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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 21, 2016 9:00pm-9:56pm PDT

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♪ why do we scream at each other ♪ ♪ this is what it sounds like when doves cry ♪ >> living legend. i always felt like we were his family. ♪ purple rain purple rain tonight the death of a
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legend. superstar prince was found dead at his estate at the age of 57. he was one of the best selling artists ever. and his new tour was just getting started. thanks for joining us tonight. the news stunned millions of fans around the world. police responded to his estate in minnesota today. after he was found unresponsive in an elevator. he had been hospitalized with the flu just last week. lindsay davis begins our coverage in minneapolis. >> reporter: he was a master of the grand spectacle. ♪ dearly beloved we are gathered here today for this thing we call life ♪ >> reporter: dazzling millions at the super bowl. ♪ >> reporter: and then seven days ago, prince sat alone on a stage in atlanta. ♪ purple rain purple rain >> reporter: playing his purple
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piano. then just hours later, a moment of crisis, his plane made an emergency landing in moline, illinois. his spokeswoman saying he was battling the flu. he had already cancelled two shows earlier this month. three hours later, prince went home. sounding upbeat on twitter. i'm still floating on a cloud of purple intoxication from the concert. i am transformed. the next day, the music icon sent fans a message he was okay. holding a surprise appearance at his paisley park studio. this morning at 9:43 a.m., an ambulance was dispatched to prince's home. >> 7801 audobon road. >> he was discovered unconscious in an elevator. paramedic
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paramedics performed cpr but were unable to revive him. the cause of his death is still a mystery. >> immediately, teerful fans assembled outside paisley park. online, an outpouring of grief. madonna posting this picture saying, he changed the world, what a true visionary. i'm devastated. prince's talent was limitless, he was one of the most unique an talented artists of the last 30 years, mick jagger. tonight on the marquis of harlem's famed apollo theater. this message, nothing compares to you. so many sharing the video of that super bowl performance. it was pouring that day. the shows producers concerned prince might cancel and called him up. i want you to know, it's raining. yes, it's raining.
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are you okay? and prince was like, can you make it rain harder? i was like, right on. >> later that night, one week ago. that same song, his fans still singing alone. ♪ in the purple rain purple rain purple rain ♪ ♪ >> reporter: authorities are saying they do not believe his death was suspicious. he was seen by a doctor just yesterday. now a medical examiner will conduct several tests to determine the cause of death. lindsay davis, nbc news. >> prince fans in the bay area are some of the last people who saw him in concert. he brought the crowd to its feet at oracle arena in oakland last month. here's vic lee. ♪ don't lie >> reporter: to his fans prince was supposed to be immortal,
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eclectic. san francisco public address announcer and former radio personality. >> he was funk, he was pop. he was rock, he melted those together in a way that no one had up until he came on the scene. ♪ don't have to be rich to be my girl ♪ >> a difficult day in music. sharing all the love we have for prince. >> reporter: among the mourners, sterling james. she was sad and nostalgic. >> i just met him. i just met him. ♪ >> reporter: at the oracle arena in early march, where prince performed. james is a big, big fan. ♪ raspberry beret >> reporter: she plays a lot of prince on her show. "dearly beloved" was her wedding song. >> i saw him several times.
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>> reporter: james was emcee after the oracle performance in the early morning hours, prince sang here. >> the set he put on was funky, fun, he was bathed in purple light. >> tricia powell was the house manager that night. >> he seemed normal. >> reporter: the two say prince was cool, super nice, and he kept a nice suite, and simple. >> he didn't have his own sound guys, a lighting guy. >> reporter: prince was worth every drop of purple rain. and today was when doves cried. >> rest in peace, prince. >> reporter: abc 7 news. a grammy winning music producer from the bay area who knew prince says we've lost a musical genius. michael walden worked with wit me houston and mariah carey. he's mesmerized at all the talents prince possessed. on drums, keyboards, guitar.
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sing high, sing low. dance like gregory hines. he had it all. what couldn't he do? >> a candle was lit in prince's memory today. he would come to the bay area to be inspired by oakland's lively music scene. he wowed a sold out crowd at oracle arena. he played 35 songs. in a statement today, warriors owner said, he was shocked and saddened to hear the news especially after hosting him at a game so recently. celebrities are sharing contribute its to prince on social media. mc hammer tweeted, i loved this man. heaven is yours. heaven's band just got even more incredible. one of my absolute idols, thank you for showing me what true greatness is. missy elliott is, i had this
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prince picture drawn on my wall years ago, because his music inspired so many. nasa shared this tribute. a purple nebula in honor of prince. fans will want to set their dvr's for nightline. we're about to see big changes in our weather. let's check in with sandia patel. >> first thing tomorrow morning you're going to be looking at rain, you'll want to put your umbrellas by the door. let me show you live doppler 7 hd, there's a lot of green in the east bay and south bay. that's not rain. i will show you where we are seeing some spriles and light showers between clover dale and santa rosa. santa rosa has picked up 2/100 of an inch of rain. we're tracking it for you. we've been rating these storms all season long.
