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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 5, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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lightening and thunder shook up parts of the bay area today putting at least one woman in the hospital and stopping school for some students. good evening. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm amma. >> it was intense for awhile let's begin with sandhya and live doppler 7 hd sandhya. >> y)9. right now on live doppler 7hd
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we see some showers. let me show you where it is raining right now. really once again it's spotty but between sears point and american canyon area across 37 we see light rape right now in the east bay inland byron discovery bay brentwood camino going down street level radar and light returns between gilroy and morgan hill right now. so from our sutro tower cam are see a live look at san francisco. last 24 hours. some areas measured rain 2 hundredths in santa rosa. fairfield 16 hundredths. novato 9 hundredths of an inch. bring in the stormy packet sce rating the storm from 1 to 5 all season long. 1 is light system which is exactly what we have. hit or miss showers through saturday we look at written fall between 5 hundredths to 4 tenths and still potential for thunderstorms with small hail for tomorrow so overnight tonight watch more more showers developing. 4 a.m. commute time you see slick roadway at 5:00 a.m. there's still some light
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moderate shower activity 7:00 a.m. wide spread as well between 7 and 9 and then spotty showers at noon time but it doesn't end there i'll be back coming right up. >> we have writinging news out suspect wanted for attempted car. highway. that's whatw you aref looking t there.wg large swat truc8ú pulled newspaper front of thebz suspect's car.3ó->> youff look e at the 91x8dj freeway in caronae officers have the guy and spanned a number of driver hadx to we've his way through rush hour traffic. >> he side swiped a number of cars in the way but eventually hit a spike strip and mercedes began just falling apart. look at that. see how massive of a back up not really because it's dark right now. that's the scene there.
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>> obviously in southern california where it happens. up to date and s.w.a.t. team has surrounded this vehicle. he's not going anywhere. during the hour follow us on twitter on this site and latest during this newscast and of course on abc 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7 as well. >>=k other news now. woman ramñ her carsx in ans powr pole tonight1c in san jose.j% we were overhead shortlye% after the accident on+ like avenue at west: humboldt street. how it lookedói from the ground. right there you can see the live wires on the car. rescue crew waited until pg&e turn you have had a the power out. she was a i believe to walk away from the7t crash you see there. >> well from san jose tonight justification and new twist in the fatal shootings of a police officer and suspect in march of last year. new report from the district attorney's office has declared the shooting3u of the suspect justified. happened on march 24th. san jose police officers responded.
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reports of intoxicated man with a rifle on the balcony of his san jose condominium. now before it ended officer johnson was dead after being shot by 57-year-old scott dunham who in turn died after being shot by san jose police. report says that dunham had wanted officers to shoot him and totals take as many of their lives as he possibly could. further the investigation revealed that dunham had been obsessed with isis and had;ó threatened to decapitate his wife. had a history of spousal abuse. was bipolar and schizophrenic. the report also that's by shooting him the mr. is deputy saved others from havrment no comment today from the da. san jose police or the police officers association. >> man and woman car jacked meal on wheel van in fremont today. get awayen entered a crash after long police chase. sky 7 hd was overhead when the van ended up on the side in castro valley. one man tried to stop all this before it began.
