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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 25, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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at the out come, we focused on getting back as soon as we can. >> hope returns for the warriors fans and they learned the knew r knee injury won't keep him out
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of the playoffs for long. >> relieved to hear that. just before halftime in the series against the rockets. he slid on to the floor in pain clutching his knows. >> he didn't return for the rest of the game. here's wayne friedman. >> if you didn't know better, it might seem like business as usual. people went to work and unlike other days, the sports fans worried. >> seth will be already. >> that might have been difficult if you saw this yesterday on abc 7. it's the replay millions of times. that was at the end of the first half. >> it looked like a sprain and the fact that he was able to get up quickly and the fact that he came out and tried to give it a go is a good sign. >> the doctor is a sports orthopedist at ucsf and his
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right knee could be much worse. >>a i great one sprain is the most minor. that doesn't mean it's any more or less painful than the most significant. structurally it has been stressed a small amount. >> at headquarters today -- >> the coaching staff, i wouldn't count them out. >> they spoke with reporters and two weeks before seth curry returns to the playoffs. he had an mri and will begin rest immediately. the two weeks. >> he is a healer and anything to base that on? >> usually elite athletes heal quickly, but i don't know how he recovered compared to others. >> the playoffs became much tougher. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> right before the warriors's announcement, he tweeted this message that reads thanks for
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all the prayers and messages and feel the positive energy. god it great. all things considered, i will be all right. >> a community is in mourning after the drowning death of a high school athlete. he drowned in a swimming pool over the weekend under circumstances that are under investigation. abc 7's laura anthony has the latest. >> everybody is sad. i saw a lot of people crying. >> reporter: it was a day to mourn the loss of a classmate. andre drowned sunday in a back yard pool. he was just 15, described as a gentle giant by his family. he was known for having a heart as big as his stature. >> everybody liked him and he was funny and easy to get along with. >> he brought light and joy everywhere. i was talking to my friends and they said class wouldn't be the same without him. >> a freshman, he played football and wrestled at
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alhambra. he was shown with his older brother, also a football player. he was found unresponsive at 4:25 sunday morning in the pool. social media said that there was a party that may have been involved alcohol. the martinez school district sent a crisis team to alhambra high and two other schools. this was andre's principal in elementary school. >> he is a very nice young man and comes from a very nice family and it's such a tragedy and a challenge when we suffer the loss of one of our students. >> they are awaiting test results to determine his exact cause of death. laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> an argument turned to gunfire at a park leaving one person dead and another wounded. a manhunt is on for 20-year-old christian omar cruz.
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he is accused of shooting two men this afternoon. at orange memorial park, police responded to this scene. two nearby schools were briefly placed on lockdown. police arrested a nanny accused of hitting and shaking a baby in danville. the parents caught the 23-year-old abusing the child on a remote video camera set up at the home. the 10-month-old was taken to the hospital as a precaution. >> it has been quite breezy today, especially on the coast. >> the wind has been blowing sand on to the highway. it happens there when it gets windy. that closed the road from lincoln way and southbound traffic is blocked. >> there is no indication as to when the road will reopen. >> in southern california, canopies went flying on to ckac in valencia.
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a boat in distress and the sailor appeared close to going overboard. look how dicy this was. an l.a. city bode a line out and they had trouble. there was even a collision at one point, but they got the line tied off and they towed the bode back to the marina. here's a visual example of what the powerful gusts can do. the sign toppled over in long beach. >> winds are subsiding, but what a day it has been. let's check in with sandy. >> the winds whipped through the bay area not just today, but yesterday as well. live doppler 7 will see the skies are clear and the winds are playing a role. they have come down gusting to 20 at half moon bay and sfo. s y as you look at the wind directionses, the low 50s is why
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it felt like there was a chill in the air. at 10:00 tonight, the winds gusted again around 35 to 38 miles per hour. 5:00 a.m., it will be breezy not inland, but along the coastline where winds will be around 30 miles per hour. over that, not expected to be terribly windy, but breezy afternoon on tap. looking at live doppler 7 hd, there is a system and when that will bring showers and how it rained coming up. >> thanks very much. >> they may face a $1,000 fine a day if they fail to register a rental with the city of san francisco. they are being introduced with more on this. here's news reporter vick lee. >> at least 75% of active b and b hosts in the city of san francisco are unregistered. that is in a nut shell what
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superviso supervisors want to fix. they registered the listings for the city. they said it's not happening. the 6,000 listings remain unregistered. many of them they say have been taken off the rental market to the detriment to the shrinking housing stock. the only way to bring the thousands of unit back is by holding the platforms accountable. the legislation would be similar internet platforms to verify that the hosts are registering. if not, they will face penalties up to $1,000 per day per listing. >> it will forts accountability on the local laws for years. they will continue working to
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simplify the process and get hosts registered. >> they will survive a legal challenge. david green of the frontier foundation said it's not that clear. they can impose liability because the content is provided. >> the supervisors will introduce legislation at the board meeting tomorrow. vick lee, abc 7 news. >> rumors that have been circulating for years have been confirmed. the hospital will close. what is unclear is exactly when. officials say it will shut down between 2018 and 2030. the year earthquake upgrades are required. the closure would leave berkeley with no emergency services. they will be in oakland and hospital officials say operating two reports less than three miles apart is inefficient.