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the one coming in for tomorrow is a one, it's a light system. most areas will pick up between a quarter to 6/10 of an inch of rain. it's going to be breezy. we're looking at a slight chance of afternoon thunder. here's your time line tonight. few light showers and sprinkles. we head into 2:00 a.m. it's starting to become a little more steady around ukiah, clover dale. at 4:00 a.m., notice it's slowed down a little bit. still in the north bay at 5:00 a.m. it will progress as the commute goes on. i'll let you know how long that rain will stick around and how much you can expect coming up. >> there are new details tonight in the investigation of the murder of a young san francisco mother whose daughter is still missing. today police in and the fbi showed us a piece of evidence they hope will convince people to come forward and tell investigators where to find ariana fitz. here's melanie woodrow. >> investigators say they believe 2 1/2-year-old ariana
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fitz is alive. >> we want to bring her home. >> she's been missing for weeks, possibly longer. on april 1st, investigators say someone summoned her mother nicole loud, that was the last time she was seen. investigators unwrapped evidence today -- >> it was in that shallow hole you see there, covered by that piece of plywood and it was described as being in the fetal position. >> reporter: detectives want to know if you recognize the markings on this plywood, someone brought it into the park. knowing where it came from could point investigators to who is responsible for nicole's murder. >> i don't want to remember her like that. >> reporter: and where ariana is now. sfpd read a letter from nicole's sister. >> we want her home with her family where she belongs. >> it's what nicole's best byko
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workers want as well. >> she needs to be home with someone who is family. >> this is a picture of nicole's bright blue best buy shirt. it may have been advisable under her jacket the last time she was seen. search warrants and interviews produce a lot of information. >> over 30,000 pieces of information, records, documents and physical evidence. >> still more is needed to find ariana. >> somebody out there knows where she is. >> and bring her home. in sfrans, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> contra costa county sheriff's deputies say a woman missing earlier this month was killed and buried in the shallow grave of a home. sky 7 hd was over that home earlier today. 47-year-old kimberly hogland disappeared march 28th and was likely murdered shortly thereafter. the sheriff's office says her remains were found buried in the
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backyard of her home. this man, has been arrested in connection with the killing, detectives are also another suspect. 43-year-old andre villadruin of richmond. a major settlement has been announced between uber and thousands of its drivers in the northeast. the company will pay them at least $84 million. the drivers wanted to be reclassified as employees. uber feared it would undermine its business model. the company willing have to explain its decisions to terminate drivers. drivers will be allowed to post signs in their cars soliciting tips from its riders. while they were visiting fisherman's wharf, thieves broke into their car and took their bags which took their medical records. a gofundme page was set up.
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they originally asked for $25,000. people have donated more than $39,000. we have much more ahead for you on this thursday night. the tense situation in santa clara where police found a pipe bomb. also they usually fight fires, but today they rushed into the waves. the training drill meant to save
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the bomb squad safely detonated a pipe bomb in the south bay this afternoon. >> fire in the hole. fire in the hole. abc 7 news was outside the santa clara police station as technicians blew up the pipe bomb. police found it in a drug suspect's backpack. it was about the size of a pen oar marker. >> a metal cap and it had a wire sticking out on one end. >> can we call it it a pipe bomb? that sounds like a pipe bomb. >> no one was in danger. the suspect is a convicted felon with a long criminal record. it's been a wet week for firefighters in marin county. not because of the weather. they're in training to rescue people from the dangerous conditions in the pacific. while they were at it, they took a moment to help our abc 7 news
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crew fix a truck problem. we appreciate that knowing how hard they worked all day. here's abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman. >> this would not qualify as your typical easy going day at the beach. >> no, it's not about. >> four straight days of it, actually. there they go again. marin county firefighters on their way to getting tossed around by wind and surf. someone like lauren powers might have a fighting chance to save a life. >> grab your victim, get them on your board. >> marin is a county surrounded by water on three sides. it's along the bay, the golden gate and the pacific coastline victims are rarely ready for trouble. along one four-mile stretch, the agency made 77 rescues.
