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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  May 4, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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so disappointing. the opportunity is gone. >> the republican race is done, but that is not the case for the democrats. tonight, the roll california so play in the nomination. >> he learned he has been going through awe tough time. >> abc7 news helps deliver gifts to a teenager recovering from brain surgery. >> how 7 on your side helped
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this woman prove the damage to her car wasn't her fault. good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. >> police are looking for twin brothers who are suspects in a string of drive by bebe gun shootings. >> abc7 news anchor kristin zee is in the newsroom with the investigation. >> reporter: police are search are searching for those men. take a look at the map. the two are accused of using a bebe gun to shoot at a woman, april 12th. the charge, assault with a deadly weapon. she was able to get the license plate number which helped lead to their capture. a third suspect was arrested. investigators believe they were involved in other drive by bebe gun shootings along i-80 corridor. at this point, it's unclear if they're connected to the 125
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cases of bebe gun shootings over the past months across san leandro. >> want everybody to keep in mind just because we're going to arrest two people does not mean they're the only two out there, doing this. so please, continue to pay attention to your surroundings. investigators tell us they have recovered two bebe guns that link brothers to the attack. one in the car and another in the home. that is the latest from the newsroom. we'll continue to follow the story for you. you can follow us on twitter for latest. new at 6:00, 1 person is dead after an accident involving four voeks in brentwood at san creek road. the person in the white ford died. there are traffic delays in the area, investigators are trying to determine what caused that
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accident. a new policy for san francisco police, the chief is requiring officers to carry three-foot long batons which responding to concern calls involving homeless people, people in crisis and people with weapons other than a gun. and. a drive through shooting today at a mcdonalds. police on hunt for the gunman. this morning's shooting shut down the mcdonalds in antioch. police don't think is arandom attack. there are clues investigators are working with police are still looking for the suspect who folks say they've seen here before.
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the folks say the man was here, last week. and angry over a relationship gone sour. this time, they say he came back to this lane but today was armed. >> this is where i take my grandbabies play. >> neighbors are disgusted and frightened. >> it was like bam, bam. i was like, woah. >> she was unharmed but police say someone else was hit. a man in his 20s, not the intended victim suffered wounds. >> thank the lord. that makes no sense. folks in the neighborhood have a pretty good idea who it s they say the intended victim is
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a manager at the mcdonalds and the shooter may have been her ex-boyfriend. >> they were into an altercation, and smashed a window a little bit. >> there are guys who are going to be upset if the female is someone they love. this is a love scene here. some fatal love. >> i believe it was a pistol. police are assuring the public the shooting was not random. >> theion got easier for donald trump todays atdz his last, lone rival, dropped out. >> i have renewed faith, deeper faith the lord will show me the way forward.
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reports say the ohio governor told supporters, quote, my heart is not in this. on the democratic side, bernie sanders says he's committed to staying in the race. here is a look at the current count combining both super delegates and pledge delegates. when the super delegates are removed only 321 pledge delegates separate the candidates. abc7 news joins us live now from walnut creek with what the election might look like. >> it appears the democratic race will go into the summer. and this building was supposed to be a local ted cruz campaign
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headquarters and now, it's closed before it opened. >> now, california will once again be relegated to an after thought when it comes to selecting the republican nominee. >> this has been an amazing evening. i didn't expect this. >> for california voters they're excited for the possibility of mattering so you'll probably see morenthusiasm. >> how enthusiastic will crews be when it comes to voting for trump? >> if you go on social media, people are upset. they have strong feelings about what happened. but we have to see what the long term step is going to be. >> reporter: at hillary clinton's downtown office, trump's win so far helped. >> we had a volunteer said i'm
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going to do everything to help hillary clinton win in california. to make sure we defeat trump in november. >> there are going to be more rural people, right? >> reporter: at bernie sanders headquarters, volunteers are busy working the phones. >> when bernie signed on, i signed up for a political revolution. >> sanders vowed to fight until the convention, but a landslide victory in california, in june, couldn't give him enough delegates to pass clinton. >> the deadline to register for a party is may 23. you can request a vote by mail ballot through the end of may. >> today, scattered showers popped up on the radar. here is a look at clouds that
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are coming. there is no rainfalling from the bay area, but to the north an east we've got some active weather. we have a line of powerful thunderstorms. and heavy down pours and small hail hail. over in the sierra and beyond, we still have lightning strikes. back in the bay area and active weather pattern, and 7:00, into late night hours, and light showers developing and more wide spread tomorrow morning so there could be wet spots tomorrow, into afternoon and evening, we'll see an increase in number of scattered showers, so looks like a wet evening commute tomorrow as well.
