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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 9, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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curry back in the game after the knee injury. the battle for key road win. good evening thanks for joining us. >> we begin with the return of steph and 7 news sports director larry biel is here. nice to have him back but tough night for the warriors. >> steph is fine. everybody else has had their problems. warriors off to the worst start possible. couldn't make a shot early on in the game. down 16 in a flash.
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curry kicking pre-game. what are you doing steph. protect the foot. any way. he's okay. on fire here. portland up in a flash as i said on the bike riding and and waiting. finally comes in and first )q)t shot. knocks it down. warriors needed it. down 21-9 at that point. fast forward later in the second quarter after a steal. up and under. 9 point game. moments later green here. he along with curry with authority. and doves down 6. 4 minutes down in the sixth. suddenly the 16 point deficit down to 3 but moments ago the blazers have ofed up a 10 point lead and livingston got kicked out of the game for barking at one of the officials. steph has 8 points in 11 minutes but 10 point lead as we come up on half time with the blazers in front. meanwhile the sharks could make the western conference finals
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with a win over nashville tonight trying to finish the job in tennessee. now the sharks took an early two goal lead. nashville comes back to tie it in the third. fell down here and logan knocks it home. 2 minutes later. neal and wilson nicely done. beats jones. tied at 3. and nashville has just scored in overtime. so the predators win 4-3. literally happened seconds ago so the series tied at le games appease and coming back to san jose for game 7. >> dramatic. >> goodness. >> drama happening. >> none of it is good. >> stress. >> i am extremely stressed. yes. >> turning now to the race for hite house. bernie sanders is in sacramento right now. telling a crowd of thousands that california is still at play. >> the mr. it cal establishment is getting nervous.
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when they see 15,000 people coming out in sacramento they get very nervous. >> saernsd is scheduled to appear in stockton tomorrow morning. >> on the republican side donald trump says he is willing to go it alone if some g.o.p. leaders don't rally to support him in. response. paulv& ryan said would he do whatever trump wants for the g.o.p. convention this summer. >> hillary clinton reaching out to swing voteers who may not like trump. tom has the latest now from the campaign trail. >> tonight house speaker paul ryan says he's willing to step aside as chairman of the republican convention ryan saying it's donald trump show donald trump rules. >> he's the nominee. i'll do whatever he wants. with respect to the convention. >> ryan now also soften the tone after declaring he wasn't ready to endorse trip. i never
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said never i just said at this point. i wish i had more time to get to know him before this happened. we just didn't. >> trump telling george his focus is not on the g.o.p. but winning. >> bring the party together. -does the party have to be together does it have to be .b. perhaps who>c alarming republicanbb leaders with what soundsx like a flip after promising%' to lower taxes on everyone including the rich trump now telling george this. >> bottom line do you want taxests go up or down. >lvhey will go up a li4t*rá andvn may go up. >>r they are going down. >> in my plan they go down but d they go up. >> today trump trying to clarify. wealthy americans will get a tax cut. butb@á5eñ how much is open to negotiations. >> still going to be paying less than they pulled now. not talking about increasing from this point i'm talking about increasing from my tax proposal.
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>>reporter: some complaining trump sounding more like a democrat the church lady letting loose on snl. >> interesting times in americ america, right? now we have landed on the exciting presidential match up between a godless liberal democrat and hillary clinton. >>reporter: clinton now trying to build a solid lead among the key swing voters. meeting with suburban mom in virginia. she's trying to ignore trump attacks. tying her to her husband six scandal. >> hilary was an enabler and she treated these women horribly. just remember this. and some of those women were destroyed not by him but by the way that hilary clinton treated them after everything went dow down. >>reporter: it didn't stop there. >> in all the men were petrified to speak toní women ay more. we may raise our voice you know. what the womenj get it better than we do folks. all right. they get it better than we did. >>reporter: clinton today revving to respond.