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>> stay with us. a half hour of news is next. today marks exactly one year since the devastating earthquake shook nepal. billions of dollars were pledged to help them rebuild. why you won't see much of a difference. >> a new device going up against go pro. they make the rebel revolutionary. >> wind today and
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today marks a year since the earthquake in nepal where 9,000 people died and most of them are still homeless. >> thousands of homes are yet to be rebuilt. they pledged to help them rebuild. >> we have a look ahead. >> when the earthquake struck, buildings collapsed and people streamed into the streets in fear. jonathan was there and his california training kicked in. >> as things were shaking, it helps me prepare mentally and even if you don't have a conscious effort. >> he didn't know it, but he survived a massive earthquake. >> it shook a large part of the
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country. the capital city and the surrounding areas. >> more than 8,000 people were kill and 21,000 others were injured. since then international groups have swooped in to help including teams from the bay area that i followed to nepal last year. with the government, they struggled to manage the aftermath. they are countless temporary shelters because of the rebuilding process that was slow. the doctor said people are reverting to unsafe methods because they want a roof over their head. >> i did see a number of buildings that were rebuilt brick by brick, stone by stone. >> the low rebuilding ways could make the country safer. almost immediately after, they were acting tourists to return. he hopes to go back sometime soon. >> people should go in and it has been and continues to be a
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large part of the economy. >> if you are not planning a trip to nepal, there a few ways to help. there is quite a few groups in the bay area that work with those on the ground. we added a couple of links to the groups onn our website. abc 7 news. >> a power outage in the east bay caused headaches for commuters and businesses. take a look at this bus stop that was packed after they closed the part station. 43,000 customers in berkeley, richmond and san pablo were expected. ice cream shops saw business melt away. >> a long time with no power. i have to buy everything new. >> you see it's starting to melt and when it starts to melt, it's not safe anymore. >> the outside was caused by a
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cable failure at the substitution. they were restored by 1:00 this afternoon. >> surfing and skateboarding and skydiving made go pro a household name. now a bay area start up is going head to head. it stays right side up when you clip upside down. he fell into it. >> when i bought my first go pro and tried to film myself kite boarding, i found a million problems. >> they launched a dwerp program. >> i partner with a hundred companies to fix a hundred things that are wrong. >> they call those fighting words to build a round camera
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with a motor that keeps it right side up. designing a camera for the craft takes a lot of patience. they are running 24-7, cranking out version after version of every little part, each one a tiny bit different from the last. >> this is the latest kite boarding line. >> they build 24 versions of the camera. >> this is the plastic part that holds and aligns the batteries. >> that are can mean staying on and falling off. >> it's pretty impressive. i love what they are doing with the design. >> he said while go pro markets to parents and firefighters, they might have an opening with the adrenaline. >> go pro is weak. they had a big failure in terms of the session and a camera they tried to sell for way too much money. >> the same sensors that keep it up right and they can and edit the video for you. >> the g forces and even his
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heart rate. >> competing is all about branding. >> it will take partnerships. >> they have started. billionaire sir richard branson. abc 7 news. >> we got the first look at the bike share stations in the east bay. take a look at the brands new stations that will be introduced. bike share allows users to rent and return bikes by utilizing the bike stations. the majority are in san francisco the bay area bike share plans to increase from 700 to 7,000 over the next two years. >> if you had to pedal into the wind, it was not easy. we have breezy conditions.
