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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 3, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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have got. >>nnt$u$e voters chose another path. >> senator ted cruz bowing out of the race for president tonight. leaving little doubt now about who will win the g.o.p. nomination. good evening i'm dan ashley. >> i'm amma dates. mainly development in the race for the white house tonight. donald trump declaring victory and pushing another rival out
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of the battle for the g.o.p. nomination. >> on the democratic side bernie sanders gets a critical win. here's marsie in indianapolis. >> good evening.7 what a defining day in this race. after a double digit defeat here in indiana ted cruz conceded he just did if the have a path to the nomination. republican race for president narrowing after a crushing loss in indiana ted cruz dropping out. >> we gave it everything we have got. but the voters chose another path. we are suspending our campaign. >> with that the head of the rnc tweeting that donald trump will be the presumptive g.o.p. nomination. trump celebrating and changing his tone about ted cruz. >> he is one hell of a competitor. , smartó9 guy. heañ has got an orp-ingó future
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>> nowk looking beyond thebjtqk cleveland.íe >> hillary clinton saymt she >>!% i feel good. 15 i just feel generally good. beni e sanders cjnl win the (q$idd inñb the delegate count facing a toughól fight ahead2i sanders0x maintenance his .@ >> i sensek some great victory?% coming. i understand that secretary clinton thinks thatzf thisal campaign is over. bad newscr for her. >> he's stil["n the race and on the g.o.p. side despite the odds against them so is john kasich. chief strategist saying he willp continue his campaign quote as long as it remains possible. this is abc news indianapolis. >>ña well kasich says that he
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will continue his campaign for president as we have been saying. his staff issued a statement saying our party is facing>x clear choice between positive solution that is can win in november and darker past that solves nothing. as long as it remains possible governor kasich will fight for the higher path. we sent out a push alert as soon as cruz suspended his campaign tonight. we'll be the first to know with the app for free and unable push alert. >> let's turn to the warriors. game two of the second round[kf the play offs on the way right now atwí oracle arena. steph is still out tonight and receiving a plasma treatment to help accelerate his recovery. >> larry is there live with the on the game larry not quite going our which at this point. >> not at this point let me talk about steph situation first with the p.r. p injection in "vogue"for years in europe and you see a lot of
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elite level athlete in the past like tiger woods flown over to get the treatment and they come back p.r. p is designed to promote healing. use your own blood and platelet rich plasma to promote healing but source told abc mike early tonightgd that steph is taking longer to come around than the mvp had hoped. see if he's available forever game 3 saturday night in portland. not available tonight. in the highlights this is complete opposite from game one of the series. steph spectator. blazers came out blazing. they were up double digit in a flash. playing out of his mind hitting 3 after three. blazers shot 67 percent in the first quarter with green. clark off the bench and taking for strong finish. gets curry off his feet. so blazers 7 point lead. andre the lay up and the warriors within 5 but portland just kept pulling away. the warriors got it down to 3
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at one point. quiet first half but he had a 3. lead back up to then at 55-46. the high note back down the lay up and warriors at the half trailing 59 to 51 as i mention complete opposite from game one where the warriors were on fire early in the blazers had to play uphill. warriors need the come back this time down 8 at the half. now let's get to the other bay area play off team in action and that was the shark in nashville tonight. shark came in with a 2 series lead and fans showing how they fell about the color teel bashing the car. first period. the puck ahead to himself and beats him. it's one nothing shark. nashville comes back with two goals in the second period. weber top shelf to beat jones. after that first goal it was all predators. shark with great chance but
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carlson gets it past him but all wait past the goal and so no goal there. l put it away with wilson off the rebound and the score so nashville beat the shark by a final of 4-1. shark however still lead the series 2 games to 1 with game 4 coming up back in nashville. that is a wrap from oracle ryan a.a's play over here and warriors here. complete story tonight at 11:0 11:00. live at oracle ryan a.back to you. >> thanks very much. now the warriors play the trail blazer saturday in portland. live coverage begins at 5:00 p.m. over on channel 7. after that join 7 news sports director and sports director after game. harry joined by warriors ambassador donald foil in the studio mike is live in portlan portland. >> we heard for the first time today from former forty-niner david accused of rape. >> these charges again are completelyc] false. >> double field spoke briefly