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there were 14 others they couldn't save. >> we're trying to get that number down to zero. >> or try at least. >> the ocean is powerful. listen to it. if you're not confident, listen to yourself. it could rock you for sure. >> reporter: wayne freedman, nbc 7 news. >> the next couple days are going to be dicey for people out there. >> we have the risk of rip currents at least until 11:00 p.m. tonight. we'll add rain to the mix. >> it's coming. >> let me show you live doppler 7 hg and we'll tell you when you can expect wet roadways across the entire bay area. it's going to start during the morning commute. right now on our radar, we are tracking a little bit of green in the north bay between clover dale and santa rosa. really spotty sprinkles, light showers. so far the only measurable has
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been rain has been in santa rosa. take a look at the temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s, we have a few mid-60s from our emeriville camera. can you see the clouds gathering as we look back toward san francisco. we're looking at afternoon showers. it's going to be windy on sunday. here's the beach hazard up for the entire coast until 11:00 p.m. tonight. there is a risk of strong rip currents. we bring it back to you to show you how we've been prepared all season long. the one for tomorrow is a one, most areas will get between a quarter to 6/10 of an inch of rain. a light system, there's a slight possibility we may see a thunderstorm or two in the afternoon hours. here's your hour by hour time line. clouds at midnight, maybe a few showers. it's light to moderate in
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intensity. it's right there at 5:00 a.m., scattered showers showing up elsewhere. as we head toward 6:00 a.m., it's right across the central bay. santa cruz, you're getting some rain as well. moving southward for the latter part of the morning commute. we're not done. showers will continue to come through in waves, going into the afternoon hours at noontime, pretty much everyone's looking at wet roadways at 2:00 p.m., very scattered in nature, you get the gist here by 5:p.m. showers still remain. it winds down as we head toward friday night. as far as rainfall totals. they're going to range anywhere between 2/10 to 6/10 for most of you. in the sierra, this turns to snow. it's late in the season, but not unheard of to see snow in april. friday 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. if you're traveling up there make sure you have chains.
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7:00 to 11 inches expected at the peaks. less than that at the pass levels. it's going to be raining and breezy. and then for the afternoon, looking at scattered showers with temperatures running cooler than today. a look at the accuweather 7-day forecast. one on our storm impact scale. we'll go for a dry weekend. the winds will kick up sunday and monday. don't get too used to it. we bring in another chance of rain wednesday. which we so sorely need. timing with this system coming in tomorrow. it's going to impact the area. still to come at 9:00, the new speed record accomplished without wheels. and the tons of trash left behind after
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that was the moment the air force smashed the world speed record using magnetic levitation. the vehicle left behind a cloud of dust as it accelerated in new mexico. the air force used super conducting magnets to move the slide without it touching the ground. it reached a top speed of 633 miles an hour. the system gives the air force the ability to test its limits without much vibration. sky 7 hd was above san francisco's golden gate park while city crews cleared 22,000 pounds of trash left over after yesterday's 4/20 celebration. the clean up you're seeing will cost taxpayers at least $25,000. up next, the death of music
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superstar prince. ♪ don't have to be rich to be my girl you don't have to be ♪ >> we will look back at the remarkable career of the man who invented his own style of music. also, the culture war on the campaign trail. the battle over transgender rights, what donald trump said about kaitlyn againer. and the humvee that fell before earning enough cash back from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them.
