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>> this web cam is appointing at a piece of nature here in the city. on the roof with the nesting peregrine falcons ahead on abc7 news. >> several officers of color said without a doubt we're a culture of bias. certain officers just said no institutional bias.
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>> we're seeing results from months of investigation into how the san francisco police department is treating the public. good evening, i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. this comes after a difficult chapter in the sfpd. >> the department's officers have sent text messages. >> there are protests over several deadly shootings involving minorities. are these isolated or part of the department culture? abc7 news is live with some answer that's we're getting tonight. vic? >> this is the african american arts and culture center in the western edition. this is where that meeting is being held. it justed just a while ago. the police department responded to this report by the panel and let me just give you a couple quotes. it says the department respects the panel but findings, and i quote, appear to echo before
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this panel. to put into perspective, chief greg suhr testified and his testimony contradicted gascone's. a panel of lawyers spent a year looking into the inner workings. the preliminary findings that the department lacks transparency and accountability and some are engaging in stop and frisk searches and interest is a potential for bias and use of force, the panel said, needs revision. there is no transparency in the process. the panel had mixed responses. >> several officers of color said without a doubt there is a culture of bias. and certain officers said it's
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another nail in the coffin for sfpd. >> the district attorney launched a panel after several officers were caught sending racist text messages. he picked the three judge panel to dig into the texting scandal at the same time, a panel of lawyers reviewed the department's policies. and the police union was critical of the report. >> doesn't surprise us. this was a witch hunt from the beginning. we knew it's for posturing. he hand picked this, produced and written and co-starring george gascone. >> three judges will review the findings and come up with a final report. vic lee, abc7 news. >> the police department has a list of guidelines tonight
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following a federal review. and. >> they have to do with how to review critical instances. whether there is a community voice there. >> the recommendations from the department of justice included establishing a review board that includes community members, and commended police for developing use of force policies with community input. >> happening now, protestors are marching around city hall. abc7 news reporter joins us live outside city hall with what's happening now. melanie? >> a smaller group gathered
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here, we've seen 100 today. this entrance is closed all day. you can see enhances have been opened and guarded by sheriff deputies as well as officers. chief suhr put out a statement and we have not seen anyone come out to speak to the people gathered here. a full day for supporters this morning they circled city hall. >> one in every day that the hunger strikers did not have food in their bodies. >> we promised them that if they'd start eating, we'd continue their action in various
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creative manners. >> we're asking for people to walk out of work and school. and join us here at city hall. >> i'm in strong support of the frisco five. >> friday, sheriff deputies arrested 33 supporters inside city hall. and a deputy struck her on the head with a bought on. >> i have a couldn't yugs and bruises along my arms. a sheriff's office says anyone injured should report it so an internal affairs investigation can be completed. >> we want the chief of police fired and would like the mayor to go, too. >> in an e-mail statement the chief says he respects the commitment to reform writing we want to work together to have
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the police department ready. pro testers say there will be more activities this week, they won't say what is planned. in san francisco, abc7 news. be the first to know if protests disrupt the city where you live by down loading the abc7 news app. >> new at 6:00 we've received video of a san francisco muni driver using a racial slur during a dispute over a parking space. watch. >> what? >> i'm not black. >> your mentality is. >> okay. >> you can see the muni employee was driving a private vehicle. muni is responding and saying it's identified the driver and will take immediate and corrective action. >> today marks the key step in
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the presidential race here in california. voting kicked off this morning giving people a chance to turn in ballots ahead of the june 7th primary. experts say it's crucial to take extra care when casting an absentee ballot to make sure it gets counted. >> the reasons are they arrive too late. hopefully we'll see a reduction this year. and two, the voter forgets to sign the envelope. and this is a big problem if you don't sign, they can't open it. they won't look at it. they just put it in the rejection pile. >> the deadline to register is may 23. have you until may 31 to request a vote by mail ballot. >> hillary clinton's campaign just opened the first office in san francisco. the democratic front runner made stops in the bay area and southern california. her campaign has two other offices in california, one in oakland. where she appeared last week and one in l.a. tonight, clinton's rival is headed to california, holding a rally in sacramento. >> abc7 news is in the newsroom
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with a look ahead. kristin? >> reporter: sanders speaks at 8:00 tonight but there is a large crowd that is feeling the burn. this is a live picture you can see from the air, just a big turn out here, thousands of supporters grabbing spots near the stage. you can see down there and and in the bleachers. sanders trailed hillary clinton in total delegates for the nomination by a lot, actually. but earlier today, i told a new jersey crowd he would press on to next month's primary. >> we're going to fight for the last vote we can find. >> there is star power tonight.