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>> i have been very clear that a lot of his a lot of his rhetoric is not only reckless it's dangerous. >>reporter: trump has spoke then glowing terms about senator rubio. but today rubio said he doesn't even want to be considered for the v p slot saying he still has reservations about trump campaign and many concerns about his policy. this is abc news new york. >> today mark the key step in the presidential race right here in california. early voting kicked off this morning giving people the first chance to turn in ballot ahead of our june seventh primary. voting experts say it's crucial to take extra care when casting absentee ballot to make sure it gets counted. >> reason why votes not counted they arrive too late. hopefully see a reduction in the problem this year. no. 2 the voter forget to sign the envelope and this is a big problem. if you don't sign the envelope can't even open it. won't even look ate. put it in the reject pile.
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>> deadline to register to vote is may 23rd. you have until may 31 to request a vote by mail ballot. >> tomorrow both democrat and republicans will compete in west virginia primary. nebraska hold a primary tomorrow but only for republicans. member ska democrat held the caucus back in march. >> moving on water use restriction set by the state may be lifted but the governor wants to us keep up with conservation efforts and order issued by governor brown does two things. drop all water conservation targets in june and individual water district will set their own goal but the order also requires making water saving measures currently in place permanent. they include not hosing off sidewalks and driveway and using hose was a shut off nozzle. two of the drifters accused of killing spree last october appeared in court in marin county today. the they face murder charges in fairfax. it was the first appearance since third defendant made a
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deal. the wayne has the story. >> it's the murder seen just few feet from busy highway and just down a traichlt marked with most humble of memorial for hiker steve carter who died here after being shot last october. >> all i know to do was carry this with me. i doubt that i'll get over it. but i'll carry him. >>reporter: steve just one face in a courtroom filled with people today. these 2 people in particular. lyle a and morris son who stand charged of not only carter murder but also audrey carry in golden gate park couple days earlier. the preliminary hearing was an it's set up now. and so if i can get anything for her that means she has some hope. >>reporter: testimony came from steve carter wife who told of a text from her husband and also about the car. she made no comment when leaving the courthouse. lawyers did however talk in
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regard to a third defendant shawn who pled guilty and agre agreeed to testimony in return for apparent deal. >> never always the truth. i really won't know what it is until i read it. >>reporter: was your client offered offered a deal as well. >> no, so begins the legal maneuvering in murder case that already caused such heart ache in marin county abc 7 news. >> muni operator on leave tonight as the agency investigates a claim he used to a racial slur during the dispute over parking space. watch. >> what? i'm not even black. >> okay. >> she shared the cell phone . qt aqh private vehicle. will take corrective action. preliminary report on the sanx6 francisco police department.
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the department ownr+ officer set text messages containingmpñ ract and homophobic protest over several deadly shootings of minorities. are these isolated incidents or part of the department culture. theúa vic lee has more on the report.00 >> an el of lawyers spent a the preliminary#i findings 4tcu$at some officers-'kj are eg in stop frisó search where minorityk are target.? potentialñb for bias;> and promotion. $use of force the panel said needs revision and there noise transparency in the disciplinary process. as far as the culture of racism and bias the panel of lawyers had mixed responses. him if executive director of the blue ribbon panel. >> several officers of color said without a doubt there's a
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institution bias. >>reporter: public defenderjñ response1hml. >> prettyk damping(y@zb1. meet some might say it's >>reporter2n district attorney launched a panelñi last summerc after several officers were[t caught sendingk racist and9f george picked threájudge pan scandali at the l same time pal of lawyersjy revied=q department policiesrt. lawyers alleè that even if-x there were good protocol there police union was#h critical of théñ report. sup this was a witch hunt from the begipur'g. we knew thato6. did this it was just for a)h toy this was producedz >>reporter: three judges will
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police reviewfr critical incident2x whether we have enoughff community voicep< there that is xkú>>reporter: recommendation. frompñ the department of justicw a serious incident review b/]áq.hh community members.dx d oj commended san francisco police for developing use of force policies with community input. >> we have much more ahead for you on this monday >> packing the meeting room over allegations of tax dollars all around bridge bike pat:4 finallyf< has= approximate opening date. >> sandhya is here with our weather. >> teams are like a see saw show you when they go up and when they go down this week coming up.@ >> thanks sandhya.