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spring is a breezy time of year so don't be surprised if the winds pick up. showing you clear skies and if you look at the temperatures, about everyone is in the 50s. it's not nearly as windy. crisp and clear, filtered sunshine with showers arriving on wednesday. tomorrow morning when you get going, it will be clear. the clear skies will be replaced by high clouds and they will make for hazy skies. they are in advance of storm systems that will be doing this all season long. that is light with many of the storms that have beens and twos. breezy conditions expected with
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a slight chance of thunder especially low in the afternoon hours. we start at 5:00 a.m. and we head to wednesday morning around 9:00 a.m. 10:00 is when we start to see wet roadways. light to moderate rain indicated by the greens and the yellows. we are still seeing a line of showers and we are looking at spotty showers and they continue into the afternoon hours. this is where we will have the best opportunity for a thunderstorm or two. they could be higher than what it projected here. take a look at the rain totals. most will only see a few hundredths of an inch, but they account pick up higher totals.
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that's down to about 6500 feet. cool enough to where you will need to grab an extra layer when you get going. temperatures in the upper 30s to 40s and it will be a clear start to your morning and for the afternoon, high clouds are on the increase and temperatures will remain about the same. a little higher than today. it will be a nice day. 68 degrees in san jose and gilroy is 63. milpitas mid 60s and redwood city and menlo park and san mateo, breezy. 62 in downtown san francisco and north bay, napa, santa rosa and vallejo. berkeley and 67 in oakland. look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast. filtered sun and the storm for citizen, we turn it around and warm it up.
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80s inland and we will be talking about the 90s. mid 70s at the coast. talk about the temperatures swinging in every direction. get ready for summer like. getting close to may, i guess. >> coming up on that time of year. >> still to kcome, why a belove oakland deli is closing for good.
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the warehouse giant is expected to raise their gold star fees from $55 to $60 or
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$65. they are not commenting directly, but the president is pointing out to "usa today" that in the past, costco raised fees every or six years and the last increase was in 2011. >> a deli that has been open almost a century is closing for good. >> when i was 12, he made my first sandwich here. >> long time customers and staff will shut down saturday. they filled the score to get one of the delis with sandwiches or pasta. >> this is a staple in our neighborhood. i have been coming here since i was eight years old. >> i can't believe they are leaving the best sandwich shop in the bay area. >> four generations have had the
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deli. >> another half hour of news is next. coming up -- >> i have never seen a human being eat in such a disgusting fashion. >> donald trump goes after his rivals on the eve of five more primaries. >> the latest into the
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>> there is a new effort to stop donald trump from clinching the nomination for president. >> his two rivals are joining forces as five more states go to the polls for primary voting tomorrow. >> donald trump and hillary clinton are expected to win big.
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>> elizabeth has the story. >> gop front runner donald trump are firing back at his rivals, now teaming up against him. >> it shows how weak they are. it shows how pathetic they are. >> ted and john kasich agreed to split the vote with stopping campaigning in indiana while goes to oregon and mexico. >> the trump campaign is going to scream and cry. whiping is what they do. >> i am not going to spend resources in indiana. what's the big deal? >> the goal is to block trump from winning the delegates and avoiding a contested convention, but trump is not only confident about winning, he is claiming he looks the part, unlike hillary clinton. >> do i look like a president?
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how handsome am i? does hillary look presidential to you? >> she has 80% of what she needs to clinch the nomination, but bernie sanders is conceding nothing. the focus is shifting to november. >> don't just fly the big jet in and land it and insult everybody you can think of. >> there reports both clinton and cruz started vetting possible vps, but they remain focused on the upcoming primari primaries. abc news, new york. >> all three candidates will be in california for the convention that begins on friday. when the race comes to california, it's important that voters understand the difference between a closed and open primary. voters who registered without stating a party preference can vote in the primary, but republicans have a closed
9:33 pm
primary. voters must be registered as republicans to vote on the republican candidate. analysts and politico reporter explains a bit further. >> only a republican can vote on the republican side. if you are declining to state which one out of four voters in the state are, you have to reregister if you want to cast a ballot and you have until may 23rd to do that. >> the deadline to register to vote or register for a particular party is may 23rd and you can request a ballot by mail through june seventh. >> members of the service program escorted young pregnant women to abortion clinic in violation. they served as clinic escorts according it a report and the group that oversees the volunteers reported the issue to
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authorities and it learned of the potential violation. they have been halted and staff members retrained. >> new developments in the investigation into the death of legend, prince. some are questioning whether he had a doctor on stage in his last performance. after that concert his plane made an emergency landing. >> the mystery surrounding prince's death deepens. family and friends in shock. >> he was a health nut. he was very much into fitness and taking care of his body and making sure he was in great shape. >> investigators interviewing the people prince interacted with before he was found dead and awaiting the test results. his final days being carefully analyzed. the superstar playing his final public show in atlanta a week before his death apologizing for cancelling earlier shows.