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the vic lee has the story. >> our vehicle is only about a year old which is another unfortunate thing. >>reporter: this is how it ended. meal on wheel van up ended at the redwood road ramp off highway 5 80 castro valley. this after a police chase from fremont. two carjacking suspect seen here were put on guerney transported to aá] a%q1. the chain of events started at smart and final in fremont. security guard here thwarted the couple attempt to steal a car. ran to the parking lot of city office which houses meelts on wheels. volunteer unloading coolers. filled with meals from the van so they could put it into their own cars for delivery. couple jumped into the van. >> pwim to grab my cooler and i hear they are taking the truck they are taking the trichblingt volunteer james vargas went no action. >> all i see is a big red kúinside ty take íar to the
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ground and;! sit on top of$$ h. the female3ú suspect on the guerneyl with a red jacket. companion vargasrj got out of f landscaping tool as vargas backed,q off hekt pleadd with t. >> i said don't take the truck. don't at ddpá time truck. deliver our meals to seniors. >>reporter: carjackers didn't care. they took off. unfortunately this is a new van. all they have now is an old bunk. >> we use to it deliver meals to isolate the seniors that can't get out of the home. >> meals that the seniors rely onó9. vic lee, 7 news. c vta light rail car financially thôu(tj with policehñ after 12 long hoursuç. lewis down about
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somehow got up there> california supreme court heard arguments today on whether a measure allowing the early release of some state prisoners should go on to the november ballot. proposald%ngñ@. by governor bron wouldu+ grant parole tody perhs tim(n foric non-violent fell in court today debatedsg whether tt)(rp&s properly followed state election law. brown unveiled the plan/p in la% january. too late to are the  take the init[úu)ut processúq
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is)1 talking to 7 fussáabout his that he has leukemia yichlt i'm great so i have gone through the initial chemotherapy. chemo is out of me. cancer is no longer in my blood system so i'm up to my old level of energy which i didn't have for some period of time before i got the diagnosis because i didn't know i had cancer streaming through my body. >> good to hear he's doing relatively well. 64-year-old democrat represents parts of cocoa cope and says he's responding well to treatment and plans to run for another term. he says he will fight for more funding to ballots cancer and improve accessibility of costly the rules.dku?ó$1 just changedr vaiping at state and federal level. next see whose rules are tougher and who feel the changes most. >> bay area inform longer in the mix forey jamba juice.
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smoothie company isc moving the headquarters out of state an it's not just a matter ofof mo y money. >> see more lightning tomorrow? sandhya is tracking it on live before earning enough cash back from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time
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a . >> call it a punch for the tobacco industry today. fda tighten rules for e-cig
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receipts nationwide. one day after california's governor raised legal age to tobacco toe; 21 state wide. >> they also apply to vaiping products as well. >> lee ann takes a closer look at the impact the changes will have on young smokers. >> this sign outside the magic dragon smoke shop in san francisco soon come down. as of june 9 california will raise the legal age to buy tobacco for smoking dipping, chewing, vaiping from 18 to 21. magic dragon is next to san francisco state university. many are not yet 21. >> to get very little buffer. to adjust our business and inventory. so we can survive that was the hardest part about the loss. >> battery operated nicotine inhalers. heating element boils the liquid until it becomes vapor delivering nicotine without the tar and chemical that cause cancer. each cigarette helped him quit
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smoking traditional cigarette. >> no more phlegm. i run out in the field as outfielder and i'm fine. >> researchers have warned that teens who vein three times more likely to end up smoking regular cigarettes. new law prohibits e-cigarette from being used in restaurants, bars and places where smoking is banned. professor stanton pwlapt is with ucsf center for tobacco control research and education. >> not only do they protect people from secondhand smoke but they also say send social message that smoking is not socially acceptable to most people. >> not as aggressive they ban the sale of each significant are tote anyone under age of 1 18. some states no restriction. in san francisco, lee ann 7 news. >> no doubt you have already heard about the dangers of eating red meat. new study from the mayo clinic it involved one and half millionp% people.ev
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meat had steep rise in mortality an those on vegetarian'm diet could expect o live 17 years longer. >> california company is moving from the bay area to frisco. in texas north of dallas. nearly 2000 miles away from jamba juice current headquarters in memoryville. eric has a look at what is taking business out of the golden state. >> jamba juice and 6000 people who work in the stores state wide will still make the drink wide will(uá at the end of thise company headquarters will say goodbye to them riville office building and hole to first could texas 120 jobs will be affected. >>yn some offered relocation panels and we will see where that lands people pro setting the news now'r. just announced.