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at news conference xis morning linked by his lawyers. david has a look at the case. >> david took sanctuary in san jose church where he read from . >> i am not a perfect man. the allegation against me come a year after consentual encounter with another woman are all totally false. >>reporter: the statement likely points to not guilty plea when the case goes to court where he faces 5 felony counts including rape and rape of a person incapable of giving con sechbility rainment still a month away. the former forty-niner defensive line man accused of forcing himself on 31-year-old woman described by the district attorney's office as developmentally disabled. her name is not being released. >> one of my primary charity special olympic. something that is true and dear to my heart. this is why these allegations hurt me so badly. >>reporter: accuse her gone to the home over a year ago to
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interview for a babysitter job. he invited her back and gave her money to fix her car but not for six. the attorney aren't convinced the woman is developmentally disable. >> she ran a business. had a driver's license able to get on the web and communicate and ask him for money, 20 something times. >>reporter: woman ability to consent to six or not will be a major aspect of the case according to legal experts. >> simply having a developmental disability does not in and of itself make you unable to consent to sexual intercourse. >>reporter: in san jose david louie abc 7 news. >> it was hard to miss what was going on in the streets of san francisco today. marcher block traffic and buses as they walk to city hall. some pushing whole chair. ridden by protestors who are on day 13 of a hunger strike. protestors want to see both san francisco mayor lee and san francisco police chief sur out
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of a job. this is wrong piece of video. but i'm talking about a protest that occurred today in the city. >> let's move on. uc berkeley police are offering a 10,000 dollar reward to help solve a 3-year-old murder. in the early hours of mountain day in 2013 alberto santana silva was sitting in his car on grizzly peak boulevard tried to brick autopsy fight nearby. one of the men in the fight left. returned with a gun and shot the 21-year-old to death. no suspect have ever been named. police believe the suspect or associate may be linked to three cars. late model red chef c caprice with large chrome wheel. white chevy suburban and dark compact car with chrome exhaust pipe. if you have any information contact the uc police department. let's go back now and talk about this hunger strike and protest on the streets of san francisco today. people calling for the mayor and for the police chief to be fired. sky 7 hd over the protest that
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is capping a 13 day hunger strike. these protestors are determined to focus attention on what they call police brutality and racist texting within the department. here's melanie woodrow with more. >> group gathered this afternoon at> i'm tired. my body hurt. muscles are sore. this is crowd this people they lift you up but you crash every day and i don't know how long i'll last. >>reporter: which is why the hunger strike sat in wheelchair surrounded by medical professionals as they prepared for the approximately 1.3 mile march to city hall. from sky 7 hd you can see them. they were helped into city hall making their way on to the elevator and outside mayor ed
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lee office where staffer said mayor lee was in the bay view. >> came yesterday at the police station to try to con the people. slide in the back door and act like he cares about us. this is most despicable mayor and they are going out of office. >> frisco 5 says they will continue. in san francisco, melanie woodrow abc 7 news. >> hunger striker planned to go on to forum tonight with the attorneys. they met with the grew. we have more on what happened tonight at 11:00 o'clock over % on channel 7. san jose police audit show fewer complaint last year but the auditor has concerns about how the use of force is investigated. we were at city hall today as the find wrtion shown to city leaders. there were 303 complaints last year. that's down for the second year in a row. 73 of those complaints last year were with use of force also we are down. while the numbers show improvement the auditor said
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the department may be better at initiating investigation in the use of force. >> you will see that in the 5 year period the department did not open one investigation for use of force. in my view that's a remarkably small number that i have not seen in any other department i have looked at. >> findings show that officers with less experience more likely to receive force complaint than veteran officer. >> more to bring you on 7 news this tuesday night. coming up. the rent dispute at levi stadium. why the whole issue is now going to arbitration. >> also the fail to nib nip it in the bud. oakland victory over the 4ñyr:'+ee the weather notch moving through the rest of the work week rain chance increasing. i'll let you know when you might even see some thunderstorms coming up. >> and kids are famous for it but adults do it too. next when dedicationing to the device goes to beyond that and device goes to beyond that and border