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i'll show you what we can expect rain for the weekend. more wet weather is ahead. >> thank you, spencer. a quiet south bay college plans to spend a quarter million dollars to protect the campus after more than a dozen crimes in a year, we're talking about gavlin college, home to more than 8,000 students. david louie joins us with both sides of the argument. david? >> reporter: the campus is in a rural area south of gilroy. the guards here do not have guns and do not have arrest powers. >> a petition is starting to circulate. one group of students want to block the hiring of an armed deputy hiring in the fall. in the spirit of a college
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community there is an opposing view by those who worry about an active shooter insy department. >> i hope to hear more students engaged in conversation. i wish this foundation would have happened months ago. it just happened a couple days ago. >> lopez is the student trustee on the district court. he has an advisory vote. but armed deputy would cost $248,000 and work a day shift. that worries students arriving here predawn or evening classes. >> there is more things that could happen at night because of less people on campus. and lighting and everything happens at night. >> >> one aggravated assault, six burglaries, one liquor violation, one weapons possession incident. >> our campus security team is
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wonderful. and they're not sworn officers. >> time is running out. >> all of a sudden you have an incident and you've got an officer with a gun. how do you think that student is going to react? >> the vote on the proposal is next wednesday. we've focused on the presidential race but there is more on the ballot. california voters may have a chance to decide on the legalization of marijuana. at 6:30, what the nur rules would be. >> dr. cornfield was never able to meet prince. >> the local doctor that could have help save prince's life if caught in time. a worker uses an ice scoop to fight against a robber with a gun. stay with us.
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governor brown signed legislation that raises california's legal smoking age to 21 from 18. that bill is one of six bills the governor took action on today, facing a midnight deadline to deal with it. among other bills, one that will regulate the manufacture and sale of electric cigarettes and another that closes loopholes around small work place rules.
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>> live 105 joined station as cross the country playing nothing compares to you at 3:07 this afternoon to honor prince. that was exactly seven hours and 13 days since the music legend passed away. the cause of death still hasn't been released but today there was a bomb shell with local connections. abc7 news is live in mill valley with the information. wayne? >> reporter: after prince died there was a lot of ta. a drug addiction? was it an overdose? we don't know but we did get clarity today and part of the story leads here, to mill valley. this has been a day of scrutiny, and what ifs at the mill valley office of dr. howard cornfeld, who might have been treating prince had events moved just a little more slowly. >> dr. cornfeld was never able
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to meet prince and never talked to prince and sadly, not able to arrive in time. to help prince. >> he is a well respected specialist in pain management. the day before prince died his representatives reached out to mill value yes for help. dr. cornfeld sent a staff member, his son, in advance. it was andrew who called 911 from paisley park. >> the staff representatives found him unconscious. one staff member started screaming. and andrew heard screams and went to the elevator. he saw prince was unconscious. >> that is an attorney for the cornfelds speaking in minneapolis today, after the story came out. he said prince was suffering. locally, friends say it was hip and knee pain, mostly. in san rafael, he knew him well.
