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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 18, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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hesitate for a moment. iguodala. he's counter josh smith from three point range.
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he's also at oracle with that part of the story, hi, cornell. >> hey, there, game two and the warriors are ahead. curry is not playing. are the fans worrieworried, may? pregame and the warriors made it onto the court and steph curry was not a part of the introduction, but early in the first quarter, warriors were ahead. they kept going and fans say that was a good sign. they want curry. >> it's going to be a tough one with curry we got to rely on the whole team. strength in numbers, let's go. >> the good thing about our
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team, one when one person is down, everybody else steps up and takes on a larger role. they have done it all year long and will continue to do it through the play-offs. >> some of the rockets actually almost missed warmup tonight because their team bus was stuck on 880 heading to oracle. they were stuck in traffic because of an accident but they did finally get there. some trash talking rockets' fans were in the stands tonight actually happy that steph curry was not playing tonight, but sorry, houston, the warriors are still ahead tonight. we're live at oracle, cornell bernard. >> all right. thank you so much. now let's go back to sports anchor mike shumann at oracle arena. hi there, shoe. >> we have having technical
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difficulties. let just go on to weather. all right. we will keep you updated on the warriors and everything happening with them but let's turn our attention to the weather because it's been hot outside. let's get to andy patel for a live check of the weather today. >> hi, there. we're starting to see changes already on live doppler 7 hd. take a look for yourself. clouds on the increase and a look at the records for today. we saw numerous records from the golden gate bridge camera. view is good. take a look. san francisco tied the record at 83. oakland airport a tie, oakland downtown new record and richmond, you'll notice san jose got up to 91. new records, gill roy and monterrey. new records for the day. we're not expecting a rerun of
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the records. i'll let you know what changes are ahead coming up, ama? >> thank you. one of the hottest spots today was oakland, no one wanted to be cooped up in a stuffy house so we saw plenty of people working now. here is abc 7 news reporter alicia harrington. >> weather feels good. >> record-breaking warmth brought everyone outside. roller blading, playing catch, relaxing in the shade, kayakers floated around. alisha felix and her friends came to the lake to work out. >> the weather is nice and inviting. >> she brought an extra large water bottle to stay hydrated. >> i got to get my tan on, right? >> these ladies say it feels more like a summer day oakland hitting 83 for the second day in a row. >> we're walking and we're having a nice chat. >> right? >> a lot of sunbathing going on, a lot of people getting some tan, i think. >> the u.s. forest service wants
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people to be mindful of fire hazards, especially dry brush. 27.6 million dead trees, four years of drought made it hard for the trees to form a defense system. >> police arrested a man for kidnapping a little boy leading to a statewide amber alert. fbi agents helped capture carmen this afternoon. the police department shared this photo of him after the arrest. the drama began when a black honda was stolen with her 2-year-old sanjon jacob was strapped in. a push for him to face attempted murder charges because the boy was locked inside a locked car with the windows rolled back. police are on the lookout for a man that randomly attacked
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another man. he was walking with his family on north park victoria drive when the man you see in the sketch hopped out of a vehicle and hopped over and said what's up man and punched the victim in the face. the attacker got back in the vehicle. you see a picture on the right and took off. the latest fire in the growing battle between the police union and the city's district attorney. now the police union is taking its fight public. vic lee has more. >> reporter: the videotaped interviews will be sent to the blue ribbon panel he formed last may to look into potential racial bias in the department after the racist text message scandal. the poa decided to release the videos on youtube. why? >> they ignored our request for the officers that we wanted to testify before the blue ribbon panel. >> we have the most diverse police department in the united states. >> reporter: this is gary, the former head of the police officer's association is being
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interviewed by the group's lawyer. he talks about his relationship with george when the d.a. was police chief. he says they were close and that he never heard him say anything about systemic racism in the department. and recounts the conversation with the chief at a dinner where he says he made racially disparaging remarks. >> there were things said that were to say the least surprising. >> reporter: lawyers from the panel did interview the witnesses at the union's offices. but current president marty wants them to appear in person before the panel. >> it would be an open forum on the record. >> reporter: the panel says it did invite him to testify in person. the spokesman said the president was invited to testify at both of our public witness hearings and he declined. he says he had scheduling conflicts but says he gave them many other possible dates.
