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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  April 15, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> have you ever wondered if someone did this with your car? his dash cam captured a joy ride while his luxury car was in for repairs. at the wheel apparently an auto mechanic. i'm dan ashley and ama daetz is off. do you know where your car has been? it is raising a lot of questions. katie is live at the dealership with the story. katie? >> reporter: dan, the owner said he just wanted a response from audi palo alto and show people what he believed was going on here. tonight it appears he got what he
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wanted. >> this is going to be fun. >> reporter: the owner of the car, brian thorton, says he is an audi palo alto employee. thorton is accusing the employee of joy riding and speeding. >> ♪ >> reporter: mark noble is a customer at audi palo alto and he would be ear teated -- irritated if it was his car. >> you spend a lot of money on these cars and i would be mad if somebody took it for a joy ride. >> it calls into question how they do their background checks on the employee. >> reporter: she is skeptical. >> it could have happened, but most mechanics are certified and i honestly think the guy may have made up a little story. >> reporter: audi palo alto said we immediately began our investigation and have already taken action. we are working with the customer involved and thanked them for bringing this matter to our attention.
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mark noble has taken his car in for service next week. i asked if the video changed his mind about going to audi palo alto. >> probably not, but i will ask him about it. >> reporter: he said he always had good service there. abc7 news. developing news now in southern japan where there is major damage and more death after the second earthquake in two days. new videos show collapsed and flattened homes. at least 19 people have died from the 7.0 earthquake. it has triggered land slides, started fires and damaged roads. a 6.5 earthquake in the same area on thursday killed 10 people bringing the total number of dead from these two quakeses to -- two quakes to 29. this video show one of several powerful aftershocks today. one witness said the first earthquake was shocking, and now people are simply terrified. understandably.
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moving next to the race for the white house. runner hiln is in san francisco at a fundraiser with a high profile guest, george clooney nonetheless. sergio is live on knob hill with the story. sergio? >> reporter: well, hillary and george were the headliners, but it was bernie sanders supporters who made a lot of noise in the streets. here is a glimpse of george clooney leaving the fundraiser and in this silver suv, democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton. the event held at venture capitalist's knob hill home attractioned dozens of demonstrators. they were mostly bernie sanders supporters. they called this fundraiser obscene because of the amount of money by the attendees. >> $53,000 is what they are charging to have a seat at the table with hillary clinton.
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you can't buy a home in san francisco for $653. it is incredible. >> reporter: sanders is pushing for a strong showing. his campaign just released this ad. sander touched down in rome for a conference at the vatican and urged people to reject what he called an immoral economy. senator clinton was campaigning for new york's primary next week. before flying here they celebrated a small victory playing dominoes at a senior center in harlem. clinton will head to los angeles for another event with george clooney, a fundraiser at his studio city home. abc7 news. >> hillary clinton and bernie sander will join george stephanopoulos on sunday. he is bringing them together for a round of tough questions for tuesday's primary. it airs on sunday at 8:00 a.m. on abc7. authorities called off a possible rescue attempt in contra costa county a few
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minutes ago just before 10:00. the car went over the side of grizzly peak near south park drive and it is now sitting about a hundred feet down. first responders did not find anyone with the car. a crew will likely pull it out tomorrow and they will wait until daybreak to do that job. deputies in marin evacuated a camp imrownd at dillon -- campground at dillon beach after a fire spread in the dunes nearby. it spread fast. five acres by late this evening. marin county deputy blocked several roads so firefighters can do their job. investigators say the cause is suspicious. witnesses saw people running from the scene. the red cross is putting up dozens of people in the south bay after an apartment fire. sky 7hd was over the twin pines manor apartment as the smoke poured in. two people went to the hospital and more than 30 people were evacuated. some had to climb down the ladders in order to get out. firefighters saved several
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pets. they tweeted this picture showing one of those happy reunions. newly released surveillance video shows a robber attacking a store clerk. watch. on march eighth police say two men ran into sonny's. after a heated exchange the man shot the clerk. the police say the clerk should survive. >> the golden state warriors stand alone with 73 wins. >> they sure do. after a big week, the warriors' title run officially kicks off tomorrow afternoon on abc7. the pre-show starts at noon. and the warriors fans across the bay area cannot wait. leslie brinkley is live in pleasanton. this is so much fun. >> if you thought wednesday's
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73rd win was a big deal, wait until tomorrow. they are in an absolute frenzy over the prospect of another nba championship. >> it's starting. the energy is going to press on saturday afternoon in homes and bars all over northern california. >> the warriors are great for the bay area's economy. >> this place opened during the warrior playoff season last year and they hope this year is a repeat. and that requires warriors' gear. >> i have decided to support my local team and buy some warriors gear. >> you already have warrior gear. >> i can't get enough. >> this is the shirt everyone is coming in to get. including 11-year-old bella and her 7-year-old sisters. >> it shows the words that we love them. >> do you think if you wear a hat or shirt it may bring him luck? >> it could. >> we expect a qek 16-0 -- 16-0. >> if you are thinking of
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going to the game, beware of ticket fraud. people are stealing bar codes from the photos of tickets posted on-line. on wednesday night 60 tickets wouldn't scan. >> the biggest issue is people bought tickets from a third party site. then problems occur and the bar code doesn't scan and they are not able to get in the game. >> even fans without tickets can enjoy the new tailgate on the south side of oracle arena. it opens on 9:00 a.m. on saturday. leslie brinkley, abc7 news. our fans are i think the loudest in the league. >> it is so fun to play in front of and such a crazy atmosphere. >> everybody is ready to go. it should be fun tomorrow. >> the warriors know dub nation will bring it for game one. they got in a final practice setting up the game plan and running some plays. abc7 news was at the practice facility as player worked on the individual dribbling skills and shooting drill. if
