enforcement officials unlock an i-phone. this case is in new york. judge already ruled against the government but now there's an appeal in new document filed late today in federal court. apple said the government has utterly failed to satisfy his
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burden to democrat state that apple assistance is necessary. justice department wants to access information in a phone linked to a convicted methamphetamine trafficker in brooklyn. government says apple has assisted the government at least 70 times in similar circumstances and that it already has mechanism to do it. controversy over new law that discriminates against the lgbt community in north carolina has made its way here to the bay area. today warrior star curry weighed in. >> that's not tolerable, discrimination. >> nba single i may consider moving next year all star game away from charlotte. laura has the story. >> we would love to have the all star game here. one day after oakland city council member challenge the nba to move next year all star game to oakland nba commissioner silver weighed in. responding to pressure over north carolina new law
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transgender people. >> the law as it now stands in north carolina is problematic for the league there was no discussion of moving the all star game. jáz was we should be!y working towards change in north carolina. >>reporter: silver comments were clarified further in a written statement from the league short time later. that the legislation is problematic. that we feel it is best to engage with the community work towards solution. change is needed. we are hopeful it willow occur. busy tuning up for tomorrow play off game against the houston rockets all star curry asked to give his thoughts on whether 2017 all star game should remain in his home state. >> discrimination that's not total rbl. no>e where and my home state where a lot of great people there so all star game
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hopefully being in charlotte is a huge thing for the city. i know fba make the right decision when it comes the time. >>reporter: silver said the n about. a wouldn't make a decision too soon because that would eliminate any leverage the league has over the state of north carolina. in oakland laura anthony abc 7 news. >> in terms of basketball curry and warriors work on key play during practice today. then after it ended they continued to put in some work. they did dribbling and shooting drills. coach kept practice light hoping they will come out with a lot of energy tomorrow no doubt they will. game one between the warriors and rockets tomorrow at oracle. we are the only place where you can watch the game and our coverage begins at noon over on channel 7. after the game one show down tomorrow at oracle state tune to after the game also on
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channel 7. 7 sports director larry and mike join by donald foil for complete coverage and analysis. >> if heading to tomorrow game you are being encouraged to take public transportation. here's why. the warriors a game going on at the same time. warriors tip off at 12:30 and first pitch for the a's game shortly after at 1:00 p.m. so if driving be prepared for a lot of traffic con jechlingts especially getting in and out of both ballpark. >> more to bring you tonight on this friday evening coming up. item not the owner taking this car on joy ride. find out who was behind the wheel. drew is here with the weather. >> then today soaked in sunshine. temperatures very comfortable in spring like but the sunshine will be working over time tomorrow getting some spot into the 80's. we have the weekend accu-weather information coming up. >> and the owner of bay area pizza shop is getting another
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international award. those stories and a lot more those stories and a lot more when 7 news these are the hands that plow the data, dig up clues, create opportunity, and weave messages that lead to sales. these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce. these are the hands, the hands that drive commerce, that build business across borders. these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce.
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>> tenant of sunnyvale apartment building evacuated when the building caught fire. david louie spoke with some people who escaped by climbing down a firefighters ladder. >>reporter: residents says the fire broke outit directly across the hall. smoke to her smelled like burnt food left untakened on the stove because no one was home at the time. sunnyvale department public safety unit declared it a two alarm fire to help with evacuation. more than 30 people did have to be led out of the building including a mother of two children. 1-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son. as fire spread down the hallway they were stranded on the balcony facing sunnyvale
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saratoga road. >> get down the ladder do it at safe as possible and quick as possible. make sure the cried down. grab them first. so it was fine. >>reporter: two residents transported to nearby hospital with unknown injuries. several pets saved by fivrments sky 7 hd overhead shows you what a large complex this east. smoke pouring out of the structure but light breeze at the time captain the said weather conditions didn't hamper containment or accelerate the spread of fire. resident said she witness the building manager go into the unit on fire and try to put it out. >> fire really going a.lot of black smoke coming out of the no. 42 apartment and tried to shut the fire off with the t-shirt and couldn't do itment right away we, the manager called the fire department and fire department came. >>reporter: red cross is sending with temporary shelter. residents still standing on the éog0whether they can go back noe apartments and reclaim the possession n.sunnyvale, 7 news.