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>> why the biggest shift to ever dock at the port of oakland has no plans to ever oakland has no plans to ever come back.
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financial guidance while you're mastering life. 4?e0as you. for the executive director xa mental healthxl agency ton0"x
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finance his personal trips. >>c( laura anthonyqç has thela  >> audit shows serious financial issues. >>reporter: ht alameda countyuqç supervisor wilma chan+ and her foley?f members of the health@o committee are poised tppact against thepos!attled executiven director2r of the asian communiy >>ñ we would like to see the executive director resign6;.c we feel that there's]ñ just been too manypz questions raised.up sufferingm> and we think the independent audit reveals high staff turn over. financial mismanagement and questionable!y expenditure by executive director philip sun operating under a board some claim was hand picked to support sun who is an architect by trade. >> no. 1 concern was that the board board or executive director was using funds inappropriately possibly his own personal use. >>reporter: according to the audit sun spent 8,000 dollars
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of agency money to attend architecture conferences in canada germany and china. >> the agency board approved 3000 dollars for sun's architect license. and professional development. we did not reach sun at his home or by telephone and none of the agency board members returned our e-mails asking for comment. employee#y also voice concern over the agency board firing last week of 4); manager including this woman. she declined an interview but told us she believes her dismissal was retaliation for speaking out about the alleged mismanagement. asian community mental health service is heat quawrd erred in china town serving 1300 people. 75 percent of the 6 million dollar annual budget comes through alameda county. laura anthony abc 7 news. >> work has now resumedm( and' pedestrians path in september3ñ project hasa back including ther bay bridge after2% several
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in september3ñ to the old bridge and st.e design changes. of funfy when it's open. >> absolutely let's check on the weather. today is not a bad day. >> sandhya is here. kind of open up. a little sunny. >> yes took awhile and finally did come out. along the coast line it was socked n.repeat the pattern we take the temperatures up a few degrees especially inland where you notice that the numbers will come c up into the 80's. out of the 70's many of the inland communities only in thekg low 70's today. it was pretty mild. as you look at live doppler 7hd you see what is going on right now. you still have the marine layer e"out 2,000 feet deep and layer will eventually make its fwhi our inland community. temperatures right now in the 50's and few 60's around fairfield concord and antioch. here's picture from the emer
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emeryville camera. this is how the morning starts out[/5g withe pattern r by week end so gray at 5:00 a.m. and you2 notice that atãrefuse am the fogbn does pull back to the coat coast completely. hang on to the fog those who ì&hc it.s5 g. in the morning. upper 50's. mist and drizzle around when you get going and the afternoon here's how it looks. really a nice day in the south bay. few degrees warmer than today. 78 san jose morgan hill 79 gilroy. 76 in sunnyvale. 77 santa clara and menlo park to redwood city. palo alto san mateo and pacifica 61 degrees. upper 50'se1 today. so you won't notice much warmer coming up a couple of degrees.