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millions of people around the world are remembering the life of prince. and tonight the city of san francisco lit up city hall in purple to honor the music legend. continuing our coverage on the life and legacy of prince. tonight people around the world
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are celebrating the iconic singer who passed away today. a look back at prince's life in every way. ♪ >> reporter:prolific. ♪ >> reporter: pioneering. ♪ little red corvette >> reporter: a star so big, the world knew him simply by his first name, prince. born prince rogers nelson in 1958, writing his first song at 7, his first album at 19. his hits include -- ♪ i want your extra time and your kiss ♪ >> reporter: mix iing profane a
9:31 pm
sexuality. ♪ raspberry beret >> reporter: seven hits, a golden globe, an academy award for "purple rain" in 1985. ♪ purple rain purple rain >> reporter: standing just 5'2", his flax boy answer and funk, here he is at his 2004 rock 'n' roll hall of fame induction ceremony. rolling stone called him one of the hundred greatest artists of all time. no one knows exactly how many songs prince wrote and produced. he kept the treasure trove of never released work at his home in minneapolis. married twice, he changed his name to a symbol in 1993, becoming the artist formerly known as prince. explaining his reasons in part to larry king. >> i had to search deep within
9:32 pm
my heart and spirit, and i wanted to make a change and move to a new plateau in my life. one of the ways in which i did that was to change my name, so it divorced me from the past and all the hangups that go along with it. ♪ maybe i'm just too demanding >> reporter: as i go on this journey called life i rarely look back. tonight and for many nights to come. we will. ♪ this is what it sounds like when doves cry ♪ >> reporter: abc news, new york. oakland native sheila e. is mourning the death of her long-time friend, collaborator and one time fiancee. my heart is broken, there are no words, i love you. sheila e.'s dad introduced his daughter to prince in the '70s. the 80-year-old performed with prince on several occasions over the decades. he spent time with prince at paisley park in the studio and
9:33 pm
just hanging out. >> he was pretty quiet and a little shy. in some parts, you know. but all in all he was fun to be around and great to watch and perform. >> he called prince an amazing guitarist and very talented songwriter whose music will live on forever. we will have much more at 11:00. we have a quick note for you, the warriors lost game three against the rockets by one point. larry beihl will have more ahead in sports. we want to move on to politics. the war of words between donald trump and ted cruz hit a new level. this time it's about north carolina's law targeting transgender people. >> he is the all-star who famously pitched the red sox to victory. bloody sock and all. >> fifth inning for curt schilling. >> smack in the middle of the
9:34 pm
reblican campaign with this social media post. a graphic image showing a man dressed as a woman and using the words let him in the restroom with your daughter? north carolina's law bans transgender people from using the bathrooms of the gender that does not correspond with the gender they were born with. >> i stated a fact. >> reporter: schilling quickly fired from his espn analyst job. ted cruz coming to his defense. >> the idea that grown men would be allowed alone in a bathroom with little girls, you don't need to be a behavioral psychologist to realize bad things can happen. >> reporter: donald trump making it clear he doesn't agree and is against north carolina's bathroom ban. >> you leave it the way it is. there have been very few complaints the way it is. >> reporter: if a transgender
9:35 pm
person like caitlyn jenner came into trump tower, she could use any bathroom she wants. >> he thought that men should be able to go into the girls bathroom if they want to. let me ask u. have we gone stark raving nuts. >> reporter: donald trump is being no different than politically correct leftist elite. the north carolina law hurts businesses. the boycotts could cost the state tens of millions of dollars. nba commissioner adam silver said today that north carolina must change its new bathroom law in order to keep the game's all-star game in charlotte next season. that law requires people to use restrooms that match the gender on their birth certificate. silver emphasized that the nba isn't setting a time line, but he wants to work toward changing the law with elected leaders in north carolina.
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a concord man has been arrested and charged with a hate crime after burning a gay pride flag that flew above a church. he was arrested tuesday evening after he stole the rainbow flag from infront of clayton valley presbyterian church and set it on fire. he was arrested soon after. he's also charged with arson, theft and vandalism. more arrests could be made. the florida man who landed a gyro copter on the grounds of the u.s. capital last year was sentenced to four months in prison today. he pleaded guilty in november to flying without an airman's certificate. he did it to protest the corruption of money in politics. he has apologized to police, the tourists who were scared and his family. >> oh, yes, yes.
9:37 pm
>> don't let that joyful cheering fool you, this par shoot drop during a training mission in germany is going terribly wrong. not once, but three times. the army says three humvees slipped from their parachute rigs and plummeted to 9 ground. thankfully no one was hurt, the army is investigating the incident. alphabet has lost its foothold as the most valuable company in the world. shares of google slipped down after the company posted lower than expected earnings in the first quarter. google's fiber program. this makes apple the world's most valuable company. google announced today it will roll out a new feature for its search function to include realtime tv listings. users can google a television show or movie and see live air
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anyone with teens knows how hard it is to wake your kid up in the morning to go to school. some vacaville students may get a break. they're considering starting classes later in the morning. the pros and cons. >> reporter: the research is clear. high school students start classes too early and suffer the consequences of not getting enough sleep. >> i'm always tired and