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>> we spoke to one voter who chose to share his bigger picture on the race. >> at the end of the day, the government for the people not for the politicians. and this is gridlock and makes millions of americans continue to suffer. >> tomorrow, democrats and republicans will compete. nebraska holds a primary for republicans. nebraska democrats held a caucus back in march. the widow of a hiker murdered last october was in a marin county courtroom. she faced two accused killer. she left the courtroom without talking to the media. she testified about the last time she texted her husband, keith carter before he was found dead near a hiking trail. she took the stand during a preliminary hearing for
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23-year-old and a third aid to against the other two. >> if i can get anything for her that means she has hope. >> the trio is also accused of killing a canadian tourist in golden gate park. both returned to court in september. tonight, daily city could agree to create a designated safe space for people to conduct exchanges. a security camera would be added to record cars and people, and adding the camera and signs would be $12,000. >> one bay area family has waited more than 30 years foreclosure, today, it gets a chance to see the man accused of killing their child. >> at 6:30, hear what happened inside of the solano county
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courtroom. >> start protecting the bay from harmful pollution, trash. >> is that worth $one a month for 20 years? it's a question voters will have to answer by election day. >> i'm spencer christian. a warmer weather pattern is coming but will be a brief visit. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> you can save hundreds of dollars in the market for leather furniture but what are you getting? that is ahead in this special
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alameda county supervisors are asking for a official to step down after using money to pay for trips. >> alameda county supervisor wilma chan is poised to act against the embattled executive director of the asian community health mental services agency. >> we'd like to see the executive director resign. we feel there have been too many questions raised. the morale of the agency is suffering and we think services are suffering. >> an audit reveals high staff turnover, and questionable expenses by the executive director. >> one, the concern is that the
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board was using funds inappropriately, possibly for his own use. >> according to the audit, he atened architecture conferences in canada, germany and china the board approved $3,000 for his license and professional development. we could not reach sun at his home or telephone. and none of the agencies returned our e-mails asking for comment. employees voiced concerns over the firing last week of four managers including this woman. she declined an interview and told us she believes the dismissal was retaliation for speaking out. asian community mental health services is headquarters in chinatown, serving 1300 people, 75% of the $6 million budget comes through alameda county. laura anthony, abc7 news.
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>> new here at 6:00 a new step forward to make hyper loop a reality. a company called hyper loop transportation technologies licensed the technology called passive magnetic levitation. the company claims this is a cheaper, safer form of magnetic levitation, powering hyper loop pods at speeds of up to 760 miles per hour inside an airless tube. the company's ceo sthez is about improving public transit. the technologies company is one of several taking up a challenge to build between l.a. and san francisco. a working hyper hoop to transport people in just 30 minutes. >> next month, voters will get a chance to decide if they want to tax themselves $12 a year to protect san francisco bay. it's measure aa on the june 7th
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ballot. >> supporters say there is benefit. measure aa will generate $25 million to clean up trash, remove toxins and address flooding. many of the silicon valley tech companies are located next to the bay and are vulnerable to rising waters. the parcel tax will be administered by a joint powers authority created by lawmakers. >> that is a bored of elected official rz from across the region. there will be projects for each county that are touching the way and a portioned depending on, at least in the near term pro, jekts that are ready in the pipeline with funds granted to the activities.
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>> mike rep sents the silicon valley leadership group. one of dozens of groups supporting measure aa. they say local taxpayers need to show their commitment. the tax has a 20-year life. the region has seen what flooding and rising waters can do after king tide events. despite pledges, the president of the taxpayers association believes north and east bay taxpayers will be helping the south bay instead. >> based on what we've been able to calculate, those counties that will be paying a much higher portion of the actual revenue. >> two thirds of the votes from all nine counties is needed for passage. david louie, abc7 news. a cloudy weekend gave way to blue skies today.
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>> spencer christian has been tracking weather for the week. >> we have clouds around the bay area now. mainly near the coast and low clouds skies appear mostly clear. and 54 in half moon bay. here is a view at the golden gate. it's 66 in novato. 71 in fairfield. 69. here is the view from above low clouds from mount tam. morning trend develops over the next few days and will have a
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cooler pattern by the end of the week. taking a look at fog forecast we'll see them expanding a bit by morning. low clouds and fog giving us sunny skies over inland areas. peninsula, 75 in palo alto. and low 60s on the coast. downtown a high of 67 tomorrow. and north bay valleys upper 70s
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from santa rosa. rising temperatures through thursday, temperatures leveling off to around average for this time of the year. here is the accu-weather forecast. very, we get clouds moving in over the weekend but does not appear to be getting rainfall out of clouds of the it's possible to see morning drizzle from low clouds but rain is not in the forecast. >> nice to see rain this weekend. >> yes. >> thank you. >> yes. >> the warriors play game four.