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d.a.gascone was out of town but responded with a statement saying the poa is peddling perjury in an effort to district the public from a department mired in scandal rather than roll up their sleeves than work with the members and community to reform the pd. the spokesman says the police union is obstructing the process by trying to desuede officers to testify. they say those refusing to testify are blacks, hispanics and lgbt members. a grown up of women settled racial discrimination lawsuit. 11 women accused the crew of kicking them off for being quote too loud. ten are african american. they claim they were targeted because of their race. the book club members sued for $11 million. they settled for private mediation and the amount is
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being kept confidential. >> we have much more ahead on this monday night, demanding answers about the broken fire hydrant that was broke. the new era begins for a san francisco hospital. we have some changes in the weather this week. meteorologist ♪
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san jose residents are furious. they say a weekend fire could have been put out sooner if two brokenhydrants could be working. the family lost their home. it happened on sugar creek drive. reporter melanie woodro has more with the story you'll only see on abc 7 news. >> over here, guys. look. >> residents are shaking their heads over this shaking fire hydrant. >> doesn't make any sense. >> when a fire broke on sugar creek drive, firefighters had access to this hydrant except it was broken. same with this across the street. it has a gaping hole. >> we have called the city time and time about this fire hydrant. >> it hasn't been fixed and major. >> it's kind of a wakeup call now. >> despite the calls, the san jose water company contracted but the municipal water system to do repairs says the only call
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they received was today. >> what time did you get called? >> just a few minutes ago. >> there was not a record. had we known would have fixed it right muthey inspect 300 hydra year. there are 850 total. employees rely on the inspections and complaints to catch problems. >> how did these two get past those? we'd have to look into that. >> this hydrant was fixed in december of 2015. it's unclear what happened since. it's also unclear how many more could be broken. >> is that a problem the city doesn't know how many fire hydrants are out of service now? >> like i said, we have a three-year maintenance plan. >> firefighters got water from this hydrant farther away. residents wonder if the fire could have been put out sooner.
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melanie woodro. china town welcomed a new edition to the china hospital. the patient tower is located where the first chinese hospital was built 91 years ago. leah melendez has more. in china town, dragons are symbolic of power. no surprise the dragon was picked to represent chinese hospitals success through the years as a pillar of this community. the only san francisco supervisor born here. >> i'm proud. to me being born here and seeing a rebirth of the hospital brings a lot of joy to me. >> reporter: today this section of the hospital opened its doors not only to the community but to all of san francisco with state of the art equipment. >> it's a bay area institution joining up with hospitals like
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kizer and sf general. it's come a long way. >> reporter: the eight-story tower replaced the original building which came online if 1925. built out of necessity. >> if you were chinese american, you couldn't really get american help. >> the staff understands the culture like host of us grew up in this area. >> reporter: sidney lee is a respiratory therapist that worked at the hospital for 36 years. it cost $180 million to build this new facility, money that came from hospital funds, a bond and donations from the community. >> i'm excited to move in and start working here for another 100 years. >> reporter: it's a journey how left to the younger members of this community. in san francisco, leeann melendez. time to check on the accuweather forecast. we're breaking records today. >> good 15 to 20 degrees above normal. hard to believe it's the heat in
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the summertime. let me show you live doppler 7 h.d. we'll cool down and begins tomorrow so if you really don't like this, hang in there it will feel more like april in a few days as you look at live doppler, high cloudiness right now and that cloudiness will be with us tomorrow. if you did not have a record, here is how warm it was. 85 in santa rosa and san rafaer. 87 primarily most of you in the 80s and 90s with the exception of half moon bay. temperatures still really on the mild to warm side, half moon bay dropping to a55. visibility is terrific. the cooling trend tomorrow and fog to the coast wednesday and april showers for your friday. at least a good likelihood. tomorrow morning we'll see the high clouds continuing so if you're up early enough, the sunrise should be beautiful.
