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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 17, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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good evening. i'm eric thomas. a hot weekend could turn into an even hotter monday. a live look from the exploratorium camera showing clear skies tonight. let's head over to meteorologist drew tuma with live doppler 7 hd. >> we're wrapping up a spectacular weekend. it was filled with warmth and record-setting temperatures. san francisco coming in with a high of 81, besting their old high of 89. salina coming in at 85 degrees, beating a high of 81, set a year
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ago in 2015. we are so mild. a lot of spots in the 70s right now. 74 san jose. 71 in san francisco. napa mild at 64 degrees. live doppler 7 hd, what you'll notice along the west coast, high pressure. this high not budging anytime soon. that means more record warmth on the way for monday before we track some rain. we'll have all the details in the forecast coming up. rescuers are blaming dangerous riptides for pulling two teenagers in the ocean. crews searched through the evening to find the boys but eventually called off the search. there's an increase of patrols keeping beachgoers safe today. cornell bernard has more. >> reporter: every available firefighter was watching the unpredictable beach on sunday, so was park service lifeguard doug armstrong.
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>> dangerous. >> reporter: armstrong patrolling the beach with a strong message to swimmers. >> ocean beach is a dangerous place. there's a lot of currents. there's heavy surf advise respect. >> reporter: armstrong pulled this guy out of the surf, because he had no flippers, or a wet suit. but there was no warning for two teenage boys, both 17 from vallejo who decided to brave the heavy surf on saturday, and were swept out to sea. there was a five-hour search by the coast guard and the san francisco fire department but the boys were never found. officials say it began when five boys wearing only swim trunks locked arms and waded into the surf. four made it to safety. >> one of the four boys turned around and noticed the fifth boy was still in distress and reentered to assist the young man. he ended up being our second victim. >> reporter: this parent is
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letting his kids touch the water, but nothing more. >> we'll keep a close eye on the kids and hopefully have lifeguards going back and forth. told the kids no higher than the knees. >> reporter: even veteran surfers were getting out of the water early, calling it a day. rip currents just too strong. >> there's no escape today. they're rolling in really quickly. for people who don't have a safety device, you know, y get sucked in. it's hard to get out. >> reporter: these signs warn the public about the surf danger. in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. firefighters put out a brush fire in san jose today. it was first reported late this afternoon near east capital expressway and tours road next to loss lagos golf course. the fire burned through the debris of a homeless encampment. developing news, brazil has taken its first step toward impeaching its president.
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hundreds of thousands of people lined the streets of rio calling for the president to step down. she's accused of hiding budgetary deficits. she claims she didn't do anything wrong. she has not been charged with a crime. today the lower house approved the impeachment. the measure will go on to the senate for a final decision. the death toll from ecuador's 7.8 magnitude earthquake has risen to 246 people, and the number is expected to rise as they have a long list of missing people. more than 2,500 others are injured. homes and buildings were flattened and cars were crushed under an overpass. rescue teams are now working to find survivors. experts say ecuador has a long history of earthquakes. >> the earthquake history shows that earthquakes are a regular feature in this country. and so a lot of good thought has to be put into better engineering of residences, hospitals and other critical facilities in ecuador.
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>> ecuadorean officials say there have been several aftershocks. a precursor wa about 11 minutes before the big one hit. two earthquakes hit the country's southern region earlier this week. 42 people were killed. both quakes were shallow, causing huge damage to homes, buildings, roads and bridges. landslides cutting off remote mountain villages, at least 11 people are missing. the deadly earthquakes in japan and ecuador come on the eve of the 110th anniversary of san francisco's 1906 great earthquake and fire. ceremonies will be in the golden hydrant will be repainted. the hydrant is believed to have been the only source of water in the aftermath of the quake. tomorrow's event starts at 5:12 a.m., the exact time the 1906 quake hit. tomorrow, the san mateo city council will vote on a proposal
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to replace an ice skating rink with stores. protesters held up signs that said save our rink. they've been fighting to reopen the ice chalet since the doors closed three years ago. protesters say closing it permanently would hurt the area's children. >> the developer is seeking a zoning change which will ultimately make him millions and millions of dollars at the expense of an entire community of skaters. >> the property owner is offering the city an extra $1 million to make it a retail use. three of the four major candidates for president can call new york home, and all three were there today trying to drum up votes for the state's primary on tuesday. the contest could be a turning point on the road to the white house. abc news reporter mary bruce has details. >> reporter: donald trump is riding a huge lead into his home state's primary on tuesday.