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factor deciding to move and hoped to beef up the presence pack east. >> it gives us centralize location. easy access to our franchisee nationally. >>reporter: cheaper with the cost of living index 30 percent lower than the east bay. these customers don't like losing the jobs but they derstand the move. >> like everything else in the bay. it's so expensive out here. >> more jobs for other people but us in the bay area always end up with the shorten of the stick. >>reporter: part of the problem is the poaching of local business by other statements you remember florida governor rick scott was in the bay area few days ago. trying to lure firments to his state. but so far texas is leading the pam pack. survey out of southern california finds that 2 19 business have moved to texas since 2009 or built new operation there is like tech giant apple, google, drop box and oracle worth billions. but this east bay economic development official says that doesn't tell the whole story. >> as soon as they vacate the
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building they will probably be 10(3 companies looking for the space. >>reporter: in emeryville abc 7 news. >> now to the weather and it has been wild. national weather service took picture of rainbow. >> that is neat. yes. look closely. faint image of second rainbow just above it yes on the outer right side where you can see that. taken from the weather service office in monterey. >> we call it a two for. >> i like that. we have some more showers in the forecast. still possibility of isolated thunder tomorrow. let me show you live doppler 7hd we talk about where we are seeing the wet weather right now. some of the green that you are seeing in the east bay across the about instant la is actually ground clutter. not reaching the ground but here's where we areh÷ seeing the rain drop reach the ground arh creek road some light returns light to moderate showers around byron. you notice vastle road byron
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highway a little wet there and just when you thought it was over those thunderstorms that were developing in the san joaquin valley area central valley they dumped some heavy rain around the fresno area but it clashed and all we see is light returns gilroy san martin. in the sierra 8,000 feet we are looking at snow showers of course there's rain at lake level and here's a look at an area of low pressure lightning strike showing up offshore but this low will head into southern california. over 1,000 lightning strike/k of california today. so it has beenjq an unsettle the pattern>i indeed. temperatures right now mid 50's to the low 60's. cloud in the distance. chance of showers through saturday. isolated thunder hailey's possible. dry mild weather for mother's day. we bring in our storm impact scale. we why you this all winter spring as well as we rate our storms.
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5 severe storm. one is lit storm. most one and 2. current system is a one. light city. hit or m is showers through saturday. rain fall where it does rain we are really looking at 5 hundredths to 4 tenths of an inch and still the possibility of some thunder and small hai here's the hour by hour time line. tonight at 11:00 we still look at spotty showers. 4 a.m. the shower activity begins to increase as the commute starts. light to moderate in intensity. 5:00 a.m. showing a pretty good amount of shower activity across the region. +0alarm clock a littleallyt the earlier to get to, would. 8:00 a.m. wide spread activity then it becomes really spotty in nature for the afternoon. friday afternoon at noon. all wait through 5:00 p.m. we just look at shower here and there. now with saturday morning continuation until the low moves. still see some slick roadway. 3:00 a.m. you notice 8:00 a.m. on saturday some showers coming through and then they become isolated in nature for saturday
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afternoon going into the evening before it all winds down late saturday night. as far as the rainfall total this is what it will look like. wet east spots up to 4 tenths of an inch. $500 for the driest spot and as far as tomorrow morning is concerned it's going to be pretty cloudy with few showers possible. low to mid 50's and we look towards the afternoon hours scattered showers mostly cloudy kind of like today where some of you see showers some don't. upper 50's to upper 60's. accu-weather 7 day forecast one on stormy packet scale for friday and saturday don't worry we have got you covered. weekend is not a wash out. mother's day is dry. low 60's to mid 70's. you see a little more sun and keep the brighter conditions going with warmer weather next week on the accu-weather 7 day forecast. >> otthank you. >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. lift plans to be the if stories used self driving car. >> killer on san quentin death row for 32 years. is offering to reveal where he buried one of his wife's.