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>> former santa clara police sergeant will have to register as sex offender. that is part of the sentenced handed down to thomas felt who exposed himself to sales clerk last may. also serve 45 days in jail and 5 years on probation. car dealership in palo alto is respond to go video showing one of the technicians on what looks like a joy ride. the. brian thornton shared the video from the dash cam after he took his car in for service at audi palo alto. appears to show the driver laughing. going dangerously fast apartments and blasting the radio. he posted it on the face book page after no response to his calls. he wrote here's the video of your staff abusing my car while it was supposed to be serviced. late this afternoon audi palo
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alto released this statement to abc 7 news. quote an unfortunate incident was brought to our attention early this week we immediately began our investigation and have already taken action. we are working with the customer involved and have thanked him for bring thanksgiving matter to our attention. workers are putting the finishing touch on new hospital in one most densely populated neighborhood in san francisco. we were in china town where the ceo of chinese hospital gave a new tour of the facility big upgrade from the old hospital. patients will have their own room for one and pri machine and meditation room. also a lot of pictures from the original 1925 hospital to remember why it was needed. >> a lot of the chinese could not go into the main stream hospital. they had to create their own hospital in order to get care and we are trying to make it better to get the care they need. >> each room for patients will have these electronic boards in
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english and chinese. tell patients who the nurses are. what medication they need and run did you know of the meals. chinese hospital opens in june. >> this is the final weekend of skiing for several resorts including boreal, kirk wooding north star and sierra at tahoe. heavenly will close next weekend. squaw and alpine will try to stay open through may. we'll see but at the very least they had a good better ski season this year because of fair amount of snow up there but drew is here. >> getting ready for the wean. p there get really warm 50's and 60's. rollly we go to the 70's, 80's overs the weekend. picture perfect weekend next 48 hours. live doppler 7hd right now. item clean sweep. we are rain free. this is how it looked from the sutro tower cam are early today. just a spring beauty. out along the bay water it was busy this afternoon not a cloud in the sky. remember this picture. replicate it saturday and sunday under warming
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temperatures. sutro tower cam are. live shot beautiful look at the city by the bay. gone under clear sky and mild temperature look at this right now. currently 60's on the board. concord antioch in the mid low 60's. 61 in hayward. san francisco the 61 degrees here. winds have really calmed down compared to where they were today. gusting over 30 miles per hour at times and winds play a huge factor in our forecast over the next 48 hours. they switch to a land breeze with the wind off the learned instead of the ocean it quickly warm-up the entire region. we drop in the upper 40's and lower 50's under plenty of stars. 53 overnight san francisco. up to 48 in san jose. 50 oakland and 47 santa rosa and nap you the high for your saturday and micro climate with south bay. 80's on the board. 81 in san jose wall to wall sunshine. 80 cupertino. 81 for gilroy. 76 millbrae. 79 palo alto. 80 the high in mountain view.