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>> one of the@ latest rent disputes in the bay area is pitting the 49ers against the city of santa clara. niners added up the debt revenue an expense and came up with 20 and half million dollars per year for the next 40 years. that's about 4 million less than they pay now. but the city council needed more
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information and so the team has filed for arbitration. despite this dispute the team will continue to play at levi stadiumvv. federal law suit against medical marijuana dispensary in oakland has gone up in smoke. u.s. attorney has dropped its suit against harbor side health center. move that will certainly impact the entire medical marijuana industry in california. here's leslie brinkly on that and how oakland may change the rules for the local marijuana trade. >> marijuana macaroon and pot lace pop coverage edible like these could soon be sold by vendors in oakland as the city looks to set up a new permitting process for cannabis base businesses including grorts transportation company and retail stores. >> this industry can come out of the dark. can come out of the shadow. and operate in a way that the people of california have said they want this industry to operate. to come on the same dayky that
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the u.s. attorney office announced they were dropping a lawsuitp against harbor side health center. >> we felt that it never should have been brought. they brought it against the dispensary. golded standard of the industry harbor side now the second largest retail taxpayer in the city of oakland. >> now folk doing this important work don't have to live in fear of a federal raid. >> no comment from the u.s. attorney office. many believe a big swing in public opinionx is behind feds dropping the lawsuit. >> before pot was pot and it was bad. now there's property that people are learning. healing and people keeping people from having so much pain and so it's opening people eye up in a way that there's no reason to be afraid of it. it's helping everybody. >>reporter: next up measure to legalize recreation marijuana. likely to be on the november ballot. in oakland i'm leslie brinkly abc 7 news. >> supporter of effort to lega
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legalize marijuana in california and they say they gathered enough signature to put the recreation marijuana use proposal on the ballot in november. supporters will formally kick off the campaign tomorrow afternoon at the commonwealth5 club in san francisco. time to turn to our weather and rain chances. >> couple days. and sandhya is here. >> i sense the excitement in boat of -- both out of. >> normally we get showers so look like a chance for the next few days. show you live doppler 7hd and if you don't know where the umbrella is this might be a good time to start looking for it. here's a look at the radar and tracking multiple layers of cloud and mid high level clouds as well. this system is sending us the cloudk: cover and that's the system that is going to just skirt the coast line for a few days and eventually move into southern california bring us chances of showers over the next several days. temperatures right now mostly 50's and 60's but antioch still pretty mild at 71 degrees. here's a live look from the east bay hills camera.
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visibility is terrific tonight. mostly cloudy tomorrow. we look at chance of showers wednesday through saturday. several days there dry milder weather coming your way mother's day. here's the stormy packet scale as you know we have been using it all through winter and spring to rate our storms from one to 5 the last timebxn we h3 j,áu)ong storms was back in ma h march. now we have mostly had 1 and 2. no 4 and 5 this time around we have a 1. chance of showers wednesday through saturday. light system. most areas will get less than a quarter inch and potential for hail and thunder. here's a look at the time line 5 am wednesday you look at the cloud cover.ú@ we head into 9:00 a.m. and few showers may actually show up tomorrow morning in the north bay light rain there you will notice. showers possible around the south bay. 5:00 o'clock for the evening rush tomorrow and then the rain chance begin to increase wednesday night just a fewmn showers but we go into thursday morning for the commute and weók may be tracking some scattered showers thursday morning at
9:20 pm
5:00 a.m. at noon time and then this really continues by 5:00 p.m. as the sun is out and we have had a chance to sea some of the moisture move in. sun destabilize the atmosphere and could see thunderstorms popping up around mountlb% hamilton so can't rule it out. thursday friday the best possibility of seeing isolated thunderstorms. friday morning few showers once 4system is not going to be in a hurry to move. that's why we continue to see the moisture rotating up. friday two p.m. still looking at the potential for wet weather. this is when it becomes most wide spread friday evening going into saturday morning and then it all winds down. just in time for the second half of the weekend. rainfall total not going to be impressive. on light side at best. get up to quarter of an inch. most areas between 10 to 15 hundredths of an inch through saturday evening. first thing tomorrow morning low mid 50's it's going to be a cloudy star. a lot like this morning then for the afternoon we hang on to the cloud cover.