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you are headed to tomorrow's game you are encouraged to take public transportation. the warriors and the a's game will be going on at the same time. the warriors tip off at 12:30 and the first pitch for the a's game is shortly after 1:00 p.m. if you are driving, be prepared for lots of traffic congestion around the facility. if you are not lucky enough to have a ticket, they are pricey. abc7 is the only place you can catch our action. rockets versus warriors begins at noon. after game one and the showdown tomorrow at oracle, stay tuned to "after the game" on abc7. abc7 sports director larry beil and mike shumann will be joined by warriors ambassador for complete coverage and analysis. a lot more to get to this friday night. stepping in to find a missing child. >> i said, lord, give me favor right now. clear the freeway so i can get this kid. >> hear from everyone that made tonight's emotional reunion possible. tense moments today at a
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southern california high school. the mountain lion that disrupted recess. and go inside the next luxury green home that is being sold locally for less than $500,000. >> and we have a weekend warm up that will make it feel like we have moved on to the next season. i am meteorologist sandhya patel and
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scary moments for students at a southern california high school. a mountain lion showed up. instead of eating students ran into the classrooms. no one was hurt. the animal dashed off campus and through the nearby streets before they managed to tranquilize it. california fish and wildlife released this picture of the mountain lion back in the wild
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again. no harm, no foul. a concord family had a huge scare when an 11-year-old boy with autism disappeared pr school. but with the help of strangers and an old family friend, there was a happen reunion. an enormous hug for zachary jordan smith. san francisco police released this video to a frantic search across the bay. a family reunion made possible by a vigilant woman. >> i said lord give me favor right now. clear the freeways so i can get this kid. so when the sphroi cleared up -- so when the freeway cleared up i ran across and grabbed him. >> he was spotted in san francisco trying to cross i-280. zachary traveled on bart all the way from concord more than 30 miles away. the mood was a lot more somber earlier in the afternoon when his parents joined police and volunteerses to search for him after he was sneaking out of schools. >> i can't imagine. >> as the search was about to
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begin in ernest, this call came in over the radio. >> we are on the phone with san francisco pd. >> mom got to talk to him on the phone. >> i am glad you are safe, baby. >> it was all safe to alice who helped him off the freeway. >> i said are you lost? he said yes. i said where do you live? he mentioned a street i never heard of. he mentioned concord. concord, how did you get here? he said bart. i said so you listen. i'm gonna get you safe and i promise you i will get you to your parents. >> when they called police springer responded and it just so happens that sergeant springer knows the missing boy. her own son went to preschool with him. >> the stars aligned. i am just so happy. >> well tonight the once missing boy and his family are now back in theçó east bay together thanks to their efforts. school ofx) ials are trying to figure out exactly how zachary
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managed to slip out of the school without being noticed. at least he is okay and how about that good samaritan. you can own a brand-new home in the bay area for under $5 had you,000. 5 company -- $500,000. a company is building green homes in a submarine factory. they were there as blue homes unveiled their newest model. they range from $425,000ath w7ñ
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little duck is waddling again tonight thanks to new feet he got from a 3d printer. philip was fitted with his new feet this morning. he lost his real feet from frostbite this winter. you can see it took a little while to get used to them. but his owner says she hopes he will soon be able to swim with them. he is set to join other ducks at a wisconsin sanctuary. he's getting around. stay h
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abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> it was jackie robinson day in the majors. a man who broke baseball's color barrier was remembered. rob -- robinson played for the brooklyn dodgers, the team that later moved to los angeles. they wore the number 42 today. hernandez had a game to remember against bumgarner. he ripped the first pitch deep to left center to give his team a 1-0 lead. three-time cy young award winner clayton kershaw had his problems as well. this pitch allowed bumgarner to tie the game. l.a. regained the lead in the third and hernandez connects again. he also had a two-run double and a four-run fourth. dodgers win it 7-3. mad bum is now 1-1. before the a's took on the
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royals. stewart and henderson were honored. lorenzo cane with the r.b.i single. he hits his first homerun of the season and it is gone and deep to right. he has that fan's vote. the royals go the a big insurance run of the night it is his first of the year. kansas city wins it 4-2 and oakland has now lost four straight. after winning a record 73 games some are wondering if the warriors will go unbeaten in the playoffs. they host the rockets in game one. public perception has changed a lot since last season when they won their last nba title in 40 years. now they are the odds on favorite to win it all. >> we were the one seed and people wondered if we could
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get it done. it is a different feel and a different dynamic, but still win 16 games. >> james harden will likely be the key. he joined lebron james and oscar robertson and michael jordan as the only players to average 29 points and seven assists and six rebounds in a season. he saysring on the warriors. >> you have to face them anyways . no matter if it is the first round. we have a great opportunity. we have to take it one game at a time. stay tuned for after the game. the sports director larry beil will be in the studio and mike shumann will be at oracle for post game interviews. this sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. and did i say the warriors you can watch them here. >> this television station. >> our sports department, you are going to be on high
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alert. >> it is fun to watch. >> thanks very much. >> abc7 news continues on-line, twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices. our next newscast is at 5:00 a.m.


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