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>> we're going to have a landslide victory. >> reporter: on the stump he was looking way past new york, hammering his theme that the republican convention is rigged against him. >> you're going to have a ry, very upset and angry group of people. i hope it doesn't involve violence. >> reporter: then training his sights on hillary clinton. >> crooked hillary. she's been crooked from the beginning. to think she has a hot at being our president. >> reporter: and trump is drawing vintage scorn from old nemesis rosie o'donnell. >> he's not even qualified to run a game show. >> reporter: a trump sweep of all 95 new york delegates would officially block ted cruz from winning the nomination with bound delegates before the july convention. hillary clinton was feeling good enough about her new york prospects, that she busted a move at a campaign stop. with a ten-point lead over bernie sanders, clinton took on trump.
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>> i said, enough! you stop with the hate-filled pret oh rick. you are the not going to divide this country. >> reporter: bernie sanders was on his brooklyn turf hoping the old neighborhood would help him pull off an upset. >> let's have a record-breaking turnout tuesday. >> reporter: clinton hopes to win in new york. mary bruce, abc news, washington. some californians may not be able to vote in the coming primary. still ahead at 9:00, the mistake thousands of voters may have made that alined them with a fringe political party. and the decision on tuesday that could have a profound effect on the rising rental prices in san jose. stay with us. we'll be
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a name mix-up caused thousands of california voters to sign up for the wrong political party. 3500 members of the american independence party, the conservative constitutionalist party, is now the third largest in the state. three out of four registered said it was a mistake and they wanted to register as independents, meaning no party affiliation. voters have to check a box that says no party preference to do that. among the voters who made the error, actress moore, and arnold schwarzenegger's son patrick. they're expected to reduce increases in t rent-free homes. they will discuss changes to the 40-year-old rent control law. right now, there's an 8% cap on rent increases. five council members support lowering the cap. the head of housing proposed rent increases be tied to inflation less than 3% a year. the mayor supports a fixed amount. coming up next, a whale
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watcher's once in a lifetime experience. and every moment is captured on video. it might be hard to imagine, but rain could be on the way. meteorologist drew tuma up next with his forecast. steph curry has never had so much attention and he gets a lot on a daily basis. but this time it's about his injured right ankle which is taking on a life of its own.
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get a load of this. a rare encounter left a whale watcher in monterey county in awe when a killer whale attacked a pod of dolphins. take a look. >> there he goes! whoa! got one! now they know. they've got a stampede. that was insane.
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>> those dolphins are swimming for their lives after encountering eight to ten killer whales earlier this week. the amazing encounter captured by sanctuary cruises in moss landing harbor, it's rare to see dolphins in this area. but they started showing up along the monterey coast last year. it would have been a great day for whale watching. anything else with the clear skies. >> we'll do it again tomorrow. after that, we'll slowly cool down before actually tracking our next storm. wet weather to round out the work and school week. right now we of precipitation-free. outside we go. this is how it looks from the santa cruz cam. almost looks like mid-july out there. packed beach. warm temperatures. in the upper 70s. tomorrow we're tracking beach weather with the warm weather not going anywhere anytime soon. it is very warm in spots. hayward at 74 degrees right now. 70 in san carlos.
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concord sitting at a mild 70 degrees. san ramon just dropped to 65. san francisco right now very warm for this time of the night, checking in with a temperature of 68 degrees. tonight, mild out there. going to drop in the mid to low 50s in most spots under mainly clear skies. future tracker temperatures will show you monday morning, 8:00 in the morning, already mild once again with most spots hitting the low 60s. warm by noon monday. warmest locations are already into the lower 80s. into the afternoon we go, further warming, we'll get many spots very close to that 90-degree mark. more record warmth is likely going to be achieved tomorrow afternoon. highs in the bay area to start the work and school week, hot in spots. san jose at 89 degrees. 88 in antioch. oakland up to a mild 83 degrees. palo alto 84. a little bit cooler, but still mild this time of the year at half moon bay checking in with a temperature of 73 degrees tomorrow afternoon. records we are watching on
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monday. it looks like san jose and oakland with the forecast highs likely to break new records. san francisco and napa look safe right now. livermore 87 degrees. likely breaking the old record of 85 set back in 2015. this warm, dry pattern has really blossomed a lot of trees, and now our grasses. the pollen forecast next four days will stay at high levels. your main offenders, juniper, oak, pine trees and the grasses are now high. we'll get relief, but it won't come until friday when the rain brings in. the rain we're tracking on friday is light showers. as much as maybe half an inch of rain as the system moves through. we jump ahead into friday. friday morning 7:00 in the morning, we'll likely have some wet weather to round out the work and school week. commute in the morning, showers may linger for much of the first half of friday.