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in return jerrold stanley wants the state to set an execution date. his case exposes the serious flaw in our death penalty system. dan has been investigating and be sure to watch the exclusive report tonight on 7 news just press clean and let roomba help with your everyday messes. a full suite of sensors automatically guides roomba throughout your home. cleaning under furniture, along edges and in corners. and with its powerful three-stage cleaning system roomba picks up pet hair, dust and debris for up to 2 hours,
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k>]m in southern california. suspect0t wanted for attempted murder is pair indicateded in5 his car totally shutting down a mainlymz highway. >> more swat vehicle brought in. they just used a device tov; smash in a window. you can actually see them g on it there and this is a live look now. >> you should have seen the scene earlier weaving in and out of traffic on 91 bump abou abouting into cars. rubbing against them causing damage force his way through crowded l.a. freeway at the height of the rush hour then
9:24 pm
finally spike strip disable the vehicle and now they have him surround. >> all began with length c chase that was several hours ago in-ñ compton then spanned into multiple county so we are keeping a close watch on this. following it throughout the newscast. always on twitter on our web site. >> let's move on. lift executive has told6c the wall street journal they will begin a public test involving self driving electric cars within the next year. they plan to use the chevy volt set to go on sale later this year. it's one of the first tests of t involve the public. volt is battery only electric vehicle with projected range of 200 miles. >> volunteer pouring through hundreds of thousands of photo taken by row motel camera installed here in marin. images reveal surprising things about the wild life living there among the animal caught on camera fox, coyotes, bobcat
9:25 pm
and 1 eyedmp÷ mountain lion. one image show the coyote carrying a fawn. about 160 volunteer areáu involved in the project. >> remarkable images. >> they are. coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. another image to talk about tonight. donald trump and his tweet with taco bowl saying life hispanic. >>-ñ growing list of people revving to attend the republican convention. >> toxic inferno in houston. firefighters battleaa exploding fire ball thousands are told shelter in place. >> and state of emergency north of the border. new images coming in. entire city in flames. >> another half hour of 7 news >> another half hour of 7 news at 9:00 coming ♪ ♪
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financial guidance while you're mastering life. we begin this half hour with race for white house.
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donald trump working to unite the republican party. >> front runner tweeted out a picture of himself with tack bowl and the words i love hispanic. jonathan karl is with the trump campaign tonight. the. >>reporter: donald trump is finally locked in the but tonight the most powerful republican in the land says he's not ready to endorse him. >> i'm just not ready to do that at this point. i'm not there right now. >>reporter: speaker paul ryan expressed concerns about trump controversial statements on muslims and immigrants. announcement came just after this trump tweet hit with a thud. happy cinco de mayo. best taco bowls are made in x7u grill. love hispanic. percent of hispanicgt disapprovh hillary clinton tweetedy/ah$is n words77$(p()hpá him.
9:30 pm
rrátp'ic9z. trump 52 minutes9m ago. th. >>]you are goingr% to have a! deportationgñ force. unite his own appearv. last two republican%% president and lasth? two republican nominé are all skipping the convention. u&esponsibility to bringr] republicans together.->> i thin, burden on union finding the?z numbersumptive necessity. >> trump is trying to heal the woundsp left from the bitter primary. while he once said this about marco rubio. >> i have never seen a human being sweat like 4 sweats he. >> also marco rubio.?m a total, total feather weight. >>reporter: today a different tune. >> marco is a good guy who really nice guy and i like him. >>reporter: trump also promising his convention will have real pizazz. hiring img. same company that helped with the olympic in beijing. to help run the show for him in cleveland. meanwhile hillary clinton is
9:31 pm
aiming more and more of her or more time listening than talking. and i know i'll be way ahead in that category against donald trump. inform doubt about that. >>reporter: response to paul ryan donald trump issued a statement saying quote i'm not ready to support speaker ryan's agenda. perhaps in the future we can work together to come to an agreement about what is best for the american people. they have been treat sod badly for so long it's about time for the politicians to put them first so the bottom line you now have the two most profile republicans in the america saying they aren't ready to support each other. abc news charleston, west vaichlt on the democratic side. hillary clinton top aide has now been interview bid the fbi as part of the inquirey into hillary clinton private e-mail server. it's an indication that the investigation is entering the final phase. and it likely means that the
9:32 pm
fbi will soon request an interview with secretary clinton herself as they wrap up this security review. today the clinton campaign released a statement reaffirming that she east willing to answer all questionú? and nothing inappropriate happened. >> today clinton was at rally in los angeles. vowing to raise the national minimum wage and create jobs. she was met by hundreds of protest tovrments many of them apparently supported bernie sanders. clinton scheduled to appear in out fundraiser. >> there are new development tonight in the devastating wildfire in canada. two more towns have been evacuated ahead of the growing flames. tens of thousands of people have had to leave their homes. neal has the story from albert alberta. >>reporter: the fort is burning tonight. the new pictures of a neighborhood in ruins day after flames ravage the remote canadians city. in just released video frantic escape of nearly 90,000 people is seen at the most dangerous.