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downtown san francisco warm in the afternoon 73. we have 69 if daly city. in into the north bay warm. 81 sonoma with sunny sky. 80 novato. 73 sausalito. east bay oakland tomorrow 79 degrees. 79 fremont. 77 in hercules and inland. low 80's. 83 antioch. 91 san ramone and fairfield up to 82 degrees. the warm dry pattern tree pollen system moderate to high level and this is what you need take note of as well. uv index very high. that means you can burn in less than 15 minutes without any sun screen on your skin. you need the sun screen if tailgating earth. play offs just there. warriors take on the rockets early on temperatures start out in the low 70's and folk wrap up walk out of the stadium by 3:30. nearing 80 degrees. into the east bay. temperatures further warm as we get into the second half of our weekend. temperature shows you that land breeze strengthen more so
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temperature 10 to 20 degrees above afternoon. a lot of 80's on the board inland. a lot of 70's even along the coast. head into monday the breeze will knock off a little bit especially along the coast with a little bit of sea breeze particular kicking in but still rather warm inland. everyone will cool down on tuesday. here's accu-weather 7 day tomorrow nothing but sunshine. very warm on sunday. start to cool off on the coast monday everybody cools off on tuesday. small chance of showers mainly north by on wednesday but everyone really has a chance of wet weather on friday. >> outstanding. >> it's great. >> thanks. >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. unexpected visitor at california high school. how authorities got this situation under
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the. happening tonight. cal-trans will completely shut down the popular avenue rail bridge in san mateo the entire weekend. part of san mateo bridge replacement project. tonight 100-year-old rail bridge removed and replaced with a new structure. cal train run buses instead of train between burlingame and hayward park in the interim. well check this out. mountain lion walked on to the ground of a southern california high school today as the students took the lunch break. well, students and teachers scurried inside obviously. locking themselves inside the class rooms. wild life officials satan mall dashed off campus and through nearby streets before they manage to tranquilize it there it's going down. still not clear how the big cat got on campus but it will eventually be returned to its habitat. >> we were over candlestick point state park in san francisco earlier today where elephant sale stranded on the beach. marine mammal center says the
9:26 pm
animal not in distress. people were worried. going through natural process molting losing the fur. experts say people say stay away from the seal. do its they think. it should be screws fine. another 30 minute of 7 news at 9:00 is next. coming up. second earthquake hits japan. search crew looking for survivors right now. we have up take it on the disaster. >> also. growing outrage. controversial video seen by millions of two adults about to paddle a child. how parents are divided on this issue. >> major about face by an american theater chain over texting at the movies. we have been talking about this last night or two. get the decision another half
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good evening once again. we start this half hour over seas where a trail scene is praying in and out gentleman pap tonight. second even larger earthquake struck there today. many there have been buried alive. the quake was 7.0 and hit barely 24 hours after a 6.5 quake in the same region. at least 29 people were killed in the two quake and hundreds more injured and tonight rescue crew are searching for survivors under the collapsed homes. here's matt. >> the powerful new jolt leaving this massive land slide. pull verizoning concrete as if it were papier-mache. the shakey image capture the moment 7.0 quake hits in the dead of night. 125:am violently striking the rattled southern city again. even stronger than yesterday deadly quake with multiple epi-center. tonight japanese officials reporting dozens buried alive. honoring calls flooding in of people trapped inside buildings. rescuers desperately goingsh dor
9:31 pm
struggling tofu get through streets cloggedve withír rubbleñ broken glass. multiplehs structure fires shooting flamesv id smoke into the nighth sky. id smoke into the nii,áspssr'g n the cars. m othersw apartment block seemingly buckle inward. stores gutted. window blown out as if detonat detonated by explosion. yesterday we spoke with survivor vincent found him again tonight during an after shock. >> wow! there is lots of shaking. >>reporter: shoeless and too afraid to go back into his apartment. were shocked but i think today people are kind of terrified. )u urban area still staggering from yesterday quake 44,000 people already staying in shelters. 9 died in thursday quake but many rescued. includingmx this 8 month old ba> girl. pluck from the rubble carefully handed from rescuer to rest cure toward an ambulance. the quake maxing out the
9:32 pm
intensity scale there because it hit so violently. right beneath an urban area. now that it is daylight rescuers race to go save people still trapped under the rubble. matt abc news los angeles. >> tiger killed female employee at florida zoo today. west palm beach police say the victim was inside the tiger habitat at the time of the attack preparing for talk with zoo%s visitors about the animal. the zoo was open but guest not present and never in any danger and they didn't see this happen thank good nechltz victim taken to the hospital. she did dilater. tiger was tranquilize but the zoo not said what they plan to do with it. now to the growing outrage after video was released showing two adults preparing to it happened at elementary school in ge is perfectly legal. just as it is in 18 other states. 7 news reporter steve with the video and the debate.