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daly city 61 with the fog that you are used to around this time. 67 downtown san francisco. north bay you see high clouds and sun. 78 nap a.77 santa rosa. 73 san rafael and east bay temperatures in the low mid 70's. 73 oakland. 75 fremont. 76 degree ins castro valley. inland spots this is where you see the 80's. 80 fairfield. 80 in)q brentwood. upper 70's for concord. wiu&ut creek.a the week ahead for san jose pretty much"n tells you what you can expect. here arexñ the up. time of year in san jose. we take the temperatures up aboveaq normal for a few days. then we drop you back down to normal for this time of year. friday saturday and monday. you might be slightlypz below normal. still pleasant. looktñ at the accu-weatherer 7 y forecast hang on to a jacket ó.h. ;tr&l on the cod and bay pretty much can get away wiéo short sleeve weather. low 60's to low 80's on the
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accu-weather 7 day forecast bump up temperatures few more degree on&a8 wednesday and warmg lr&oud cover will6s increase tho weekend but saturday the rain nd dan staying newspaper northern california. doesn't look like it makes it here. smart phones can give us directions of course. even advice but what about in a crisis. researchers uncover when they asked phones certain questions and how they push the industry to come up with better answers. that's at 11:00 on channel 7. >> firstxy at 9. social stand off between social stand off between twitter
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one of the most popular internet sites moving the headquarters t san francisco neighborhood known for the high crime rate. social news site read it has at least 50,000 square feet in the building at taylor and 0farrell street in theáh tenderloin. rent cheaper there than the south of market area where so many tech companies are locate located. read it has 78 employees. twitter appears to be drawing the line at giving u.s. intelligence agency access to real time tweet. that aleft within credible terrorist attack or other events. data minor send it based on key word and geo-taking and popular with intelligence agency that track events. twitter cut off access by federal agencies. signal intensifying risk between tech company and the feds. >> facebook accused of fiddling with the formula. to express conservative news. that's what some former facebook snap tell the tech
9:26 pm
site. facebook rely on computeral go rift to determine what is tren trending. designation that boost traffic for what are deemed the hottest topics. facebook is denying anyee politicacal bias. >> another 30 minutes' of 7 nes at 9:00 is next. coming up. all day process at san francisco city hall. demonstrators calling for. >> also the moments of crisis right after 9/11. the just release photo of president dealing with national emergency. >> new science is it really a facelift in a bottle? you see the
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protestors march to san tran city hall in. the goal is to get the police chief fired because of shooting death of
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minorities by police. >> protestors are in solidarity with the so-called frisco 5. 5 people who went on a hunger strike. the strike ended over the weekend after more than two weeks. when all of them had to be hospitalized because of declining health. >> melanie has the story. >>reporter: full day of picketing for frisco 5 suppor supporters. they march directly if front of city hall this afternoon while this morning they circle city hall. >> one in every for every day that the hunger strikers did not have food in their bodies. >>reporter: benjamin is the organizer. >> we promised them that if they would start eating we would continue their action in various creative manner. >> we are asking for people to walk out of work walk out of school not spend money at big business in san francisco and at city ha. >> i didn't go to work bus i'm strong support of the
9:31 pm
frisco fight i have been with them since day one. >>reporter: friday sheriff's deputy arrested 33 frisco 5 supporters inside city hall. 60 college feet 0journalistw! s here to take pictures for the college paper. when deputy struck her on the head with a baton. >> luckily i didn't have a concussion but a contusion to my head. large bruise. bruises along both my arms. >>reporter: sheriff's office spokesperson says any one injured should report it to so that internal affairs investigation can be completed. >> hunger strike is over doesn't mean we and our demand. we want the chief of police fired and because of the way the mayor has responded we would like the mayor to go too. >>reporter: in e-mail statement the chief says he respects the prote and the commitment to reform writing we want to work together to have the best police department possible for our wonderful city. mean time the from is could 5 remain hospitalized so that doctors can monitor the reintroduction to food. protestors say there will be more activity this week they won't say what they have planned.
9:32 pm
in san francisco, melanie abc 7 news. >> tonight the#, justice department has filed a raw suit against the state of north carolina because it says a new bathroom law violates civil rights. earlier the state had already sue odd bama administration. the steve is in raleigh, north carolina. >>reporter: tonight the fight in the streets over public accommodation is moving to the courthouse. in lawsuit the country top prosecutor now asking federal court to stop north carolina from enforcingi> the new law charging that it removes protection for gay family and keep transgender resident out of the public rest wooms they need. in her view this is the new jim crow. sex discrimination in violence of federal cil rights law. >> they created state sponsored discrimination against transgender individuals. >>reporter: two hours earlier north carolina governor stood before camera revving to back down. >> i think it's time for the u.s. congress to bring clarity to our national anti-discrimination provisions.
9:33 pm
>>reporter: in his new lawsuit he argue that is transgender americans are quote not a protected class under current law. meanwhile businesses are leaving the it. protest. ncc threat tone move the games out of state. a activist take the protest to stories. i believe you are violating the law. >>reporter: accommodating transgender customers. >> federal government could still play another card and refuse to get federal dollars to the university of north carolina and state police. this is abc news raleigh. >> here in california a bill that would make single person public restrooms gender neutral moved forward today. assembly passed the measure 52 to 18 with 3 republican voting in favor and no inconvenience to the state senate. >> rare peek after the mom !qm of the 9/11 attack. we have a lock. >> new glimpse of the moment before president obama learned of 9/11. he was at the elementary school in= sarasota.