9:33 pm
sky turns from partial daylight and fire to dark nightmare hill escape. filled with burning ember raining down. today along the fire line. >> our job twoyr about that. >>reporter: frustration as people try to get back in to help. short time later police pushed everyone including us further back away from town. >> said we need to evacuate 6 miles down and see why. thick plume of smoke here shutting down the highway here. >>reporter: along the road we found generosity, too. these men drove 6 hours just toy help people they have never me met. >> bunch of gas. diesel. water. diapers. all free for sure. here here to help. >>reporter: tonight is the fire spread the losses 1600 structures k2n
9:34 pm
>> houstonk texas: there are new environmental conceat tonight after -sive2a warehouse fire startedx= at home i:q spread to the packaging!c plant next doo2. seet several explosionsjñ thickx plaque smoke. there were unknown wsfmical than the i areoj house forcedyyf this afternoon dv bad ash  this was no one thankfully was hurt.z now1o to major news tonight in the investigation of musicup; reporting percocety/ found in hs systemñal though the coroner ethan has the storymfrom minneapolis.zá >>t tonight new reports coming out about prince's death. thison station hearing from law enforcement sources close to the investigation that the pain killer percocet was found in his system and that the singer red blood cell count was low.[áñ doctors say percocet is a medication to doe' more than jut
9:35 pm
patients a highám and because of thatdw is considered high risk examiner officed4 saying they haven't releas%q(á5($(l 3 informationâ about prince's cause of death toao any one yet but the singer inner circle was reportedly trying toyc get him help for addiction to pain killers. iedd he called california doctor, dr. howard cornfeld. his lawyers say he rushed his son andrew pre-med student who works at hads clinic on red eye . the drug used to treat addiction withdrawal. >> typically not very common toñ transport medication across state line. >> many ask why prince didn't go to treatment clinicw nearby especially because one of the top centers in the country is right here in minneapolis. city which clearly2lves him and where he lives. abc news minneapolis,
9:36 pm
into the environmental home of the future. >> called a passive house. see the action that goessç undetected by those livings$ toni
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>> all right let's good back to to breaking news in southern california where the suspect wanted for attempted murder had been barricaded in his car. this situation is now coming to a very sudden and forceful end. >> dwle was just some type of smoke through the air that we were seeing and suspect got out of the car and officers they left the canine out on the suspect. appears like the man they weresñ chasing for hours is now in custody. this is live look now and they have him on the ground there. >> tough to see exactly but all started with a chase. ended on the 91 freeway in carona. this guy was weaving the up and
9:40 pm
down the highway bumping into car. police finally stop with spike strip then stand off that lasted for quite some time. finally police have moved in as you see the live pictures in southern california. at the end of this hour long ordeal. >> looks like they have him there in custody. and are taking him away. so we continue to follow this but look like the standoff has come to an end. >> best we can tell no officers were injured in the final assault on this guy to get him out of the car and under arrest but it looks like it ended without anybody being seriously hurt. >> yes. >> all right. if you are building a green home solar panel are old news. jonathan toured what's called a passive house for those who actively want to save the planet. >> walking up to this house in san francisco valley. hard not to notice the door. more than three inches thick. 3 motelize laches. triple payne glass.