9:21 pm
few peek of sun. temperatures in the upper 50's to mid 70's for our mildest inland valley. 62 san francisco. 66 oakland. 69 san jose. low 70's for livermore. 69 in santa rosa. accu-weather 7 day forecast you look at slight chance of showers tomorrow. better possibility thursday through saturday which is why we have a one there on the storm impact scale and then sunday for mother's day it is brighter. milder. keep the warming trend going monday and tuesday bring back the 80's but not until then. >> not bad at all thanks. áb$áur&l to come on 7 news at 9 9:00. the bay area pot hole problem. is it really the worst it has ever been? >> one airline does something that would seem impossible. how jet blue gets passengers to love it when babies cry on a
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passengers didn't mind 4 crying baby on recent jet blue flight because bench ended up with a free round trip ticket. it was a proceedings by jet blue. video of offer of 25% discount on future airfare every time a baby cried during a flight. 4 of the 5 bears on board the flight from new york city to long beach cried during the fly. meaning a 100 percent discount for every passenger. >> amazing all 5 babies didn't cry on cross country flight. el nino may have helped the water problem before. did a number on the roads as you probably noticed. media partner east bay times report crew in san jose filled 4200 pot hole from january through march nearly 1100 more than a year ago over the same period. the map shows some of the worst
9:26 pm
roads in the area from concord to oakland down to fremont into santa cruz. drivers have had enough they say. >> it's terrible. my car already has issues as it is and everywhere i drive my car does this all the time. >> i have a friend with her brake got bad on the pot hole. the tires. flat tire and so forth. so pretty bad out here. >> some relief coming oakland crew soon embark on 6 week blitz to repair nearly 3500 pot hole. >> definitely. >> another half hour of 7 news at 9:00 is neck. coming up. deadly attack isis has killed an american navy seal. details on what happened. >> also the big wildfire burning in canada tonight. forcing massive evacuation. >> ncaa mcdonald's mixing in garlic with the fries. plan to serve up a bay area favorite. >> stay with us another half >> stay with us another half hour of 7 news at 9
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>> good evening again we now know the navy seal killed by isis in iraq was based out of coronado near san diego. >> he's been identified as charlie keeting the fourth. he's the grandson of the late arizona finance person who became the central figure in the 1980 savings & loan scanda scandal. >> he was advising forces outside most ill held by isis. >> martha traveled to the region and has information on the attack. >> today fire fight throughout northern iraq. the one that left a 93 seal dead. coordinated isis attack on u.s. back forces. isis fighters penetrating the front-line with suicide truck bomb like these then opening fire where the seal had just arrived.
9:31 pm
local saying he had been in this vehicle. after he took a direct hit. medevac helicopter was called in taking heavy fire as well. the crew escaped injury. they did manage to push back the isis forces with the help of american fighter jets and armed drone. >> serious fight that we have to wage in iraq. >> americans are getting closer to the fight every day like the seal they now travel outside the larger bases to smaller out post. like the ones we visited recently as they prepare to take back the isis held town of mosul. martha, abc news. >> huge wildfire is burning homes in alberta, canada forcing massive evacuation. fire double in size overnight. burning toward the city of fort mcmurray. all 60,000 resident forced from the home. local attorney posted this video on twitter showing his
9:32 pm
frightening evacuation through the smoke and flames. officials say the fire conditions are extreme and the weather continues to be unpredictable. >> reminder for all of us as fire season is getting under way the california despite the rain we have had is now in its fifth year of drought. >> we are facing unpress denied challenges. in the kinds of fire behavior that we have seen. dryness of the vegetation and conditions and the accumulation of dead material across the state. >> we were at lexington reservoir in santa clara county as cal fire officials spoke today during fire awareness week. cal fire has put 400 firefighters on duty early across california california and encourage everyone to start preparing for fire season now. >> pregnant woman in connecticut now the 36th pregnant woman diagnosed with the zika virus in the u.s. health officials warning be prepared important more case as people from infected area visit the u.s. this summer.