9:34 pm
then the moments after. sitting at school desk. handwriting his comments as he prepared to speak to the natio nation. once airborne the president by himself. watching the coverage devastation from the attacks. member of the white house military office consoling the president on air force one. back at the white house east wing first lady laura bush in on the meeting. then the view from the oval office. you could see the tell prompting president telling america our way of life our very freedom came under attack. >>reporter: david muir reporting. investigation under way at southern california high school after student's name was miss identified as isis in a year book. this student is a junior at rancho cucamonga but under the photo it says her name is isis phillips. she spoke out from the headquarters of the council on american islamic and wants a
9:35 pm
full investigationaj. >> something like that to be used knowing what it means as for muslims it really hurt. >>reporter: we are at this point involved in an investigation on how this could occur. >> the school district says there was a student named isis phillips but transferred early this year. they have confirmed that she wasn't the only person on those two pages to have the wrong name under the picture. >> new skin treatment being billed as new weapon against aging. now scientist have revealed what they call a second skin. lindsay has details. >>reporter: what if a band-aid could make wrinkle disappear. new report out today makes harvard mit scientist sound more like magician. look at the before and after pictures of this woman. on the left treated skin. on the right untreated. it's a so-called second skin. they say rubs on like lotion and make unwanted bag under your eye vanishes. poof. they are gone. all without an injection or
9:36 pm
pricey procedure. >> also can act as kind of a liquid spank. >>reporter: what they found is if you combine the invisible cream with a catalyst it cites layer on top of the skin that is invisible and can mimic the property of young healthy skin. scientist say it's composed of commonly used chemical deemed safe by the food and drug administration and can also be used to hold medicine in place to treat skin conditions likes eczema and so rise. to date none of the 170 subject included in the study has reported irritation or allergic reaction. this skin can last for more than a day and can be removed by washing it with a solution no. word just yet on when available or how much he it will be. but considering that last year more than 200,000 americans had cosmetic eye surgery, certainly a market for it. lindsay davis abc news new york. incredible. >> yes it jis coming up next. new technology linda that could
9:37 pm
get from you san francisco to l.a. in 30 minutes. >> also. tired of long lines at the airport? security check points. security check points. how to become part of social
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get read\ to go fast. newes step forward toug make the hyperãloop a reality. southern california company called hyper loop transportation technology says license technology called passive magnetic levitation national lab. company claims technology isrg cheaper safer form of magnetic levitation which will power hyper loop pods at speeds up to 7 60 miles an hour inside an airless tuchbility company ceo says this is all about
9:41 pm
improving public transit. hyper loop transportation technology is one of several companies takingyztwçsw7k;>kkñie challenge from tesla founder musk to build a hyper loop between l.a. and francisco. working hyper loop could transport people between those cities in just nbc30 minutes. >>ç, airline industry has launched campaign to get travel investigators take pictures of long tsa liens and already starting to show up on social 32media. travelers encourage to take photo like this and post them to instance gram or twitter using the hash-tag i hate"f the wait. airline industry wants the tsa ti'g crease staffing and ask congress for more money to pay for security officers over tim time. largest container ship to ever dock at the port of oakland will no longer make the trip to the west coast. tell the ship was just here in february but spokesman for the french owner said the company has postponedpa future trips. just wasn't enough demand on the transpacific route and it's now been substituted with smaller ships. ben franklin now makewa delivery
9:42 pm
between asia and europe where bigger ships-b are needed for te job. up next on 7 news at 9:00. monster twister in the midwest. >> they now turned deadly. warning that went out to people in their path. in their path. stay with us.
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>> tornado emergency declared in parts of oklahoma today. warning to shelter in place went into effect in two cities with wash in effect in three states. we are if oklahoma. >> moments ago word of another tornado touching down near el more stishtion oklahoma. meteorologist david lane warning viewers to take cover. >> continue to make its way closer and closer to i 35.