9:41 pm
night has 2 seal. >> not to keep out burglar but to keep out the elements. >> i didn't know much about what this meant. thought it mine passive aggressive something like that. it starts by being air tight. ultra thick window and the doors drop on the track but sealed doesn't mean stuffy. >> this device right here basically is pulling stale air from kitchens and bathrooms all the time. >> vent to pull steam from the shower. >> then one by the toilet. for other reasons. >> on the way out dirty air through heat exchanger to warm the fresh air trickle in to the living room pwrm. >> co2 level is low and encourages. >>reporter: where is the furnivphd%!1qmáeujrát talking i'm generating heat in the house. light. amrinss all that bathing cooking all of that stuff is utilized through the device to warm the house. >>reporter: now this house does have a gas hook up but unite never immediate it. homeowner turned his off and and waited for his family to notice. >> couple week night just
9:42 pm
revealed to my wife that we haven't had any heat on. >>reporter: yes scott roberts bought a passive house and his favorite part the so you know is the first thing. >>reporter: by sound he means silence. >> you close the door and you are in another world. >>reporter: washing his hands of street noise heating bill. >> they are filled with water. sun heat it hot enough for a showers. cost money but to the man building this house on the market it's a no brainer. >> why wouldn't you build a passive home. in san francisco abc 7 news. >> it's time to turn to our weather in just a moment because sand yais up next with an update on the forecast. >> stay tune for. that celebrating cinco de mayo bay area students >> if you like arr very special tour of the new sf home a.if you view on modern right here on 7 news tomorrow right here on 7 news tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. over on channel 7
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>> check on our weather e.sandhya tracking more rain sandhya. that's right. take a look at i'll show where you we are getting some rain. right around the altamont. light moderate showers right now. yellow indicating some moderate rain around patterson pass roa road. it is pretty wet right now. light rain between gilroy, san martin and morgan hill area and rest of the regis actually just seeing the ground clutter. the green. thunderstorms are expected with the rain down in southern california. already raining there. 66 in l.a. 68 yosemite. 51 tahoe. this area high elevation snow above 8,000 feet. 61 in monteray with some rain. 63 in eureka. here in the bay area we will see the scattered showers temperatures upper 50's to uppern 60's and look at our rain
9:47 pm
chances. chance continues on saturday but notice on mother's day we actually have dry conditions. accu-weather 7 day forecast will show that to you one on the stormy packet scale for the system for friday saturday. it executes into southern california by saturday evening. long gone and so we do with the warming trend and appropriately so beginning the second half of your weekend. >> thanks. >> san francisco school children treated to all in one cinco de mayo celebration and created educational experience this morning. volunteers performed always forward and the california mission to 1,000 children. play is put on by non-profit that offers field trip to schools that might not otherwise be able to afford them. organizers say they wanted to give the kid a cinco de mayo celebration with a poignant message. >> basic behind the play is the about the founding of california and principal that
9:48 pm
francis can pattern on the light of brotherhood. >> even though the play was held at the catholic church organizers say the mess ages universal for both public school children. >> if you are planning to drink and need a ride home tonight triple a offering the free tipsy toe program. it's available to any one even if you are not a triple a member. truck will help you -- pick you up and tow your car home. it runs to 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. >> start time it is start time. time to start. landing your weekend. morning news anchor checking out what is going on where you live. our friend at hood lean have a weekend of pairing planned for new san francisco. chocolate and wine. mark anthony and cleo pat are. taco professional wrestling. what? >> sometimes it's for fun. >> saturday afternoon you can
9:49 pm
live out your nacho fantasy at this taco paired with wrestling at the food park here. if men in mask and tight don't trip the trigger how about the trim b taco pork butt, pork belly and of course bacon. boom. @ñjt)uráujé cho with sarinopñ. uncork wine festival happens on sachlts 1 to 5 at gear deli square unlimited wine tasteings and beer garden. of course while there grab chocolate because becausesì(l 3 chocolate. shakespeare with a twist. take the classic anthony cleo pat are and seto in modern time. the the fact thatg cleo pat are has an i-phone and you have premier of the african american shakespeare company new show. tell me that this is very house of cards. spoiler alert. love story doesn't end well. all the info on the event and
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other fun on our web site. we'll link you to hood line. explore where you live. abc 7 news. >> a lot going on in sports. >> larry has it all for us. as always. >> shark great game going on. controversy. double over time. >>e÷ latest on curry. giantx make history tonight. the wrong kind. as matt cain nightmare season as matt cain nightmare season troubles on
9:51 pm
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. >> coming up tonight at 11:00. cinco de mayo celebration in high gear in the south bay. plan by police to keep everyone safe tonight. >> convicted killer offers to reveal where he buried one of his wife's but he wants something in return. i-team has the exclusive investigation. >> those stories and more for you coming up on 7 news at 1 11:00 over on channel 7. >> sounds like. >> double over time. >> this is so stressful.