9:33 pm
steve has details on how the federal government plans to fight it. >> case keep piling up. americans returning home from over seas infected+ with the zika virus. latest tonight a pregnant woman in connecticut. health officials admit this evening that city and family not going to be able to spray away the about you go that carry the disease. unlike most mosquitos controlled with insecticide the bug that can carry zika are harder to kill. not just outside. they are in the home under furniture and they don't just bite after sunset they are active day and night. >> they would like to stay indoors as well as out doors which make the out doors spraying ineffective for those mosquitos. >>reporter: already mosquitos with the virus breeding in puerto rico where 65 pregnant women are now infected and at risk for birth defect. cdc says the battle isn't lost. planning to flight strike team to any neighborhood in the u.s. with local transmission. pray inside and outside the homes of pregnant women.
9:34 pm
add screens to window and remove standing water. human testing for vaccine now begins in september but health officials say vaccine is still at least three years away. this is abc news atlanta. >> there are new details on his prince death tonight. investators began to go through log of police calls from the minneapolis area home. we have the latest on the case. >> new tonight. authority release thanksgiving log of more than 45 police calls on a variety of subjects regarding prince's complex including one call from woman in germany in 2011 concerned about prince cocaine habit saying that he advised her that he can not control his habit. woman witness add year after the comments to contact authorities. police didn't find it to be credible and didn't investigat investigate. authorities are investigating whether star died of drug over dose. sources say prescription medication was found on prince and in his home after he died.
9:35 pm
singer was getting prescription from multiple doctors. but prince friend standing up for the superbowl star. former baseist and close trend saying the allegation of drug use just don't ring true. >> he was really careful of what he would put into his body. i have never seen him take anything. >>reporter: one call police took was from a woman climateing she has a son with prince and she wanted that son toaken the funeral. police passed along the messag message. this is minnesota news. >> right now florida governor is in the bay area recruiting company to relocate to his statement it's a move that let california governor jerry brown to call out in saying the two states aren't in the same league. florida governor rick scott said today his effort is working. >> california is a beautiful state but the taxes regulations now raising the minimum wage it's impacting people ability to compete globally. >> scott visited california last year and lured several company to florida but wouldn't
9:36 pm
specify which company. when governor brown found out about scott he issued a letter to california competing with p-il ane not florida. also asked scott to get his head out of the sand on the affects of climate change. google is teaming up with fiat chrysler to put the self driving car technology no some of the auto may goer giant car. google says it will install autonomous driving technology and 200 minivan this deal is the first time google will share the secret self driving car technology with the auto merrick. and test facility before heading out on the far google cars logged one and a half million miles with only one at fault accident. >> san rafael coffee and tea just named small business of the year. for the entire country. first company to get the award here. owner brook mcdonogh el and russell partner in business and life. starting equator 21 years ago mcdonald's garage. expect to bring in 15 million
9:37 pm
dollars in revenue this year. couple hopes to expand a large burst for san francisco and oakland by the end of the year. >> mcdonald's testing gilroy garlic fries at 4 of the south bay restaurants. new fries made from a mix that include olive oil. parmesan cheese and salt. garlic fry are part of trend at mcdonald's to experiment with regional flavors and food on the menu. mcdonald's provided this video. garlic is grown in gilroy by the way. testing goes well the friesóv available at near 250 mcdonald's restaurants across the bay area in august. >> up next on 7 news at 9:00. >> just because it works for canada doesn't mean it works for us. >> creating a safe haven for shooting up. both side of the debate first one in the nation here in the bay
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san francisco could soon become the first place in the united states to designate a space specificallyrx for users o inject drugs. controversial to say the least. cornell bernard shows us the country where it is successful. >> everybody know what is going on. >> jose lives in the mission districtxc where he is used to seeing drug needle littering the street. one city supervisor would allow users a safe supervised place to shoot up. >> things are so bad that everything should be on the table. >> bc was a city with terrible drug problem. over doses. partof every day life. >> so thinks our over dose response kit. >> that changed when vancouver opened the supervised injection site in 2003 providing users a safe place indoors to inject
9:42 pm
meth or heroin under) the watchful eye of health professionals. clean needle are provided and disposed of. 14 years later over doses reduced to zero. david wants to bring the idea to san francisco home to an estimated 22,000 drug users. >> exploring an option to me is a responsible thing to do. >>reporter: he believes the city navigation center for the homeless might be a good location for the injection sit site. >> do it any way better be in one place. >>reporter not easy. drug law won't allow supervised drug use. the mayor is opposed to the idea and he's not alone. >> doesn't mean it works for u us. >>reporter: he bolts add heroin addiction for years. he says enabling users is not the answer. >> give them rehab. try putting the money to that instead of a san francisco shooting gallery. >> recovering alcoholic i understand the argunts around not enabling some one who is
9:43 pm
addicted. but i don't think it's as simple as that. >> he traveled to canada this week to see the injection program for himself and how it is saving lives. news. >> coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. hottest ticket in new york city just made history. how hamilton is breaking records. >> if you like art police join us for a very special tour of the new sf loma. the new sf loma. new view on modern friday 6 ♪ ♪ you live life your way.
