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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 24, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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this is abc 7 news. good evening. i'm eric thomas. san jose police are investigating a double homicide. they found the bodies of a man and woman inside the home of lucas court. police have shut down the block as they gather evidence. they have not said how the people died or if there is an active search for their killer. two police officers were injured in a crash in san francisco. abc 7 news was at san francisco general hospital when the officers arrived. they were in a patrol car that collided with an suv. the officers were taken to the hospital to be checked out. police have not said how serious their injuries are.
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a police helicopter pilot in riverside is credit with preventing a tragedy on the railroad tracks. take a look at this image taken from the chopper last night. a truck was involve in a rollover accident. the pilot flue above the train to spotlight the engineer to stop the train. the train stopped about 40 feet short of the truck. strong winds have picked up in the bay area tonight. the winds already started causing problems in the great highway this afternoon. it had to be shut down because of blowing sand south of slope boulevard in san francisco. got to be so bad a car got stuck in a mound of sand in the parking lot along ocean beach. despite the wind, there are still people hanging out along the coast. >> well, i was born and raised here and it was almost virtual for me to go to the beach and check out what it was like but this is nuts. >> pretty wicked.
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don't know why it's so aggressive today. >> in pacificia, the winds have brought down a tree on francisco boulevard. and a live look outside right now. our golden gate bridge cam, don't see it bouncing very much. we did earlier today but you can still expect some strong winds tonight as you cross those bridges. for more, let's check in with meteorologist lisa in for drew. >> you can call that micro determine ma brags for sure. the winds are gusty 30 to 50 miles an hour from the coast and the wind advisory up until midnight. so here is how it looks now. sfo 49 mile an hour gusts around san carlos, 43 miles an hour and down the peninsula into the south bay windy. bri breezy and windy. the next couple hours we're still going to have the gusty winds of the coast breezy around
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the bay and into tomorrow they begin to dial back, but not enough to take the windy out of the forecast along the coast. so with that, temperatures will stay up with the atmosphere well mixed. we're not going to look at any fog and we also have many interesting things in the accuweather seven-day forecast. that's in a few minutes, eric. >> lisa, thank you. >> last night a solar plane glided one step closer to the record books while soaring above the golden gate bridge. this is exclusive video from the flight. today the pilots of the solar impulse two are on the ground and cornell bernard talked to them about an adventure. >> sky 7 hd captured the site, the first solar powered airplane slowly flying over the golden gate bridge completing a two-day flight. the pilot was in the cockpit. >> arriving to the golden gate and thinking now it's a new era.
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freedom is not about getting through the country. freedom is about being independent from social energy. >> he flue the giant aircraft over the bay area for several hours until wind conditions were just right for landing at moffit field. many told him the idea the solar plane flying around the world was impossible. >> it's a big feat of exploration but useful and renewable energies can do the impossible. >> might be the world's largest experimental aircraft. larger than a 747 and weighs as much as an suv, roughly 5,000 pounds. >> an airplane that has a limited endurance that gets energy every day to be able to fly through the night. >> all the the plane is equipp7 solar cells that charge the batteries. a swiss non-profit rethrounewab
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energy group put it together thanks to sponsors but is a solar plane practical? these entrepreneurs say yes. >> no technology when they started. >> solar impulse two left and returning there is the goal and next stop is phoenix. for now the plane and pilots are recharging batteries. in mountain view, cornell bernard. the warriors gutted out a big win in houston tonight to grab a 3-1 lead over the rockets but came with a price. steph curry slipped on a wet part of the court twisting his leg. a trainer told abc 7 news it was his knee, not the ankle. curry will get an mri tomorrow to find out how severe the injury is. it's to his knee and painful but hopeful he'll be back soon. fans said if the mri shows good results, they want to see him resting on the bench.