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upper 40s to upper 50s and as we head towards tomorrow afternoon the sun will be filtered by the high cloudiness. south bay 81 san jose and gill roy and 72 santa cruz and upper 70s with redwood city. 68 in pacificia, downtown san francisco mild but not as warm as today. 72 tomorrow, 67 in daily city, north bay numbers will be in the upper 70s around santa rosa 75 san rafael and east bay mid 70s. newark 78. you head inland we'll hang onto the warmth but we won't see the 90s. 82 livermore and 82 in concord. we bring in the storm impact scale and ranking the storms all season. one is a light system. five is severe. most of then have been ones and twos since the winter time and through spring. this next one coming is a light system for friday. scattered light showers are
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expected. most areas will pick up .1 t to .25. clouds are thick. you'll head into the wee hours of the morning and the rain spreads. commute time looks wet and we're still looking at scattered showers. accuweather forecast features something for everyone. we'll cool it down the next few days. friday will be the coolest day down to the mid 60s in the warmest locations. one on the storm impact scale for that system. upper 50s to mid 60s and turn things around a little bit milder weather for the weekend and breezy but at least the temperatures will look like april, ama than today and yesterday. pretty warm to even hot in places. still to come, the tax filing deadline is quickly approaching. approaching. the one spot w
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time is running out to get your taxes filed. the deadline is at midnight. today's cut off is three days beyond the traditional deadline of april 15th because friday was emancipation day, a legal holiday in washington d.c. the irs expects more than 5 million to be filed alone, the majority online. if you need the return to the post office, drop it off at san francisco international airport. an estimated 45% of american households will pay no federal income tax this year but half have no taxable income, the other half have enough tax breaks to eliminate the liability. the non-partisan says rich
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people pay 69% of the income tax in america. stanford researchers have created a substance to be used as an artificial muscle. this is the polly mer that has researchers expanded by jolting it with an electrical field. it's super stretching after researchers pulled it to 100 times the size. it could repair itself to the original size. nasa released these pictures of the solar play flames shot out of the sun. the flairs are a burst of radiation. the flair is categorized as an m class powerful but not strong enough to disrupt gps or communications on earth. another 30 minutes of news at 9:00 is next. coming up, the race against time. three major earthquakes in three days. what size moles seismologists s about it coming here. delegates at steak and why this state means so much to the
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candidate for president. how a broadway musical changed the government's plan to put a woman on the $10
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we begin with the three powerful earthquakes that happened in three days. the hunt for survivors is intense. two quakes in japan and the third was in ecuador on the pacific ring of fire that includes the west coast of the united states. abc news reporter lindsey janice is on the scene in ecuador. >> this is the moment a 7.8 magnitude striked, panic screams and the lights go out. entire city blocks levelled,
9:28 pm
homes collapsed with people still inside. this overpass is one of the busiest roads, the powerful earthquake causing it to collapse. >> american teacher brian bayer inside this badly damaged building when it struck. >> the entire building was jumping up and down. >> these firefighters working for hours to free this man. nearby, a man talking through a tiny hole to his family stuck below ground. across the pacific, japan still reeling from those two deadly jolts that hit in the dead of night. >> earthquake. >> reporter: matt gutman hiked to this dramatic scene. >> over a half mile wide and came roaring down this mountain ripping it in half and ocrippin the bridge. >> reporter: the deadly earthquakes on the volatile ring of fire that includes the west
9:29 pm
coast of the u.s. so tonight many are asking if we're next. >> here in california, we expect an earthquake the size of the one that hit in japan about once every decade or two. the pacific northwest will have a magnitude nine. >> reporter: with so many people missing, the death toll is expected to rise and one american is among the dead. lindsey janice, nbc news, ecuador. voters go to the polls tomorrow in new york's presidential primaries. hillary clinton and donald trump are poised to gain more ground but their challengers say wait just a new york minute. abc news reporter megan hues has more. >> exciting. >> cheers. [ laughter ] >> victory tomorrow. >> toasted with bubble t. >> it is so good. >> and stopped by for ice cream but what she was really looking for was votes. >> i am hoping to do really well tomorrow and hoping to wrap up the democratic nomination.