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share with you some stunning new im am of the sun from nassau. animation of image captured by nassau solar dynamic observatory next week. shows he elongated streaming arch of solar material rising up on the sun edge before
9:47 pm
breaking up. particle in space. these details were captured in a type of light that is invisible from the human eye called extreme ultraviolet. nasa colorize the images in gold for easy viewing. >> california surpassed water conservation goal for march latest word today from state water officials who say california residents cut the water use by 24 percent last month. that's double the amount saved in february. also beats the new target goal of 20 percent. water regulators credit winter storm and better watering habi habit. >> mean time 9 lake in the east bay will open to swimming starting on saturday. regional park district announce today the wet winter ease problems they have been having with toxic blue green algae. only fremont is closed because of high algae level. dog especially sensitive to the toxic algae banned from the lake. >> let's check on the weather right now. >> we track more rain sandy.
9:48 pm
>> couple of opportunity for seeing rain as you look at our radarpr just the cloud tonight. that will be changing. there was more than clouds in lake tahoe look at the time lapse just absolutely beautiful from early this evening you can see the showers moving across the lake and even had an isolated thunderstorm develop there and scattered showers and thunderstorms are in the forecast really for the next several days there. 61 in tahoe tomorrow looking at 62 in eureka a.monterey down south partly cloudy skies. 68 in los angeles. 95 in palm springs. not going to be that hot here in the bay area. we go with mild weather inland. low mid 70's. 60's right around the bay and along the coast line we see some temperatures in the upper 50's. now you look at our chance of rain over the next several days and notice they go up. tomorrow 10% chance 20 thursday, pretty much the best chance of our showers on frida friday. and on saturday. look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. slight chance of showers tomorrow.
9:49 pm
one on the storm impact scale for thursday through saturday. that one system is going to keep the shower chance in the forecast and we call it unsettled for the 3 dayed an things settle down on monday. milder back to the usual pattern with average temperature for mother's day looking nice and then a little warmer monday and tuesday. >> thanks sandhya. >> he's a story for those of you who think the kid spend too much time on mobile device. 50% of teens admit they are addicted. >> larger number of parents know the kid are addicted and and findings done through survey conducted by common sense media. organization advocating for safe technology. >> we explain what all of that means. young people very candid about why they spend so much time on mobile device. >> want to be consistently updated. i think a gift and curse. >> new poll conducted by common sense media confirms. that 50% of kids 12 to 18 felt they were addicted to the mobile device. larger number of parents 59
9:50 pm
percent agree. >> they feel obligated to check the phones all the time. it's the frequency. they knowhat it's interfering with other stuff they want to do in their lives. >>reporter: outside studies point out that the constantly on mobile device show the same "= drug addict might display and may need more to get the same level oven joy. 1 more game let me finish this level. my daughter gets home from schoolww at 5:00 o' on the phone3w'til bed. >>reporter: 27 percent.÷ of parents said thc@ felt addicted =o their@á mobile devicesfw.ed >>v)j-qp&tor so on it8 all the time so- yes. i'mi very guilty. my kids grew up with me with my cell phonelx so i'm partly to blame. >> what you have to remember is that you are not alone. are ways to control the use of . without a lot of o'conner!oko nribingt. >> we can use device contract so common sense media we have a contract where everybody in the family has to say when they get
9:51 pm
it an not use it. >>reporter: more on the poll visit our web site on this site. in san francisco lee ann, 7 news. >>jj musical hamilton always brings out the crowd line forming outside the product which theater today wasn't for tickets.rn we explain. >> casting call transformed broadway into a"american idol". this college student auditio auditioning for hamilton in front of us. every night the theater seats filled and just take a look at the line. that room will be filled too talking about more than 1,000 people waiting in line some since way before sunrise. and come from all over. this woman moving from france in part because of hamilton. >> learn to love again ♪ . >> what do you think about hamilton has so many people standing out here in the rain wanting to be part of this. >> hip-hop. being taken seriously as art form. >> show wasn't just breaking
9:52 pm
records with those 16 toney nomination. it's rakeing in half million bucks in profit every week. the show isny sold out through january. it's the impossible ticket to score. >> so even long shot know they have a better chance at getting a part than a seat. this is abc news new york. >> all right up next. see what you get when you combine boat and airplane. >> turns into something that looks like this on the outside. look inside the i con a 5 back look inside the i con a 5 back in a moment.