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>> i say if we don't meet him in the next game, let him rest. >> if you can rest steph and get through it, th warriors can win without him. tuesday five states up for grabs, hillary clinton and donald trump look to turn tuesday into a powerful spring board. mary bruce has details. >> reporter: both hillary clinton. >> donald trump actually says wages are too high in america. >> reporter: and donald trump. >> an election between crooked hillary and wonderful donald. >> reporter: found ready to rumble one on one but they have unfinished business. bernie sanders vows he won't leave the campaign trail to his democratic rival. >> we're not giving this up. we're going to california. >> and ted cruz taking on trump and clinton. >> do we really want to turn on
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the general election television and see two rich new york liberals? >> donald trump with double digit leads in three of five states voting on tuesday taking aim at cruz' hunt for convention delegates. >> and whining and dining and dinners and hotels. he's bribing people essentially to vote. >> reporter: for becoming more presidential. >> wouldn't it be interesting if i changed and everyone said this is the most presidential candidate since abraham lincoln and then we started to lose. >> reporter: meanwhile clinton has begun to consider potential running mates among the names said to be on the short list, castro, new jersey senator cory booker, ohio senator brown. as well as at least one woman and clinton got an odd nod from ultra conservative donor charles coke whose disillusioned. >> is it possle another clinton could be better than another republican? >> it's possible.
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>> both clinton and trump are expected to win big on tuesday. mary bruce, abc news, washington. still ahead on abc 7 news at 9:00, could the secret to treating mental illness be located in our belly and bringing new meaning to mind control? check out the next generation of drones that work through will power. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. researchers looking for better mental health treatments are shifting from the brain to the stomach. researchers believe bacteria could be used to treat mental illnesses.
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specific bacteria can treat nerves that send electrics to the brain that cause depression or other mental systems and could alter the bacteria to help protect the nerves. it would be effective in fighting other diseases like multip multip mull tip ms. using the power of thought to control drones. the technology use as special head set to monitor electrical signals in the brain then remotely transfer them to the drone. it's the same type of technology doctors have use for the decades to help the paralyzed regain some use of their limbs through implants in the brain. >> in order to expand this to the general public, we actually have to embrace these consumer grade devices and push them to the limit. >> the implanted devices are more powerful but the non-inveigh save readers are more popular and the cost at a few hundred dollars much cheaper. >> up next, the rare road on
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display before they head out on an adventure across california and rain and heat are both on the way. meteorologist lisa is coming up next with the forecast. i'm rick qaun and the warriors win game four but lose steph curry again. a report from mike shumann at
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a breathtaking collection of some of the finest vintage cars around made their way to san francisco. abc 7 news was on knobb hill to kick off the 26th annual car show. it's the largest free car show
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of its kind in america. the event showcases sports racing and production cars. the cars will take off tomorrow morning on a four-day 1,000 mile tour through northern california. and when you see some of the cars are open top so i hope there is no rain or dust or sand for them to worry about. >> oh, boy, sand and wind and severe thunderstorms in the central valley so we'll check it out as we look at live doppler 7 h.d. around the bay we are clear. the winds are keeping the fog at bay just a few clouds in the south bay but very gusty winds of course that continue but as we go to the north, check out this. this line of thunderstorms just south of playerville into bear valley showers and it's snowing in the sierra nevada and around lake tahoe and severe weather right on here down through bakersfield, as well. so a line of storms that will not be effecting the bay area on the backside of that trough, the
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gusty winds that have allowed for the white knuckle driving on the bridges with wind gusts to 49 miles an hour right now at sfo along the coast hasn't let up near 40 miles an hour. look at the peninsula into mountain view, san jose around concord, hayward and livermore things eased up and by tomorrow we'll still be looking at breezy winds. for the next couple hours, mild night at the coast and into your early morning commute it's definitely lightened up around the bay but gusty at the coast and throughout the rest of the day we're looking at those breezes to stay up out of the northwest. temperatures in the mid 50s, san francisco. 57 in oakland and mid 50s in san jose and half moon bay. if we didn't have the wind, the overnight lows would be much, much cooler. the wind keeping things well mixed in the atmosphere a little warmer although throughout the afternoon it's certainly felt cooler.