9:33 pm
>> georgia police say what you are about to see in a public grade school is perfectly lega legal. 5-year-old's mother who recorded the video gave her consent to school officials to paddle her son after they say the boy fought with other children and then spat on a teacher. for many parents who see this tonight it's deeply disturbing and for many others just fine. the 22-year-old perez now says she felt pressured to let them hit her child. worried she would be sent to jail after more than three weeks of this unexcused absenc absence. >> i wish i could go back and stop all this. i would have snatched him um and say take me to jail. suspend him i don't care. >> georgia is one of 19 states still allow corporal punishment in schools. estimated 167,000 public school children are physically disciplined every year. authorities here in jasper county say they never threatened perez with jail. >> so you do spank them. >> i mean they were shaking
9:34 pm
them around and holding him down and i mean you just you don't do something like that to a five year old baby. >> school says because of privacy issues they can't discuss details of this case but tell us theory examining discipline issues underlining corporal punishment allowed here with parental consent. abc news. >> item been three years since this moment of terror at the boston marathon. as5wuf you well know bomb setr near the finish line killedv 2 64h% others. later in a gun fight wipf police. the other wasd convicted and sentenced to÷% deathaa. thepz anniversary÷.
9:35 pm
annual,t foot race in the world believe it or not. more than 50,000 runners took part last year. many in costume and character. registration is still open and costs 65 dollars per adult. no alcohol. no smoking and no wheel device allowed on the 12 kilometer course. texting will not be coming to an amc theater near you. major about face tonight after so many of you virtually threw popcorn at the screen when you heard the idea. we talked about it here last night. in a tweet this morning amc said there will be no texting in the theaters because so many of you hate the idea. just yesterday the company ceo magazine he was cop templateing changing the rules to allow textazing in the theater and way to attract more young people into the movies. big battle over property right playwt out on the peninsula( playwt out on the peninsula( tjá(ráy thinking about banni
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in palo alto battle over privacy and property rights as neighbors fight over proposal to ban 2 story house. city council has the final say next week but some believe this shouldn't even be a vote on this. chris winn has the story. >> common characteristic in every joseph designed communit community. >> house is consider closed at the front when you get inside it opens up. >>reporter: mid century modern is what people call it. 1950s home design that blends indoor out door living. richard wants these ikeler homes in palo alto to be preserved. >> the sheer value of this design type for the people who own them is something we want to protect. >>reporter: the group urging
9:40 pm
council members to ban 2 stories homes and second floor add on in the subdivision here. single story overlay and decision would impact nearly 200 homeowners including this woman who is against the proposal and family should be able to expand the hes like she did in the m id 80's. >> i want the houses in this neighborhood to grow from a small uniform sun division into a group of buildings that serve the needs of the family they are ling in. >> these type of overlay rezon rezoning application are nothing new in palo alto but at issue the city rule that requires 70% of homeowner to agree to change before the council considers a vote. however some neighbors have told the city they were coerced into signing the committee. catherine want even approached about the proposal. >> it would be important for us to stay here with our medical support and community support. and i do that without fixing things up. >> because of how these homes are designed supporters of the proposed ban say privacy is a
9:41 pm
concern. some also want to prevent any mansion from being built nearby. city council will take up the issue on monday. in palo alto, chris winn abc 7 news. >> the chicago a pet remember that is going back to the root roots. this sunday the mexican museum is having a special hand on exhibit on the sprouting seed that became popular in the 1980's. but the idea of putting the seeds n.e. lab rat pot goes back more than 100 years in mexico. century before that the aztec and mayan consider these seeds a super food. >> almost wholly in mexico. included in relimb us ceremony and the were seen as having spiritual quality. >>reporter: sunday event will take place from one to 3 in the afternoon. visitors get a chance to learn about the history of this and make their own pets. m ex can museum located in san francisco fort mason. >> coming up next on 7 news at 9:00.