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warriors take the court in a little over an hour, but everyone focusing on steph curry. >> yes. mike shumann is in portland live tonight. shu, will steph play? >> we have good news here today. steph curry going to be named mvp again, this season, back to back. only the third to be named back to back mvp. and just about ten minutes ago, the announcement was mated on whether steph will play or not. >> if all goes well with this warm up, he'll play tonight. so he's out there, just went out on the floor.
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and i'm anticipating it will go well. so he'll be active and he'll play. >> all right. his warm up was unbelievable. he was hitting shots like he normally does. kerr would not commit to whether steph is going to start. we'll have to watch conditioning. and it will be back on the court for steph curry. reporting live in portland, abc7 news. >> thank you, shu. happening now, the sharks could close out their western conference semi final series playing game six now against the predators and if they lose, game seven will be thursday. >> fun times, yes. >> you can save hundreds on leather furniture, but some
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question the quality of the bonded leather. >> tonight, abc7 ace michael finney takes a look at what you're buying in a special investigation. plus. >> so at this point he can say live without the possibility of parole, or death. >> more than 30 years after a boy was kidnapped and murdered what happened in court when his family had their first chance to see his suspected killer. and why danny glover joined
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for the first time, this man faced a judge for a crime he's accused of committing more than 30 years ago. the crime is murder. >> the victim was a 3-year-old fairfield boy. leslie brinkley was in court as the family faced the suspected killer. >> a 3-year-old dad, sister and uncle came to see his accused killer for the first time. >> the whole family to move on
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and say goodbye. we are were never able to say goodbye. >> this is the man charged with kidnapping the 3-year-old. vanished from a bedroom of his home in august, 1984, never seen again. april 26, 2016, a cold case investigation by the fbi and fairfield police along with new technology, led to the arrest of a man already in prison for other, unrelated child molestations. he's now charged with murder. >> special circumstances of murder in commission of a kidnapping and kidnapping. so at this point, he can face life without parole or death. >> we want justice and pay for what he did to our son and family. >> he is being held with no bail. the arraignment is now set for next week and the family vows to be here every step of the way. in fairfield, leslie brinkley,
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abc7 news. the two brothers accused of killing their mother and father might not face trial together. abc7 news was in san jose's hall of justice as the attorneys for hasib golarabbi. >> we're going to ask on wednesday if mr. golamrabbi's attorney is ready to continue and we're going to be ready to go. >> the brothers have pled not guilty to murdering their parents. both were shot to death. >> many hoped super bowl 50 would inject millions into san francisco's city coffers. the controller found the city only made $792,000 after
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expenses. several accused corporate sponsors of not paying their fair share. four students in san francisco state university are on a hunger strike, demanding more resources for the college of ethnic studies. a few politicians and one actor joined the cause. from lawmakers to those who defend the law show support for students on a hunger strike since may two. danny glover was here in 1968 during the five month lock long strike which led to the program. the one that stands out is a request for more funding.
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>> ethnic studies has a budget of $3.6 million but received funding to add more classes and professors. >> we expect these to begin monday, and conclude by wednesday, may 11th or our taxes will escalate. >> the state president says hint that had raising the budget is nearly impossible. >> we're trying to indicate why that is difficult. >> it's not clear when both sides will sit down. and before students are asking others to join them. in san francisco, abc7 news.
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>> north carolina's governor today, the department of justice banned people from using public bathrooms that don't correspond with the gender on their birth certificates. >> not so long ago that states, including north carolina had other signs above rest rooms and water fountains. >> the department of justice asking all parties to set aside constitutional duty and refuse to follow or enforce our state law. >> governor mccory says transgender status isn't protected under the federal civil rights act. here in california a bill that would mike single person bathrooms gender neutral now
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advances to the state senate. >> most cell phone assistants what would they say in a crisis? >> i want to commit suicide. >> but there is so much life ahead of you. >> tonight at 11:00 what researchers uncovered when asking phones questions and how they're pushing the industry to come up with better answers at 11:00. an alternative to expensive leather furniture is raising questions about what you're buying. >> i think that is wrong. i think that you're pulling the wool over peoples's eyes. >> what you need to know before you buy. and... go 33 floor as above ground to see what is being done now to track baby falcons for their old enough to leave the their old enough to leave the nest.
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♪ ♪ (laughing) there's nothing like making their day. except making sure their tomorrow is taken care of too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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a debut of nonstop service between van yufr and san jose international airport. air canada will take two trips a day, each and this summer, lufthansa expects flights to germany. >> customers in the market for a leather couch may be disappointed if they don't ask the right questions. >> yes. >> there is quite a few. the label on some may say bonded or bypassed leather but what are you getting? anita shows us her peeling sectional sofa. she caught it in 2010 but recalls it beginning to show damage after one year. >> there are pieces of the material flaking off. so i thought, well, i thought i bought leather.