9:42 pm
sometimes it makes it hard to focus in class. >> reporter: starting classes later than 750 will improve the academic outcome of their students. >> what we're really thinking is possibly starting middle schools around 8:30 in the morning. >> reporter: 40 minutes of extra sleep makes a difference. i like sleep. most people do. i just think it would be better because our bodies naturally, we don't want to get up before the sun. >> reporter: the school board has looked at the research which says younger kids get up earlier and older students don't. >> the sleep cycle doesn't start until 11:00 at night. >> reporter: the next step was to conduct a survey. if i had a choice, i would start school later in the morning. nearly 68% said yes. parents were also surveyed and asked what type of impact would this change have on my children's sleep and well being. more than 45% said it would have
9:43 pm
a positive impact. fewer than a quarter of parents said the impact would be negative. the rest were neutral. the teacher's union says most teachers want what is best for kids. >> the concerns around day care, things like that. >> the district says it will work with teachers. in vacaville, leann ma len dez, abc 7 news. we're back in a moment to help you plan your weekend. an
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park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... and dragged through the mud. the 2016 gle. it's where brains meet brawn. lease the gle350 for $599 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. the weekend is just around the corner. looking for something fun to do, reggie has some ideas. >> the hyperlocal neighborhood website to help you plan your weeke weekend. >> my name is justsen. >> the san francisco skate club has taught kids to olly,
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mctwist. they're raising money for their after school program. look at this cool ride they're optioning off. can you check it out sunday april 24th from 4:00 to 7:00 at at luggage store project. we have the inside scoop where you can eat the best pizza in the world. i'm not saying that. these guys are. tony is fresh off his 12th world championship. he's going to be serving up some of that prize winning pie all weekend long. as north beach and sonoma pizza joints. if pizza's not your thing, maybe portuguese is. may have beenen is not a portuguese restaurant. for the next couple mondays it will be. soon to be open, uma casa is taking over the may have beenen kitchen. for more on these events and other upcoming fun, go to abc 7
9:48 pm we'll link you to hoodline. now get out there and explore. >> it's time for one last check on our weather. let's get to sandia patel. >> the rain will be long gone for the weekend. we're tracking some showers on live doppler 7 hd. very light returns right now. this is in advance of the system that's going to come through. late morning into the early after noon, the yellows and orange indicating moderate to borderline heavy rain. have you to see this time lapse of the full moon rising from our exploratorium camera. it was absolutely beautiful. just enough of a break in the cloud cover to capture the moon there. if you're traveling northern california, snow in the sierras. los angeles 71 degrees and staying dry there. here in the bay area, it's not going to be dry. you're going to need your gear for friday morning and friday
9:49 pm
afternoon. upper 50s to upper 60s. we have a wet and breezy day ahead. it gets windy sunday, breezy monday and we'll keep those temperatures near normal for a few days and see another another opportunity for rain. >> we'll take any opportunity we can get. thank you so much. larry beihl's mere, sad face a little bit. >> i didn't disappoint. >> no, you didn't. >> you made it seem like it was my fault. >> i'm a little sad. >> i don't know what happened tonight. they saw a chance to steal a game, really minus steph. james harden came up big when it counted most. i'm going to take responsibility for this. it's on me. they
9:50 pm
9:51 pm
9:52 pm
coming up tonight at 11:00, thousands turn out in prince's
9:53 pm
hometown of minneapolis for an impromptu dance party as landmarks across the city pay tribute. how the bay area is remembering the legendary artist tonight. that sinking feeling, the new sinkhole swallowing part of the bay area tonight. this sports report is brought to you by your local toyota dealer. >> we didn't have steph tonight and we couldn't pull it off. >> klay thompson had a really poor green. harrison barnes was missing in action. the best players by far were the bench players. you didn't see the end of the game because you were doing the news. you won't believe how this ends. steph curry resting his ankle. low energy. low intensity in game three of their playoff series in houston. rockets build a 17 point lead. see the dubs make a late charge.
9:54 pm
can louie do that? your louie cannot do that. he's not that skilled. rockets up 17. dubs end the half on a 12-2 run. mo speights huge three. harden hitting that three. the beard, fear the beard, the speights cowboy. sean livingston, very good game warriors within one. harden would answer with another huge three and stairs down draymond. they exchanged smiles. harden with authority had 35 points, warriors hit only 6 of 25 on threes in this game. iquodala hit one, to make it a one point game again, and ian clark, who rarely plays terrific, a floater, warriors up 1. 15 seconds left.
9:55 pm
stolen by sean dribbles it out. they never even get a shot attempted. steve kerr's like, is that my team? . rockets win 97 hooif 96. the warriors have a two-game series. game four is sunday on abc 7. we'll have the post game interviews tonight. who's the best pitcher in baseball. the answer is jake areatta. jay bruce swinand a miss. plenty of run support too. chris bryant had two of the cubs five homers. this is a grand slam in the seventh. the story, areatta two down in the ninth. still a no hitter. 16-0 the final.
9:56 pm
he said he didn't even have his best stuff. >> the timing was off. from start to finish, i was able to lock it in in big situations right now they were to force some contact and pile up some outs pr good, but good enough to for


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