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54 santa rosa, napa, 56 fairfield and concord. from the explore tory camera, gusty winds, clear sky and windy but much, much warmer between now and then we do have a weather system that could bring rain. the wind advisory around the coast and the bay shore here. 20 to 30 mile an hour northwest winds. we could see gusts up to 50 miles an hour right here. so not letting up yet. it's going to take towards, oh, the next five or six hours with things really to begin to settle down. with the wind low 40s in the north bay, upper 40s from palo alto and mid 40s concord and san jose with morgan hill and about 43. so we'll take you into the next several days and notice tomorrow, clear, sunny this is monday. no clouds around and by tuesday, we are looking at incoming cloud cover and by wednesday here is when it gets a little interesting 4:00, 5:00 in the morning showers along the coast but looks like they will skim the shoreline here and maybe a
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few popping up in the higher elevation. overall maybe a tenth, .2. after that a warmup. in fact, a steady warmup thursday, friday and upper 80s it looks like by the weekend. 65 in fremont and 66 livermore and 58 half moon bay. the seven-day forecast featuring a breezy wind again tomorrow then the chance of showers wednesday, thursday looks like a nice day and friday not bad but if you don't like the heat, go to the coast around the bay. it will be pleasant but 80s arrive inland. >> something for everybody this week, basically. >> yeah. >> thank you very much. it was a blowout win but last thing anybody wants to see is steph curry limping off the court. >> exactly. >> good news but bad news. once again the warriors have won a game in the play-off series with the rockets but lose steph curry in the process. we go to houston for game four. curry back in the lineup after being out with an ankle injury. steph looked a little rusty and made two of nine shots.
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the rockets ended with a bang as james harden hits right before the buzzer after one quarter. it was tied at 29-all. curry would go down just before the half. he slips on a wet spot right here and oh, no. he immediately grabs his right knee. steph was done for the day and mri tomorrow in what's believed to be a sprained knee. tied at the half but the warriors took control in the third exploding for 41 points. golden state set an nba play-off record with 2 1 threes. klay thompson seventh. strength in numbers without their mvp the warriors blowout houston 121-94 with a 3-1 lead. they can wrap up the series wednesday at home. mike shumann has more from the toyota center. >> steph will not be available for game five. an mri tomorrow afternoon and we'll know a lot more, sprained mcl and warriors did not want to confirm but tough duty moving
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forward without steph curry. >> he still wanted to play. and we wouldn't let him and he was -- you saw i'm sure he was very, very upset. >> you hate to see steph get hurt on something like the wet spot on the court. >> definitely sucks and pray he's okay because we're definitely going to need him. >> reporting in houston, mike shumann, abc 7 sports. only a power outage could slow down the spurs and memphis. lead with 21 points. the spurs up by two at the half but like the warriors, took control in the third. danny green with the steal. the short-handed grizzlies no match for san antonio. tim duncan turns 40 tomorrow. the spurs win 116-95 completing the four-game sweep. they will play oklahoma city or dallas. the thunder lead that three games to one. if the giants could complete a three-game sweep of the marlins today they would get
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back to the .500 mark. let's go to at&t mark where barry bonds had to be pleased. in the fourth john carlos stanton breaks the tie with the solo shot. the fourth of the season. the giants answer in their half. hunter pence with a lead off blast at dead center field and traveled some 445 feet and tied up. to the eighth, tied at four j.t. re realmuto. it was his fourth hit of the game. marlins win 5-4. tomorrow the padres are in town. somebody wake this blue jay's fan up they are missing all the action. the a's take the lead on the chris davis shot but toronto responds with four runs in the third and two more in the fourth on this rocket buy jose bastista. it came off. jays win 6-3. tomorrow oakland is at detroit. the lpga swinging skirts
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classic wrapped up today at the gulf club with winds gusting up to 35 miles an hour, no one shot under par this afternoon. this is lydia, the world's number one player and two-time defending champ. she shot a final round 75 and tied for sixth. third round leader, carted a 73. she made five birdies including this long one on 12. went on to one by four strokes over pace. she taps in on 18 as the second lgpa victory of the year. and charlie hoffman made a ten-foot putt on the final hole to win the texas open. ricky barns was trying to get his first tour victory in 222 starts but finished tied for fourth. well, there is next week, i guess. >> that's right. rick, thanks a lot. next, the sequel to 2012 box office hit hits theaters with a thud. why movie goers may have passed this time around when we return.
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00 police looking for suspects after two people are found dead in a quiet cul-de-sac and it appears raider nation is opening checkbooks to support their team. the milestone the raiders are about to reach tonight an abc 7 news at 11:00. 2016 is on pace to beat last year's record, right now up more than 9% from this point last year. movies like "the jungle book" are critically acclaimed and ticket sales are strong. it's drawing huge crowds. the jungle book made $61 million in the second weekend. the hunts man appears to have flopped and cost $115 million to make and earned $20 million in it's debut weekend and was
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blamed the absence of kristen stewart.zootopia" rounded out the top five. that's it. the next newscast is at 11:00. we hope to see you then and more from houston about steph curry's injury coming up for you. see you then.
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