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then the storm system will kick out friday afternoon, and that will clear the way for a very sunny and dry weekend. this will help to cleanse the air and bring the pollen levels back down to the moderate levels. tomorrow a sea breeze kicks in. warm inland. everyone cools down on wednesday with a chance of sprinkle in the north bay. friday, that's when everyone has the chance of the wet weather mainly in the morning. 1 on the storm impact scale. next weekend, lots of sunshine. >> down 20 degrees. >> down 20 degrees. >> that's our lucky number. let's learn more about who's going to play tomorrow in the warriors game. >> especially namely -- we'll get to it. to play or not to play. but steph curry's ankle now takes a tragic turn. questionable for game two. curry did not practice today.
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after he tweaked his right ankle on this play yesterday against houston. he left the game after scoring 24 points in the first half. only played three minutes the rest of the way. got treatment today. will do the same tomorrow. if he can go without hurting himself further, the warriors will have a tough decision to make. >> kind of changes things. we don't seem to be as good of a coaching staff when steph goes out. i don't know why. we've got a lot of guys who can play. i think steph missed three or four games this year, and we did fine. >> well, we've had a couple of games without him. and there's been a few times we've played really well. we knew exactly what we needed to do. we locked in on a game plan and executed. that was against houston. it's good we've gone through it before. we'll be prepared, or should be prepared if he's not available. >> he's still banged up, and still rehabbing today. you know he wants to play every game he can.
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but we're in a position where it won't be smart. you never know, steph might play tomorrow. >> guys trying to take five of seven against the dodgers. they do not meet again for two more months. top three, scoreless, not anymore. the second long ball of the season. right field stands. giants up 1-0. one mistake to peterson. he hit that one to the rose bowl. two-run shot. dodgers lead it 2-1. they will add another. got the tying run. in the ninth. grounds out to end it. dodgers win it. little league day at the coliseum. our future stars, taking a 2-0 lead. a line shot, hirs fourth of the
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year. high pop into shallow left. loses it in the sun. what a catch. he falls down. bottom fourth. two on, two out. strike three, the ball gets away from the catcher. the throw to first. chris will score. 3-2. taking two out of three from the reigning champs. >> just having everybody working together. the offense just clawing for a couple runs. it was a great team effort. >> obviously you want to win every series you can. we were playing right, playing hard and playing until the end. that's how we won today. >> up two games to none, the sharks return home for game three against the l.a. kings monday night. the tank is a house of horrors for san jose this season. although they must feel pretty
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good after winning last night in l.a. san jose has the best record in hockey on the record but their home record this season is the worst among any of the play-off teams. they were the third worst in the western conference overall. the head coach looks at it differently. >> i think we've improved at home. i think the most important thing is, we play well at home against good teams, you know? i think if we drop the ball somewhere, it's been against some of the teams in the bottom half of the standings. >> sharks under the radar. warriors are taking center stage. this will be the year they win. good start for them against the kings. next on abc 7 news at 9:00, critics applauding the realistic animals in the jungle book. but will the
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coming up tonight at 1 1:00 search and rescue efforts continue after the earthquake in ecuador. also, record temperatures offer an important reminder, it is never too early to get ready for fire season. that's tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. the junglebook ran away at the box office this weekend. the movie made by our parent company disney is a remake of the 1967 animated classic. it's more intense, though features some of the musical numbers from the first movie, including bear necessities. critics have praised the movie. it's up to 95% on rotten tomatoes. it earned $103 million, the second biggest opening since ice cube's barbershop.
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the boss, superman, and utopia rounding out the top five. that's it for abc 7 news at 9:00. we're the live action version of the animated newscast on the weekend. the next newscast is at 11:00. we'll see you then.
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♪ it's the michelle meow show, your a-z covering the lgbt, lmnop, and everyone in between. [music continues] here's michelle meow. aloha and mahalo. thanks so much for joining me tonight here in maui. i'm at the mardi gras maui carnival ball as promised. tonight will feature leaders and dignitaries of the lgbtq community here in maui, but before we get to the party, the carnival ball right here at the four seasons wailea, let's check out the maui pride whalebration. it's so incredible. maui pride put together this awesome whale-watching tour that also was an extended invitation to the lgbtq youths. let's check it out. ♪♪


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