9:30 pm
>> holds a double digit lead over the native son bernie sanders that addressed striking verizon workers in manhattan. >> we'll win this. >> sanders through a massive crowd in brooklyn over the weekend and packed another big rally monday. but if he loses new york by ten points, sanders needs to win 80% of the remaining delegates to clinch the nomination. nald trump is ready to romp on tuesday. he could win new york with over 50% of the vote. he campaigned in upstate buffalo monday night. >> we're going to get to that big 1237. >> trump says he's not worried about competing with rival ted cruz for delegates. >> nobody has better toys than i do. i can put them in the best planes and bring them to the best resorts in the world but it's a corrupt system. you're buying the people. >> reporter: out of the running in new york, ted cruz said on good morning america, his strategy ignored by trump will
9:31 pm
win him victory at a contested convention. >> i believe donald's highest total will be on the first ballot and will go steady down. >> reporter: it promises to be a reset. a palo alto based blood testing company finds itself the source of a federal crime anyone investigation. joe biden toured the new work facility with elizabeth holms. holms was there in 2003 as a way to revolutionize blood testing with tests using just drops taken from a finger. the journal reports the probe centers on if it mislead investors. >> the dow is flying high. the index closed above 18,000 for the first time since july 2015. energy stocks helped consumer companies posted big gains. the dow closing at 18004 and the
9:32 pm
s&p added 13. silicon valley's tech world lost a man many called a legend and coach. phil campbell died after a long battle with cancer and advised tech leaders including steve jobs and jeff and google's larry paige. campbell was a football coach before getting into technology. many are remembering him, eric schmidt tweets bill was instrumental for me, google and all valley entrepreneurs. tim cook says campbell believed in apple when few people did. we'll miss his wisdom, friendship and humor and venture capitalist tweets bill was our super coach colorful confident and mentor to apple, amazon, go, google and more. today's boston marathon went off without a hitch under heavy
9:33 pm
security. it's been three years and tonight new details from inside the fbi. brian ross has more. >> reporter: it was a joyous day in boston until the first blast. >> what the hell was that? >> reporter: this key surveillance video shows the crowd reacting. >> oh my god, something blew up. >> reporter: over the next 12 seconds, some will deseed to leave the area but most will stay. >> shrapnel in the way. >> reporter: using this chilling video provides details and shows how it was done. >> hidden in plain sight. >> reporter: for the first 24 hours, the agents could not pick out the man they were looking for, this man and this still picture came in on day two and at the site of the bomb blast was this backpack and nearby the
9:34 pm
man in the white hat. >> that was the ah-ha moment. >> reporter: putting the surveillance video in reverse, agents then spotted white hat with another man, black hat. it was tamerlan and tsarnaev. after a wild shootout with police left one dead. the remaining bomber hit 17 hours until the owner discovered him and called 911. >> i have a boat in my yard. there is blood all over the inside. there is a person in the boat. >> are you sure? >> i just looked in the boat. >> reporter: within a few hours, the younger czar nitsarnaev was custody. so many heroes had the two brothers not been caught, their plans were to come to new york and set off more bombs in times
9:35 pm
square. brian ross,, a abc news new yor store managers started telling employees that earn less than $10 an hour they should see the base pay go up to $10 an hour. target is which matching a rais walmart gave. jack lew is expected to keep the face on the $10 bill after a broadway musical about hamilton became a huge success and last may more than 600,000 people petitioned to drop jackson from the 20 instead. the change likely won't happen until 2030 because of the lengthy design process. the musical won for best drama. still to come, commemorating the great quake that changed san francisco. what was missing for the first time during this year's tribute
9:36 pm
to the 1906 disaster. that's next
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for the first time the anniversary of the 1906 earthquake went on early this morning without any survivors. hundreds gathered for a memorial service in san francisco. abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson was at the commemoration. >> reporter: silence, then sirens and song. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: a 5:00 a.m. tribute to mark the devastating earthquake that ripped through 110 years ago. 3,000 people died. hundreds of thousands were displaced. today, the resilience was honored. >> such a big part of history.