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>> this guy was phenomenal. phenomenal. the energy output, phenomenal. >> could you see him using drugs? >> i don't. >> the plan had been for prince to come to mill value yes for treatment but it was too late. call it one more twist in the story of a super star, but not, what friends say we should remember. >> listen to the music and love his life music. it's phenomenal. >> bankruptcy leads tonight's bay area business watch. teen clothing chain areopostal plans to close five stores. tesla shares went up in
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after hours training. and reporting that two top manufacturing executives are leaving the company. no reason given. another down day for stocks. the nasdaq dropped 37. s and p lost 12. in just hours, someone could be richer by $648 million. no one won since march. tonight's drawing is set at 8:00. >> good luck. >> we have an office pool. it's hard to believe we're two hours away from being instantly rich. >> we'll practice doing the news. >> i'm going to be very busy. showers could last into the
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weekend. we did have scattered sprinkles this morning. this is the view looking west. you can see clouds near the coastline now. it's 60 degrees in san francisco. and 57 in half moon bay. this ithe view of the golden gate. it's 62 degrees right now in santa rosa and napa. and 66 in livermore. this is how it looks, well, from the east bay hills camera. this is one direction. chance of showers through saturday. chance of thunder is possible as the sun destabilizes during the daytime hours and dry, milder on mother's day. this is our storm impact scale
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and system ranks one. showers possible through saturday. that means three days of showers and rainfall from one tenth to half an inch and possible thunder and hail. this evening, we expect to see wet spots there and into afternoon, could be a wet evening commute shaping up as well. showers take a greater form there. friday morning, at 5:00 looks like we'll have wide spread showers and we project rainfall totals by mid day saturday, will range from a tenth inch to four
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tenths of an inch in the south bay. and up to half an inch, maybe more in wetter north bay locations. overnight, showers develop and will be widely scattered. highs from about 60s on the coast. mid and upper 60s aund the bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. friday is set to be the wettest day of the three days. and next week, we'll expect a warm up. >> coming up next, meet a toddler waiting for
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the first nonstop flight from london to san jose just landed. fly sjc tweeted this picture of the board showing the flight. it's a 10-hour trip from san jose to london and takes off at 8:00 tonight. >> president obama took a drink today to show support for residents of flint, michigan. >> can i get some water? i did need a glass of water this
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is not a stunt. >> the president took a sip of filtered water and during a briefing on the federal government's response. the president got to meet 8-year-old molly, known as little miss flint she wrote the president and got a response and a hug. a san francisco family is waiting a life changing donation for their 20 month old toddler, hanna. last november hanna was diagnosed with a large heart. doctors have put her on a heart pump. the average wait for a heart transplant is 6 to 8 months. her mom talked about the importance of being a donor. >> etc. almost hard to say in words, it's overwhelming to think some day she's going to be able to live a normal life.
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and i hr have so much gratitude for the family that from a tragedy will give her gift of life. >> doctors say she's friendly and loves to wander around and say hi to everyone she meets. >> medical marijuana has been legal in california for years, today's vote that will decide whether recreational use will be as well. a special delivery when abc7 news was there to capture. the gift to a family who needed a reason to smile. >> you take your car to a shop for work and it'
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the proposed legalization of marijuana will likely be on the november ballot in california. >> the backers of one of the
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measures say they have the necessary signatures to convince voters. >> the adult use of mirror mayor act drew in support from all sides of the aisle. the measure would make it legal for anyone over 21 to grow up to seven plants and have a ounce without implications. those in law enforcement who back the measure say illegal marijuana caused harm on the streets. >> the trade and cartels emerging. >> studies have shown communities of color have been disproportionately targeted. >> they targeted the african american community and latino community from the get go. we watched 40, 50 years of it happen. >> there will be a 15% tax on
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all retail sales. >> we're going to eliminate the cost of having the police arrest somebody, and take them to trial, and prosecute them. >> opponents believe it will make it easier to have access to marijuana. >> the harm it will cause is much more expensive in this case than any revenue that can be accomplished through taxation. >> but the lieutenant governor said there will be more money to keep kids from using in the first place or stopping altogether. >> if you're smoking marijuana and you're 18 you're going to be arrested and we'll have more resources to help you after you're arrested than ever. >> supporters say if it passes it will take years, if not decades to change our behaviors, much like tobacco. >> medical marijuana is coming from marin county.