9:35 pm
prince's plane was forced to land in illinois for an emergency. he had a private party four days before he died. he said wait a few days before you waste any prayers. >> he thanked his doctor who was there and said give him a round of applause. >> the tributes are still pouring in and the boss playing purple rain at a concert saturday evening. >> that are is eva pilgrim. the other question is who will inherit his fortune. you a spender or a saver.
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a new study found that the more children are spankd the more likely they are to defy their parents. experts analyzed 50 years of research involving 160,000 kids. the researchers found the children who were sparked increased antisocial behavior and aggression and calmness issues. the team said spanking and physical abuse had the same negative out come. it appears in a journal of family psychology. >> more young children are being poisoned from the laundry pots. more than 37,000 calls were made to the er children consuming the pods. two deaths were reported. they were consumed by children
9:40 pm
who mistook them for food or candy. >> a spanish company had a smart mattress that can detect if a partner is cheating. they provided this video and it allows mistrusting partners to check their smart phones to find out if the mattress is in use and how many people are on it. they detect suspicious activity and the lover detection system shows which areas are receiving the most pressure and what movement is taking place all in realtime. the company came up with the idea after seeing a report that spaniards are the most unfaithful in europe. >> the united states is a nation of people who like to save their money. nearly two in three americans enjoy saving money more than spending it. 55% enjoy saving while 33% said they like spending. it started in the wake of the
9:41 pm
2008 financial crisis. even americans who say their financial is good to excellent prefer saving to spending. >> some people save money just to spend it. >> the triumph of the solar-powered plane. >> the pilots say what it's like to make history. ally a hug. this toy is a reminder that someone cares. these are a chance to be part of a team. and this is the chance to succeed. female announcer: with your support, everyone at sleep train proudly dedicates their time, hearts, and resources to giving local foster children one important thing: - hope... - hope... hope... not everyone can be a foster parent...
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i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar. i have a driver.
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the budget should include more housing for low-income families. legislators from the east bay have a one-time expenditure and want $1.3 billion added to next
9:45 pm
year's budget. the money would be used to help families with rent or home ownership and help get homeless people off the streets and have funds set aside for farm workers. >> it is an attempt to address the housing needs that is not unique to any part of the geography in the state. plan wo become homeowners and they would have the state budget in may. >> a plane powered by the sun is waiting if are the winds to die down. they captured the moment when it arrived in the bay area after a transpacific flight from hawaii. >> the rings are what you notice most. the solar collectors are installed on them. the ground team is busy
9:46 pm
preparing for the tenth segment of the voyage to phoenix to prove a plane can fly without fuel and manage needs with solar power and batteries. his mission is also about another kind of energy. >> we can explore and believe in your dreams and be inspired. jump into the unknown. >> try what you really love in life. >> the aircraft passed over the golden gate and it was on a flight from hawaii. at monaco, they want to determine when they can take off from the field. they are talking about friday at dawn. a stuffed animal is visible in the cockpit that resembles the chief. >> it is like america. he is like this if
9:47 pm
everything goes well. he is flying with me. >> he has a long journey roosz the atlantic and the mideast where the journey started 15 months ago. david louie, abc 7 news. >> the journey leaves san francisco. >> who needs to fly around today. >> we will be seeing sunshine with clouds and it was beautiful, but you can see the effect of the wind on the bay. pretty cool. we ento your knowledge you to send pictures and video. it's going to be changing as you are traveling. los angeles is effect and the wind will condition. they have high wind warnings and
9:48 pm
advisories through tomorrow. as you take a look at the bay area, we will go with breezy conditions along the coast. not as much as today. temperatures come up a few degrees. high clouds for tuesday and the chance of rain. you notice the best opportunity for rain will be around 11:00 a.m. 40% chance there. keep the umbrella handy and as you take a look at the trends for livermore, this sums up what we will see. fon is the average high and it will remain below normal. it's going to be downright hot towards the second half of the couldy weekend into early next week. the forecast for wednesday is dry and warmer through sunday when we will see the temperatures in the mid 70s along the coast.