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>> she bought a less expensive product, bonded leather. >> i thought it's a better product to last a long time. >> this is advanced leather solutions in hayward. the leather care and restoration company has been in business 27 years. kevin is the general manager, two forms of less expensive leather are bonded and bicast leather, bonded leather are chopped up pieces. bi cast, he says are material that have been thrown away historically. kevin sent us these pictures, has seen the sofas peel or flake. >> the stubstrate is inferior. >> both have a much shorter life span. >> this material has flaws in different places and chips off,
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and peels away. it bubbles up. >> there are no regulations in the united states about how bicast or bonded leather should be labelled. the ftc says the only labels do not pertain to furniture that is wrong. i think you're pulling the wool over peoples eyes. >> the home furn yeshings association representing retail store owners advises the word leather not be used in a description of product that is not made with real leather. the american home furnishing alliance calls for members to be fully transparent. >> the average person won't know what bicast is or bonded
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leather. no one would just know that. >> anita bought an extended warranty but it excluded cracking or peeling from coverage. when looking for leather, gillin says you should ask if it's top grain or full grain. to see my reports go to and select 7 on your side. >> new at 6:00 tonight the nest of baby falcons
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trader joe's recall of frozen vegetables includes more items. there is a chance they're contaminated with listeria. including frozen vegetable fried rice and chicken fried rice. for exact names and numbers look for the story on our website, >> look in the sky above san francisco, you may see birds that almost went extinct.
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t two peregrine falcons launched three babies. today, jonathan bloom followed research yefrs up to the nest. >> peregrin falcons were once in danger but now, there are 300 pairs. >> like el captain. >> or this ledge. >> this is perfect. >> the southeast southerner of pg and e. they're just three weeks old and almost as big as adults. glenn stewart is here from uc santa cruz to measure them and attach these leg bands to the birds. of course they won't be known by numbers. pg and e held a contest. >> some suggest name them steph, ray, and draymond.
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>> how appropriate mrs. wingfield's kindergarten class picked the names. >> flash, talon and grace. >> their parents go out hunting and this camera documents what happens when they bring back the prey. >> there is a huge pile of pigeon remains up there. >> people watch the camera, especially here, sometimes, it can be a serious distraction. >> it's very exciting. one sat on the ledge outside of my window. >> so ann jackson was happy to hand over $10,000 from pg and e to the research. >> over the years we've contributed over $250,000 to support this cause. >> you see, peregrine's mate for life and one day, they'll
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return. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> that is incredible. >> they are. >> spencer is here with the latest. >> here is a live at live doppler 7 hd. clouds are beginning to push over the bay. and tomorrow, warm with highs in upper 80s, up to 87 at chico. 93 inland in palm springs. here in the bay area, after a bout with low clouds and follow, we'll have sunny skies over the bay and inland. highs from 60s on the coast to mid-70s around the bay to upper 70s to low 80s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is a warm up around the
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bay and mid-60s on the coast. by the end of the week a cooler pattern settling in with clouds gathering as well. >> thank you. >> everyone wants to know will he or won't he play? >> yes. larry beil is here with that and more. >> all about steph curry giving everything onwardel. we're onwardel watch all the
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good evening, steph curry has gone from out to doubtful to questionable. and finally tonight, that i love series, curry will play. the initial diagnosis is that he would be out and yesterday was 13 days. head coach told us he will return tonight, and they do have a plan. >> we have to kind of do it on the sly. and you know, i would guess he would play in shorter burss.
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and we'll see. and we're live with that story. shu? >> warriors are going the entire season without losing back to back games. it is more impressive than the wins and of course if golden state continues that streak, they can close out the series wednesday night at oracle arena. knew, to do that they're going to have to stop a guy and the warriors are winning more than 14 points after a win. draymond green told us it's because they take it personally.
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>> the team does get mad when we lose. you know? which is why our levels are teams that are up. tough to beat. >> it going to be a great game. we'll have highlights. >> enjoy the game. >> sacramento kings hired dave yaeger from memphis. he took the drizzles to the playoffs and we'll see how that
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turns out. the bay area team on the verge of the finals, san jose shark was they can wrap up a series with a win tonight. so a redirect on a shot on this bangs it home. now, nashville with one period of play. a big change with homers in 10 straight games. and there is not hit since
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thursday. >> i need to be better and haven't been good enough this year. sometimes, i can get you going. >> danny valencia, and michael right back on it. top of the third. chris davis crushes this ball over the monster. and abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> thank you. >> tired of long lines at check points? how to become part of a social media protest, at 9:00. >> and thousands of bernie sanders supporters waiting in
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line to hear the candidate speak tonight here in northern california. >> that is it for us, have a great evening.
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