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fight listen closely and you will hear a message these bells are sending all around the world. world. back here in a moment
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we could soon see contact lens price war. johnson and johnson announce this week it will discontinue its controversial pricing policy for its alaska view brand contacts. it's become the subject of major court battle with a ruling expected later this yea year. discount retailers like 1-800-contacts have fought hard against the mandatory pricing. lens manufacturers argue that patients are better off buying their contacts from their eye doctors. san francisco pizza legend won his 12th world championshi
9:46 pm
championship. the pictures from tony show the pie that earned first place in the pizza in the palace division in italy. pizza features 7 grain doe. 2 kinds of tomatoes and 4 different cheeses. tony told hood he will make a limited number of pie at tony pizza. in north peach. another chef at the restaurant finished this tenth place. very well represented. congratulations. that looks good doesn't it. the. friday night good time to get a pizza. one last check withdrew. >> it's perfect weather for grilling. done aet next 2 days. tons of sunshine and very warm temperatures t.we see rain free and also cloud free so we see wall to wall sunshine from sunrise to sunset on the saturday. sun tips after 6:30. by "newsnight"we see spots in the 70's and by 4:00 o'clock in
9:47 pm
the afternoon warmest spots go in the low 80's we track even warmer day on the way for sunday. high saturday across the board. 80 vallejo. 82 concord. san francisco 73 degrees. palo alto 81 in san jose and santa rosa, thatp a low 80's richmond. 76 underî plentiful svrnlt here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. warm tomorrow with wall to wall sunshine still sunny on sunday and warm tore that in mid 80's. cool off monday but tuesday everyone feels cooler afternoo afternoon. track a few sprinkle likely in the north bay on wednesday best chance for everyone to see a little bit of wet weather from week today from next friday. >> thanks very much. did you know that the world largest bell was made in russi russia? but it cracked before it could be heard. now you uc berkeley replicated the sound always intended to make. sound engineers and researchers brought the imaginary bell to campus today. lee ann explains how it all came together. >> when it comes to the pitch
9:48 pm
of bell size matters this sound has been imagined by millions of russians but never been heard there. >> sound you can barely here. item around 80 herts like a really low base and more like a rumble. >> professor made it his project to recreate the sound of the czar bell built in 17 35 commissioned by' a of russia. taking a math mathematical approach professor calculated thicknesses shape movement and materials used to make the bel bell. l we got historical perspective of bells in her native russia. >> bells have a little been important in russian culture and brought people together. brought community together. they alarm people. had so many different function. >> most of the bells were destroyed under communist rule because they were considered a religious artifact. czar bell survived because it had been damaged shortly after it was cast. >> there was a fire when the
9:49 pm
bill still underground and the workers there were worried that the bell would somehow melt but cooled it off with water and cooling it off with water made it crack. >> today the bell lives outside the kremlin for all to see but not here. >> the width of the bell is 22 feet. height 20 feet. weigh more than 200 ton and if it were here it would fit nicely within the space. >> the trusts hold the big speaker used to bring theúd, imaginary bell to life. today at midday low pitch joined in with the sounds of the 23 bell from the camp as if to say hello in russian.uç rñtw the festival here drawing thousands of people to the southern california december they are weekend. ticket holde began arriving today for three days of music and of course a lot of fun. they are hoping to see close to"
9:50 pm
225 bands. now promoters who put on could chill a want to put on classic rock concert of the century. brace yourself for this organizers are looking to book bob dillon paul mccartney, rolling stones, who neal young and pink nroychltd all of them rock and roll hall of fame inductee. proposed schedule. stones and dillon would open on october 7th. neal young and paul on the eighth and0a the who and roger waters on the 9th. los angeles times says the concert would take place at could chill a site in indio. negotiations with the perform remember still being finalize. pretty good line up. >> but they are missing ashley and his band push. >> that's true. >> call that a show. you have to flight. make a pushoj for the band push. >> okay. coming up in sports on the eve of the my off series t.hear from both the war yops and