9:49 pm
hard to believe we are above normal and could see records. >> there was an image today that had us seeing double. here's our abc anchor. >> look at these four faces. marines who traineding to and fought in vietnam who never forgot each other. tonight the four marines are reuniting with a new surfboard and the same bond. >> we found each other after 46 years and decided we are not getting any younger. let's take another could have. >> if you look closely, that was planned two. on the right, he went to six different stores to try to match the shirt and the sim suit. >> three of us were in florida and one in atlanta, georgia.
9:50 pm
>> the same laugh and the same respect for one another. >> unless you fought in the war and your depended on these other guys, there is a bond that is real. >> it's real and it's america strong. then and now. >> that's a great story. this weekend baseball fans made two incredible catches, but not on the field. >> a dad holding a baby snagged the ball around several other fans. in arizona another dad outperformed the last one. >> he had a baby and snatched the ball out of the air. both have moments they can remember. >> they will have to hear about the dads for the rest of their lives. >> on to sports.
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>> here's seth curry. >> i guess. coming up in sports, how the giants are doing tonight and after crushing the rockets in
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they say that in life,
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>> coming up tonight, police say this is the neighborhood where a baby-sitter abused a young child. >> ask cyber bullying is taking a twisted turn. it vicious gossip that brought police to the high school. >> and a lot more for you on abc news on channel 7. >> now we are on sports watch. >> an mri on seth's right knee showed a mild sprain. he will be out for two weeks. he hurt himself in a freak
9:55 pm
accident. they go colliding leaving a wet spot that they slipped on. no one was to blame, but as for the injury, he didn't sound overly concerned. >> they called this a knee sprain and take aspirin and play, but you can characterize it much more specifically as a great one. i was with him today and he was at the outcome and he is focused on getting back as soon as he can. >> they will try to close out at home after blowing out without curreny in game four. most are thinking the series is all but over. green is well aware that the rockets rally from a 3-1 deficit in the semi finals and beat the clippers. >> we know it's a talented ball
9:56 pm
club and they can do just about anything on the floor. we have to come out and bring the energy. we can't just come out and say it's a done deal. we have to make sure we get it done. >> if they beat houston, they will play the clippers or portland. they got the and back to l.a., blake griffin gets his shot. then crawford from outside and that leads to just one. damian gets open for the slam dunk. it's going to be lillard and portland leads 70 to 56 and the long longer the series goes, the better for the warriors. >> the bay area's team the sharks are still waiting to find
9:57 pm
out if they are play and at home they shoot and score. later in the period, the predators with the 2-1 break with the goal that makes it 2-0 nashville down by one. it doesn't help if they get to the puck and finds the empty net. nashville wins 3-1 and game is wednesday. madison bumgarner got the start and tied at in the fourth and they give the ball deep to center and dennard span goes back to the wall and makes the catch. hunter pence connections and this ball will not be caught. make it 2-1 giants.
9:58 pm
the second home run he didn't let him down. they deliver a double to left and brandon bell from first, the rangeles are in heaven. the giants lead 5-2. what are you eating? josh goes down swinging and provides all the runs he would need. reddick climbs the fence, but it's out of here. he does it again and he barely moves. cabrera had four hits and four rbis. he too connects and detroit wins 7-3 and the a's have lost three straight. this sports report has been broad to you by toyota. the clippers lost and they were
9:59 pm
suffering injuries to the star players. >> thank you for joining us. >> i'm dan ashley. for all of us here, we appreciate your time. >> we continue online, on twitter, facebook and mobile devices with our news app. >> we will see you on the big seven at 11:00.
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announcer: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today, a former nfl star quarterback gunned down in his own home. cavalluzzi: he's been shot twice in the head and twice in the chest. announcer: the marriage, the mistress, and the mystery man that leads to the pro player's cold-blooded murder. and later... coombs: you could not imagine that things like this actually go on. announcer: policing the police. coombs: beating, suffocating, burning, and electrocution. announcer: the chicago cop who pushes cruel-and-unusual punishment to the extreme until someone pushes back. [gunshot]


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