9:40 pm
>> reporter: this is the first anniversary without survivors. the last known survivor passed away in january, three generations of his family attended the memorial in his honor. >> i heard stories about the earthquake from the time i was little and i think it ties you into your roots and your family and the city of san francisco. >> reporter: after gathering, the group moved to dolorus park. the fire hydrant helped save and sprayed gold every year as a reminder. this mom started bringing her sons in 2009. >> i want them to understand that history isn't just something that you get out of the book and has no relation to your life. >> reporter: the group moved indoors for breakfast. that's where we caught up with fire chief joann. she's pulling double duty today first at the earthquake memorial then at the fire department's 150th anniversary kick off in union square. >> today begins with an apparatus display and 65-foot
9:41 pm
wooden latter. >> reporter: the department looking forward to the future. they are ready for the next big earthquake. >> we know it's a matter of when, not if. weaver in a vulnerable area. >> reporter: preparedness was a major part of the message at the memorial with run of support for victims of the earthquake of ecuador and japan. tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. thousands are expected to converge on golden gate park for wednesday's 4/20 celebration and today san francisco leaders urged them to bring the best behavior and leave their kids at home. you're looking at marijuana smoke rising from the area near sharon meadow on april 20th. several agencies will team up to keep the giant smoke out while dealing with other complaints from nearby residents. >> we've gotten so many complaints about people relieving themselves, underaged both smoking and drinking. >> we have plenty of police
9:42 pm
officers that will be present. we will be using resources from outside of the park district. they will cisco police warned face arrest if they bring their children to the 4/20 celebration. >> a religious group filed a lawsuit over an outdoor urinal. they are accept renting san francisco christians in the suit and called it offensive to manners and morals. the institute is a conservative legal institution considered anti lgbt. a spokesperson for the city attorney responded to the lawsuit saying if i had to predict the top 100 things in the park likely to offend the plaintiffs, i couldn't guess this was the cut. apple's developers conference isn't announced but the mobile assistant is spilling the beans. just ask when is wwdc and siri
9:43 pm
will tell you june 13th through the 17th in san francisco. the conference is mostly third party developers but the company is known to reveal new products. up next on abc 7 news at 9:00, we'll check in on the forecast and are they out of the dog house? the apology from johnny deep and his wife accused of smuggling their dogs done under.
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leave the car, swim.
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leave the car. swim. >> this is some powerful video from houston where a driver narrowly escaped harm after driving straight into several feet of flood water. reporter steve champion from our sister station ktrk stepped into the water and helped bring the man to safety. he will be okay. at least two people have died after powerful thunderstorms dumped at least several feet of rain in a short period of time. we are just dealing with the heat here. let's get more. >> ama, they have flash flood watches and warnings through tomorrow morning and afternoon. showing you high clouds overhead. if you suffer from allergies, the biggest culprit is grass pollen running high and tree pollen moderate and mold spores low but we'll see once again uv index running very high as we head into tomorrow. here is how the temperatures will shape up. not as warm as today but it is still going to be warmer than
9:48 pm
ave average. 80s along the coastline and mid 60s to 70s and high clouds drifting across the skies for tuesday. if you go to the giants game at at&t park tomorrow night, it won't be as warm. 62 and sunset at 7:50 and temperature will drop to 57. here is a way things are going to shape up. temperatures will continue to drop for the week ahead. average high is 71 in san jose. still a good ten degrees above normal and we'll continue to see the temperatures going down right on through friday of this week when we are as you'll look at the accuweather seven-day forecast expecting the possibility of light rain. it's a one on our storm impact scale and then the weekend looks dry, ama. >> thank you so much. emmy award winning actress doris roberts has died. roberts worked in movie, theater and television for more than six decades. the role may have been "everybody loves raymond." she won four emmies and one
9:49 pm
other. roberts passed away sunday. she was 90 years old. johnny depp and his actress wife apologized for smuggling two yorkies into australia. >> i'm truly sorry pistol and boom were not declared. protecting australia is important. >> declare everything when you enter australia. >> online wags, the hostage video in what they call the war on terrier. >> australia is a wonderful island with a treasure trove of plants, animals and people. >> it has to be protected. >> i don't think it would be something they would have willingly wanted to do the aussie pm. >> mr. dep has to take his dogs back to california or we have to euthanize them. >> depp called him a sweaty big man. >> when you disrespect australia
9:50 pm
law, they will tell you. >> what's in it for me? >> was not the fine acting career. >> australians are unique. >> abc news, los angeles. all right. turn our attention to sports, big, huge night in the bay area. >> humongous night. what's bigger? i don't know. we'll go to the source. no steph so far. no problem for the warriors trying to find a way to beat the rockets without their mvp. before earning enough cash back from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time
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coming up tonight, he expected a lazy day at the beach but it ended with him saving two young lives. hear from a north bay high school coach they are calling a hero tonight. the heated battle over the closure of an ice rink hits a boiling point. we're there live. join us on channel 7.