9:54 pm
watching this. you don't want this job. don't want to have to go through this. pivotal game for the shark tonight in nashville they win a strangle hold on the series. they lose and they are all square at 2-2. get to game 4. who needs teeth i'm a hockey player. wilson on the rebound. 1 nothing. moments later logan up to burn burns. off guard here. you got to stop that. that is a soft goal indeed. still in the first. fisher. marriage underwood by the way. rebound 2-1 predator. on to the second. sharks power play. edward. the slapper. we are tied at 2. another shark power play off the base. burns fires. off defense man robin. look at that ricochet there. on the attack. under 5 minutes left.
9:55 pm
neal off the rebound here. he is a tad enthused we are tied at 3 on o t with joe winning it right here. crashing into him bang it home. pushed in to the goalie by a predator they still call goalie inference no sense at all just terrible call. remain tied at 3 and going to double over time. now to baseball. giants rockies. happy cinco de mayo to you. in the second. the span base hit. giants down 4-3 but fight mayor season continues. top
9:56 pm
in a single inning at at&t par park. right now the 64 is 17-7 rockies and they have gone to the sixth long night at the ballpark. starting pitcher chris bassett scheduled to undergo surgery on right elbow tomorrow. 6 runs on april 23rd against the blue jay. then career worst 7 runs in the next start against at detroit and at that point they looked at the arm and determined that tear in the uc l so he is out for the season. the curry injured knee getting better slowly day by day probably not fast enough for steph to play in game 3 of the warriors blazer series coming up on saturday night. golden state up two games to none. didn't have to rush him back. curry did light shooting drill drills. didn't work out with the team. coach said ideally he would like to see steph play 3 on 3 then 5 on 5 before using him in a game. curry good news is he's not limping any more. a little skip there as he was walking back to the locker room
9:57 pm
but sounds like he won't be returning until game 4 on monday not game 3. >> what day is it. probably not. he did not practice with the team. he's rampping up things in the weight room and he did get on the floor on the side while we were practicing so he was on one court going through some movement stuff but still hasn't practiced with the team yet. >> looking good. i don't want to rush back. playing for awhile so message from us is tell him to take his time. we are not in a threatened position. so much right now so we can the still place of urgency but take our time. better team in the first 3 quarters in game 2 then the warriors erupt in the 4. out scoring portland by 22 and en route to the win blazers
9:58 pm
start will already. oakland own so upset by the out come he just wanted to completely escape yesterday. >> i was a game frustrated with not being able to finish the game. yesterday i didn't even want to see a basketball. wasn't even going to watch the play off game yesterday until i heard that cleveland was hitting a bunch of 3. so i wanted to see for myself. but i just want to have nothing to do with basketball yesterday after the game. >> catch warriors and blazers game 3 saturday night pre-game at 5:00 o'clock. tip off at 5:30 on 7. after that join us for after the game. yours truly along with mike shoe man and donald boyle. former 49ers head coach harbaugh once athlete always an athlete pretty good swing. drop in on the softball team homer and then dabbing. they love harbaugh back in michigan. he turns up everywhere. sports brought to you by toyot
9:59 pm
toyota. >> see him take a pitch. >> yes. >> i think he did take some live pitching. >> he's good he's good. >> so competitive. >> yes. thanks larry. >> all right thanks for joining us tonight. >> for all of us we appreciate your time see you again at 9 your time see you again at 9 and 11:00 a+++q13
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