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the board approved a cannabis dins pensry and will allow two dispensaries along highway 101 corridor and two in rural parts of the county. los altos man is under arrest charged with child molestation and possession of child pornography. authorities raided a 54-year-old's home and child child porn. he's accused of sexual assaulting a child between ages 5 and 12. the victim is in his late 20s. an outrageous robbery near the cal train station was caught on security video. and you're going to see it. the video shows three men walking into a store. one assaulted a clerk and the other made off with the atm machine. the clerk was hit with an ice cream scooper. the handgun was found by
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officers and turned out to be a fake. tense moments at the indian health center after 17 people were exposed to a chemical called croasol used as a sealant for dental fillings. employees discovered a bottle had been knocked over. and the fire department says no injuries were life threatening in any way. a couple weeks ago, we told you about a teen from hawaii that arrived at stanford to have surgery to remove a brain tumor. his family's car was broken into and belongings, stolen. tonight we have happier news for the boy and his family.
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this 14-year-old was recovering from his surgery. doctors said it went well. it removed the brain tumor. the family had been through a lot. and their belongings were stolen. the police union took the family to best buy. they released his brother's lap top and camera. but items that meant the most were get well cards from family and friends. lynn asked her young skaters at the nazareth ice oasis to make cards for kakiah. >> i know stuff can with replaced. but cards, i felt badly they had
7:36 pm
been taken. >> another group came with souvenirs with items from the giants and there was a scrap book that included mayor ed lee, mc hammer and joe montana. >> the technology community really felt compelled to act and help the family. >> we're grateful for everybody's love from home all the way from hawaii, and here. >> in hawaiian it's called ohana. a bond that extended all the way here. >> when damage is done, who do you turn to? mieshg yil finney, of course. how he did more than just get this dent out of a car. >> if you like art or architecture, join abc7 news for a special tour of the sfmoma. catch the view friday at 6:30 p.m.
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when you take your car in to be serviced the last thing you'd
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expect is to come back, damaged. >> one woman says she took her car in for new tires. >> michael finney stepped in to help her out. >> she told us the service center told us it wasn't damaged when she brought it in. >> she pulled into her driveway. she brought her car into this big o tires to get new tires. she says her car was hit by another vehicle while in the shop. >> i didn't notice it was hit until i was ready to drive off. and i noticed the back of the bumper had been dented. >> the dent is not noticeable now, but this is a picture taken by an auto body shop before the dent popped out. this is the gap still exists between the bumper and body of the car. >> it could make rain get in there. maybe there could be water damage on the inside of the trunk. i don't know. >> she says an employee admitted this dent wasn't there when the
7:41 pm
car was brought in. the manager wasn't at big o at the time. she tried to reach him but she says he was hard to track down. >> this went on 3 to 4 weeks of me calling every day, every other day. >> she finally reached him, the manager asked for more estimates. she said she couldn't take more time off work and called on 7 on your side. >> after that, he sent me an e-mail saying he would pay for the car. >> she told us queen has been a good, loyal customer with no past problems. they cannot determine what happened but believe she is telling the truth and have agreed to reimburse her. >> thank you for helping out. without 7 on your side none of this would have happened. >> you're welcome. we just talked to queen.
7:42 pm
click on the sections tab and select 7 on your side. >> thank you, michael. >> the warriors are up to nothing 2-0. steph curry would return sxf after that, join abc7 news sports director for after the game. >> stay with us. see the before and after pictures of micro blading, next at 6:00
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. a cooking challenge pitted two san francisco high schools against each other and it was about health.