9:54 pm
i like gargantuine. >> and the absence of steph. it is big. steph curry really wanted to play in game two with the rockets. his ankle said otherwise. nearly a spectator tonight and the question is whether the dubs could win. carely fr clearly frustrated. his move would improve. iguodala and curry loving it on the bench 14 for iguodala. second quarter, the other slash for the klay thompson, the drive and 24 for klay. thompson drive, dish to harrison barns, stroke still not quite right. andr andrew bogat. 56-68. third quarter rockets keep coming. james harden backs up iguodala.
9:55 pm
was that a flop or foul? 25 for harden. moments later, thompson into the teeth of the defense here. spin move. after that iguodala with the angry aussie. i got a hankering for the bucket. the cowboy. the corner three. right now score is 90-85 warriors with eight minutes left. rustle westbrook and okc to go up and demolished the mavs by 38. under 30 seconds left. dallas up two. kevin durant misses. dallas on the break. i'll take that. that's mine and scores 85-81 mavs. mark cuban nervous. 13 seconds left. durant for three of his 21. thunder down by one. after dallas misses two free throws. last chance for oku durant on the drive and westbrook misses. steven adams for the game winner. good night game, oh, know, check
9:56 pm
the replay. red light is on. ball still in his hands, no basket. good night game. 85-84. mark cube happy and this game tied. playoffs, another big game in the south bay tonight. the san jose sharks hosting the kings in the stanley cup playoffs normally great to be at home except the sharks have the worst home record of any play-off team. ronnie a regular. firing up sharky. 30 seconds in. joe thornton shoots and scores. 1-0 in a flash. l.a. with a chance. martin jones with one stop and ko pita r on the store step. sharks on the power play. skates in cleanly and blasted right at jonathan quick who makes the save. still in the second. jones going to collect the puck. doesn't see kyle clifford. oh, near disaster but the sharks catch a break right there. four minutes left in the second. chris tyranny but quick, he does
9:57 pm
this so often he can shut people down. makes another save and look, a big hit right there getting physical in the playoffs. 1-1 game in the third. after a long weekend in l.a. the giants are back home opening a ten-home stand against arizona with jake peavy on the mound. it's stanford at the ballpark. quarterback kevin hogan and devin shaw or david shaw at the park and hogan throwing out the first pitch a little high there. giants down 1-0. bradley uncorks the wild pitch. the fourth, willington castillo who has a fabulous name. willington castillo and missed time to jump. not sure if he could have gotten up to get that. homer ties the game. joe panic takes bradley over the wall in right center. his third of the year and the d'backs are coming back in this game. the score is in the seventh.
9:58 pm
giants leading 6-4. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. i know you were watching the warriors game over my shoulder. >> not speaking, just checking. >> what's the score? >> we have 99. >> we have a 99. >> we have 99. >> ama -- >> i know. >> get you to the optometrist. it's 99-86 warriors. i'm going to go to the inner web. >> sure. >> seven minutes left. so a 13-minute -- a 13-point lead. >> whose eyes are we checking? >> it's kind of been that night. that kind of night around here. it's a 13-point lead for the warriors minus steph curry. the rockets have been hanging in and harden playing well but really a lot of energy and effort from everybody on the court for golden state. up 13 but a long way to go when you talk about seven minutes. that's an eternity. do you rest steph again in game three on thursday?
9:59 pm
>> right. i guess wait and see. >> if you're up 2-0, you're in the driver's seat. you can take that thing -- >> sure. >> massage and ice and all that. take care of him. >> all right. thank you, larry. thank you for joining us tonight for larry, i'm ama and dan, thanks for joining us. we'll see you at 11:00 on channel 7. >> those eyes, ama. >> those eyes, larry.
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announcer: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today a cross-dressing killer who goes by the name ms. puppy eludes police. but this murderer's plan to cover his tracks is about to head for a dramatic showdown. and a love triangle launches a revered astron


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