9:51 pm
rockets and speaking of rocketss rockets and speaking of rocketss hernandez began the game
9:52 pm
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the. coming up tonight at 11:00. outrage tonight after high end car is taken for dangerous high speed joy ride by a worker at south bay auto repair shop and all caught on camera. also beginning another run at championship. you may be excited but tonight the warriors are warning fans about what they post on social media. we will explain. those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> rick is here with all the sports tomorrow. great action tonight in baseball but tomorrow is such a big day. >> we are ready fort play offs. warriors quest for nba title begins tomorrow afternoon with a host rocket at oracle arena. team work out today at the practice facility. it's a fairly short turn around for golden state. coach kurr was hoping the first game wouldn't than until sunday. this is players could get an extra day of rest after completing a record 73 win
9:55 pm
season. >> regular season doesn't mean anything at this point. got two month to bring our best basketball the and compete and get i done. >> more pressure now we play our hardest every game. we have the right formula. won 73 games so stick with it. stick to the simple things. simplify things. that's our best and don't change the routine. >> rocket led by jim's harden work out did at oracle. hard ep was second to curry in scoring this season afternoo afternooning 29 point a contest the despite having lots of talent houston under performed and barely made the play offs. odds not the their favor. >> tough test for anybody if the league. we are prepared and go out there and just give it a game win. >> we understand why we are the under dog. but our focus is on game 1 coming up. putting together a great performance and finishing off
9:56 pm
strong. >> followingxq tte contest stay tune for after the game right here on 7 news sports director larry biel and former warriors center foil is in the studio while mike is at oraclenñ for post game0 vow. nhl play offs shark take a lead over the kings tomorrow night with victory at the staple center. captain joe put san jose on top last night with the were around 17 second into the third. second goal of the contest made it 4-three. jones came up big midway in the third turning away an draichlt in all the former kings back up goalie at 21 saves coming in the final period the sharks hold off l.a. 4-3 and take game one. >> nervous at the start of the game but i felt more comfortable as the game went o on. then obviously pretty hectic at the end there and guy did a great job block shotscó. tom like to have him all night. >> robinson day in the major as
9:57 pm
man who broke baseball color barrier remembered. he mid for the brooklyn dodgers that later moved to los angeles. to honor him all players wore his no. 42 today. dodgers hernandez had himself a game to remember with madison. first pitch dooev deep to left center with a lead. the clayton had his problems as well. wild pitch allow him to tie the game. he threw a pair of wild pitches tonight. a. regained the lead in the third as hernandez connects again. he's just the third player to hit 2 home are runs against mad balm in one game. helped by shoty defense the donors scour 4 times in the fourth. tell so far he's 3 for 4 with 4 runs driven in and this game is just gone final. dodgers have beaten the giants 7-3. >> before the a's took on the royals oakland great here were honored. world champ got to hill for two
9:58 pm
runs in the first. the came with the rbi single. a's cut the lead in half in the second as steven vogt hit the first home run of the season. he has this vote. royals were threatening in the fifth but bases loaded. inning ending 5, 4, 3 double play this game now at the top of the ate. 3-2. this sports report has been brought to you by toyota. busy wednesday for sports. >> looking ahead to to. you anticipate the warriors should win this game pretty easily. >> should probably win tomorrow. probably will sweep the series they might go to 5. i would be shocked if it went to 6 games. >> really. >> they are that much better than the rock♪ we'll see thanks very much. that is this edition of 7 news here at 9:00. 4 all of us here we appreciate your time as always thanks for watching. 7 news continues now on line on
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