7:46 pm
it was gallile high school versus burton high. students showed off their culinary skills and knowledge of nutrition. >> so when we go to college we'll ne how to make delicious, heart healthy meals and live a healthy life style, after. >> we have learned a lot about how cooking healthy isn't a hassle as it's made to be. >> the team with the best dish, burton high. the american heart association and whole foods sponsored the event. a cosmetic technique is a method of creating semi permanent eye brows without the marking pen look of traditional tattooing. >> trim joiner has a problem with her eye brows. >> i don't have any. >> trin is hoping to close the
7:47 pm
gap a uniquation with a procedure called micro blading. she's preparing the tools to thicken the look of her eye brows. with the technique using ink, she says the results are a world with a way from the flat tattooing in the past. >> old methods you look and it's a big line on the face. >> the technician feathers delegates cuts in the skin to create the illusion of individual hairs. >> so i create hair going up. >> nguyen says this version takes it further. the pens are made up of tiny needles and over the course of the procedure, she'll feather up
7:48 pm
and tap down. she says the result is a more three dimensional look, as seen in these photos. after several hours, trin gets a chance to see her results. she will last about a year before requiring a touch up. and nguyen says it can be readjusted to make sure clients wind up with the look they want. the technology is developed here in the bay area. the company is based in pleasanton and the cries starts around $350. >> it's a special day for star wars fans. it's may the 4th, known as may the 4th be with you. >> share your pictures online and you can see them on air as well. >> now, spencer is back with an update on the forecast.
7:49 pm
may the 4th be with you. >> i'll see if i can do this fourth fully. we expect a showery day that will be widely scattered. for afternoon, evening commute, showers will continue throughout the day. they'll be wide spread. highs ranging from upper 50s to 60s and mid and upper 60s around the bay. and normal rainfall at or above 100% of average, however, sfo and oakland are behind at 84% to 86% of average. here is the accu-weather forecast. oaf three days, showers are
7:50 pm
possible to likely. it's going to be a lovely sunday for mother's day. >> what a great game. >> down by 11. without steph curry, who would rescue the warriors?
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sky 7 is live over breaking news in pittsburgh. an officer involved shooting situation going on. you can see there was a car crash and shots fired. this is near will heland road and loveland road. we know four people are injured and don't know the severity the injuries. there are very few details but you can see it's a serious situation. and abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom joins us with what he has learned so far. >> you know, i'm standing on the other side of the crime tape from where this is unfolding. and there are people stacked along three people deep watching this take place.
7:54 pm
there are no smiles on anyone's face. we're told that there is speculation about who is injured and what happened. a lot of patrol cars here from antioch tv. a dozen in and around the intersection. and a lot of long faces now. scattered glass and ht of top brass wearing suits and combing through the scene, trying to figure out how to begin. that is how the scene is unfolding now. thank you. >> we'll keep you updated on the latest. be sure to stay tuned to our newscast on awbc seven news bay
7:55 pm
area. >> giants spent a ton of money on the back end. jake peavy gave up four home runs today. and top of the second, giants with an early lead. brandon phillips to deep heft field. this is only the beginning. suarez golfs it out. and that is mayor. peavy taken downtown.
7:56 pm
and reds are victorious. felix hernandez, a's got eight runs today. and lost. a battle of the best hair styles in the game. nelson cruz, i thought had is going to land on muteo. bases loaded single. and next batter is josh felix. more bad ends, defense. and a's take a lead and bounce hernandez. lee with an 8-5 game.
7:57 pm
two run shot. now, warriors, letting steph curry's knee heal more. unbelievable come back last night. did not enter the game until late in the third quarter. eight points, one block and 13 minutes of action. festus going to be a free agent. >> trying to stay in the moment. you know?
7:58 pm
we're like a band of brothers so the other stuff, there is no room for that on this team. we have one goal and it's fun, it's been a fun year. we're just trying to finish it right. >> fun just getting started. game three, saturday, then, after the game with mike shumann, i'll be in studio. we'll have the wrap ups and story on the game. >> i love draymond saying "great answer". >> look for breaking news on twitter. >> from all of us, we appreciate your time. see you again at 9:00 and 11:00 i'm terrible at golf. he is. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb
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