9:46 pm
>>reporter: live chopper showing december struchblingts at least two killed in the state. this latest twister part of the same system that brought the terrifyingn÷ scene to the plain. m ray, colorado the tornado was made in hollywood. >> coming down coming down. >>reporter: going from a thin streak to a quarter mile wide monster. >> oh, my gosh. >>reporter: storm chaser dave cox on it from the beginning. >> we were about 100 yards away from the tornado as moving away from us. it was probably the most amazing tornado we had seen. >>reporter: tracking more than 8 miles ef 2 with 130 miles an hour winds. then it stopped. many wall of wind dirt spining in place. debris summer assault across the road. dave tell us he used those white clouds hundreds of feet up as a guide to stay safe. >> as long as we are outside of that wall cloudjl there was no
9:47 pm
real risk. >>reporter: storm flatten homes flip trailer and tangle power lines. 5 people injured when people hear the warnings they rush to underground shelter like this and local business hold up to 25 people and they rely on them to survive the storms. this is abc news sage county. >> utterly terrifying picture. >> that's incredible video. >> hard to imagine living with the risk. let's talk about the weather forecast. >> sandhya is tracking the weather here and there where all the storms are wreaking havoc. >>reporter: that's right. take a look at our live doppler 7hd. strong thunderstorms continue to rumble across parts of arkansas and missouri right no now. we do have tornado watch boxes and severe thunderstorm watch box going until 2:00 a.m. look at the number of tornadoes. there were 22 reports of tornadoes in this area. now the southern plains obviously known for the tornadoes around this time of year. it's springtime an that's when we typically see them. here in the bay area springtime
9:48 pm
means marine layer in place and it's with us to tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon you look at temperatures that will be warming up around chico, sacramento, upper 80's. 77 yosemite, 62 tahoe. los angeles 69 degrees]. partly cloudy for the afternoon. here in the bay area we see sun and occasional high clouds along the coast line. low clouds linger but warmer day most noticeable inland where you see the low 80's inland. low 60's at the coast. accu-weather 7 day forecast we go with the warming trend right on through thursday. especially bay inland and then we see a cool down as we head into the weekend but no rain in the accu-weather 7 day forecas forecast. >> thanks sandhya. many people thought certainly hope superbowl 50 would put millions of dollars in the city kovrment now they barely broke even. millions were spent. the controller found city only made 7 92,000 dollars in extra revenue after expenses.
9:49 pm
several supervisors accuse corporate sponsors of not paying their fair share. >> might still call them buffalo even though correct name is bison. now no matter what you call them bison are now the official national mammal of the united states. president obama signed a bill today giving the bison the lofty status. both house voted to honor biso bison. it saves them from more than extinction 100 years ago. >> big to small san francisco firefighters rescue the duck links this morning. they got stuck in a storm drain with no way out. >> that's right. so the city finest reached in and plucked them out to safety and after performing their good deed they posted this video. on twitter. >> very cute. >> yes. all right. if you think your hotel room smells like vanilla or lavender not your imagination. >> they pump sweet fragrance in the lobby and guest room. help guest feel more connected to their surround is.
9:50 pm
>> slot machines are played longer when the air is filled with pleasant smells. here a sampling. 4 seasons in chicago use as blend of violent, lily, citrus and cedarwood. >> hotel irvine sprays jasmine, musk and a vanilla in public space and sheraton in carlsbad use a blend of figure, berg mother and jasmine. most guest find it pleasant but some explain of bad reaction to the perfume. >> we think something like that is needed in the sports department. we are the discussing it. >> so it doesn't smell like gym socks right. mr. biel represents our sports department. >> it's a good smell. i bathe in lavender between shows. >>reporter: yes that happens. >> thanks for noticing. watching the washington are yours and shark simultaneously stef returns just in the nick of time with warriors needing most down all night in portland most down all night in portland and
9:51 pm
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coming up tonight at 11:00. bernie sanders just wrapped up his speech in sacramento. tonight we are live with the message the candidate has for california voters getting ready to vote in the june seventh primary. can the smart phone help you during a crisis. what we uncovered when we asked phones certain questions. come up with better answers. those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel will the warriors win. >> that's what i was going to say. what's going on larry. >> unknown. unclear at this time. >> our 8 ball. >> magic 8 ball the answer. unclear. stef is back two weeks after spraining his right knee. back for game 4. they couldn't make a shot early on. they were down 16 instantly. mvp literally kick it pre-game like messy. didn't start. immediate impact.