9:53 pm
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just press clean and let roomba help with your everyday messes. a full suite of sensors automatically guides roomba throughout your home. cleaning under furniture, along edges and in corners. and with its powerful three-stage cleaning system roomba picks up pet hair, dust and debris for up to 2 hours, recharging itself when it needs to. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba from irobot®. better together™.
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>> what a game there tonight. curry forced to be a spectator with the injured right knee after strong play by green tone
9:56 pm
the half. oakland own lil arrested answered with a 17 point third quarter for portland. >> warriors come back. score now tied 91 to 91. in the fourth quarter with 6 minutes left in the game. larry has game highlights at 11 over on channel 7. >> nail pwirt. >> starting tomorrow british airway launch flights from london to san jose international airport. they target people in silicon valley obviously. air china announced it would fly into the airport. san jose city leaders say luring more passengers to san jose is critical to pay down a billion dollar renovation in 2010. first flight from london to san jose rearrives tomorrow at 6:15 p.m. >> if you ever dreamed of flying yourself bay area company wants to make that dream a reality. jonathan bloom got early look today at the new airplane that floats like a boat. parks like a car.
9:57 pm
and is being built right up the road. >> comfortable in the air as it is on the water. >> most sea plane are hybrid air and boat and bad of each. this actually is very good airplane and very good boat. >> kurt may be a little biased after this plane was his idea. >> we do a two shift pass. >> he wanted to build an airplane that is just for fun. >> most airplanes designed to hall things from a to b and pilot and experience is an afterthought. this is the first thing we think about. >> flying around here at lake is not about the destination. >> you check out the cow. check out all the different wild life. you see stuff would you never see before. >> they are quick to point out more fun in pair. >> roger that. give me the power there. >> i will. >> join our instances turn coming right. el. >> this is definitely a boat and definitely an airplane. but one glance at the dashboard and can tell the designers wanted to make it familiar.
9:58 pm
any one who has ever driven a car. if i covered these 2? instruments up everything else here you recognize in your car. >>reporter: this is a light sport aircraft under new faa rules. 2 seater made for daytime flying in good weather with special beginner pilot license. there was a flight school here in vac aville. >> first flight in the air plane is coming up here to the lake. and landed on the lake all day. >> of course it lands just fine on runway. >> wheel up or down so up for the water. >> airport for the whole doychbility and the wings even fold up to fit in the garage at 200,000 dollars already a 3 year waiting list to those who can afford it. hawkins says it says itself. >> if i take you out and fly you around you have almost a spiritual experience. it's absolutely amazingism at the lake, abc 7 news. >> fan takes ticket pick you up and take you to work. no brim or nothing. >> coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00. land slide win for donald trump
9:59 pm
indian ted cruz dropped out. what tonight victory means for california upcoming primary june seventh. no more pencil no more brush. brand new cosmetic procedure giving the whimper eyebrow every time. >> more coming up at 11:00. >> see you then. have a great evening. good night thanks for being good night thanks for being with us.
10:00 pm
announcer: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. coming up, less than a year after 9/11, a legal immigrant from egypt opens fire at the el al counter at los angeles international airport. moore: el al is the official


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