9:55 pm
first basket right here 21-9. warriors down less than a minute left in the first. the jam. 24-18 portland at that interest pochlt second quarter. lewis. throwing it down. portland by 8. dunk. gets hit in the head and no foul called. livingston screams at the referee ree.coli ejected you can't get tossed in the situation. down at the half. look at steph 13 points 22 minutes. 3 point game. 3 minutes left in the third. occur troy clay. smrarn. warriors take the first lady of the night. right now 86-85 early fourth quarter. wade and mom with a little hug before game 4 against the raptors. under 15 seconds left. toronto by two. wade to the rackment tied at 83. last chance in regulation a.look. fade away off the mark on to over time.
9:56 pm
tied at 83. o t johnson going to work. pull up open the baseline. 4 point lead with 3 minute to go then wade with another drive and watch what happens. ball stays on the rim. couldn't do it if you tried it 1,000 times. almost impossible. finish with 30 any way. miami wins 94-87 steers tied at two games appease sacramento kings hired dave yager as new head coach. he comes over from memphis. took the grizzly to the play offs three years that row. 4 year deal reportedly worth 16 million dollars. griz didn't want to give him that kind of jack. he can coach but walking into a dysfunctional franchise 1 happy star in cousins. and an owner who really likes to meddle. shark had a chance to were up the series in nashville with a win tonight but the home team had won every game in the play off series 0so far. could the shark break that streak tonight? in nashville. look going early on. two quick first period goal both by chris
9:57 pm
jumping on the rebound 2 nothing team teal. nashville tight up 2 appease head to the third. fall down here and logan says all right. i'll take that. 2 minutes later james neal and wilson. bang bang play. jones tied at 3. 2 minutes into the over time. victor just by himself. one on 3. soft back hand flip and goes past martin jones are you kidding me. that's the game winner. got to stop. that this is the final. home team won every game in the series. game 7 thursday back in the tank on to baseball giants host toronto tonight in the struggle jake on the hill facing the blue jay and the big bat. canadians baseball fans. old expo uniform right there. that's a real fan. many edwin you hammered to lef left. the didn't give up another run in 5 innings of work. finally on the board. first time in regulation.
9:58 pm
friday. hunter rounds out the score. so down 3-one. bottom 7. fouls it off. look at the catch by the kid who brought his glove. sparky. a hug. right now jay leading 3-1 in the eighth. a's and red sox at fenway park in boston. top of the third. up 3-1. davis has clout. that is over the green monster. no. 7 this year for davis. sunny gray what happened to sunny gray. bottom of the fourth. moobingy double to the corner. bradley junior scores and 5-4 red sox. gray not looking like an ace lately. that's a hanging bang it curve ball. bradley grand slam t.14-5 red sox the fichbility a's given up 27 runs in the last two days. 7 sports brought to you by
9:59 pm
toyota. this is taking a quick peek there. warriors up 90-87 and curry hit a 3 fading away. 93-87. he's a bad man. bad map. >> yes he is. >> we'll see still plenty of time in the fourth quarter. down 16 to start the game. the whole everything was imploding. just disaster but 9 minutes a long 9 minutes. where is my lavender wash. i need my lavender. >> may need smelling salts by the time it's over. thanks very much. >>> 7 new"r continues now on line 4xon twitter facebook and on all the mobile device was our 7 the mobile device was our 7 >> have a great night. see you again atçéf:00 over on
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narrator: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. coming up, a star tight end for the new england patriots arrested for first-degree murder. man: it's rumored that hernandez is angry at lloyd for talking to the wrong people at a nightclub. narrator: is this killing a case


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